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(LIZ is kneeling, intent on collecting forensic evidence from the scene of Squire’s death. She is facing towards the door, away from the main part of the barn. Once again, we see a scaly green hand appear, in one of the doorways. We hear the Silurian’s laboured breathing, and see through its trinocular vision the shape of LIZ on the other side of the barn, bent over and facing away. The Silurian moves sideways, and we catch a glimpse of spinal fins down the middle of the Silurian’s back.

(LIZ continues to work with her bottles, swabs and other paraphernalia, completely unaware of the Silurian’s presence. The creature re-emerges closer to LIZ, from behind the stack of hay bales a couple of yards behind LIZ. There is no mistaking that its target is to neutralise LIZ as it stalks towards her.

(Perhaps hearing the Silurian’s heavy breathing or the scuffing of its feet through the hay, at the last moment she looks around. Through the Silurian’s eyes we see it rush at LIZ, swipe a scaly hand across her face... LIZ screams... she is knocked to the ground on the hay and lies still.

(The Silurian moves to the door of the barn and looks through a hole in the door at the scene outside. A police car and some officers are still present, so the Silurian bolts the door shut.)


(QUINN stands in his living room in front of his bookshelf examining and sorting its contents when Miss DAWSON walks in from the front porch of the cottage.)

QUINN: Oh it’s you?
DAWSON: Front door was open.
QUINN: What do you want?
DAWSON: I wanted to know if you’re alright. Doctor Lawrence has been asking where you are.
QUINN: There are more important things than Doctor Lawrence...

(QUINN carries a bundle of papers over to a table, and then finds a map.)

QUINN: ...ah, here we are.

(He unfolds the map.)

DAWSON: What are you doing?

(QUINN discovers the summoning device from where he had concealed it.)

QUINN: Ah yes. Look.

(He places the summoning device down on the table.)

QUINN: They gave it to me!
DAWSON: What on earth is it?
QUINN: The product of another civilisation. It’s a communications device.
DAWSON: You’ve seen them?
QUINN: No, but they trust me and they want me to help them.
QUINN: That fool Baker wounded one of them. I have to get it back to the caves, it will respond to this.
DAWSON: That must have been what the soldiers were searching for.
QUINN: What?
DAWSON: The Doctor and the Brigadier rushed down... to that farm by the research centre.
QUINN: Why, do you know why?
DAWSON: Something happened there, someone was hurt.
QUINN: Squire’s Farm? (Thinking.) There’s a cave opening near there, it... perhaps it... Yes, it must have come up from the cave opening and made it’s way straight to the farm. Yes, that’s it... that must be it!

(QUINN puts on his hat, takes and folds up his map and prepares to leave.)

DAWSON: What do I tell Doctor Lawrence?
QUINN: Tell him what you like!


(A UNIT soldier begins prising the barn door open with a crowbar. The BRIGADIER moves him aside to peer through the gap – he can see LIZ lying prone amidst the hay bales. He backs away and lets the soldier finish breaking open the barn. The DOCTOR looks on worriedly.

(The door opened, the BRIGADIER advances inwards with pistol at the ready. The DOCTOR races past him to where LIZ lies unconscious.)

BRIGADIER: Captain Hawkins!

(He points for HAWKINS to head in the direction of the loft. Soldiers teem through into the barn, searching all corners.)

BRIGADIER: Alright, search the place.

(Captain HAWKINS and another soldier cautiously advance up into the loft, HAWKINS shining a torch into the dark, pistol poised in his other hand. He turns the light towards a source of noise, and a chicken squawks and runs from the light. Downstairs, the BRIGADIER tenses. HAWKINS breathes a sigh of relief and indicates to the soldier to go.)

BRIGADIER: (Seeing HAWKINS descending.) Alright, panic over, there’s nothing there.
HAWKINS: It must be somewhere sir, the door was bolted on the inside.
DOCTOR: Alright officer, we can manage.

(An ambulance officer leaves.)

BRIGADIER: What happened?
DOCTOR: Well, give her a moment, she’s just coming round!

(LIZ gradually draws herself off the floor, revealing two large scratches high on her right cheek. She looks up in the DOCTOR in some trepidation.)

LIZ: I saw it.
HAWKINS: Sir! Over here, look.

(HAWKINS leads the BRIGADIER and the other soldiers to the side of the barn away from the courtyard, where there is a large hole smashed in the wall.)

BRIGADIER: I want the whole area searched. The fields, out buildings, everywhere.
HAWKINS: Right sir.

(Back near the hay bales LIZ is still shaky after the attack, but she doesn’t seem to have succumbed to shock to the same extent as Spencer or Doris Squire.)

DOCTOR: Now Liz, this thing. What did it look like?
LIZ: It was like a reptile, but it walked upright, like... like a man.

(As the UNIT soldiers begin their search outside, Dr QUINN’s car arrives in the rain. Inside, the DOCTOR throws down a few hay bales for LIZ to sit down upon.)

DOCTOR: Here you are Liz, come and sit on this.

(He helps LIZ to her feet, and sits down with her on the bales.)

DOCTOR: There we are. How are you feeling now?
LIZ: Better, thanks... Headache’s a bit bad.
DOCTOR: Well, I’m not surprised.

(Dr QUINN comes through the barn door, sweeps off the rain from his hat and crosses to the DOCTOR and LIZ.)

QUINN: Ah – what’s happening?

(The DOCTOR stands to meet QUINN. Something odd about QUINN’s presence here has instantly alerted him and aroused his suspicion.)

DOCTOR: Doctor Quinn. How did you get here?
QUINN: I was on my way back to the research centre, I saw all the police and soldiers outside.
DOCTOR: Ah, so you’re feeling better then?
QUINN: Better?
DOCTOR: I understood you didn’t feel too well.
QUINN: Oh yes, yes... no I went back to my cottage, I’m alright now.

(The DOCTOR now smells a rat.)

DOCTOR: Whereabouts is your cottage?
QUINN: By the lake, just north of the centre. What’s happened to you? Are you alright?
LIZ: Something attacked me.
QUINN: What sort of thing?
LIZ: Like a...

(The DOCTOR cuts off LIZ’s reply, initially to her puzzlement.)

DOCTOR: Well we don’t know... yet.
BRIGADIER: Everything’s organised, the chopper’s already up.
QUINN: Well I’d better get out of the way, clearly you’re all very busy.
BRIGADIER: Oh, one moment Doctor Quinn.
BRIGADIER: Just a thought, perhaps you could help us. You know this district, if you wanted to hide – where would you go?

(QUINN looks slightly uncomfortable.)


(A UNIT helicopter buzzes across the moorland. Police with sniffer dogs and UNIT soldiers are commencing ground searches. Captain HAWKINS lets off a signal flare across the area and then watches through binoculars as the lines of men sweep through the countryside nearby. After several moments he crosses to his Land Rover and produces a walkie-talkie.)

HAWKINS: Watchdog to Windmill One Two Three. How do you read me? Over.
HELICOPTER PILOT: (Voice over.) Loud and clear Watchdog. Have searched area one. No sign of anything. Commencing search of area two. Over.
HAWKINS: Watchdog to Windmill One Two Three. Message understood, over and out.


(Dr QUINN, the BRIGADIER, the DOCTOR and LIZ stand around a map of the local area.)

QUINN: I’m sorry I can’t be more help. There’s a lot of wild country around here.

(QUINN indicates the particular region on the map.)

BRIGADIER: Oh thanks anyway, we’ll cover the whole area.
QUINN: Well I really must be getting back to the centre.

(The DOCTOR decides to test out his suspicion.)

DOCTOR: Doctor Quinn. I wonder if you would mind giving Miss Shaw a lift.
QUINN: I’m sorry I can’t.
DOCTOR: But I thought you were going straight back.
QUINN: (Defensively.) I’m going to the garage in the village first. There’s something wrong with my car, it might take some time.
BRIGADIER: Not to worry, I’ll send her back in a police car.
QUINN: Oh, I’ll get along then. Excuse me.

(The BRIGADIER is slightly puzzled by QUINN’s parting words.)

BRIGADIER: Yes, well I’ll get that laid on.

(The BRIGADIER leaves. LIZ is studying the map quite intensely.)

LIZ: Doctor, look at the map.
LIZ: Doctor Quinn’s cottage is here, and the village is here.
LIZ: This farm is miles out of his way.

(The DOCTOR looks up at LIZ, thinking.)


(The UNIT helicopter continues the fruitless search. QUINN drives his car down several dilapidated country roads, into the middle of nowhere – surrounded by sparsely vegetated moorland. He brings the car to a stop on the crest of a small hill and steps out of his car, takes a few steps about, and removes the Silurian summoning device from his pocket. He holds it level in both hands and sets off the device. The characteristic signal of three descending tones begins pealing forth across the countryside.

(Nearby in the moorland, a police dog in one of the search lines hears the high pitched signal very keenly, stops in its tracks, and barks loudly.

(QUINN notices the UNIT helicopter approaching in front of him. He puts away the summoning device in his pocket as the chopper flies overhead, and waves to it. From the helicopter the diminutive figure of QUINN can be seen on the crest of the hill standing a few metres aside from his blue car.)

HELICOPTER PILOT: (Voice over.) Windmill One Two Three to Watchdog.

(QUINN gets back in his car and drives off.)


(Nearby, Captain HAWKINS stands beside his Land Rover, as it was parked before, receiving the message from the helicopter on the walkie-talkie.)

HAWKINS: Watchdog to Windmill One Two Three. Message understood. Over and out.

(The DOCTOR and the BRIGADIER drive up in Bessie and Captain HAWKINS steps across to the road to speak with them.)

BRIGADIER: Any luck Captain?
HAWKINS: Oh not quite sure sir. The helicopter reports seeing a man standing by his car in the north-west sector of area two, sir.
HAWKINS: Well apparently he just waved, and drove off.
BRIGADIER: Probably another potholer.
HAWKINS: Yes sir. But there is something else.
HAWKINS: A moment ago I thought I heard a funny kind of a noise, sir.
BRIGADIER: What kind of noise.
HAWKINS: Rather like that sound we heard in the cave, sir.
DOCTOR: Mmm. What direction did it come from?
HAWKINS: Well that also came from the north-west sector of area two, sir.

(The BRIGADIER nods to the DOCTOR, who drives off at speed.)


(QUINN prepares to stop again, in a yet more isolated spot, which is surrounded by some thick bushes. He switches the summoning device even before bringing his car to a complete halt. The Silurian sees the car and begins bearing down on him from behind the clump of bushes. The triadic bleeping of the communication device becomes more rapid and higher in pitch as it draws near. The creature regards QUINN through it’s trinocular vision; at the very last minute QUINN turns around to see it.)


(The signal from the summoning device suddenly stops completely. The DOCTOR slams on the brakes and brings Bessie to an abrupt halt.)

BRIGADIER: That noise. It stopped.
DOCTOR: Yes. I’m sure it came from over there, let’s go and have a look.

(The DOCTOR and the BRIGADIER speed off.)


(The helicopter, UNIT soldiers, and police with dogs fruitlessly continue their search. The DOCTOR drives past one of the search lines of UNIT soldiers as they cross the unsealed road surrounded by some bushes where QUINN had stopped a few moments before. Alert to the surroundings the BRIGADIER spots and points to the tracks left by the Silurian.)

BRIGADIER: Doctor, stop!

(The BRIGADIER alights from Bessie as the DOCTOR stops her, and runs over to look at tracks in the road.)

BRIGADIER: Look at these.

(They crouch by the tracks.)

BRIGADIER: Are these the same as the footprints as you saw in the cave?
DOCTOR: No, this is smaller, these are the footprints of a biped.

(The “footprints” however have three equally large clawed toes, spread out like a fan... The BRIGADIER stands and looks around into the distance.)

BRIGADIER: Then the thing can’t be far from here.

(The DOCTOR turns around, looking down the road a little.)

DOCTOR: Here, look at these.
BRIGADIER: Car tracks.
DOCTOR: Anyone bringing a car here would be miles out of his way.
BRIGADIER: What’s that?
DOCTOR: Oh nothing. Just a thought.
BRIGADIER: I’ll get the men.

(The BRIGADIER pulls out his TM45 pocket radio transceiver, a device which proved to be of crucial use during the recent invasion by the Cybermen.)

BRIGADIER: UNIT commander to all sections. All parties to converge on south-east sector area three. I repeat, all parties to converge on south-east sector area three.


(An orderly sees to Major BAKER in the sickbay, who is lying in bed wearing pyjamas, and has his arm in a sling. LIZ enters through the door and indicates to the orderly that she is there to see BAKER.)

LIZ: Major Baker! (To orderly.) It’s alright. (To BAKER.) How are you?

(BAKER sees LIZ’s plastered-over gash.)

BAKER: How are you?
LIZ: Oh, alright.

(Slightly embarrased, she puts he hand over the gash and sits down on BAKER’s bed.)

BAKER: Did the Brigadier get my message?
LIZ: Yes, he asked me to come and see you. You’re to stay here till you’re better. How’s the arm?
BAKER: Oh it’s perfectly alright!

(BAKER indignantly begins removing his arm from the sling, and LIZ fussily puts it back.)

BAKER: Look, I have got to get out of here!
LIZ: Just as soon as Doctor Meredith says so! There’s still a chance you may have concussion.
BAKER: Oh rubbish!
LIZ: How much do you remember of what happened to you.
BAKER: Everything! I saw this man – he must have been a saboteur – I took a shot at him, and then...

(BAKER suddenly comes to a halt. LIZ looks at him to continue, but he can’t.)

BAKER: And then I... eh... everything went black.

(After a brief pause:)

BAKER: Look isn’t the Brigadier taking any action?
LIZ: I’m sure he is. Just leave it to him. Look I must go.
BAKER: Miss Shaw. Please. I have got to see the Brigadier.
LIZ: No! (Softer.) I’m sorry.

(Sullenly BAKER throws off his sling as soon as LIZ goes and begins taking off his pyjamas and prepares to put on his proper clothes.)


(QUINN has returned home to his cottage rather than the research centre, when he hears a car pulling up. He checks the Silurian is locked in the room near the front door. The door bell rings twice, and after a moment QUINN feels obliged to open the door. The DOCTOR stands there, leaning comfortably on one arm against the door frame.)

DOCTOR: I thought you were going straight back to the research centre.
QUINN: Yes, yes I am.
DOCTOR: Only I saw your car was still parked outside, I thought perhaps you might have been taken ill again.
QUINN: No, no, I’m perfectly alright thank you, I just had to come back for something, that’s all...

(QUINN has been hoist by his own petard, since this unexpected return visit is just as likely as his own arrival at Squire’s farm earlier in the day. As he says this he tries to close the door on the DOCTOR, who puts his foot firmly in it, and then invites himself in.)

DOCTOR: (Nosing around with a smile on his face.) What a charming place. Mmm, charming.

(QUINN closes the door trying to keep a cool temper.)

DOCTOR: Lovely old grandfather clock. Is this the living room? Oh yes, very nice. Very nice. Had the place long, have you?
QUINN: Oh no, I bought it a few months after I got the job here.
DOCTOR: Mmhmm.
QUINN: (Looking at his watch.) Look Doctor, I’m sorry but I really have to be...
DOCTOR: (Inspecting a thermostat on the wall.) Central heated too, hey?
QUINN: It gets very cold up here.
DOCTOR: Yes. (Looks again at the control.) Still you do keep it very warm though, don’t you.
QUINN: Yes, well the thermostat’s jammed, you see I’ve ah... I’m having it fixed.
DOCTOR: Perhaps you’d like me to look at it for you, I like tinkering with these things.
QUINN: That’s very kind of you but I’ve already sent for the people who installed it.
DOCTOR: Good, good. Only it is rather like the reptile house in the zoo, isn’t it.
QUINN: (Distinctly annoyed.) What do you mean. Hey? What do you mean.
DOCTOR: Nothing, I was just referring to the temperature of the room.

(It seems QUINN has reached the end of his tether for inventing excuses. The DOCTOR has simply been playing with him.)

QUINN: Doctor I’m sorry, but I really must ask you to leave. There’s something very urgent I have to do before I go back to the centre.

(The DOCTOR waits for QUINN to explain himself, but this time QUINN doesn’t rise to the bait.)

DOCTOR: Yes, yes of course. I’m so sorry to have taken up so much of your time.

(The DOCTOR heads out of the living room to leave by the front door.)

QUINN: Not at all. I’m only sorry that I seem to have been...
DOCTOR: My word, it’s just as hot out here, isn’t it. You really must get that thermostat fixed you know.

(The DOCTOR suddenly turns on QUINN and asks sharply:)

DOCTOR: Anything wrong?

(QUINN is rattled and unintentionally his voice slips upwards in pitch.)

QUINN: (Nervously.) Ah no!
DOCTOR: (Angrily.) You’d save yourself a lot of trouble if you’d let me help you!

(QUINN shows the DOCTOR the door. The DOCTOR stops in the door before QUINN can close it completely.)

DOCTOR: They didn’t catch it, you know.

(He turns and leaves and QUINN is happy to finally have him out of the cottage. QUINN looks across at the room he has locked the Silurian in, and starts to move across when he realises the DOCTOR is peering in through the window beside the door, gazing in the same direction. Seeing QUINN he waves cheerily, and leaves. After he has gone QUINN goes across and checks the door is firmly shut.)


(The DOCTOR has broken into Quinn’s office and sits at his desk reading through his papers, LIZ standing and looking through the papers in his filing trays.)

LIZ: Look, what exactly are we looking for?

(After a moment cogitating, the DOCTOR puts down the papers on the desk.)

DOCTOR: Anything. I must know more about Doctor Quinn.

(He stands and looks around to the filing cabinet and a wooden cupboard.)

DOCTOR: Hand me that paper knife Liz will you?

(LIZ looks over the desk and passes it to him without thinking.)

LIZ: Here.
DOCTOR: Thank you.

(Shortly afterwards she hears noises of a lock being tampered with, and turns around.)

LIZ: What do you think you’re doing?
DOCTOR: Breaking open the cabinet, me dear.

(LIZ nervously looks at the door.)

DOCTOR: He’s not likely to leave anything important just lying around, is he?

(The lock gives way and the DOCTOR opens the wooden cupboard.)

DOCTOR: Ah there we are! Now then, what have we got here?

(He begins rummaging around.)

DOCTOR: Pitons... Notes... What’s this...

(He selects the notes and a blue-green globe.)

DOCTOR: Let’s have a look at these.
LIZ: What’s that?
DOCTOR: Some kind of a ball? Got some markings on it, have a look.

(After a moment turning the ball over in her hands, LIZ remarks:)

LIZ: It’s a globe!
DOCTOR: (Absorbed in reading his notes.) Hmm.
LIZ: Surely that’s the shape of the west coast of America. No... No, the land mass is all bunched together...
DOCTOR: What’s that? Let me have a look at that...

(LIZ hands the globe to the DOCTOR, who examines it.)

DOCTOR: Of course, this is the world as it was before the great continental drift – two hundred million years ago. And these notes, why they’re calculations on the age of the earth, with particular reference to the Silurian era.

(Suddenly Miss DAWSON enters through the door.)

DAWSON: What are you doing in here? This is Doctor Quinn’s private office! I shall have to inform the Director about this.

(She shuts the door and picks up the phone to call Dr Lawrence.)

DOCTOR: That won’t help Doctor Quinn, will it.
DAWSON: What are you talking about?
DOCTOR: I’m talking about the caves, Miss Dawson.
DAWSON: What about them?
DOCTOR: There’s something down there, and I think Doctor Quinn knows what it is.

(Slowly Miss DAWSON puts down the phone.)

DOCTOR: Now look, you must tell me what you know Miss Dawson. Before anybody else gets killed. Maybe even Doctor Quinn.
DAWSON: Oh I warned him...
DOCTOR: Warned him? Warned him about what?
DAWSON: Ah... I... I promised not to tell anyone, but if Doctor Quinn is in danger, I...

(Miss DAWSON is about to elaborate, when the BRIGADIER barges in. The DOCTOR furiously waves him back, but it is no good.)

BRIGADIER: Ah Doctor, we’re due for a meeting with...
DOCTOR: Yes Miss Dawson?
DAWSON: I’m sorry Doctor, I can’t help you. If you’ll excuse me.

(Miss DAWSON turns and leaves. The DOCTOR looks back ruefully at LIZ. After she has gone the BRIGADIER closes the door and asks:)

BRIGADIER: What was all that about?

(The DOCTOR irritatedly taps a pencil on the desk.)

DOCTOR: Never mind Lethbridge-Stewart, it’s too late now!

(The DOCTOR sits down at Quinn’s desk and puts his face in his hands.)


(QUINN is bringing wood in for the fireplace which is blazing when the front door bell rings. All of the rooms are in darkness. QUINN puts down the bucket and stands in front of the fireplace in hesitation, wondering who is there. The doorbell rings three times more in a row, and then the sound of the front door being unlocked can be heard. QUINN sidles across to the frame of the door where the light and light switch are and stands alongside the wall.

(We hear soft footsteps approach the living room, and then a hand reaches round for the light switch. At this moment QUINN snaps the lights on, and the intruder backs away in fright. It is Miss DAWSON.)

QUINN: (Angrily.) What do you want?
DAWSON: That Doctor – the one with UNIT – I caught him searching your office!
QUINN: He had no right.

(QUINN goes about stoking up the fireplace.)

DAWSON: You... you can’t go on like this! Don’t you realise? People are being killed, and it’s your fault, you’ve got to tell someone.
QUINN: No. Not until I’m ready.

(Next QUINN checks the thermostat to ensure it is at maximum.)

DAWSON: Oh John, please. Please, let me tell this Doctor, he’ll believe you, he wants to help you.
QUINN: He is a scientist too, he only wants to steal the credit for my discoveries!
DAWSON: What discoveries? You... they haven’t told you anything yet.
QUINN: They will now. I can make them.
DAWSON: You can’t make them do anything.
QUINN: I’ve got one of them here. The one they were hunting. I’ve got it locked up.
DAWSON: But it... it might kill you. It’s already killed that farmer...
QUINN: That creature in there is a scientist, with the knowledge it can give me I can prove...
DAWSON: It won’t give you anything!
QUINN: Unless I get it back to the caves it will die. And I won’t take it back until it tells me what I want to know!

(Miss DAWSON looks down in worry at QUINN’s obsession, bordering on madness.)


(In the meeting at the research centre, the DOCTOR slams a pencil down on the desk in frustration.)

DOCTOR: Look I tell you gentlemen, that the interference is definitely coming from those caves!

(Around the table are gathered the DOCTOR, LIZ, Dr LAWRENCE, the BRIGADIER, and Captain HAWKINS. Major BAKER however enters from the corridor, dressed in his suit, behind Dr LAWRENCE.)

BAKER: Exactly Doctor! This centre is being sabotaged.

(He comes to stand between Dr LAWRENCE and LIZ, facing the BRIGADIER down over the table.)

BRIGADIER: Major Baker, you are supposed to be in the sick bay.
BAKER: I am perfectly alright thank you. I propose that we move down there in force sir.
DOCTOR: That, Major Baker, is precisely what we must not do at this present time.
BAKER: I insist that you take some positive action!
BRIGADIER: I shall decide what action I shall take, and you, Major Baker, will return to the sick bay and remain there till I send for you.
BAKER: Oh, this is ridiculous!...
BRIGADIER: (Standing.) And that will be all, Major Baker! Captain Hawkins, you will accompany Major Baker to the sick bay, and see that he remains there.

(HAWKINS stands, and follows Major BAKER out of the room, back towards the sick bay.)

LAWRENCE: Do I now take it you have arrested my security officer?
BRIGADIER: Major Baker isn’t himself.
DOCTOR: I must say Brigadier, that I’m delighted that you ah... didn’t agree with him.
BRIGADIER: Oh but I do. I intend to send for more men and mount a full-scale search of those caves.
DOCTOR: Now look if you’d just give me a little more time...
BRIGADIER: I’m sorry Doctor, my mind is made up.
LAWRENCE: I advise you to do your best to try to achieve some kind of results in the time available to you.
LAWRENCE: Masters, the Permanent Under-Secretary, is coming down here to conduct a personal investigation. Unless you can impress him more than you impress me, you may well find yourself transferred – to some simpler duties... more within your scope.

(LAWRENCE’s patience is clearly at an end, as he rises and strolls out of the meeting. The BRIGADIER is obliged to follow out of the conference room.)

BRIGADIER: Doctor Lawrence, as I believe I have told you before, ...
DOCTOR: Stupid bumbling idiots, the pair of them.

(The DOCTOR picks up his pencil so he can deliberately throw it down on the desk and clatter to the floor. Then he stands and makes his way to the door.)

LIZ: Now where are you going?
DOCTOR: To see Doctor Quinn. I must persuade him to trust me before it’s too late.

(The DOCTOR leaves, and LIZ slumps back in her chair.)


(It is dark within Dr QUINN’s cottage. The bell rings once... twice... a third time, and then a torch shines in from the window beside the front door. The DOCTOR peers in and sees nothing. He returns to the door and after a moment it is wedged open. The DOCTOR opens the door a little, puts his head through and calls out:)

DOCTOR: Doctor Quinn?

(There is no answer, so he steps through the door into the hallway, and calls out again:)

DOCTOR: Doctor Quinn?

(Still no answer, so the DOCTOR heads into the living room. As he goes, a scaly hand appears from the door of the side room behind him. As the DOCTOR moves into the living room he sees QUINN lying still in his chair.)

DOCTOR: Doctor Quinn? Quinn!

(The DOCTOR waves his hand directly in front of QUINN’s eyes. There is no reaction. The DOCTOR leans over QUINN’s chest to listen for a pulse which evidently is not there. QUINN is clearly dead. The DOCTOR closes QUINN’s sightless eyes, and discovers his hand is clutching something. He gently prises the small metallic device from his hand, and holds it up for inspection. He triggers the device, and to his little surprise it begins emitting the descending three note call to attention.

(In the next room, the Silurian hears the signal and instinctively flexes its three-clawed hand. After a moment the DOCTOR notices something moving in his peripheral vision, and spins around to see the reptilian biped slowly marching into the living room towards him. The DOCTOR is quite taken aback and stares in surprise at the Silurian’s headcrest with its three eyes...)

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