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by Terry Nation

Part Two

(Recap from last episode: Int. Space Defense Centre. The jumpsuited androids show the Doctor into a hallway that is featureless except for the door they came through, a telephone on the wall, and an intercom thingy. As they disappear off camera, Sarah follows them into the hallway, being careful to close the door quietly behind her. The androids lock the Doctor into a holding cell. There is no complicated locking mechanism; just three bolts slid back manually from the outside. Once the jumpsuits have gone, Sarah creeps up to the cell. We get a great close-up of her straw platform shoes with sparkly beads - very 70s. She checks to make sure the coast is clear, then whispers into the cell...)

SARAH: (sotto voce) Doctor? Doctor, can you hear me?

(The Doctor's face appears behind the grating in the door. He looks delighted to see her.)

DOCTOR: Sarah? What are you doing here?
SARAH: Rescuing you, actually. For a change!

(As she starts undoing the bolts, we see the intercom thingy at the end of the hall swing suddenly inwards - it's actually a hidden peephole for someone on the other side of it. A very ugly alien face peers through it, watching. Sarah hears something and looks up from the bolt she's undoing, but the alien has closed the hidden hatch again.)

DOCTOR: Get a move on!
SARAH: (irked) It's stuck!

(The bolt finally slides back right after she says that, and she undoes the rest of the bolts.)

SARAH: (amused) Doctor, what did you do?
DOCTOR: (dead serious) Ask me later. Come on.

(Int. Kraal ship. The whole thing is very organic looking - though not as organic as the Zygon ship from the beginning of the season. There's a control panel with lots of weird buttons, a column of three round lights, one of which is lit red - looks a heck of a lot like a semaphore - and a viewscreen. Guy Crayford's face is on the screen, looking right into the camera with a worried expression.)

STYGGRON: (os) Crayford?
CRAYFORD: Yes, Styggron?
STYGGRON: (os) Crayford, a second random unit in the cell area! What has gone wrong?
CRAYFORD: (genuinely puzzled) A second?

(Shot changes to a close-up of Styggron's boots - very ordinary lace-up combat boots, painted to look almost like somebody was violently ill all over them.)

STYGGRON: (os) These patterns were not programmed!

(The boots walk up onto a platform and the camera follows.)

CRAYFORD: (os) Styggron, was this second unit...female?
STYGGRON: (os) Yes, one of the village section. Check the directives. A fault must've developed.

(The view changes so we can see the screen again, as well as Styggron's back. He's wearing some kind of metallic tunic.)

CRAYFORD: (delighted) It's not a fault, Styggron, it's a remarkable success! (grins)
STYGGRON: (perplexed) Success?!
CRAYFORD: They are space travellers! The Doctor, as he is called, is human, a scientist who advices Space Defense. His companion is human.
STYGGRON: I see! Externals.
CRAYFORD: They arrived by error.
STYGGRON: Perhaps by error. Perhaps by design!
STYGGRON: If this Doctor advises on defense...

(A klaxon sounds.)

CRAYFORD: The cell block!
STYGGRON: He must not escape, Crayford! They must not escape!

(He pounds his fist into console.)

(Int. Space Defense Centre. A group of soldiers runs down a corridor, rifles at the ready. The klaxon is still sounding. After they've gone, the camera pans around to a red cupboard from which Sarah's voice is coming.)

SARAH: (os) Doctor, what on Earth did you do?
DOCTOR: (os) Do?
SARAH: (os) Why'd they lock you up? I mean, they seem to be taking you pretty seriously.

(Cut to interior of cupboard. [It's awfully roomy in there, but then, BBC set budget was never any great shakes.] They're both whispering.)

DOCTOR: I didn't do anything. Just finding me on the premises was enough for Crayford.
SARAH: Crayford?
DOCTOR: Guy Crayford. He said he was the senior astronaut.
SARAH: But Doctor, that's impossible. Guy Crayford was killed.
SARAH: It was the first test of the XK-5 space rocket. Crayford was out in space. And...they lost him. The ship just vanished. They thought he'd hit an asteroid.

(Footsteps go by outside, and both of them fall silent for a moment.)

SARAH: Guy Crayford is dead, Doctor.

(The Doctor looks very surprised to hear this, but can think of nothing to say.)

(Int. Brigadier's office. Crayford enters and sits at the desk to talk to Styggron.)

CRAYFORD: There's no cause for alarm, Styggron. The area's being thoroughly searched, exit by exit. The guards have orders to shoot on sight.
STYGGRON: (os, angry) Then countermand that order! They must be kept alive for pattern analysis!
CRAYFORD: But Styggron! We already have a complete pattern of the village and defense complex!
STYGGRON: Do as I say! The Doctor may have learned of the Kraal plan. He may be here to spy. It is essential for us to know.
CRAYFORD: Styggron, no! They must be eliminated! They must be destroyed!

(Int. Space Defense Centre. The Doctor and Sarah walk through an interior door, cautiously. The Doctor spots a familiar-looking guard who has his back to us.)

DOCTOR: Well, well, well. (quiet but delighted) It's a small world.
SARAH: (also delighted) Isn't it?

(They creep up behind the guard.)

SARAH: Hello, Sergeant Benton!

(Benton turns, totally emotionless, and draws his pistol and aims it directly at them.)

DOCTOR: Benton?
SARAH: Benton, it's us!

(Alarming music plays.)

(Int. Brigadier's office. Crayford is still yakking with Styggron.)

STYGGRON: (os) You shall do as I say!

(There's a cheesy ray sound effect. Crayford starts convulsing and clutching his head frantically.)

CRAYFORD: Ow! Owww! Owie! No! Stop! All right!

(The ray stops and Crayford pushes the intercom button, obviously in pain.)

CRAYFORD: All....units. The...order to kill is cancelled...

(Int. Space Defense Centre. Benton's eyes close and his head droops forward, almost as if to bow to the Doctor. He also raises his gun.)

DOCTOR: (to Sarah) Come.

(They hasten out the front door as Benton recovers from whatever he was under. He jogs to the door to see them running away, and then runs back to a wall intercom. He presses the button.)

BENTON: This is B-block, main entrance. They've just escaped, sir. I'll call for a local security patrol immediately.

(Before he even moves, a security detail arrives. He moves away from the intercom to speak to them.)

BENTON: (to the guards) The rest of you, get after them!

(The guards troop out the door. The camera then cuts to a shot of the vacant reception desk, with several telephones on it and a sign reading "ALL PASSES MUST BE SHOWN.")

SARAH: (os, behind the desk) Why did we come back? We should've hoofed it when we had the chance. We're bound to be caught now!
DOCTOR: (os, behind the desk) On the contrary, the further they spread out, the better our chance of escape.

(They stand. As they hear footsteps, they drop down again.)

CRAYFORD: (os) Sullivan!

(Crayford walks into view, followed by Lt Surgeon Harry Sullivan.)

CRAYFORD: Take a mobile troop and put a cordon around the perimeter road.
SULLIVAN: Yes, sir.

(Sullivan leaves the building. Crayford heads off in the direction of his office. Then the camera cuts down to the Doctor and Sarah crouching behind the counter.)

SARAH: (perplexed) Harry's not a soldier.
DOCTOR: (brightly) That improves our chances.
SARAH: All our friends...
DOCTOR: Lead by a dead man. Fascinating.

(They cautiously emerge from their cover.)

SARAH: What's going on?
DOCTOR: How do you know Crayford's dead?
SARAH: It was that story I came here on two years ago.
DOCTOR: I don't think Crayford died in space. And when he finally got back here, something returned with him. Something that's controlling every human being for miles around.
SARAH: Including Harry and Mr Benton.
DOCTOR: Yes. Come on.

(They walk out from behind the counter.)

SARAH: Where are we going?
DOCTOR: Back to the village. We've got to warn London.

(Ext. forest between Space Defense Centre and village. The Doctor and Sarah are running. Then they pause for a moment to regroup.)

DOCTOR: (totally unconvinced) So far so good.
SARAH: (extremely worried) As the man said when he fell from the skyscraper.

(The barking of dogs can be heard.)

SARAH: Dogs!
DOCTOR: Tracker dogs?

(They run on, trying to evade the dogs. After a while, Sarah manages to trip over nearly level ground.)

SARAH: Aaaaah!

(She falls. The Doctor comes back to check on her. She glares at him.)

DOCTOR: (concerned) You all right?
SARAH: (testy) Yes!
DOCTOR: Come on.

(He runs off, Sarah limping behind him. The camera cuts to the soldiers with the dogs. The guy who fell off the cliff in the beginning is with them. The dogs sniff a bit at the spot where Sarah fell and then race on. Back to the Doctor and Sarah running. She's having real trouble now, and stops.)

SARAH: Aaah! (swallows) My ankle!

(She clutches at her ankle. The doctor offers, inaudibly, to carry her.)

SARAH: (indignant) No you won't! I'll only slow you down.
DOCTOR: (hatching a plot) Give me your scarf.
DOCTOR: Quickly, quickly! I'll try to draw them off your scent.

(She does. He pockets it.)

DOCTOR: You can hide in the tree.
SARAH: But how...

(He picks her up and she stops protesting. When he gets her close enough to the tree, she reaches out and grabs it and climbs up as best she can.)

(Shot of the dogs and soldiers in pursuit.)

(Back to Sarah and the Doctor. Sarah watches from the tree as the Doctor strips off his coat.)

DOCTOR: See you back at the pub. If I'm not there in an hour, try the TARDIS.

(He runs off.)

SARAH: Doctor! I forgot to tell you...

(But he's too far away to hear her.)

SARAH: ...the TARDIS is gone.

(The dogs and soldiers catch up and run right underneath Sarah. Ahead, the Doctor ditches his hat, his coat, Sarah's scarf, his own scarf, and his shoes by a lake. The dogs stop when they reach the articles, satisfied.)

CORPORAL ADAMS (the previously dead guy): Well, they must've swum across. (ponders) Right, you two, go this way, we'll try to head them off.

(He runs off and his men split up. As soon as they're away, the Doctor's head pops up from the water, in the reeds. He spits out water. His hair is all matted down over his eyes. He tries to see, but can't, then realizes his hair is in the way and flings it back. He sees the soldiers jogging away.)

(Meanwhile, Sarah drops out of the tree, saying "ouch" as she hits the ground. Cpl Adams and his two guys spot her and follow.)

(Int. Kraal spaceship control room. Styggron is seen from the back again, and Crayford is on the viewscreen.)

STYGGRON: Report, report!
CRAYFORD: (happy) The girl is captured! We will soon have the Doctor!
STYGGRON: No! Locate him, but do not seize him. I have other plans for the Doctor.

(Int. Kraal spaceship, corridor. Two UNIT soldiers are carrying a stretcher. There is someone on it, covered in a sheet. The soldiers reach some sort of mad-scientist lab complete with an operating table and weird mad-scientist controls. They set the stretcher down. They remove the cover and we see that the person on it is Sarah. She is unconscious and unmoving.)

(Ext. village. The Doctor walks cautiously back into the abandoned village square. He is unchallenged as he approaches a red phone booth. He goes in and picks up the receiver - no dial tone. He strikes the cradle repeatedly, but it's no good.)

(Int. Kraal spaceship, mad science room. Sarah is being strapped to the table with four rather ineffectual lead-coloured thingies that go over her wrists and ankles. They don't appear to be actually fixed to the table anyway. The soldiers leave with the stretcher and she regains consciousness. She is frightened when she realizes that she is bound, and struggles, but it's no good.)

HARRY SULLIVAN: It's no good, Miss Smith.
SARAH: Harry?

(The camera switches so we can see Sarah with Harry standing next to her. He's got a clipboard-shaped object in his hands. There is a control console behind him. He activates one of the controls on it, and a weird SFX plays. He looks back at Sarah. A blue light is playing over her. She appears to be in some pain.)

HARRY: She is ready.
STYGGRON: (os) Commence the analysis of the brain.

(Harry increases the power. Now there's a blue light and a yellow light playing over her, along with a solarisation FX and an even weirder SFX. Sarah is definitely hurting now. She sees the distorted face of a Kraal - Styggron - as he observes. He's not a pretty sight - sort of a cross between a deformed frog and a Ferengi. She loses consciousness.)

(Int. pub. The Doctor comes through the door and sees that the pub is empty. He checks the phone, but there is still no dial tone. He opens the interior door and finds Mr Morgan, the landlord, standing in the hall, stock still.)

MORGAN: (totally emotionless) Something you want, sir?
DOCTOR: (deadpan) Yes. A telephone that works. Yours is out of order.

(Morgan enters the pub and closes the door behind him. He goes around behind the counter.)

MORGAN: Likely it is.
DOCTOR: So is the village call box.
MORGAN: There was a gale last night, sir. Brought all the lines down.
DOCTOR: Ah. (grins) I always told Alexander Bell that wires were unreliable.
MORGAN: (totally missing it) Can I get you a drink, sir?
DOCTOR: Yes, I'll have a pint.
MORGAN: Pint of what?
DOCTOR: Ginger beer.

(Morgan goes to fix the drink. The Doctor takes the opportunity to glance around a bit more.)

MORGAN: You must be one of them scientists from the defense station.

(The Doctor turns from the dartboard with a dart in his hand.)

DOCTOR: Well, yes and no, or no and yes, so to speak, as it were. (laughs) Do you get much custom from there?
MORGAN: Don't come down here much.
DOCTOR: Really?
MORGAN: Nothing for them in Devesham. Nothing for strangers here.
DOCTOR: Yes. Too quiet, I suppose.
MORGAN: Except for darts club night, of course.
DOCTOR: Hah! Of course

(The Doctor throws three darts at the board in succession. Each hits the bull's-eye. When he goes up to take the darts out, he notices something odd about the board and turns to query the landlord.)

DOCTOR: Hey! This is a brand-new darts board! Never been used before.

(He pulls the darts out and runs his fingers over the board - there are no other holes in it.)

(CUT TO int. Kraal ship. On the viewscreen is the faint image of a dartboard, overlaid over the Doctor's face and hand - the dartboard is a hidden camera. Styggron's hand is visible at extreme right, on the control panel.)

STYGGRON: (os) See? He is puzzled. Suspicious, but not certain.

(He hits a control and the screen goes dark. The camera cuts so we see another Kraal walk in. They wear gold-coloured pseudo-mail shirts that resemble those worn by the Vogons and frog/Ferengi masks. They walk hunched over. From this point on, all Kraals are clearly seen.)

CHEDAKI: There is no value in this experiment, Styggron. Our strategy is settled!
STYGGRON: Strategy is formulated upon knowledge, Chedaki.
CHEDAKI: The time for experiment is past.
STYGGRON: In the case of the Earth, yes. But there are other worlds that our people can conquer! It is important to see that our techniques are flawless, and the Doctor is unprogrammed. A free agent!

(Styggron whirls around and activates his viewscreen again to talk to Crayford.)

STYGGRON: Crayford!
CRAYFORD: (afraid) Yes, Styggron?
STYGGRON: Commence the final test.
CRAYFORD: Direct communication?
STYGGRON: Yes. Are the preparations complete?
CRAYFORD: There should have been sufficient time. I will check, Styggron.

(He gets up to leave and we cut back to the interior of the Kraal ship.)

CHEDAKI: The data that was drained from the girl shows the Doctor's long association with libertarian causes. His entire history is one of opposition to conquest. While he lives, he is a threat.
STYGGRON: His history will end soon, Chedaki. When I have nothing further to learn from studying him.

(Int. Kraal spaceship, mad science room. Sarah is gone, but Harry is still there, entering notes on his electronic clipboard thingy. Crayford walks in.)

CRAYFORD: Where's the girl?
HARRY: (efficiently) The analysis is completed. We have her memory print and body parameters; they're being coded.
CRAYFORD: Right. Well, see she's properly guarded. Styggron wants to run a test on the Doctor. Is the programming complete?
HARRY: We can begin at once.
CRAYFORD: Right. Good, good.

(Lost for anything else to do, Crayford leaves.)

(Int. pub. The Doctor is examining a cigar left in an ashtray through a magnifying glass. It is as good as new. He stands and pockets the magnifier, then walks over to examine the old horse tackle hanging over the mantle. He is astonished and makes a disgusted sound.)

DOCTOR: Plastic horse brass?

(He turns and runs smack dab into the landlord.)

DOCTOR: I've arranged to wait for someone here, don't let me detain you.
MORGAN: That's all right.
DOCTOR: Hmm. Well, I can see you're a busy man. Barrels to tap, empties to count, that sort of thing.
MORGAN: No hurry for that.
DOCTOR: Then I'll have another pint.
MORGAN: A pint of what?
DOCTOR: Well, ginger pop, please.

(Morgan goes off to fill the order. The Doctor follows him to the counter and pays. He spots a day calendar fastened to the wall - July 6. He tears off the day only to find...July 6 right behind it! The rest of the calendar is all July 6 as well.)

DOCTOR: Pifffh! Strange... A village without a future?

(Morgan hands him the pint. The phone rings and the Doctor picks it up and hands it to Morgan. He waits politely.)

MORGAN: Fleur-de-lis? (pause) It's for you.
DOCTOR: Is it?

(He takes the phone.)

DOCTOR: Hello? (pause) Sarah? What's happened, where are you?

(Cut to int. shop, with Sarah on the phone.)

SARAH: They caught me, but I managed to escape. Listen, Doctor, I found out their whole plan! (pause) No, no, the inn is one of their centres. That's why I didn't come there.

(Int. pub.)

DOCTOR: where are you, Sarah?

(Int. shop.)

SARAH: The village store. You can cut through to it behind the pub. (pause) Yes, I'll wait for you. But Doctor, be careful. Those robot mechanics are planted everywhere.

(Int. pub.)

DOCTOR: (grins winsomely) Don't worry, Sarah. Who'd notice me?

(He hangs up the phone. Morgan hasn't budged an inch. On a whim, the Doctor picks the phone back up.)

DOCTOR: Well, would you believe it? It's out of order again. (hangs up) Thanks for the hospitality.

(He departs. Morgan still hasn't budged.)

(Int. Kraal ship. Chedaki is pissed at Styggron again.)

CHEDAKI: If the androids were to fail in their task, the Kraal invasion of Earth could not even begin! Suppose the Doctor were to turn the androids against us? It would jeopardize the whole operation!
STYGGRON: Impossible!
CHEDAKI: Is it? He is a scientist too, Styggron.
STYGGRON: Well, the androids are centrally delegated. Their programming is controlled from here.

(He slaps the console.)

CHEDAKI: They could be re-programmed! He has the knowledge.
STYGGRON: An interesting possibility.
CHEDAKI: The androids are a double-edged weapon, Styggron. They are unstoppable, indestructible.

(Chedaki leaves, passing Crayford on his way in.)

CRAYFORD: Everything is ready, Styggron.
STYGGRON: Not quite! I need one more android, Crayford. I must call on your experience for its production.
CRAYFORD: But you already have my data, the memory prints and the disorientation centre.
STYGGRON: This is new! You must be reprocessed.
CRAYFORD: I can't go through that again!
STYGGRON: I need one special unit! An android programmed to attack Kraals.
CRAYFORD: But I don't...
STYGGRON: Do not argue, Crayford! (pause) Come!

(Styggron leaves and Crayford follows, looking apprehensive.)

(Ext. village. The Doctor is running between the buildings, aiming for the shop that Sarah said she was in. He pauses, looks around, then crosses the street to run into a shop labelled "AVING KIDBY")

(Cut to int. shop. A bell rings as the Doctor enters and he winces at the sound. He reaches up to still the bell.)

SARAH: (os) Is that you, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Of course it is. How did you get away?

(Sarah stands up from her hiding place behind the counter.)

SARAH: Oh, thank goodness! I've been terrified!

(she walks out from behind the counter, carrying a chair by its back. She sets the chair down and sits on it. The Doctor squats down next to her.)

DOCTOR: I left you up a tree.
SARAH: I climbed out of the tree and those soldiers were waiting for me. I was knocked out. When I came round, I was in some kind of operating theatre. I was so frightened.

(She shivers all over and clasps her hands between her knees nervously.)

DOCTOR: (absently) I'm sure you were.

(He reaches into his pocket.)

DOCTOR: Perhaps some ginger pop?

(He takes the lid off the pop and hands it to her. She sighs gratefully and takes a long swig off of the bottle.)

SARAH: It was delicious.

(She hands him the bottle. He stares up at her, surprised.)

SARAH: Harry was there. Not the real Harry, of course, but I thought it was.
DOCTOR: What do you mean, 'not the real Harry?'
SARAH: Well, don't you see what they're doing - they're copying people!
DOCTOR: Who are?
SARAH: I don't know, but Crayford's behind it all.

(The Doctor pockets the ginger pop and stands to peer out the window. He pulls back suddenly. There are white-jumpsuited androids outside, patrolling the village. The Doctor goes down by Sarah again where he can't be seen through the window.)

DOCTOR: It can't be Crayford, but go on.

(He watches Sarah very closely.)

SARAH: There's not much more to tell. They put me in some kind of machine, and I passed out again.
DOCTOR: How did you get away?
SARAH: When I came round the second time, I heard Crayford talking to someone. That's where I discovered what they're planning! They're replacing people with these duplicates they make!

(The Doctor is looking very worried.)

SARAH: Well, they thought I was still unconscious and left me without a guard.

(The Doctor is speechless, but after a while manages to speak.)

DOCTOR: And you were lucky enough to find this place? (partly to himself) And the only telephone in the place that worked...
SARAH: (genuine) Don't understand...
DOCTOR: I think they let you make that telephone call! I think we're being tested!

(He's grinning, delighted with himself.)

DOCTOR: They want to find out how smart we are!

(He gets up and peers out the window again. The white 'droids move off.)

SARAH: No, it can't be that!
DOCTOR: Of course it's that! What I don't understand is, if they're so advanced in technology - they've made facsimile human beings good enough to stand face-to-face examination, and sent them through a space-time warp to Earth - what can they be afraid of?

(Sarah cocks her head to one side, but says nothing.)

DOCTOR: (continuing in his train of thought) They must possess the weaponry to take the Earth by force... They've created a bridgehead by stealth using androids. Fake humans. Come on!
SARAH: (standing) Where are we going?
DOCTOR: Well, there's a radio in the TARDIS. Are you coming?
SARAH: (smiling) Coming!
DOCTOR: (quiet) Thought so.

(They leave.)

(Int. Kraal spaceship, mad science room. Crayford is on the table now, and Styggron is controlling the machines. Chedaki is watching via teleconference.)

STYGGRON: This should answer your fears, Chedaki. From Crayford's memory cells we will now create a totally hostile android.
CRAYFORD: Don't, Styggron, I beg you!

(Styggron ignores him and turns on the machine. The funny noises start up, along with the blue light. Crayford moans. The sound changes, the light turns whiter, and he arches back in pain, then passes out.)

CHEDAKI: (on screen) What is the purpose of this, Styggron?

(He turns another switch and an android begins to materialize in the corner of the room. Only the skeleton and basic electronics are visible. Then its skin appears and it looks like a UNIT soldier, wielding a machine gun, totally motionless for the moment. Chedaki watches with interest as the UNIT android steps away from the spot where it materialized and walks to the opposite side of the room.)

STYGGRON: I will now activate the hostility circuits.

(He presses a button. The android drops out of its rigid, emotionless stance and into a fighting crouch, its machine gun at the ready. Styggron whips out a tiny ray gun and the soldier immediately reacts, swinging his machine gun over to cover Styggron. Styggron fires, with a six-pointed red star appearing over the muzzle of his ray gun. He fires several more times, hitting the android each time, until it falls to the ground twitching.)

STYGGRON: See? They are not indestructible, Chedaki! What I can create, I can also destroy!

(On the viewscreen, Chedaki nods his understanding. Meanwhile, the dead android warps back to its skeletal, mechanical form.)

CHEDAKI: (on screen) That weapon. It is new!
STYGGRON: So far effective only at short range. But my armoury section is developing a much more powerful version for our space cruisers. Science, Chedaki! Science will make the Kraals invincible!

(He raises the gun triumphantly.)

(Ext. forest. The Doctor and Sarah are working their way through the dense undergrowth, aiming for the TARDIS. They stop suddenly and hide as an android patrol goes by. Then they continue on. When they get to the clearing where they left the TARDIS, they stop. The Doctor is clearly confused. Sarah seems unperturbed.)

DOCTOR: This is the oak tree! This is where we landed!
SARAH: Well, it's not here now, is it?
DOCTOR: It's not programmed to auto-operate! There's a fail safe. Unless...
SARAH: (emotionless) Unless what, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Of course, I know! You've still got the TARDIS key, haven't you?

(He holds out his hand.)

SARAH: (motionless) I must've lost it.

(The Doctor grins and turns to face her. She is now totally emotionless.)

DOCTOR: You haven't lost it. You never had it! Sarah came here, turned the key in the lock, and cancelled the pause control. The TARDIS continued on its set coordinates back to Earth.
SARAH: I don't understand.
DOCTOR: This isn't Earth. This isn't real wood. It's some kind of artificial material like plastic. These are not real trees! And you're not the real Sarah.

(Sarah takes a step away from the Doctor and draws a pistol.)

SARAH: Get back, Doctor.

(He grins even wider and starts rummaging in his pocket.)

DOCTOR: I knew at once. The real Sarah wasn't wearing her scarf.

(He pulls the scarf out of his pocket. As he does, he pulls off his hat and whaps the gun out of her hand. It fires as it hits the ground. He grabs her by the shoulders.)

DOCTOR: (threateningly) What have you done with Sarah? Where is the real Sarah?

(She pulls away and falls to the ground. As she does, the Sarah mask falls off and we see the circuits inside her head. She's not dead, and she looks up at the Doctor through her staring android eyes. He looks back, horrified.)

(Cue music, cut to credits.)

Doctor Who

Sarah Jane Smith

Harry Sullivan

Guy Crayford




RSM Benton

Corporal Adams

Written by

Production Unit Manager

Production Assistant

Title Music by

Title Sequence

Incidental Music by

Special Sound

Costume Designer


Visual Effects Designer

Studio Lighting

Studio Sound

Film Cameraman

Film Sound

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Directed by


(C)BBC 1976

Transcribed By
Calli Arcale

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