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The Curse of Fenric
Episode Three

By Ian Briggs
Transmitted 8th of November, 1989.

1. The Ultima machine room, interior.


THE DOCTOR: Stop the machine!
THE DOCTOR: You've got to stop the machine!
THE DOCTOR: Ace, the power!

(ACE attempts to pull down a power lever.)

ACE: It's stuck!

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT tries to help her.)

THE DOCTOR: Pull it! Pull it!
ACE: I can't!

(The DOCTOR joins ACE and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT's efforts to pull down the lever.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: You're too late, Doctor!

(CAPTAIN BATES runs into the room.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Captain, no one is to touch the Ultima machine. It must complete it's task.
THE DOCTOR: Just one problem. You've weakened the bases' defences precisely so some Russians could steal it.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Captain, radio for reinforcements.
CAPTAIN BATES: Sir, you've just ordered that all radio transmitters be disabled. I've just set Perkins onto it now.


2. A communication room

(PERKINS is busily smashing radio transmitters with an axe. The DOCTOR, ACE, REVEREND WAINWRIGHT and COMMANDER MILLINGTON enter.)

PERKINS: Sir. Radio transmitters disabled, as ordered, sir.
THE DOCTOR: Splendid work, Perkins. Splendid work. Now put them back together again.

(The DOCTOR, ACE and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT leave the room.)

3. Naval camp, exterior

(The DOCTOR, ACE and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT emerge. The DOCTOR puts up his umbrella to shelter them from the rain.)

THE DOCTOR: We haven't got much time.
ACE: But, Jean and Phyllis.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: Dark legends. In the story of Dracula, this is where he came ashore.
ACE: Vampires!
THE DOCTOR: No, not vampires, haemovores. They are what Homo sapiens evolve into thousands of years in the future. Creatures with an insatiable hunger for blood.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I don't understand. The future? How can you know?
THE DOCTOR: I've seen it. How good are your parish records?
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: They go back as far as the eighteenth-century.
THE DOCTOR: Good. Time for a little local history.

(The DOCTOR and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT begin to walk towards the church. ACE is too troubled to follow.)

THE DOCTOR: What's the matter?
ACE: I was just thinking, if these vampires - I mean haemovores, if they come here ... Kathleen and her little baby.
THE DOCTOR: Once upon a time you'd have dropped everything just for a little bit of excitement.
ACE: Yeah, but I just want to make sure they're all right.
THE DOCTOR: Catch us up.

(ACE runs towards the Wrens' quarters. The DOCTOR and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT continue walking towards the church.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: Those two girls, they said they'd come back for me.
THE DOCTOR: Do you want to stay here?
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: No. No, no I can't. Come Doctor, the parish records.


4. Maidens' Point beach

(The Russian soldiers have found SERGEANT PROZOROV's drained corpse lying on the beach. CAPTAIN SORIN and VERSHININ kneel beside him.)

VERSHININ: I'm sorry. I know you and the sergeant had been friends a long time.

(From the mist, VERSHININ spots a group of haemovores advancing towards them. He shouts out a warning.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Save your bullets. Everyone pull back, and don't turn away from them, or you're dead. Take him.

(Several soldiers drag away SERGEANT PROZOROV's body.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Come on! Move, move!

(The Russian soldiers flee from the advancing haemovores.)

5. Wrens' quarters

(KATHLEEN DUDMAN is still packing when ACE enters.)

ACE: Hi, how's the little horror?
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Well, I've just fed her and put her down.
ACE: Oh, I'm sorry. You should have told me.

(ACE sits on the bunk bed, next to Audrey's cot.)

ACE: Where will you go?
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Oh, I'll manage. Frank's got shore leave in a few weeks.
ACE: Who's Frank? Your boyfriend?
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: No, my husband.
ACE: Oh, I didn't know you were married.
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: I've got a baby.
ACE: Yeah, I just thought that ...
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Well you can stop thinking it, all right?
ACE: Oh, I ... I didn't know ...
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: It's Okay. It's Okay.
ACE: Where is he?
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: He's in the Merchant Navy, Atlantic convoys.
ACE: I used to think I'll never get married. Now I'm not so sure. There's a lot of things I'm not sure about now.
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: It's the war, Ace.
ACE: Yeah. Look, take care, won't you?
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Thanks, you too.
ACE: No, I mean really take care.



(COMMANDER MILLINGTON and DOCTOR JUDSON are discussing the situation.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: We're wasting our time on some superstition.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: The Viking legends will come true, the treasure will be brought to us. And with it, all the dark powers of Fenric shall be ours.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Oh yes, I know, let the chains of Fenric shatter. But what about my chains? (He indicates his wheelchair.)
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: That was over twenty years ago. Why must you remind me? I offer you everything.

7. Maidens' Point

(The haemovores continue approaching the Russian soldiers.)

VERSHININ: What are they?
CAPTAIN SORIN: Six months ago, a small sabotage team was sent into German-occupied Romania. Only one survived. He talked about dead men coming out of the black fog. The official report said he'd been listening to too much local gossip about vampires.
VERSHININ: Vampires don't exist.

8. Saint Jude's church, vestry

(The DOCTOR and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT are examining an old record book. ACE enters.)

ACE: Why does your bell tower look like a fortress? Like the people who built it were expecting trouble.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I don't think there's a record of any battles taking place here.
THE DOCTOR: Today's events haven't been written down yet. Now, you're looking for the descendants of the early Viking settlers, about two hundred years ago. Ace, you help me.

(The DOCTOR leads ACE down the stairs to the crypt.)

9. Secret passage

(The DOCTOR and ACE are searching the area.)

ACE: So what exactly are we looking for?
THE DOCTOR: The inscriptions said they were carrying treasures from the Orient.
ACE: You might give me something to go on. A few hints might be useful.
THE DOCTOR: Well, just look for something evil.

(The DOCTOR drops a box on his foot. ACE searches in an adjoining room. On the floor, she finds the flask.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT (oov): Doctor! Doctor!

(The DOCTOR rushes to rejoin REVEREND WAINWRIGHT. ACE puts the flask in her rucksack, not mentioning anything to the DOCTOR.)

10. Saint Jude's church, vestry

(The DOCTOR and ACE re-emerge from the crypt. REVEREND WAINWRIGHT points excitedly to what he has found in the record book.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: Doctor, I've found it! It's exactly as you said.
ACE: What have you got vicar?
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: There's your Vikings, or descendants of them at any rate.

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT begins to read from the record book.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: Joseph Sundvik, Florence Sundvik, wife. Daughters: Sarah, Martha, Jane, Clara, Annie
The curse of Fenric, passed down through the generations.

11. Saint Jude's church, cemetery

(As a mist falls around the church, the haemovores advance towards their target.)

12. Saint Jude's church, vestry

(The DOCTOR and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT are still examining the church records. ACE walks over to the door.)

THE DOCTOR: Find out which daughters married, and what their new surnames are.

(ACE has spotted a puddle of water under the door.)

ACE: Professor, what's this water doing here?
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: Oh, it's the roof, it leaks. It always seeps in like that when it's raining and there's an east wind.
THE DOCTOR: The problem is it's not raining and there's a west wind.

(Suddenly, the clawed hands of the haemovores attempt to force open the door. The DOCTOR and ACE struggle to hold it shut. REVEREND WAINWRIGHT, meanwhile, attempts to hold them back from another door. ACE leans against a window, a haemovore breaks through, attempting to grab her. Despite the DOCTOR's best efforts, the haemovores begin to break down the door. REVEREND WAINWRIGHT is also slowly losing ground. ACE hands him a candlestick to beat the monsters back with, while she fights them away from the window. ACE eventually flees up a flight of stairs leading to the top of the bell tower.)

13. Saint Jude's church, bell tower

(ACE reaches the top of the tower, and looks for a way to escape.)

14. Saint Jude's church, exterior

(A horde of haemovores are attempting to force open the main doors.)

15. Saint Jude's church, bell tower

(ACE spots even more haemovores advancing towards the church. She takes a rope ladder from her rucksack, and casts it down to the church roof.)

16. Saint Jude's church, vestry

(The DOCTOR and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT are slowly losing the battle against the haemovores.)

17. Saint Jude's church, bell tower

(ACE carefully descends the rope ladder to the church roof. However, two haemovores are waiting for her. She struggles wildly as one grabs her around the waist.)

18. Saint Jude's church, exterior

(CAPTAIN SORIN and two other Russian soldiers cautiously approach the church. CAPTAIN SORIN spots ACE being attacked on the roof.)


(They run towards the church.)

19. Church roof

(ACE struggles violently with the two haemovores, but is unable to escape. Just as the two creatures prepare to slit her throat, CAPTAIN SORIN and his two men climb onto the roof.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Takes two against one, does it? How about a little Cossack blood, eh? Fire!

(The haemovores recoil as they are hit by a rain of bullets from the three soldiers.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Up the ladder, quick!

(ACE begins to climb back up the rope ladder. The soldiers fire another round of bullets into the haemovores, knocking them to the floor.)


20. Saint Jude's church, vestry

(The DOCTOR and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT are still struggling to keep out the haemovores.)

THE DOCTOR: Hold them! Hold them!
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I don't know that I can!
THE DOCTOR: You've got to have faith! Have faith ... faith ... faith.

(The DOCTOR releases his hold on the door, and the haemovores burst into the room. The DOCTOR begins to mutter under his breath. The creatures cover their ears and scream in agony as the DOCTOR's complete faith creates a psychic barrier. To REVEREND WAINWRIGHT's amazement, the haemovores begin to retreat out of the church. ACE returns to the room from the bell tower.)

21. Saint Jude's church bell tower, interior

(CAPTAIN SORIN and two Russian soldiers descend from the top of the tower after ACE.)

22. Saint Jude's church, vestry

(CAPTAIN SORIN and two Russian soldiers enter from the bell tower, to join the DOCTOR, ACE and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT.)

THE DOCTOR: Ah, any more up there?
CAPTAIN SORIN: Only those creatures.
THE DOCTOR: Quick, you and your men, down to the crypt.

(The Russians and ACE run down the crypt steps.)

THE DOCTOR: Get the record book.

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT picks up the record book.)

THE DOCTOR: Hurry up!

(He dashes after the DOCTOR, down to the crypt.)

23. Saint Jude's church, crypt

(The DOCTOR, ACE, REVEREND WAINWRIGHT, CAPTAIN SORIN and two other Russian soldiers enter.)

THE DOCTOR: Jam the door.
ACE: Professor, that noise you were making - like singing, only it wasn't?
THE DOCTOR: Ah, just a little something to frighten off haemovores.
ACE: I thought vampires were scared of crucifixes.
THE DOCTOR: Oh no, it's not the crucifix that frightens them, it's the faith of the person carrying it. Creates a psychic barrier, just like I did.
CAPTAIN SORIN: The door's secured.
ACE: The mine shaft!
THE DOCTOR: Correct.

(The DOCTOR opens the secret door in the bookcase.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: I must go back to my men.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: You can't go back that way! You've seen those creatures. They're ... they're inhuman!
CAPTAIN SORIN: I must try. If I fail, I fail. These two will stay with you.

(The two Russian soldiers nod their heads.)

ACE: Professor, show him how to make the singing.
THE DOCTOR: I can't. Either he believes absolutely, or he doesn't.
CAPTAIN SORIN: I believe in the Revolution.
THE DOCTOR: Complete faith? No doubts?
CAPTAIN SORIN: Go. If we meet again, you will have your answer.

(The DOCTOR leads REVEREND WAINWRIGHT and the two Russian soldiers into the tunnel. ACE stays a moment longer with CAPTAIN SORIN. He takes off his white scarf and ties it around her neck.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Be careful.

(ACE smiles, before following the others into the tunnel.)

24. Secret passage

(The DOCTOR, REVEREND WAINWRIGHT and the two Russian soldiers run along the passage.)

THE DOCTOR: I hope we're not too late.

(The DOCTOR find the passage bricked up.)

THE DOCTOR: You two, break that wall down. Quick, quick!

(The two Russian soldiers begin to hammer at the wall. ACE notices what is happening.)

ACE: If you want a job done properly, get a girl to do it. Out of the way, boys.

(ACE kneels down by the bricked up passage.)

THE DOCTOR: Ace! Oh, don't antagonise her! Only make things worse.

(ACE gets two cans of nitro-nine out of her rucksack. She pulls the tops off them.)

ACE: Five seconds, and you're yesterday's breakfast, sunbeam.

(ACE places the canisters near the brickwork.)

THE DOCTOR: Take cover!

(Everyone ducks behind a nearby wall. With a loud explosion, the canisters blow a large hole in the passage wall.)

ACE: Wicked!
THE DOCTOR: Quick, into the tunnel!

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT and the two Russian soldiers run into the newly reopened passage. As ACE is about to enter, the DOCTOR holds her back.)

THE DOCTOR: I'll talk to you later.

25. Saint Jude's church, interior

(CAPTAIN SORIN is about to leave the vestry, but finds JEAN and PHYLLIS blocking the door, with a host of haemovores behind them. He takes a badge with the emblem of the Soviet Union off his jacket and holds it in front of him. The haemovores scream and recoil from his faith, allowing him to walk through them.)

26. A passage deep beneath the ground

(The DOCTOR is leading ACE, REVEREND WAINWRIGHT and the two Russian soldiers towards the surface.)

ACE: How much further?
THE DOCTOR: Three or four hundred meters.
ACE: Oh, we'll never make it.
THE DOCTOR: What's the matter?

(ACE takes the flask she discovered in the crypt out of her rucksack.)

ACE: Well, if I get the top off this, then I can make up some more nitro.
THE DOCTOR: Another explosion might bring the roof down on top of our heads.
ACE: Oh, just a small one.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: If only we could slow them down for a few moments.
THE DOCTOR (to the two Russian soldiers): Two minutes, then follow us.

(The two soldiers nod their understanding, and return back down the passage. The DOCTOR notices, for the first time, the flask ACE is holding.)

THE DOCTOR: Where did you find that?
ACE: It was just lying around.
THE DOCTOR: That's the Oriental treasure we've been looking for!

(He snatches the flask off ACE.)

ACE: Oh.

27. Saint Jude's church, cemetery

(CAPTAIN SORIN is able to walk through the group of haemovores, they are unable to penetrate his mental barrier. He breathes a sigh of relief when the creatures give up and return to the church.)

28. A Passage deep beneath the ground

(The DOCTOR, ACE and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT continue walking at a fast pace.)

29. Secret passage entrance

(JEAN and PHYLLIS lead a group of haemovores in pursuit of the fugitives.)

30.  Maidens' Point

(CAPTAIN SORIN arrives back at the cliff over-looking Maidens' Point beach, where VERSHININ and the rest of his men are waiting for him.)

VERSHININ: What's happening? The air is so still and so warm.
CAPTAIN SORIN: There is a storm coming on.

31. Secret passage

(The DOCTOR, ACE and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT have almost reached the end of the tunnel, where COMMANDER MILLINGTON is waiting for them. Behind them, the gunfire of the Russian soldiers can be heard.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON (oov): Come on! You're almost here.

(ACE takes the flask off the DOCTOR as they hurry towards the exit.)

32. The tunnel exit

(The DOCTOR, ACE and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT emerge from a large pair of metal shutters. COMMANDER MILLINGTON and several other soldiers are waiting for them.)


(Two of the soldiers secure the doors shut.)

THE DOCTOR: But there are two people following us.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: You're here, that's all I'm interested in. And I'll have those.

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON takes the record books off REVEREND WAINWRIGHT and the flask off ACE.)

THE DOCTOR: Open those doors!
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Many years ago, when I was chief petty officer on board ship, we had an explosion in an engine room.
THE DOCTOR: But the Russians are our friends, our allies!
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: We had to seal it off to save the ship - keep the flames restricted to one section.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: Please, Commander! Those two men won't stand a chance against those creatures. They're inhuman!
ACE: So's he!
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: We could hear men screaming behind the bulkheads for nearly an hour, and then the screaming stopped.

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON walks away. The DOCTOR, ACE and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT have no choice but to follow him.)

33. Perimeter fence

(CAPTAIN SORIN and two other Russian soldiers cut their way through the barbed-wire fence. When the fence is cut, CAPTAIN SORIN switches his helmet for a soft hat.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: You stay here. If I'm not back in ten minutes, abort the mission.
VERSHININ: Thank you, sir.

(CAPTAIN SORIN climbs over the fence.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Take cover.

(VERSHININ and the two soldiers hide out of view.)

CAPTAIN SORIN (shouting): Commander Millington! Commander Millington, I want to talk with you, officer to officer!

(CAPTAIN SORIN walks further into the camp.)

34. The Ultima machine room

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON has returned with the flask to show DOCTOR JUDSON. NURSE CRANE listens with interest.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Here we are, Judson. I said it would be brought to us. Release the power.


CAPTAIN BATES: Sir, the house guests have arrived.
CAPTAIN BATES: The house guests. There's one outside, he wants to talk to you.

35. The Ultima machine room, exterior

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON and CAPTAIN BATES emerge. A short distance away stands CAPTAIN SORIN.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: We need to talk, Commander Millington.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage. You seem to know my name, but I don't know yours.

(Around the camp, soldiers aim their guns at CAPTAIN SORIN. Wary of deception.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: However, that hardly seems to matter at the moment. You will tell your men to put down their weapons and surrender.
CAPTAIN SORIN: I come alone.

(CAPTAIN SORIN notices some more soldiers take aim behind him.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Very well. (Shouting to his men) Lay down your weapons and come in peacefully! Like the wolves of winter.

36. Perimeter fence

(Recognising the code word, the Russian soldiers make a hasty retreat.)

VERSHININ: Move back! Move it! Let's get out of here!

37. Naval camp, exterior

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON realises he has been tricked.)


(A group of soldiers lead away CAPTAIN SORIN. The DOCTOR walks up to COMMANDER MILLINGTON.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: You'll be pleased to know, Doctor, everything is under control.
THE DOCTOR: The Russians aren't your problem, those creatures are. They devour humans the way you eat fruit.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: I doubt if any creatures can walk through iron shutters.

(The DOCTOR takes the welded metal he found at Maidens' Point out of his pocket.)

THE DOCTOR: They can weld metal beneath the sea, with their bare hands.

38. The tunnel exit

(The metal shutters at the tunnel exit begin to dissolve.)

39. Wrens' quarters, interior

(KATHLEEN DUDMAN is sitting crying on a bed, a letter is clutched in her hand. ACE enters.)

ACE: Are you all right?

(ACE kneels next to her.)

ACE: What is it? What's wrong? Tell me. What's the matter? I'll do anything.

(KATHLEEN DUDMAN passes the letter to ACE.)

ACE: What's this?

(She reads from the letter.)

ACE: It is with deepest sorrow that I write to inform you the ship on which your husband, Frank William Dudman, was serving, was struck by enemy torpedoes. Your husband was trapped in the fire, and has been listed as missing, presumed dead. Please accept our sincere condolences.

(ACE is unable to read any more, she hugs the weeping KATHLEEN DUDMAN.)

40. The Ultima machine room

(DOCTOR JUDSON and NURSE CRANE are watching the machine finish its work. The teleprinter is continuously printing a list of names.)

41. Naval camp, exterior

(The DOCTOR is walking towards the Wrens' quarters, and meets ACE half way.)

ACE: You know what's going on, don't you?
ACE: You always know! You just can't be bothered to tell anyone! It's like it's some kind of game, and only you know the rules. You knew all about that inscription being a computer programme, but you didn't tell me! You know all about that old bottle, and you're not telling me! Am I so stupid?
THE DOCTOR: No, that's not it.
ACE: Why then? I want to know!
THE DOCTOR: Evil. Evil since the dawn of time.
ACE: What do you mean?
THE DOCTOR: Will you stop asking me these questions?
ACE: Tell me!
THE DOCTOR: The beginning of all beginnings. Two forces only: good and evil! Then chaos. Time is born. Matter, space. The universe cries out like a new-born! The forces shatter as the universe explodes outwards. Only echoes remain. Yet somehow, somehow the evil force survives. An intelligence. Pure evil!
ACE: That's Fenric?
THE DOCTOR: No, that's just Millington's name for it. Evil has no name. Trapped inside a flask, like a genie in a bottle.
ACE: Can we stop it?
THE DOCTOR: We need to get that flask.
ACE: We can release Captain Sorin to help us. I can distract the guard.
ACE: Professor, I'm not a little girl.

42. The tunnel exit

(As the shutters are dissolved, REVEREND WAINWRIGHT waits to face the haemovores.)

43. Guard post, interior

(SERGEANT LEIGH is seated at his desk. ACE peeps around the corner.)

SERGEANT LEIGH: Are you looking for someone?
ACE: No. You?

(ACE walks further out of the guard post. SERGEANT LEIGH follows her.)

ACE: There's a wind whipping up. I can feel it through my clothes. Is there a storm coming?
SERGEANT LEIGH: I wasn't expecting one.
ACE: The question is, is he making all the right moves, or only going through the motions?

(ACE leads SERGEANT LEIGH around the back of the guard post. The DOCTOR slips quietly into the front of the post.)

44. Guard post, interior

(CAPTAIN SORIN is locked in a cell in the corner of the room. The DOCTOR enters, finds the key on SERGEANT LEIGH's desk, releases CAPTAIN SORIN and leads him out of the room.)

45. Behind the guard post

(ACE is keeping SERGEANT LEIGH distracted.)

SERGEANT LEIGH: What are you doing here?
ACE: You'll have to move faster than that if you want to keep up with me. Faster than light.
SERGEANT LEIGH: Faster than the second hand on a watch?
ACE: Much faster. We're not even moving yet. Hardly cruising speed. Sometimes, I move so fast, I don't exist any more.
SERGEANT LEIGH: What can you see?

(Beneath the water at Maidens' Point, huge undercurrents disturb the water.)

ACE: Undercurrents, bringing things to the surface. I can't stay.
SERGEANT LEIGH: You promised.
ACE: I can't.

(ACE dashes away.)

46. Tunnel exit

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT watches as the haemovores, lead by JEAN and PHYLLIS, force open the shutters.)


(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT holds out his Bible.)

JEAN: The book won't do you any good. You don't believe.

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT concentrates on his faith, the mental barrier causes the haemovores to cover their ears and scream in pain.)

47. Naval camp, exterior

(ACE meets up with the DOCTOR and CAPTAIN SORIN.)

THE DOCTOR: Are you all right?
ACE: Yeah, nothing out of my depth.
THE DOCTOR: Come on.
ACE: How are we going to stop Fenric?
THE DOCTOR: Evil needs a body. It hasn't found one yet.

48. Tunnel exit

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT is winning the battle against the haemovores.)

PHYLLIS: It's not true. You don't believe it.
JEAN: Look at us. There's no good in us.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: No! I believe in good.
PHYLLIS: You are weak, yourself. There's no good in you.

(The haemovores have broken REVEREND WAINWRIGHT's mental barrier. They advance menacingly on him.)


49. The Ultima machine room

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON, DOCTOR JUDSON and NURSE CRANE watch in amazement as the machine works at a furious pace. The name ‘Ingiger' has been printed by the teleprinter.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: What's it doing?

(DOCTOR JUDSON touches the machine, a bolt of energy throws him from his wheelchair, onto the floor.)

50. Maidens' Point

(A colossal bolt of lightening signals the start of the storm.)

51. The tunnel exit

(It is now raining heavily. The haemovores advance in great numbers from the tunnel, trampling over the drained corpse of REVEREND WAINWRIGHT, which lies in the mud.)

52. The Ultima machine room

(NURSE CRANE and COMMANDER MILLINGTON stare in horror at the body of DOCTOR JUDSON lying on the floor. The DOCTOR, ACE and CAPTAIN SORIN rush in.)

THE DOCTOR: Don't touch him! Don't touch anything!
NURSE CRANE: He's an invalid. He can't even stand without someone to support him.
The DOCTOR (softly to NURSE CRANE): He's dead.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: The time is now. The chains of Fenric are shattered. The gods have lost the final battle.
ACE: We're too late. It's him!
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: The Dead Men's Ship has slipped its moorings, and the Great Ash itself trembles to its roots!

(Behind the DOCTOR, the lifeless body of DOCTOR JUDSON rises on its crippled legs. COMMANDER MILLINGTON is the first to see this.)


(DOCTOR JUDSON opens his eyes, which burn an unearthly green.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: We play the contest again, Time Lord!

The Doctor : Sylvester McCoy

Ace : Sophie Aldred

Doctor Judson : Dinsdale Landen

Commander Millington : Alfred Lynch

Reverend Wainwright : Nicholas Parsons

Captain Sorin : Tomek Bork

Sergeant Prozorov :Peter Czajkowski

Vershinin : Marek Anton

Jean : Joann Kenny

Phyllis : Joanne Bell

Captain Bates : Stevan Rimkus

Sergeant Leigh : Marcus Hutton

Perkins : Christien Anholt

Kathleen Dudman : Cory Pulman

Nurse Crane : Anne Reid

Baby : Aaron Hanley

Stunt Arranger : Tip Tipping

Theme Music : Ron Grainer

Incidental Music : Mark Ayres

Special Sound : Dick Mills

Production Manager : Ian Fraser

Production Assistant : Winifred Hopkins

Assistant Floor Manager : Judy Corry

OB Lighting : Ian Dow

Engineering Manager : Brian Jones

Sound : John Nottage, Scott Talbott

Visual Effects Designer : Graham Brown

Video Effects : Dave Chapman

Vision Mixer : Dinah Long

Graphic Designer : Oliver Elmes

OB Cameramen : Paul Harding, Alan Jessop

Video Tape Editor : Hugh Parson

Properties Buyer : Yvonne Alfert

Costume Designer : Ken Trew

Make-Up Designer : Denise Baron

Script Editor : Andrew Cartmel

Production Associate : June Collins

Designer : David Laskey

Producer : John Nathan-Turner

Director : Nicholas Mallett

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