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ORTRON: Cast them into the pit!
DOCTOR: Don't be a fool!


THALIRA: (To the guard.) No doors are barred to the Queen - stand aside!


(The DOCTOR is thrown into the pit...)


(...where he falls through the darkness with a cry. He lands on soil covered in straw and some scattered bones. He quickly gets to his feet and catches SARAH as she comes down with a scream. They both fall to the ground.)


(THALIRA has gained access to the temple. As she and CENTAURI rush in, the guards stand hurriedly back...)

THALIRA: Where is the girl?! We dema...

(...revealing the open pit. The words die in her mouth. She looks at ORTRON.)

ORTRON: The decision is no longer yours or mine, your Majesty. The girl and the Doctor have gone to face the judgement of Aggedor.


(The DOCTOR and SARAH get to their feet somewhat unsteadily.)

SARAH: Oh...ow...
DOCTOR: You alright, Sarah?
SARAH: Well, I don't think anything's broken.

(She looks up.)

SARAH: What are they going to do - just leave us here?
DOCTOR: No, I think there's more to it than that.

(SARAH sniffs the air.)

SARAH: Ooh! That smell - it''s sort of musky. the lion house at the zoo...

(The words are barely out of her mouth when they hear a quiet roar in the pitch-black darkness behind them.)

SARAH: (Alarmed.) Oh, Doctor, there's something in here with us - something alive!
DOCTOR: Yes, I know. Now don't move, Sarah.

(As the quiet roars continue, he reaches into his pocket and takes out his pen-torch. Switching it on, he slowly casts it round the darkness. Suddenly the light is cast on the source of the sound - AGGEDOR! The royal beast rears up and screams out a roar through its fanged mouth.)


THALIRA: (Shouts.) Remove them from the pit, Ortron!

(ORTRON doesn't move.)

THALIRA: We command it!
ORTRON: (Smiles.) Too late, your Majesty.


(AGGEDOR swipes a huge clawed paw at the DOCTOR which is easily dodged.)

DOCTOR: Come on, Aggedor, old chap! That's no way to greet an old friend!

(AGGEDOR growls and takes another swipe.)

DOCTOR: You remember me, surely?

(AGGEDOR lunges forward at the two captives with a roar. SARAH screams as she and the DOCTOR jump out of the creature's way.)

SARAH: I don't think he does, Doctor!
DOCTOR: ___he and I used to be the greatest of friends! Aggedor!

(The monster roars once more and again lunges for them.)

DOCTOR: Aggedor!

(Suddenly the DOCTOR remembers...)

DOCTOR: Yes, of course!

(...and lifts up the glinting TARDIS key from the chain round his neck. He starts to spin the key round and sings his haunting refrain...)

DOCTOR: "Klokleda Partha Mennin Klatch, Haroon, Haroon, Haroon."

(AGGEDOR too remembers and almost immediately starts to subdue...)

DOCTOR: "Klokleda Shina Tierra Natch, Haroon, Haroon, Haroon."

(AGGEDOR'S head lowers as he starts to sway under the hypnotic effect...)

DOCTOR: "Haroon, Haroon, Haroon, Haroon, Haroon, Haroon, Haroon, Haroon, Haroon, Haroon, Haroon, Haroon, Haroon..."

(His song dies away and he strokes the animal's head as it gently growls. He continues to twist the TARDIS key before AGGEDOR'S eyes.)

DOCTOR: That's better. You remember now, don't you, old chap, mm?
SARAH: (Relieved.) You should have been a lion tamer, Doctor. did you manage to do that?
DOCTOR: A little bit of light hypnosis. It brings out his sweeter nature, doesn't it, old chap, mm?
DOCTOR: Come and tickle his ears, Sarah!
SARAH: Not likely. Now look, Doctor, this reunion is all very touching, but what happens to us now?
DOCTOR: Well, as we shoved down receive the verdict of Aggedor, I would say that the result is very much in our favour, wouldn't you?
DOCTOR: Come on, Aggedor, old chap, up you get.

(The DOCTOR stands directly beneath the pit opening and shouts upwards.)

DOCTOR: Come on! Get us out of here!

(THALIRA, ORTRON and ALPHA CENTAURI look down on them.)

DOCTOR: Come on! Visiting time's over - get us out of here!


(THALIRA looks sternly at ORTRON.)

THALIRA: Chancellor Ortron, release them from the pit immediately.

(Disappointment and defeat line ORTRON'S face.)


(Later, ALPHA CENTAURI has returned to the communications room and made ECKERSLEY aware of this turn in events. The Engineer sits at the main console, writing down figures on the clipboard.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: Now the Doctor is in good standing again, he will help us to clear up our problems.
ECKERSLEY: Yes, while I admire your confidence, there's a gang of hot-headed miners running around in those tunnels with sophisticated weapons. How you going to solve that one, mm?
ALPHA CENTAURI: Indeed the situation is most deplorable, but what can I do? I am only an observer here.

(ECKERSLEY finishes his figures.)

ECKERSLEY: Well, I know what I'd do. Still you don't want me interfering, do you?
ALPHA CENTAURI: Please, Eckersley, advise me - what would you do?
ECKERSLEY: Inform the Federation. Get them to send you a bit of muscle. With Federation troops on the planet, you and your friend, the Doctor, could make both sides see reason. And besides, if things really do blow up on this planet, the Federation could lose the trisilicate, and then they'll want to know why they weren't told how bad things were getting, you see?

(Thoughtfully, CENTAURI nods his head.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: There is much in what you say.
ECKERSLEY: You've had a long and valuable career on this planet. It would be a great pity to see it all end in ugly mess.
ALPHA CENTAURI: Perhaps I should discuss it with the Doctor.

(A thought suddenly strikes ECKERSLEY.)

ECKERSLEY: Hey, just a minute - the sonic lance! That's a pretty handy piece of artillery.

(He rushes for the door.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: Where are you going?
ECKERSLEY: I'm gonna get some guards and bring it back here.

(He leaves. CENTAURI thinks for a moment and then crosses to the communications console, taking the microphone in his hand.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: (Into microphone.) This is the Federation Ambassador on the planet of Peladon. Get the emergency security channel, please - utmost priority.


(The guards open the throne room door and THALIRA, her authority established sweeps in. ORTRON follows, then the DOCTOR with SARAH and THALIRA'S handmaiden bringing up the rear. As she walks towards the throne, THALIRA harangues her High Priest.)

THALIRA: The Doctor and his companion have been most barbarously treated. The behaviour of our chancellor was unforgivable.
ORTRON: Your Majesty...
THALIRA: (Interrupts, shouting.) You appealed to the judgement of Aggedor! Now you shall accept it. The Doctor is vindicated.

(ORTRON flinches his eyes and bows.)

ORTRON: With your Majesty's permission.

(He turns and stops before the DOCTOR and SARAH. With ill-concealed grave, he stares at them and walks from the room. THALIRA smiles and speaks to the guards and her handmaiden who carries a tray of drinks.)

THALIRA: Chairs and refreshments for our guests.

(The guards bring a chair for THALIRA and stools for the DOCTOR and SARAH forward.)

THALIRA: You will please accept our apologies.
DOCTOR: Well, not at all, your Majesty. In fact I was delighted to meet Aggedor again.
THALIRA: You may sit.
DOCTOR: Thank you.

(They all sit and the handmaiden hands round horned cups of drinks and small eats.)

THALIRA: Now, what did you discover in your investigation at the mines?
DOCTOR: Well, that the miners are on the point of armed rebellion, your Majesty, and that Gebek is your only hope. He's a moderate - civil war's the last thing that he wants.
SARAH: Well what about Ettis?
DOCTOR: Yes, that's the trouble. Ettis has scored a considerable success with that attack of his on the armoury. Now all the young hotheads are keen to follow him.
THALIRA: What should we do?
DOCTOR: Send for Gebek at once, your Majesty. Promise him a better way of life for his miners and see that they get it. That will cut the ground from under Ettis' feet.
THALIRA: But Ortron says it is wrong to give in to the miners - that they will want more and more.
SARAH: But don't you see, your Majesty? Ortron just wants to make sure that the benefits of joining the Federation go to him and his aristocratic friends.
DOCTOR: You've got to convince your people that the Federation means a better way of life for everybody - not just for a few nobles at court.

(THALIRA stands and paces. The DOCTOR and SARAH also stand respectfully.)

THALIRA: I will try your plan, Doctor. Can you get a message to Gebek for me?
DOCTOR: I'll do my best, your Majesty.
THALIRA: Tell him to come to the citadel with me in secret. I would hear the grievances of his people...and do my best to remedy them.
DOCTOR: Thank you, your Majesty.
THALIRA: Go as quickly as you can.
DOCTOR: I'll just have quick word with the Ambassador and then I'll be off.

(He turns for the door and hands back his drink to the handmaiden. SARAH does the same but...)

DOCTOR: Sarah, why don't you, er, why don't you stay and have a few words with the Queen? I have an idea you could give her some good advice.
SARAH: Oh...

(He leaves. The Queen looks puzzled and a little haughty.)

THALIRA: What advice did the Doctor mean?
SARAH: Well, it's going to be rather difficult to explain but I think he was referring to women's lib.
THALIRA: And what's that?
SARAH: Women's liberation, your Majesty. On Earth it means...well, very briefly, it means that we women don't let men push us around.
THALIRA: (Puzzled.) It's not like that on Peladon. The ruler is always a man. I was only crowned because my father had no son. It's Ortron who holds the real power.
SARAH: Well, only if you let him. You've just got to stand up for yourself.
THALIRA: It would be different if I was a man. But I'm only a girl.
SARAH: (Smiles.) Now just a minute! There's nothing "only" about being a girl, your Majesty. Never mind why they made you a Queen, the fact is you are the Queen, so...just you jolly well let them know it!


(GEBEK has caught up with the miners and is trying to make them see reason but ETTIS has other ideas.)

ETTIS: Capture the citadel! Force the Queen to agree to all our demands!

(There are cries of "yes!" from the other miners.)

ETTIS: Expel the aliens from the planet!
GEBEK: Do you think you can fight the whole of the Galactic Federation with a handful of stolen weapons?
ETTIS: And what's your advice, Gebek - more waiting?
GEBEK: The Federation must have the trisilicate. If we refuse to work, they will put pressure on Ortron to grant our demands.
ETTIS: Nonsense, Gebek. They don't need us. The Federation will import alien workers and mine the ore with their new machines.

(The other mines cry out "That's right!" GEBEK looks concerned.)


(In the communications room, the DOCTOR has learned of the plea for help to the Federation from ALPHA CENTAURI...)

DOCTOR: What on Peladon possessed you to do a thing like that?
ALPHA CENTAURI: It seemed the advisable course of action, Doctor. Eckersley agreed.
DOCTOR: Yes, well Eckersley should have had more sense.

(SARAH walks in.)

SARAH: Oh, Doctor, I thought you...
DOCTOR: (Interrupts.) Yes, in a minute, Sarah. (To CENTAURI.) Sending for Federation troops is the one thing that is certain to make things worse. Well, I only hope I can get things sorted out before they arrive.

(He turns for the door.)

SARAH: Ah, before you go, Doctor, you know when I was looking for you and got lost in the tunnels?
SARAH: Well, I landed up at the refinery by mistake.
ALPHA CENTAURI: She triggered off the automatic security system.
SARAH: Yes, but before all that - I saw someone in the refinery.
ALPHA CENTAURI: A hallucination caused by the effect of the alarm system.
SARAH: No, no, it was before all that started. Now listen - whoever's faking Aggedor would need a lot of technological equipment, right?
DOCTOR: Yes...and a very considerable power source too.
SARAH: Well, there's all of that in the refinery.
ALPHA CENTAURI: But Eckersley says the refinery is empty.
SARAH: Empty as far as he knows, but suppose somebody's in there? The place isn't in use - it'd make the perfect hideout.

(The DOCTOR thinks. Behind them, ORTRON and a guard appear in the doorway.)

DOCTOR: Yes, well it's certainly worth investigating. But first I've got to contact Gebek.

(He heads for the door but, having heard this last comment, ORTRON walks in.)

ORTRON: Contact Gebek? You intend to contact your rebel friends. You may have deceived the Queen but you have not deceived me. You will remain in the citadel until my investigations into your background are complete.
DOCTOR: Oh, come on, Ortron, get out of my way.

(The DOCTOR tries to leave but the guard pushes him back.)

ORTRON: You have the freedom of the citadel, Doctor. Be thankful you are not in a prison.

(He walks out. The guard sheathes his sword menacingly and follows him.)

SARAH: Pompous old idiot!

(The DOCTOR hastily signals her to be quiet.)


(ORTRON and the guard hide in an alcove and wait.)


(Still signalling SARAH to keep quiet, the DOCTOR looks out into the passageway. He thinks that all is clear.)

DOCTOR: (Quietly.) Right, I'll be off.
SARAH: (Quietly.) Good luck, Doctor.
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) Bye.

(He waves to her and walks out.)


(He looks round carefully and walks off in the opposite direction from ORTRON and the guard. However, they follow him.)


(SARAH and ALPHA CENTAURI see them pass the door in pursuit. Alarmed, SARAH goes to the door, signals to CENTAURI to remain and pursues the pursuers.)


(The DOCTOR reaches the tapestry covering to the secret entrance. He checks round then pulls it back. A guard with his sword drawn is on the other side of the covering and he leaps out. At the same time, the guard with ORTRON comes from the other direction, surrounding the DOCTOR.)

ORTRON: (OOV: Down passage.) You were warned, Doctor.

(The High Priest walks forward.)

ORTRON: You were ordered to stay in the citadel. You have disobeyed my command. (To the guards.) Take him to the dungeons.
DOCTOR: You're making a very grave mistake, Ortron.
ORTRON: Am I, Doctor? (To the guards.) Carry on.

(The DOCTOR is led away. ORTRON heads in the other direction, walking straight past another wallcovering behind which SARAH is hidden. She steps out and goes to the tapestry covering that she saw the DOCTOR about to go through. Taking her cue from the torch bracket in the temple, she lifts the similar bracket in the passage and heads through the entrance behind the tapestry.)


(She quickly looks round for the similar bracket on the other side of the door. Spotting it, she closes the door and heads off into the tunnels.)


(Hidden behind a ledge, GEBEK, ETTIS and other miners watch as ECKERSLEY leads two guards in moving the recovered sonic lance.)

ECKERSLEY: Right, bring it onto here - pointing that way.
ETTIS: (To GEBEK, whispering.) What is he doing?
GEBEK: (Whispers.) Preparing to take it back to the citadel, I think.
ETTIS: (Whispers.) He's left it a bit late.
GEBEK: (Whispers.) Get down. Someone's coming.

(It is SARAH who walks up to ECKERSLEY as he adjusts the lance.)

ECKERSLEY: What are you doing here?
SARAH: The Doctor thinks the rebels are going to try and capture the lance.
ECKERSLEY: Well, there's no sign of them so far.

(SARAH looks round. ETTIS grows impatient.)

ETTIS: What are we...waiting for, Gebek? Let's attack.
GEBEK: Just, er...just wait a minute.

(He takes one of the stolen guns from one of the miners and moves off quietly.)


(ALPHA CENTAURI has an audience with the Queen...)

ALPHA CENTAURI: I wish to protest most strongly against the arrest of the Doctor.
ORTRON: He was ordered to stay in the citadel. He chose to disobey.
THALIRA: Chancellor Ortron, you have again exceeded your authority. We ordered that the Doctor be allowed to continue his investigation.
ORTRON: But your Majesty, I myself heard him say that he intended to contact the rebel Gebek.
ALPHA CENTAURI: The Doctor is under the protection of the Federation.
ORTRON: Is he indeed, Ambassador? Tell me - has he any official rank or position within the Federation?
ALPHA CENTAURI: The Doctor's position is unique.
ORTRON: Then you can produce his official Federation identity record.

(CENTAURI hesitates...)


(He coughs in embarrassment.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: As a matter of fact, he...seems to be untraceable at the moment.
ORTRON: You see, your Majesty? A nameless alien who does not officially exist.
ALPHA CENTAURI: But we have chosen to give him our friendship and protection, Ortron.
ORTRON: (Quietly.) Then it is the duty of her Majesty's servants to protect her from her errors. The Doctor will remain imprisoned where he can do no further harm, and I shall give orders for the arrest of his female companion.
THALIRA: (Shouts.) No, Ortron, that you will not! The girl, Sarah, will remain at liberty.
ORTRON: As your Majesty wishes. Since she is only a female, her activities are of little importance.

(He bows before his angry Queen.)


(ECKERSLEY finishes his adjustments to the sonic lance.)

ECKERSLEY: Right, let's get this thing back to the citadel.

(ETTIS stands, aims and shoots one of the guards in the back. The other guards turn to fight.)

ECKERSLEY: Quick, Sarah, here - down!

(SARAH joins ECKERSLEY in hiding behind the sonic lance. The other guards are easily dispatched by the Federation weapons. ECKERSLEY switches on the lance with a degree of bloodlust.)

ECKERSLEY: Now we'll show them!

(The lance powers up and a section of the rock wall near to the rebel miners explodes, denting their triumph. Before any further action can be taken, GEBEK steps up behind ECKERSLEY with his gun raised.)

GEBEK: Eckersley, move away from that lance.
ECKERSLEY: It was worth a try.

(ECKERSLEY moves away from the controls and SARAH steps up to GEBEK.)

SARAH: I've a message for you - from the Doctor. The Queen has agreed to meet you in secret.
GEBEK: It may be difficult. I'll come to the citadel when I can.
ECKERSLEY: What are you gonna do with us, Gebek?
GEBEK: Nothing - you can go.

(ETTIS runs forward.)

ETTIS: No! What are you doing? Kill them!
GEBEK: There's been too much killing. (To ECKERSLEY.) Now go.
ECKERSLEY: I'm taking that machine with me.
SARAH: Don't argue! Let's go while we still can.

(SARAH pulls him away.)

ETTIS: You should have killed them! You're too weak, Gebek.
GEBEK: And you are a fool. Now take that machine away. I've got things to do.

(He walks off watched by a smouldering ETTIS.)


(SARAH and ECKERSLEY have gone to the throne room to report this latest development.)

ORTRON: And now the rebels have the sonic lance in their hands!
ECKERSLEY: There was nothing I could do! I'm sorry, your Majesty, but they had Federation weapons, and your troops didn't.
SARAH: That's true.
THALIRA: How dangerous is this device?
ECKERSLEY: Well, if it's properly handled and at full power, it's capable of destroying the entire citadel.

(This revelation causes shock...)

SARAH: What?
ORTRON: Why weren't we told this before?!
ALPHA CENTAURI: It would be an unhappy admission to make when the Federation troops arrive!

(THALIRA suddenly stands.)

THALIRA: Federation troops?
ORTRON: We want no alien troops on Peladon!
ALPHA CENTAURI: Forgive me, your Majesty, I should have informed you earlier, but the situation had become so bad that I felt forced to send for help.
SARAH: Well can't you send them back?
ALPHA CENTAURI: Once security troops are summoned, they cannot be recalled.

(SARAH thinks.)

SARAH: Well what'll make them pack up and go away again?

(ORTRON looks puzzled and surprised at this question.)

ORTRON: Go away?
SARAH: Yes, well, don't you see? Since the troops are coming, the thing to do is get rid of them as soon as possible. We must make them go away.
THALIRA: (Encouraging.) Go on, Sarah.
SARAH: Well, they'll only go if it looks as if there's no need for them. (Smiles.) Now, if everything was running smoothly...


(The DOCTOR sits on a bunk behind bars in an alcove of the dungeon. The GUARD CAPTAIN sits nearby sharpening his sword on a stone.)

DOCTOR: Guard?

(The GUARD CAPTAIN ignores him. The DOCTOR stands and goes to the bars.)

DOCTOR: Guard, could I have a glass of water, please?

(The GUARD CAPTAIN puts down the stone and goes to the bars. As he pours the water, the DOCTOR reaches out and tries to take the key from a hook on the guard's belt. The CAPTAIN notices and swings round with a cry and his sword raised.)

DOCTOR: Now, now, now, no need to be aggressive! There's no harm in trying, is there?

(The CAPTAIN walks away.)

DOCTOR: Look, what about my glass of water?

(The CAPTAIN returns, pours the beaker of water back into the jug and walks off again with a look at the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Good health!


(The doors to the throne room open and ECKERSLEY walks out and off. ALPHA CENTAURI and SARAH follow.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: A most excellent scheme, Sarah - worthy of the Doctor himself.
SARAH: Yeah, even old Ortron seems pretty keen on it. He doesn't want Federation troops here any more than we do. I'll see you.
ALPHA CENTAURI: Where are you going, Sarah?
SARAH: To try and find this dungeon where they're holding the Doctor.

(She walks off. CENTAURI calls after her.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: You should use the proper procedures!


(GEBEK'S head appears round the edge of the tapestry covering the secret entrance. He looks round and steps out. He walks a small way down the passage then, hearing a noise, hides. SARAH walks round the corner and into the miner.)

SARAH: Oh! Gebek!

(He looks round.)

SARAH: (Whispers.) How did you get here?
GEBEK: (Quietly.) There are many secret ways into this citadel. Well where's the Doctor?
SARAH: (Quietly.) Ortron's had him locked up. I must find him!
GEBEK: (Quietly.) I know where they'll be keeping him - in the lower dungeons.
SARAH: Right - let's go and get him out.
GEBEK: Oh, no. No, you must return to the others, or they'll get suspicious.
SARAH: (Quietly.) Yeah, but what about the Doctor?
GEBEK: (Quietly.) Leave that to me.
SARAH: You're sure?

(GEBEK nods.)

SARAH: Okay.

(SARAH moves off. GEBEK checks round and does the same.)


(The DOCTOR is amusing himself with a sleight of hand magic trick with a coin. The GUARD CAPTAIN gets up and moves to the jug of water and pours a cup.)

DOCTOR: Ah, my glass of water at last, eh?

(GEBEK walks quietly into the dungeon and peers round a corner. The GUARD CAPTAIN is drinking the water himself with his back to the new arrival. The DOCTOR sees GEBEK and shakes his head at him to get back out of sight. The CAPTAIN finishes his drink and is about to return to his place but the DOCTOR gets quickly to his feet.)

DOCTOR: I say, guard, erm, oh, er, have you seen this?

(He holds up the coin.)

DOCTOR: Watch very closely. See the coin? Watch.

(The DOCTOR makes to snatch the coin and throw it into the air. He then taps his own head and produces the coin on the tip of his tongue. The GUARD CAPTAIN looks amazed.)

DOCTOR: It's rather good, innit? Would you like to try it?

(GEBEK walks up behind the CAPTAIN.)

DOCTOR: Ah, there you are, Gebek.

(The CAPTAIN turns...)


(...and is felled by a blow to the jaw.)

DOCTOR: Well done. Get his keys.

(GEBEK does so and starts to unlock the bars.)

GEBEK: Soon have you out of there, Doctor.

(The barred door is opened and the DOCTOR steps out.)

DOCTOR: Give me the keys.
GEBEK: Yep. I'll just tuck him in here.

(GEBEK drags the CAPTAIN into the cell.)

GEBEK: He won't make such a...mess then.

(GEBEK dumps the unconscious GUARD CAPTAIN on the floor of the cell. He steps out and the DOCTOR shuts and locks the door.)

GEBEK: (Quietly.) Sarah told me the Queen wants to see me.
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) That'll have to wait for a while. Ortron's on the warpath.
GEBEK: (Quietly.) Well what now then?
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) I'd like you to take me to the Federation refinery. From what Sarah tells me, there's something singularly suspicious going on down there.
GEBEK: (Whispers.) Alright, this way, Doctor.


(ETTIS and the miners have wheeled the sonic lance through the tunnels to a cave which overlooks the citadel of Peladon on an opposite mountain. The lance is pointed at the citadel.)

ETTIS: Eckersley has given us a fine weapon. From here we dominate the citadel!


(GEBEK and the DOCTOR make their way down a tunnel.)

GEBEK: If Federation troops land, Doctor, my people will fight - I promise you.
DOCTOR: Well I believe you, Gebek. That's why we've got to expose this Aggedor trickery before they arrive.

(GEBEK hears something ahead and holds the DOCTOR back.)

DOCTOR: What is it?
GEBEK: Someone coming.
DOCTOR: Over there.

(They hide behind a ledge of rock and watch as a troop of miners with picks and shovels move through the tunnels, escorted by two guards.)

GEBEK: They must be mad. My miners won't work with guards standing over them.
DOCTOR: Yes, quite so, old chap, but still, we...we've got to think of first things first, eh? Come on, let's get on.

(They move down the tunnel that the miners came from.)


(In the communications room, ALPHA CENTAURI receives a message from a Federation trooper who speaks in a whispering breathless voice. SARAH and ECKERSLEY listen in...)

VOICE: (Over radio.) Our ship is now in orbit over the planet Peladon. Preliminary detachments will land by scout craft close to the citadel.
ALPHA CENTAURI: (Into microphone.) Your message is received and understood. We await your arrival.
SARAH: Well, they're on their way.
ECKERSLEY: Yes. I don't see how you can hope to fool them for long.
SARAH: Well, with any luck they won't be here for long - that's the whole idea.
ALPHA CENTAURI: Long enough, I hope, to force Chancellor Ortron to release the Doctor from the dungeon.

(SARAH hesitates and smiles.)



(GEBEK and the DOCTOR approach the door to the refinery.)

GEBEK: I think this is the place, Doctor, but be careful - there is evil here.
GEBEK: Well several of my people have been attacked by magic, and their minds destroyed.
DOCTOR: Yes, well, don't worry, old chap. It's Eckersley's patent alarm system. I'll deal with the magic before we start.

(He looks round and spots a locked junction box set into the tunnel wall next to the door.)

DOCTOR: Yes, that'll be it.

(He takes out his sonic screwdriver, switches it on and the locking nut in the box starts to unscrew.)


ECKERSLEY: What's Gebek and Ettis and that little lot up to, eh? That's what's worrying me. And where's the sonic lance?
SARAH: I don't know. Maybe they just wanted to stop you using it?
ECKERSLEY: Yes, maybe. I think I'll just check the area again.

(ECKERSLEY starts to looks over camera images from all over the citadel and surrounding tunnels, including the temple.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: I estimate that the Federation troops will be here at almost any moment.

(The image changes to one of the miners in a tunnel with their guards. ORTRON steps up to them.)

ECKERSLEY: Ah, there's Ortron arriving now.
SARAH: I only hope he can get the miners to cooperate.

(The image is changed to a passage in the citadel, a tunnel and then a view of the DOCTOR opening the junction box with GEBEK watching. ECKERSLEY sits up in alarm.)

ECKERSLEY: Hey, the old devil's on the loose!
SARAH: (Smiles.) Well, well, well!
ECKERSLEY: And that's Gebek with him. What are those two up to?
ALPHA CENTAURI: I fear your suspicions were correct after all, Eckersley.
SARAH: Uh, what?
ALPHA CENTAURI: It appears that he has gone over to the rebel side completely.
SARAH: Oh, don't be so ridiculous!
ECKERSLEY: Oh, has he? Right! We'll see about that!

(He heads for the door but SARAH stands in his way.)

SARAH: No, please! You mustn't interfere! No, it isn't sabotage, I promise you.
ECKERSLEY: Then what's he up to, eh?!

(He tries to push his way past her but SARAH stands her ground.)

SARAH: No! Alright, alright. We think the Aggedor trick is being worked from the refinery.

(ECKERSLEY smiles.)

ECKERSLEY: Well, of all the daft ideas.

(He returns silently to the console.)

SARAH: No...well, someone is hiding down there without your knowing. Look, if we're wrong, they'll be no harm done. Now don't worry, the Doctor won't damage your precious machinery.

(ECKERSLEY looks as if a thousand thoughts are passing through his mind...)


(ORTRON is attempting to address the miners but they are all talking at once.)

GUARD CAPTAIN: (Shouts.) Silence!
ORTRON: (Shouts.) Unfortunately, Federation troops, as a result of the recent violence, are about to land on this planet.
MINER: (Shouts.) Don't think that'll save ya!

(Several other miners yell out in similar fashion.)

ORTRON: (Shouts.) I didn't send for them. I don't want them here any more than you do. But they're coming, and we cannot fight them. Now our only hope is to convince them that their presence here is not needed, and the way to do that, is to return the mines to working order.

(The miners, unconvinced, mutter between themselves.)

ORTRON: Now I appeal to you for the sake of Peladon, go back to work...then when the Federation troops have gone, they'll be a fair hearing for all your complaints.
SECOND MINER: Shall we give it a chance?
MINER: Alright, Chancellor, we'll trust you this time.
ORTRON: Thank you, men of Peladon. I'm glad that good sense has prevailed.

(The miners walk off to begin their task. As the go down the tunnel, the image of the royal beast suddenly materialises in front of them. They cry out and run off in alarm but the spirit spits out its deadly heat ray, catching one miner who is vapourised into nothingness.)


(GEBEK hears the miner's cries and runs to the DOCTOR who has the junction box open and is re-fixing the wires within.)

GEBEK: Doctor? Can you hear? Back there - down the mine!
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, stop worrying. I've just got one more connection to make.


(Screaming, both guards and miners run at full tilt down a tunnel.)


GEBEK: They're coming this way, Doctor!

(The DOCTOR wraps two wires together and within the junction box, a red and orange light both flash.)

DOCTOR: That should do it. It should open now.

(They turn to the refinery door. It opens - and an armed Ice Warrior steps out!)

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