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Serial: 5R
Series Story Count: 111
Series Episode Count: 536
First Transmitted: November 8th, 1980
Duration: 22 Minutes 0 Seconds
Archive Status: PAL 2” Color Videotape

1. [ALZARIUS, OUTLERS CAVE. Romana opens the TARDIS door and pokes her head out, then exits the Tardis. The others begin to do so also. Looking around the cave she spots a giant spider crawling nearby]

ROMANA: So that's what frightened the marsh men off. [She scrutinizes it. Nearby, a river fruit breaks open and a spider begins to crawl out.]
TYLOS: [Frightened] More of them! [Pointing out more] Look!
ROMANA: [The creatures begin to grow larger and move faster] They're only spiders. [Tylos runs back into the safety of the TARDIS, followed by Keara and Varsh] They're only spiders.

2. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. Varsh, Keara, and Tylos come running but stop and stare at the console, not knowing what to do or what to press]

KEARA: The door! Shut the door! [Tylos looks over the console in a panic, unsure what to press. He activates a switch at random]

3. [ALZARIUS, OUTLERS CAVE. Adric gets in the TARDIS just as the door slams shut]

ROMANA: [Turns around in surprise] Adric?

4. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. Adric runs in]

ADRIC: What are you doing? Romana's out there! Open the door! [He runs over to the console where Tylos was, and flicks a switch. The time column begins to rise and fall]

5. [ALZARIUS, OUTLERS CAVE. The TARDIS begins to dematerialize. Romana tries to run over and reach out for it but it is gone.]


ADRIC: [Watching the column rise and fall in alarm] I think I pulled the wrong lever.

7. [ALZARIUS, OUTLERS CAVE. Romana backs away as the spiders advance toward her. She begins to panic, and starts to make her way towards the entrance. She spots a piece of river fruit, picks it up, and gets ready to throw it at the spiders. However, before she can do so the river fruit bursts open and a spider leaps at her face biting her. The spider falls off her dead, and she collapses as the venom begins to run through her body…]

8. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. Adric, Varsh, Tylos, and Keara are all standing around the console, watching the column rise and fall]

TYLOS: [In panic] What's happening?
ADRIC: [With a look of bewilderment] I don't know. I think we're traveling.

9. [STARLINER, SCIENCE LAB. The Doctor is kneeling, examining the marsh creature which lies on a surgical chair, covered with a sheet. Dexter stands nearby. Operating a switch, Dexeter raises the back of the chair in preparation for a cursory examination]

THE DOCTOR: What have you done to it?
DEXETER: A little anesthetic. I'm trying to research the psychodynamics of these creatures. Their motivation to attack us is immensely powerful.
DEXETER: It's well documented. [The Doctor stands up] Of course, I've never seen one before... But it's in the manuals.
THE DOCTOR: Well, it wasn't aggressive when I met it, anyway. It's only a baby one.
DEXETER: They have the same basic brain type.
THE DOCTOR: [Raising the sheet off the main torso of the creature, the Doctor notices a bruise on the creatures arm] Dexeter, that's not psychodynamics. You've been taking tissue samples.
DEXETER: A scientist is responsible to the community, Doctor. [Walks over to a microscope nearby and begins organizing slides] Each of us has his task to perform.
THE DOCTOR: I don't understand your tasks.
DEXETER: [Turns to the Doctor] What do you mean?
THE DOCTOR: Well, you're all so busy. [Walks over to Dexeter] Maintenance crews everywhere. What are you up to?
DEXETER: Preparing for the embarkation, of course.
THE DOCTOR: Of cour—[Pauses] Are you leaving Alzarius?
DEXETER: Yes. All our endeavors are directed toward the return to Terradon.
THE DOCTOR: Then if you're leaving the planet, why all the fuss about the Marsh men?
DEXETER: [Avoiding the question, and pointing to the microscope] Take a look at that tissue sample. [The Doctor turns on the microscope and looks in it] Remarkable, isn't it, Doctor? The organization of the cell structure.
THE DOCTOR: Well, that's life, Dexeter.
DEXETER: There are anomalies unaccounted for by the deciders.
THE DOCTOR: There are? Look, isn't it time we were getting it back to its natural habitat?
DEXETER: It's too late for that, doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Actually, it's about time I got back to my own natural habitat. [Walks towards the door] Haven't seen a blue box with a light on top, have you? [Behind him, Decider Login enters unnoticed and listens to the end of the conversation] It's called a TARDIS. It must be out there somewhere.
DEXETER: It's impossible to leave the star liner. The doors are sealed.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, I think I can organize something.
LOGIN: [Behind him] What did you have in mind, doctor?
THE DOCTOR: [Turns to him and smiles] Oh, it was just a hypothetical idea.
LOGIN: Your entry was more than a hypothesis. Perhaps our security system is not all the manuals claim.
THE DOCTOR: You can't always go by the manuals.
LOGIN: Without the store of knowledge in the great book room, we would not have survived. Doctor, please show me how you gained access.
THE DOCTOR: Certainly. [They exit]

10. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. The TARDIS is still in flight, with everyone still around the console]

KEARA: Varsh, do something.
TYLOS: You're the clever one, Adric. Where are we going?
ADRIC: How should I know? Romana set the coordinates, not me.

11. [ALZARIUS, OUTLERS CAVE. Romana stirs. Clustered on her are dozens of dead spiders…]

12. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. The Marsh men still wielding clubs push their way through the undergrowth towards the star liner.]


MAN OVER LOUDSPEAKER: Maintenance unit 12, report to locations—
THE DOCTOR: [In mid conversation as he and Decider Login enter the corridor]…just a resistant-sonic screwdriver, especially in expert hands.
LOGIN: [The two enter another corridor where a maintenance crew is working on a panel] Any method of entering the star liner is of grave concern.
THE DOCTOR: [One of the crew is holding up a component, which the Doctor grabs. He stops and examines it] [To the crewman] Excuse me. Oh, what a pity. I thought it was an image translator. I need one for my ship. [Hands back the component, and then they continue down the corridor] Tell me, Decider Login, why are your maintenance men removing a perfectly good Optronics circuit? Tell me that.
LOGIN: [They enter another corridor] I know nothing about these matters myself, but the manuals are thorough in their requirements.
THE DOCTOR: At this rate, the preparations could take years to complete.
LOGIN: [They stop] Oh, generations, doctor. We've no illusions about that.
THE DOCTOR: Generations?
LOGIN: Well, there's always something that needs to be perfected. A little patience... Goes a long way. [Login continues on]
THE DOCTOR: Yes. But so much patience goes absolutely nowhere. [Follows Login]
LOGIN: [Entering another corridor] You spoke of some vehicle you travel in.
THE DOCTOR: Yes, I have got a vehicle. I'm feeling rather lost without it.
LOGIN: [Stops] I can help you to find it.
THE DOCTOR: Really? Why would you do a thing like that?
LOGIN: I have a daughter.
THE DOCTOR: [Looking a little confused] Oh. [The Doctor starts to move toward a corridor, but Login stops him and ushers him down another]
MAN OVER LOUDSPEAKER: Attention, Citizen Dampier, protective coordinates immediately.
LOGIN: [As they enter the reception area of the Star liner] Help me find my daughter. I'll help you find your ship.
THE DOCTOR: All right.
LOGIN: [To a group of Omril and a group of citizens guarding the main entrance] Unseal the entrance.
OMRIL: But the decision was made to keep the entrance sealed.
LOGIN: Decisions can be changed. [Goes over to the control panel to open the door. Suddenly the TARDIS materializes about a foot away from the Doctor. Login and the Citizens stare at the TARDIS in disbelief] Good heavens! What is it?
THE DOCTOR: Good heavens! It's Romana! [He goes over to the TARDIS door, stands beside it] Romana! [He knocks, facing the Decider and the citizens. The TARDIS door opens, and unseen to the Doctor, Keara emerges. Login opens his mouth in surprise. The Doctor grins thinking he’s introducing Romana.]
KEARA: [Seeing Login] Father!
LOGIN: [She goes over to him and hugs him, as the Doctor looks on surprised that it’s not Romana] Keara! You're safe!
THE DOCTOR: [Turning to shout into the TARDIS] Romana—[Tylos emerges, and as he does several citizens grab him and hold him in custody. The Doctor surprised, turns to shout in the TARDIS.] Roma—[Varsh emerges and is also taken into custody. The Doctor tries again] Romana! [This time its Adric who pokes his head out] Adric! What is this, Noah's ark? Where's Romana?
ADRIC: She's not here.
THE DOCTOR: [Pushes Adric into the TARDIS] Where is she then?
ADRIC: [OOV] Back at the cave.
THE DOCTOR: [Entering the TARDIS] What cave? Never mind! [The TARDIS door closes behind him]
LOGIN: [Still hugging his daughter] Keara, you're alive.

14. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. The Doctor is setting controls on the console]

THE DOCTOR: These short trips don't usually work. And the chances of reversing a short trip are even more remote. Still...Here's hopping. Would you cross your fingers? [Adric tries to make a cross, not understanding] No, No. Not like that. [Adric tries to make a T] No! [The Doctor demonstrates, holding his fingers up. Adric does the same, finally getting it, yet still not understanding. The Doctor sets the TARDIS in motion] Very good.


LOGIN: [To Keara, who he’s holding] There'll have to be an inquiry, but at least... [The TARDIS dematerializes. As everyone turns to look, it has gone]

16. [ALZARIUS, OUTLERS CAVE. The TARDIS rematerializes, and the Doctor emerges followed by Adric]

THE DOCTOR: [To Romana who is now sitting up on a rock staring at nothing] Romana, are you all right?
ROMANA: [Distant] Yes.
THE DOCTOR: It's a giant crab spider.
ROMANA: [Even more distant] Yes.
THE DOCTOR: [To Adric] You collect K-9 together.
ADRIC: There's a dead spider. [He picks it up]
THE DOCTOR: [Sits down next to Romana] [to Adric] Collect that one, too. [To Romana] Are you sure you're all right, Romana?
ROMANA: [Distant and still staring at nothing] I'm fine. Who are you? [The Doctor stares at her in surprise]

17. [STARLINER, SCIENCE LAB. Nefred and Garif are standing watching as Dexeter is setting up a lamp to shine on the marsh creature, which is still unconscious in the Operating chair.]

DEXETER: [Positioning the light] Of course, it should be full grown for my experiments.
NEFRED: But this one will do?
DEXETER: We do need a better specimen.
GARIF: [Dexeter begins walking around the operating chair] We're lucky to have this one. Aren't we, Nefred? The Doctor regards it as suitable. He seems very wise.
DEXETER: [Stops behind the Deciders] I'm prepared to consider his theories. [He moves off to his work bench with the microscope]
NEFRED: [Staring intently at the creature] Dexeter... What exactly do you hope to learn?
DEXETER: The nature of these creatures. We're afraid of them, we retreat from their presence, and yet we know nothing about them.
NEFRED: [Turns and faces him with a pained expression] You know nothing.
DEXETER: I was forgetting, decider. I understood from Decider Draith that these creatures were mentioned in the system files. [Nefred nods] But if we could put that secret knowledge of yours beside what I can discover, we could—
GARIF: What is it, Nefred? [Nefred continues his pained expression as he considers]
NEFRED: Dexeter... Your experiments will be secret.
DEXETER: Of course, Decider, if you so advise.
NEFRED: Garif, we must confer on this matter. [To Dexeter] Meanwhile, please postpone the examination. [Nefred and Garif head for the door]
DEXETER: The creature's no use at all under anesthetic. The revival will take about an hour.
NEFRED: We will return before then. [Nefred and Garif leave]

18. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. The TARDIS is in flight once again, and the Doctor is checking the instruments on the console. Once he’s sure everything is alright, he heads off into the interior of the TARDIS to Romana’s room, where Adric is tending to an unconscious Romana, who is lying on her bed. The Doctor kneels down and takes her pulse]

THE DOCTOR: She's still alive. Some kind of coma. [To Adric] Did you find k-9's head?
ADRIC: No, it wasn't in the cave.
THE DOCTOR: [Muttering] Oh, no. It's not a toxin. It must be something in those spider bites, some kind of psychochemical.
ADRIC: How long will it last?
THE DOCTOR: How do I know? Let's get back to the science unit. [Adric hesitates looking at Romana, then heads for the console room] I want to put some of that spider tissue under the microscope. [He gets up and follows Adric]

19. [STARLINER, GREAT HALL OF BOOKS. All the Outlers are escorted in by Omril.]

OMRIL: [Stopping by the door as the Outlers pass] Wait here. The deciders are in conference.
KEARA: [Pauses next to Omril along with Varsh] About us?
OMRIL: They have other matters on their minds. You'll have to have patience.
VARSH: Patience!
OMRIL: It's a virtue, they say. But I don't suppose that would appeal to stealers of river fruit. [Varsh cracks a grin and walks to the center of the room with Keara and Tylos. The other two Outlers are standing together in a corner]
TYLOS: What are they going to do? Is it a trial?
KEARA: An inquiry, my father said.
TYLOS: What difference does it make? They're going to kill us.
VARSH: Of course not. It's a ploy, just psychological.
TYLOS: [Putting his hands in his pockets] That's what you said about mist fall.

20. [STARLINER, SCIENCE LAB. Garif, Login, and Dexeter are discussing the situation]

DEXETER: The creature will soon be ready for the experiment… if the deciders permit.
GARIF: The first decider has explained something of the position to us.
LOGIN: In the past, these creatures were regarded with superstitious awe, figures symbolizing the whole of life on this planet.
GARIF: And as such, their origins were not to be looked into.
DEXETER: [Shocked] A wall of deliberate ignorance.
GARIF: [Quietly] Oh, we agree. The first decider has given his permission for the experiments to proceed.
DEXETER: Excellent! [Runs over to the side of the creature to check it ready]
GARIF: On one condition.
DEXETER: Oh? [Raising the back of the chair so that the creature is better in the light]
LOGIN: That we supervise.
GARIF: And there is to be complete secrecy. Do you understand?

21. [STARLINER, GREAT HALL OF BOOKS. Nefred is on the uppermost level, studying a book with a worried and pained expression on his face. The Outlers are standing on the ground floor awaiting their inquiry. Nefred puts away the book he’s been studying and considers. The Outlers talk amongst themselves]

VARSH: [Quietly] Adric should be here.
KEARA: You're very loyal to him.
VARSH: I'm all he's got.
KEARA: Poor thing. [Tylos snickers]
VARSH: We've got a father.
OMRIL: Quiet. The deciders are coming.
KEARA: [The other two deciders enter and take up their positions on the second level.] [Quietly] Now my father's a decider. I'm an orphan, too.
NEFRED: [Standing up to address them] When the star liner crashed upon this planet, our ancestors vowed that their one endeavor would be to repair the ship and to return to Terradon.
GARIF: Each generation has renewed that vow.
NEFRED: The work is continuous... On your behalf. Isn't that right, Decider Login?
LOGIN: Yes. On behalf of us all.
GARIF: [To Login] Then what is to be done, Decider Login, with those that betray that vow, betray that work?
LOGIN: I've talked to them. They are children.
NEFRED: Very well. Do these...Children now understand what we're doing for them?
GARIF: And do they now understand the warning against mist fall? And the supremacy of the community?
LOGIN: I believe they do.
NEFRED: Then let them rejoin the preparation. There is no punishment.

22. [STARLINER, RECEPTION AREA. A maintenance crew is working a panel here. They turn and witness the TARDIS materializing in amazement.]

THE DOCTOR: [From inside the TARDIS] Stop worrying, Adric. Romana will be perfectly all right in here. [The Doctor exits the TARDIS. Adric comes out of the TARDIS with the samples in his hand the Doctor spots the crew who are standing in amazement and stops to admire their work.] That’s very good.

23. [STARLINER, SCIENCE LAB. Dexter stands behind the Marsh creature in preparation.]

DEXETER: The anesthetic has worn off and the creature is now fully sentient. [In the Great Book Room the Deciders are watching this on the main screen behind and above the bookshelves] I'm about to begin a surgical examination of its brain.
THE DOCTOR: [Running into the Great Book Room] [Looking at the screen] Dexeter!
DEXETER: Doctor, you're just in time to see my theories put to the test.
THE DOCTOR: Dexeter, you promised you wouldn't harm that marsh creature.
DEXETER: [The Doctor appears on Dexeter’s screen in the Science Lab] Without a scientific understanding of these creatures, we are doomed to fear them forever.
THE DOCTOR: That's not scientific understanding, its cold-blooded murder. [The marsh creature’s eyes open.]

24. [TARDIS, ROMANA’S BEDROOM. Romana’s eyes open. She now has bluish-green lines on her face that pulse and glow, and that seem to follow the course of the veins on her face]


DEXETER: [With surgical gloves and scalpel in hand] I repeat. I am beginning surgery. [He lowers the scalpel to the creatures head.

26. [TARDIS, ROMANA’S ROOM. Romana screams with the roar of an animal in pain]


THE DOCTOR: Dexeter, please stop! You've no right. Please! [The marsh creature looks up at Dexeter, and then begins to struggle. The creature breaks free of his restraining straps, pushing Dexeter to the floor. The Doctor, Adric and the Deciders watch all this on their screen. Enraged, the creature hits a nearby cart knocking it over. Dexeter tries to escape, but the creature grabs him and strangles him to death. The marsh creature then proceeds to trash the science lab, knocking over vials and equipment. The creature stops when he sees the Doctor who is still being displayed on the Science Lab screen. The marsh creature approaches the screen, seeing the only person that was ever nice to it. Realizing what it’s doing the Doctor puts up his hand to stop him] No. No! Don't! No! [The creature trying to touch the Doctor busts through the screen. In the Great Book Room the picture goes to static as the creature is electrocuted to death in the Science lab]
NEFRED: [Goes over to a panel and activates it] Take away the bodies.
THE DOCTOR: [Quietly to Adric] Adric, go back to the TARDIS and wait with Romana. [Adric leaves and the Doctor turns back to the deciders] You deciders allowed this to happen.
GARIF: The marsh creature's a mindless brute. Animals!
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Easy enough to destroy, but have you ever tried creating one?
NEFRED: We were within our rights.
GARIF: One might argue that Dexeter was overzealous.
THE DOCTOR: NOT AN ALIBI, DECIDERS! You three are supposed to be leaders.
GARIF: Certainly we are. Though, of course, Nefred is, uh, is now our First Decider.
THE DOCTOR: Then Nefred is responsible.
NEFRED: For the community, yes.
THE DOCTOR: No, no! Perhaps they haven't let you in on the secret, Login. [Login looks confused] Shall I tell him, gentlemen?
GARIF: A secret?
THE DOCTOR: Yes! And the fraud of perpetual movement. The endless task going round and round. The same old components being removed and replaced.
LOGIN: No, doctor, that's too harsh. The preparations are necessary.
THE DOCTOR: Preparations? For what? This star liner isn't going anywhere.
LOGIN: Well, the manual's promised us a journey to Terradon.
GARIF: Yes, but it must be made ready first.
THE DOCTOR: Ready? It's been made ready for centuries. [The Doctor walks over to one of the shelves, and rips the books off of the shelf, throwing them to the ground. Behind is revealed a control panel with a number of flashing lights and controls] This ship could take off in half an hour if you had a mind to it.
LOGIN: What? [Login walks around to the stairs and walks down to ground level where he can face the other deciders more properly] Is that true?
NEFRED: You accuse us of willful procrastination?
THE DOCTOR: [Facing away from Nefred and Garif towards Login] Yes! The willful procrastination of endless procedure. You want to hold onto the old order.
NEFRED: You understand a great deal, Doctor.
NEFRED: But not everything.
THE DOCTOR: That's certainly true.
NEFRED: You're standing in the great book room. These galleries contain manuals on the repair and maintenance of every single item on this ship.
GARIF: Everything is listed. Down to the smallest rivet.
NEFRED: Thanks to the manuals that have been passed down, we can take the star liner apart and put it together again perfectly.
GARIF: Now, there is one thing we can't do, Doctor.
GARIF: One secret our ancestors kept for themselves.
THE DOCTOR: What's that?
NEFRED: Nobody knows how to pilot this ship.
THE DOCTOR: [Turning to face the Nefred and Garif in surprise] What?

24. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR. The Outlers have been assigned to a maintenance team under the supervision of another citizen. The group enters a corridor and stop next to a panel.]

MAN ON INTERCOM: [Whilst the team is working] Unit leader Dyvo to the auxiliary power section immediately. Unit leader Dyvo to the auxiliary power section immediately. [Keara is holding a book, whilst Varsh is carrying a bag. Tylos opens the panel, looks into Keara’s book and pulls out a component, which he hands to Varsh, who puts the old component in the bag and hands Tylos the new component. Tylos installs it and closes the panel. They then move on to the next panel which Tylos opens.]
MAN ON INTERCOM: Additional maintenance units required by air purification controls. Additional maintenance units required by air purification controls. [Varsh pulls out a component after checking Keara’s book, and replaces the component with a new one. Varsh closes the panel and they move on]

25. [STARLINER, SCIENCE LAB. The Doctor has the spider cut open, and pulls out the innards. Login stands nearby]

LOGIN: The spiders only appear at mist fall. No one's ever analyzed one before.
THE DOCTOR: [The Doctor puts some tissue under the microscope and examines it] Well. Oh, yes. Leucine, Isoleucine, Methionine. Hmm. Usual compliment of amino acids. That's-- that's odd. I've seen that star-shape somewhere before. What about mist fall itself? Did anybody ever analyze that?
LOGIN: Yes, but the secret is only known to the deciders.
THE DOCTOR: What? Well, so now you know.
LOGIN: I do, but the information is privileged.
LOGIN: Uh, doctor, every 50 years or so, another planet takes Alzarius away from its sun. The cooling process, it's inevitable.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. The mists. And then the high nitrogen content in the spider cells.
THE DOCTOR: So it's difficult to judge not knowing the norm on this planet. We need some tissue samples from Dexeter and the marsh child. [Starts to look around] Of course. Now, what did Dexeter do with that slide? [He goes and picks up a slide from the table and begins to put it under the microscope.]
ADRIC: [Comes rushing in] Doctor!
THE DOCTOR: Not now, Adric, not now!
ADRIC: Doctor, its Romana.
THE DOCTOR: What about Romana?
ADRIC: She's gone!
THE DOCTOR: What? What? [The Doctor and Adric rush out]

26. [TARDIS, ROMANA’S ROOM. The place is a mess, as if a tornado went through the room. Adric, followed by the Doctor enters.]

ADRIC: [Surveying the mess] Marsh men.
THE DOCTOR: Marsh men... In my TARDIS. Come on, let's find Romana. [They leave. Adric stops and picks up one of Romana’s hat’s which is lying in the corridor] Come on!

27. [STARLINER, BOWELS OF THE SHIP. Romana makes her way down a pair of stairs, and heads over to one of the bulkheads. Outside the walls a pounding sound can be heard, as if something was trying to get in]

28. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR. As the Doctor and Adric enter, the Doctor spots a piece of cloth on the ground. Adric doesn’t see him pick it up and continues walking. The Doctor spots something nearby and goes over and picks it up. Adric sees this and walks over.]

ADRIC: What's that?
THE DOCTOR: It's the other half of my waistcoat. What's that? [Heads off down the corridor]
ADRIC: [Picking it up] Image translator.
THE DOCTOR: [The Doctor comes back and takes it from him] What?
ADRIC: It's broken.
THE DOCTOR: Right. No more pictures of Gallifrey, then. Come on. [They head off down the corridor]

29. [STARLINER, BOWELS OF THE SHIP. A sign painted on the wall reads:



Romana goes over, and begins to turn a wheel next to the sign. A nearby hatch opens and Marsh men begin to pour into the star liner…]

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