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(An exterior view of the Towers, high up in the sky. The glass walls and windows of the Towers reflect the fluffy white clouds hanging in the sky.)


(Tilda, Mel and Tabby are sitting in the seating area. Tabby is toasting a crumpet on a long fork over a small fire.)

TABBY: You feeling better now, dear.
MEL: Erm. Yes, thank you. There's nothing like tea and crumpets is there? I feel so much more relaxed.
TABBY: Oh that's good to hear, isn't it Tilda.
TILDA: Yes, very good.
MEL: All the same, I really must be going now.
TILDA: Oh, we couldn't possibly let you do that.
TABBY: Oh no, not this time.
TILDA: We can't possibly miss this opportunity, can we Tabby?
TABBY: No we can't Tabby, not since those horrid little Kangs got suspicious of our little ways.
TILDA: I am sorry, dear.
MEL: What d'you mean?
TILDA: Well you see, we would like you to stay for a very long time.
TABBY: In fact we don't imagine you ever leaving at all.
MEL: You are joking aren't you? Tilda? TABBY?
TABBY: We don't see this as a matter for humour, Mel dear. We mean every word.

(Tilda stands and advances on Mel. She throws her knitting over Mel's head and restrains her. Tabby threatens Mel with her long fork.)

TILDA: In our experience, Mel dear, it is much better not to struggle too much.


(The group of Caretakers outside the Red Kang Brainquarters have made strong progress in their attempt to burn through the door with an acetylene torch.)


(The Red Kangs and the Doctor watch the effects of the cutting from the other side of the door.)

DOCTOR: You must have a secret escape route. I mean it's not like Kangs to allow themselves to be caught like rats in a trap.
BIN LINER: Red Kangs have an unseen outway but…
DOCTOR: But what?
FIRE ESCAPE: The Caretakers will be in our Brainquarters too soon for the Kangs to use it.
DOCTOR: I see. You need time. Well, I will buy you that time. I'm the reason why the Caretakers are here. Now go on, make your escape. Go on. Shoo! Build high for happiness.

(The Doctor moves to the entrance door and the Red Kangs make their way across the room to their secret "outway".)


(Mel is securely fastened to the armchair. Tabby is in the kitchen standing over a large cooking pot. She is putting in lots of herbs of spices. Tilda is overseeing the preparation.)

MEL: Look, a joke's a joke but this gone on long enough.
TILDA: Mel dear, I do think by now you should be appreciating that though Tabby and myself are not averse to a humorous remark now and then, no joke was intended.

(Tilda advances threateningly towards Mel with a large kitchen knife and swings it over Mel's head. She then moves over to the hallway section of the apartment.)

TILDA: (to Tabby) See if you can spot the basil.
TABBY: Oh it's here somewhere. Uh, here we are.

(Whilst they continue with their preparations, Mel catches sight of a Cleaner claw appearing through waste disposal unit in the kitchen behind Tabby. She screams.)

TABBY: Oh what is it, dear?
MEL: There's something wrong with the waste disposal unit.
TABBY: No, don't talk nonsense, dear. It always makes that funny noise.
MEL: I think something's coming up in it.
TABBY: Don't be silly, dear.
TILDA: Oh we better make sure, Tabby.
TABBY: Oh very well dear.

(Tabby goes over to look at the waste disposal unit whilst Tilda keeps a suspicious gaze on Mel.)

TABBY: No, I can't see anything.

(Mel lets out a scream as the Cleaner's claw comes from the waste disposal unit and grabs Tabby by the throat who then cries out in terror.)

TILDA: Tabby! Tabby!

(Tilda runs panicking into the kitchen just in time to see Tabby's legs disappear into the waste disposal unit – dragged by the force of the Cleaner. Once Tabby has gone, Tilda turns her attention around to Mel. She begins to advance towards her with the kitchen knife held poised.)

TILDA: Oh, what a naughty little girl we are. Looks as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and now she's killed poor dear, Tabby.
MEL: It wasn't me, Tilda. It was the thing in the waste disposal.
TILDA: Fibbing now is it? I hate little fibbers.

(Mel screams in panic but Tilda's threatening advance is interrupted by Pex who kicks down the front door. He enters and moves into his familiar pose.)

PEX: My name is Pex…
MEL: Help, Pex, help!

(He sees the threatening situation in front of him and puts his arms out to protect himself as Tilda throws the knife in his direction. It misses him and becomes imbedded into the doorframe at his side.)

PEX: No! Now look.
MEL: Don't just stand there help me! Help!

(Mel continues to scream whilst Pex stands is a state of confusion, clueless as to what action to take. Tilda runs over to the kitchen and picks up another knife from the drainer. Before she can throw it, the Cleaner's claw comes out of the waste disposal unit and grabs her by the throat. Tilda screams as her body is dragged inside and the hatch closes. Pex, seeing that the room is now safe to enter, moves over to Mel and starts to untie her bindings.)

MEL: You arrived just in time.
PEX: Mel.
MEL: Yeah.
PEX: Mel? Does mean that I've really helped save someone from something for the first time?
MEL: I think it might.


(Two Cleaners trundle towards the "No Entry" door carrying a cart each. One of the carts contains Tilda and the other contains Tabby. All that is seen of them is their fluffy slippers. The disembodied voice can be heard proclaiming, "Hungry".)


(The Caretakers watch as the acetylene torch has finally cut through the entrance door to the Red Kang Brainquarters. The Deputy Chief Caretaker stands overseeing the completion.)

DEPUTY: I think you'll find that the rulebook states that I remove the last section of the door.

(He moves coolly around in front of the door, composes himself and proceeds to kick down the door, dislodging the final section. Once it has been removed the Doctor appears in the opening.)

DOCTOR: Greetings, Deputy Chief Caretaker. You look surprised to see me. I can't imagine why after all it was me you came for.
DEPUTY: Seize him.

(The Deputy stands aside and the other Caretakers move in and pull the Doctor up onto the street. Once there, they all close in around him.)

DEPUTY: You're not alone down there, are you?
DOCTOR: As a matter of fact I am.
DEPUTY: You don't fool me, Great Architect. There are Kangs down there.
DOCTOR: Take a look for yourself if you don't believe me.

(The Doctor steps aside and motions the Deputy into the Red Kang Brainquarters. He steps down into the room but loses his balance on the rickety stairs and stumbles to the floor. The other Caretakers are amused by this. The Deputy regains his composure and turns to look up at the Doctor.)

DEPUTY: I don't know what you're so pleased about. There's a 327 appendix 3 Subsection 9 Death waiting for you.

(The Caretakers take hold of the Doctor. The Deputy ascends the steps out of the room to rejoin them.)


(Mel is searching through some draws and comes upon a folder containing a map of Paradise Towers. She takes it over to Pex at the seating area.)

PEX: What is it?
MEL: It's a map of the Paradise Towers. It occurred to me that when everyone was brought here, they'd have been given a map to help them get around.
PEX: Well, I wasn't. But then nobody knew that I was in the ship, did they.
MEL: This building is huge, isn't it. 304 floors!

(Mel stands and moves over to peer through the broken front door at the floor number written on the wall in the street.)

MEL: And we must be on floor 109.

(She moves back to the seating area.)

PEX: Mel?
MEL: Yeah?
PEX: Are you want to get to the Pool in the Sky?
MEL: Of course, that's where I'm meeting the Doctor.
PEX: You mustn't go.
MEL: That's silly and anyway here is it. (Pointing at the map) Floor 304.
PEX: But Mel!
MEL: What now?
PEX: Only the unalive go there.
MEL: Who says so?
PEX: Everybody, Bin Liner and Fire Escape.
MEL: Now that's odd.
PEX: What?
MEL: (Examining the map) Look down here where it says, "Basement", and underneath, "No plan available. Entry forbidden to all residents of Paradise Towers on pain of death".

(Pex groans uneasily and Mel looks up at him.)

MEL: You don't have to come.
PEX: But I do. It's my job to protect you.
MEL: So you're coming with me, come what may?

(Pex nods his head.)


(The Chief sits at the control desk watching a monitor screen. The screen shows the demise of another Caretaker due to the smoky emissions of a Cleaner. The entrance door opens and the Chief turns off the screen. The deputy enters with the Doctor and two other Caretakers.)

CHIEF CARETAKER: Welcome back, Great Architect. I'm relieved that it's you and not my Deputy who will be enjoying a 327 Appendix 3 Subsection 9 Death. For a start his demise would have involved an enormous amount of extra paper work.
DEPUTY: Chief?
DEPUTY: Chief, as I was coming in I heard reports that Caretaker Number 97 Stroke 2 Subsection 9 had disappeared without any known explanation. And that Caretaker 348…
CHIEF CARETAKER: I'm well aware of that.
DEPUTY: But Chief if this goes on and the Cleaners are out of control; how many of us are going to be left?

(The Chief moves intimidatingly over to the Deputy to stand face to face with him.)

CHIEF CARETAKER: Deputy Chief Caretaker, by talking out of turn in such a way, you have broken so many rules and regulations that it would take me several hours just to innumerate them. Wait outside would you.
DEPUTY: Yes, Chief.

(The Deputy moves out of the room and the Chief returns his attention to the Doctor.)

CHIEF CARETAKER: I think it would be a very good idea if, before your death, you and I had a nice little Regulation 13 Appendix 2 final conversation.


(Pex and Mel arrive in the square and are greeted with the TARDIS covered in graffiti.)

PEX: Kang wallscrawl.
MEL: I know.
PEX: Quiet!
MEL: What is it now?
PEX: I thought I saw a Blue Kang.

(Pex hold his gun out in front of him ready to fire and makes his way around to the other side of the square. Mel does the same over the opposite side of the square and they come face to face causing him to jump.)

MEL: Relax! Come on.

(Mel and Pex then move off down one of the street going off from the square. They aren't aware of a Cleaner who glides on to the square via another street – it follows in pursuit of them.)


(The Chief Caretaker and the Doctor sit facing one another at the control desk. The Chief has a bright light trained on the Doctor.)

CHIEF CARETAKER: Are you the Great Architect?
DOCTOR: You mean you're not certain anymore?
CHIEF CARETAKER: Oh I shall have you killed anyway but it would be interesting to know.
DOCTOR: What makes you think I'm the Great Architect? Haven't you ever met him?
CHIEF CARETAKER: (shakes his head) Just when Paradise Towers was being completed, before any of us got here, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Never been seen since anywhere.
DOCTOR: How odd.
CHIEF CARETAKER: Odd indeed for a being who head was apparently full of extravagant future plans. But I always knew in my bones he'd turn up again one day. Start altering things just when I'd got them the way I wanted.
DOCTOR: And that would justify killing me, I mean him.

(The Doctor stands are starts to advance towards the Chief.)

DOCTOR: Like everyone else you seem terrified to face up to the reality of what's happening in Paradise Towers. I mean killing me won't help you find out who's sending out those robotic Cleaners to kill people. And that's a problem that isn't going to go away. Unless, of course, you're giving the orders yourself.

(The Doctor walks around the Chief who then stands, with his back to the Doctor. He turns around at the Doctor's suggestion.)

CHIEF CARETAKER: What a ridiculous idea!
DOCTOR: Perhaps but I do have a better one.
CHIEF CARETAKER: And what is that?

(The Doctor motions that the Chief to take the seat that he previously vacated.)

DOCTOR: No doubt you've been allowing the Cleaners to kill off some of your people as well as the Kangs, for reasons which are at the moment beyond me but then I'm not a power crazed psychopath.
CHIEF CARETAKER: (He stands) What did you say?
DOCTOR: Listen you're going to kill me anyway so you may as well make use of my brain.

(The Doctor pushes the Chief back down into his seat and makes himself comfortable on the Chief original seat.)

DOCTOR: What I also think is happening is that, besides your activities, is that the Caretakers, the Kangs, Red, Yellow, Blue and everyone else are being killed off without instructions from you. And that's why you're worried. You don't know how doing it.

(The entrance door opens and the Deputy and other Caretakers rush inside.)

DEPUTY: Report from floor 109Chief! Two of the oldsters have apparently disappeared and it's believed they've gone down the XY3 standard issue waste disposal unit.
DEPUTY: It's unheard of Chief! I should remind you that under emergency regulation number 348 stroke 5 Subsection 6.
CHIEF CARETAKER: Alright, alright, alright! I better go and investigate this myself. Deputy, I leave you in charge. I don't need to remind you of the consequences of second mistake.
DEPUTY: No Chief.
CHIEF CARETAKER: No… Perhaps we should allow the Great Architect to see a copy of the Illustrated Prospectus of Paradise Towers. Might bring back happy memories for him. Not that I shall be away long. It's against my principles to keep anyone waiting.

(The Chief leaves the room and the Deputy makes himself comfortable at the control desk, putting his feet up on the desk. He looks who the Doctor who is still seated.

DEPUTY: And no funny business with the rulebook this time, alright?
DOCTOR: I'm afraid I've got far too much to worry about, Deputy Chief Caretaker.


(Mel and Pex race down the street towards the lift at the end of it.)

MEL: It's all safe. Quick!

(Mel checks the lift and they enter it.)

MEL: Now all I have to do is press the button the 304th floor and…
PEX: Um, Mel?
MEL: Yes? What is it?
PEX: Look!

(At the other end of the street they see a cleaner racing towards to lift, it's lethal blades activated ready for use.)

MEL: What is it?
PEX: I'll explain later. Could you just press the button?
MEL: Of course. Come on!

(Mel repeatedly presses the button until, at the last moment, the door closes between them and the deadly robotic Cleaner. Mel looks at the floor indicator panel.)

PEX: We call those the Cleaners and sometimes they…
MEL: Pex?
PEX: What?
MEL: Am I imagining things?
PEX: Why?
MEL: Are we going up or are we going down?
PEX: We're going down.
MEL: But I pressed the button…
PEX: The Kangs play a game you see. They get into the lift and press the buttons for all kinds of floors up and down the building.
MEL: So we could be stuck in here going up and down for hours.
PEX: Yes.

(The Cleaner machine remains on the floor they left with its blades and drills at full activation.)


(The Doctor is sitting alone, slumped on the control desk watching the Illustrated Prospectus. The monitor screen displays many images of how the Towers looked back at its completion.)

NARRATOR: "Welcome one and all to Paradise Towers, which will be your new home for a good few years to come. Some of you will understandably feel nervous at leaving everything you know for a strange new environment. But we believe once you've tasted the Paradise Towers experience you won't want to change it for any other. Our motto is "Build High for Happiness". The facilities of this mighty structure are unrivalled as you can see from these pictures."

(The Doctor is distracted by a commotion over the other side of the room.)

DOCTOR: Will you please stop!

(The Doctor looks aside to where the noise has been coming from and surprisingly sees Bin Liner and Fire Escape standing there to greet him. The Caretakers are on the floor tied up. The Doctor greets them with the standard Kang greeting.)

BIN LINER: How you do, Doctor.
DOCTOR: How you do. Bin Liner, Fire Escape, how did you get here?
FIRE ESCAPE: We track you down the Carrydoors, creep in when the Chief Caretaker left and bundle up these others.
BIN LINER: Sorry to disturb you.
DOCTOR: Not at all, I'm delighted to see you. Ah, whoops.

(The Doctor goes to leave with them but remembers to collect the DVD containing the Illustrated Prospectus of Paradise Towers. He moves over to join the Red Kangs at the door but not before gloating to the Deputy tied up on the floor.)

DOCTOR: I'm sure there are some rules to govern this, Deputy Chief.

(The Deputy can do little more than groan through his mouth gag.)

DOCTOR: That's the most intelligent thing he's said so far.

(The two Red Kangs and the Doctor exit the headquarters leaving the humiliated Caretakers bound and gagged.)


(The Chief Caretaker and Maddy are together in the kitchen area. He is making note of the situation on his clipboard.)

MADDY: Well, I can't think of any other explanation can you?
CHIEF CARETAKER: Since you ask, thousands.
MADDY: Well, it's never happened before. We Rezzies are all very frightened.
CHIEF CARETAKER: Well you have my assurance; there is no cause for panic.
MADDY: No cause for panic?
MADDY: No cause for panic?
MADDY: Two of my next door neighbours have just disappeared down the waste disposal chute. I wouldn't wish that on anybody.
CHIEF CARETAKER: I will conduct a full investigation on the matter. In due course a report will be issued to all residents. And you may rest assured there'll be no cover up. No cover up whatsoever. On the other hand I would urge you for the moment to keep the matter quiet. We don't want to alarm people unduly, do we?
MADDY: We'll I'm not really sure I ought to.
CHIEF CARETAKER: Not that I would wish to bribe you to hold your tongue in anyway but rules can be made flexible. And it could be arranged for you to move into this flat instead of your own. It is substantially larger. And after all what's the good of panicking people when I repeat everything is under control.
MADDY: Well I'd hate to upset anybody.
CHIEF CARETAKER: Exactly. And now if you'll excuse me I think I will depart and begin my investigation. In the basement, perhaps.

(He walks out of the apartment leaving Maddy alone and rather concerned.)


(Pex and Mel stand in the lift as the floor indicator shows that they are travelling upwards.)

MEL: Well is suppose it is one way of seeing the Paradise Towers, just so long as nothing goes wrong with the lift.

(The lights go out for a moment before returning.)

PEX: What did you?
MEL: Oh I doesn't matter really. It's just if the lift gets completely stuck between floors...

(The lift gets stuck between floors.)

MEL: And the lights go out.

(The lights go out.)

PEX: Oh, I hate the dark.

(Pex and Mel cling to one another for comfort in the darkness.)


(The Doctor enters the Brainquarters through the "unseen outway". The other Kangs are gathered around.  Bin Liner follows him inside but Fire Escape is already present.)

DOCTOR: Well Kangs, I must say there's no place like home. And this is no place like home.
BIN LINER: Be seated, Doctor.
FIRE ESCAPE: And drink.

(She hands him another can of fizzy drink.)

DOCTOR: Thank you, Fire Escape. But before we do anything else, we must view the Illustrated Prospectus. Now which pocket did I put it in?

(He starts to rummage through his many pockets.)


(Mel and Pex are attempting to examine the lift controls in darkness.)

MEL: Hand on, I think I've found something. The controls are really stiff though.
PEX: Here, let me.

(He picks up Mel and lifts her aside. With one kick, he dislodges the control and the lift comes to life again. The floor indicator shows that they are descending.)

MEL: Well done, Pex! Except we seem to be going down. Very fast!

(The floor indicator goes crazy and the lift starts to shake as it plummets to the depths of Paradise Towers.)


(The Red Kangs and the Doctor are sitting in a group around a monitor screen mounted on a small table. Bin Liner is setting up the equipment.)

BIN LINER: All shape ship and ready, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Ah, the beginning's not important, Bin Liner. Wind it on.

(She moves the prospectus on a few minutes until he indicates her to stop. Then she sits down and joins the other viewers as they watch the Prospectus.)

NARRATOR: "Paradise Towers has been specially designed for you by Kroagnon, universally known as the Great Architect. The genius responsible for Golden Dream Park, The Bridge of Perpetual Motion, Miracle City…"
DOCTOR: Miracle City!

(The Doctor jolts to attention and points at the screen.)


(The Lift finally comes to a halt at the very depths of Paradise Towers – The Basement. Mel and Pex jump at it stops. They gather themselves as the door opens looking out into the Basement.)

MEL: Where are we now?
PEX: Oh no.
MEL: What is it?
PEX: I think we're in the basement.
MEL: As in, "Forbidden to all residents of Paradise Towers on pain of death".

(Across from the lift, a Cleaner carries the body of yet another Caretaker through the door marked "No Entry". From inside a deep rumbling voice can be heard to utter "Soon! Soon! Soon I shall be free!")

MEL: You hear that! We have to get out of here.

(Mel and Pex become alert with fear. She frantically starts to activate the lift controls whilst Pex looks on flustered.)


(The Doctor removes the DVD from the player whilst all the Red Kangs watch him intently.)

DOCTOR: Kroagnon was a brilliant architect. And Miracle City. His masterpiece. Only…
DOCTOR: Only he refused to move out and let anybody move in. He thought that people would destroy the beauty of his work. But they got him. Only those who moved in lived to regret it.
FIRE ESCAPE: He made them unalive.
DOCTOR: Nothing could be proven so he got away with it. And as I said he was a brilliant architect. And space is a big place so he got other work. Of course, including Paradise Towers.
BIN LINER: Blank walls and cleaners.
DOCTOR: Quite. And then he disappeared. Mayhaps, my dear Red Kangs, mayhaps your parents thought they were being very clever by trapping him in his own building so that he wouldn't finish it. But if they did such a thing it was very foolish. Because no matter how deep they buried him in Paradise Towers, he's bound to get out in the end.


(The Chief Caretaker strides purposefully down one street when he notices a Cleaner, still and silent at the other end.)

CHIEF: Oi! What are you doing there Robotic Cleaner 479? I didn't order you to stand there. Get back to the 67Y Ghetto at once.

(The Cleaner suddenly comes to life and its blades start to activate. He advances on the Chief, motioning for him to go where it says.)

CHIEF: Do you hear my orders? What do you think you're doing Robotic Cleaner 479? Look there's no need for this. Really there isn't. No need at all. I was on my way to the basement anyway.


(Pex and Mel are still on the basement level trying to get the lift to ascend. Mel frantically hits the controls as Pex watches.)

MEL: Oh we've got to get out of here. This is really jammed this time.
PEX: Shall I hit it?
MEL: Alright give it a try. What have we got to lose? Come on, Pex.

(Pex kicks the lever control several times until it finally succumbs to his force. The door closes and the lift starts to ascend.)

MEL: Well done, Pex. Going up.

(The couple cling to one another with joy as they watch the floor indicator signal their ascent.)


(The Kangs are still sitting on the floor gathered around the Doctor.)

BIN LINER: So what must Red Kangs do, Doctor?
FIRE ESCAPE: We'll fight for you!

(Fire Escape jumps up excitedly, rousing the other Red Kangs.)

RED KANGS: Yes!!!!
DOCTOR: More than that. You must tell me all you know. I mean that door with smoke coming out of it. Where is it?

(Bin Liner and Fire Escape give one another a nervous look.)

DOCTOR: Please, it's important.
BIN LINER: In the basement. The Cleaners have a secret alleviator. Red Kangs have used it and seen…
DOCTOR: And seen what?
BIN LINER: Things they couldn't speak of.

(The Doctor stands up ready for action.)

DOCTOR: I'm going down to the basement to find out what's going on.
BIN LINER: I'll go and look with you, Doctor.
RED KANGS: And me! And me! And me!

(The Doctor stands at the door as the Red Kangs jumped excitedly around.)

DOCTOR: Fire Escape, Bin Liner and Air Duct you come with me. The rest stay here.

(As he is about to leave, the temporary cover over the door that the Red Kangs have using since the Caretaker cut through the original one is moved aside. Standing in the doorway are the Blue Kangs. They are headed by Drinking Fountain, their leader. )

DRINKING FOUNTAIN: No. Red Kangs leave no outlooks. Blue Kangs have got into their Brain Quarters and won the game. Blue Kangs are best!

(The Kangs, Red and Blue then enter into a verbal battle of who is the best, each just as aggressive as the other.)

DOCTOR: Please! Please! Please! This is no time for games. The future of Paradise Towers is at stake. We must all work together. You have got to help us. D'you understand?
DRINKING FOUNTAIN: But Blue Kangs have won!


(The Deputy stands at the control desk watched by his subordinates. He is using the communicator in an attempt to contact the Chief Caretaker.)

DEPUTY: Chief! Chief? Chief. It's no good. I can't trace him anywhere.


(The Doctor is trying to reason with all the Kangs. He surrounded by both Blue and Red Kangs.)

DOCTOR: Look, you've got to believe me. I'm sure the Red Kangs will agree that you've won this round of the game. And there won't be many rounds worth playing if we don't discover who's ordering the killing. Will you let us go to the basement?
DRINKING FOUNTAIN: More. I will come with you.
DOCTOR: Good. Then you'll see with your own eyes what's going on.

(The Doctor and the Blue Kangs exit into the street.)

DRINKING FOUNTAIN: Blue Kang eyespy saw Chief Caretaker footing it there too.
DOCTOR: We must hurry. What's the quickest way to get there?
BIN LINER: (from inside the Brainquarters) We must use the Cleaner's secret alleviator.
DOCTOR: Ah right. To the basement! Build high for happiness.

(They all re-enter the Brainquarters and leave via the "unseen outway".)

ALL KANGS: Build high for happiness.


(Mel and Pex watch the floor indicator as it shows they are ever closer to the top floor and the pool.)

MEL: 300. 301. 302. 303. 30… We made it!

(The lift door open and the natural light shines inside. The sound of musak can be heard playing.)

MEL: I just don' believe it. I really don't.

(They run from the lift, across the forecourt and over to the pool area. All the time Pex looks around nervously. They stand at the top end of the pool.)

MEL: And look here it is. Oh, it's just how I imagined it. Why don't the residents of the Towers ever use it, Pex?
PEX: It's the home of the unalive. We shouldn't be here.
MEL: I think that's all nonsense. Don't you think it's wonderful to be somewhere calm and clean and relaxing?
PEX: It makes me nervous.

(Mel bends down and dips her hand into the water as Pex looks around nervously.)

MEL: Oh everything makes you nervous.

(Mel stands again and looks excitedly at the water.)

MEL: I'm glad this is where I agreed to meet the Doctor. Aren't you going to have a swim, Pex? I just don't understand you. I think all that talk of it being dangerous is just a trick by the Caretakers so they don't have to come and clean up the pool all the time. Well come on, lets investigate. Just a few minutes to take the weight off my feet and then it's straight in to that lovely cool water.

(Mel moves over to one of the seating loungers around the pool and sits down. Pex does so also. She looks at him condescendingly then closes her eyes. Both of them fail to notice a yellow, robotic, crap-like Cleaner in the pool. It rises to observe them before falling again.)


(The Cleaner pushes the Chief Caretaker towards his "pet" represented by the neon lights through the "No Entry" door.)

CHIEF CARETAKER: Look, I don't understand what the matter is, my beauty. I've always made sure you had lot of tender little morsels to keep you big and strong. So why are giving the cleaners orders that aren't my orders and cleaning people I didn't tell you to kill.
VOICE: Because the bodies the Cleaners brought were not right.
CHIEF CARETAKER: Not right? What for?
VOICE: For me to live in.
CHIEF CARETAKER: To live in? I don't understand my pet.
VOICE: Neither could they. That was the problem.

(The door at the other end of the basement corridor opens and the Doctor and the Kangs cautiously enter. They keep out of sight, pressed against the wall. They watch with interest.)

CHIEF CARETAKER: You see all these bodies disappearing. People are starting to notice you know.
VOICE: No matter.
CHIEF CARETAKER: What did you say?
VOICE: I am ready now. I have my plan.
CHIEF CARETAKER: Look it's nice to have you chattier than usual, my pet. But I do think you might be a bit more grateful for all I've done for you.
VOICE: You have done all I need you to do. I need only one more thing from you.
CHIEF CARETAKER: Oh do you? And suppose I won't give it to you?
VOICE: You have no choice. I am Kroagnon, the Great Architect and I will put an end to you and everyone in Paradise Towers.

(The Chief is pushes forward by the Cleaner and into a machine. An opaque funnel begins to descend on him and obscures him from view. As it does so he lets out a terrified scream. The Doctor and the Kangs come out from their hiding place and watch this happen.)

BIN LINER: Ware Cleaners!
DOCTOR: Back to the lift.

(Fire Escape is hesitant thinking she can use her weapon on a Kang but the Doctor gestures for them to run.)

FIRE ESCAPE: Wait, Doctor.

(Fire Escape fires her weapon, hitting a Cleaner but it has no effect on it. Taken off guard, another Cleaner appears and uses its claw to grab the Doctor by the throat and proceeds to strangle him.)



The Doctor


Chief Caretaker

Deputy Chief





Fire Escape

Bin Liner

Drinking Fountain (Blue Kang Leader)

Video Commentary


Theme Music Composed by

Theme Arrangement / Incidental Music


Production Manager

Production Associate

Production Assistant

Assistant Floor Manager

Visual Effects Designer

Video Effects

Technical Co-ordinator

Camera Supervisor

Vision Mixer

Videotape Editor

Lighting Director



Make-up Designer

Script Editor

Graphic Designer



Directed by


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