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Serial: 5R
Series Story Count: 111
Series Episode Count: 534
First Broadcast: October 25th, 1980
Duration: 24 Minutes 23 Seconds
Archive Status: PAL 2” Color Videotape.

1. [TARDIS CONTROL ROOM. The DOCTOR, ROMANA and K9 are present. The DOCTOR is working on the controls, setting coordinates.]

THE DOCTOR: You ready, K9?
K-9: Master?
THE DOCTOR: Right. [Leans down to address K-9 directly] I want you to set a course of binary coordinates 10-0-11-0-0 by 0-2 from galactic zero centre. [ROMANA turns away, a sad look on her face.]
K-9: Coordinates laid in.
THE DOCTOR: Very good.
K-9: Spatial drive initiated.
THE DOCTOR: Well done K9. Well, now we've dropped off our Earth friend we can be on our way. [ROMANA turns to face him.]
ROMANA: You've made up your mind then?
THE DOCTOR: Oh yes, we can't resist a summons to Gallifrey. [He goes over to the hat rack nearby and begins putting on his long dark red coat] Anyway I'm so looking forward to seeing how Leela and Andred are getting on. [He picks up his scarf and loosely drapes it around his neck] You can meet your twin, K9. You know Romana… [He sees that she is no longer in the control room. The interior door is open.] Romana? [He starts to walk out.] You stay there K9. You're in charge.
K-9: Master.

2. [TARDIS, ROMANA'S ROOM. ROMANA is lying on her bed with that sad look on her face again. The Doctor knocks on the door. Romana rolls her eyes and sighs. The DOCTOR opens the door and clears his throat.]

THE DOCTOR: [Leaning over the door frame] Do you mind if I come in?
ROMANA: [Sighs] The Time Lords want me back.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. [Enters the room, picking up a nearby book and begins reading it] Well, you only came to help with the Key to Time.
ROMANA: [Turns to the Doctor upset] Doctor, I don't want to spend the rest of my life on Gallifrey! After all this!
THE DOCTOR: [Flipping through the book] Well… you can't fight Time Lords, Romana.
ROMANA: You did…Once.
THE DOCTOR: Hmm. [Looks up lost in thought] And lost.
ROMANA: Well, nothing more to discuss then. We have to go.
THE DOCTOR: [Still lost in thought] Hmm. I'm afraid so.

3. [TARDIS, CONTROL ROOM. K9 extends his eye probe into the console.]

K-9: Course set and holding. ETA to Gallifrey 32 minutes. Flight path clear.

4. [EXTERIOR OF THE TARDIS. It spins endlessly on through space.]


K-9: Wait. Sensors indicate…. no vocabulary available.

6. [EXTERIOR OF THE TARDIS. Something begins to happen to the TARDIS, as if the dimensions were beginning to distort. ]

7. [TARDIS, CONTROL ROOM. The same sort of distortion is happening inside.]

K-9: Cannot comprehend. Cannot… Cannot comprehend. Cannot comprehend.

8. [EXTERIOR OF THE TARDIS. The effect continues]

9. [TARDIS, ROMANA'S ROOM. The same distortion effect affects the Doctor and Romana.]

ROMANA: Doctor… What's happening?
THE DOCTOR: I don't know.


K-9: I… have lost… control … of the TARDIS.

11. [ROMANA'S ROOM. The effect subsides and normality returns. The DOCTOR and ROMANA leave.]

12. [EXTERIOR OF THE TARDIS. The TARDIS spins through space normally, but the color of space has changed from black to a tinted green]

13. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. The DOCTOR and ROMANA come running in. The Doctor skids to a halt in front of K-9. Romana runs to the console.]

K-9: I have regained control, Master. TARDIS has stabilized.
ROMANA: Well what happened K-9?
K-9: Cannot explain, Mistress.
THE DOCTOR: Never mind about that just give me the data.
K-9: Cannot comply.
THE DOCTOR: What?! There must be some data.
K-9: Substantial data was received Master, yes, however I am unable to assimilate it.
THE DOCTOR: Well just give me a report on all damaged parts.
K-9: No damage Master.
THE DOCTOR: What? What none?
K-9: All component parts functioning normally, Master.
THE DOCTOR: I don't believe it. [Gets up and begins to pace around the console. Romana continues to check the console] I don't believe it! All component parts functioning normally, ha! [Stops pacing and kneels in front of the console. K-9 moves around the console behind the Doctor, following him.] You mean to tell me that after all we've been through, the systems are functioning perfectly?
K-9: Not perfectly, Master, adverb attributed was 'normally'. [K-9 comes to a rest next to the Doctor. The DOCTOR gives him a look.]
ROMANA: [The time column stops moving] Doctor.
ROMANA: We've materialized.
THE DOCTOR: [Goes to the console] Indeed we have. Let's take a look shall we? [He activates the scanner. It shows something like a desert with a mountain in the background.] Oh yes. The wilderness of Outer Gallifrey. Ready to go?
ROMANA: [Sadly] Suppose so.
THE DOCTOR: Come on. It's not the end of the Universe, we're home! He opens the doors.
ROMANA: Sorry.
THE DOCTOR: Oh don't keep apologizing, try and brighten up a bit. [He exits the TARDIS. ROMANA heads for the interior door.] [From outside the TARDIS] ROMANA! [She turns and heads outside.]

14. [ALZARIUS, EXTERIOR CLEARING. The DOCTOR is standing outside in a lush and leafy clearing in a forest. This is definitely not the wilderness of Gallifrey. The Doctor is holding some grass in confusion]

THE DOCTOR: Romana! [She comes out.] This isn't Gallifrey! [He sits down on a nearby log in complete astonishment, as she strolls out examining the surroundings]
ROMANA: It certainly isn't. [Behind the log some birds fly off startling the Doctor.]

15. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. Two men are swimming in the marsh. On the marsh side are many people doing different odd jobs. A young man, VARSH emerges from hiding surveying his surroundings. Several of the people are putting large cantaloupe sized fruits into a pile nearby. Varsh waits for them to leave, then beckons behind him. He begins to make his way towards the pile followed by three others. They make their way to the pile of river fruits and begin to take them. As they pick some up, two men spot them.]

MAN: Hey! [The group looks up, and run off dropping the fruits.] Get them! [The two men set off in pursuit. They track VARSH and his group for as far as they can, but Varsh’s group split up: they know the terrain well. Eventually to two men stop, unable to see any trace of them]
MAN 2: No sign of them. Well, at least they got no river fruits. [They run off. From behind a bush, VARSH and his group are relieved.]
VARSH: [Out of breath] That was close.
TYLOS: [Out of breath] Easy Varsh! You said it would be easy!
VARSH: Alright, Tylos…
TYLOS: It's not alright! [KEARA is looking through the trees.]
KEARA: Look! [VARSH and TYLOS come over.] Down there. [By the marsh side, two important looking people are walking towards a table. Decider DRAITH and Scientist DEXETER.]
TYLOS: Decider Draith! And Dexeter. What are they doing here? [DEXETER opens a box. He picks up three river fruits, and slices one in half with a long knife. He picks up one half of it and examines the contents inside]
DEXETER: Yes, there seems to be a trace. Just a trace.

16. [TARDIS, CONTROL ROOM. Romana is checking over the console. The DOCTOR is looking at the viewer, which still shows Gallifrey.]

THE DOCTOR: That is Gallifrey. [He walks over to K9.] That is Gallifrey!
K-9: Co-ordinates are correct, Master.
ROMANA: 10-0-11-0-0 by 0-2. K-9's right.
THE DOCTOR: But it's absurd. It's just absurd.
K-9: [Agreeing] Master.
ROMANA: Well, what are we going to do?
THE DOCTOR: Well, we can't take off until we find out exactly what's wrong with the TARDIS. [He then goes under the console and fiddles with something.]
ROMANA: Now Doctor, the last time you tried that
THE DOCTOR: Practice, practice [There is a purple flash and smoke pours out of the console.]

17. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. DEXETER is taking a sample from the river fruit. He shows it to DRAITH. DRAITH is obviously worried by what he has seen.]

DECIDER DRAITH: They seem to be… moving.
DEXETER: It's the same sign noted 50 years ago by Corellis and Dell. They postulated that they might be… eggs of some kind.
DECIDER DRAITH: Insect eggs?
DEXETER: Perhaps. Unfamiliar insect life is supposed to precede each incident.
DECIDER DRAITH: Yes. That's true.
DEXETER: Can you confirm this? Is it mentioned in the System Files?
DECIDER DRAITH: You overreach yourself, Dexeter.
DEXETER: Forgive me, Decider. But if there is some way we can let science illuminate your inner knowledge.
DECIDER DRAITH: I cannot discuss the System Files. Sometimes I wish I could share them with someone, but I too must obey the Procedure.
DEXETER: Of course.

18. [ALZARIUS, OUTLER'S CAVE. Tyler is sharpening a knife against a rock. A boy, ADRIC, is standing behind VARSH.]

VARSH: So. You want to be an Outler.
ADRIC: I'm serious.
TYLOS: Nobody joins unless we all agree.
VARSH: You belong on the Starliner, Adric.
KEARA: Ask him the Embarkation Question. [VARSH considers.]
TYLOS: Yes, go on.
VARSH: [Varsh gets up and sits in a chair] When the Starliner leaves Alzarius, were will you be? [He looks at Adric.]
ADRIC: Not here.
TYLOS: You see?
KEARA: He'll be in the Starliner.
TYLOS: If it ever does take off.
ADRIC: [Forceful] It will!
TYLOS: He believes all that stuff…
ADRIC: It will take off. But I won't be on it.
KEARA: And you won't be on Alzarius either?
ADRIC: I don't know. I'll be somewhere else.
TYLOS: [Dismissive] Daydreamer.
ADRIC: I'm sorry, I just can't explain!
KEARA: He belongs in the Great Hall of Books with all the other dreamers.
TYLOS: Anyway, we said no Elites. [To VARSH] Unless you want to make special rules for your brother?
VARSH: We've broken all family ties.
ADRIC: I don't expect special treatment!
KEARA: Don't you? Isn't that what the star's for? [She is referring to a star badge on ADRIC's tunic.]
ADRIC: [Proud] That is for mathematical excellence.
KEARA: So the boy can count? Give it to me. [KEARA reaches for it. ADRIC grabs her arm and twists it behind her back.]
ADRIC: Keep your hands off it!
KEARA: Let go! [With TYLOS' help, she breaks free.]
ADRIC: And don't tell me what to do! I've had enough orders in the Starliner. [To VARSH] Can't you keep these two under better control?
KEARA: [Bitter] He talks like a Decider already.
TYLOS: He's no better than we are.
ADRIC: But of course I'm better than you! I'm an Elite.
VARSH: That won't help you outside the Starliner when you're struggling to stay alive.
ADRIC: It's you people who talk like Deciders! I mean you can't even steal a few river fruits!
TYLOS: I'd like to see you try.
ADRIC: Alright.
VARSH: Go back to the Starliner, Adric.
TYLOS: No. If your little brother really wants to prove himself.
VARSH: They'll be guarding the fruits now; it's too dangerous for us.
TYLOS: We don't have badges for mathematical excellence. [To ADRIC, he shows a knotted rope.] You know what this is? It's our badge. It has to be earned.
ADRIC: Right.

19. [STARLINER, DEXETER'S LABORATORY. DEXETER is peering at something under a microscope. Behind him are NEFRED and GARIF.]

NEFRED: If this is Mist fall…
DEXETER: I hope so, Decider Nefred. Scientifically.
GARIF: You're too young to remember the last one, Dexeter. But it's not something I look forward to.
GARIF: Nor Decider Draith, I'm sure.
DEXETER: [Working at a console] Decider Draith! I should get back to him. [NEFRED and GARIF turn and leave.]
NEFRED: I was a boy the last time the mists came.
GARIF: Horrible. Horrible. [DEXETER is reading from some kind of book.]
DEXETER: A kind of spider! Incomprehensible life-form. Infectious.

20. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. DRAITH is standing near the marsh. DEXETER runs up to meet him. The two men are also present.]

MAN: Dexeter again. What's going on?
MAN 2: I told you something was up. I told you! [In the marsh, ADRIC surfaces. He looks around, and swims up to the shore. Nearby, VARSH and the Outlers are watching his progress. ADRIC sees a hut. No-one is around. As he creeps in, he sees the river fruits, unguarded. Suddenly, the marsh starts to bubble. Mists rise from the marsh. There are gasps from the crowd of onlookers that has gathered. DRAITH and DEXETER push through.]
DECIDER DRAITH: Mist fall! [The crowd is shocked at this news. In the marsh, two men shout out. Two of the onlookers run into the marsh and pull them out.] Citizens. Citizens. Citizens! As First Decider and Keeper of the System Files, I must announce the coming of Mistfall! [There is a general gasp.] There is no need for alarm! As long as you all obey the procedure. You have two hours. [The crowd disperses. DEXETER comes up. They both walk off. With the commotion of Mistfall, ADRIC comes up to the fruits. He gathers some in his arms, however, he is spotted by DECIDER DRAITH.] Adric! [Alarmed, ADRIC drops his fruits and runs off, DRAITH in hot pursuit.]
DEXETER: Decider! Come back! They're not worth it! [But DRAITH ignores him.]
VARSH: [Watching from their vantage point] Split up. We'll meet back at the cave. [They do so. DRAITH chases ADRIC through the forest. During this, the people pack up their things and head off. ADRIC manages to trip on a log, and falls next to the bubbling river. The mists swathe his head. DRAITH looms over him.]
DECIDER DRAITH: Come on! We're closing the Starliner. Come on! [But ADRIC pushes him away. DRAITH runs to grab him, but ADRIC dodges, and DRAITH falls on his head. He is unconscious.]

21. [ALZARIUS, OVERLOOKING THE STARLINER. A group of people, rucksacks in hand, look over the Starliner. It is a huge spaceship, almost crystal-like in appearance.]

22. [INTERIOR ENTRANCE TO THE STARLINER. A line of people enter. They approach a desk, where a man is presumably checking off names. LOGIN, KEARA's father, is hanging around the entrance.]

LOGIN: [To one of the people] Have you seen my daughter? Have you seen any of the Outlers? [She shakes her head. He then goes over to the person checking off names.] Has there been any news. [He also shakes his head.]
NEFRED: [Nefred and Garif enter] Citizen Login. What is it?
LOGIN: Sirs, forgive me.
GARIF: Your daughter.
LOGIN: She's out there, unprotected. Is there nothing we can do?
NEFRED: She and the other Outlers chose to leave us, Login.
GARIF: The doors must close.
LOGIN: But Keara. She's so young.
NEFRED: And you, Login, are a great and valued citizen, but we cannot change the law for you.
GARIF: Not even for Decider Draith. He too has only one hour in which to return.

23. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. ADRIC is trying to shake DRAITH awake.]

ADRIC: Decider! Decider Draith! [Suddenly, DRAITH is pulled towards the water. ADRIC grabs his arm, and tries to stop him. DRAITH groans and awakens. He tries to grab onto the shore, but it is too late.]
DECIDER DRAITH: Tell Dexeter we've come full circle! [He is dragged under the surface of the water… ADRIC is shocked.]


NEFRED: Time to start up the siren.

25. [ALZARIUS, EXTERIOR THE STARLINER. A strange, pulsing siren is heard.]


NEFRED: Still no sign of Decider Draith. [GARIF shakes his head.]
GARIF: When those doors close, you will be First Decider.
NEFRED: And we shall need a third. [They both look at LOGIN.]

27. [ALZARIUS, EXTERIOR CLEARING. ADRIC, in a state of shock, runs into the clearing with the TARDIS. The door to the TARDIS is open]

28. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. The DOCTOR is working under the console, making an awful racket. ROMANA looks up in surprise. She goes over to the door.]

ROMANA: What was that noise?
THE DOCTOR: What? [Pokes his head back underneath the console]
ROMANA: I thought I heard a noise. [The banging comes from underneath the console again.]
THE DOCTOR: Well of course you heard a noise. [There is the sound of the doors opening. The Doctor pokes his head back underneath the console, and starts banging again. Suddenly realizing what he has just seen, The DOCTOR pops up wide-eyed from behind the console. ADRIC is there.] Who are you? [Before he can answer, ADRIC faints.]

29. [OUTLER'S CAVE. VARSH, KEARA and TYLOS run in, breathless.]

KEARA: We saw it Varsh.
VARSH: Anything could make that water bubble, it could be anything!
KEARA: It could be Mistfall.
VARSH: Mist fall’s a myth!
TYLOS: The others don't think so. I saw them heading back to the Starliner.
VARSH: Deserters!
KEARA: It's just us now.
VARSH: And Adric. [They huddle around a fire] Don't let the Deciders fool you. They've taken these things and twisted them to their own advantage.
TYLOS: You'd better be right. Or else we're all dead.

30. [ROMANA'S ROOM. ADRIC is lying on ROMANA's bed. The DOCTOR is dressing a wound to his knee. ADRIC wakes up.]

ADRIC: I've got to warn them!
ADRIC: Mist fall!
THE DOCTOR: Mist fall?
ADRIC: My brother says it's a myth. The Outlers all think the Deciders are lying. But I've seen it!
THE DOCTOR: Mist fall?

31. [ENTRANCE TO THE STARLINER. The last couple of people hurry to enter the Starliner. LOGIN is still trying to find KEARA.]

GARIF: The internment may be a long one. Ten years perhaps before we step onto the surface again.
NEFRED: [Turning from deep thought] Decider Draith is too late. Seal the doors! [The doors begin to close. A couple of people throw themselves in.]
LOGIN: Have you seen Keara or Tylos. [He sees the doors close] No! There are others out there! My daughter! My daughter…
NEFRED: The air out there cannot support life. We have to seal the doors. We need all our strength.
LOGIN: [Composing himself] You're quite right. We must redouble our efforts toward the Embarkation.
NEFRED: A fine spirit. Yes, our work must continue.
GARIF: Our first task must be to choose a new Decider.
LOGIN: Yes, of course.
NEFRED: We thought of seeking your advice on the matter. [LOGIN looks slightly confused.]


THE DOCTOR: Wrong place at the wrong time.
ROMANA: Again.
THE DOCTOR: [The Doctor pokes his head back underneath the console] What?
ROMANA: Sounds like a type D oligarchy. Typical use of propaganda. He could have been hallucinating, a folk tale, a myth. [ADRIC walks in apparently calm.]
ADRIC: That blue box I saw… I saw a blue box!
THE DOCTOR: [The Doctor stands] A blue box.
THE DOCTOR: What was it like?
ADRIC: Well it was old. It had a door, no two doors, and they opened inward. And there was something funny about them… handles weren't on the same level.
THE DOCTOR: Quite right, we're inside it. It's called the TARDIS. This boy's not hallucinating. How's your transcendental dimensionalism? Never mind about that, come on K-9. [Opens the main doors]
ROMANA: Where are you going?
THE DOCTOR: To the Marsh. We can't stand around here theorizing, the boy convinces me.
ROMANA: [Indicating the console] But we still haven't worked out what's wrong with this?
THE DOCTOR: What's wrong with what?
ROMANA: [Wearily] Oh, the console… the scanner.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, that… yes… that recurring image of Gallifrey. Well. Probably something really quite simple. [He takes a small object from the console.] The image translator reads the absolute value of the co-ordinates.
ROMANA: Of course it does, real space doesn't have… [Realizing] …Negative co-ordinates. That disruption we came through…
THE DOCTOR: Well, it's just a thought. [He starts to leave followed by K-9.]
ROMANA: It's a very nasty thought. That would mean that we're out of real space altogether!

33. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. The mist covers every inch of it.]

THE DOCTOR: What do you make of this fog, K9?
K-9: Unfamiliar composition. Initial analysis indicates non-toxic.
THE DOCTOR: Non-toxic?

34. [TARDIS, CONTROL ROOM. ROMANA is working on the TARDIS.]

ADRIC: I must go back and warn the others.
ROMANA: Hmm. Err, you'd better take this. [She hands him a little cube. He activates it, and it gives off a beep.]
ADRIC: Oh a homing device.
ROMANA: Yes. It'll help you find your way back to the TARDIS. How's the knee.
ADRIC: Healed.
ROMANA: [Unbelieving] Adric. [He takes off the dressing, and there is no trace of the wound.]

35. [ALZARIUS, MARSH. The DOCTOR is poking the mud with a stick.]

K-9: Master, alert. [He draws back into the bushes, and looks out at the marsh. A head breaks the surface of the water, with a slimy reptilian look. It gives a roar. On this cue six or seven others also surface, and head towards the DOCTOR and K-9.]

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