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(STEVEN pulls the doors fully open.)

STEVEN: We can get inside.

(They crouch down and walk inside the sarcophagus.)


(They push open the doors and stand up straight as they find themselves in a familiar looking gleaming control room.)

VICKI: (Totally amazed.) It’s a TARDIS. The Monk’s got a TARDIS!

(STEVEN and VICKI walk towards the console which is similar to the DOCTOR’S but on a raised dais. They examine the controls.)


(Sword still in his hand, the DOCTOR continues to interrogate the MONK.)

DOCTOR: I repeat my question: Which fires and what are they for?
MONK: All right then. They’re a signal for King Hardrada and the Viking fleet.
DOCTOR: I see.
MONK: They’ll think it’s a landing place. They’ll come in unsuspecting! And then...
DOCTOR: Well? Out with it!
MONK: I’m going to destroy them!

(The DOCTOR looks aghast.)


(VICKI runs her hands across the controls. Some feet away, STEVEN has found something of interest...)

STEVEN: Hey, Vicki. Come and take a look at this. He’s...he’s got a sort of fantastic private collection.

(A small side room off the console room contains hundreds of pieces of art. Oil paintings hang off the walls, gilded statues clutter the floor area in between expensive antique furniture.)

VICKI: He’s got something from every period and every place.

(STEVEN spots something out of place in all these riches. He goes over to a box full of foot long futuristic rockets and kneeling down, picks one up.)

STEVEN: Hey, come and take a look at this.

(He picks one up. VICKI has found a small notebook and she carries it in her hands as she walks over and crouches next to STEVEN.)

STEVEN: It’s like some kind of neutron bomb, I think.
VICKI: Pretty unpleasant looking things, whatever they are.

(She reads the notebook.)

STEVEN: Hey, do you know...these could be fired by that weapon we saw on the clifftop. Huh, I wonder what he wants to do? Sink a ship?
VICKI: He could sink a whole navy with that lot, I should think.
STEVEN: Yes but the point is why would he want to?
VICKI: Why has he done a lot of things? Listen to this...
STEVEN: Why? What have you got there?
VICKI: A logbook. A sort of diary. Listen: “Met Leonardo Da Vinci...”
VICKI: Da Vinci - listen! “Met Leonardo Da Vinci and discussed with him the principles of powered flight.”
STEVEN: What? Da Vinci lived in the...middle ages... I know he tried to build a...flying machine, a sort of aeroplane...
VICKI: I know and according to this it was the Monk who put him up to it. And listen to this: “Put two hundred pounds in a London bank in 1968. Nipped forward two hundred years and collected a fortune in compound interest”!


DOCTOR: So that’s it! You’re a time meddler! No wonder you wanted to get rid of me. And what are you trying to...get up to this time? Mmm?
MONK: (Smiling.) I’m sure you’ll approve Doctor.
DOCTOR: Are you quite mad? You know as well as I do the golden rule about space and time travelling - never, never interfere with the course of history.
MONK: And who says so? Doctor, it’s more fun my way! I can make things happen ahead of their time!
DOCTOR: Is that so?
MONK: Yes indeed. For instance, do you really believe the ancient Britons could have built Stonehenge - without the aid of my anti-gravitational lift?
DOCTOR: And what mischief are you up to now? Mmm?
MONK: Mischief? No, no. A master plan! A master plan to end all master plans!
DOCTOR: Oh, is that so?
MONK: The whole course of history changed in one single swoop.
DOCTOR: By wiping out the Viking fleet?
MONK: Exactly, Doctor, exactly! Of course, obviously, I don’t have to remind you that the main reason William the Conqueror won the Battle of Hastings, was because King Harold had to march to Stamford Bridge and defeat the Vikings first.
DOCTOR: So you plan to save him the journey? Hmm?
MONK: That’s right. Precisely! A fresh army, no desertions. Why King Harold will kick William back to Normandy before knows what happened. It’s quite a plan, eh?
DOCTOR: (Gleefully.) Doh, yes! It’s quite a plan! It’s quite a plan, yes!

(The DOCTOR paces round a column as the MONK smiles at his new “ally”.)

DOCTOR: I count myself a very fortunate person indeed, to be here, in the time - (Suddenly angry.) to prevent this disgusting exhibition!

(The smile disappears off the MONK’S face.)

MONK: You haven’t prevented it yet, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Haven’t I? Where is this machine?
MONK: I don’t allow anybody in there?
DOCTOR: (Holding the sword at the MONK’S face.) Where is it? Hmm?

(The MONK pushes the sword to one side.)

MONK: This way, Doctor.

(The MONK leads the DOCTOR away.)


(Holding the back of his head, SVEN staggers out of the DOCTOR’S former cell.)

SVEN: Ulf? Ulf, where are you? Ulf?

(He storms off to find his companion. ELDRED appears from around a column and wide-eyed, watches him go.)

ELDRED: Vikings!


(SVEN finds ULF still bound and gagged. He undoes the gag.)

ULF: Where’ve you been?
SVEN: (Untying ULF’S hands.) The Monk tricked me into a cell...then knocked me out.
ULF: Can’t you even guard one old man?
SVEN: You haven’t done better yourself. Come on. We should get back to the forest.
ULF: No, we’ll stay here.
SVEN: Here?
ULF: Safer than being outside. Unless you prefer to meet the Saxons again.
SVEN: They wouldn’t take us so easily this time. Nor would we be hampered by the mead.
ULF: Maybe not. But I’ll choose the monks...and whatever treasure may be stored inside these walls.
SVEN: (His eyes lighting up.) Treasure...!


(Still at swordpoint, the MONK leads the DOCTOR into the main hall and towards the sarcophagus. The MONK looks uneasily at the sword.)

MONK: Oh....

(The DOCTOR laughs.)

MONK: Well, here we are. that’s my time ship.
DOCTOR: Oh, that’s it eh? This horrible block of stone.
MONK: This horrible block of stone, as you call it, is a perfect Saxon sarcophagus.
DOCTOR: A Saxon what?
MONK: Sarcophagus.
DOCTOR: Yes...quite so.
MONK: And more in keeping with the period, I would say, than a modern police box? (Laughs.) What’s the matter, Doctor? Can’t you repair your camouflage unit?
DOCTOR: Now, now, now, don’t try and bamboozle me. It so happens that your “machine” fits into this monastery, but it’s sheer luck.
MONK: Luck? Luck? Oh no, there’s no luck about it. I couldn’t have picked a better place for my headquarters than this. A deserted monastery right on the coast, gullible peasants who believe everything I say to them. Ha ha! No Doctor! No, I planned to materialise my ship right on this very spot, disguised as a sarcophagus and here it is!
DOCTOR: I see, and all this is part of your master plan? Hmm?
MONK: Precisely!

(The DOCTOR laughs.)

MONK: There’s nothing hit or miss about my machine.
DOCTOR: Oh, isn’t there now? Well, let’s have a look at this great wonder, hmm?

(They walk round the sarcophagus.)

DOCTOR: Yes, well, tell me, er, how does one exactly get into this, er, sarcophagus, hmm? (The MONK laughs.) Hammer and chisel?

(The MONK’S laughs stops.)

MONK: This way Doctor.

(He ducks down to enter the door, then rises up again...)

MONK: Oh, er, mind your head.

(He ducks back down.)


(ELDRED quietly makes his way to the front door and pulls back the bolt. He opens the door and leaves.)


(Looking round and seeing that no one is near, ELDRED clutches his wounded shoulder and runs off.)


(VICKI and STEVEN have found the scroll with the MONK’S ticklist on it.)

STEVEN: ...Destroy Viking fleet, Norman landing, Battle of Hastings - Meet King Harold? Well, it seems to tell the whole story.
VICKI: Why Steven? Why is he planning to do it? What’s his reason?
DOCTOR: Ah, that’s a very good point, my child, indeed, a very good point. I must ask him that myself!

(The DOCTOR and the MONK have entered the TARDIS. VICKI runs over to the DOCTOR and joyfully hugs him.)

VICKI: Doctor! You’re safe!
STEVEN: Oh, are we glad to see you, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Safe? Oh, my dear! Of course I’m safe. Good gracious me! I see you found the machine. (He passes STEVEN the sword.) Keep your eye on that, young man. I thought I’d told you to wait outside the TARDIS.
VICKI: Oh, er, we...
STEVEN: Yes...well, we, er...
DOCTOR: (Looking at the console.) You know, all this is very surprising. That’s a Mark 4!
MONK: Yes, yes, indeed.
VICKI: Is that later than yours, Doctor?
VICKI: (Suddenly remembering.) Oh!...I forgot all about it.
DOCTOR: (Examining the console.) Oh...forgot? Forgot what, child? Hmm?
VICKI: Doctor...Doctor...
VICKI: We haven’ a time machine...any more.
DOCTOR: Haven’t we now? Oh, I say! Well...well, I...I wonder what that’s supposed to mean, hmm?
VICKI: Well, you know we left it on the beach.
DOCTOR: Yes, I remember very well, yes. It so happens that I was there at the time! My dear, I may appear a little half witted at times, but I...
VICKI: (Trying to speak.) Doctor!
DOCTOR: (Exasperated.) Oh!
VICKI: The tide came in.
DOCTOR: Oh is that all, my child?
STEVEN: Well, isn’t that enough?
DOCTOR: The water cannot affect the TARDIS. It won’t wash away. It’ll still be there when the tide goes down. Now stop fretting, my dear. (Turning to the MONK.) Well, I must confess, er, I do congratulate you. It’s a splendid machine. Although I do note there’s been quite a few changes?
MONK: Oh, yes indeed, Doctor. In fact this one is fitted with the automatic drift control.
DOCTOR: Oh, I see, yes, of course. And, er, thereby you can suspend yourself in space with absolute safety.
MONK: Precisely, Doctor. By the way, I tried to get into your police box but the door was locked. (Laughs.) What type’s yours, Doctor?
DOCTOR: (Curtly.) Mind your own business.

(The MONK chuckles.)

STEVEN: Look, I take it you both come from the same place, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Yes, I regret that we do but I would say that I am fifty years earlier. (Turning back to the MONK.) Now when are you going to answer my questions, hmm?
MONK: Which questions?
DOCTOR: The reason for this deliberate destruction.
MONK: I...I want to improve things.
DOCTOR: Improve things! Hmm! Improve things, yes, that’s good! Hmm hmm. Very good. (Snaps.) Improve what, for instance?
MONK: (Almost to himself.) Well, for instance, Harold, King Harold - I know he’d be a good king. There wouldn’t be all those wars in Europe, those...those claims over France went on for years and years. With peace the people’d be able to better themselves. With a few hints and tips from me...they’d be able to have jet airliners by 1320! Shakespeare’d be able to put “Hamlet” on television...
DOCTOR: He’d do what?
MONK: The play “Hamlet” on television...
DOCTOR: Oh, yes, quite so, yes, of course, I do know the medium!
MONK: Yeah...
STEVEN: We’re you going to kill the Vikings?
MONK: Yes...yes, I...I was. You see, if I didn’t then King ...
DOCTOR: What are we going to do with this fellow, hmm? What can we do with this man? He’s utterly irresponsible. Hmm! (He paces round the console.) He wants to destroy...the whole pattern of world history. Hmm.

(Whilst VICKI and STEVEN concentrate on the DOCTOR’S words, the MONK makes a run for the door.)

VICKI: Steven! Doctor!

(They run after him out of the door.)

DOCTOR: Oh, quick, quick!


(The MONK runs from the sarcophagus and straight into the arms of SVEN and ULF.)

MONK: Ah! Long live King Hardrada!

(The DOCTOR, VICKI and STEVEN have come out of the MONK’S TARDIS. The little man points to them.)

MONK: Those are your enemies, there! Quick!


(A large group of noisy villagers have gathered outside WULNOTH’S hut. Sword in hand, WULNOTH addresses them, trying to convince them that they are in danger. EDITH stands by his side.)

WULNOTH: The old man...the old man who journeyed here spoke of a Viking invasion descending on us!

(The villagers look astonished and turn to each other with mutters of “Viking Invasion?”.)

WULNOTH: And the Monk asked us to light beacon fires on the clifftops.

(The villagers all cry out. EDITH shouts over their clamour.)

EDITH: The old man spoke the truth! He had no reason to lie.

(There are more cries.)

WULNOTH: Fires on the clifftops would guide the ships in to land. Viking ships!

(The crowd cries out again.)

EDITH: We know and respect the monastery as a place of worship. But what of the Viking spy who passes himself off as a monk?

(The crowd cries out again. Suddenly, EDITH points.)

EDITH: Look!

(ELDRED staggers into the settlement. Various people say “Eldred!” in shock. The man himself is supported by WULNOTH and EDITH. HE is very weak.)

ELDRED: The monastery...
WULNOTH: What of it? What have you seen?
ELDRED: Vikings...

(The crowd repeat “Vikings? in surprise”.)

ELDRED: The Vikings...hiding there...

(The crowd cry out.)

EDITH: Is that enough? Do you need more proof?

(The crowd cry “No!”.)

WULNOTH: Arm yourselves! We know how to treat the raiders!

(The villagers run off to gather arms.)


(SVEN and ULF are carrying the box of rockets through the monastery. The box is heavy and the two Vikings have to stop and rest.)

MONK: Come along, come along, if we want to send signals to your ships, we mustn’t delay like this, you know.
ULF: What are these things?
MONK: They are, er, they’re charms, my son, to guide your ships to sheltered waters. (Laughs.) Come along.

(The two Vikings look at each other, then pick the box back up and walk off with it.)

MONK: I know you don’t understand but, believe me, your ships will know they’re there! (Laughs.).


(His feet and hands bound, STEVEN hops down some steps at the back of the main hall and to the base of the sarcophagus where the DOCTOR and VICKI are sat - similarly bound. The DOCTOR seems to be asleep. STEVEN sits next to VICKI.)

STEVEN: I can’t find a sharp enough stone anywhere. Those Vikings sure know how to tie knots.
VICKI: It looks as though that Monk’s going to get away with it after all.
STEVEN: Yes, but he can’t, can he? Well, I don’t know much about history but I do know that William the Conqueror did win the Battle of Hastings.
VICKI: Up ‘til now he did. If the Monk changes it, I suppose...our memories will change as well.
STEVEN: What about the history books?
VICKI: Mmm, that’s all right. They’re not written yet. They’ll just write and print the new version.

(STEVEN thinks about this.)

STEVEN: But that means that...the exact minute...the exact second that he does it...every history book, every...well, the whole future of every year and time on Earth will change, just like that and nobody’ll know that it has?
VICKI: I suppose that’s...what I’m trying to say.
STEVEN: Well, there’s more to this time travelling than meets the eye.

(He looks over at the DOCTOR.)

STEVEN: What’s the matter with the Doctor? He’s not gone to sleep has he?

(VICKI shuffles over to him.)

VICKI: Doctor, are you awake?

(The DOCTOR’S eyes open. He is instantly alert.)

DOCTOR: Wide awake, my dear. As a matter of fact, I was just turning over in my mind what we’re going to do with this Monk fellow. He won’t listen, he’s determined to have his own way. He’s got to be stopped. He must be stopped!


(WULNOTH, EDITH, ELDRED and the other villagers stealthily make their way through the forest towards the monastery. They are armed with staves and spears. They disturb some birds in the trees and pause to see if it has alerted any of their enemies who may be in hiding. After a second, WULNOTH moves them on.)


(The MONK with ULF and SVEN arrive in the entrance hall with the box of rockets.)

MONK: Come along, come along, yes, yes, they are rather heavy, aren’t they, but they’re a sort of special charm, you understand?
ULF: And where are we taking them?
MONK: To the clifftop. Now come along. I won’t be stopped. Hurry - I’ll open the door for you.

(He does so.)

MONK: There. Come.

(ULF and SVEN carry the box outside.)


(They are immediately attacked by the Saxons. ULF and SVEN drop the box and run inside the monastery, pursued by the villagers.)


(The MONK hides, unseen, behind the door as the pursued and the pursuers run past, all shouting. He thinks they have all come through the door and is about to step out of hiding, but two more run in, making him dive for cover behind the door again. With a look of worry now that his plans are upset, he hitches up his habit runs outside the monastery.)


(He is not as safe as he hoped, as immediately behind him are the two Vikings followed by the roaring Saxons.)


(EDITH has found the three travellers and she is untying their bonds.)

DOCTOR: Oh...ah...yes, thank you. Thank you indeed. Oh, it’s a good thing for us that you decided to make a search, hmm?
EDITH: Oh, without your help, we’d never have known the Monk was a Viking spy, would we?
DOCTOR: Ah, yes, the Monk now - was he caught, hmm?
EDITH: Now Wulnoth and the others will not let him escape nor the two Vikings that are with him.
DOCTOR: Hmm, yes, yes, no doubt they’ll catch up with him and, er , the rest of them. But, er, that Monk you know, still worries me. I think he’s got some tricks left up his sleeve.
EDITH: Hmm. Where are you going to now?
DOCTOR: Oh, we shall continue with our travels.
EDITH: Oh you must come back to the village with us before you go...
DOCTOR: Yes...
EDITH: we can bid you farewell.
DOCTOR: Oh, yes, certainly, certainly, but we have one or two things to do here at the monastery first. But, er, we don’t want to delay you, er, we’ll follow on? Hmm?

(EDITH picks up her spear and leaves.)

DOCTOR: Ahh, what a charming woman! Hmm, charming! Well, now you two, come along, we’ve got a lot to do.
STEVEN: Well, such as what?
VICKI: Shall we go back to the TARDIS?
DOCTOR: You know we can’t do that, my child, not until we stop this time meddler. Have either of you got a pencil and paper on you? Hmm?
STEVEN: No, ‘fraid not.
DOCTOR: Well now, be a good fellow and go into the machine and try and find one.
STEVEN: (Stepping away.) Yes, OK Doc.
STEVEN: (Stopping.) ...tor!

(STEVEN steps behinds the sarcophagus.)

VICKI: Who are you going to write to?
DOCTOR: The Monk, of course, Hmm hmm! Who else?


(SVEN and ULF run into a clearing. They pause to gain their bearings, then run on. A second later, the MONK runs into the clearing. He sees the Vikings.)

MONK: Here - this way.

(They turn back.. The MONK points.)

MONK: Behind that tree there, there’s an old well. We can hide there, quick!

(The Vikings run off to hide in the suggested place. The MONK runs off in another direction. The Vikings come back.)

SVEN: There’s no well there...!
ULF: Where’s he gone?

(The Villagers surround them and start stabbing them with their spears and staves...)


(The DOCTOR is now out of his monks habit and back in his normal attire. He crouches underneath the console of the MONK’S TARDIS undoing a lead. He then gingerly pulls out a perspex electronic box. He puts his finger into the space in the console previously occupied by the box and receives a small shock.)

DOCTOR: Ooh! (Shouts.) Mr Taylor! Where are you with that string, dear boy?

(STEVEN and VICKI run up.)

STEVEN: Here you are Doctor. I found some.
DOCTOR: Good gracious me, come along.

(VICKI crouches under the console with the DOCTOR who starts tying the string round the lead which connects the perspex box to the console.)

VICKI: What’s that thing under there, Doctor?
DOCTOR: (Snaps.) Now keep your nose out, my child, never mind.

(VICKI just looks closer.)

DOCTOR: (Snaps again.) Did you hear what I said? Keep your nose away. Do you want to get a shock? This is a very dangerous business. Now keep still, all of you. Tie this in a knot.

(The DOCTOR does so. He then stands.)

DOCTOR: Now, the vibrations...ticklish...get back, get back!

(Letting the perspex box dangle carefully from the underneath of the console, he backs towards the doors with the long length of string connected to the box in his hand. VICKI and STEVEN are behind.)

DOCTOR: Now you two, go outside. I’ll follow in a minute.
VICKI: But Doctor, what exactly are you doing?
DOCTOR: (Angry.) Oh, please don’t ask me questions! Go child! Outside!

(VICKI runs out. STEVEN grins but doesn’t leave.)

STEVEN: Well, what are you trying to do...?

(He stops asking questions when he sees the look of thunder on the DOCTOR’S face. The old man points at the door and STEVEN leaves. The DOCTOR then backs out of the TARDIS, playing the string out behind him.)


(VICKI and STEVEN wait by the sarcophagus.)

VICKI: Is he coming out yet?

(STEVEN crouches down and looks through the door.)

STEVEN: Yes, yes, here he is.

(The DOCTOR comes out.)

DOCTOR: Now, back, elbow room, please! Now keep still.

(VICKI and STEVEN stand back as the DOCTOR starts gently to pull on the string which leads into the sarcophagus.)

DOCTOR: We’re not out of the wood yet.

(As the string grows taught, the DOCTOR suddenly yanks on the string. He holds up the perspex box in triumph.)

DOCTOR: Dah - there it is! Ha ha! I’ve done it, I’ve done it, I’ve done it! (Laughs.)
STEVEN: Well, nothings happened, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Hasn’t it? Hasn’t it, my dear boy?
VICKI: Come on, aren’t you going to tell us?
DOCTOR: Yes, sometime, my dear, sometime.

(He passes STEVEN the perspex box.)

DOCTOR: Here, put that in your pocket. Quickly. Ah...!

(The DOCTOR has picked up an envelope which he places on top of the sarcophagus.)

VICKI: Oh, is that the letter you wrote...
DOCTOR: Yes...
VICKI: the Monk. (She reaches to it.)
DOCTOR: Keep your hands off it, young lady. I don’t want you nosying into peoples personal and private corre...correspondence. Good gracious me! Well, I think we’ve finished here. Now, lets go.
STEVEN: Back to the TARDIS?
DOCTOR: Yes, certainly, back to the TARDIS. Yes, come along...

(They leave. The envelope, with “To The Monk” inscribed on the front, lies on top of the sarcophagus awaiting its addressee.)


(The MONK struggles through the forest. He is dirty and grubby from his exertions.)


(Gulls fly and cry out over the coast as the time travellers arrive back at the clifftop overlooking the TARDIS’ landing place. They stand in the strong breeze.)

DOCTOR: (Pointing.) There it is, my dear. There’s the TARDIS. Safe and sound - didn’t I tell you so?
VICKI: Oh, am I glad to see that old police box again!
DOCTOR: Oh, glad indeed. Well, we must start climbing down the cliff and get aboard as soon as we can. There’s going to be an invasion shortly.
STEVEN: What? You mean any minute now the...the Viking fleet’s going to sail past here?
DOCTOR: Yes, my boy, yes. And history will be...
DOCTOR and VICKI: (Together.) ...allowed to take its natural course!

(The DOCTOR tuts at VICKI’S mimicking of him.)

STEVEN: You know, I’m beginning to like the idea of being a crew member on a time machine.
VICKI: A crew member? You’ll be lucky! He’s the crew - we’re just the passengers.
DOCTOR: Yes, and both very welcome ones, my dear. Come along, come along! Come on, come on!

(The DOCTOR walks off followed by VICKI. STEVEN pauses to look over the cliff edge.)

STEVEN: It’s a heck of a way down. (Shouting after the others.) Wish we had a pair of wings!


(The exhausted MONK arrives back at the monastery and shuts the door behind him. He pauses for breath.)

MONK: Oh (Coughs.) Oh, I’m getting too old for this sort of thing! It’s ridiculous...

(He walks into the monastery….)


(…and arrives at the main hall.)

MONK: Yes, I was right. They’re gone. Well, I suppose I’d better be on my way again too. Oh.

(Coughing he walks over to the sarcophagus where he finds the envelope. He opens it and takes the letter out. He smiles.)

MONK: The Doctor! (Laughs.)

(He looks slyly round, then he smiles as he reads the letter.)

MONK: “My dear fellow”, (Laughs.) “I’m sure you excuse me but I didn’t want to say goodbye as you are obviously going to be very busy for some time.” He’s right there! “Just in case you still idea’s about your master plan, I’ve taken precautions to stop your time meddling” (Laughs.) How could he stop a Mark 4?!

(He thinks and, for a second, a look of concern passes over his face. He looks quickly at the sarcophagus, then carries on reading the letter.)

MONK: “Possibly one day in the future, when you’ve learnt your lesson, I shall return and release you.” Release me! Ha! Me! (Laughs.) Oh the old fool, Ha ha! Oh...I wonder what he meant by...”release” me? Well, going.

(He ducks behind the sarcophagus to the door...)


(The inside of his ship has been shrunk to a size far too small for the MONK to be able to enter. His face fills the doorway.)

MONK: Oh!...Oh!...What’s he done? Ha - he’s taken my dimensional control! He’s ruined my time machine! I’m...I’m marooned! Marooned! In 1066!


(The MONK stands.)

MONK: Oh, Doctor!

(He screams in a rage.)

MONK: Doctor! Doctor!!!

(Dashing the letter onto the floor, he sits desolate on some steps with his head in his hands...)


(The TARDIS dematerialises.)


(STEVEN, VICKI and the DOCTOR continue their travels...)

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