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(GEBEK hears the miner's cries and runs to the DOCTOR who has the junction box open and is re-fixing the wires within.)

GEBEK: Doctor? Can you hear? Back there - down the mine!
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, stop worrying. I've just got one more connection to make.


(Screaming, both guards and miners run at full tilt down a tunnel.)


GEBEK: They're coming this way, Doctor!

(The DOCTOR wraps two wires together and within the junction box, a red and orange light both flash.)

DOCTOR: That should do it. It should open now.

(They turn to the refinery door. It opens - and an armed Ice Warrior steps out! The DOCTOR and GEBEK look at each other in amazement. Another Ice Warrior - SSKEL - steps forward behind the first.)

SSKEL: Do not move. You are my prisoners.


(The observers in the communications room see the Ice Warriors on the monitor.)

SARAH: What are those things?
ALPHA CENTAURI: Natives of the planet Mars. Your friend, the Doctor, calls them Ice Warriors, but...

(Behind them, an Ice Lord, AZAXYR, walks into the room, his green glittering cloak billowing behind him.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: ...I thought they were still in orbit?
AZAXYR: Greetings, Ambassador.

(They spin round. SARAH gasps at the sight of this new alien.)

AZAXYR: This planet is now under martial law.


(ETTIS has returned to the other miners who have now calmed down after the appearance of Aggedor. PREBA has relayed news of the latest events to him...)

PREBA: The girl brought him a message. There was to be a secret meeting with the Queen.
ETTIS: And he believed her? He's walked straight into a trap.
MINER: What are we gonna do?
ETTIS: Nothing.
PREBA: Nothing? You speak as if he were already dead.
ETTIS: Dead, or a prisoner of Ortron, or a prisoner of the Federation - what's the difference?
PREBA: Well you're not just going to abandon him?
ETTIS: What else should we do?
PREBA: We can do for him what he would do for anyone of us - rescue him.
MINER: Get him out!

(The other miners yell in agreement.)

ETTIS: Look - the Federation troops have landed!
PREBA: We're not afraid of Federation troops.
MINER: Anyway we've got our new weapons.
ETTIS: Oh, alright, alright, it seems that we have to sacrifice our lives just to save Gebek from the results of his own stupidity. I only hope that you think that the price is worth it, Preba. Come on.

(They move off.)


(AZAXYR, the Ice Warriors, the DOCTOR, SARAH, ECKERSLEY, ALPHA CENTAURI, GEBEK and ORTRON have joined THALIRA in the throne room where the Ice Lord is conducting an inquiry into recent events...)

AZAXYR: Let us see what has emerged.

(He looks at a scowling ORTRON.)

AZAXYR: You say that the miners have rebelled against their proper rulers...

(He looks towards GEBEK.)

AZAXYR: But, Gebek here, says that the nobles have cheated them of their rights.

(He turns back to ORTRON.)

AZAXYR: You say that the Doctor here is a spy and a saboteur. But the Ambassador says that he is an old and valued friend.

(He walks past CENTAURI towards GEBEK.)

AZAXYR: You say that your god appeared to you because he is angry, but the Doctor here is sure that the appearances are caused by trickery.
DOCTOR: An excellent summing up, Commander Azaxyr. Do you know, you'd have made a very good judge?
AZAXYR: You forget, Doctor, I am your judge, your jury and executioner too...

(He turns to walk away but hesitates...)

AZAXYR: ...perhaps.

(SARAH looks concerned but the DOCTOR mouths a quiet assurance to her and smiles as AZAXYR approaches ECKERSLEY.)

AZAXYR: Only Engineer Eckersley here says nothing and accuses nobody.
ECKERSLEY: Look, all this argy-bargy's nothing to do with me. I came here to do a job. I just wish people would let me get on with it.
AZAXYR: Excellent! A splendid example to you all!

(He walks to the front of the group.)

AZAXYR: Now listen to me - all of you. I am not concerned with the situation here on Peladon. One thing concerns me and one thing only - the Federation must have the trisilicate it needs.
DOCTOR: Yes, but it's the situation on Peladon that is stopping you getting the trisilicate.
AZAXYR: Precisely, Doctor, and let me suggest a simple solution.

(He points a clamped hand at GEBEK.)

AZAXYR: Your miners will return to work immediately. And they will work under armed guards...

(He swings round and points at ORTRON.)

AZAXYR: ...which you will provide.

(ORTRON looks shocked.)

AZAXYR: And if they refuse to work, they will be killed.
GEBEK: (Passionately.) My miners are united and will defy you, Commander!
ORTRON: (Angrily.) I refuse to allow my troops to kill their countrymen at the orders of an alien power!
SARAH: (To the DOCTOR, quietly.) He was willing enough to do it on his own account.
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) That was different.
AZAXYR: (To SSKEL.) Have the hostages been taken?
SSKEL: Yes, Commander.

(AZAXYR turns to a silent and impassive Queen.)

AZAXYR: Until the miners return to work, a number of selected hostages will be executed...each day.


(The miners, armed with the Federation guns, approach the tunnel door which leads into the passages of the citadel. ETTIS, in the lead, stops and addresses his men...)

ETTIS: Right. Now does everyone understand? Once Gebek is safe, we give the Federation an ultimatum; either they agree to all our demands or we destroy the citadel with the sonic lance - agreed?

(The miners say "yes".)

PREBA: As you say, Ettis, but only when Gebek is safe.

(Without indicating his agreement, ETTIS pushes past him and lifts the torch bracket down to open the door. He then leads them through it.)


(ETTIS pulls back the tapestry curtain and checks the corridor. Hearing someone approach, he goes back behind the curtain and waits. The GUARD CAPTAIN walks round the corner and ETTIS springs out, pointing the gun at him.)

ETTIS: Silence!

(PREBA and the other miners follow ETTIS out.)

ETTIS: Now listen - where is Gebek, our leader?

(The GUARD CAPTAIN hesitates. PREBA grabs him by the arm and starts to twist it up his back.)

ETTIS: Speak or you die!
GUARD CAPTAIN: He's in the throne room with the others.
ETTIS: Right, take him away.

(PREBA and another miner lead the GUARD CAPTAIN away having divested him of his sword. ETTIS and the other miners head for the throne room.)


(An angry THALIRA is on her feet...)

THALIRA: I protest, Commander. You are exceeding your authority.
ALPHA CENTAURI: The Federation does not use such methods!
AZAXYR: Not in time of peace, Ambassador, but this is war. Your Majesty, I have been authorised to use any methods to ensure our supplies of trisilicate.

(SARAH speaks an aside to the DOCTOR.)

SARAH: Isn't there some way you can help them, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Commander Azaxyr?

(The Ice Lord swings round and looks at the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Supposing these terror methods of yours don't work - what then?
AZAXYR: Then we shall bring in Federation workers, Federation machinery and mine the trisilicate ourselves.
THALIRA: (Firmly.) We will never allow that, Commander!
GEBEK: (Shouts.) That's right, your Majesty! (To AZAXYR.) And if your try, every man, woman and child on Peladon will oppose you!
ORTRON: To the death! You shall not rob Peladon while a living soul remains to defend it!
DOCTOR: Do you see how they unite against you, Commander? It's no easy job holding down a hostile planet.
AZAXYR: (Angrily.) If we cannot have the trisilicate, then our space fleet will blast your "hostile planet" into dust!

(ORTRON and GEBEK look at each other in concern. The DOCTOR turns to them...)

DOCTOR: I just wanted you to see what you were up against.

(...and back to AZAXYR.)

DOCTOR: Thank you, Commander Azaxyr.

(AZAXYR hisses in anger as he realises he has been tricked into revealing his true nature. He recovers his composure.)

AZAXYR: Naturally, we should prefer a peaceful...


(Outside the throne room, the armed miners turn the corner and approach the closed doors, listening to the conversation within.)

AZAXYR: (OOV: Inside throne room.) ...solution. I hope it would not be necessary to resort to such extreme measures.

(The miners push open the doors...)


(...and rush in, their guns raised.)

ETTIS: Keep still, all of you! Gebek, come with us!
AZAXYR: Destroy them!

(The four Ice Warriors fire with their sonic hand weapons. The waves hit the miners and the air around them contracts as they scream and fall to the ground dead. Only ETTIS remains unharmed as he runs off out of the throne room. The DOCTOR, SARAH and GEBEK rush forward to see if there is anything they can do for the fallen men.)


(ETTIS reaches the safety of the tapestry curtain covering the secret entrance and goes through.)


(AZAXYR goes up to where the DOCTOR and GEBEK are examining one miner. They look up at him with hatred. The Ice Lord turns to the throne where a shocked Queen stands with ORTRON and her handmaiden.)

AZAXYR: Your Majesty, please accept my apology. This demonstration of our power was forced upon us. I trust another will not be necessary?

(He turns back to the others.)

AZAXYR: Sskel, take the Doctor and his companion to the communications room.

(SSKEL lumbers towards the DOCTOR and SARAH.)

AZAXYR: Ambassador, Engineer Eckersley, will you accompany them?

(The two do as requested and follow the others out. AZAXYR walks past a scowling GEBEK and turns to bow to the Queen.)

AZAXYR: Your Majesty.

(He walks out. THALIRA and GEBEK run forward to be with GEBEK and his fallen men. ORTRON, united with GEBEK at last, looks at the miner.)

ORTRON: We will be revenged.


(The group sent to the communications room gather there with SSKEL as ECKERSLEY walks in closely followed by AZAXYR. The Ice Lord walks straight up to the DOCTOR.)

AZAXYR: I am not sure what to make of you, Doctor. I think perhaps it would be safer to accept Ortron's theory...and execute you as a spy.
SARAH: You can't do that - we're not under your authority!

(CENTUARI bustles forward and bravely wags one of its hands at AZAXYR.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: Federation regulations do not permit summary execution!
AZAXYR: (Harshly.) Must I remind you yet again, Ambassador, here on Peladon, I am the law?!

(CENTAURI steps back nervously.)

AZAXYR: (To the DOCTOR.) Yes, I think perhaps it would be safer to order your execution at once.
DOCTOR: Don't I even get a trial?
AZAXYR: Doctor, that was your trial.
DOCTOR: Then I think you'd be very foolish to destroy the one person who could help you.
AZAXYR: Meaning yourself, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Yes, that's right. Gebek is the key...and I happen to be the only man that he trusts.
SARAH: It's true. The Doctor saved Gebek's life. They've been working together.
AZAXYR: (To ALPHA CENTAURI.) Is this true, Ambassador?
ALPHA CENTAURI: (Eagerly.) Oh, yes! Yes, indeed. There was most certainly an association.
AZAXYR: What is your opinion, Eckersley?
ECKERSLEY: Yes, the Doctor could persuade Gebek to get the miners back to work.

(AZAXYR considers for a moment, then...)

AZAXYR: Very well then, Doctor. You may endeavour to persuade your friend, Gebek, to see reason - but if you fail, I shall be forced to resort to my original plan. You will be the first of the hostages to be executed.
SARAH: Executed?!

(AZAXYR ignores her outburst and turns to ECKERSLEY.)

AZAXYR: Is the refinery in working order?
ECKERSLEY: It's on shutdown at the moment.
AZAXYR: You had better take me there. I wish to make a full inspection.
ECKERSLEY: Very well, follow me.

(They walk out of the room.)

AZAXYR: There must be no further delays once the mines are started.
ECKERSLEY: (OOV: In passage.) There won't be any delays...
SARAH: (Angrily.) How about that Eckersley? Just as long as he gets his wretched machinery going, he doesn't care how it's done or who suffers!

(The DOCTOR strokes her hair, calming her down.)

DOCTOR: That's the professional attitude for you, Sarah.
SARAH: Oh, why can't we just go home?
DOCTOR: And leave all our friends in the lurch? In any case, Commander Azaxyr would never let us reach the TARDIS.
SARAH: (Smiles.) Huh!
DOCTOR: Even if we knew where it was.
SARAH: (Smiles.) No, I suppose you're right.

(The DOCTOR casts a look at the doorway where SSKEL has stationed himself as an imposing guard.)

DOCTOR: (Quietly.) Erm, Sarah...
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) You remember...the first time that you went down to the refinery?
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) You told me that you saw something?
SARAH: (Quietly.) Yes?
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) Well, er, go and take a close look at Sskel.
SARAH: (Quietly, puzzled.) Sskel?
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) The Ice Warrior.
SARAH: Okay.

(She walks towards the doorway as if to leave the room. SSKEL walks forward to block her.)

SSKEL: You will not leave!

(A look of revelation appearing on her face, SARAH returns to the DOCTOR.)

SARAH: (Quietly.) It was him!
ALPHA CENTAURI: (Whispers.) That's impossible. The Commander and his troops have only just arrived.
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) No, Sarah is absolutely right. Those two were in the refinery all the time.
ALPHA CENTAURI: (Whispers.) Why?
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) Because Commander Azaxyr isn't acting on behalf of the Federation at all. He's up to something on his own.
ALPHA CENTAURI: (Whispers.) This is appalling! It is treason!
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) Yes, that's right.

(He raises his voice...)

DOCTOR: Right, well I must go and contact Gebek.

(He goes towards the door. Again SSKEL walks forward to stop him.)

SSKEL: Where are you going, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Now come on, Sskel. You heard what the Commander said - I'm to go and see Gebek, and get him to persuade his miners to go back to work. Now he can't talk to them unless I talk to him - can he?

(SSKEL considers and then steps back to allow the DOCTOR to leave. However, he follows him down the passage leaving SARAH and ALPHA CENTAURI free to talk.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: Commander Azaxyr's behaviour is most reprehensible.

(SARAH signals to CENTAURI to keep as quiet as possible.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: I shall report him to the Federation.
SARAH: Okay.

(SARAH steps briskly and closes the doors to the communications room as ALPHA CENTAURI goes over to the communications console.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: He will be removed from his position and punished.

(SARAH joins CENTAURI as he switches on the unit.)

SARAH: It's funny he didn't think of that.

(CENTAURI grasps the microphone and almost yells down it, causing SARAH to become extremely nervous.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: (Into microphone.) This is the Federation Ambassador on Peladon. I wish to send an urgent message to Federation HQ.

(The only reply is a harsh electronic drone.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: The circuit is being jammed! It must be Azaxyr's spaceships in orbit round the planet!
SARAH: So he did think of it after all.


(The bodies of the dead miners have been taken out of the throne room. GEBEK is still there with THALIRA and ORTRON.)

ORTRON: (To THALIRA.) If only they hadn't taken the Doctor off to the commun...

(He stops as the DOCTOR walks in escorted by SSKEL.)

DOCTOR: Wait there, Sskel, I won't be a moment.

(SSKEL waits near to the door as the DOCTOR crosses to the three Peladonians.)

GEBEK: Doctor, are you alright?
THALIRA: Oh, Doctor!
DOCTOR: Your Majesty.

(He bows.)

DOCTOR: Now listen to me, Gebek, we haven't got much time. I want your miners to cooperate by going back to work.
ORTRON: (Outraged.) Why never! We shall fight the invaders together!
GEBEK: Yes, Doctor. Ortron and I are agreed. From the death of the first hostage, it will be war.
THALIRA: Our people would sooner die than be enslaved!
DOCTOR: Well, it's nice to see the Peladonians all on the same side for once.

(He steals a glance at SSKEL and then lowers his voice.)

DOCTOR: (Quietly.) I don't mean really cooperate. I want the miners to pretend to cooperate to give us time to deal with the Ice Warriors.
GEBEK: (Quietly.) Yes, they would if they understood what was happening.
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) Then you'll have to make them understand, won't you? Forgive us, your Majesty.

(He bows again.)

DOCTOR: (To GEBEK.) Come on, we haven't got much time.

(He walks towards the door.)

DOCTOR: Sskel?


(The miners are assembled in one of the mine tunnels as GEBEK, with the DOCTOR stood next to him, addresses them under the watchful eye of SSKEL and the Ice Warriors.)

GEBEK: Friends - I'm one of you. I always have been. And believe me, nothing I say now will ever change that. I'm here because Commander Azaxyr knows you trust me and that you'll do whatever I tell you to do - the same way you've always done exactly what Chancellor Ortron tells you to do.

(The miners look at each other.)

GEBEK: Now, in spite of everything that's been happening, I want you to cooperate with the Federation troops.

(The miners mutter between themselves.)

GEBEK: We've discussed this matter with our good friend Ortron and he's in complete agreement. We are going to cooperate with Commander Azaxyr, in the same way that we have been cooperating with Ortron.

(The miners smile slightly.)

GEBEK: Oh, you remember how we cooperated over the Federation armoury, how we cooperated over the sonic lance!

(The miner's smiles grow.)

GEBEK: Well, that is the kind of cooperation we are now going to give Commander Azaxyr!

(The miners mutter "aye".)

GEBEK: Are you with me?

(There are various cries of "yes!" and "right!" The DOCTOR pats GEBEK on the shoulder.)


(AZAXYR walks with the DOCTOR down one of the passages of the citadel back to the communications room. SSKEL follows. AZAXYR'S tone with the DOCTOR is approving.)

AZAXYR: Congratulations, Doctor, most satisfactory. The miners are back at work and stocks are building up again. Eckersley tells me that the refinery will soon be in operation.

(The DOCTOR pauses.)

DOCTOR: I take it my death sentence has been lifted then?
AZAXYR: Shall we say...suspended, Doctor? You live while you are useful.
DOCTOR: Well, that's something, I suppose.
AZAXYR: I still do not trust you, Doctor, but I think you have realised that your only chance of survival lies in full cooperation.
DOCTOR: Oh, but of course. I've always been very keen on survival!

(AZAXYR looks coldly at the DOCTOR'S smiling face and then carries on down the passage.)

AZAXYR: Until I have decided your final fate, you will remain in the communications room.

(They reach that room and AZAXYR gestures for him to enter.)


(SARAH, sat down, jumps up in relief at his return.)

SARAH: Doctor!
AZAXYR: Do not attempt to leave.

(The DOCTOR gives AZAXYR a short bow and shuts the doors on him and SSKEL.)

DOCTOR: So much for stage one.

(He crosses to the main console and a series of switches with thermometer-like gauges marked "HEATING MONITOR SYSTEM".)

DOCTOR: Now for stage two, I think.
SARAH: You be careful, Doctor. If Azaxyr thinks you're double-crossing him, he'll kill you.
DOCTOR: My dear Sarah, Azaxyr will kill me anyway as soon as he finds I'm no longer useful. Just a question of my getting rid of him before he gets rid of me.
SARAH: Well, what are you gonna do?
DOCTOR: Warm things up a little.

(He presses each of the switches.)

DOCTOR: One thing Ice Warriors can't heat!


(With their old-fashioned picks and shovels, the miners toil at the rock under the watchful eye of the Ice Warriors. A thermometer, soon to show a rise in temperature, is attached to a wall. SSKEL is there and he is starting to sway a little on his feet. As a MINER works, ETTIS appears behind him in a supported hole in the rock. He hisses at the MINER and signals to him to join him on the other side of the hole. The MINER checks and then climbs through.)


ETTIS: What's happening? Why is everybody working again?
MINER: Ah, Gebek told us to.
ETTIS: Gebek?
MINER: He came down here and made a speech. Said we should all cooperate.
ETTIS: I knew it - he's gone soft.
MINER: No, you don't understand. See, it's a trick. Gebek's got a plan.
ETTIS: (Angrily.) Yes, he's betrayed us! He's gone onto their side!
MINER: He'd never do that.
ETTIS: Yes, well, I've got a plan as well. I've got the sonic lance hidden in a cave on Mount Megeshra. It overlooks the citadel.
MINER: What are you going to do?
ETTIS: Destroy it! Blow the whole place up!
MINER: (Appalled.) The Queen's there! You'll be killing our own people!
ETTIS: (Insanely.) That's right! Kill them! Kill them all - the Queen, the Chancellor, the guards - they all betrayed us! And kill the Ice Warriors - just the way they slaughtered us!
MINER: You can't do that, Ettis - I won't let you! You've gone mad! I'm going to tell Gebek.

(He turns back to the hole but ETTIS grabs him by the shoulder and thrusts a knife into his back. The MINER falls to the floor.)

ETTIS: You'll tell no one!

(ETTIS rushes off to carry out his plan.)


(The temperature gauges on the console are all at a far higher level.)

DOCTOR: I think things should be heating up nicely now.
SARAH: Well, yes, but...what'll happen to them?
DOCTOR: Well, if they don't get out of the mines, they'll get groggier and groggier until...
SARAH: They collapse?
DOCTOR: (Smiles.) Right!


(GEBEK walks down the tunnel. He stops to observe SSKEL who is swaying even more now and then calls out...)

GEBEK: Keep at it, lads! Mustn't let the Federation down!

(A miner grins at the double-message and wheels a barrow full of rock away. GEBEK looks at another Ice Warrior who is obviously also in some discomfort and then crosses to the waiting GUARD CAPTAIN.)

GEBEK: Won't be long now. The men ready?
GUARD CAPTAIN: They're ready - just as soon as you give the signal.

(GEBEK nods and walks away. As he observes his men at work, SSKEL staggers up to him.)

SSKEL: hot. Why is hot?
GEBEK: Because we're underground and underground is always hot. We have a saying on Peladon - "If you can't stand the heat, keep out of the mine."

(He crosses back to the GUARD CAPTAIN with a grin on his face.)


(In the throne room, as ALPHA CENTAURI watches, ORTRON reports on the plan to THALIRA.)

ORTRON: And as soon as Gebek gives the signal, our troops will join with the miners and attack the Federation troops.
THALIRA: Will it work? It sounds dangerous.
ALPHA CENTAURI: It's been conceived by the Doctor. He has fought the Ice Warriors before.

(THALIRA hurriedly changes the subject as AZAXYR walks into the room.)

THALIRA: Ah, Commander...
AZAXYR: Your Majesty.
THALIRA: We have just been informing the Ambassador that we intend to make a formal complaint to the Federation about your violation of our planetary sovereignty.
AZAXYR: I regret to hear that, your Majesty.
THALIRA: We demand immediate access to Federation authorities.
AZAXYR: At the moment, that is impossible. This whole planet is under a communications seal until the emergency is over.
THALIRA: But surely it is over now?
AZAXYR: I think we will wait a little longer.
THALIRA: The miners have returned to work.
AZAXYR: (Softly.) Yes, but the settlement has come so easily...that I distrust it. And now, if you will excuse me, your Majesty?

(He bows and leaves.)


(GEBEK watches the Ice Warriors. They are swaying even more. He picks up a pit-prop.)

GEBEK: Now lads!

(He swings it at one Ice Warrior while the GUARD CAPTAIN takes on SSKEL. They are joined by the other miners and guards who also attack the Martians with picks, shovels and whatever other implements come to hand.)


(The DOCTOR and SARAH watch this on one of the monitors in the communications room.)

DOCTOR: Right, it's time we were going, I think.

(He heads for the door.)

SARAH: (Worried.) Oh, it doesn't look very safe.
DOCTOR: Won't be very safe up here once Commander Azaxyr finds out what we've been up to.

(He opens the door and shouts into the passage.)

DOCTOR: Come in here a minute.

(An Ice Warrior comes into the room and the DOCTOR leads him over to the monitor.)

DOCTOR: Look, see what's going on down in the mines.

(As the Ice Warrior starts to watch the scene down in the mine, the DOCTOR takes SARAH by the hand and they run out of the room.)


(They head straight for the tapestry covering to the secret entrance. The DOCTOR adjusts the torch bracket.)

SARAH: But he'll go straight to Azaxyr.
DOCTOR: Good, the more warriors he sends down the mines, the better.

(SARAH goes behind the tapestry first.)


(The DOCTOR follows her through and adjusts the bracket on the other side.)

SARAH: What do we do when they're all down the mines?
DOCTOR: Well, lead a party of Peladonians back up here and recapture the citadel.
SARAH: Ah, quite the little Napoleon, aren't we?
DOCTOR: Come on.

(SARAH laughs as they run off.)


(The battle in the mine is in full swing as both guards and miners alike continue to club at the Ice Warriors with whatever weapons they can lay their hands on. With several Peladonians to each Ice Warrior, the natives are starting to win. The MINER attacked by ETTIS has crawled through to the main tunnel and lies wounded against the rock face. He manages to call out to GEBEK...)

MINER: Gebek...Geb...
GEBEK: Rima!

(GEBEK runs over to help the little man who is wincing with the pain of his stab wound.)

GEBEK: Is it bad?
MINER: Ah, it was Ettis. He's stabbed me.
GEBEK: Ettis?
MINER: Oh, he's gone mad. He's got the sonic lance in a cave on Mount Megeshra. He's gonna blow up...the citadel.
GEBEK: He must be stopped! Now you rest there. I'll be back as soon as I can.

(Meanwhile, the miners club SSKEL into a corner where part of the ceiling caves in on him. The DOCTOR and SARAH enter the area and run up to GEBEK.)

GEBEK: You alright, Doctor?
DOCTOR: How are we faring?
GEBEK: Ettis has the sonic lance in a cave on Mount Megeshra.
DOCTOR: (Appalled.) What?
GEBEK: He threatens to blow up the citadel. I've got to stop him.
DOCTOR: No, no, you stay here. You're the only one they'll follow - I'll go.
GEBEK: Well you don't know the way?
DOCTOR: Well tell me.

(GEBEK points off into the distance.)

GEBEK: Well, continue down to the end of this tunnel...
GEBEK: Into the big cavern and the path to the cave is on the other side.
DOCTOR: Alright.

(GEBEK hands him one of the guard's swords.)

GEBEK: You'd better take this. You may need it.
DOCTOR: Thank you. Look after Sarah for me.
SARAH: What? Oh!

(Before she can react further, the DOCTOR has gone.)

GEBEK: Come on, Sarah.

(He takes her round the corner to where the wounded MINER lies.)

GEBEK: You look after, Rima.
GEBEK: I must get back to the mine.
SARAH: Okay.

(She takes off her jacket to lay it across the man as GEBEK walks off.)


(Sword in hand, the DOCTOR runs down a deserted tunnel in the direction indicated.)


(An Ice Warrior lies on the ground as the Peladonians club at his still form.)


(The DOCTOR runs onwards.)


(The miner is now unconscious. SARAH tries to keep him warm as a large green form comes up behind her - it is SSKEL, escaped from the battle. He taps SARAH on the shoulder and she gasps as he turns.)


(ETTIS stands by the sonic lance which is still trained on the citadel.)


(The DOCTOR continues towards the cave.)


(SSKEL has taken SARAH back to the communications room and virtually throws SARAH in. AZAXYR and ALPHA CENTAURI are there watching the battle on the monitor.)

AZAXYR: Ah, the Doctor's companion.

(CENTUARI rushes across to her...)

ALPHA CENTAURI: Sarah! Are you alright?

(...but SSKEL pushes her back.)

AZAXYR: (To SARAH.) Tell me - where is the Doctor?

(SARAH shakes her head in defiance. SSKEL pushes her into a seat and aims his sonic weapon at her.)

AZAXYR: You will tell me!


(ETTIS is setting the controls on the sonic lance.)


(The DOCTOR runs along the last stretch of tunnel...)


(...and into the cave.)

DOCTOR: Ettis! Come away from that thing.
ETTIS: No, I'm gonna blow up the citadel! Kill those Federation butchers!
DOCTOR: If you use that sonic'll be killing your own Queen and a lot of your own people. Now most of the Ice Warriors are in that mine. The Peladonians are fighting them, Ettis. Soldiers and miners together - and they're winning!

(ETTIS stares at him with a wild look in his eyes.)

ETTIS: I don't believe you! It's a trick! (Smiles.) You're working for them! You've sold out! You're like Gebek and the rest of them!

(He turns back to the controls of the lance but the DOCTOR slams his sword down in his way.)

DOCTOR: Ettis!

(ETTIS reaches for his own sword and a fight breaks out between the two. ETTIS proves just as skilful with the blade as the DOCTOR as they each parry thrusts.)


(AZAXYR looms over SARAH.)

SARAH: I...I tell you the Doctor's trying to save all our lives!
AZAXYR: I do not believe you.
SARAH: One of the rebels, Ettis, has a sonic lance trained on the citadel!
AZAXYR: I know.

(AZAXYR crosses to the monitors.)

AZAXYR: Our detection devices pinpointed the position of the sonic lance as soon as we arrived.

(SARAH follows him.)

SARAH: Well, he's going to blow this whole place up unless the Doctor can stop him.

(AZAXYR switches on the monitor. It shows the scene of the swordfight between the DOCTOR and ETTIS.)

AZAXYR: Ah. It appears you were telling the truth. Yes, your friend, the Doctor, fights well.
ALPHA CENTAURI: But what if Ettis prevails?
AZAXYR: Do not distress yourself, Ambassador. The sonic lance has a self-destruct circuit...which I have already pre-set by remote control. If the rebel should try to fire it, it will destroy itself. It will, of course, kill all those in the area.

(SARAH looks up from the monitor in shock at the Ice Lord.)


(The DOCTOR and ETTIS start to grapple with their swords in the middle of the cave. ETTIS kicks the back of the DOCTOR'S leg, knocking him to the ground. He stands on his sword before he can retrieve it and the DOCTOR rolls away to avoid the sudden thrust of ETTIS' free sword downwards. He gets to his feet but unarmed now, he has to avoid each deadly jab of ETTIS'S sword. He manages to grab his arm and throw the man down, dislodging the sword from his grasp and throwing it across the cave.)

DOCTOR: Come on, Ettis, this is pointless.

(ETTIS starts to clamber up.)

ETTIS: Yes, Doctor, you're right. I am a fool!

(He head butts the DOCTOR in the stomach. He falls to the ground. ETTIS picks him up and throws him into the rock face of the cave and then throws him over and onto the floor. The DOCTOR staggers to his feet and ETTIS knocks him back with an almighty punch to the face. He then starts to power up the lance. The DOCTOR manages to get back to his feet again...)

DOCTOR: No, Ettis, no!

(...only for ETTIS to land two more punches on him, once more knocking him to the ground. ETTIS returns to the lance and presses the firing switch. The cave is filled with a massive explosion...)

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