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The Ribos Operation
Serial 5A

Written by Robert Holmes
Directed by George Spenton-Foster


Video : UK release 1995, US release by CBS/Fox Video

Books : Novelised 1979 by Ian Marter (0-426-20092-6).

Working Titles: The Galactic Con Man, The Ribos File, Operation

Notes: This story introduces the Key to Time quest that is continued through the season
John Leeson's K-9 voice is not heard in Part Two
The organ music heard in the story was played by Leslie Pearson

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Click to Read: Broadcast Dates Broadcast Times
Part One 2nd September, 1978 5:45pm - 6:10pm
Part Two 9th September, 1978 6:20pm - 6:45pm
Part Three 16th September, 1978 6:30pm - 6:55pm
Part Four 23rd September, 1978 6:20pm - 6:45pm

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