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Serial: 5R
Series Story Count: 111
Series Episode Count: 535
First Transmitted: November 1st, 1980
Duration: 22 Minutes 11 Seconds
Archive Status: PAL 2” Color Videotape.

1. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. The mist covers every inch of it.]

THE DOCTOR: What do you make of this fog, K9?
K-9: Unfamiliar composition. Initial analysis indicates non-toxic.
THE DOCTOR: Non-toxic?

2. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. ROMANA is working on the TARDIS.]

ADRIC: I must go back and warn the others.
ROMANA: Hmm. Err, you'd better take this. [She hands him a little cube. He activates it, and it gives off a beep.]
ADRIC: Oh, a homing device.
ROMANA: Yes. It'll help you find your way back to the TARDIS. How's the knee?
ADRIC: Healed.
ROMANA: [Unbelieving] Adric. [He takes off the dressing, and there is no trace of the wound.]

3. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. The DOCTOR is poking the mud with a stick.]

K-9: Master, alert. [He draws back into the bushes, and looks out at the marsh. A head breaks the surface of the water, with a slimy reptilian look. It gives a roar. On this cue, six or seven others also surface, and begin to head towards the DOCTOR and K9. The creatures wade through the Marsh toward the shores sluggishly, but show no sign of having seen the Doctor and K-9. They reach shore, and breathe heavily as they adjust to their new environment.]
THE DOCTOR: They've stopped moving, K-9.
K-9: The observation is correct.
THE DOCTOR: Come on. Let's get out of sight.
K-9: Slow movement is advised, master. [The Doctor slowly gets up and heads into the brush]

4. [ALZARIUS, OUTLER’S CAVE. Adric has returned and is talking with Varsh and Tylos, who are sitting listening to his story.]

VARSH: [Looking worried] Decider Draith is dead?
TYLOS: [Accusingly] Well, leader?
VARSH: All right, all right, maybe I was wrong. You better not be lying, Adric.
ADRIC: The Doctor believed me.
TYLOS: He is lying.
ADRIC: No, I'm not. Look. They gave me that. [Adric hands the homing device that Romana gave him to Tylos. Tylos Sneers at the device, then proceeds to activate it] It's a homing device for locating the TARDIS.
KEARA: [Running into the cave] They sealed the star liner.
TYLOS: [Looking outside] [To Varsh] The mist is getting thicker.
KEARA: We can't stay here.
VARSH: Why not the TARDIS, Adric?
ADRIC: It's too small.
TYLOS: That's not what you told us.
KEARA: You said it was huge—
ADRIC: [Desperate] Well… I can't remember where it is! [Tylos holds up the homing device which chimes. Adric’s face falls]

5. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. K-9 and the Doctor trundle through the marsh following the creatures, then hide behind some foliage. They observe the group pause, and then the creatures begin to move again]

THE DOCTOR: It's as if they're trying to acclimatize…which they seem to be doing rather quickly. Follow them, k-9.
K-9: Master?
THE DOCTOR: Let me know where they settle. [K-9 rolls off in pursuit of the creatures.]

6. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. A lone Marsh creature stands up out from the water.]

7. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. The group of Marsh creatures continues on through the mud and foliage. K-9 continues after them.]

8. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. The Doctor walks through the Marsh, stops and sees the lone Marsh creature hiding behind a tree.]

MARSH CREATURE: [The creature runs away with fright] Raarggh! Arr!
THE DOCTOR: Oh. How odd. I usually get on terribly well with children.

9. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. Romana is sitting down, writing on a note pad.]

ROMANA: [To herself] Negative coordinates. [The TARDIS doors open and Varsh, Tylos, and Keara enter the TARDIS] Doctor, I've calculated that— [She glances up to see that it is NOT the Doctor. Varsh walks over to her, as the others walk around behind her. All of them have their knives pointed at her. Varsh indicates with his knife for her to rise. Romana looks over and sees Adric, his face apologetic]
VARSH: We're taking over your ship.

10. [STARLINER, GREAT HALL OF BOOKS. This room is covered on one side with bookshelves that are accessed from the ground level of the room, a middle walkway, and an upper walkway. Behind and above the bookshelves is a large viewing screen which is switched off. Nefred stands on the uppermost level, and puts away a book he has just examined. He slowly walks a short distance to where some other books are stacked, and grasps the edge of the rail. His face shows one of pain and of sadness]

GARIF: [Enters through a side door into the room] Nefred. I must speak with you. [He mounts the middle walkway and stands below Nefred] Nefred, is something wrong?
NEFRED: [In pain] Garif... I have seen the system files.
GARIF: As is your right.
NEFRED: Garif...If you could but guess.
GARIF: But only you are entitled to those secrets.
NEFRED: But such secrets, Garif. Such secrets.
GARIF: [Changing the subject] You're right about Login. We must have him with us.
NEFRED: He's probably the most respected man in the community.
GARIF: After yourself.
NEFRED: After no one.
GARIF: What if he refuses the post?
NEFRED: I shall be very afraid.
LOGIN: [Entering from the door] Deciders.
NEFRED: [All trace of his pain is gone as he stands tall to address him] Ah, login... Have you made up your mind?
LOGIN: I have.
NEFRED: Do you accept the post?
LOGIN: I do.
NEFRED: And your daughter?
LOGIN: Keara? Keara was a disruptive element.
NEFRED: And what is your first concern?
LOGIN: The welfare of the community... And the work toward the embarkation.
GARIF: [Comes done to shake his hand] Well done. And welcome... Decider Login. [Nefred also shakes his hand]

11. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. The marsh creatures continue on with K-9 following. Eventually the creatures cross a small creek. K-9 stops, scans, and then turns as he tries to find a way around the creek]


VARSH: Where is the doctor?
ROMANA: On his way back. [Tylos who is holding her hand behind her back twists it] Ow! Ah! Ah! [He brings his knife to her throat] Watch out! [From behind Tylos Adric comes up behind him and grabs him. They struggle as Romana gets free of Tylos’s grip. Tylos drops the knife, as Varsh comes up and pulls Adric away. Romana picks up the knife and points it at Tylos. Everyone freezes unsure what she’s going to do next. To their surprise, she flips the knife around and offers it back to Tylos] Your knife.
ADRIC: I'm sorry. This is my fault.
ROMANA: What do you want?
VARSH: It's mist fall.
ROMANA: [Worried] The Doctor. [She touches something on the console and suddenly the whole console room shudders as everyone is thrown to the other side of the console room]
ADRIC: [The room continues to shake] How did you do that?
ROMANA: [Shaking continues] I'm not quite sure. [Everyone is thrown to the other side of the room as the room shifts again]

13. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. The Doctor comes to the clearing, searching his pocket for the TARDIS key. He finds it and looks up to see that the TARDIS is no longer there. He walks up to where it was, thinking it may be invisible. [See THE INVASION] He runs his hand around where the outside of the TARDIS should be. He stops, and then he pokes his hand through the space confirming that it isn’t there. He looks around, spots some vegetation that has been disturbed, as if something had been dragged through it, then runs off following the trail. Behind a log, the lone marsh creature watches him]

14. [TARDIS CONSOLE ROOM. The wild thrashing continues as everyone is thrown about.]

KEARA: What's happening?
ADRIC: I don't know!
ROMANA: [Clutching on to the console] Something has picked up the TARDIS.

15. [MARSH. The Doctor is walking through the vegetation, stops, and spots the Star liner with mist all around it. He continues towards it. The Marsh creature follows him at a discreet distance]

16. [OUTSIDE THE MAIN ENTRANCE TO THE STARLINER. The Doctor walks up, and presses a nearby button as if it were the doorbell. No response. He knocks on the metallic door]

THE DOCTOR: Hello? [He knocks again, but still no response. He pulls out his sonic screwdriver and gives the lock a couple of tries with it. However nothing happens and the Doctor turns and begins to walk away. As he does, the Door behind him rises and he bolts in.]

17. [STARLINER, MAIN RECEPTION AREA. The DOCTOR  climbs in on his knees underneath the still rising door]

THE DOCTOR: Hello? [He stands and walks to the center of the room. He looks down an empty corridor that leads deeper into the ship] Hello? [He goes over to a table nearby that has a book, a river fruit, and a knife. He picks up the river fruit, tries to search his pockets for something, then puts the river fruit down. He picks up the knife then sticks it into the river fruit. He thinks he hears something from another corridor nearby and moves to investigate.] Hello—

18. [STARLINER, MAIN RECEPTION AREA. Unseen by him the marsh creature reaches for the knife stuck in the river fruit.]

19. [STARLINER, MAIN RECEPTION AREA. The Doctor comes back into the main reception area, not having found anything.]

THE DOCTOR: [Seeing no one] Hello?! [He turns to the table with the river fruit and discovers that the knife has been removed. He looks out the main entrance door to see the swirling mists outside, but nothing else]

20. [STARLINER, GREAT HALL OF BOOKS. Nefred is addressing a crowd of citizens gathered there.]

NEFRED: Even as our ancestors journeyed from Terradon... And even as our descendants will one day return there... So we are once again enclosed within our star liner. This great ship brought us far from our own shores and long ago, damaged and departing from its course, landed our forebears in this alien land. Citizens, we are not of this planet. Therefore we will lack nothing, though we have lost its suns, its waters, and its rich fruits.

21. [STARLINER, ELSEWHERE IN THE SHIP. Nefred’s speech is being played over the loudspeakers to the rest of citizens]

NEFRED: [Over loudspeaker as groups of citizens listen] …For generations, the star liner has been our shelter and a reminder of our true home, but...


NEFRED: …We will not falter, rather we will redouble our efforts towards... The embarkation!
CITIZENS: [With spirit] Towards the embarkation! Towards the embarkation!
NEFRED: Citizens... [Holds up his hand to stop them so he can finish] Continue… the work... of maintenance.

23. [STARLINER, MAIN RECEPTION AREA. The Doctor is sitting down reading the book that was on the table. He closes it and gets up, and begins heading down the corridor. He stops, than heads back to the main door, touches a switch, and closes the main door. He then heads back down the corridor into the ship]

24. [TARDIS CONSOLE ROOM. The occupants are still being thrown about, and then the shaking stops with a crashing thud from outside]

TYLOS: Let's get out of here.
VARSH: We don't know what's out there.
TYLOS: [Gets up and goes over to the doors] I'm not staying here. [Examining the doors he turns towards Romana who is checking instruments at the console] I don't trust her.
ROMANA: [Turns to face him] What about mist fall?
TYLOS: We'll go back to the star liner.
VARSH: The star liner is closed.
ROMANA: Adric, is there any machinery on your planet that could lift the TARDIS?
ADRIC: How heavy is it?
ROMANA: Um, 5 times 10 to the 6th kilos in your gravity.
TYLOS: Deciders' talk.
KEARA: [Thinking back] When mist fall comes, the giants leave the swamp.
VARSH: [Realizing] The marsh men.
TYLOS: You're trying to scare us. And you're suggesting the marsh men carried this thing.
ROMANA: Let's have a look. [She activates the main scanner, but it still shows the dusty hills of Gallifrey]
VARSH: That's not Alzarius.
ROMANA: [Sighs] No, its still Gallifrey. If the Doctor's theory's right, we'll need a local image translator to see what's out there.
ADRIC: Or we could just look out through the door. [Romana clears her throat, and opens the main door]

25. [OUTSIDE THE TARDIS… WHICH HAPPENS TO BE PARKED IN THE OUTLERS CAVE. Romana opens the door and pokes her head out… just in time to see a bunch of marsh men brandishing clubs heading towards her. She quickly closes the door again]

26. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR. Three citizens walk by as a loudspeaker announces:]

MAN OVER LOUDSPEAKER: Maintenance unit 9 to level 7 in section 13. Maintenance unit 9 to level 7 in section 13. [The Doctor emerges from a nearby corridor after the group passes. The group doesn’t see him, and the Doctor heads in the opposite direction. The marsh man appears behind him from the corridor he just left and he stops, having sensed something. The marsh creature disappears back down the corridor. The Doctor turns, walks back to the corridor he was just in, but doesn’t see anybody. However, he does spot a knife lying on the ground, dropped by the marsh creature, which he picks up and puts in his pocket. He continues down the corridor he was originally heading] Peripheral maintenance units 17 and 22 to level 10. Peripheral maintenance units 17 and 22 to level 10. [The Doctor begins to enter another corridor, but stops and hides as he spots a maintenance crew working on a junction in the corridor. The crew moves off down a branching corridor, and the Doctor continues on taking a different one. He stops to examine an obvious welding mark that runs up the wall, probably left from when the ship was repaired after the crash. The Doctor then moves on.]

27. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR. The marsh creature is making his way cautiously down another corridor. The creature stops to examine a nearby wall panel which it seems to feel the texture of. A nearby repair crew spots the creature]

CITZEN: A creature from the marsh! [He motions for the rest of the team to stay back as he approaches the creature with the equivalent of some sort of spanner in his hand. The Creature spots him, screams, and runs away…right into another repair crew. The creature backs away. The Citizen that approached it backs away towards the rest of his repair crew as the creature tries to get by him, in obvious terror.] [Spanner at ready] Get back! [The Doctor appears behind him, and approaches, kneeling on the ground. The creature whimpers]
THE DOCTOR: Gently, gently. Can't you see it's terrified?
CITIZEN: What do you mean it's—[noticing the Doctor] Who are you?
THE DOCTOR: [Still trying to calm the creature down] A visitor.
CITIZEN: But how did you—[Realizing] you unsealed the entrance!
THE DOCTOR: Yes, but I sealed it up again. I try and leave things as they are. [To the citizen] Shh! Shh! [To the creature who is still terrified] Come on... [It whimpers] Come on. You're all right. Come on. Everything's gonna be all right. You're quite safe with me. [With that the citizen hits the Doctor over the head with the spanner. The creature screams and tries to run in terror, but the citizens grab it]

28. [STARLINER, GREAT HALL OF BOOKS. The Doctor is escorted by the citizen and the rest of his repair team into the room. The Doctor nurses his bruised head as they enter. The room is dark but three figures can be seen in the shadows]

CITZEN: Intruders, Decider. [They stop in the center of the room. Indicating the DOCTOR] This one unsealed the entrance.
LOGIN: What? [More citizens drag in the screaming marsh creature now ensnared in a net, and set it down]
GARIF: That creature! A marsh creature!
CITIZEN: It's docile. Totally harmless.
GARIF: We've waited a long time to examine one of these. Take it to Dexeter.
THE DOCTOR: [Pushing the citizens away from the creature] No, no, no, no, no. Leave it alone. Leave it alone. [He kneels down to calm it] Shh. Shh. [The Doctor stands to look around the room]
NEFRED: [On the uppermost tier, Nefred stands as a light comes on above him] Nefred.
GARIF: [On the middle tier, Garif stands as a light also illuminates him] I am Garif.
LOGIN: [A light above him also illuminates and Login stands as well] I am Login.
THE DOCTOR: [Smiling] And I'm the Doctor.
NEFRED: We have questions to put to you.

29. [ALZARIUS, OUTLERS CAVE. The marsh creatures are trying to beat the TARDIS with their clubs but of course are getting no results.]

30. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. K-9 Continues through the undergrowth]

31. [ALZARIUS, OUTLERS CAVE. The creatures continue to try and beat the TARDIS.]

32. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. K-9 stops and scans]

33. [ALZARIUS, OUTLERS CAVE. The creatures back off from the TARDIS, apparently frightened of something. The TARDIS door opens and Romana polks her head out. She sees:]

ROMANA: [Whispering] K-9.
K-9: [As he rolls into the cave one of the marsh creatures follows him] Do not be afraid. I am non-hostile, operating in data acquisition mode. Explain—[The Marsh creature comes up behind K-9 and slams its club into the back of K-9’s head. K-9’s head rolls a couple feet, as it comes free from the rest of his body.]
ROMANA: [Holding her hand to her head] Oh, k-9.

34. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. Romana enters, along with Adric and the rest of the Outlers.]

ADRIC: That was your computer?
ROMANA: Yes. Oh, he can be repaired. [She closes the main doors] In fact, we always seem to be repairing him.
VARSH: Senseless creatures!
ROMANA: I don't think so. They're adapting very fast. That's intelligent behavior.
TYLOS: Intelligent?! They tried to kill us!
ROMANA: They probably don't even know there's anyone in here. To them the TARDIS is just a big boulder.
KEARA: Why did they choose this cave?
VARSH: Yes, why our cave?
ROMANA: Why did you choose this cave?
VARSH: To keep an eye on the star liner, of course. It looks straight down into the valley.
ROMANA: Huh! Of course.
ADRIC: [Realizing] The momentum.
ADRIC: If the tardis is as heavy as you say... [Romana nods]
VARSH: What is it? What momentum?
ROMANA: Accelerating down the slope. How far, Adric?
ADRIC: 5,000 meters.
ROMANA: I think we're about to become a battering ram... to smash in the star liner.

35. [STARLINER, GREAT HALL OF BOOKS. The Doctor is alone being questioned by the deciders]

NEFRED: [To the Doctor] You witnessed the death of Decider Draith?
THE DOCTOR: Look, I'm sure this ceremony is all terribly impressive—
GARIF: Please answer the questions, Doctor.
LOGIN: Decider Draith.
THE DOCTOR: Well, Decider Draith was dragged into the swamp. What have the marsh men got against you?
GARIF: We're investigating that question.
NEFRED: They seem to resent our presence as aliens.
THE DOCTOR: Why can't people be nice to one another... Just for a change? I mean, I'm an alien, and you don't want to drag me into a swamp, do you? Oh, you do.
GARIF: How do you know this about Decider Draith if you did not witness the event?
THE DOCTOR: Well, I have a very reliable eyewitness, and then when I went to the scene of the crime—
LOGIN: you went to the marsh?
LOGIN: The mists. How could you breathe?
THE DOCTOR: Well, an odd smell, I agree. But definitely nontoxic.
LOGIN: [To the other deciders] Clearly the witness is lying. The manuals say the mists are fatal.
GARIF: Not necessarily.
LOGIN: Not necessarily?
NEFRED: As first decider, I am now keeper of the system files.
GARIF: The truth is known to Nefred. We must simply accept the inconsistencies.
NEFRED: It is fitting that the citizens believe the mists are dangerous. It stops them from straying when mist fall comes.
LOGIN: But if that is so...
NEFRED: It is for the good of the community.
LOGIN: My daughter may still be alive. [Dexter enters the room]
NEFRED: Citizen Dexeter, you have examined the marsh child?
DEXETER: The specimen is useless. Nothing. No aggression, none of the characteristic traits. Useless.
THE DOCTOR: [To Dexeter] Oh, come on. Depends on your point of view.
DEXETER: I'm speaking scientifically.
DEXETER: You're a scientist?
THE DOCTOR: [shaking his hand] Nice to meet you. Useless, you say? Would you care for a second opinion?

36. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. Romana is setting the coordinates. Adric stands nearby watching.]

ADRIC: You can't take off from inside a cave.
ROMANA: Well, I'd explain... But I don't think even your maths is good enough. [To the others who are watching the cave from the TARDIS threshold] I'm shutting the door.
KEARA: [Running in] Wait! They're leaving!

37. [ALZARIUS, OUTLERS CAVE. The marsh creatures are backing away from the TARDIS in fear. Romana opens the TARDIS door and she polks her head out, then exits the Tardis. The others begin to do so also. Looking around the cave she spots a giant spider crawling nearby]

ROMANA: So that's what frightened the marsh men off. [She scrutinizes it. Nearby, a river fruit breaks open and spider begins to crawl out.]
TYLOS: [Frightened] More of them! [Pointing out more] Look!
ROMANA: [The creatures begin to grow larger and move faster] They're only spiders. [Tylos runs back into the safety of the TARDIS, followed by Keara and Varsh] They're only spiders.

38. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. Varsh, Keara, and Tylos come running but stop and stare at the console, not knowing what to do or what to press]

KEARA: The door! Shut the door! [Tylos looks over the console in a panic, unsure what to press. He activates a switch]

39. [ALZARIUS, OUTLERS CAVE. Adric gets in the TARDIS just as the door slams shut]

ROMANA: Adric?

40. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. Adric runs in]

ADRIC: What are you doing? Romana's out there! Open the door! [He runs over to the console where Tylos was, and flicks a switch. The time column begins to rise and fall]

41. [ALZARIUS, OUTLERS CAVE. The TARDIS begins to dematerialize. Romana tries to run over and reach out for it but it is gone.]


ADRIC: [Watching the column rise and fall in alarm] I think I pulled the wrong lever.

43. [ALZARIUS, OUTLERS CAVE. Romana backs away as the spiders advance toward her. She begins to panic, and starts to make her way towards the entrance. She spots a piece of river fruit, picks it up, and gets ready to throw it at the spiders. However, before she can do so the river fruit bursts open and a spider leaps at her face biting her. She collapses as the venom begins to run through her body…]

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