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(The DOCTOR waves his hand directly in front of QUINN’s eyes. There is no reaction. The DOCTOR leans over QUINN’s chest to listen for a pulse which evidently is not there. QUINN is clearly dead. The DOCTOR closes QUINN’s sightless eyes, and discovers his hand is clutching something. He gently prises the small metallic device from his hand, and holds it up for inspection. He triggers the device, and to his little surprise it begins emitting the descending three note call to attention.

(In the next room, the Silurian hears the signal and instinctively flexes his three-clawed hand. After a moment the DOCTOR notices something moving in his peripheral vision, and spins around to see the reptilian biped slowly marching into the living room towards him. The DOCTOR is quite taken aback and stares in surprise at the Silurian’s headcrest, and the prominent three eyes...)

DOCTOR: Hello! Are you a Silurian?

(The DOCTOR offers the Silurian a friendly hand shake, confronting him with an immediate problem of whether to engage in this custom with either of his claws.)

DOCTOR: Look. Do you understand me?

(The Silurian nods in assent.)

DOCTOR: Well what do your people want? How can we help you. How many are there of you? Tell us what we can do!

(The Silurian hears the sound of a car passing by, and immediately suspicious, thrusts the DOCTOR aside, escape at the fore of his mind. The Silurian flees the cottage with a smashing of timber and glass and the DOCTOR is forced to shout after him:)

DOCTOR: No wait! Wait! Wait! Unless you Silurians tell us what you want, the humans will destroy you!


(Major BAKER is sitting on his sick bed, dressed in shirt and trousers, and is secretively tracing a route through the Wenley Moor caves in a notebook. Then hearing movement outside, and deciding to call in the gullible Sergeant HART, he hides the map under his pillow.)

BAKER: Sergeant!
HART: Sir.
BAKER: Ah, are you ah, still standing guard over me?
HART: Sorry sir, Brigadier’s orders.
BAKER: I see, well ah, as long as you’re here, you may as well give me a hand – I, would you help me off with my jacket – my arm’s still a bit stiff.

(BAKER feigns some pain and stiffness trying to put on his jacket, and in the end HART gives in and assists him.)

HART: Certainly sir.
BAKER: Oh steady now – steady sir. Ha! Still a bit painful.
HART: Yes of course sir.
BAKER: Thank you.

(The moment HART turns his back on BAKER to leave the Sick Bay, BAKER chops him viciously across the back of the neck. HART collapses in pain on the ground while BAKER makes his escape.)


(Sergeant HART is on the carpet in front of the BRIGADIER attempting to defend the indefensible.)

BRIGADIER: And you just let him walk away?
HART: Yes, but...
BRIGADIER: Sergeant Hart, you were told to make sure Major Baker remained in the sick bay.
HART: I know, sir, but he jumped me.
BRIGADIER: You should have been prepared for that.
HART: But I thought he was ill, sir. He said he couldn’t use his arm.
BRIGADIER: He seems to have used it on you alright.
HART: Yes sir. Do you want me to set up a search party sir?
BRIGADIER: No. Dismissed.
HART: Sir!

(HART salutes, turns, and marches himself off at the double. LIZ, who has been observing the whole exchange silently, registers her concern.)

LIZ: Surely you’re going to look for Major Baker?
BRIGADIER: He’ll be in those caves, looking for those saboteurs of his. We’ll find him when we move in.


(Major BAKER is now fully apparelled in potholing gear, and follows the route he marked into his notebook for some time, but then abandons it as he reaches a fork where he can follow one direction or another. Pocketing the notebook, he starts down the left-hand fork where there is a murky pool a few steps down through two large columns of rock. As he puts both feet into the pool the water begins frothing and bubbling violently, and he finds he cannot move his feet at all.

(Silurians converge from every direction, and BAKER begins taking pot shots at them. The Silurians jump out of the way of ricochets. He quickly runs out of rounds, and a Silurian marches right up to the pool, it’s third eye exerting some force on BAKER. He throws his rifle at the Silurian but is powerless to avoid being forced to the ground by the mental power of the Silurian.)


(LIZ and the BRIGADIER have not moved from before.)

LIZ: You’re still going ahead with your plans to invade the caves? Whatever the Doctor says?
BRIGADIER: I’ve sent to HQ for reinforcements, they should be here by dawn. Look where is the Doctor?
LIZ: (Attempting to dissemble.) I’m not quite sure. I... I believe he mentioned visiting Doctor Quinn.
BRIGADIER: I didn’t bring him down here to visit the sick!

(The DOCTOR enters quietly in a very abject mood.)

LIZ: (Brightly.) Hello!
DOCTOR: (Downcast.) Hello.
LIZ: Was Quinn any help?
DOCTOR: No. No I’m afraid not.
BRIGADIER: What’s Doctor Quinn got to do with it?
DOCTOR: Well he was... well... is very interested in potholing, I thought his experience with the caves might have been useful.
BRIGADIER: May I remind you Doctor, that your business here is to investigate these power failures. Now do you have any suggestions to make?
DOCTOR: Oh yes. That this establishment should be closed down completely.
BRIGADIER: Not much chance of Doctor Lawrence agreeing to that.
DOCTOR: And a planned, cautious, scientific investigation of those caves. Not an invasion by a lot of big-booted soldiers!
BRIGADIER: There are times, Doctor, when you sorely try my patience.

(The BRIGADIER signals with his swagger stick for the other soldiers to follow him, and blusters out of the conference room.)

LIZ: What’s wrong Doctor? What happened when you saw Quinn?
DOCTOR: Sit down Liz.

(For a moment the DOCTOR sits down and holds his head in his hands, then suddenly composes himself.)

DOCTOR: Quinn’s dead, he’s been killed.
LIZ: Oh no.
DOCTOR: By a Silurian.
LIZ: A Silurian?
DOCTOR: Probably the same creature that attacked you.
LIZ: You saw it?
DOCTOR: I spoke to it. And it understood me.
LIZ: What was it like?
DOCTOR: Reptilian. Biped, a completely alien species.
LIZ: And it didn’t attack you?
DOCTOR: Liz! These creatures aren’t just animals! They’re an alien life form, as intelligent as we are.
LIZ: Why... why didn’t you tell the Brigadier?
DOCTOR: Because I want to find out more about these creatures. They’re not necessarily hostile.
LIZ: Doctor, it attacked me.
DOCTOR: Yes, but only to escape – it didn’t kill you. It didn’t attack me when I was in Quinn’s cottage – well don’t you see, they only attack for survival. Well human beings behave in very much the same way.
LIZ: What are we going to do now?
DOCTOR: Well I’m going back down into those caves. See what I can find out.
LIZ: Then I’m coming with you.
DOCTOR: No, Liz.
LIZ: Either I come with you, or I go straight to the Brigadier.
DOCTOR: Alright. Have it your own way. (He waves a warning finger at LIZ.) But the fate be on your own head.

(LIZ smiles and crosses her arms as the DOCTOR’s mood relents, and he pulls out a map.)

DOCTOR: Here, you take a look at this.
LIZ: What is it?
DOCTOR: Well it’s a map of the caves that I found in Quinn’s office.

(The DOCTOR unfolds it and points out a series of markings.)

DOCTOR: And look here, he’s marked a special route to somewhere.


(LIZ and the DOCTOR have put on their potholing overalls and helmets, like Baker and Quinn before them, and are advancing towards the area of the caves where Baker ran into trouble.)

DOCTOR: I think this is right.

(He steps forward some metres and then checks himself.)

DOCTOR: Hang on a minute, I’m not so sure.
LIZ: Well what about this way then?
DOCTOR: No, Quinn’s marked a completely different route, look.
LIZ: Yes, but look – that’s far more direct.
DOCTOR: Yes, alright.

(They begin taking the route taken by Baker.)

DOCTOR: Here, wait a minute.

(The DOCTOR points to a section of ground in front of a dark pool. He picks up a bullet casing.)

DOCTOR: Look at that. A cartridge.

(Examining the cartridge, he holds it to his nose and sniffs it.)

DOCTOR: Just been fired, too.
LIZ: Yes. Look.

(LIZ retrieves Baker’s notebook. The DOCTOR flips it open and begins reading.

DOCTOR: Well, that’s Baker’s.
LIZ: We’ve got to find him...

(LIZ is about to rush off but the DOCTOR restrains her.)

DOCTOR: Liz, wait a minute.

(He holds her back by the arm in caution. Looking at the pool, he gets a large rock and dumps it in. The pool becomes agitated as the trap is sprung, and then it settles down again quickly.)

LIZ: Oh no.
DOCTOR: Yes, well from now on, I think we’d better stick rigidly to Quinn’s route.
LIZ: Yes.
DOCTOR: Come on.

(They retrace their steps and go back on to Quinn’s route. After a while LIZ stops in exhaustion.)

DOCTOR: What’s the matter?
LIZ: It’s this heat.
DOCTOR: Yes, I know. It’s really odd.

(They continue on through a large gallery. Suddenly LIZ sees a black slab embedded in the rock.)

LIZ: Doctor, look!
DOCTOR: Well, well, well!
LIZ: It’s a doorway!
DOCTOR: Yes. Well, anyone can see that. The question is, how do you open it?

(LIZ is looking back in the direction they came from, and she suddenly detects motion.)

LIZ: Doctor – a Silurian.

(They race quickly out of sight as the Silurian draws near to the door. Somehow, it failed to notice the DOCTOR and LIZ. It stands in front of the door and with it’s third eye pulsing, emits the distinctive descending three note signal until the door begins sliding open. It steps through into the corridor beyond and the door closes automatically behind it. The DOCTOR and LIZ return to the door.)

DOCTOR: I can’t understand why it didn’t see us.

(LIZ accidentally touches the door and quickly pulls her fingers away.)

LIZ: Ooh!
DOCTOR: What’s the matter?
LIZ: Why is it so hot?
DOCTOR: Well the Silurians are reptilian you see, they’ve – presumably created an environment inside there that suits them.
LIZ: I wonder how many of them there are.
DOCTOR: Well I wish I knew, there’s only one way of finding out, that’s to get in there and see.
LIZ: Well we can’t without one of those things it was carrying.
DOCTOR: Yes, of course...
LIZ: I suppose you just happen to have one in your pocket?
DOCTOR: Yes as a matter of fact I have, Quinn’s!

(The DOCTOR produces the Silurian communicator from his pocket and points it at the door. It emits the three note signal extremely rapidly, and the door slides open. The DOCTOR and LIZ cautiously enter a corridor.)


(Immediately inside the Silurian base the DOCTOR and LIZ see an opening from the corridor. They glance inside, seeing at least one Silurian in what appears to be a control room, and step back, flattening themselves against the wall. Seeing that they are unobserved, they pass by the door and continue further into the base.

(Soon they come across a larger opening with a square holding pen in its centre, which is barred like a cage at the front and sides but more solidly built at the rear and offering concealment. The DOCTOR and LIZ move behind the cage and cautiously move to the far side of the space. Major BAKER is confined inside one of the spaces within the cage, shouting out to the Silurians opposite him, who seem to be taking no notice whatsoever.)

BAKER: How long are you leaving me in here? They’ll be coming after me you know.

(With extreme caution the DOCTOR and LIZ sidle up to the back of the pen.)

DOCTOR: (Whispering.) Baker!

(BAKER turns and crosses to the back of the cage opposite the DOCTOR and LIZ, and whispers back to them.)

BAKER: How did you get in here? Where are the troops?
DOCTOR: I’m sorry but we’re alone.
BAKER: Well you’ve got to get back. Tell the Brigadier.
LIZ: Can’t we get you out of here?
BAKER: No, there’s not a chance, there’s... there’s some sort of electronic lock.
DOCTOR: Have they harmed you at all?
BAKER: No, they just keep asking a lot of questions.
DOCTOR: They can talk to you?
DOCTOR: What do they ask?
BAKER: The population of the earth, what weapons we use, what food we eat. Don’t you see – they are trying to gather information for an invasion!
DOCTOR: Look – if they speak to you again, co-operate with them a little, find out all you can about them.

(A new loud humming noise emanates from where the Silurians are busying themselves.)

LIZ: What’s that?

(A Silurian lying in a casket gradually awakens, and the DOCTOR and LIZ move slightly closer to take a better look.)

LIZ: What are they doing?
DOCTOR: They’re trying to revive a Silurian from some sort of deep hibernation. Maybe that explains the power losses in the research centre.
BAKER: (Hissing to regain attention.) Doctor!

(The DOCTOR and LIZ return to where Major BAKER is caged.)

BAKER: Look – this is your chance. Get moving.
LIZ: We can’t just leave you here.
BAKER: Go on, get out of here, will you, or we’ll all be their prisoners.
DOCTOR: Alright, we’ll get back for you as soon as we possibly can.
BAKER: Fine.
DOCTOR: Good luck.

(The DOCTOR and LIZ take their leave and wander back down the corridor to the entrance. The room they passed before now contains at least three Silurians.)

LIZ: Three of them in there now. One of them’s bound to see us.

(They turn back and retrace their steps back towards BAKER’s cage. Seeing them return, he whispers and points through to another corridor leading off towards the caves.)

BAKER: (Whispering.) Try.
DOCTOR: Let’s try this way.

(The alternative corridor seems to be an improvement, with no Silurians around. Passing an aperture that opens out into a gallery of the caves, a huge prehistoric dinosaur suddenly rears up before them. LIZ shrieks and falls back as the dinosaur snarls at the pair.)

DOCTOR: That’s the creature that attacked me in the caves! They must turn it loose sometimes and use it as some kind of a watchdog.
LIZ: Those creatures died out millions of years ago!
DOCTOR: Apparently not, Liz!


(A power failure is in progress in the cyclotron, which is being brought back under control by stages as before. A young technician named TRAVIS is at QUINN’s normal post at the control console in the upper half of the room.)

TRAVIS: Close down sector three.
1ST TECHNICIAN: (Out of view.) Sector three closed down.
TRAVIS: Electron voltage reading.
1ST TECHNICIAN: (Out of view.) Two thousand million. Falling.
TRAVIS: Close down sector four.
2ND TECHNICIAN: (Also out of view.) Sector four closed down.
TRAVIS: Be advised all sectors should maintain close down.
3RD TECHNICIAN: (Also out of view.) All sectors stabilised.

(Dr LAWRENCE arrives on the scene and addresses himself to TRAVIS at the control console.)

LAWRENCE: What is it Travis?
TRAVIS: Another power loss sir. We were making the hourly circuit check when it registered.
LAWRENCE: Have you stabilised the nuclear reaction?
TRAVIS: Yes sir. We shut down at once.

(Dr LAWRENCE picks up the internal phone on the console and speaks to the operator.)

LAWRENCE: Lawrence here. Get me the generating area.
TRAVIS: I’ve already checked, sir. Nothing wrong there.
LAWRENCE: I see. Alright, forget it, get me ah, Doctor Quinn at his home.
TRAVIS: I’ve tried that sir. There’s no reply.
LAWRENCE: Cancel the call.

(He puts down the phone.)

LAWRENCE: Where’s Miss Dawson? Isn’t this her shift?
TRAVIS: She didn’t report in, sir.

(Dr LAWRENCE again picks up the phone, and TRAVIS again pre-empts him.)

TRAVIS: And there’s no reply from her quarters.
LAWRENCE: Oh this is absurd!

(Dr LAWRENCE slams the phone down, and it immediately rings. LAWRENCE goes to pick it up but TRAVIS takes it instead.)

TRAVIS: Excuse me, sir. (TRAVIS listens.) Travis. (Pause.) Yes, he’s here. (Pause.) Alright, I’ll tell him.

(TRAVIS turns to Dr LAWRENCE.)

TRAVIS: The Permanent Under-Secretary, sir.
LAWRENCE: (About to grab the phone.) What are you doing man, let me speak to him!
TRAVIS: There’s no need, sir.

(TRAVIS firmly puts down the phone.)

TRAVIS: I meant he’s actually here in the centre. He’s on his way down in the lift now.
LAWRENCE: (Gloomily.) That’s all I need.

(Dr LAWRENCE moves towards the door.)

TRAVIS: What’s he come here for, sir?
LAWRENCE: (Snarls at TRAVIS.) I sent for him!

(TRAVIS shakes his head as LAWRENCE looks away. The door of the Cyclotron Room opens, and the Permanent Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Science, Mr Edward Masters enters, duly presented by an usher.)

MASTERS: Hello Charles.
LAWRENCE: Oh, Edward.
MASTERS: (Matter-of-factly.) What’s all this about?
LAWRENCE: I, I didn’t expect to see you till much later.
MASTERS: I’ve got to report to a meeting in London tomorrow. Any chance of some coffee?
LAWRENCE: (Regarding MASTER’s question with incomprehension.) Coffee?
MASTERS: I have been travelling most of the night.
LAWRENCE: Oh yes, of course, I’m sorry. Ah, let’s go to my conference room, it’s this way.

(As LAWRENCE ushers MASTERS from the Cyclotron Room, he gives another icy stare in the direction of the capable TRAVIS, who waits for them to go and then again shakes his head.)


(MASTERS and LAWRENCE enter the conference room, which has been recently and rapidly converted into a make-shift military headquarters.)

LAWRENCE: As you can see, they’re well established.

(MASTERS espies the drip-filter coffee machine and plastic cups behind the Brigadier’s desk and crosses over to help himself.)

MASTERS: (Pouring himself a sugarless, black coffee.) Lethbridge-Stewart is asking for more troops.
LAWRENCE: Yeah, to go chasing about on some sort of man hunt. (Derisively.) Nothing’s been done about the power failures.
MASTERS: We’ve got to get this sorted out, you know. I’m under very heavy pressure from the Minister. (Pauses contemplatively.) The future of this centre is very much in question.
LAWRENCE: Ah, but surely...
MASTERS: (Interrupting.) You’ve made great promises for this project, Charles. Nuclear power into electricity, limitless supplies of cheap, safe energy.
LAWRENCE: And we can do it, too.
MASTERS: Millions of pounds have been poured into this place. With no results to show for it.
LAWRENCE: But if this research centre is abandoned, all of that money would be wasted.
MASTERS: It would mean the end of your career, Charles. That’s why I’m doing my best for you.

(LAWRENCE is sobered by this admission.)

MASTERS: What does your security man have to say about all of this?
LAWRENCE: Major Baker is convinced there are saboteurs in the caves.
MASTERS: And are there?
LAWRENCE: Well of course not.
MASTERS: How can you be so sure?

(LAWRENCE again fails to conceal his derision for Major Baker and UNIT.)

LAWRENCE: Well the whole thing’s ridiculous! The Brigadier and Baker talk of saboteurs, and that Doctor believes there are monsters down there!
MASTERS: I beg your pardon.
LAWRENCE: Well didn’t the Brigadier put that in his report?
MASTERS: He was a little vague about the precise nature of the menace.
LAWRENCE: That’s scarcely surprising. Look Edward, I admit we’ve had a number of technical setbacks. Mine is not an easy job, you know.
MASTERS: I realise that.
LAWRENCE: Our problems can only be solved by scientists. Not by security men.
MASTERS: What do you want me to do.
LAWRENCE: Get all these UNIT people out of my way. Let me get on with my job.
MASTERS: The Brigadier is only trying to help you.
LAWRENCE: Help me? He’s exaggerating this whole business out of all proportion! Merely to magnify his own importance.
MASTERS: I hardly think that’s justified.
LAWRENCE: Well you don’t know him as well as I do...
MASTERS: (Interrupting again.) I’m not arguing with you man, I’m simply trying to find a solution to the problem. The Brigadier, and his team, have come down here with...
LAWRENCE: (Incredulously.) His team? What, that girl and that crazy Doctor?
MASTERS: The Doctor is supposed to be brilliant... in his own way, he may be a little eccentric.
LAWRENCE: The man’s a raving lunatic! He’s insolent, he’s impertinent! He shows no respect for my authority.

(With his usual flair for timing, good or otherwise, the DOCTOR enters followed closely by LIZ.)

DOCTOR: Ah, Doctor Lawrence. Just the man I wanted to see. Now tell me, have you just had a power failure?
LAWRENCE: Yes. How did you know?
DOCTOR: I see, thank you.

(Hearing this, the DOCTOR turns to leave again immediately.)

LAWRENCE: Now just a minute. This is the Permanent Under-Secretary.
DOCTOR: Yes well I’ve got no time to chat to under-secretaries, permanent or otherwise. I must find the Brigadier.
MASTERS: May I ask who you are?
DOCTOR: (With a cold degree of arrogance.) You may ask!

(In the silence following this retort the BRIGADIER enters the conference room.)

DOCTOR: Ah, there you are.
BRIGADIER: (Addressing MASTERS.) I’ve only just heard that you were here. I’ve been trying to get in touch with you. Look sir, what’s happening about my reinforcements?
MASTERS: That’s one of the reasons [why] I am here. I’m afraid you’re not going to get any reinforcements.
BRIGADIER: (Clipped.) May I ask why not?
MASTERS: I can’t go to the Minister of Defence and request regular Army support for you on the basis of a wild tale about monsters in caves.
BRIGADIER: (Urgently.) Sir, we have overwhelming evidence that there is something in those caves.
MASTERS: Do you mean saboteurs?
BRIGADIER: I don’t know, but the caves are vast. To cover them properly I must have more men!
MASTERS: I’m sorry, that’s out of the question.
BRIGADIER: Then I’ll have to go in with the troops I have.
DOCTOR: (Chiming in.) Brigadier. You are not to take your men into those caves. I’ve been down there and I know what’s happening.
MASTERS: Well if you do, perhaps you’d be good enough to tell us.
BRIGADIER: Yes Doctor. I think you’d better.


(Major BAKER is still held prisoner in the cage, and is being interrogated by two Silurians, one of whom has an older-sounding voice, the other a younger and more arrogant tone.)

OLD SILURIAN: You must answer our questions.
BAKER: I am not refusing, am I?
OLD SILURIAN: Is your species the only intelligent life-form?
BAKER: Only intelligent life-form? Oh I see what you mean. Yes, of course we are!
YOUNG SILURIAN: You were carrying a simple projectile weapon. Do all your species carry these weapons?
BAKER: Of course not, only soldiers.
YOUNG SILURIAN: What other weapons do your soldiers carry?
BAKER: I refuse to answer that sort of question!
OLD SILURIAN: You must answer.
BAKER: You can do what you like, I will not tell you anything. (More defiantly.) I will not tell you anything!
OLD SILURIAN: The creature is becoming aggressive again.
YOUNG SILURIAN: I will force it to answer.

(The younger Silurian moves to force BAKER to answer, but the older Silurian stays its claw.)

OLD SILURIAN: I do not wish it to be damaged. This creature is less intelligent. Quinn should not have been killed.
YOUNG SILURIAN: But he tried to keep one of us prisoner.
OLD SILURIAN: This strange species has developed some kind of civilisation. We need to study it.
YOUNG SILURIAN: The species is dangerous and hostile. We should kill them all!


(The DOCTOR having made some revelations, debate continues in the research centre conference room.)

LAWRENCE: And are you suggesting that these Silurians are responsible for the power losses?
LIZ: Some of them are still in hibernation. The others use the power to bring them back to life.
BRIGADIER: What weapons do they have?
DOCTOR: Ah. Spoken like a true soldier.
BRIGADIER: It is my job, Doctor. How many are there?
DOCTOR: Well, we don’t know. Maybe there are thousands!
LAWRENCE: Then you must deal with them promptly Brigadier. If they exist.
DOCTOR: Look, Mister Under-Secretary, surely this is a government matter. It cannot be decided at this level.
MASTERS: Doctor, whether I believe you or not, I can’t go back to the Minister with a story like this. There’s no proof, except your word.
BRIGADIER: I’ll find all the proof you need. Look Doctor, I’m not going down there to start a war, but I must know what’s going on.
DOCTOR: If you go down there with a party of armed men there’s bound to be fighting.
LAWRENCE: What is your alternative, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Well, leave them alone. Let me try and make contact with them.
MASTERS: Are you really convinced these Silurians aren’t savage?
DOCTOR: Well, so far they’ve only attacked in self-defence. At least let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

(Miss DAWSON gravely enters the conference room and all turn to face her.)

LAWRENCE: Miss Dawson, where on earth have you been?

(Miss DAWSON advances.)

LAWRENCE: What’s the matter?
DAWSON: Doctor Quinn... is dead.

(The DOCTOR gives LIZ a rueful look at how this news will undermine his argument.)

DAWSON: He didn’t answer his phone, I. I went there, and found him... The Silurians killed him.
BRIGADIER: What do you know about these creatures?
DAWSON: Doctor Quinn found out about them when he was potholing. He said... they had great scientific knowledge. He... he co-operated with them and... they killed him.
BRIGADIER: Now Doctor, do you still maintain these creatures aren’t hostile?

(The DOCTOR doesn’t answer.)

BRIGADIER: I’ll continue as planned.
MASTERS: I think you’re right.
BRIGADIER: We’ll move in first thing in the morning. Oh, Miss Dawson. I’d like a full statement from you, everything you know about this business. Will you come with me please.

(Miss DAWSON turns to accompany the BRIGADIER from the room. The DOCTOR tiredly asks her a parting question without facing her.)

DOCTOR: Miss Dawson. Did these Silurians tell Doctor Quinn anything about their intentions?
DAWSON: Intentions?

(The DOCTOR nods.)

DAWSON: Well that’s obvious isn’t it? We must destroy them, before they destroy us.

(MASTERS noticeably reacts to this final statement from Miss DAWSON before she and the BRIGADIER leave.)

MASTERS: Charles, we’d better have a word.

(MASTERS and LAWRENCE step to one side of the conference room and continue talking quietly. Left alone with LIZ, the DOCTOR picks up a pencil and raps out his frustration.)

LIZ: Now what are you going to do?
DOCTOR: Well there’s only one thing I can do. I’ve got to get down into those caves and warn the Silurians.
LIZ: What?
DOCTOR: If the Brigadier... Oh well, listen to reason Liz. Perhaps the Silurians will.

(The DOCTOR heads for the door. As LIZ calls after him, MASTERS and LAWRENCE turn to look at her.)

LIZ: Please be careful!


(The DOCTOR suddenly appears in the anteroom of the Silurian base, puts down his potholing helmet on a bench, steps up behind three or so who are gathered there, clears his throat and immediately attempts to introduce himself.)

DOCTOR: Ahem. I’m sorry to burst in on you like this.
YOUNG SILURIAN: How did you enter our base?
OLD SILURIAN: Why have you come here?
DOCTOR: I came here to warn you that humans are about to enter your caves.
YOUNG SILURIAN: Shall I destroy him?

(To the DOCTOR’s alarm the OLD SILURIAN has to physically restrain the YOUNG SILURIAN from immediately attacking him.)

OLD SILURIAN: No. Take him to the cages.

(The DOCTOR is dismayed that his plan has misfired, as the Silurians drag him away without listening to him any further.)

DOCTOR: No. You don’t understand. No, I’ve come here to... I’ve come here to warn you.

(The Silurians bring the DOCTOR to the cages where Major BAKER is imprisoned. Using the mental power of the third eye the gate is unlocked, the DOCTOR is shoved into a separate section of the cage alongside BAKER, and the gate is locked up again. Major BAKER regards him angrily.)

BAKER: What happened, I thought you were going to get help.
DOCTOR: Don’t worry, help’s on the way. I only wish it weren’t.

(The OLD SILURIAN leader arrives at the cages and addresses the DOCTOR.)

OLD SILURIAN: I repeat. Why have you come here?
DOCTOR: I came here because I want to help you.
BAKER: Just a minute, what do you think you’re doing?
OLD SILURIAN: How can you help us?
DOCTOR: Look. People are coming, many people are coming here. I want you to meet them in peace.
OLD SILURIAN: Who are these people?
DOCTOR: Well, they’re soldiers but... they won’t attack you unless you attack them first.
OLD SILURIAN: Why do you want to help us?
DOCTOR: Because... because I want there to be peace between you and the humans. This is their planet now!
OLD SILURIAN: This planet is ours. It always has been.


(The BRIGADIER is leading his small party of UNIT troops through the caves, and has run into a dead end. He makes a halt and issues an order.)


(The map is promptly provided by Captain HAWKINS, and the pair examine their current location.)

BRIGADIER: Well there should be a way through here.
HAWKINS: Well either this map’s wrong, sir, or... we’re lost.
BRIGADIER: We’d better go back.

(The party turns around and start to retrace their steps. After a moment, the path they had previously followed ends in another dead end.)

HAWKINS: We’ve just come through this way. This wall... it wasn’t there!

(The BRIGADIER, HAWKINS and the rest of the party are trapped.)


(Major BAKER is still questioning the wisdom of the DOCTOR’s peace-making attempts, as the two of them are still contained in their separate parts of the cage.)

BAKER: You had no right to tell them about the Brigadier’s plans.
DOCTOR: I was simply trying to prevent a massacre.
BAKER: What guarantee have you got that these creatures aren’t going to set an ambush?
DOCTOR: I had to take that risk. At least there’s a chance they won’t start killing each other.

(The YOUNG SILURIAN leader comes across to the cages.)

DOCTOR: Have you seen the humans yet? Have you spoken to them?
YOUNG SILURIAN: I have destroyed them – and now I shall destroy you.

(The YOUNG SILURIAN’s third eye glows crimson red as he attempts to kill the DOCTOR.)

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