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(A multitude of planets and stars hang in the blackness of space...)


(Three TIME LORDS confer in a small chamber. The image of space appears on a screen that dominates one wall. The image focuses in on one grey planet.)

FIRST TIME LORD: You are sure the Master knows?
SECOND TIME LORD: The report on the Doomsday weapon is missing from our files. Only he could have taken it.
FIRST TIME LORD: Then we can use the Doctor to deal with this problem.
THIRD TIME LORD: The Doctor resents his exile bitterly. Do you think he'll co-operate with us?
SECOND TIME LORD: I doubt it. We immobilized his TARDIS, took away his freedom to move in space and time.
FIRST TIME LORD: Then we must restore his freedom...

(An image of the DOCTOR now appears on the screen.)

FIRST TIME LORD: ...as long as it serves our purpose.

(He walks off...)


(At a lab bench, the DOCTOR picks up the dematerialization circuit from the TARDIS and, wearing a jewelers eyeglass, starts to make adjustments to it. A bored JO watches.)

JO: Doctor, why don't you give up? You've been working on that thing for simply ages.
DOCTOR: You know I can't give up, Jo. It's far too important.

(The door to the lab opens and the BRIGADIER walks in, carrying a clipboard.)


(The DOCTOR looks up.)

DOCTOR: Now don't you start!
BRIGADIER LETHBRIDGE STEWART: The latest field reports are in. Still no trace of the Master.
DOCTOR: Well, I didn't expect there would be. No, his TARDIS is working again now. He could be anywhere in space and time.
BRIGADIER LETHBRIDGE STEWART: Yes, that's as maybe, Doctor, but I've got to keep on looking.
DOCTOR: You're wasting your time, Brigadier.

(He returns to his task. The phone in the lab rings and JO answers it.)

JO: (Into phone.) Hello, Laboratory? (She listens.) Yes, he's here. (To the BRIGADIER.) Brigadier?

(The BRIGADIER looks up.)


(He comes and takes the phone off her.)

BRIGADIER LETHBRIDGE STEWART: (Into phone.) Lethbridge Stewart? (He listens.) Right. Send him into my office.

(He puts the phone down and turns to the DOCTOR.)

BRIGADIER LETHBRIDGE STEWART: One of my agents thinks he's picked up a trace of the Master.

(The DOCTOR continues his work...)

DOCTOR: (Acidly.) Your agents are always picking up traces of the Master!
BRIGADIER LETHBRIDGE STEWART: (Coldly.) This agent happens to be particularly reliable, Doctor. I'll let you what he says...

(He goes to the door...)

BRIGADIER LETHBRIDGE STEWART: ...if you're interested.

(...and leaves the lab. The DOCTOR looks up at a smiling JO.)

JO: Ah, now you've offended him!
DOCTOR: Well! Well, look what happened last time. The man they arrested turned out to be the Spanish ambassador!

(They both laugh. The DOCTOR takes a last look at the circuit through his eyeglass.)

DOCTOR: Well, there you are. That's done it.
JO: Done what?
DOCTOR: I've made myself a completely new dematerialization circuit. One that'll bypass the Time Lords homing control - I hope.
JO: You don't seriously think you'll get that thing working again, do you?
DOCTOR: (Sarcastically.) Oh no! No, I've been doing all this work for fun!

(He gets up and heads for the TARDIS, which sits in a corner of the lab. JO follows.)

JO: I mean it's just a sort of hobby isn't it? A kind of game?
DOCTOR: A game?
JO: Well, what have you got in there anyway - a policeman?

(The DOCTOR opens the door and gestures.)

DOCTOR: Why not step inside and see for yourself?

(Somewhat hesitantly, JO enters the TARDIS for the first time. The DOCTOR watches and then follows.)


(Like many before her, JO looks round her surroundings in amazement.)

JO: I don't believe it! It's bigger inside than out!
DOCTOR: Yes, that's because the TARDIS is dimensionally transcendental.
JO: What does that mean?
DOCTOR: It means that it's bigger inside than out!

(He lifts up a boxed panel on the console.)

DOCTOR: Now then...

(He starts to insert his new dematerialization circuit. Meanwhile, the doors to the TARDIS silently close. Back at the console, the DOCTOR rubs his hands with glee, but before he can touch the console, it springs into life, the central column rising and falling of its own accord.)

DOCTOR: That's impossible!
JO: The doors have closed.

(He checks a control.)

JO: (Impatiently.) Doctor; let me out of here.
DOCTOR: Well, I can't, Jo! I think we're taking off!
JO: Well, stop it!

(He looks over the console.)

DOCTOR: Well, I'm trying to. Something's operating it by remote control!

(The familiar sound of dematerialization echoes through the room. The DOCTOR suddenly realizes who lies behind these events...)

DOCTOR: The Time Lords!


(The BRIGADIER enters the lab.)

BRIGADIER LETHBRIDGE STEWART: I'm afraid you were right, Doctor. Another dead end and we...

(He watches as the TARDIS disappears in an instant. He steps over to the space once occupied by the police box. )

BRIGADIER LETHBRIDGE STEWART: Doctor...come back at once!


(JO is starting to get nervous...)

JO: All right, Doctor. The joke's over. Open the doors and let me out?

(The DOCTOR walks over to her.)

DOCTOR: I can't, Jo. We've taken off.
JO: All right then, where are we?
DOCTOR: At the moment we're nowhere.
JO: Oh, don't be silly - we can't be nowhere.
DOCTOR: We're outside the space-time continuum.
JO: (Amazed.) What?

(The DOCTOR presses a control and points to the scanner.)


(A series of multi-colored spinning lines appear.)

JO: What's happening? Where are we going?
DOCTOR: I've no idea. We'll just have to wait until we emerge.

(The patterns fade and are replaced by the same image of a planet that appeared on the TIME LORD'S monitor.)

DOCTOR: The planet Uxarieus! So that's our destination...
JO: (Nervous.) Very impressive...but can we go back to Earth now, please?
DOCTOR: I don't know, Jo.

(The image of the planet grows larger.)

DOCTOR: I just don't know.


(A cold grey drab world. The wind, up until now the only sound, is interrupted by a mechanical whine as a ROBOT travels across the surface. Built like a small tank, a digger-like arm is attached to the top of the machine and can swing round 360 degrees. The arm drops down and scans the ground and then the ROBOT moves on. After it has gone, the TARDIS materializes in a split instant.)


(JO walks over to the scanner and looks at the picture of their landing site.)

JO: Is that supposed to be where we are?
DOCTOR: That is where we are.
JO: All right then, if we've landed on another planet, why don't you open the doors.
DOCTOR: Because the atmosphere out there might be poisonous, that's why. I'll just check.

(He goes over to the console and starts looking over the readings.)

JO: And is it?
DOCTOR: Is it what?
JO: Is the atmosphere poisonous?
DOCTOR: No, no, it's quite healthy. Similar to Earth before the invention of the motor car.
JO: Look Doctor, are you going to open the doors or not?
DOCTOR: Well, I can but try.

(He presses a switch. Next to JO, the doors swing open. Outside of her line of vision is the landscape of Uxarieus.)

JO: Thank you.

(She walks round the edge of the door and stops in amazement at the sight of the planet.)

JO: (Shocked.) Doctor!
DOCTOR: That's an alien world out there, Jo. Think of it.
JO: (Scared.) I don't want to think of it!

(She runs back to the DOCTOR.)

JO: I want to go back to Earth!
DOCTOR: Look, do you realize how long I've been confined to one planet?
JO: All that talk of yours about traveling in time and space - it was true!
DOCTOR: Well, of course it was true! Before I was stranded on Earth, I spent all my time exploring new worlds and seeking the wonders of the universe.
JO: But you don't know what's out there!
DOCTOR: Then let's find out! Don't you want to set foot in another world?
JO: Well, yes, I do but I...
DOCTOR: (Interrupting.) Good!

(He leaves the dumbstruck girl and walks round the console to where his cloak has been lying. He picks it up and puts it on.)

DOCTOR: Come on. We'll just take a quick look around...and then I'll try and get you back to Earth, all right?

(As he puts his gloves on, JO summons up her courage.)

JO: All right.

(The DOCTOR leads her outside.)


(They step outside and gaze around. Almost immediately, JO spots something.)

JO: Look...

(They walk over and she picks up a long stemmed flower that has a blue bulb and red and blue petals.)

JO: It's got different colored petals.

(The DOCTOR, uninterested, sees something of more interest and moves off. JO follows. After they have gone, a figure rises from behind some rocks. Almost naked and dressed in a loincloth, its skin is mostly green veined. It has long straggly hair and wears strange jewellery. Its face is crude and misshapen with large black eyes and it carries a spear. JO, still holding the flower, catches up with the DOCTOR who follows the line of the ROBOT in the ground.)

JO: What are they?
DOCTOR: Well, tracks made by some sort of machine. This planet must be inhabited after all.

(He points towards a ridge.)

DOCTOR: I think we'd get a better view from up there.

(He starts to set off but sees that JO isn't moving.)

DOCTOR: Come on, what are you waiting for?
JO: I feel a bit scared.
DOCTOR: Come on, Jo. Nothing to worry about.

(He takes her by the hand and leads her away. Behind them, the PRIMITIVE walks up toward the TARDIS and starts to examine the object. Meanwhile, JO sees a dome and a rocket on top of the ridge.)

JO: Those things up there?
DOCTOR: Like some sort of prefabricated dwellings.

(He points in a different direction.)

DOCTOR: Well look, there's another one - a small one, up there. Let's go and take a look at them.
JO: Oh no, you don't! Let's get back to the TARDIS.
DOCTOR: Yes, all right. But, erm...

(He nods towards the ground.)

DOCTOR: Do you mind if I take a look at that rock first? It's rather unusual.

(They bend down and start examining the ground. The DOCTOR picks up the rock and starts to look at it in detail but something distracts JO and she looks behind her. Her eyes open wide in alarm.)

JO: (Nervously.) Doctor? Doctor?

(A man, bearded and somewhat bedraggled is pointing a shotgun at them.)


(In the dome at the top of the ridge, a confrontation is taking place. A colonist - MARTIN - and his wife are speaking firmly with the leader of the group - ASHE. The men wear overalls and have a somewhat unkempt and bearded look. The look of the dome is functional and utilitarian. ASHE sits as an old-fashioned wooden desk, which has various ledgers and a photograph of a woman on it. Also in the office is WINTON, a younger blond haired intense man. Another male colonist watches.)

MARTIN: Listen, Ashe, I saw those creatures. We both did.
ASHE: I surveyed this planet myself before the colony was set up.
MARTIN: Well, you didn't do much of a job.
ASHE: And all the time we've been here, there's been no trace of any hostile animal life.
MARTIN: Well, there is now!
MRS. MARTIN: We heard this roaring in the middle of the night. When we looked out, there it was.

(WINTON steps forward.)

WINTON: What did it look like?
MARTIN: It was enormous - some kind of giant lizard.
ASHE: You must have been having nightmares!
WINTON: Did it do any damage?
MARTIN: No, I fired a few shots and frightened it off.
ASHE: Well, exactly. All right, Martin. (To WINTON.) David, how many men have you got to spare?
WINTON: About six.
ASHE: Well, go over to Martin's dome and have a look - just in case.
WINTON: Very well.

(ASHE walks out...)


(...and into the main part of the hall. The functional - almost factory-like look continues here. A metal staircase goes up to a higher level. As ASHE walks through, their captor - LEESON and his wife, JANE, leads the DOCTOR and JO into the dome from the front entranceway.)

ASHE: What the...? Leeson, who's this?
DOCTOR: (To ASHE.) How do you do? Well, I must say this is most impressive.
LEESON: (To ASHE.) We found these two in sector twenty-seven. They say they're explorers.
ASHE: Where do they come from?
DOCTOR: Err, we come from Earth.
LEESON: They were examining rock samples. They're mineralogists. It was bound to happen!
DOCTOR: Look, we are not mineralogists. And even if we were, why all the hostility? It's a respectable profession.
LEESON: Because we don't want our planet gutted! This is our world! You've no right to be here!
DOCTOR: Look, we've as much right to be here as anybody else.
ASHE: This planet has been classified as suitable for colonization. Once your big mining combines move in, you'll reduce it to a galactic slagheap!
DOCTOR: Haven't you got laws to deal with this kind of thing?
LEESON: (Laughs.) Yes, there are laws. We complain to Earth's government just like all the others. By the time you get a final decision, the planet's useless.
DOCTOR: I see. Yes well, I can sympathize with you gentlemen but I can assure you that I'm not working for anybody.

(The DOCTOR starts to examine a wall chart.)

ASHE: Then just why have you come here?
DOCTOR: Pure chance. My spaceship developed a fault. We had to land somewhere.
ASHE: Can you show me your papers?

(The DOCTOR turns round in some embarrassment.)

DOCTOR: Err, papers? Err, no, err, th...erm, they're back in my spaceship, if you'd like to come back there with me...
ASHE: (Interrupting.) I think it would be better if you spent the night here. We'll go to your spaceship in the morning.
JO: Oh, we don't want to put you to any trouble.
ASHE: I'd rather you did as I say. Jane?
ASHE: Show our two..."guests" to the dining area. We'll fix up your sleeping accommodation later.

(JANE LEESON guides JO over to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: (To JO.) Yes, go with them. It's all right, Jo. I'll join you later.
JO: All right.
JANE LEESON: (To JO.) This way.

(They move off. The DOCTOR continues to examine the wall chart, which shows a series of graphs. LEESON sees this and angrily rushes over.)

LEESON: What do you think you're up to!

(The DOCTOR spins round and, with a cry puts an Akido pressure point hold on LEESON'S chest. The man drops his gun. The DOCTOR releases him and calmly turns to ASHE.)

DOCTOR: These are your crop records, I take it?
ASHE: That's right, but I...really don't see what it has to do with you.
DOCTOR: It's a very poor showing, isn't it? Are you operating above subsistence level?
LEESON: We're surviving! Come on!
ASHE: No, no, just a minute. I'd like to hear what he has to say.
DOCTOR: Unless I'm very much mistaken, you've got far more to worry about that mineralogist.
ASHE: (Quietly.) Just what do you mean by that?
DOCTOR: Unless things improve radically, you're in grave danger of starving to death...

(A look, half-guilt, half-denial, appears on ASHE'S face.)


(The TARDIS topples onto its side. Both pushed and pulled by four primitives, it is taken away.)


(The colonists sit in a bare dining hall. There are several sets of tables and MARTIN and his wife sit at one with two other colonists. They eat soup out of bowls.)

MARTIN: I don't care what Ashe says, we say it, didn't we?
MRS. MARTIN: I'm sure Ashe believes you.

(JANE shows JO in.)

JANE LEESON: You can sit where you like.

(Back at the table...)

MARTIN: Ah, he thinks we're seeing things. You two had better watch out. It could be you next.
MRS. MARTIN: Ashe will take care of things.

(Meanwhile, JO sits as JANE starts to pour some of the soup for her.)

JO: Is that the first course?
JANE LEESON: It's the only course.

(She passes the bowl to JO.)

JANE LEESON: Supplies are getting a bit low.
MRS. MARTIN: (At the other table.) ____ bound to be difficult.
JO: (To JANE.) It's very nice. Thank you.
JANE LEESON: I'd better get back to my husband.

(Back at the table...)

MRS. MARTIN: At least it's better than being back on Earth.
MARTIN: Oh, I don't know - things weren't so bad there.
MRS. MARTIN: Weren't they. No room to move? Polluted air? Not a blade of grass left on the planet, and a government that locks you up if you think for yourself.
MARTIN: At least they fed you - this isn't exactly the Garden of Eden. And Ashe said we could make it further.

(WINTON walks in with a shotgun and goes up to them.)

WINTON: Are you ready, Martin? We're going to look for your monsters. Let's hope we find something.
MARTIN: You may be sorry if you do.
WINTON: Oh, we can skin it and you can use it for a rug.

(MARTIN and his wife pick up their shotguns and leave with WINTON. A longhaired young girl walks in and starts to ladle out some soup for herself. JO watches her. The young girl turns to the tables, sees JO and joins her with a smile.)

JO: Hello.
MARY ASHE: I'm Mary Ashe. My father told me about you.
JO: Jo Grant, how do you do?

(They shake hands. MARY looks over JO'S purple striped top and dark trousers.)

MARY ASHE: Is that what they're wearing on Earth now?
JO: More or less...
MARY ASHE: It was all quite different when we left back in '71.
JO: (Smiles.) You left in 1971?
MARY ASHE: No, 2471!

(JO'S face is a picture...)


(JANE LEESON reaches up to a calendar on the wall of their dome. She tears off the front sheet, which reads "MON, 2, MARCH 2472" and throws it in a bin. Like the main dome, the LEESON'S dwelling is functional rather than comfortable. There is a radio set to the right hand side and the door leading to the outside to the left. JANE goes over to one wall and pulls down a camp bed as her husband enters with his shotgun. There is a sour expression on his face. He sits down as JANE shuts the door.)

LEESON: I've been checking the northern sector.
JANE LEESON: How's it going?
LEESON: It isn't. These cover crops won't even start to grow.
JANE LEESON: What about the other sectors?
LEESON: Huh! It's even worse.
JANE LEESON: Never mind, my dear.

(She puts her hands on his shoulders and kisses his head. She then goes over to a machine, which she operates. It starts to dispense drinks.)

LEESON: We should never have come here.
JANE LEESON: We didn't even have a room of our own on Earth. Now, we've got land.

(She pulls out two cups and takes one over to him, sitting on a chair near to him.)

LEESON: What's the point of owning land if it won't grow a decent crop?
JANE LEESON: Ashe is working on it.
LEESON: Ashe knows we're beaten. He just won't admit it. Anyway, probably doesn't matter anymore.
JANE LEESON: What do you mean?
LEESON: Those people that I found this morning - suppose they are spies for one of the big mining combines.
JANE LEESON: You seemed to believe what they say.

(From outside, there is suddenly a faint sound like the roar of an animal.)

JANE LEESON: What was that?
LEESON: I don't know.

(They listen but there is silence.)

LEESON: Must have been the wind.
JANE LEESON: Even if the mining combines do come, they can't drive us out. We were here first.
LEESON: Oh, can't they? It's happened before.

(There is another louder roar. LEESON jumps to his feet and runs outside.)


(Outside, in the darkness, a gigantic lizard looms over them. LEESON runs back in the dome.)


LEESON: Get on the radio!

(She runs to her set as he picks up his shotgun.)

JANE LEESON: Don't go out there!
LEESON: Maybe I can drive it off.

(Having loaded some bullets he runs back outside as JANE makes a call over the radio...)

JANE LEESON: (Into radio.) Hello? Main dome - can you hear me?!

(There is a shot outside. JANE looks round briefly and then turns back to the radio.)

JANE LEESON: (Into radio.) Can you hear me?!
MARY ASHE: (OOV: Over radio.) This is main dome. Please identify.
JANE LEESON: (Into radio.) This is Jane Leeson. Our dome is being attacked.

(Outside, the lizard continues to roar as two more shots are heard.)

JANE LEESON: (Into radio.) Some kind of giant reptile! Please, you must send help!

(There is another sound of two shots. JANE turns towards the main door. She gets nervously to her feet.)

JANE LEESON: Who are you? What do you want?

(She suddenly gives a cry and runs for another shotgun. She turns back to the intruder and sinks to her feet.)

JANE LEESON: Go away! Go away!


(The DOCTOR is sat with ASHE in his office.)

DOCTOR: See if I've got this right - you brought your colonists to this planet just over a year ago?
ASHE: Yes.

(The DOCTOR gets up and walks over to a wall map of the area.)

DOCTOR: You set up your main dome here...with all your subsidiary domes around it.
ASHE: That's right. I made a preliminary survey before I sent for the others.
DOCTOR: And you were convinced that this planet was suitable for habitation, despite the exhaustion of the soil?
ASHE: Well, worn out soil can be reclaimed, Doctor, as you well know. We should have had subsidence crops within the year.
DOCTOR: Exactly - should have.
ASHE: The cover crop refuses to grow! We plant it; it shoots up and then withers - again and again. There seems to be no reason for it.
DOCTOR: Well, in theory, you should have a bumper crop by now.
ASHE: I can't feed my people on theories, Doctor.
DOCTOR: No, no, of course not. Well, in practical terms, what you must do is this...

(The door bursts open and MARY and JO run in.)

MARY ASHE: Jane Leeson's just radioed in!
ASHE: Well, can't it wait? I'm very busy.
MARY ASHE: She say's their dome's being attacked!
ASHE: Attacked?
MARY ASHE: By some kind of giant reptile!
JO: I heard it too - she sounded terrified!
MARY ASHE: The radio cut out while she was still talking.
DOCTOR: But didn't you say you'd sent some men down there?

(ASHE gets up.)

ASHE: Yes, but to Martin's dome at the other end of the colony. (To MARY.) Look; get in touch with Winton. Tell him to get over to Leeson's dome as fast as he can. I'll join you there.

(MARY runs out. ASHE starts to follow...)

DOCTOR: I'll come with you, if I may.
ASHE: Well, there's no need for you to get involved, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Scientific curiosity, my dear chap. I find your planet most intriguing.
ASHE: Very well, thank you.

(They both go but JO chases after the DOCTOR.)


JO: Doctor, I don't think you should go. It might be dangerous.
DOCTOR: Jo, don't worry about me. I'll be careful. Now go and get some sleep.
JO: Sleep! How do you expect me to s..?

(The DOCTOR runs off after ASHE.)

JO: Doctor!

(She hears MARY back on the nearby radio.)

MARY ASHE: (Into radio.) ___at Leeson's dome. I repeat - Leeson's dome. Do you read me?
WINTON: (OOV: Over radio.) I read you. We're on our way.
MARY ASHE: (Into radio.) Be careful.

(She takes off the headset.)

JO: How long did you say you'd been on this planet?
MARY ASHE: Just over a year.
JO: And you found no sign of these creatures then?
MARY ASHE: There's no animal life. Just a few birds and insects.
JO: Well, there is now.


(The DOCTOR and ASHE watch as WINTON supervises two colonists who take away JANE LEESON'S body on a covered stretcher. The inside of the dome has been ransacked. ASHE looks forlorn. WINTON closes the doors after the stretcher-bearers and goes over to ASHE. The DOCTOR examines the wrecked furniture.)

WINTON: Robert, there's nothing you could have done. They were both dead when we got here.
ASHE: Did you see the creatures?
WINTON: We caught a glimpse of one as we arrived. Everyone blazed away like mad.
DOCTOR: And what happened?
WINTON: Nothing. It didn't even seem to notice.
ASHE: You must have missed!
WINTON: What - all of us? We tried to get in closer but it just...disappeared. Vanished into the darkness.
ASHE: It'll be daylight soon. Perhaps we shall be able to pick up tracks or bloodstains.
DOCTOR: I doubt it.

(The DOCTOR is crouched on the floor looking at one particular piece of up-ended furniture.)

DOCTOR: Come and take a look at these claw marks, gentlemen.

(The two come over and join him.)

ASHE: Well, what about them?
DOCTOR: Are you trying to tell me these were made by a giant lizard, Winton?
WINTON: Yes, it must have been a least twenty-foot high.

(The DOCTOR stands.)

DOCTOR: Twenty foot high?
DOCTOR: Well, will you kindly tell me how a creature twenty feet high came through that door?

(He points to the small entrance to the dome. The two men look round.)


(The next morning, all the colonists are gathered in the entrance hall of the main dome in an angry meeting.)

MARTIN: Why can't you admit defeat, Ashe? We've got to get back to Earth.
ASHE: If we go back to Earth, we'll be worse off than we were before. All our savings have gone into this.
WINTON: Then we must move on to another planet. If we stay here, we'll be dead!
ASHE: I'm not sure that we can move on. Our spaceship was old when we bought it - it may not survive another trip.
WINTON: Oh, Robert, why won't you admit your mistakes?
ASHE: We've invested a year of our lives in this place. We've got the beginnings of a colony.
WINTON: Our food stocks are getting lower all the time. We can't even support ourselves.
ASHE: All right, we've got problems, but they can be overcome!

(The DOCTOR steps through the group.)

DOCTOR: Ashe is perfectly right. There is no reason why this planet should not support a thriving colony.
MARTIN: (Sarcastically.) I suppose you're an expert in agriculture?
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, as a matter of fact, I am.
MARTIN: Then why won't my crops grow?
DOCTOR: Because they are being inhibited by some unnatural force! We must track it down and overcome it.
MARTIN: But two people have been killed, or have you forgotten that?
ASHE: Killed by creatures that vanish without trace?
WINTON: Look, we saw something!
DOCTOR: Whatever it was you saw can be destroyed!
ASHE: This colony is our only hope. If we leave it, we'll have nothing. If we stay, we may have a future.
WINTON: Why won't you...
MRS. MARTIN: (Interrupting.) He's right! We've put too much work into this place to leave.
MARTIN: What if these animals attack again?
MRS. MARTIN: We fight back.
ASHE: Good! Now what about the rest of you? Are you willing to give it another try?

(They all look at each other and mutter in the affirmative.)

MARTIN: Well, if there really is a chance...
ASHE: There is if we stick together! Now, what we've got to do is to organize patrols for the domes. The Doctor here will help us with...
WINTON: (Interrupting.) Robert, wait!

(He has seen MARY entering the dome, supporting a wounded ragged man. WINTON rushes to help her.)

MARY ASHE: One of the patrols found him wandering in the south sector.

(They all run to help.)

ASHE: Get some water, somebody - quickly!

(They ease the man to the floor and lean him against a wall. Somewhat emaciated and covered in cuts and tears to his clothing, he stares dully up at the watching people.)

ASHE: Where are you from?

(The man's eyes wander over the people.)

ASHE: Can you understand what I say?

(The man stares particularly at the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: (Gently.) It's all right, old chap, You're amongst friends now.

(WINTON is handed a cup of water, which he holds to the man's lips. He drinks.)

ASHE: Who are you? Where have you come from?

(The man speaks.)

NORTON: (Weakly.) Colony...come from colony...
ASHE: What colony?
NORTON: (Weakly.) Long way...from here.
WINTON: Do you mean there's another colony on this planet?
NORTON: (Weakly.) I've been wandering...long time...nine months.

(WINTON gives him some more water.)

WINTON: These other colonists - well where are they?

(The man's eyes open in fear.)

NORTON: (Weakly.) Dead...they're all dead...giant lizards!
DOCTOR: (Puzzled.) Lizards?
NORTON: (Weakly.) Came from nowhere...killed...everything. I'm the only one...left.

(His eyes close...)


(Within the LEESON'S dome, two of the PRIMITIVES scavenge through the wreckage. One shows the other his find - the broken radio microphone - whilst the other holds up his treasure - a book. They suddenly flinch as they hear the voices of ASHE and the DOCTOR approaching.)

ASHE: (OOV: Outside dome.) I hope you find what you're looking for, Doctor.
DOCTOR: (OOV: Outside dome.) I only hope you're right.

(One of the PRIMITIVES jumps back against the doorframe and pulls out a knife. The DOCTOR enters and the PRIMITIVE raises the knife. ASHE cries out...)

ASHE: No! No, he is our friend.

(The PRIMITIVE lowers the knife. ASHE points to the radio microphone in its other hand.)

ASHE: Err, these are ours. You must leave them.

(The PRIMITIVE moves over to the other side of the dome to replace the shattered microphone. The DOCTOR and ASHE watch.)

DOCTOR: Do they have a language of their own?
ASHE: I've never heard them speak but they seem to understand what I say.
DOCTOR: Extraordinary. Must be some rudimentary telepathic ability. Are they friendly?
ASHE: Depends on how you treat them. We had two colonists killed when we first moved here.

(ASHE steps forward to speak to the PRIMITIVES.)

ASHE: You...must go...now.

(The two PRIMITIVES walk out. The DOCTOR starts to look over the dome himself.)

ASHE: Just what are you looking for Doctor?
DOCTOR: I've no idea. Possibly some evidence to convince your colonists to stay.
ASHE: Yes, I thought I'd won them over until that man turned up. Now I don't know how long I can hold them.
DOCTOR: Just play for time.
ASHE: Yes. Well, I'd better get back there to see what's happening. Can you find your own way back?
DOCTOR: Yes, oh yes, of course.
ASHE: Right, I'll leave you to it then and...be careful.

(He leaves. The DOCTOR takes a penknife and sample tube out of his pockets and starts to cut samples out of the table. He puts them in his sample tube and holds it up for examination. Suddenly he sees something in the doorway and jumps up. A ROBOT glides into the room. Marked with a logo that reads "IMC", it has two razor sharp metal diggers on the end of its two arms. It moves swiftly towards the DOCTOR who falls back against a wrecked table as the ROBOT looms over him...)

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