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Serial: 5R
Series Story Count: 111
Series Episode Count: 537
First Transmitted: November 15th, 1980
Duration: 24 Minutes 16 Seconds
Archive Status: PAL 2” Color Videotape

1. [STARLINER, BOWELS OF THE SHIP. Romana makes her way down a pair of stairs, and heads over to one of the bulkheads. Outside the walls a pounding sound can be heard, as if something was trying to get in]

2. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR. The Doctor spots something nearby and goes over and picks it up. Adric sees this and walks over.]

ADRIC: What's that?
THE DOCTOR: It's the other half of my waistcoat. What's that? [Heads off down the corridor]
ADRIC: [picking it up] Image translator.
THE DOCTOR: [The Doctor comes back and takes it from him] What?
ADRIC: It's broken.
THE DOCTOR: Right. No more pictures of Gallifrey, then. Come on. [They head off down the corridor]

3. [STARLINER, #1 EMERGENCY HATCH, BOWELS OF THE SHIP. A sign painted on the wall reads:



Romana goes over, and begins to turn a wheel next to the sign. A nearby large hatch opens and the Marsh men begin to pour into the star liner…]

MAN ON INTERCOM: Security alert. Number one emergency hatch has been opened. Number one emergency hatch has been opened. [Ignoring this, Romana watches as the Marsh men continue to pour in. As the last one enters, it stops before her and raises its hand to hers in greeting. She touches it affectionately around the hand, and then it moves off with the others. She watches it go as the psychochemical is clearly visible pulsing through her veins]

4. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR. The marsh men begin their advance through the star liner in large numbers]

5. [STARLINER, #2 EMERGENCY HATCH, BOWELS OF THE SHIP. ROMANA turns another wheel and opens another hatch. Even more Marsh men begin to enter the star liner]

MAN ON INTERCOM: Security alert. Number two emergency hatch has been opened.

6. [STARLINER, MAIN ENTRANCE. A crewman removes a panel off the nearby wall as the Outlers wait nearby. Keara has a notebook in her hand. Each of them looks distinctly bored. Tylos begins fiddling with the electronics on the wall with the crewman and Keara. Varsh hears something and goes over to the TARDIS. Down the corridor, VARSH sees two Marsh men move around the corner looking at him]

VARSH: [To the others quietly, almost in a panic] Marsh men! [The others come over and see this. Looking down a second corridor they see two more approaching them, and then down a third they see even more. Surrounded, and backing up against the TARDIS VARSH produces the bag he’s been carrying. He tosses the contents on the floor in front of them, as a hundred different electronics components go flying. This distracts the marsh men enough for them to make a break for it down the nearest corridor which is now clear. Varsh pushes Keara down the corridor, and he begins to follow her. Tylos stops when he sees the other crew men on the other side of the room trapped in fear with a Marsh man about to attack him. Tylos runs across the room past most of the still distracted Marsh men, and wrenches the man out of the way. However, as the other man escapes, the attacking marsh man grabs Tylos and begins to strangle and mangle him.]

7. [STARLINER, EMPTY CORRIDOR. The Doctor and Adric pass through]

THE DOCTOR: You know, she could be anywhere. There must be a better way of doing it than this. [He stops checking out the corridor] We've come full circle. [He moves off again] You know what I think...
ADRIC: That's what the decider said.

8. [STARLINER. The Doctor and Adric enter another corridor]

THE DOCTOR: Decider?
ADRIC: In the marsh.
THE DOCTOR: Really? What did he say? Exactly what did he say? [They stop walking]
ADRIC: Tell Dexeter we've come full circle.
THE DOCTOR: Tell Dexeter we've come full circle. How's your knee, by the way?
ADRIC: That was hours ago.
THE DOCTOR: [Adric raises his knee to show no bruise or cut. The Doctor stoops for a second to examine it. He gets up surprised] That was quick.
ADRIC: Old people take a bit longer, of course. Sometimes a whole day.
THE DOCTOR: Really? Rapid cellular adaptation; that settles it.
ADRIC: Settles what?
THE DOCTOR: We're going back to the science unit. Come on! [The Doctor turns and goes back the way he came, Adric follows]

9. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR INTERSECTION. The Doctor stops them walking to listen to the announcement]

MAN ON INTERCOM: All citizens remain in their quarters. [VARSH and KEARA enter from another corridor] All citizens remain in their quarters. Starliner has been boarded by—
ADRIC: [Sees them] Varsh!
VARSH: [Pointing down the way they came] Marsh men. We've got to go back for Tylos.
THE DOCTOR: [Grabbing Adric] No, no, no! Run and get away. Take her in the science unit.
ADRIC: But we must—
THE DOCTOR: --in the science unit. [He pushes all three of them down the corridor towards it]

10. [STARLINER, EMERGENCY HATCH. Marsh men continue to pour into the Star liner]

11. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR. People flee in terror from the oncoming menace]

12. [STARLINER, GREAT HALL OF BOOKS. The three Deciders are huddled together in discussion.]

LOGIN: How did they get in? The entrances are sealed.
GARIF: Well, if that's right, what if the doctor betrayed us?
NEFRED: I don't think so. He's already demonstrated his great wisdom. He's not a man to side with chaos.
GARIF: Nevertheless, chaos surrounds us. What are we to do?
LOGIN: Yes, what are we to do?
NEFRED: [Turns to Login] Well, Login, you're a decider now. What are we to do?

13. [STARLINER, MAIN ENTRANCE. The Doctor strolls in and stops as he spots Tylos on the floor. He goes over to examine him.]

THE DOCTOR: Tylos? [Kneeling down beside him] Tylos? [He goes to check the pulse on Tylo’s neck, but pulls his hand away fast when he sees that Tylos has the psychochemical flowing through his veins. Behind him a marsh man approaches with a big club in his hands and K-9’s heads attached to it. The Doctor turns, sees the marsh man, and wrenches K-9’s head from the club. The marsh man backs away a little. They stand watching each other for a second. The Doctor snaps the open panel on K-9’s head, in a show of trying to frighten the creature back a little more. The creature instead raises his club but does not advance. The Doctor takes a peep inside K-9’s head looking for something to use, while still trying to keep an eye on the marsh creature. The creature slowly advances. The Doctor backs toward the TARDIS, putting K-9’s head in front of his own face in an attempt to frighten the creature back. Several more creatures enter from other passages and he attempts to frighten them off in the same fashion. The creatures group together not sure what to do. The Doctor backs away slowly for a third passage. Unseen behind him is Romana approaching slowly. The creatures, seeing Romana, lower their weapons and relax. The Doctor raises’ up, believing he has frightened the creatures back, and pats K-9’s head.] Whew! [He puts K-9’s ear back into socket, and pats his head again. Turning he’s startled back as he sees Romana standing there looking at him, as the psychochemical can be seen pulsing through her face.]

14. [STARLINER, SCIENCE UNIT. Varsh enters closing the door behind him having checked the corridor outside. He walks over to where the others are standing

VARSH: We're not helping much in here. [He walks over to where Adric is and examines something from the table. Adric is messing with the Microscope and removes an Image Translator from it. He pulls out the Doctor’s which he had found in the corridor. Considering, he puts the Doctor’s broken Image Translator into the microscope, and pockets the undamaged one.]


THE DOCTOR: [Romana begins slowly advancing towards him] Look, you've got alien protein in your brain tissue. I haven't had time to analyze it yet, but I’m sure effects are probably only temporary. [She takes a swipe at him with her outstretched hand, hoping to infect him] Please, please, don't do that. Look, this is your problem. [He backs around her, trying not to get caught between her and the marsh creatures. She takes another swipe at him] Think about it. Psychopathology, huh? Why are you doing this? Think about it. Look! [He raises K-9’s head to show her. She stops and looks at K-9 with recognition, reaching out towards the head] Look, K-9. You remember K-9 and the TARDIS. [He indicates the TARDIS, and she recognizes it from somewhere, touching it] That's nice. Stay by the TARDIS. [He turns as Romana is now completely absorbed by the TARDIS; He pats K-9’s head again] Stay by the TARDIS. Stay by the TARDIS. [He leaves, as Romana continues to touch the TARDIS. One of the marsh creatures tries to touch the TARDIS also wondering what it is that she’s so fascinated in. She bats him away]

16. [STARLINER, GREAT BOOK ROOM. The Deciders and a number of other citizens are pouring over the manuals in hopes of finding a means out of their situation.]

LOGIN: [Indicating a manual] It might be possible to close this substructure.
GARIF: No, it seems as if the marsh creatures are already inside the main hull.
LOGIN: The bulkheads, sir?
NEFRED: [looking up from the manual he’s reading, and nodding his head] One recourse, certainly.
LOGIN: Nefred, Garif, [Indicating the manual to both of them] we must close these bulkheads and these, and we must gather the citizens in here at once.
GARIF: Yes, I see the plan has some merit in it. [He moves off to look at some manuals at the other end of the room]
LOGIN: [Firmly] And we must do it quickly.
NEFRED: [Returning to the manual he’s been reading] We must certainly respond to this crisis on a real time basis, Decider Login, but appropriately.
GARIF: Decider Nefred is right, Decider Login.
I have been constructing the histories of our relationship with the marsh men.
GARIF: While a single defense response has a certain appeal, we must also consider the long-term consequences.
LOGIN: It's not a defensive response.
NEFRED: We need a holistic approach, I think.
GARIF: [Offering a manual to Login] I wonder if you've had time to consult this manual on the peripheral unit power supplies. [Login looks on in deep thought.]

17. [STARLINER, OUTSIDE THE SCIENCE UNIT. Adric comes out of the Science Unit to VARSH and KEARA who are already standing out here.]

ADRIC: The Doctor told us to stay in there.
VARSH: But we're not doing anything.
KEARA: What can we do?
VARSH: Come on. [He moves off and after a second KEARA follows him. ADRIC watches them go]

18. [STARLINER, GREAT HALL OF BOOKS. Login stands on the lower level looking towards the door. He looks towards the doors in worry.]

NEFRED: [Quoting out of one of the manuals] "…That the marsh creatures, though they rarely speak, are the possessors of instincts.”
GARIF: Furthermore, they have amazing powers of adapting to new situations.
NEFRED: [Just outside the sealed doors of the Great Hall of Books, a number of Marsh men are pounding on the doors] Yes, their emotions to be marsh creatures, breathing air through their gills.
GARIF: So you can see the difficulty.
LOGIN: So you're suggesting that we do nothing.
GARIF: Well, nothing too precipitate. Whatever measures we do, they will adjust to.
LOGIN: And that is your conclusion from all this knowledge, do nothing!
NEFRED: This knowledge and more. [Outside the creatures continue to batter at the double doors] The assistant deciders concur?
GARIF: They do.
NEFRED: Hasty action will only add to the general sense of panic. [The Marsh creatures manage to pry open the double doors and enter the room. There is panic and screaming from the people inside the room]
LOGIN: Evacuate!

18. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR. People run trying to get away from the menace.]

19. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR INTERSECTION. The Doctor walks down a corridor with K-9’s head in hand, but presses himself against the wall as he hears foot steps approaching. When he sees who it is, VARSH, KEARA, and ADRIC, he’s not pleased.]

THE DOCTOR: I thought I told you three to stay put.
VARSH: We want to help.
KEARA: Doctor, where's Tylos?
THE DOCTOR: [Gravely] He's dead. [The Doctor moves off down the corridor. Keara and the others look on in shock]

20. [STARLINER, GREAT HALL OF BOOKS. There is stunned panic as the creatures advance into the room. The creatures start climbing the tiers, and begin ripping books and papers off shelves. A group of horrified people back away in horror, not sure what to do.]

LOGIN: [Motioning] Nefred! [Nefred, who is on the upper tier as marsh men approach him, slides himself onto the second tier. The Marsh men begin attacking and killing the horrified group of citizens. Nefred, who makes it over the third tier to ground level with the help of the other two Deciders, is savagely slashed by one creature just as he makes it over. They hastily drag the still conscious but wounded Nefred away as fast as they can.]

21. [STARLINER, SCIENCE UNIT. The Doctor is fiddling about on the work bench

THE DOCTOR: [To VARSH, KEARA, and ADRIC who are standing nearby] Lock that door and barricade it. [They move off to do so]

22. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR. Login and Garif drag a wounded Nefred along. Stopping at an intersection they see more marsh men down the corridor they were about to take, and still more follow behind them from the way they came. They hurry off down the corridor in front of them]

23. [STARLINER, SCIENCE UNIT. VARSH and KEARA are barricading the door with whatever they can find. ADRIC comes over to the Doctor who is still fiddling around at the work bench]

THE DOCTOR: Dexeter's been doing DNA analysis. [The Doctor turns on the microscope only to have it flash and spark. Adric slowly pulls out the part he appropriated and begins to set it on the bench. The Doctor pulls out the faulty Image Translator from the microscope and sets it down in frustration. He grabs the working unit out of Adric’s hand as he is about to set it down, and holds it up] Adric!
ADRIC: It is what you wanted, isn't it? For the TARDIS.
THE DOCTOR: But it's other people's property. Do you think its right going around taking other people's property?
ADRIC: Sometimes.
THE DOCTOR: [The Doctor begins putting the working unit back into the microscope] Well, if it works on the TARDIS, it would definitely prove we were in E-space.
ADRIC: E-space?
THE DOCTOR: Yes, the Exo Space-Time Continuum, outside our own universe. I suspect that what we came through-- look, do you mind if we do one thing at a time? [Adric doesn’t say anything] Good. Now for a short course in Cyto-genetics. [He begins looking through the Microscope]

24. [STARLINER, EMERGENCY HATCH. A group of citizens hurry over the open Emergency hatch and peer out into the mist. The two deciders, carrying Nefred enter and set the wounded Nefred on the ground. Login looks over and realizes…]

LOGIN: Close the emergency hatch! [They close the hatch door. To another group of citizens who are standing nearby] See that the bulkheads are each closed on each end of this section. [They leave up a pair of stairs as Login goes back over to Nefred’s side]

25. [STARLINER, SCIENCE UNIT. The Doctor is preparing slides]

ADRIC: So you've got spider tissue and the marsh creature.
VARSH: [Coming over with another slide] And here's the first slide of batch 3.
THE DOCTOR: Thank you. [He looks into the Microscope, after he puts the new slide under. The pattern is familiar] Oh! Tsk, tsk. [Raises his head from the Microscope] Alas, poor Dexeter. Reduced to a tangle of stained chromosomes.
KEARA: [Coming over, she holds up a vial of liquid] It's ready, doctor.
THE DOCTOR: [He takes the vial from her, smells it and holds it up to the light] Yes. Well, that should put Romana to rights.

26. [STARLINER, OUTSIDE THE SCIENCE UNIT. Marsh men begin beating of the barricaded door]

27. [STARLINER, SCIENCE UNIT. The doors begin to bulge a little under the onslaught outside. Everyone turns to look at this, including the Doctor who is still holding the vial]

28. [STARLINER, EMERGENCY HATCH. Garif and Login have Nefred propped up against the wall, his wound is clearly visible on his head. A group of citizens stand nearby watching silently]

NEFRED: [Struggling for the words] Login, Garif, we have procrastinated too long. If you survive this...
NEFRED: …Seek out the Doctor. He can teach you to fly the starliner. It is my wish that you all leave... Alzarius. [GARIF slowly helps him to lie down]
LOGIN: And return to Terradon? No, we cannot return to Terradon.
GARIF: What if the Doctor shows us how?
NEFRED: We cannot return.
NEFRED: Because we have never been there. [With that NEFRED dies, and Login looks up to GARIF in puzzlement.]

29. [STARLINER, SCIENCE UNIT. VARSH and ADRIC try to keep the doors closed by using their strength to push the barricaded equipment into the door so it doesn’t move. However the doors are bulging open even more as the marsh men continue to push into the room. Eventually the marsh men are able to fully open the doors with their combined strength]

30. [STARLINER, EMERGENCY HATCH. Garif is standing over the body of NEFRED in a vain hope that he might stir again. LOGIN stands nearby in thought.]

GARIF: Decider Nefred, what are we to do? Tell us. Tell us what to do.
LOGIN: [Coming to a decision] He's already told us what to do. Garif, we must find the Doctor. [He leaves determinedly, followed by Garif reluctantly, and several other citizens]

40. [STARLINER, SCIENCE UNIT. The Marsh men have broken in and are beginning to break equipment. The Doctor and his group are pinned against the wall watching this]

THE DOCTOR: You understand? Avoid all contact. Avoid all contact. [The marsh men see them and begin to advance towards them. The Doctor slowly moves as the marsh men slowly advance towards them] Adric! Adric, the serum! [Adric grabs the Serum as the doctor grabs a cylinder of oxygen, and holds it up. The marsh men back up in terror, and then pick up cylinders of their own holding them like clubs. They begin to advance again, but the Doctor sprays out some oxygen in hopes of frightening them back. They begin to spray their oxygen at him. One manages to pry off the top of his cylinder and rich oxygen flows out. They begin to weaken and collapse. The Doctor smiles and shouts…] It's the oxygen. It's too rich! [VARSH, KEARA, and ADRIC grab the now abandoned cylinders and begin to spray the marsh men with them. The marsh men retreat in pain. The Doctor goes back to work at the microscope and unseen to him Romana peaks at them all through a nearby window into the corridor. She manages to push open the window panel without anyone hearing her because of the nearby nose of the hissing oxygen and the screams of the marsh men. She enters the room, looking intently at the Doctor. KEARA turns and sees Romana]
KEARA: Doctor, look out! [Romana raises her hands for an attack and approaches the Doctor. The Doctor backs away. Adric, who is watching nearby, starts spraying her with oxygen. She goes after Adric swiping at him. Adric keeps spraying her and eventually she collapses from the oxygen]
THE DOCTOR: Quick, the serum!

41. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR INTERSECTION. Login pokes his head around the corner looking for marsh men. Seeing none he cautiously rounds the corner and continues on down the corner, followed by GARIF and a host of citizens. The hiss of oxygen cylinders being fired is suddenly heard from somewhere]

42. [STARLINER, ANOTHER CORRIDOR INTERSECTION. The deciders enter but press themselves against the corridor wall as several marsh men are being pushed back by the bursts of oxygen from VARSH and ADRIC’s cylinders. When VARSH and ADRIC pass by LOGIN makes his presence known]

LOGIN: Where's the Doctor?
ADRIC: [Abandoning his assault on the marsh men] Follow us! [He rushes off back the way they came followed by the deciders. Varsh lags behind, watching out for the marsh men]

43. [STARLINER, SCIENCE UNIT. Romana is unconscious on an examination couch. The Doctor and Keara stand next to her.

THE DOCTOR: Good! [He hands Keara the empty serum cylinder]
KEARA: Suppose it doesn't work?
THE DOCTOR: If it doesn't work, she's dead. How long's it supposed to be since the starliner crashed?
KEARA: 40 generations.
THE DOCTOR: 40 generations. That's a good round figure. Can't be right, though.
KEARA: Why not?
THE DOCTOR: [Going over the microscope, he puts a slide in and proceeds to look at it through the microscope] Well, evolution goes in quantum leaps, but doesn't go that fast.
KEARA: What are you doing?
THE DOCTOR: Carrier type comparisons. Yes. Definitely morphological similar carrier types. [Behind him, unseen Romana awakens] Plus the inversions in bands 8 to 10 might be significant. I need to establish how long the evolutionary process has taken.
KEARA: From spiders to marsh creatures?
THE DOCTOR: From spiders to marsh creatures and beyond.
ROMANA: [Out of View] You could try gel electrophoresis.
THE DOCTOR: That's a good idea. [Suddenly realizing who said that he looks up wide eyed. Romana is sitting up grinning, all trace of the psychochemical gone from her veins]

44. [STARLINER, MAIN ENTRANCE. Tylos's body is lying on the ground, his veins show the presence of the psycho chemical. Login, Garif, Varsh, and Adric enter. Login goes over to Tylos’s body, while Varsh goes over and shuts all the interior bulkhead doors]

LOGIN: Tylos!
VARSH: Don't touch him! [He spots something on the other side of the room] Look out! [A Marsh man is trying to get through a broken window panel into this section. Varsh opens one of the bulkhead doors again so the deciders and the others can escape. Varsh and Adric begin letting the marsh men have it with the oxygen. The Deciders stop waiting for them to follow] We're all right, go on!
LOGIN: We'll find the doctor, come on! [Everybody leaves except ADRIC and VARSH who are still holding the marsh men back with the oxygen. ADRIC’s stream suddenly begins to visibly lessen.]
ADRIC: My cylinder is running out!
VARSH: Leave this to me. Go and get more oxygen!
ADRIC: [Puts his hand on Varsh’s shoulder] I can't leave you on your own!
VARSH: Adric, don't argue! [Adric leaves while Varsh tries to continue to hold back the Marsh man. While the marsh man is still recovering, Varsh goes into the corridor and begins to close the bulkhead door from the corridor side. However, the marsh man is able to crawl through the window in the main entrance area, and Varsh is forced to start assaulting it with oxygen again.]

45. [STARLINER, SCIENCE UNIT. Romana is now looking through the microscope now while the Doctor and Keara watch her]

ROMANA: 40 generations? More like 4,000 generations.
KEARA: Since the star liner crashed?
THE DOCTOR: Yes. The deciders procrastinated more than we thought.
KEARA: Can I see? [Romana nods and lets her look into the microscope] How can you tell all that from the marsh creature cells?
THE DOCTOR: That's not the marsh creature. That's Dexeter.
KEARA: [Looking up] Dexeter?
THE DOCTOR: [Romana puts another slide under the microscope. The cells appear the same as the first slide] That's the marsh creature. [Romana puts another slide under and through the view of the microscope this one also appears the same as the first one] And that's the spider.
KEARA: The same cells.
THE DOCTOR: Adric! [Adric rushes in and grabs another cylinder]
ADRIC: Varsh is trapped!
THE DOCTOR: What? [Adric rushes out]

46. [STARLINER, MAIN ENTRANCE. VARSH is still holding the marsh creature at bay with his oxygen cylinder. Another creature begins forcing its way into the room through the busted window panel. Seeing that his oxygen is now gone…]

VARSH: [Screaming down the corridor] ADRIC! [He runs out into the corridor and, using a manual wheel, begins to close the bulkhead door in an attempt to lock the marsh creatures in the main entrance area. However before the door closes all the way, a marsh creature reaches through and grabs his leg, dragging him into the main entrance area. Adric comes running around the corner just in time to see this.]
ADRIC: Varsh! [He runs over and grabs Varsh’s hand. However he can’t hold him due to the marsh creature’s enormous strength and Varsh is pulled through into the main entrance area as the bulk head door shuts between them. The marsh creature drags Varsh across the room. On the other side Adric is turning the wheel to open the bulkhead door. The Doctor rounds the corridor followed by Keara and Login. They enter only to find the marsh men now gone and Varsh’s body lying on the ground. Adric and Keara lean over the body.]
THE DOCTOR: Is he dead? [Adric nods] Poor Varsh. [The Doctor stands and addresses Login] Have you any more oxygen?
LOGIN: [Nodding] As much as you want. We have an electrolytic power system
THE DOCTOR: Which will actually make the stuff?
THE DOCTOR: Splendid. Enough to fill the whole starliner?
LOGIN: Well, I'll see what I can do. [He leaves to go arrange this]
KEARA: He saved our lives. [She goes to Varsh’s belt and pulls off a piece of rope, the same type of “badge” that Tylos had shown him earlier in the cave. She hands it to ADRIC] You'd better keep this for him. [Adric holds it in his hand, not sure what to say or do]

47. [STARLINER, CONTROL STATION. A crewman is pressing buttons left right and center]

COMPUTER VOICE: Oxygen supply to all areas. Oxygen supply to all areas. Oxygen supply to all areas.

48. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR. The marsh men are retreating from the oxygen that is now being pumped throughout the star liner]

49. [STARLINER, #1 EMERGENCY HATCH. The marsh men make for the emergency hatch which is still closed, trying to find the way out. The Doctor, Login, and Garif come down a stairwell and stop watching the marsh men]

GARIF: We've got to kill them. Kill them!
THE DOCTOR: [Holding up his hand] No. No, I think we should let them go.
GARIF: [Uncomprehending] What? [They watch as one of the marsh men figures out how to turn the wheel to make the door open]
THE DOCTOR: Look! [He goes over to the now open hatch as the marsh men all pile out through the door. Looking out after them into the mists he turns to the Deciders] They adapted quickly.
GARIF: [Realizing] They'll learn to breath the air.
GARIF: They might break into the ship and wipe out the crew.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Still the manuals in the great book room will show them how to put it all together again.
GARIF: [Incredulously] They could learn to read?
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Just like they did 40,000 generations ago. [He turns to Garif to make his point] They're your ancestors.
LOGIN: [Lost in thought] Nefred's dying words. That's why we can't return to Terradon.

50. [STARLINER, #2 EMERGENCY HATCH. The marsh men are trying to get through the hatch but haven’t figured out how to do it yet. Romana comes in, and turns the wheel for them that will open the hatch. They begin to pile out as well.]

51. [STARLINER, CORRIDOR. The marsh men continue their retreat through the star liner.]

52. [STARLINER, #1 EMERGENCY HATCH. The Doctor, Login, and Garif have moved out of the way so the marsh men can leave. More pile down the stairway towards the open hatch.]

GARIF: It's horrible!
THE DOCTOR: Oh, I don't think so. We're all basically primeval slime with ideas about extinction.
GARIF: How can you compare us to those— [A creature comes up behind them and passes them in obvious pain as it tries to make for the hatch] --those things?
THE DOCTOR: Yes, I see what you mean. I suppose they are adaptive, intelligent.
GARIF: [As the last one seems to have left] Login, shut the door. [Login does so, but he is deep in thought] They've gone.
LOGIN: [Considering] But how long for?
GARIF: What?
LOGIN: They've learned to get out.
GARIF: Well, quite. [Realizing in horror] Will they learn… to come in?

53. [STARLINER, MAIN ENTRANCE. Adric stands outside the TARDIS waiting with something in his hand. He bolts inside the TARDIS and disappears when he hears Login’s voice]

LOGIN: [Out of View] So the first marsh men came to resemble the original crew of the starliner.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. [He comes walking around the corner followed by Login, Garif, and Romana] The creatures most willing to survive in it.
GARIF: Terradonians. We are not Terradonians.
THE DOCTOR: I know you're not Terradonians. [They all stop in front of the TARDIS] You're not marsh men either, are you? Which is what they seem to resent.
GARIF: I'm afraid they'll return. If they re-enter the ship—
LOGIN: We must do what Nefred said. Doctor, you must fly the starliner. You must fly us out of here.
THE DOCTOR: What? You mean, fly you to Terradon?
LOGIN: Or any other suitable planet.
GARIF: Well, certainly. This is a colony ship. We can program it to find them. [The Doctor makes for the TARDIS. Romana stops him]
ROMANA: If they stay here, generations of evolution may be wiped out.
LOGIN: Please, Doctor, it's our whole future.

54. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. Adric positions the stolen Image Translator on the console for the Doctor to find. He makes to leave, stops, and considers the Interior door leading deeper into the TARDIS…]

55. [STARLINER, GREAT HALL OF BOOKS. The Doctor is fiddling with the control panel he revealed earlier.]

THE DOCTOR: [Indicating controls as he goes] Stabilizer... Power...Fuel.
GARIF: [Enters carrying a book, whilst Login watches what the Doctor is doing] The system files, Doctor.
LOGIN: [Grabbing the book from Garif, he opens it for Romania who starts reading it] And this is the flight manual. I've heard of it, but I've never seen it.
GARIF: The pages referring to takeoff were damaged in the crash.
THE DOCTOR: Shhh. Ready? [Shows them the controls] Thrusters 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
ROMANA: Ground hold disengage.
THE DOCTOR: [Activating it] Got it.
ROMANA: Then it's just ignition.
THE DOCTOR: [Pointing] Which is that button there, gentlemen.
ROMANA: The manual is readable from there on. [She hands the manual over, and The Doctor and Romana turn and hastily begin walking for the exit]
THE DOCTOR: Have a good flight gentleman!
GARIF: [Calling after them] Doctor!
LOGIN: You don’t want us to take off on our own?
GARIF: Doctor, come back!
THE DOCTOR: [Poking his head around the corner] The green button gentleman! [And he disappears around the corner again]
GARIF: [Login and Garif turn to look at each other] Such a momentous decision!
LOGIN: We must do what Nefred said.
GARIF: I see his point, but on the other hand…
LOGIN: Garif, we must live up to our names. We must make this decision together [He takes Garif over to the control panel again by the hand and they make to press the green button.]
GARIF: [Stopping them] But you will agree. It does require some thought.

56. [TARDIS, CONSOLE ROOM. The Doctor is busy at the console with the column rising and falling indicating they are traveling. Romana is busy finishing repairs on K-9.]

THE DOCTOR: They asked me to stay on you know, become a Decider.
ROMANA: You, a decider?
THE DOCTOR: Yes. I decided not too.
ROMANA: Doctor, what did happen while I was unconscious?
THE DOCTOR: [Taking off his coat and scarf and hanging it on the nearby hat stand] Oh, Adric and I were too busy to think about you.
ROMANA: Hmm. [She gets up and goes to the console, spots the Image Translator left by Adric and picks it up] Adric’s left us a present.
THE DOCTOR: Really? [He takes the component from her and examines it] An Image Translator! Loot! [Pointing to the component] He stole that. [The Doctor considers the console] Still…It might come in useful. [He inserts the component into the console and main view screen opens behind him]
ROMANA: It works!
THE DOCTOR: Yes… [The screen shows GREEN colored space instead of the normal black] unfortunately.
ROMANA: Negative coordinates.
THE DOCTOR: Yes that settles it. Were out of our own time and space, Romana.
ROMANA: Exo-space?
THE DOCTOR: Yes. What I think we came through was a Charged Vacuum Embointment.
ROMANA: [She closes her eyes. This is the last thing she wanted to hear] A CVE.
THE DOCTOR [Nodding] Hmmm. One of the rarest Space-Time events in the universe. [Romana nods]
ROMANA: [Motions the Doctor to the screen again] Doctor, look. The star liner is taking off. [On the screen the star liner is blasting off of Alzarius]
THE DOCTOR: Well, they made a decision.
ROMANA: [Sighs and goes over to K-9] And we’re trapped. Unless we can find another CVE.
K-9: [Raising his head] Affirmative. [Ramona does NOT look hopeful for this. She turns to look at the Doctor, who turns with an unhopeful look at the screen…which shows light years and light years of green tinged space…]

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