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(The DOCTOR holds up his sample tube for examination. Suddenly he sees something in the doorway and jumps up. A tank-like ROBOT glides into the room. Marked with a logo that reads "IMC", it has two razor sharp metal diggers on the end of its two arms. It moves swiftly towards the DOCTOR who falls back against a wrecked table as the ROBOT looms over him. A man walks into the dome.)


(He is dressed in a red and black tunic uniform. He wears a similarly colored mining helmet and has a remote control device attached to his belt with which he operates the ROBOT. From his defensive position, the DOCTOR looks up at the stranger in puzzlement and wariness.)

CALDWELL: You can get up now.

(The DOCTOR rises to his feet.)

DOCTOR: Thank you very much. You know, you really ought to keep this thing of yours under better control.

(The man takes off his helmet and strokes his dark thinning hair into place. He sports a moustache and has a cheerful calm voice.)

CALDWELL: (Smiles.) Yeah, I'm sorry. He's only a mark three servo-robot. He's not very bright.

(He looks round. A note of concern enters his voice.)

CALDWELL: What happened in here?
DOCTOR: Well, I only wish I knew. Something attacked this place late last night.
CALDWELL: Is it your place?
DOCTOR: No. No, it belonged to two colonists.
CALDWELL: (Surprised.) Colonists? According to Earth control, this planet hasn't been colonized.
DOCTOR: It appears they we wrong, doesn't it?
DOCTOR: May I ask what you're doing here?
CALDWELL: IMC - Interplanetary Mining Corporation. We're doing a mineral survey.
DOCTOR: How long have you been here?
CALDWELL: We've just arrived. Colonists, eh? Well now we've got trouble.
DOCTOR: (Sharply.) Why? Presumably you'll be moving to another planet?
CALDWELL: Well, it isn't up to me. They'll have to sort that out at Earth control. Erm, what are you up to?
DOCTOR: Erm, I, err, I'm, just making a few tests.
CALDWELL: Are you some kind of scientist?
DOCTOR: (Firmly.) I'm every kind of scientist. Now, if you'll excuse me.

(The DOCTOR starts to head for the doorway.)

CALDWELL: Look, I'm...on my way back to my spaceship. How about you coming back with me?

(The DOCTOR has stopped making for the exit. He is stood between the upraised arms of the ROBOT.)

DOCTOR: Well, I'd like to, but erm...I haven't really got the time. In any case, I ought to get back and tell the colonists that you've arrived.

(The miner presses a button on his remote control and one of the ROBOT'S arms comes down before him - blocking his way.)

CALDWELL: You have got plenty of time, you know.

(The DOCTOR scratches his chin.)

DOCTOR: Yes, well, I suppose I could spare you a few moments.

(The man starts to put his helmet back on.)

CALDWELL: You know, it's lucky no one was hurt.
DOCTOR: What gave you that impression?
CALDWELL: Well, surely, didn't you say...?
DOCTOR: (Interrupting.) No, I didn't say anything of the sort. The two colonists that were living here have been killed!

(The miner's self-confidence visibly disappears. He looks shocked.)

CALDWELL: Two people killed?
DOCTOR: That's right.

(The miner collects himself.)

CALDWELL: Erm, we'd better get moving.

(He operates the remote and the ROBOT'S arm rises. The DOCTOR walks out of the dome as the ROBOT starts to turn to follow under CALDWELL'S operation.)


(Outside the dome is a small silver buggy emblazoned with the same "IMC" logo that appears on the ROBOT. The DOCTOR heads for it followed by CALDWELL. It is the DOCTOR who gets into the driver's seat. As he is about to start the vehicle he sees CALDWELL operating the remote control to the robot which now stands in the doorway of the Leeson's dome.)

DOCTOR: What are you doing?
CALDWELL: Programming Charlie to go back to the spaceship.

(The antenna of the ROBOT turns as it receives instructions.)

DOCTOR: Well, how far is your ship?
CALDWELL: Only a few kilometers.

(The DOCTOR nods, switches on the vehicle and drives off.)


(NORTON wrapped in a blanket to keep him warm, sits at a table in the dining room quickly downing a bowl of soup. JO and some other colonists sit with him. WINTON brings him another bowl.)

WINTON: So no one from your colony survived?
NORTON: The lizards killed most of them. The primitives finished off the rest.
JO: The primitives attacked you as well?
NORTON: Well, after the lizards there were only a few survivors. When the primitives saw how weak we were, they...they turned on us. They killed my family, friends - everyone!

(NORTON tucks into his second bowl.)

JO: (To WINTON.) Your primitives don't seem too hostile?
WINTON: They were when we first got here. Some of my friends were killed.
JO: You get on all right with them now.
NORTON: Mmm so did we - till we were defenseless.

(WINTON strides in anger across the room.)

WINTON: Maybe now Robert Ashe will listen to me! We must move on to another planet.

(JO gets up to confront him.)

JO: You're not just gonna give up, are you? After all the work you've done here?
WINTON: Well, there's a time to cut your losses! We can't even grow our own food.
JO: I'm sure the Doctor will be able to help you.
NORTON: (Suspiciously.) What Doctor?
JO: They turned up out of nowhere - this girl and a man.
NORTON: Who are they? Where do they come from?
WINTON: (To JO.) Well? We don't really know much about you, you know?
JO: We told you! We're explorers!
WINTON: But just the two of you? With a spaceship all to yourselves?
JO: That's right.
NORTON: You work for the government?

(At that moment a PRIMITIVE enters the room.)

JO: No, we don't work for anybody, we just...

(JO'S voice tails off as she sees NORTON'S frightened reaction. The ragged man jumps up and picks up a rifle pointing it at the PRIMITIVE.)

JO: What are you doing?
NORTON: They killed the survivors! All of them! Get out of the way! He'll kill you.

(ASHE has entered the room.)

ASHE: All right. Put that gun down!
NORTON: (Frightened.) don't understand! can't trust them!
ASHE: (Shouts.) I said put that gun down! We have a truce with the primitives! We mustn't be the first to break it!

(ASHE pulls the rifle from him.)

WINTON: We have a truce all right, Robert. But only because you give them our food.

(ASHE ignores him. He takes WINTON by the shoulder and starts to lead him out of the room.)

ASHE: You need rest. Show him where he can lie down, somebody.

(A colonist takes NORTON and starts to lead him out. The man turns in the doorway.)

NORTON: One day you'll wish you'd listened to me.

(He is led out. ASHE glances at WINTON and then goes up to the PRIMITIVE. HE speaks to him slowly and carefully.)

ASHE: Wait outside - I will bring you food.

(The PRIMITIVE pauses as it looks at the humans and then leaves. ASHE reaches into a cupboard and starts to pull out a food packet.)

WINTON: Robert, we can't keep feeding these savages!
ASHE: We've got to keep on good terms with them - for our own safety!

(He turns for the door. WINTON is stood in his way.)

ASHE: While I'm leader of this colony, we'll treat the primitives in my way.
WINTON: Even if we starve?

(The two stare each other down.)

ASHE: (Quietly.) Get out of my way, David.

(After a tense moment, WINTON steps aside and ASHE walks out. WINTON leans on a table despondently.)

JO: He's right, you know. You ought to listen to him - he is your leader, isn't he?
WINTON: Maybe that's been my mistake.


(The DOCTOR drives the small buggy down a rough track. They reach a rise and the DOCTOR looks round at the familiar landscape.)

DOCTOR: The TARDIS - it's gone!

(He drives the buggy off.)


(A small distance away sits the IMC rocket. A dirty red in color, its has an ornate tail fin on its back with several rockets attached and is emblazoned with the registration number "157".)


(The captain of the IMC team - DENT - walks into the control room. This several manned consoles are at the back of the room, which is on a higher level. There are other consoles in the front lower section of the room. A large opaque screen acts as a part divide between the two parts of the room. The walls are studied with control panels All the men in the room, including DENT, wear the same red and black uniform as that worn by CALDWELL. The room is functional with little in the way of design that could be called luxurious or functional. DENT moves to his desk on the right of the room and presses a switch. The opaque screen loses its transparency and becomes a monitor, which shows a view of the barren wastelands outside the rocket. DENT is middle-aged and blond with a hard cruel face. A bulky dark-haired man - MORGAN - walks up to DENT'S desk with a paper report.)

MORGAN: I've just got the first survey results.
DENT: Well?

(He takes the report from MORGAN and starts to look over it.)

MORGAN: The computer predicts there's enough duralinium here to build one million living units on Earth.
DENT: (Smiles.) Excellent.
MORGAN: (Exasperated.) The thing I can't understand is why this planet was assigned for colonization!

(DENT continues to read the report.)

DENT: Does it matter?

(An alarm quietly bleeps several times. MORGAN looks on the monitor on which the buggy carrying the DOCTOR and CALDWELL is shown.)

MORGAN: Look - Caldwell's found us a colonist. Huh, I wonder why he's wearing fancy dress?
DENT: All colonists are eccentric, Morgan, otherwise they wouldn't be colonists.
MORGAN: Hmm, and what are you going to say to this "eccentric"?
DENT: The usual story - that we've just arrived and we're surprised and shocked that the place has been colonized.
MORGAN: Suppose they don't believe us?
DENT: (Quietly.) It doesn't matter what they believe - they won't be here for long.


(Having entered the rocket, CALDWELL leads the DOCTOR round a corner of a metal corridor. The ROBOT waits in an alcove. CALDWELL presses a wall control and a door opens. CALDWELL gestures to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Thank you.


(The DOCTOR steps into a room. There is a table with several glasses and a stand-alone console in the middle of the room.)

CALDWELL: And would you mind staying in here, please, while I let my colleagues know?
DOCTOR: Yes, of course.
CALDWELL: Erm, look make yourself at home.

(He nods at the stand-alone console.)

CALDWELL: That's the entertainment console. I shan't be long.
DOCTOR: Right.

(CALDWELL steps out and the door closes. The DOCTOR goes over to the console and sits at it. Whistling, he presses a button. On the other side of the room, a pair of curtains parts and a screen lights up showing a large gun firing and scenes of warfare. The DOCTOR looks somewhat shocked and repulsed by the sight.)


(CALDWELL strides purposefully down a corridor. He reaches the door to the control room. He sighs, collects his courage and walks in.)


(He walks up to DENT'S desk watched carefully by MORGAN.)

CALDWELL: I've just brought a man in here.
DENT: So I saw.
CALDWELL: He was at the wrecked dome and he tells me that two people have been killed!

(He points at MORGAN who gets up and walks towards them.)

CALDWELL: (Shouts.) Now, he's only supposed to scare people off - not slaughter them!
DENT: (To MORGAN.) Do you know about this, Morgan?
MORGAN: (Quietly.) Yes - it was an accident.
CALDWELL: (Shouts.) What do you mean - "accident"?!
MORGAN: (Shouts.) They found me! They started shooting! What was I supposed to do - let myself get killed?
DENT: You acted very foolishly, Morgan. You should never have let yourself be seen.
CALDWELL: Foolishly? Dent, is that all you've got to say?
DENT: Believe me, Caldwell, I regret this just as much as you do.
CALDWELL: Oh, he...
MORGAN: (Interrupts, shouting.) Look, there's no point in arguing about it! Besides, once these colonists have left this planet, there will be no more "regrettable incidents".
CALDWELL: (To DENT.) Look, two people are dead and I want to know...

(As he speaks, DENT gets up with the computer report.)

DENT: (Interrupts.) You may care to look at this report...
CALDWELL: I want to know for certain...
DENT: (Interrupts, shouting.) Look at it!

(CALDWELL starts to look over the report. His eyes widen as he sees the contents.)

DENT: It's going to make you rich. This planet has enough duralinium to double the company's profits next year. Your bonus will be big enough to retire on.
MORGAN: If we get rid of the colonists.

(CALDWELL swallows...)

CALDWELL: Yes, well all right, we can go ahead. But there's no need for anyone else to be killed.
DENT: I think I'll have a chat with this colonist of yours. Be interesting to know the state of morale.

(He leaves the room watched by a guilty looking CALDWELL.)


(The DOCTOR is now watching a watching a report, which informs him of the over-crowding on Earth in the twenty-fifth century. A picture shows a number of large structures whilst a VOICE describes their purpose.)

VOICE: Scientists have turned to new means for providing accommodation for our ever-increasing population. These floating islands, rising to three hundred stories, will make living space for five hundred million people.

(The DOCTOR presses a button and the curtains close on the screen. At the same time, the door opens and DENT walks in. The DOCTOR stands and looks at the newcomer with suspicion.)

DENT: I'm Captain Dent - in charge of this survey team. A great pleasure to meet you, Mister?

(He holds out his hand.)

DOCTOR: Not Mister - Doctor. How do you do?

(They shake hands but the atmosphere between the two men is cold.)

DENT: Well Doctor, it seems a most unfortunate mistake has been made.
DOCTOR: I'm glad you admit it. I take it you're preparing to leave at once.
DENT: It's not necessarily out mistake. As things have turned out, this planet doesn't seem very suitable for colonization.
DOCTOR: Oh, why?
DENT: I understand it's still infested with hostile animal life?

(DENT goes and pours out two drinks.)

DOCTOR: The hostile animals - if they exist - can be found and destroyed, sir.
DENT: I admire your optimism. Is it shared by the other colonists?

(The DOCTOR sits.)

DOCTOR: Hmm! I'm not a colonist. I'm a visitor.
DENT: I see, then you're not really concerned?
DOCTOR: I'm very much concerned!
DENT: The colonists shouldn't be here. My corporation has been assigned the mineral rights on this planet. Our preliminary survey indicates a...very rich concentration of duralinium. You know how the Earth needs that mineral.

(He holds out a drink to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Earth - or your corporation's profits?
DENT: What's good for IMC is good for Earth. There hundred thousand million people back on Earth and they desperately need all the minerals we can find.
DOCTOR: What those people need my dear sir, are new worlds to live in like this one! Worlds where they can live like human beings - not battery hens!
DENT: That's not my concern. Minerals are needed - it's my job to find them.
DOCTOR: Even if it means turning this planet into a slagheap?
DENT: I can see we're on opposite sides, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Perhaps.

(He holds up his glass...)

DOCTOR: Your health, sir.

(...and takes a drink. He puts the glass down and stands.)

DOCTOR: Now, if you'll excuse me. I've lost some very valuable equipment. Perhaps one of your colleagues told you about it - a tall blue box.
DENT: He's probably enquiring about it now. I'll go and check. If you wouldn't mind waiting here, Doctor? I'll detail someone to escort you back to your friends.

(He opens the door and leaves.)


(MORGAN walks across the control room and speaks into a microphone.)

MORGAN: (Into microphone.) Air-sey prediction on section four-eight.


(DENT strides down a corridor, wiping his hands as he does so. He opens the door to the control room.)


(He looks round as he enters the room and goes up to MORGAN.)

DENT: Where's Caldwell?
MORGAN: Oh, he's chasing up some lost equipment for your colonist friend.
DENT: He isn't a colonist...or at least, so he said.

(MORGAN looks at him, a look of puzzlement and nervousness on his face.)

MORGAN: Then what's he doing here?
DENT: I don't know, but I think he's dangerous.
MORGAN: Do you think he's been sent by Earth government, checking up on us?
DENT: Perhaps.
MORGAN: What do you propose to do about it?
DENT: You're going to take him back to his colonist friends.

(He sits at his desk.)

MORGAN: You're not serious?
DENT: When Caldwell found him, he was investigating the wrecked dome.
DENT: If he were found in the ruins, it would be obvious the monsters had returned and killed him.

(A small smile appears on CALDWELL'S face.)

MORGAN: Leave it to me.

(He heads for the door.)

MORGAN: Oh by the way, you, will send the necessary machine?
DENT: It'll be waiting when you arrive.

(MORGAN starts to put on a pair of black gloves. The door to the room opens and CALDWELL enters with a report, which he hands to DENT. He adds another verbal report.)

CALDWELL: Whatever that Doctor's lost, no one seems to have found it.
DENT: (To MORGAN, coldly.) You'd better break the sad news, Morgan.

(MORGAN nods and leaves.)


(The DOCTOR is examining the locked door of the room searching for a sensor with which to open it. He gives up and turns away but hears footsteps approaching from the other side.)


(It is MORGAN who walks past the alcove with the ROBOT and up to the door. He puts his hand on the sensor and the door slides open - revealing a puzzled and angry DOCTOR stood in the doorway.)

DOCTOR: Who the blazes are you?!
MORGAN: My name's Morgan.
DOCTOR: (Shouts.) Well, why was this door locked?!


(He turns and walks back into the guestroom followed by MORGAN.)

MORGAN: Was it? Must have jammed. I've been sent to take you back to your friends.
DOCTOR: Well, where is the man who brought me here - and what happened to Captain Dent?
MORGAN: I'm sorry, the Captain's busy. You've been handed over to me.
DOCTOR: Oh, I see. Well I take it that your Captain is coming to see Ashe?
MORGAN: (Puzzled.) Ashe?
DOCTOR: The leader of the colonists!
MORGAN: Oh, yes, yes! I'm to arrange the meeting.
DOCTOR: How very formal.

(The DOCTOR looks towards the door. MORGAN doesn't move. The DOCTOR speaks to him as if he were slightly simple.)

DOCTOR: Well shall we go?
MORGAN: After you...sir.

(He gestures to the door. The DOCTOR walks out.)

MORGAN: By the way...


(MORGAN follows.)

MORGAN: ...Captain Dent wanted you to show me the dome that was wrecked.
MORGAN: Well, we're just as interested in these creatures as you are. Who knows - they might attack us too?
DOCTOR: Yes, that's a point.

(They turn and walk off.)


(The buggy makes its return journey - the time driven by MORGAN. It suddenly comes to a halt. In the roadway ahead are three Primitives, all armed with spears.)

MORGAN: Get out of the way!

(They start pacing towards the buggy. MORGAN pulls out a gun.)


(But the DOCTOR is too quick and pushes the gun, deflecting the shot away. The DOCTOR gets out of the buggy and approaches the Primitives. One of them throws a spear, which the DOCTOR manages to catch and hold as a weapon. The other two Primitives rush him but, with many a cry, the DOCTOR fights them off using the spear as a stave. The two Primitives are made short work of and they lay stunned on the ground, however the DOCTOR'S spear is broken and is a useless stump. The third Primitive starts to swing a stone on a rope and rushes at the DOCTOR. He uses his broken spear as a lever onto which the Primitive lands and is then thrown into the air. The tussle over, MORGAN drives up in the buggy. He beeps the horn and the DOCTOR climbs in.)

DOCTOR: Let's drive slowly, shall we?

(They move off.)


(JO is stirring more soup in the dining hall when MARY ASHE walks in with some boxes.)

MARY ASHE: Can you get these ready, please Jo?
JO: Yes, of course. What do I do with them?
MARY ASHE: Just add water and serve...but be careful.

(ASHE walks in.)

JO: What do they taste like?
MARY ASHE: All exactly the same!

(They laugh. ASHE hugs and kisses his daughter.)

ASHE: Hello, Mary, my dear. How's it going?
MARY ASHE: She's getting on very well.
JO: Have you seen the Doctor yet?
ASHE: No, I haven't.
JO: He's been gone a long time.
ASHE: Now, don't worry. If he's not back soon, I'll go and look for him. (To MARY.) Have you seen Winton?
MARY ASHE: Mmm, he's showing Norton round the dome.
ASHE: Well, when you see him, tell him I want him. I'll be in my quarters.

(ASHE walks out. JO is suspicious.)

JO: Norton's made a remarkable recovery.

(MARY looks at JO.)


(In the dome's power room, a thin faced man - older than the other colonists - makes repairs to a squat unit in the middle of the room. The man - HOLDEN - is assisted by a PRIMITIVE. The walls of the room are covered with old-fashioned junction boxes and power units. The door to the small room opens and WINTON walks in with NORTON, who is still huddled in his blanket.)

WINTON: This is our power supply junction box.

(NORTON sees the PRIMITIVE and again reacts with suspicion.)

NORTON: What's he doing?
HOLDEN: Don't worry about him. He's my assistant.

(HOLDEN raises up his left hand and the PRIMITIVE puts a tool into it. HOLDEN smiles.)

HOLDEN: See what I mean? He gets the right one every time. Seems to know what's in my mind. Weren't your primitives like that?
NORTON: No. We weren't so friendly with ours. (To WINTON.) Where do you get your power from?
WINTON: Well we tap the ships nuclear generator and then beam the power through to the domes, as they need it. (To HOLDEN.) More trouble?
HOLDEN: Naturally. This stuff should have been junked years ago.
WINTON: Don't worry, you'll manage. You always do! Must be that sunny nature of yours.
HOLDEN: (Flatly.) Thanks very much.
WINTON: (To NORTON.) Well, shall we go back to the dining area?

(NORTON nods and they leave. Without being asked, the PRIMITIVE passes HOLDEN a screwdriver. The little man smiles.)

HOLDEN: Thanks!


(JO and MARY are lifting chairs off the tables onto the floor, ready for dinner. WINTON and NORTON walk in.)

WINTON: Got you working, I see? And what time's dinner?
JO: Not long now. (To NORTON.) How are you feeling?
NORTON: Oh, much better. Still hungry.
MARY ASHE: What do you think of our colony?
NORTON: I think you're managing very well.
WINTON: You mean considering how old the equipment is?
NORTON: Well, some of it is getting on a bit.
WINTON: Yes...
JO: Was your colony better equipped?
NORTON: Yes. Didn't do us much good. (To WINTON.) Err, that junction box of yours - it, err, looks dangerous.
MARY ASHE: That's what Jim Holden says. But he manages to keep it going.
NORTON: Is he your only electrician engineer?
WINTON: He's the only one we could get to come with us. We'd be lost without him.
MARY ASHE: Oh, my father was looking for you. He said he'd be in his quarters.
WINTON: Oh. (To NORTON.) Err, look, can you look after yourself.
NORTON: Well, yes, I...I feel a bit tired. I'll just go and lie down until dinner.
WINTON: All right. See you then.

(WINTON walks out and NORTON takes a sniff at the soup.)

NORTON: (Smiles.) I'm looking forward to this. After a year of living off roots, you don't know how good that looks.

(He walks out. JO looks puzzled.)


(HOLDEN and the PRIMITIVE conclude their repairs.)

HOLDEN: There. That should hold it for another few days. Put the tools away, will you? I just want to check the circuit relay.

(HOLDEN puts some tools into the PRIMITIVE'S hands and turns to a wall junction box. The door opens and NORTON walks in. He throws off his blanket and raises a large spanner he has in his hand over the PRIMITIVE. He brings it crashing down as HOLDEN turns round.)

HOLDEN: Are you crazy?

(NORTON drops the spanner and picks up the PRIMITIVE'S spear, aiming it at HOLDEN.)

HOLDEN: What do you think you're doing? No!


(MARY walks into her father's office, followed by JO. ASHE is at his desk.)

MARY ASHE: Dinner's ready, father.

(As he is about the get up, the lights in the room dim as the power fails.)

ASHE: Oh, here we go again.
MARY ASHE: Don't worry, Jim'll fix it.

(She and JO laugh as NORTON rushes into the darkened room. He is again huddled in his blanket.)

NORTON: You've got to come with me!
ASHE: Don't worry. It was only a power failure.
NORTON: No, you don't understand. Please, come with me!

(He pulls ASHE along.)


(HOLDEN lies dead in the room, near to the corpse of the PRIMITIVE who now lies on top of his spear. ASHE stops dead as he walks in, NORTON follows.)

ASHE: What?

(He rushes to HOLDEN and examines him.)

ASHE: (Incredulous.) What happened?
NORTON: I was just coming by. I saw it all! He didn't have a chance.
ASHE: The primitive killed him?
NORTON: He...he went for me too. I grabbed a spanner and hit him. It was self-defense - I had to.
ASHE: I don't understand it. They were such friends.
NORTON: They're all the same - treacherous. They get your confidence and then they turn on you.

(ASHE looks at the unit in the center of the room.)

ASHE: The relay circuits have been destroyed!
NORTON: Your man must have caught him messing about with the controls.
ASHE: But unless we get this repaired, the whole colony will come to a standstill! He was the only one who could fix it!

(Behind ASHE, a satisfied NORTON looks on.)


(Aboard the IMC rocket...)


(...DENT walks into the control room and goes up to a radio unit.)

DENT: (Into microphone.) Warp this message direct to IMC headquarters, Earth. Put it on scramble. Code two-nine-three.

(There is a signal of acknowledgement from the radio unit.)

DENT: (Into microphone.) Survey ship four-three to IMC headquarters, Earth. Captain Dent speaking. Preliminary survey confirms rich deposits of duralinium on this planet. Complications occasioned by previously arrived colonists can be dealt with.

(CALDWELL enters the room with a folder.)

CALDWELL: I've been checking out the survey results.
DENT: Well?
CALDWELL: Well, you were right. This is a big strike.

(CALDWELL sits in DENT'S chair.)

DENT: This biggest we've ever had...and I want you to radio Earth your requirements for radio equipment.
CALDWELL: Right. What about the colonists?
DENT: Oh, they'll have left by the time it gets here.
CALDWELL: You can't be sure. That Doctor seemed pretty determined, didn't he?
DENT: He can be dealt with.
CALDWELL: How do you mean? Where is he?
DENT: On his way back to his friends - with Morgan.
CALDWELL: You're the Captain, why didn't you go?

(CALDWELL suddenly realizes what DENT'S statement implies.)

CALDWELL: He isn't going to get back to his friends, is he?

(DENT looks at CALDWELL, his tone remaining calm.)

DENT: Morgan's completely reliable.
CALDWELL: Yes, that's what I mean.

(CALDWELL jumps up and makes for the door. DENT also gets up and heads him off.)

DENT: Where do you think you're going?
CALDWELL: Look, scaring people is one thing and I don't my lying to Earth government but murder...
DENT: (Interrupting.) Stay where you are.
CALDWELL: (Shouts.) Now, get out of my way!
DENT: May I remind you that I am Captain of this ship and we are on an alien planet. If you strike me, I can have you executed without trial.

(CALDWELL collects himself...)

CALDWELL: We can persuade these people to go. We've done it before.
DENT: That man you brought here was some kind of government spy. He was suspicious.
CALDWELL: Well, it's still murder!
DENT: Back on Earth, tens of thousands of people die every day - traffic accidents, suicides, pollution, epidemics...
CALDWELL: (His voice rising.) They are not the same thing and you know it!
DENT: (Shouts.) Caldwell! (Calmer.) The exploitation of this planet can make us both rich. You can enjoy luxury for the rest of your life if you go along with the corporation.
CALDWELL: I could exist without IMC.
DENT: You get on our blacklist, you'll never work again - for anyone. You're up to your ears in debt - I checked. Don't worry about the colonists, Caldwell. Just get on with your work - and let Morgan get on with his.

(CALDWELL looks torn...)


(MORGAN and the DOCTOR'S journey concludes outside the Leeson's dome. The two men get out of the buggy.)


(They walk into the dome.)

DOCTOR: Well, here are are. Though I must say I still don't quite understand why you wanted to come here.
MORGAN: I wanted to see how much damage these creatures can cause.

(The DOCTOR points.)

DOCTOR: Well, you'll find some claw marks over there and some more over there.
MORGAN: And you say these same marks were found on the two colonists?

(MORGAN crouches down and looks at one set of claw marks.)

DOCTOR: That's right. Oh yes, it was all very efficiently done.

(He looks up at the DOCTOR.)

MORGAN: What do you mean?
DOCTOR: Well, I think the whole thing was faked by somebody who wanted to frighten the colonists away.
MORGAN: These claw marks, I mean, something made them.
DOCTOR: Yes, they could have been faked by some sort of mechanical device.

(MORGAN stands up and operates the remote control for the ROBOT.)

MORGAN: You mean with something like this?

(The ROBOT glides into the room. In place of the two metal hands are two mock "monster" hands - complete with razor sharp claws. The DOCTOR spins round.)

DOCTOR: Yes, yes - exactly like this!
MORGAN: By the time they've found you, the monster will have claimed another victim.

(The DOCTOR turns back to MORGAN and is about to jump him but the miner is too quick and raises its gun.)

MORGAN: Keep back! Purely business, you understand. Nothing personal...

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