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The Curse of Fenric
Episode One

by Ian Briggs
Transmitted 25th of October, 1989.

1. The North Yorkshire coast

(Two dinghies containing Russian soldiers struggle through the fog to the shore. Beneath the water, something is watching them from the wreak of a Viking dragonship. One of the dinghies gets lost in the fog. The men on the surviving dinghy shout to one another in Russian.)

SERGEANT PROZOROV: We've lost the others.
CAPTAIN SORIN: Keep rowing.

2. The TARDIS materialises in the grounds of a military base

(The DOCTOR and ACE emerge. The DOCTOR is wearing a brown duffel coat and ACE is dressed in a 1940's dress with a red hair net.)

THE DOCTOR: Ahhh. This looks about right.

(The DOCTOR spots some soldiers driving past.)

THE DOCTOR: World War Two uniforms. No need to worry about looking silly.
ACE: If this is a top-secret naval camp, then I'm Lord Nelson.
THE DOCTOR: Oh whine, whine, whine, whine.
ACE: Professor, top-secret naval camps usually have men with guns all over the place. You don't just stroll in.

3. Guard post interior

(SERGEANT LEIGH is watching the DOCTOR and ACE through his binoculars. He speaks into a radio transmitter.)

SERGEANT LEIGH: House guests leaving the conservatory. Entering the library.

4. Command room

(CAPTAIN BATES is receiving SERGEANT LEIGH's transmissions.)

SERGEANT LEIGH: They'll reach the drawing room in about sixty seconds.


5. A North Yorkshire beach

(One of the Russian dinghies has landed at the shore, and the armed soldiers carefully disembark.)

CAPTAIN SORIN (to SERGEANT PROZOROV): Set up camp. Over there.
SERGEANT PROZOROV (to other soldiers): Move it. Take the boat up.

(PETROSSIAN, a young soldier, looks around nervously. CAPTAIN SORIN taps him on the shoulder.)

PETROSSIAN: What happened to our comrades?
CAPTAIN SORIN: Nothing. Nothing. Go on, move on.

(PETROSSIAN doesn't look convinced.)

6. Exterior of naval camp

(The DOCTOR and ACE are striding further into the camp.)

ACE: I've had more trouble getting into Greenford disco without a ticket.
THE DOCTOR: You can always go back.
ACE: I'd rather go rock climbing.
THE DOCTOR: Not in those clothes.

(He laughs cruelly.)

7. Guard post interior

(SERGEANT LEIGH is watching the DOCTOR and ACE through his binoculars.)

SERGEANT LEIGH: House guests leaving the nursery.

(Suddenly, he spots ACE's face.)

SERGEANT LEIGH: Wait! Something's wrong! One of them's a girl!

8. Command room interior

(CAPTAIN BATES is still receiving SERGEANT LEIGH's transmissions.)

CAPTAIN BATES: Say again sergeant.
SERGEANT LEIGH: One of them's a girl. They're the wrong ones!

(CAPTAIN BATES quickly barks a code word into another radio transmitter.)


9. Interior of base

(A group of soldiers pick up their fire-arms and dash out of the door.)

10. Exterior of naval camp

(In an instant, the DOCTOR and ACE are surrounded by soldiers, all aiming their guns directly at them.)

SERGEANT LEIGH: Don't move! Hand's up!
THE DOCTOR: About time too! Call yourselves Royal Marines? You're a disgrace! Those boots are filthy! What would happen if the Germans attacked now?
PERKINS (taken by surprise): Sorry sir.
ACE: In fact, how do you know we are not Germans?

(PERKINS doesn't reply.)

ACE: Well answer me.
PERKINS: You don't look like Germans ma'am.
THE DOCTOR: I don't suppose you know where Doctor Judson's office is?

(The soldiers don't answer.)

THE DOCTOR: Never mind. This way.
ACE: Yes sir.

(The DOCTOR and ACE march away from the group of bemused soldiers.)

11. North Yorkshire beach

(The Russian soldiers are scouting the beach. SERGEANT PROZOROV runs up to CAPTAIN SORIN and begins to speak to him in Russian.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Prozorov, everything in English. From now on, everything in English.
SERGEANT PROZOROV: Quick! Down on the beach.
CAPTAIN SORIN (to other soldiers): Come on!
PETROSSIAN: How long till nightfall?
CAPTAIN SORIN: Long enough. Come on.

(Further down the beach, the soldiers find the body of CORPORAL GAYEV. The soldiers pull his body further up the shore. His skin is deathly white, his neck is cut with deep, razor-straight lines, and his eyes stare wildly about. CAPTAIN SORIN kneels beside him.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Gayev, listen to me. Where are the sealed orders? You had them. Gayev, what happened to them?

(CORPORAL GAYEV is unable to answer.)


12. DOCTOR JUDSON's office

(DOCTOR JUDSON sits in his wheelchair next to a blackboard covered in complex mathematical formula. NURSE CRANE looks on. There is a knock at the door. The DOCTOR and ACE enter the room.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: In heaven's name!
THE DOCTOR: You must be Doctor Judson. Excuse the interruption. I've driven a long way to meet you.
DOCTOR JUDSON: This is intolerable!
NURSE CRANE: A little less excitement please, Doctor Judson. Remember your blood pressure.

(The DOCTOR notices one of the diagrams on the blackboard.)

THE DOCTOR: The Prisoner's Dilemma.
NURSE CRANE: You can't just ...
DOCTOR JUDSON: Oh, shut up Crane!

(DOCTOR JUDSON turns to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: You're familiar with the Prisoner's Dilemma, then?
THE DOCTOR: Based on a false premise don't you think? But a neat algorithm nevertheless Doctor Judson. Excuse me, do you have any official stationary and typewriter I could use?
DOCTOR JUDSON: On the desk.
THE DOCTOR: Thank you.

(The DOCTOR picks up a blank sheet of official paper off the desk, and inserts it into the typewriter.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: You're obviously also an expert in this field, but I'm afraid I don't recognise ... (he gestures towards ACE).

(ACE walks towards DOCTOR JUDSON and shakes his hand.)

ACE: Hi, I'm Ace and this is the Professor.

(The DOCTOR is busy positioning the paper into the typewriter.)

THE DOCTOR (irritably): Doctor.
ACE: Sorry, Doctor.

(ACE spots a logic game lying on top of one of the cupboards.)

ACE: Oh, wow! Have you seen this, Professor?

(The DOCTOR is too busy typing to listen. She picks up the game.)

DOCTOR JUDSON (annoyed): Put it down child! It's not a toy!

(ACE begins to play with the game.)

ACE: I know it's not. It's a flip-flop thingy. We used them at school.
DOCTOR JUDSON (shocked): You understand it?
ACE: Yeah, it's a logic game, isn't it? You drop marbles in the top, and depending on what colour each window is, the marble follows a different path. You've got a logic diagram for it on the blackboard.
DOCTOR JUDSON: This is extraordinary! And you learnt about logic at school?
ACE: Hmm. Miss Birkett taught us in computer studies. She was well good. Can I borrow this?

(The DOCTOR has finished typing.)

THE DOCTOR: Two pens, please.

(NURSE CRANE hands the DOCTOR two different pens.)

THE DOCTOR: Ahh, thank you.

(The DOCTOR signs two different signatures at the bottom of the page he has just typed.)

THE DOCTOR: There we are.

(There is a knock at the door.)

THE DOCTOR: Come in!

(CAPTAIN BATES rushes into the room.)

CAPTAIN BATES (to DOCTOR JUDSON): I'm sorry to disturb you sir, but these two are unauthorised personnel.
THE DOCTOR: Unauthorised? We are here by urgent request of the War Office.

(The DOCTOR hands CAPTAIN BATES the sheet he has just typed.)

THE DOCTOR: I think you'll find this is signed by the Prime Minister and the head of the secret service.

(CAPTAIN BATES reads the letter.)

CAPTAIN BATES: I must apologise sir. We weren't informed of your arrival.
THE DOCTOR: Need to know, Captain. Need to know. Doctor Judson's work at breaking the German codes is very important to the war effort.
CAPTAIN BATES (to ACE): We thought you were something to do with those East End kids. Evacuees.
ACE: I'm not from the East End, I'm from ...

(DOCTOR JUDSON interrupts.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Doctor, would you like to see the Ultima machine, hmm?
THE DOCTOR (enthusiastically): The Ultima machine, yes.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Bates, go and fetch Commander Millington, will you?
THE DOCTOR (worried): Commander? Um, on second thoughts, it's been a long day. Perhaps tomorrow Doctor Judson. (To CAPTAIN BATES) If you'd just show us to our quarters.

(The DOCTOR and ACE leave the room, followed by CAPTAIN BATES.)

13. North Yorkshire beach

(The Russian soldiers are gathered together on the rocks.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Now, as soon as it's dark, we check the base. Petrossian, you check the shoreline in case anything gets washed up.
CAPTAIN SORIN: It only needs one.
PETROSSIAN: If you listen to me, there's evil here. Can't you feel it? Cold against your skin.
CAPTAIN SORIN: Stop it! More stupid Armenian superstitions. You're supposed to be a soldier.
PETROSSIAN (indicating Gayev): So was he.


CAPTAIN SORIN: You follow orders.

(PETROSSIAN finally obeys and moves away.)

14. Beneath the water

(Something begins to stir in the wreak of the Viking dragonship.)

15. Later in the day

(PETROSSIAN is searching the beach around Maidens' Point. Night is falling as PETROSSIAN finds the Russian secret orders in a black package lying on the pebbles. He slits the package open and searches amongst the papers. Amongst the top-secret papers is a photograph of DOCTOR JUDSON.)

16. A small room containing some bunk beds and a little furniture

(The DOCTOR and ACE enter. The DOCTOR turns on the electric light.)

ACE: Ace! Bunk beds! Bags I go on top.
THE DOCTOR (whispering): Quiet Ace. People are trying to sleep.
ACE: Sorry.

(ACE climbs onto the top bunk. The DOCTOR sit on the bottom one. Ace's head emerges, hanging upside down from the top.)

ACE: Is it all right if I go down to the cliffs tomorrow to do some rock climbing?
THE DOCTOR: Go to sleep.
ACE: Sorry.

(ACE lies back into her bed. After a moments thought, the DOCTOR gets up from his bed and switches off the light.)

ACE: Night.

(The DOCTOR starts to slip through the door.)

ACE: Where are you off to?
THE DOCTOR: The night air. Go to sleep.

(The DOCTOR leaves the room. ACE gets the logic game out of her duffel bag and begins to play with it. From another room, a crying baby can be heard.)

17. Maidens' Point at dusk

(PETROSSIAN continues to search the beach, unaware that he is being watched. Turning, he sees his stalker and runs away in terror.)

18. Naval camp, exterior

(PERKINS is patrolling the perimeter fence. THE DOCTOR suddenly appears, making him jump.)

PERKINS: Oh it's you sir. Thank goodness. I thought ...
THE DOCTOR (not listening): Eyes. Eyes watching.

19. Naval camp, exterior

(At the other side of the fence, CAPTAIN SORIN is watching the base and timing the guard patrols. He leaves, satisfied with what he has found.)

20. Maidens' Point

(PETROSSIAN tries to escape from his pursuer, but stumbles and falls on the rocks. He covers his face and screams in terror as he is finally caught.)

21. Saint Jude's church, exterior, the following morning

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT is seeing his congregation out of the church. MISS HARDAKER stops to speak with him. Two teenage girls, PHYLLIS and JEAN wait patiently nearby.)

MISS HARDAKER: Your sermon Mr Wainwright.
MISS HARDAKER: There's no doubt about it, Mr Wainwright. Of course we'll win the war. Right is on our side.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I don't think that right is on anyone's side in war, Miss Hardaker.
MISS HARDAKER: Your father would turn in his grave to hear such words. When he was vicar of this parish, there was respect for the Good Book.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I think that faith is more than just words.
MISS HARDAKER: In plain language, doubt and indecision.

(The DOCTOR and ACE arrive.)

THE DOCTOR: How do you do? I wonder if you might help me. I'm looking for Doctor Judson.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: Oh, I think you'll find him still working in the crypt. If you'd like to follow me.

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT turns to enter the church.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: Ah, good day Miss Hardaker. (To the DOCTOR) If you'd like to follow me.

(The DOCTOR raises his hat to MISS HARDAKER before following REVEREND WAINWRIGHT into the church. ACE stays behind to talk to JEAN and PHYLLIS.)

ACE: Who's the old gargoyle? Friend of yours?
JEAN: She's the old bag we've been billeted with.
ACE: Come again?
JEAN: We've been evacuated.
PHYLLIS: We're from London.
ACE: Oh, so am I ...
MISS HARDAKER (oov): Come on girls. Time we were moving.
ACE: See you later.
ACE: What about over there?

(ACE points to a sign marked "2 Maidens' Point".)

ACE: Maidens' Point.

22. COMMANDER MILLINGTON's office, interior

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON sits at his desk. His office is adorned with Nazi images and symbols. Swastikas hang on the walls and a large portrait of Adolf Hitler hangs above COMMANDER MILLINGTON's head. COMMANDER MILLINGTON stands up from behind his desk and walks towards a small table holding a Viking chess set. He stares thoughtfully at the carved pieces.)

23. Saint Jude's church, interior

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT is leading the DOCTOR to the back of the building.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I can't see why he spends so much time studying old carvings. I keep telling him he's wasting his time.
THE DOCTOR: Answering questions is never a waste of time.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: Surely that depends on the answers.

(ACE enters the church and runs up to the two men.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: When I was studying at Saint Andrew's ...
THE DOCTOR: Nature says ...

(ACE catches up with them.)

ACE: We're not going to be long, are we Professor? Only I've arranged to meet Phyllis and Jean later.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: If you'll just follow me.
THE DOCTOR (whispering to ACE): I was having a good conversation.

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT leads them into a smaller room at the back of the church. ACE spots some silverware on display.)

ACE: Here, vicar.
ACE: You shouldn't leave all this silverware lying around, you're wide open.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: They're suspicious people in these parts. Too afraid of the old Viking curse to break in here.
ACE: Curse?
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: This church is built on old Viking graves. They say evil was once buried here.

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT leads the DOCTOR and ACE down a spiral staircase to the crypt.)

24. Maidens' Point

(PETROSSIAN's body lies on the pebbles. His neck has been slashed and he is completely drained of blood.)

25. Church crypt, interior

(DOCTOR JUDSON is seated in front of a wall covered in runes. He is busy making notes, while NURSE CRANE stands nearby, holding a lantern for him. REVEREND WAINWRIGHT leads the DOCTOR and ACE into the crypt.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: Here we are, Doctor. This is the crypt.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Ah, Doctor. What do you make of these then, hmm?

(The DOCTOR leans forward to inspect the runes.)

THE DOCTOR: Fascinating. Ace, look at this.
ACE: They look like Viking carvings.
THE DOCTOR: Viking rune stones. Ninth-century, yes?
DOCTOR JUDSON: Ahh, you evidently know more than I do.
THE DOCTOR: Well it's the alphabet. The later Vikings used the sixteen character alphabet.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Don't tell me. The Ultima machine can break the most sophisticated Nazi ciphers. So ninth-century scribbling shouldn't be much of a problem.

(ACE moves away from the group.)

ACE: Professor?
ACE: What's that noise?
THE DOCTOR: What noise?
ACE: Like a machine.
THE DOCTOR: Organ bellows. Come on, let's leave Doctor Judson to his puzzles.

(The DOCTOR and ACE leave the crypt.)

26. Saint Jude's church, exterior

(The DOCTOR and ACE have left the church and are walking through the cemetery.)

ACE: Yeah, it was definitely some kind of machinery, Professor.

(The DOCTOR doesn't reply.)

ACE: Only don't bother listening to me, because I'm only a mere mortal.

(The DOCTOR stops near an old gravestone.)

ACE: Yeah, graves.
THE DOCTOR: No, at the ground.
ACE: There's a slight dip in it.
THE DOCTOR: Subsidence, and since the grave was dug.
ACE: How do you know that?
THE DOCTOR: Well, either that, or they'd been at the communion wine when they'd put up the headstone.

(The DOCTOR and ACE move closer to the headstone and read the names engraved onto it.)

THE DOCTOR: Joseph Sundvik. He must have been one of the descendants of the original Viking settlers.
ACE: Look at the last one. She only lived thirteen days, poor little thing. You don't suppose it was that Viking curse, do you?
THE DOCTOR: Where did you say you were meeting your two friends?
ACE: Somewhere called Maidens' Point.
THE DOCTOR: I think I'll go with you.

27. MISS HARDAKER's cottage, interior

(JEAN and PHYLLIS are seated together. MISS HARDAKER is in a furious mood.)

MISS HARDAKER: Maidens' Point! Did you say Maidens' Point?
PHYLLIS: We only want to go for a walk, maybe have a swim.
MISS HARDAKER: I know what girls who go to Maidens' Point have in mind. You will never go near the place. Neither of you.
JEAN: All right. Keep your hair on.
MISS HARDAKER: You impudent child! Do you know why it's called Maidens' Point? Because when you stand on those cliffs, you can hear the terrible lost cries of girls who went to that place with evil in their hearts. Girls who are damned forever!

28. Maidens' Point

(The DOCTOR and ACE are at the top of a cliff, looking down into the sea.)

ACE: I like watching the sea. It makes me feel so small.

(ACE spots the black packet containing the Russian orders lying on the sand.)

ACE: Oh, you'd think people would take their rubbish home with them, wouldn't you?
THE DOCTOR: What's that?
ACE: Well, people come here for picnics and then leave their rubbish behind.
THE DOCTOR: This is not the kind of place people come for picnics.

(The DOCTOR takes the package.)

THE DOCTOR: Not ordinary tourists. Not English anyway.
ACE: Germans! German spies!

(The DOCTOR shows ACE the front of the package.)

THE DOCTOR: Look at the lettering.
ACE: Greek?
THE DOCTOR: Russian.
ACE: But the Russians were on our side during the war. We'd better warn them at the camp.
THE DOCTOR: I think they already know.
ACE: Where do you suppose the Russians are now?
THE DOCTOR: More to the point, where have they come from? From the north, like Vikings? I think I'd better go back to the church.

(The DOCTOR turns to leave.)

ACE: The church!
THE DOCTOR: Well, if you find churches boring, you can stay here. But don't go into the water!

29. The Ultima machine room

(The machine fills most of the room and is continually printing out reams of information. DOCTOR JUDSON is busy tinkering with the machine. NURSE CRANE stands nearby. COMMANDER MILLINGTON bursts in.)

DOCTOR JUDSON (consulting printout): The North Atlantic U-boats have changed ciphers again. That's twice this month.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Can we crack them?
DOCTOR JUDSON: Hmm, it may take a few days longer.

(DOCTOR JUDSON consults the latest printout.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Ah, they're using six rotors now, instead of five.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Get inside the Nazi mind, Judson. Learn to think the way they think. It's the only way to understand their ciphers.
DOCTOR JUDSON: The machine can do it. If you'd be so kind as to, uh ... authorise it, sir.

30. Maidens' Point

(ACE, JEAN, and PHYLLIS are climbing down the rock-face on a rope. They laugh and joke as they reach the bottom.)

ACE: Want to do it again?
JEAN: Oh, come on Philly, don't be such a baby doll. You should hear what they call her at school.
JEAN (to ACE): Doesn't your uncle mind you coming down here by yourself?
ACE: Who? Oh, the Professor. No, he's all right really.
PHYLLIS: That witch said we oughtn't to come here.
PHYLLIS and JEAN (mockingly): There's evil in the water!

(The girls scream and run towards the sea.)

JEAN: Come on!
ACE: Here, wait for me! Wait for me!

(ACE runs after the girls. Unknown to any of them, the drained corpse of PETROSSIAN lies a short distance away.)

31. The Ultima machine room

(DOCTOR JUDSON is busy working on the machine. NURSE CRANE and COMMANDER MILLINGTON stand nearby.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Oh, yes. The machine can do it. This is the first. In the future, there'll be many more computing machines, thinking machines.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Yes, but who's thoughts will they think?

32. Saint Jude's Church, vestry

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT is absorbed reading an old record book. The DOCTOR enters, shutting the door behind him, making REVEREND WAINWRIGHT jump.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I beg your pardon. I didn't hear you.
THE DOCTOR: Possibly not.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: What can I do for you Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: I'd like to know the answer.
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I'm afraid I don't understand.
THE DOCTOR: Afraid, yes. But of what? The Viking inscriptions - the curse?
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: Doctor, there are some questions better left unanswered.
THE DOCTOR: That may be so, but it's too late isn't it? Someone's already translated the inscriptions.

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT looks down at the book he is holding.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: It's probably all nonsense. Some records that my grandfather made when he was vicar of Saint Jude's at the end of the last century. He translated the Viking inscriptions.

(REVEREND WAINWRIGHT passes the record book to the DOCTOR.)

REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: I wish to heavens he never had.

33. Maidens' Point

(JEAN and PHYLLIS have changed into bathing costumes and are wading into the water. ACE remains on the beach. JEAN and PHYLLIS try to coax her into the water.)

JEAN: Come on! Don't be such a baby doll.
ACE: No, swimming's stupid.
PHYLLIS: It's lovely and warm.
ACE: Anyway, it's dangerous, look.

(ACE points to a large sign behind her, which reads "Warning. Dangerous Undercurrents.'")

JEAN: Oh, you're just a baby doll.

(The two girls wade deeper into the sea. ACE walks away from the beach.)

ACE: Stupid.

(Beneath the water, the two girls are being watched by an evil menace.)

34. Saint Jude's church, vestry

(The DOCTOR is reading aloud the translation of the Viking rune stones. REVEREND WAINWRIGHT stands nearby.)

THE DOCTOR: We hope to return to the North Way, carrying home the oriental treasures from the Silk Lands in the east, but the dark curse follows our dragonship.

(Beneath the water, an old and evil menace begins to stir around the remains of a Viking dragonship.)

THE DOCTOR: Black fog turned day into night, and the fingers of death reached out from the waters to reclaim the treasure we have stolen. I carve these stones in memory of Asmund, Rognvald, Torkel, Halfdan, brave Viking warriors slain by the curse. We sought haven in Northumbria, and took refuge at a place called Maidens' Bay, but the curse of the treasure has followed us to this place.

(The DOCTOR stops reading, and is obviously worried.)

THE DOCTOR: Maidens' Bay?
REVEREND WAINWRIGHT: That's Maidens' Point.
THE DOCTOR: But I've left Ace there.

(ACE enters the room.)

ACE: Yep, but I'm here now, aren't I? What you got there Professor?
THE DOCTOR: It's a translation of the Viking inscriptions, look. And there's something I've just noticed.
ACE: What's that?

(The DOCTOR flicks through the book to find what he is looking for.)

THE DOCTOR: We hope to return to the North Way, carrying home the oriental treasure. Now, listen to this.

(The DOCTOR pulls the package of Russian documents out of his pocket, and reads a sentence from one of the papers.)

THE DOCTOR: Vozravschayetes v Norwegioo s sakrovischem.
ACE: I only did French O level.
THE DOCTOR: We return to Norway - the North Way, bearing the treasure.

(The DOCTOR puts the package back into his pocket.)

THE DOCTOR: Now, let's see how Doctor Judson is getting along , shall we?

(The DOCTOR leaves the vestry, followed by ACE and REVEREND WAINWRIGHT.)

35. Maidens' Point

(JEAN and PHYLLIS have finished swimming and have changed back into their clothes. PHYLLIS is drawing two lines on the back of JEAN's legs.)

PHYLLIS: Hold still, will you?
JEAN: Make me look like Lana Turner.
PHYLLIS: You mean Betty Grable.
PHYLLIS and JEAN: Jane Russell!

(They laugh. JEAN spots a lump of welded metal lying on the beach.)

JEAN: Here, look at that.

(JEAN picks the object up.)

PHYLLIS: What is it?
JEAN: Ohh, it feels all funny and tingly. Here.

(JEAN passes the object to PHYLLIS.)


(She drops the object.)

PHYLLIS: It's like electric.

(JEAN is about to pick the object up again, but PHYLLIS stops her.)

PHYLLIS: No, leave it. I don't like it.
JEAN: It's just a piece of junk. Come on, we've got to get going, before that old bag starts worrying.

(A short distance away, SERGEANT PROZOROV is lying flat on his stomach, guarding the beach with his gun. Unaware of the danger, JEAN and PHYLLIS walk towards him laughing and joking.)

SERGEANT PROZOROV (muttering to himself): No closer. No closer, please.
JEAN and PHYLLIS: Alice Day!

(The two girls abruptly change their direction, still laughing and joking. SERGEANT PROZOROV breathes a sigh of relief.)

36. DOCTOR JUDSON's office

(DOCTOR JUDSON is busy at work, and NURSE CRANE stands nearby, as always. There is a knock at the door, THE DOCTOR and ACE enter.)

THE DOCTOR: Doctor Judson, there's something here that might interest you.
DOCTOR JUDSON: What's that then?
THE DOCTOR: A nineteenth-century translation of the Viking inscriptions, courtesy of Mr. Wainwright's grandfather.

(DOCTOR JUDSON takes the record book from ACE. He reads a passage from the book.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Night is the time of the evil curse, and no man is safe alone.

(He looks up from the book.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: This is invaluable!

37. On the beach at Maidens' Point

(SERGEANT PROZOROV has left his watch post. He finds the same object found by PHYLLIS and JEAN. SERGEANT PROZOROV throws it into the water. Beneath the sea, a clawed hand catches the object, and the pale corpse of one of the Russian soldiers lost in the second dingy floats in the wreak of the Viking dragonship.)

38. DOCTOR JUDSON's office

(DOCTOR JUDSON continues reading.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: The waters are most dangerous. The dark evil lies waiting in the sea. It has followed the treasure we stole. We cannot see it, but we know it is there: beneath the surface, beyond seeing, but it is there. And one by one, our crew is being killed.

39. The deciphering room, interior

(The DOCTOR and ACE open the door to the deciphering room, which displays a large warning sign. Inside, several WRNS girls are busily working,)

ACE: I didn't know they had personal stereos in 1943.
THE DOCTOR (Laughs): They're listening to coded German radio messages.

(One of the girls, KATHLEEN DUDMAN, notices them.)

KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Are you looking for someone?
THE DOCTOR: Ah, yes. We're just being nosy.
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Well, we're the girls.

(The DOCTOR and ACE enter the room, smiling at the other workers.)

KATHLEEN DUDMAN: I'm Kathleen, hello.

(He shakes her hand. ACE notices a baby in a cot under one of the desks.)

ACE: Look Professor. A baby.

(ACE pulls the baby's cot from under the desk.)

ACE (to KATHLEEN DUDMAN): Is it yours?
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Yes, and she's a she.
ACE: She's lovely.

(The DOCTOR does a bird impression to amuse the baby.)

ACE: Can I pick her up?
THE DOCTOR: You've got to excuse her, she's from Perivale.
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: That's all right, of course you can.
ACE: Thanks.

(ACE lifts the baby out of the cot.)

KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Where's Perivale?
ACE: You don't want to know.

(ACE is unsure how to hold the baby.)

ACE: Now what do I do?
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Just put your arm underneath her like that.
ACE: Yeah.

(KATHLEEN DUDMAN helps ease the baby into ACE's arms.)

KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Get her head, and you're fine. You're fine. There we are.
ACE: Oh Professor, isn't she beautiful? Oh, look at her little finger nails. They're so perfect, and so tiny.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Every one a heart breaker.
ACE: What's she called?

(There is a noticeable change in ACE's attitude.)

KATHLEEN DUDMAN: What's the matter? Don't you like it?
ACE: I hate it. That's my mother's name. Here.

(ACE hands Audrey back to KATHLEEN DUDMAN. But at that moment, COMMANDER MILLINGTON enters and sees the baby. However, he fails to notice the DOCTOR and ACE.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Dudman! I gave you clear instructions, the baby is not to remain on camp.
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Well I thought she could stay with my cousin sir, only their cottage is too small, and I ...

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON walks further into the room.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Twenty-four hours Dudman. I shall have you dismissed from service.
ACE (furious): Who'd you think you are, armpit?

(The DOCTOR manages to bundle ACE out of the room before COMMANDER MILLINGTON notices them.)

40. Outside the deciphering room

(The DOCTOR and ACE watch as COMMANDER MILLINGTON leaves the building towards DOCTOR JUDSON's office.)

ACE: Why didn't you let me sort him out, Professor?
THE DOCTOR: There are more effective ways. Look.

(When ACE is distracted, the DOCTOR consults the Russian map from his pocket.)

THE DOCTOR: Come on.
ACE: Where are we off to?
THE DOCTOR: I thought we'd have a quick rummage in his office.

(The DOCTOR and ACE dash towards COMMANDER MILLINGTON's office.)


(The DOCTOR and ACE enter.)

THE DOCTOR: Extraordinary!
ACE: What is this?
THE DOCTOR: This is a perfect replica of the German naval cipher room in Berlin.

(The DOCTOR walks towards a filing cabinet, glancing at the files.)

THE DOCTOR: Even down to the files.

(He points towards a portrait of Hitler.)

THE DOCTOR: That dreadful man.
ACE: Commander Millington's a spy!
THE DOCTOR: Oh no, no, no, no. Just trying to think the way the Germans think. Keep one step ahead. But he's done it so perfectly. Let's see what else he's got here.

(The DOCTOR searches through some papers on the desk, finding some photographs.)

THE DOCTOR: Oh dear, look at that. Pictures of cities being bombed ... innocent people ...

(The DOCTOR notices an old photograph of a school rugby team hanging on the wall.)

THE DOCTOR: Wait a minute. That's not right.

(He moves closer to look at the photograph.)

THE DOCTOR: Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
ACE: What is it?
THE DOCTOR: The old school tie. It seems that Millington and Judson went to school together. That was before Judson had his accident.

(ACE has noticed the Viking chess set on a small table.)

ACE: Why is everyone around here so interested in Vikings?
THE DOCTOR: Yes, why?

42. DOCTOR JUDSON's office


COMMANDER MILLINGTON: A girl? From the War Office?
DOCTOR JUDSON: She's a mathematical specialist. She understands the logic diagrams. They found an old translation of those Viking inscriptions.

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON takes the old record book from DOCTOR JUDSON, and begins to read.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: I warn of the day when the Earth shall fall asunder, and all of heaven too. The Wolves of Fenric shall return for their treasure, and then shall the Dark Evil rule eternally.

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON looks up from the book.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: This is it! The final battle between the gods and the beasts. It's now, Judson! The curse of Fenric.

43. Maidens' Point

(The DOCTOR and ACE have returned to Maidens' Point, and are climbing down the rocks towards the beach.)

ACE: I'm confused, Professor. I mean, what's it got to do with the Russian papers?
THE DOCTOR: Well, whatever it is, it will be down here, somewhere. Near where we found those papers.
ACE: Well, what are we looking for? I mean is it big, or is ...

(ACE spots the corpse of PETROSSIAN lying on the beach.)

ACE: Doctor!
THE DOCTOR: What have you found?

(ACE leads the DOCTOR over to PETROSSIAN's body.)

THE DOCTOR: Yes, not very pleasant. What's he holding?

(The DOCTOR takes the lump of metal, which PETROSSIAN had previously thrown into the sea, out of his hand. In an instant, the DOCTOR and ACE are surrounded by Russian soldiers, all of them aiming their guns directly at them ...)

The Doctor : Sylvester McCoy

Ace : Sophie Aldred

Doctor Judson : Dinsdale Landen

Commander Millington : Alfred Lynch

Reverend Wainwright : Nicholas Parsons

Miss Hardaker : Janet Henfrey

Captain Sorin : Tomek Bork

Sergeant Prozorov :Peter Czajkowski

Vershinin : Marek Anton

Petrossian : Mark Conrad

Jean : Joann Kenny

Phyllis : Joanne Bell

Nurse Crane : Anne Reid

Kathleen Dudman : Cory Pulman

Baby : Aaron Hanley

Captain Bates : Stevan Rimkus

Sergeant Leigh : Marcus Hutton

Perkins : Christien Anholt

Theme Music : Ron Grainer

Incidental Music : Mark Ayres

Special Sound : Dick Mills

Production Manager : Ian Fraser

Production Assistant : Winifred Hopkins

Assistant Floor Manager : Judy Corry

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Sound : John Nottage, Scott Talbott

Visual Effects Designer : Graham Brown

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Script Editor : Andrew Cartmel

Production Associate : June Collins

Designer : David Laskey

Producer : John Nathan-Turner

Director : Nicholas Mallett

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