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by Terry Nation

Part Three

(Recap from last episode: Ext. forest clearing. Doctor is grinning at Sarah, who is acting strangely emotionless. She draws a gun and points it at him.)

SARAH: Get back, Doctor.

(He grins even wider and starts rummaging in his pocket.)

DOCTOR: I knew at once. The real Sarah wasn't wearing her scarf.

(He pulls the scarf out of his pocket. As he does, he pulls off his hat and whaps the gun out of her hand. It fires as it hits the ground. He grabs her by the shoulders.)

DOCTOR: (threateningly) What have you done with Sarah? Where is the real Sarah?

(She pulls away and falls to the ground. As she does, the Sarah mask falls off and we see the circuits inside her head. She's not dead, and she looks up at the Doctor through her staring android eyes. He looks back, horrified. He takes the moment to start running off into the forest. Sarah sits up stiffly, her back to the camera and her robotic face obscured by her hair. She picks up the gun and fires many shots at the Doctor, but misses. At the last moment, the camera cuts to show us a close-up of her robotic face.)

(Int. Kraal ship control room. The Kraals are watching the action on the viewscreen through the android Sarah's eyes.)

CHEDAKI: (os) A foolish experiment, Styggron! The Doctor is at large!

(Styggron turns off the screen and turns to face Chedaki.)

STYGGRON: There's no way of escape. He can do no harm.

(The camera cuts to show us Chedaki, and we see Sarah lying unconscious, prostrate on a bench.)

CHEDAKI: He is a Time Lord!
STYGGRON: At the end of his time.

(We see a close-up of Sarah's face. Her eyelids are slightly open - she's not totally unconscious after all.)

STYGGRON: (continuing) The androids are now fully trained. Both the village and the Doctor will be destroyed in precisely nine minutes.
CHEDAKI: (surprised) Nine minutes?
STYGGRON: The invasion countdown has begun. There will be no variation in the schedule.
CHEDAKI: I understand... Is there a safe method of destroying the training ground?
STYGGRON: A matter dissolving bomb, which I shall place in position.

(Over Styggron's line, another Kraal enters carrying a rectangular object about the size and shape of a big ol' altar copy of the Bible. This Kraal appears to have facial hair - he's got a Fu Manchu moustache and a goatee. Chedaki turns to see the other Kraal with the bomb.)


(Chedaki notices Sarah.)

CHEDAKI: The Earth female! (astonished) She is still alive?
STYGGRON: Yes, Marshal Chedaki. She has been preserved.
STYGGRON: (amused) Another of my "foolish experiments." The virus which our androids will use to cleanse the Earth of its human population has only been proved in laboratory conditions. I wish to test it on a living human organism.

(Styggron takes the bomb from the unnamed Kraal. Chedaki mumbles as they leave the room...)

CHEDAKI:  Good... (something incomprehensible)

(Once they've left, Sarah stirs. She's obviously got the mother of all headaches as she pushes herself up into a sitting position and gets up off of the bench.)

SARAH: Nine minutes...

(She leaves out the same door as the Kraals.)

(Ext. village. An android vicar and two jumpsuited generic androids are gathering as a truck pulls up. The Doctor walks into the village from another direction, on the other side of a hedge, and spots the truck. He peers around the hedge to see the androids loading up the truck with all of the replicated villagers. The truck drives off and the Doctor emerges from behind the hedge and walks into the main square.)

(Int. Kraal spaceship, main hatchway. We can see the village right on the other side of the hatch.)

CRAYFORD: (sharp) Come on! Hurry along!

(Under the watchful eye of Harry Sullivan, UNIT soldiers begin entering the ship, stooping to go through the low doorway. They are followed by the villagers.)

CRAYFORD: Quickly, now!

(Cut to a close-up of Sarah, peering around a corner at ground level, right behind Crayford's lower legs. Then cut back to the view of the hatch itself. A few more androids come through, followed by RSM Benton.)

CRAYFORD: Any more?
BENTON: We're the last.

(Benton seals the hatchway and exits. Sarah sees how this is done.)

CRAYFORD: (to Harry) Make sure the blast doors are closed. You have four minutes.
HARRY: Yes, sir.

(They both exit. Sarah comes out of her hiding place and reopens the door. We now see the door for the first time - the bottom is randomly toothed and very obviously does not seal. It slides up, and Sarah runs out of the ship.)

(Ext. village square. The Doctor is pacing, pondering the situation. He walks slowly towards the camera, staring away from the camera, in the direction of the red phone booth. Eventually he backs right up to the camera and a pair of Kraal hands come down on his shoulders. He cranes his neck around until he can see his assailant.)


(He sees Styggron and smiles warmly.)

DOCTOR: Oh, hello!
STYGGRON: (gruff) Resistance is inadvisable.
DOCTOR: Look here, we haven't been introduced, have we?
STYGGRON: This is no time for niceties!

(He pushes the Doctor roughly away. The Doctor falls to the ground, and two white androids that are just standing there, off to the sides, walk up and grab the Doctor. Styggron gestures to them and one goes off to collect a vine. They use the vine to tie the Doctor's hands behind the monument in the centre of the square. Styggron puts the bomb down at the base of the monument and switches it on. Out of its case, it looks like a typewriter, and makes a genuine "vworp, vworp" sound. The androids start walking back to the ship.)

DOCTOR: Well, well, well. An M-D bomb.
STYGGRON: In exactly three minutes, our simulated Earth village will evaporate, and you with it!
DOCTOR: (smiles) You're really enjoying this, aren't you?

(Styggron says nothing, but scowls at the Doctor and lurches away, following the androids.)

DOCTOR: (cheerful) Don't go! Stay! Just for a few minutes. Then we can all go together!

(The pitch of the device begins to slowly modulate. The Doctor struggles with his bonds, but to no avail. Then Sarah arrives.)

SARAH: Doctor? Doctor!
DOCTOR: I'm over here!

(She runs into the square and stops at the foot of the monument.)

SARAH: Listen, this place is going to be blown sky high! Well, don't just sit there, come on!
DOCTOR: (annoyed) I'm not just sitting here, I'm tied up!

(Sarah immediately understands and runs up the side of the monument to check the bonds.)

DOCTOR: There's a knife in my right hand pocket.

(Sarah retrieves the knife and begins hacking away, to no avail.)

SARAH: It won't cut! It's as strong as steel!
DOCTOR: Of's artificial ivy.

(Close-up of the bomb. Its timer is moving closer and closer to the detonation zone.)

DOCTOR: Try the sonic screwdriver.

(Sarah starts rustling around in the Doctor's pockets.)

DOCTOR: Set it to theta omega.

(Sarah finds the sonic screwdriver and gets working on the creeper.)

RECORDED KRAAL VOICE: (os, from bomb) Thirty seconds. Twenty-five seconds.

(The creeper begins to twist and melt under the force of the sonic screwdriver.)


(The Doctor is freed and he and Sarah dash away.)

SARAH: Hang on! I know one of the ways out!

(Sarah leads the Doctor in a frantic dash for the Kraal spaceship.)

RECORDED KRAAL VOICE: Fifteen. Fourteen. Thirteen. Twelve. Eleven. Ten. Nine.

(The tempo of the bomb's FX suddenly accelerates as it prepares to detonate. Sarah and the Doctor sprint towards the door of a cottage.)

RECORDED KRAAL VOICE: Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Zero.

(Our heroes dash through the door of the cottage...and into the Kraal ship. Sarah shuts the hatch behind her, but the force of the explosion still knocks them down in slo-mo before the hatch can shut completely.)

(Cut to a shot of the square, where cheesy ray FX can be seen emanating from the bomb. The village gradually fades away, vaporized by the bomb, and all that's left is a wasteland with virtually no vegetation.)

(Cut back to the interior of the Kraal ship, where the Doctor and Sarah are picking themselves up.)

DOCTOR: A bit close.
SARAH: (out of breath) Wouldn' have been...any closer.

(They stand to find themselves surrounded by Crayford and several androids - the Harry Sullivan 'bot, and two of the UNIT 'bots.)

CRAYFORD: Escort them to the cell. I must report this to Styggron.
DOCTOR: (immediately interested) Styggron? Who's Styggron?
HARRY SULLIVAN: (snaps) Move!

(They lead the Doctor and Sarah away.)

DOCTOR: I prefer our Harry.

(Int. Kraal control room.)

RECORDED KRAAL VOICE: (os) Leader rocket in launch phase. Time to lift-off, ninety minutes.
STYGGRON: Have the pre-launch checks been completed?
GRUFF UNNAMED KRAAL: Yes, the androids are being loaded now.

(Crayford runs into the room.)

CRAYFORD: Styggron! We have recaptured the girl. She was with the Doctor.
STYGGRON: (astonished) The Doctor?!
CRAYFORD: Uh, it seems she helped him to escape.
STYGGRON: He must be destroyed. At once. Have him killed.
CRAYFORD: (perplexed) Why, Styggron? (smiles) There's really no need.
STYGGRON: (slightly taunting) Oooh, you're singing a different song now, Crayford! They must be eliminated, isn't that what you said?
CRAYFORD: That was because they were a danger to the plan, Styggron! I mean, what harm can they do now, locked away in a cell?
STYGGRON: (dismissive) The Doctor is no longer of any use.
CRAYFORD: But he would make a valuable subject for analysis!
STYGGRON: (dubious) Analysis?
CRAYFORD: Yes, the knowledge and experience of a Time Lord would make a, well, a useful addition to the Kraal data banks.
STYGGRON: You were happy for him to die, provided I killed him. You are squeamish, Crayford. A puny-minded weakling, like all your race.

(Crayford bows his head, shamed.)

STYGGRON: Oh, very well, very well.
CRAYFORD: (genuinely grateful) Thank you, Styggron.

(He leaves. Styggron turns to the other Kraal.)

STYGGRON: We shall analyze his brain. And then he shall die.

(Dramatic musical sting plays as we cut to the next scene.)

(Int. Kraal ship, outside the cell. A UNIT guard is standing outside with a rifle. The camera cuts to inside the cell, where Sarah is sitting on the floor.)

SARAH: ...not on Earth... What do you mean? Of course we're on Earth!

(The Doctor is standing by the door with the sonic screwdriver.)

DOCTOR: Harry and Benton and the rest are not the real thing.
SARAH: Not real!
DOCTOR: Fakes. Copies. Electronic androids with well-programmed computers instead of brains.

(He tries the screwdriver on the door.)

SARAH: It all makes sense now.
DOCTOR: If I'd had my wits about me, I'd've known it from the start. Remember that high level of radiation I'd noticed when we left the TARDIS?
SARAH: Yes, you thought there'd been a leak from the defense station.
DOCTOR: That was natural radiation. The Kraal planet Oseidon is the only planet in the galaxy with a level that high.

(He tries the screwdriver again to no avail.)

DOCTOR: This is no good.

(He sits by Sarah.)

SARAH: (worried) Won't that radiation make us ill?
DOCTOR: Well, It's not that bad...yet.
SARAH: All the same, the sooner we get away from here, the better.
DOCTOR: Quite right. Any level of radiation is too high, and it's getting worse all the time. Not be long before the place becomes uninhabitable. That's why the Kraals are planning to leave and take over Earth.
SARAH: So, everything we've seen has been a fake!
SARAH: But the village!
DOCTOR: Yes, and the woods, and the defense station. Every last detail, copied down. Including the inhabitants.
SARAH: Like a sort of training ground.

(Cut to Crayford, listening through a speaker outside the cell.)

DOCTOR: (os) Exactly. And they hardly made a slip. One or two, perhaps, like mint-fresh money all the same date. Otherwise, they got everything right.

(Crayford stops listening and opens the door to the cell. He walks in, followed by the guard.)

CRAYFORD: I've, uh, been listening to your conversation.
DOCTOR: (stands) Well, nobody's perfect.
CRAYFORD: I hear you're impressed by the thoroughness with which this operation has been planned.
DOCTOR: Well, it is impressive. But doomed to fail in the end.
CRAYFORD: (smiles) Oh, no Doctor! No, shortly I shall leave for Earth. (happy) The Kraals will project me through the space-time warp and my ship will make a normal re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere.
DOCTOR: (chuckles) A normal re-entry? Crayford, you've been gone two years, assumed dead.
CRAYFORD: Ah, yes, Doctor, but I have recently re-established radio contact with Earth. (almost gleeful) They know about the stabilizer failure that sent me into orbit around Jupiter. They know how I've rationed my provisions, particularly drinking water - my recycling experiments. (barely able to contain his excitement) Already, every telescope on Earth is trained on that little patch of sky where my XK-5 will reappear.
DOCTOR: (apprehensive) A gigantic hoax.
CRAYFORD: Exactly, Doctor, yes! And all brilliantly planned by Styggron, the chief scientist of the Kr....
DOCTOR: But helped by you! He couldn't have done it without your knowledge and memory.
CRAYFORD: Yes, yes, uh, the Kraals have a superb technology...
SARAH: (speaking up for the first time) Why did you do it? What made you betray Earth?
CRAYFORD: (slightly annoyed) Well, didn't Earth betray me? I was written off, wasn't I? Left to die in space. It was the Kraals who saved me!

(He squats down next to Sarah, wringing his hands as he recounts his nerve-wracking story.)

CRAYFORD: I mean, I was, I was dying, wasn't I? I was being...torn apart by gyro failure... And they reconstructed me, Miss Smith, in every detail.

(He laughs lightly to break some of the tension.)

CRAYFORD: Except the one eye that...for some reason couldn't be found. Oh no, I owe them everything.
SARAH: Well, that's what they want. Everything! They want the world.
CRAYFORD: Oh no, the increasing radiation here is making them a doomed race, well, and they just have to leave, don't they? I mean, why should people with such skill just be allowed to die?
SARAH: (quietly offended) The human race has a few skills of its own.
CRAYFORD: Yes, yes, I know, I know. But the Kraals have promised me that no humans will be harmed, as long as they obey the ultimatum that is being prepared. The Kraals are going to take over the northern hemisphere and...and live in peace! I have their word for it!
DOCTOR: (quiet) You've been brainwashed, Crayford.
CRAYFORD: (excited again) Before my spaceship lands, the space shells with the androids inside will be launched. Now, if anyone sees them, they'll just be taken for meteorites, you see? (gleeful) And then the androids will take over the key positions in the defense complex and clear the way for Marshall Chedaki to bring in the main invasion fleet without a shot being fired!
DOCTOR: I see, I see. Tell me, if your Kraal friends are so unviolent, why did Styggron try to vaporize me?
CRAYFORD: Oh yes, yes...well, they thought you were a danger.
DOCTOR: (patronizing) Oh...
CRAYFORD: (oblivious) You see, Miss Smith's memory prints had showed your past intense involvement in the defense of Earth. But I have persuaded them to utilize that knowledge - it won't be wasted. See, Styggron's machine extracts and feeds into a computer the entire memory and entire intelligence of any living being. It's...painful, I know. But it's better than dying.
UNNAMED KRAAL VOICE: (os) Service mechanics move to leader rocket loading bay now.

(Crayford stands.)

CRAYFORD: Sorry, I...I have to go now. Now, trust me! I know what I'm doing!

(Crayford leaves, followed by the guard. The door slides shut behind him.)

DOCTOR: (rubs his eyes) We have to warn Earth.
SARAH: How? (despondent) We don't even have the TARDIS.

(Int. Kraal control room. Shot of several squat organic-looking objects on a table. They look almost like partially melted candles. On closer examination, two are sitting on a plate with a piece of bread - they appear to be a water pitcher and a glass. There is also a gray object next to the plate. Harry Sullivan opens it up - it's some kind of hermetically sealed safety container. He removes a red container from inside.)

STYGGRON: (os) Only one drop.

(Harry opens the container. Chedaki enters.)

CHEDAKI: Launch countdown commences in sixty minutes, Styggron.
STYGGRON: (to Harry) Careful how you handle it.
CHEDAKI: You are testing the culture!
STYGGRON: Yes, Marshall.

(Harry picks up the water pitcher and holds the red container next to it.)

STYGGRON: (continuing) That small vial contains a death sentence for the entire human race. Be careful!
CHEDAKI: (flinches away) Is it safe?
STYGGRON: As long as only the androids have contact with the virus.

(Harry puts a drop of the stuff in the water, then goes to give the vial to Styggron.)

STYGGRON: (hastily) No, no, no, no, no, place it in the sterilizer!

(He reseals it and puts it safely back in the container. He then hands it to Styggron, in its safe container.)

STYGGRON: Good. Now take the tray to the detention cell.

(Harry picks up the tray with food and tainted water and walks away.)

(Int. cell. The Doctor is working on removing a panel from the floor using the sonic screwdriver, which draws bolts out of the floor panel quite easily. He grins and removes the panel.)

DOCTOR: (grinning fiendishly) Yes...I think this has possibilities.
SARAH: What are you going to do?
DOCTOR: If we can somehow lure that guard in, give him a good stiff jolt...
SARAH: Electrocute him?!
DOCTOR: Well, randomize him, to be accurate. He's only a machine.

(The door opens.)

SARAH: Someone's coming!

(They pop the panel back and Sarah sits on it. Harry enters, carrying the food.)

HARRY: Food and drink.

(The Doctor takes it from him and sets it on the floor.)

DOCTOR: How fortunate. Bread and water.
SARAH: It's better than nothing, I suppose. I'm dying for a drink.

(She starts to pour herself a generous glass of the tainted water. Harry grabs the Doctor by the shoulder and stops him from joining her.)

HARRY: You're to come with me.
DOCTOR: Careful!

(He is pulled through the door. The door goes down.)

SARAH: Where are you taking him?
DOCTOR: (through the gap as the door closes) Don't worry, Sarah! And don't waste the water! Remember, it's an excellent conductor!

(She ponders the glass of water for a while, then dumps it back in the pitcher.)

(Int. Disorientation Centre. The Doctor is brought in before Styggron.)

DOCTOR: So this is where you put Crayford together. Careless of you to lose his eye.
STYGGRON: Harry, I have little time.

(He gestures commandingly towards the operating table.)

DOCTOR: (smug) Going somewhere?
STYGGRON: (equally smug) Yes, Doctor.

(The UNIT androids guide the Doctor towards the table. He tries to make a break for it, but they overpower him very quickly and get him down on the table.)

STYGGRON: Secure his limbs!

(He struggles, but they get him pinned down.)

(Int. cell. Sarah has opened the floor panel again and drawn a heavy power coupling up from the space below. She carefully disconnects the coupling and holds the live power cord cautiously in front of her.)

(Int. Disorientation Centre. They're getting everything set up for the Doctor to be copied. Soon the androids leave with only Styggron to start the machine.)

STYGGRON: In a moment, Doctor, the knowledge and experience of your entire life will be transposed into our data bank.
DOCTOR: That's stealing!
STYGGRON: While you are making your small contribution to Kraal culture, I shall be on my way to destroy the humans that you have so often defended. This time, you will be powerless to help them.
DOCTOR: (alert) So you do intend genocide.
Earth's resources are limited. They cannot be wasted supporting an inferior species.
DOCTOR: How do you intend to destroy the humans, Styggron? If you use nuclear weapons, you'll raise Earth's radiation level beyond your own point of tolerance.
STYGGRON: Nothing so crude as fission weapons. The androids will disseminate a virus. It will cause a contagion so lethal the Earth will be rid of its human population within three weeks. Then it will burn itself out, and the world will be ours.
DOCTOR: And where will you be all this time?
STYGGRON: Crayford's rocket will provide an effective quarantine chamber. I shall remain inside until the virus has done its work. And then I shall signal Marshall Chedaki to bring in our invasion fleet.
DOCTOR: The best laid schemes of mice and Kraals gang aft agley.
DOCTOR: Something will go wrong, Styggron.
STYGGRON: Nothing will go wrong!

(Styggron switches on the device. It starts doing its stuff, and the Doctor writhes in pain beneath the weird blue lights.)

(Int. cell. Sarah is setting up the trap. She sets the power cable down by the left side of the door, then pours a line of water across the floor in front of the door, so that the cable is in the water. She kneels down to one side of the door, empties her pockets, and takes off her scarf to use in some manner.)

(Int. Disorientation Centre. The Doctor is in pain and the light is turning red.)

(Int. hallway outside cell. Smoke is coming out from underneath the door. The guard looks, curious, and goes to check it out. He opens the door and sees Sarah's scarf burning just inside. He steps through and Sarah touches his gun barrel with the other end of the cable. He shouts, his sweater burning, and slowly collapses to the ground with lots of zapping sound FX. After he falls, his chest explodes and we see the circuits and things inside. Sarah leaves, but with a look of great remorse for having killed the guard, even though he was an android.)

(Int. Disorientation Centre. Styggron is watching the Doctor writhing in pain.)

STYGGRON: In eight minutes, Doctor, the Analyzer will have completed its recording. Unfortunately, I shall not be here to turn it off. Your brain tissues will expand under the stimulation until, eventually, your skull bursts. I imagine it will be a most...disagreeable death.
DOCTOR: We shall see.
STYGGRON: Defiant to the end, Doctor. But you will soon be screaming for mercy. And there will be no one here.

(Styggron leaves. The Doctor closes his eyes for a moment, then is assailed by a fresh batch of pain.)

(Int. hallway. Sarah is creeping along. The analyzer in the Disorientation Centre can be heard in the distance. She ducks out of sight as Styggron passes by, then goes to rescue the Doctor. When she gets there, the light has changed and he's almost motionless from the pain. She examines the console, but can't make head nor tail of it. But she knows she must free the Doctor, so she tries a switch. The light goes back to blue, and the Doctor's head rolls to look her way, obvious relief on his face. She tries another switch and this makes it much worse - the Doctor's back arches in pain and he cries out. So she turns that one the other way and the thing turns off finally.)

SARAH: Oh, Doctor...

(She runs over to the table and starts undoing his bonds.)

SARAH: Doctor! Doctor! Come on! Please, come on, wake up!
DOCTOR: I am awake...I think...

(Sarah comes up next to him and he shushes her.)

DOCTOR: Shh, shh, shh.... Once upon a time, there were three sisters, and they lived at the bottom of a treacle well. Their names were Olga, Vasha, and Elena. Are you listening, Tilly?
SARAH: I'm Sarah! Sarah!
DOCTOR: I feel disorientated.
SARAH: This is the Disorientation Centre.
DOCTOR: That makes sense.
SARAH: Come on!

(He leaps off the table. A recorded Kraal voice announces the pending lift-off - on minute.)

DOCTOR: Hurry!
SARAH: Where are we going?
DOCTOR: Crayford's ship. It'll be leaving in a moment.
SARAH: Doctor!

(They run away.)

(Close-up of Styggron.)

STYGGRON: The Earth female has escaped! Find her!

(Int. rocket silo. The Doctor and Sarah consider their options, CSO'ed onto a model shot of a rocket. There's wind blowing their hair around.)

DOCTOR: We're going into that rocket, Sarah.
SARAH: (can't hear over the wind) What?!!
DOCTOR: (louder) I said, you and I are going into that rocket!
KRAAL VOICE: (os) Time to lift-off: thirty seconds.

(Camera cuts to the interior of that rocket. Sarah and the Doctor enter via a simple door. There are several of the oblong android pods on the floor.)

DOCTOR: Come on, Sarah. We need protection.

(They rush over to one of the pods and begin opening it.)

DOCTOR: The G-forces will crush us on blast-off.

(There's an android inside the pod, motionless, just like the one Sarah had found earlier by the TARDIS. Sarah gasps.)

DOCTOR: It's all right. It's not activated yet.

(They yank the 'droid out of the pod by the arm as the countdown hits 10.)

KRAAL VOICE: (os) Ten. Nine.

(Int. rocket control deck. Styggron is sitting beside Crayford, who is wearing his space suit and controlling the ship.)

KRAAL VOICE: (os) Eight. Seven. Six. Five.

(Int. cargo deck. The Doctor bustles Sarah into the pod.)

DOCTOR: In you go, quick! Quick!
KRAAL VOICE: (os) Four. Three.

(The Doctor looks for a place for himself.)

SARAH: Hurry!
KRAAL VOICE: (os) Two. One. Zero!

(It's too late. The rocket blasts off, and the G-forces immediately press the Doctor down to the ground.)

(Cut to stock footage of a Saturn V lift-off. Then cut to a close-up of Sarah's face. She's gritting her teeth, and is obviously having trouble breathing.)


(Cue music, cut to credits.)

Doctor Who

Sarah Jane Smith

Harry Sullivan

Guy Crayford


RSM Benton

Corporal Adams



Stuart Fell

Written by

Production Unit Manager

Production Assistant

Title Music by

Title Sequence

Incidental Music by

Special Sound

Costume Designer


Visual Effects Designer

Studio Lighting

Studio Sound

Film Cameraman

Film Sound

Film Editor

Script Editor



Directed by


(C)BBC 1976

Transcribed By
Calli Arcale

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