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The Curse of Fenric
Episode Four

By Ian Briggs
Transmitted 15th of November, 1989.

1. The Ultima machine room

(NURSE CRANE and COMMANDER MILLINGTON stare in horror at the body of DOCTOR JUDSON lying on the floor. The DOCTOR, ACE and CAPTAIN SORIN rush in.)

THE DOCTOR: Don't touch him! Don't touch anything!
NURSE CRANE: He's an invalid. He can't even stand without someone to support him.
THE DOCTOR (softly to NURSE CRANE): He's dead.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: The time is now. The chains of Fenric are shattered. The gods have lost the final battle.
ACE: We're too late. It's him!
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: The Dead Men's Ship has slipped its moorings, and the Great Ash itself trembles to its roots!

(Behind the DOCTOR, the lifeless body of DOCTOR JUDSON rises on its crippled legs. COMMANDER MILLINGTON is the first to see this.)


(DOCTOR JUDSON opens his eyes, which burn an unearthly green.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: We play the contest again, Time Lord!

2. Wrens' quarters, interior

(KATHLEEN DUDMAN stands alone in the room, trying to comfort her baby.)

KATHLEEN DUDMAN: When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall. Down will come baby, cradle and all.

3. The Ultima machine room

(The possessed DOCTOR JUDSON holds the attention of the room.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: You left me in the shadow dimensions. Trapped for seventeen centuries. But now I've found a body again, and the preparations are complete.

(DOCTOR JUDSON holds out his arms, his body begins to blur and fade. A wind blows through the room, and DOCTOR JUDSON disappears with it. CAPTAIN BATES and SERGEANT LEIGH rush into the room.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Because I order you to! For treason.

(CAPTAIN BATES snatches the DOCTOR's umbrella off him, and begins to move them out of the door.)

4. A passage beneath the ground

(JEAN and PHYLLIS lead a group of haemovores to meet the possessed DOCTOR JUDSON.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: I was only expecting one. I was hoping for something a little more ... well, Aryan. However, let the Ancient One approach.

(The haemovores make no response.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Where is the Ancient One?
PHYLLIS: He waits.
DOCTOR JUDSON: He waits? He waits? What for? Has he no sense of occasion? I want him here. Now!
JEAN: As you command.

(JEAN and PHYLLIS lead the haemovores back down the tunnel. Two soldiers confront them. However, the rain of bullets they fire have no effect. The men stand frozen with fear as the haemovores move in on them. DOCTOR JUDSON smiles at the sound of their dying screams.)

5. Naval camp, exterior

(The DOCTOR, ACE and CAPTAIN SORIN are lined up against a wall. A firing squad is formed opposite them.)

THE DOCTOR: You don't have to kill her.
CAPTAIN BATES: Let's just get this over with. Ready!

(The assembled soldiers prepare their guns.)

THE DOCTOR: She's only a child!

(The soldiers aim at their targets.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Killing us doesn't make any difference.
ACE: Mum, I'm sorry!

(A grenade is thrown, and explodes a short distance away from the firing squad. The British soldiers dive for cover as the Russians open fire on them. In the resulting battle, the DOCTOR, ACE and CAPTAIN SORIN are able to escape to the Russian lines.)


(COMMANDER MILLINGTON is staring intently at his chess set.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: And the battlefield can stretch a hundred leagues. And at the end of the day, not one living thing shall be left alive. The ancient enemies shall seek each other out, and all shall die!

7. A passage beneath the ground

(At the feet of the haemovores, lead by JEAN and PHYLLIS, lies the drained corpses of the two soldiers. DOCTOR JUDSON looks on with amusement.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: How English. Everything stops for tea. Fetch me the Ancient One. There is much to do.

(The two girls nod in understanding, and lead the haemovores away.)

8. Naval camp, exterior

(The DOCTOR and ACE are hiding from the fighting on a grassy bank. The DOCTOR is sheltering them from the rain with his umbrella.)

THE DOCTOR: I must play the game, to the end this time.
ACE: What game?
THE DOCTOR: A very simple game. A game of chess.

9. Maidens' Point beach

(The storm is raging as JEAN and PHYLLIS summon the ANCIENT ONE.)

PHYLLIS: You are summoned.
JEAN and PHYLLIS: You must obey.

(A bolt of lightening strikes the surface of the water. The ANCIENT ONE begins to emerge. He is larger than the other haemovores, and begins to wade towards the shore.)

10. Naval camp, exterior

(The gun battle continues between the British and Russian soldiers. The DOCTOR is still sheltering ACE from the storm. CAPTAIN SORIN runs over to them.)

THE DOCTOR: I need a chess set to play the game. I need pieces.
ACE: We could get into Commander Millington's office and could nick his chess set.
CAPTAIN SORIN: We came here to steal an Ultima machine. Chess set, no problem. Follow me.

(CAPTAIN SORIN leads the DOCTOR and ACE to the corner of a building. He covers them with his gun.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: You've got a clear path to the British positions. Go.

(The DOCTOR and ACE dash towards COMMANDER MILLINGTON's office.)

11. Bunker, exterior

(Guarded by his soldiers, COMMANDER MILLINGTON slips through the door.)

12. Bunker, interior

(The possessed DOCTOR JUDSON stands listening to the sound of fighting. COMMANDER MILLINGTON enters.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Ah, the sound of dying. When it comes to death, quantity is so much more satisfying than quality.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Don't interrupt me when I'm eulogising! Where is the Time Lord?
DOCTOR JUDSON: For seventeen centuries I was trapped in the shadow dimensions because of him. He pulled bones from the desert sands and carved them into chess pieces. He challenged me to solve his puzzle, I failed. Now I shall see him kneel before me. Before I let him die.


(The DOCTOR and ACE enter. ACE immediately spots the chess set.)

ACE: Here's the chess set.

(ACE begins to collect up all the pieces.)

THE DOCTOR: No, no! Don't touch!

(A poisonous green gas is released from the table. The DOCTOR contains it by putting a litter bin over the source.)

ACE: Oh, thanks. I don't know why he used a chemical grenade. If I was him, I've have stuck a few sticks of explosives under the table.

(The DOCTOR and ACE stop in sudden realisation. They look under the table and find some explosives taped to the leg. The DOCTOR pulls ACE out of the room.)

14. COMMANDER MILLINGTON's office, exterior

(The DOCTOR and ACE throw themselves clear of COMMANDER MILLINGTON's office just before it erupts in an explosion.)

15. A Passage beneath the ground


DOCTOR JUDSON: At last, another of the wolves of Fenric decides to show up and play his role.
THE ANCIENT ONE: My world is dead.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Hardly a great loss, if you're the best evolution could manage. This is the twentieth century. It doesn't become your world for a long time yet. First, we must kill all humans.

16. COMMANDER MILLINGTON's office, exterior

(The DOCTOR and ACE brush the mud off each other.)

THE DOCTOR: Another of Fenric's traps.
ACE: Well at least I managed to grab the consolation prize.

(ACE has rescued the parish record books.)

THE DOCTOR: Ah ha, well done. The parish records, great.
ACE: What I can't understand is what's so special about them.
ACE: Whose names?
THE DOCTOR: Names of ancient families. Judson, Millington, Wainwright, Dudman.
ACE: Dudman! Kathleen Dudman! She's got a chess set.
THE DOCTOR: No, no, no. Millington destroyed them all.
ACE: No, no. I saw it in her suitcase.
THE DOCTOR: Come on!

(The DOCTOR pulls ACE towards the Wrens' quarters.)

17. Wrens' quarters

(The girls are huddled nervously by the window. They scream as the door is opened.)

18. Naval camp, exterior

(CAPTAIN BATES fits a canister of the poisonous gas into a grenade.)


(CAPTAIN BATES and his men get into position.)


(Under covering fire, CAPTAIN BATES throws the grenade into the Russian positions. The green gas that is released makes the two soldiers cough and scream in pain. They die in a matter of seconds, leaving their skin burnt and blistered. CAPTAIN SORIN and VERSHININ see this.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: We are the last two.
VERSHININ: This isn't war, this is massacre.
CAPTAIN SORIN: And the Ultima machine has done this?
VERSHININ: Destroy it.
CAPTAIN SORIN: Go that way.

(CAPTAIN SORIN and VERSHININ run in different directions.)

19. Bunker, interior

(DOCTOR JUDSON and the ANCIENT ONE wait in the bunker, COMMANDER MILLINGTON enters.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Your creatures are killing my men!

(He stops as he sees the ANCIENT ONE for the first time.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: You'd call him the Great Serpent.
COMMANDER MILLINGTON: And the Great Serpent shall rise from the sea, and spew venom over all the Earth.
DOCTOR JUDSON: There's enough poison in here to contaminate the world. Forever.

(Unknown to them, CAPTAIN BATES has heard their entire conversation. He slips quietly away.)

20. Naval camp, exterior

(CAPTAIN BATES runs towards the DOCTOR and ACE.)

CAPTAIN BATES: They're insane. They're trying to control the world with chemical weapons.
THE DOCTOR: All part of Fenric's evil game, no doubt. Like this weather.

(CAPTAIN SORIN appears from behind CAPTAIN BATES. There is a moment of hesitation between the men.)

CAPTAIN BATES: Let's join forces. Fight the real enemy.
CAPTAIN SORIN: That's a really good idea.
ACE: So we're all on the same side, then?
CAPTAIN SORIN: You have the spirit of a fighter. And you wear our emblem.

(CAPTAIN SORIN points to a badge ACE is wearing.)

ACE: Oh, it's not a real one. I bought it cheap in a market.
CAPTAIN SORIN: Have a real one.

(He hands her his own badge, and kisses her hand.)

THE DOCTOR: Come on! We've got to get Kathleen's chess set.

(The DOCTOR leads the group away.)

21. Wrens' quarters

(The Wrens are huddled together by the window, with their backs to the door. SERGEANT LEIGH and two other soldiers enter.)

SERGEANT LEIGH: It's all right, girls. We'll take over now.

(The Wrens turn around, they have been transformed into haemovores. The two soldiers run away, but SERGEANT LEIGH is unable to escape as the creatures close in on him.)


(KATHLEEN DUDMAN is comforting her baby when ACE and the DOCTOR enter.)

THE DOCTOR: The chess set?
ACE: In the suitcase.

(The DOCTOR opens KATHLEEN DUDMAN's suitcase and removes her chess set. He begins to leave.)

KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Oh, don't leave me!
ACE: I can't leave them. I'll stay here.
THE DOCTOR: Well, don't leave the hut.

(The DOCTOR races out of the door.)

23. A small room

(NURSE CRANE puts on her coat, preparing to leave the camp, when two haemovores enter through the door. NURSE CRANE backs away in horror.)

NURSE CRANE: Oh please! Please! Please!

(Behind the haemovores, DOCTOR JUDSON enters.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Nurse Crane. You've looked after me all these years. Almost a mother. Treating me like a child. Humiliating me. I feel this is what Doctor Judson ordered.

(DOCTOR JUDSON signals to the haemovores, who move in on NURSE CRANE.)

NURSE CRANE: Oh no! No, please!

(DOCTOR JUDSON smiles as she screams in terror.)

24. DOCTOR JUDSON's office

(CAPTAIN SORIN is searching the room when JEAN and PHYLLIS appear in the doorway. He instinctively reaches for his emblem, but realises he has given it to ACE.)

JEAN: You don't have the emblem this time.
CAPTAIN SORIN: But I still have my faith.

(CAPTAIN SORIN closes his eyes in concentration. The two girls scream in pain, allowing him to walk between them.)


(KATHLEEN DUDMAN and ACE are finding ways to fortify the room.)

ACE: We've got to do something about this room.
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: All right. Let me just sort the baby out, okay?

(KATHLEEN DUDMAN puts Audrey back in her cot.)

ACE: Let's use the furniture.
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Right, let's put that bunk up against the door.

(KATHLEEN DUDMAN and ACE drag a bunk bed to block the door.)

ACE: What about the wardrobe over the window?
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Good idea. Let's move that and the other bunks up against the windows.
ACE: Yeah.

(KATHLEEN DUDMAN and ACE continue moving furniture.)

26. Ultima machine room

(VERSHININ enters and begins tampering with the machine. Unseen by him, COMMANDER MILLINGTON also enters.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: I'm afraid you've had a wasted journey.

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON shoots VERSHININ in the stomach, he falls to the floor in agony.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: But then you were never really our allies, were you? Your people will always be the enemy.
VERSHININ: See you in hell.

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON leaves the room.)

27. Bunker, interior

(The DOCTOR clears a small table with his umbrella, and begins to set up the chess set.)


(ACE and KATHLEEN DUDMAN, who is nursing her baby, are sitting on her bed.)

ACE: I don't like dark buildings. There was one in Perivale ... old, empty house. Full of noises ... evil. Things I didn't understand ... undercurrents.
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: What kind of a world is this to bring up a child in?

(Suddenly, the window behind them is smashed by a haemovore. Both girls scream.)

ACE: Quick, the window!

(ACE opens another window, and climbs out.)

KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Ace, take Audrey.

(ACE holds Audrey while KATHLEEN DUDMAN climbs out of the window.)

ACE: Quick!

29. Bunker, interior

(The DOCTOR is frantically trying to arrange the chess pieces correctly.)

THE DOCTOR: No, that's not right! It was so long ago.

(The DOCTOR makes a few more moves until he is satisfied.)


30. Naval camp, exterior

(It is raining heavily. ACE and KATHLEEN DUDMAN run towards an army truck.)

ACE: Kathleen, get in. Quick!
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Where shall I go? What shall I do?
ACE: Go to London, my Nan will look after you.
ACE: She lives in Streatham.
ACE: Seventeen Old Terrace. Say it.
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Seventeen Old Terrace. Wait Ace, I want you to have this.

(KATHLEEN DUDMAN hands ACE a black and white photograph of Audrey.)

ACE: I'll always love you. Here.

(She kisses Audrey, and hands her back to KATHLEEN DUDMAN.)

ACE: Now go!

(KATHLEEN DUDMAN takes Audrey, and climbs into the driving seat of the truck.)

ACE: Seventeen Old Terrace.
KATHLEEN DUDMAN: Seventeen Old Terrace. Seventeen Old Terrace.
ACE: Now go! Go!

(KATHLEEN DUDMAN drives the truck into the storm. Turning away, ACE finds herself facing JEAN and PHYLLIS.)

31. DOCTOR JUDSON's office

(DOCTOR JUDSON is giving instructions to THE ANCIENT ONE.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Take the poison. Carry it to the ocean. Release it in the waters.
THE ANCIENT ONE: And the other haemovores?
DOCTOR JUDSON: You know how to kill them.

(THE ANCIENT ONE moves his hands to his head in an intense psychic effort.)

32. Naval camp, exterior

(ACE watches in horror as JEAN and PHYLLIS fall to the ground, screaming in pain. Their skin begins to age, until their heads crumble into dust.)

33. DOCTOR JUDSON's office

(The ANCIENT ONE moves his hands from his head, his task complete.)

34. Bunker, interior

(The DOCTOR is surveying the chess board, when DOCTOR JUDSON enters behind him.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Where is the game, Time Lord?
THE DOCTOR: You couldn't resist it, could you? The game of traps.

(The DOCTOR gestures towards the chess board.)

THE DOCTOR: The contest, as before. One move. Find the winning move. Spring the trap on me. If you can.

35. Ultima machine room

(CAPTAIN BATES is trying to help the wounded VERSHININ. COMMANDER MILLINGTON enters, CAPTAIN BATES raises his gun to him.)

COMMANDER MILLINGTON: Are you going to use that gun? You know your problem, Captain Bates? You don't know who the enemy is. A traitor is someone who doesn't know who the enemy is.

(COMMANDER MILLINGTON raises his gun, but VERSHININ, lying at CAPTAIN BATES's feet, fires first. COMMANDER MILLINGTON falls to the floor.)


36. A passage beneath the ground

(The DOCTOR is talking to the ANCIENT ONE.)

THE DOCTOR: I've been waiting.
THE ANCIENT ONE: You know me?
THE DOCTOR: Thousands of years in the future, the Earth lies dying. The surface just a chemical slime. Half a million years of industrial progress.
THE ANCIENT ONE: I am the last. The last living creature on Earth. I watched my world dying with chemicals, and I could do nothing. My world is dead.

37. Bunker, interior

(DOCTOR JUDSON is hunched over the chess board, when ACE enters.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Is that you, Time Lord? Tell me the solution. The con ... the contest is ... is too much for such a weak body.
ACE: I don't know the solution.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Tell me ... tell me the solution!

(ACE runs out of the room.)

38. An underground tunnel

(The DOCTOR and the ANCIENT ONE are still talking.)

THE DOCTOR: You're very patient. Carried back thousands of years in a time storm, to ninth-century Transylvania, and waiting till now.
THE ANCIENT ONE: Without the flask, I was trapped.
THE DOCTOR: Oh yes, the flask. I trapped him like an evil genie.
THE ANCIENT ONE: Only he can return me to the future.
THE DOCTOR: And so, like a faithful servant, you follow the flask.
THE ANCIENT ONE: A merchant bought it from Constantinople. I followed him through Europe. I followed the Viking pirates who stole it, and I followed it here.
THE DOCTOR: Another of Fenric's games. He carries you back in a time storm, to destroy the Earth's water with chemicals. To destroy your future. Think of it, your Earth, your world, dying of a chemical slime. This act will be the beginning of your end.

39. The Ultima machine room

(CAPTAIN BATES has helped VERSHININ to his feet.)

CAPTAIN BATES: I owe you one.

(ACE enters and sees COMMANDER MILLINGTON's body.)

ACE: What happened? Are you all right?
CAPTAIN BATES: We are all right now. We're fighting together now.
VERSHININ: War, a game played by politicians. We were just pawns in the game. The pawns are fighting together now. Eh, comrade?
ACE: That's it! The solution. The winning move!

(She dashes out of the room.)

40. Bunker, interior

(DOCTOR JUDSON is leaning over the chess board when CAPTAIN SORIN enters.)

DOCTOR JUDSON: Where have you been?
CAPTAIN SORIN: It's time to die, Fenric.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Do you not understand? You don't know why you were selected for this mission.
CAPTAIN SORIN: Because I speak English. My grandmother was English.
DOCTOR JUDSON: Of course, granddaughter of Joseph Sundvik. You are touched by the curse of Fenric. I selected you. You are one of the wolves of Fenric.


41. The Ultima machine room

(CAPTAIN BATES is helping the wounded VERSHININ.)

CAPTAIN BATES: Are you sure you can stand?
VERSHININ: Workers of the world unite, comrade.

(They clasp each other's hands.)

42. Bunker, interior

(CAPTAIN SORIN is now leaning over the chess board, with his back to the door. ACE enters.)

ACE: Fenric would never have guessed the solution, anyway.
CAPTAIN SORIN: Tell me, tavarisch.
ACE: A brilliant move. The black and white pawns don't fight each other, they join forces.

(CAPTAIN SORIN turns to face ACE. He opens his eyes, which glow green, revealing he has been possessed by Fenric.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Thank you, child.

(The DOCTOR bursts into the room, and realises what ACE has done.)


(CAPTAIN SORIN takes one of the white pawns, and knocks over the white king.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Black wins, Time Lord!

(CAPTAIN SORIN laughs with pleasure.)

43. Bunker, exterior

(A bolt of lightening strikes through the bunker roof.)

44. Bunker, interior

(The chess board is engulfed in flames.)

ACE: What's happened?
CAPTAIN SORIN: The wolves of Fenric. Descendants of the Viking who first buried the flask. All pawns in my game. Doctor Judson, Commander Millington, the Ancient One, Captain Sorin, and now you.

(Unknown to ACE, the ANCIENT ONE is standing a short distance behind her.)

ACE: Me?

(ACE tries to walk away, but finds her escape blocked by the ANCIENT ONE.)

ACE: You can't! How?
CAPTAIN SORIN: The baby. In thirty years the baby will be grown, she will have a daughter. That daughter will be you. You've just created your own future.

(CAPTAIN SORIN holds up the photograph of Audrey for ACE to see.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: The baby is your mother! The mother you hate! (to the ANCIENT ONE) Kill them, slowly.
ACE: You don't stand a chance. Tell him, Doctor. He's got it wrong.
CAPTAIN SORIN: The Time Lord has failed. The wolves of Fenric have realised me.
ACE: The Doctor never fails. I've got faith in him. Complete faith.

(The ANCIENT ONE clasps his hands to his head in pain as ACE concentrates on her faith in the DOCTOR.)

THE DOCTOR: He can't penetrate Ace's psychic force.
CAPTAIN SORIN: Time for the one final game.

(CAPTAIN SORIN picks up a small capsule containing the green poison, and holds it over ACE.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: The choice is yours, Time Lord. I shall kill you anyway, but if you would like the girl to live, kneel before me.
ACE: I believe in you, Professor.
CAPTAIN SORIN: Kneel, if you want the girl to live!
THE DOCTOR: Kill her.


CAPTAIN SORIN: The Time Lord finally understands.
THE DOCTOR: Do you think I didn't know? The chess set in Lady Peinforte's study. I knew.
CAPTAIN SORIN: Earlier than that, Time Lord. Before Cybermen, ever since Ice World. Where you first met the girl.
THE DOCTOR: I knew. I knew she carried the evil inside her. Do you think I'd have chosen a social misfit if I hadn't known? She couldn't even pass her chemistry exams at school, and yet she manages to create a time storm in her bedroom. I saw your hand in it from the very beginning.


ACE: No.
THE DOCTOR: You're an emotional cripple. I wouldn't waste my time on her, unless I had to use her somehow.
ACE: No!

(ACE falls to the floor, her faith in The DOCTOR destroyed. CAPTAIN SORIN laughs.)


(The ANCIENT ONE picks up a large chemical bomb, but instead of attacking the DOCTOR and ACE, he forces CAPTAIN SORIN into the air-tight chamber.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: Kill them! Do you hear me?

(The ANCIENT ONE shuts the chamber door.)

CAPTAIN SORIN: No! I command you! No! No! No!

(The ANCIENT ONE releases the poisonous green gas from the bomb. In a matter of seconds, CAPTAIN SORIN and the ANCIENT ONE have collapsed to the floor.)

THE DOCTOR: Come on. It's over.
ACE: Leave me alone!
THE DOCTOR: We're going home, Ace!

(The DOCTOR pulls ACE to her feet, and out of the building.)

ACE: Leave me alone!

45. Bunker, exterior

(The DOCTOR pulls ACE away from the bunker, just before the building is destroyed in an explosion. They land in the mud.)

ACE: Couldn't even pass a chemistry exam!
THE DOCTOR: I'd have done anything not to hurt you, but I had to save you from Fenric's evil curse. Your faith was holding the haemovore back.
ACE: You said I was an emotional cripple! A social misfit!
THE DOCTOR: I had to make you lose your belief in me.
ACE: Full marks for teenage psychology.
THE DOCTOR: It's not true.

46. Maidens' Point

(The DOCTOR sits on the cliff. ACE stands staring at the photograph of Audrey.)

ACE: I don't love her! She's my mum, and I ... I don't love her! What's wrong with me? Why can't I stop hating her?
THE DOCTOR: You loved the baby.
ACE: But I didn't know she was my mum!
THE DOCTOR: Love and hate. Frightening feelings. Especially when they're trapped beneath the surface. How do you find the water?

(ACE takes off her hair-net, and dives into the sea.)

47. Maidens' Point, under the sea

(ACE swims below the surface, reliving her experiences. She finally comes to terms with her confused emotions. She re-emerges from the water feeling whole again.)

48. Maidens' Point beach

(The DOCTOR is waiting on the shore as ACE rises from the sea. The DOCTOR puts his arm around her.)

ACE: I'm not scared now.

(ACE spots the warning sign.)

ACE: Dangerous undercurrents, Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: Not any more. Nyet.

(They both laugh and stroll away, happy to be together.)

The Doctor : Sylvester McCoy

Ace : Sophie Aldred

Doctor Judson : Dinsdale Landen

Commander Millington : Alfred Lynch

Captain Sorin : Tomek Bork

Vershinin : Marek Anton

Jean : Joann Kenny

Phyllis : Joanne Bell

Captain Bates : Stevan Rimkus

Sergeant Leigh : Marcus Hutton

Kathleen Dudman : Cory Pulman

Nurse Crane : Anne Reid

The Ancient One : Raymond Trickett

Baby : Aaron Hanley

Stunt Arranger : Tip Tipping

Theme Music : Ron Grainer

Incidental Music : Mark Ayres

Special Sound : Dick Mills

Production Manager : Ian Fraser

Production Assistant : Winifred Hopkins

Assistant Floor Manager : Judy Corry

OB Lighting : Ian Dow

Engineering Manager : Brian Jones

Sound : John Nottage, Scott Talbott

Visual Effects Designer : Graham Brown

Video Effects : Dave Chapman

Vision Mixer : Dinah Long

Graphic Designer : Oliver Elmes

OB Cameramen : Paul Harding, Alan Jessop

Video Tape Editor : Hugh Parson

Properties Buyer : Yvonne Alfert

Costume Designer : Ken Trew

Make-Up Designer : Denise Baron

Script Editor : Andrew Cartmel

Production Associate : June Collins

Designer : David Laskey

Producer : John Nathan-Turner

Director : Nicholas Mallett

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