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The Curse of Fenric
Episode Two

By Ian Briggs
Transmitted 1st of November, 1989.

1. Maidens' Point

(The DOCTOR and ACE have returned to Maidens' Point, and are climbing down the rocks towards the beach.)

ACE: I'm confused, Professor. I mean, what's it got to do with the Russian papers?
THE DOCTOR: Well, whatever it is, it will be down here, somewhere. Near where we found those papers.
ACE: Well, what are we looking for? I mean, is it big, or is ...

(ACE spots the corpse of PETROSSIAN lying on the beach.)

ACE: Doctor!
THE DOCTOR: What have you found?

(ACE leads The DOCTOR over to PETROSSIAN's body.)

THE DOCTOR: Yes, not very pleasant. What's he holding?

(The DOCTOR takes the lump of metal, which PETROSSIAN had previously thrown into the sea, out of his hand. In an instant, the DOCTOR and ACE are surrounded by Russian soldiers. All of them aiming their guns directly at them ...)

SERGEANT PROZOROV: No! We don't want to attract attention.

(SERGEANT PROZOROV unclips the bayonet from the end of his rifle.)

THE DOCTOR: Do you know what's happening here? Do you think we really killed him?
SERGEANT PROZOROV: It doesn't matter. You know too much, you die.
THE DOCTOR: We know more than you think. Vozravschayetes v Norwegioo s sakrovischem.
ACE: Return to Norway with the treasure.
VERSHININ: Kill them now, Prozorov.
SERGEANT PROZOROV: No, we take them back to Captain Sorin.

(SERGEANT PROZOROV barks some orders in Russian to the other soldiers, who lead the DOCTOR and ACE away.)

2. DOCTOR JUDSON's office

(DOCTOR JUDSON is reading aloud the Viking translations.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: I am the only one left now. I raise these stones to my wife, Astrid. May she forgive my sin. The day grows dark, and I sense the evil curse rising from the sea.

(Beneath the sea, the corpse of a Russian soldier still floats in the wreak of the Viking dragonship. A clawed hand begins to reach towards the surface.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: I know now what the curse of Fenric seeks: the treasures from the Silk Lands in the east.

(In the crypt of Saint Jude's church, some new runes are being created in the wall by an inner fire. When the message is complete, the fire fades, leaving newly-carved runes in an alphabet thousands of years old.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: I have heard the treasures whisper in my dreams. I have heard the magic words that will release great powers. I shall bury the treasure for ever. Tonight, I shall die, and the words die with me.

(Beneath the water at Maidens' Point, the corpse of a Russian soldier opens it's dead eyes, signalling the approaching evil.)

3. Maidens' Point beach

(The DOCTOR is trying to reason with CAPTAIN SORIN. The traumatised GAYEV lies a short distance away.)

THE DOCTOR: If ... if you attack the camp now, you'll walk straight into a trap. And if you stay here, you'll die just like your comrade.
CAPTAIN SORIN: And if I let you go, you betray us.
THE DOCTOR: It's the only way. It's the only way to destroy the evil that's killing your men.

(GAYEV screams.)

VERSHININ: His mind's in pieces.

(The DOCTOR takes off his duffel coat.)

ACE: What's happened to him?
THE DOCTOR: Whatever it was that killed his comrade, he's seen it.

(The DOCTOR places his duffel coat over GAYEV, and kneels next to him.)

THE DOCTOR: What did you see? Tell us.
VERSHININ: This is useless.
CAPTAIN SORIN (warningly): Vershinin.
THE DOCTOR: Deep down, think back. Maidens' Point ... the undercurrents. What did you see?

(The DOCTOR attempts to communicate in Russian.)

VERSHININ: He'll never speak again.

(CAPTAIN SORIN again silences VERSHININ with a hand gesture. GAYEV begins to show signs of returning to consciousness.)

THE DOCTOR: What do you see?

(GAYEV lets out an agonised scream. The DOCTOR is able to silence him by touching his temples. Clutched in GAYEV's hand is another piece of welded metal. The DOCTOR takes this and compares it with the one he took from PETROSSIAN.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: We will delay our attack until you both return.
VERSHININ: This is madness!
CAPTAIN SORIN: We play for high stakes. Victory goes to those who take the greatest risk. Go.

(The DOCTOR and ACE walk away from the group of soldiers.)

4. Saint Jude's church crypt

(DOCTOR JUDSON is busy studying the inscriptions. NURSE CRANE holds a lantern for him.)

NURSE CRANE: I don't like it down here.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Then go away.
NURSE CRANE: Don't you feel the cold? It's like winter, most unsuitable for an invalid.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Shut up, Crane!
NURSE CRANE: Let's get back in the warm.

(Despite DOCTOR JUDSON's protests, NURSE CRANE lifts him back into his wheelchair.)

NURSE CRANE: Language, Doctor Judson. There's a lady present.

5. North Yorkshire coastline

(JEAN and PHYLLIS are walking away from the beach. They pass a patrol of the Home Guard, walking in the opposite direction.)

JEAN: Oh, I love men in uniform!
PHYLLIS: Don't they look strong?

6. Saint Jude's church, interior

(The DOCTOR and ACE enter the church.)

THE DOCTOR: Why do I feel there's something different about this place?
ACE: Yeah, it doesn't even look like a church.
THE DOCTOR: What do you mean?
ACE: Well, from the outside, it looks more like a small fortress.
THE DOCTOR: No, no, no, no, no! Different since we were last here. (He tuts).
ACE: Oh.

(The DOCTOR marches further into the church.)

7. Saint Jude's church, vestry

(The DOCTOR and ACE enter.)

THE DOCTOR: I think it's about time we had a proper look at those inscriptions.

(The DOCTOR leads ACE down the staircase to the church crypt.)


(Seated at his desk, COMMANDER MILLINGTON is speaking to DOCTOR JUDSON. NURSE CRANE stands nearby.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Use the Ultima machine. Use the machine to translate the inscriptions.
DOCTOR JUDSON: But what about the German ciphers?

9. Saint Jude's church, crypt

(The DOCTOR and ACE enter.)

ACE: Can you hear noises from behind the walls?
THE DOCTOR: Can't hear a thing.
ACE: I definitely heard them.

(The DOCTOR is examining the newly-carved inscriptions.)

THE DOCTOR: Ace, come here. Look at that.

(The DOCTOR indicates the inscriptions.)

THE DOCTOR: What do you notice?
ACE: This one's a slightly different alphabet to the rest.
ACE: And, um ... it uses fewer characters.
ACE: And, uh ... I don't know.
THE DOCTOR: And it wasn't here this morning.
ACE: Oh yeah. Hang about, these inscriptions are a thousand years old.

(Somebody can be heard approaching from down the stairs.)

THE DOCTOR: Quick, hide!

(The DOCTOR and ACE duck out of view, just before a figure enters the crypt and exits through a secret passage. The DOCTOR and ACE come out of hiding.)

ACE: Where is he?
THE DOCTOR: Those noises you heard this morning.
ACE: A secret door!

(The DOCTOR begins to tap the wall with the inscriptions.)

ACE: Yeah, but I'm sure the noises came from over this side.

(The DOCTOR begins tapping the bookcase on the opposite wall.)

ACE: What happens if we do find something?

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON emerges from the secret door behind ACE, with his pistol drawn. ACE sees him. The DOCTOR does not.)

ACE: Professor.

(The DOCTOR continues searching.)

ACE: Professor!

(The DOCTOR spins around, finding himself only inches away from COMMANDER MILLINGTON's gun.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: I think this is what you're looking for, Doctor.

10. Saint Jude's church, interior

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT is reading from the pulpit to an empty church.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child. When I became a man, I put away childish things. Now abideth faith, hope, love; these three, and the greatest of these is ... and the greatest of these is ...

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT is unable to speak the last word.)

11. North Yorkshire beach

(The Russian soldiers are hiding behind some rocks, preparing to ambush a Home Guard patrol.)

CAPTAIN SORIN (whispering): No shooting.

(VERSHININ throws a small pebble near to the guard patrol. While their attention is distracted, the Russian soldiers pounce. They are able to quickly and silently kill the surprised men in hand-to-hand combat.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Has anyone seen us?
VERSHININ: It's as quiet as the grave.

12. A secret passage

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON forces the DOCTOR and ACE to walk ahead, at gun-point.)

13. An underground laboratory

(Two scientists are busily working. The DOCTOR, ACE and COMMANDER MILLINGTON enter.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON (to scientists): Leave the empty drums. Just take the valuable equipment.
ACE: A laboratory

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON forces them further underground.)

14. A small underground room

(In one corner, an underground stream trickles a bright green liquid into a large glass vat. The DOCTOR, ACE and COMMANDER MILLINGTON enter.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Behold. The end of the war.
THE DOCTOR: So, this is what brought you here. A natural source of lethal poisons.
ACE: The curse of Fenric!
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Once the Nazis see what our planes are dropping on their cities ...
ACE: But ... you can't!
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: It will mean the end of the war. Save hundreds of thousands of lives.
THE DOCTOR: More horrible than the Well of Vergelmir.
THE DOCTOR: The Well of Vergelmir. Deep beneath the ground, where broods of serpents spew their poisonous venom over the roots of the Great Ash Tree.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: The Great Ash Tree! The soul of all the Earth.

(ACE, who has been examining the room, tries to get the DOCTOR's attention.)

ACE: Professor.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: We have seen it, Doctor. You and I, we have seen hell. Come, I'll show you it all.

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON leads the way out of the room.)

ACE: What's he on about?
THE DOCTOR: Norse mythology. It seem I have persuaded him that I'm on his side.

(The DOCTOR leaves the room, following COMMANDER MILLINGTON. After one final look at the deadly poison, ACE follows.)

15. A North Yorkshire beach

(Most of the Russian soldiers are laughing and in high spirits after their easy victory. SERGEANT PROZOROV, however, is in a more sombre mood.)

VERSHININ (to other soldiers): You should have seen him! With his bare hands! When it comes to killing, the sarge is an expert.

(VERSHININ slaps SERGEANT PROZOROV on the back. SERGEANT PROZOROV moves away from the group, a troubled expression on his face. CAPTAIN SORIN speaks softly to him.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: These things have to be done.

(SERGEANT PROZOROV still doesn't look satisfied.)

16. Saint Jude's church, interior

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT is sitting quietly in one of the rows of pews. COMMANDER MILLINGTON, the DOCTOR and ACE enter through the back of the church.)

ACE: Professor.
ACE: What's wrong with the vicar?
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: No girls. Leave her here.
ACE: What! You're beginning to aggravate me.
THE DOCTOR: Don't antagonise him, Ace. You'd better stay here.
ACE: Professor!
THE DOCTOR: Only for a short time. I've got to find out what is going on. You can find out what's wrong with Mr. Wainwright.
ACE: All right.
THE DOCTOR: Coming, Commander.

(The DOCTOR begins to follow COMMANDER MILLINGTON, but turns to give one last instruction to ACE.)

THE DOCTOR: Give me an hour.

(The DOCTOR follows COMMANDER MILLINGTON out of the church. ACE glances at her watch, and sits next to REVEREND WAINWRIGHT.)

ACE: Funny church, this. Isn't it?
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I was just remembering when I was a child. My father was the vicar here then. It seemed such a warm, friendly place in those days.
ACE: Things always look different when you're a child.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: Now I stand at the church every Sunday, I see all the faces looking up at me ... waiting for me to give them something to believe in.
ACE: Don't you believe in anything?
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I used to believe there was good in the world, hope for the future.
ACE: The future's not so bad. Have faith in me.

17. The Ultima machine room

(DOCTOR JUDSON is busy working on the machine, when COMMANDER MILLINGTON and the DOCTOR enter.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Ah, Millington. I need the central rotor unit unlocking.
THE DOCTOR: The Ultima machine.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Of course, you haven't seen it, have you? A completely automatic computing machine. The most advanced in the world.
THE DOCTOR: Remarkable for the nineteen-forties.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: This is just the bait.
THE DOCTOR: For the Germans?
THE DOCTOR: But they're your allies.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: After the war, when they're no longer allies.

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON turns a key in the machine, unlocking the central rotor unit.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: This is what the Russians want. The mind of the Ultima machine.
DOCTOR JUDSON: More than a thousand combinations an hour, with automatic negative checking.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: And we are going to let the Russians steal it. Orders from Whitehall. Look inside, Doctor. Look deep inside.

(Nestled amongst the components of the central rotor unit, is a small glass flask containing the deadly green chemical from the underground stream.)

18. MISS HARDAKER's cottage, interior

(MISS HARDAKER is in a furious mood with JEAN and PHYLLIS, because she has discovered their wet bathing costumes.)

MISS HARDAKER: You will burn in the everlasting fires of hell! You wicked, evil girls!
PHYLLIS: Just because you've never been swimming.
MISS HARDAKER: You have black hearts! There's no love in heaven or earth for you, nothing for you but pitiless damnation for the rest of your lives! Think on it!

(The two girls storm out of MISS HARDAKER's cottage.)

19. A large bunker

(Thousands of chemical bombs line the walls. Technicians are busily working all around. COMMANDER MILLINGTON calls the DOCTOR over to a large, glass-fronted, air-tight chamber.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: A demonstration, Doctor.

(A technician places a cage of white doves inside the chamber, and seals the door. COMMANDER MILLINGTON, using protective gloves, holds a small capsule, containing more of the green poison, over the cage.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: This small capsule contains just a few drops of diluted toxin.

(The DOCTOR realises COMMANDER MILLINGTON's intention.)

THE DOCTOR: No, don't!

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON drops the capsule inside the chamber. In a matter of seconds, it is filled with poisonous green smoke.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Just think what a bomb full could do to a city like Dresden, or Moscow.
THE DOCTOR: It's inhuman.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: It could mean the end of the war.
THE DOCTOR: And Whitehall thinks that Moscow's careless enough to let you detonate one of those things inside the Kremlin?
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Oh, but that's the beauty of it, Doctor. We won't detonate it, they'll do it themselves. They'll use the machine to decrypt our ciphers, but Doctor Judson has programmed it to self-destruct when it tries to decrypt a particular word. And, once the political climate is appropriate, we will include the word in one of our ciphers.
THE DOCTOR: And the word is?
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: What else could it be, Doctor? Love.

20. A passageway beneath the church crypt

(Two soldiers are busily bricking up a doorway. Unseen by them, a small section of brick wall pulsates with a green glow, knocking away some bricks, and revealing an old, white flask. One of the soldiers hears the bricks fall.)

SOLDIER 1: What was that?

(SOLDIER 1 walks over to the wall, and picks up the flask.)

SOLDIER 1: Is this ours?
SOLDIER 2: Is it marked 'government property'?

(SOLDIER 1 examines the flask.)

SOLDIER 2: Nothing to do with us then, leave it. Come on, let's get this sealed up.

(SOLDIER 1 drops the flask to the floor, and continues work with his colleague.)

21. Maidens' Point

(SERGEANT PROZOROV is washing his face in the water, when JEAN and PHYLLIS run into the sea, fully-clothed.)

JEAN: I don't care! I've got nothing to lose!

(SERGEANT PROZOROV slips away, before the girls see him.)

22. Beneath the water

(The girls are being watched by a once dormant evil.)

23. Maidens' Point

(JEAN and PHYLLIS are paddling in the sea. A mist begins to form around them.)

PHYLLIS: It's so warm and peaceful.
JEAN: Here, Philly. What's that?
PHYLLIS: What is it?
JEAN: It's a sort of mist.
PHYLLIS: Who cares? It's warm in the water.
JEAN: Yeah.

(The mist grows thicker, until the girls can no longer see one another.)

JEAN: Philly!

(In an instant, the mist disperses, but the girls have disappeared with it ...)


(COMMANDER MILLINGTON is seated at his desk when CAPTAIN BATES enters.)

CAPTAIN BATES: I thought you'd like to know, sir. They've finished closing down operations over at the church.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Good. Tell me, they didn't find anything unusual, did they?
CAPTAIN BATES: Not to my knowledge, sir.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: I can't take any more risks. I want all radio transmitters and outside telephone lines disabling.
CAPTAIN BATES: That may attract attention, sir.

(CAPTAIN BATES turns to leave.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: And if there are any chess sets in the camp, I want them burned.
CAPTAIN BATES: Chess sets?

(CAPTAIN BATES leaves the room. On a blank sheet of paper, COMMANDER MILLINGTON sketches the shape of a flask ...)

25. Wrens' quarters, interior

(Many women are relaxing and playing games. The DOCTOR enters, and sees a young soldier taking a chess set off two of the girls.)

SOLDIER: Sorry, girls, Commander's orders. No more chess sets.
THE DOCTOR: Don't you find the Commander's orders a little peculiar sometimes, soldier?
SOLDIER: Peculiar or not, orders is orders. Come on girls, let's have your chess set.

(The DOCTOR walks over to KATHLEEN DUDMAN, who is busily packing her case. Audrey lies in her cot on a bunk bed. The DOCTOR amuses the baby with bird impressions.)

THE DOCTOR: What are you going to do with her?
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Oh, something will turn up. One of the girls has gone to ask her sister if Audrey can stay with her for a few days, until I sort something out. Do you have any family yourself?
THE DOCTOR: I don't know.
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Oh, I'm sorry. It's the war, isn't it? It must be terrible not knowing.

(The DOCTOR walks away, deep in thought.)

26. The Ultima machine room

(DOCTOR JUDSON is finishing copying the inscriptions onto a blackboard. The DOCTOR enters.)

THE DOCTOR: You haven't seen Ace at all? I'm getting a little worried.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Quiet! Now, let's see what lies encrypted in these carvings, hmm?

(The teleprinter springs into life, translating the inscriptions. DOCTOR JUDSON reads what has been deciphered.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Let the chains of Fenric shatter. Even with an alphabet more than a thousand years old, the Ultima machine can reveal it's meaning.
THE DOCTOR: It can translate it. Who knows what it might mean?

27. Maidens' Point

(JEAN and PHYLLIS are half-submerged in the water, but the two girls have been transformed. Their hair is wild, their skin deathly white, and their lips blood-red. The teenagers' nails have grown long and claw-like. They spot SERGEANT PROZOROV on the beach.)

JEAN: Yes, a man.

(SERGEANT PROZOROV begins to walk towards the girls.)

JEAN: Are you looking at us?

(Taking off his helmet, SERGEANT PROZOROV begins to wade towards them.)

JEAN: Yes, he's watching us.
PHYLLIS: You've got to come into the water with us.
JEAN: Yes, you've got to come into the water.

(SERGEANT PROZOROV is nearing the girls.)

PHYLLIS: It's warm.
JEAN: Blood warm.

(SERGEANT PROZOROV is now nearly waist-deep in the water.)

JEAN: Nobody's forcing him. Nobody ever forces you to come into the water.
PHYLLIS: Everybody wants to. Deep down, everybody wants to come into the water.
JEAN: Come on. Play with us.

(SERGEANT PROZOROV has nearly reached the girls, when several clawed hands drag him under the water.)

28. DOCTOR JUDSON's office

(The DOCTOR is chatting to DOCTOR JUDSON. NURSE CRANE is busy knitting.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Yes, I've known Millington since before my accident.

(ACE enters.)

ACE: Hi.
THE DOCTOR: Ah, good. Oh, I need to have a word with your two young friends.
ACE: Jean and Phyllis?
ACE: They'll be with the old dragon.
THE DOCTOR: Good. Back in a mo. I'm just going to requisition some transport.
ACE: Bags I drive!

(The DOCTOR leaves the room. DOCTOR JUDSON continues working. ACE begins to play with the logic game.)


(ACE continues to play.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: I said shut up!
ACE: I know what it is.
DOCTOR JUDSON: I am trying to work.
ACE: I know what the inscription means.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Yes, yes. I already know that. Let the chains of Fenric shatter. I already know that.
ACE: No, no, no. It's a logic diagram.
ACE: Look, this is a logic diagram for the flip-flop thingy, right?

(She indicates one of the blackboards.)

ACE: And this is a logic diagram for something else.

(She points to DOCTOR JUDSON's copy of the inscriptions.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: But it ... it's so complex.
ACE: That's because it's not for a small thing like this, it's for a computer.
DOCTOR JUDSON (excited): Crane! Take me to the decryption room!

(NURSE CRANE wheels DOCTOR JUDSON out of the room.)

ACE: And the half-time score: Perivale, six hundred million; rest of the universe, nil.

29. MISS HARDAKER's cottage

(MISS HARDAKER has just put a record on the gramophone. From behind a curtain, the transformed JEAN and PHYLLIS emerge. They close in on the terrified woman.)

MISS HARDAKER: No, no, I beg you!

(She collapses in a chair and screams as the girls tower over her.)

30. In the water at Maidens' Point

(SERGEANT PROZOROV's body floats face downwards. He has been drained of blood.)

31. MISS HARDAKER's cottage, exterior

(The DOCTOR and ACE creep up to the open door.)

THE DOCTOR: Hello? Anybody home?

(They enter the cottage.)

32. MISS HARDAKER's cottage, interior

(The DOCTOR and ACE enter. The only noise is the click of the gramophone needle, which has reached the centre of the record. The DOCTOR replaces the arm. ACE spots MISS HARDAKER's body lying in a chair. Her skin is pale, there are razor-straight cuts along her face.)

ACE: Professor.
THE DOCTOR: Just like the one at Maidens' Point. Completely drained of blood.

(The DOCTOR shuts MISS HARDAKER's lifeless eyes.)

33. Saint Jude's church, cemetery

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT stands clutching a Bible. JEAN and PHYLLIS approach him from behind.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I know who you are.
PHYLLIS: You've always known us.

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT turns to face them.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: But vampires are just superstition. Why?
JEAN: We have black hearts. We were lost on the day we were born.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: That's not true. No one is lost.
PHYLLIS: Everyone is lost.

(The girls continue advancing towards him. REVEREND WAINWRIGHT holds out his Bible.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: No further! This is holy, it will destroy you.

(The girls continue advancing.)

PHYLLIS: Objects can't harm us, it's human belief. And you stopped believing when the bombs started falling.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I'm not frightened of German bombs.
JEAN: Not German bombs - British.
PHYLLIS: On German cities. British bombs killing German children.

(JEAN and PHYLLIS have nearly reached REVEREND WAINWRIGHT.)


(The DOCTOR and ACE appear, stepping between the girls and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT.)

ACE: What's happened to you? What are you doing?
PHYLLIS: You should have come into the water with us. Then we'd have been together.
JEAN: We go, but we'll return for you, Wainwright.

(JEAN and PHYLLIS slowly back away.)

34. The Ultima machine room

(DOCTOR JUDSON and COMMANDER MILLINGTON are busily working on the machine. NURSE CRANE stands nearby.)

NURSE CRANE: A little respect for the wheelchair please, Commander. He's an invalid.
DOCTOR JUDSON: I'm not an invalid, I'm a cripple. I'm also a genius, so shut up, the pair of you!
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: All that remains is the flask. The machine can unlock its secrets.

35. The church crypt

(The flask begins to glow with green energy.)

36. The Ultima machine room

(DOCTOR JUDSON has nearly completed his work.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Now then, Millington. Let's see, shall we?

(The Ultima machine bursts into life.)

37. A wooded area near the camp

(The DOCTOR is leading REVEREND WAINWRIGHT and ACE towards the base.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I must tell Commander Millington.
THE DOCTOR: No, no. That's exactly what we won't do. He'll just go around shooting everything. No, as long as Doctor Judson doesn't work out what the inscription is, it'll keep them out of harms way. And he's a typical blinkered scientist.

(ACE stops walking in alarm.)

ACE: Oh no! You should have told me!
THE DOCTOR: Quick, we've got to stop them!

(The DOCTOR races towards the camp.)

38. In the passage below the crypt

(The flask grows with an increased green radiance.)

39. Maidens' Point

(From the sea, many haemovores begin to rise. Their bodies are hideously mutations of the humans they once were. They menacingly wade towards the shore.)

40. The Ultima machine room

(The machine is operating at a furious pace. DOCTOR JUDSON and COMMANDER MILLINGTON are reading the print-out.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: What does it mean?
DOCTOR JUDSON: I don't know!
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: You built the damn machine!
DOCTOR JUDSON: It's running at four times maximum speed. It's impossible!

41. Maidens' Point

(The hideous haemovores have reached the beach, and are heading towards the naval camp.)

42. The Ultima machine room, exterior

(The DOCTOR, REVEREND WAINWRIGHT and ACE dash into the building.)

43. The Ultima machine room, interior


THE DOCTOR: Stop the machine!
THE DOCTOR: You've got to stop the machine!
THE DOCTOR: Ace, the power!

(ACE attempts to pull down a power lever.)

ACE: It's stuck!

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT tries to help her.)

THE DOCTOR: Pull it! Pull it!
ACE: I can't!

(The DOCTOR joins ACE and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT's efforts to pull down the lever.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: You're too late, Doctor!

The Doctor : Sylvester McCoy

Ace : Sophie Aldred

Doctor Judson : Dinsdale Landen

Commander Millington : Alfred Lynch

Reverend Wainwright : Nicholas Parsons

Miss Hardaker : Janet Henfrey

Captain Sorin : Tomek Bork

Sergeant Prozorov :Peter Czajkowski

Vershinin : Marek Anton

Jean : Joann Kenny

Phyllis : Joanne Bell

Captain Bates : Stevan Rimkus

Sergeant Leigh : Marcus Hutton

Kathleen Dudman : Cory Pulman

Nurse Crane : Anne Reid

Perkins : Christien Anholt

Stunt Arranger : Tip Tipping

Theme Music : Ron Grainer

Incidental Music : Mark Ayres

Special Sound : Dick Mills

Production Manager : Ian Fraser

Production Assistant : Winifred Hopkins

Assistant Floor Manager : Judy Corry

OB Lighting : Ian Dow

Engineering Manager : Brian Jones

Sound : John Nottage, Scott Talbott

Visual Effects Designer : Graham Brown

Video Effects : Dave Chapman

Vision Mixer : Dinah Long

Graphic Designer : Oliver Elmes

OB Cameramen : Paul Harding, Alan Jessop

Video Tape Editor : Hugh Parson

Properties Buyer : Yvonne Alfert

Costume Designer : Ken Trew

Make-Up Designer : Denise Baron

Script Editor : Andrew Cartmel

Production Associate : June Collins

Designer : David Laskey

Producer : John Nathan-Turner

Director : Nicholas Mallett

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