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(STEVEN succeeds in picking the lock. He and VICKI rush inside the cell...)


(On the bed, the DOCTORíS cloak covers his form.)

VICKI: Doctor, wake up, weíre here! Doctor?

(She pulls the cloak back. Underneath is just a pile of furs...)

VICKI: Heís gone! Heís gone!


(WULNOTH supports ELDRED as the MONK leads them into a chamber where straw covers a shelf in an alcove.)

MONK: Make him comfortable here, my son. Iíll return soon and tend his wounds.
WULNOTH: Oh, thank you father.

(The MONK watches nervously as WULNOTH settles ELDRED. Unseen by the two Saxons, he leaves the chamber.)


VICKI: Well, this is definitely his cloak.

(STEVEN has been looking through the open cell door. He now shuts it closed.)

STEVEN: Yes, he was in here all right, Vicki. Whatís happened to him?
VICKI: The door was locked wasnít it?
STEVEN: Of course it was. You saw me open it myself. The Monk thought he was in here too.
VICKI: What? Because the clothes of the bed hadnít been moved?
STEVEN: Well, it makes sense doesnít it? How did he get out? (He sits on the edge of the bed.)
VICKI: Thereís only one possible answer.
VICKI: A secret passage.
STEVEN: (Incredulously.) A secret p...? Oh no!
VICKI: Listen, they always have them in castles and monasteries and things in case of siege, or...something. Weíll, donít just sit there. Help me look!

(VICKI starts to examine the walls. STEVEN sighs and does the same. After some time...)

VICKI: Hey, Steven! Come and look at this! Steven? A loose stone!

(STEVEN joins her.)

VICKI: What did I say?

(He manages to pull a doorway open at the back of the cell.)

STEVEN: Huh, whoís a clever girl then?

(VICKI makes a face. They walk through the secret exit and STEVEN pulls the door to behind them.)


(The MONK walks smiling down a passageway. He reaches the cell. He opens the hatchway to look inside and the door, to his surprise, swings open under his touch....)


(He hesitates then, with a cry, jumps into the cell to tackle however he thinks lies concealed behind the cell door. Seeing no-one, he next tries looking under the bed. Then, growing increasingly frustrated, he pulls the furs off the bed. Utterly baffled, he leaves the cell.)


(Outside the cell, he checks the lock. He is pondering his problem when WULNOTHíS voice reaches him...)

WULNOTH: (OOV.) Father? Father, where are you?

(He coughs gently and assumes his serene air.)

MONK: Coming, my son! Coming!

(Looking puzzled again at the loss of his prisoner, he walks off.)


(STEVEN and VICKI make their way down the secret passage from the monastery. Water drips from the ceiling and tree roots fill the space around them.)

VICKI: Ah...ah! How much longer does this thing go on?
STEVEN: It must go on for quite a way, Vicki, if only to get clear of the monastery up there.
VICKI: Itís damp.
STEVEN: Yes, well, weíd better get out of here quickly. You know couldnít find the Doctor at the end of this.
VICKI: If I know the Doctor, itís not going to be as simple as that.

(They move on.)


(The DOCTOR is back at EDITH and WULNOTHís hut. EDITH is now fully conscious although she tends her bruised face with a cloth.)

DOCTOR: Well, from what youíve just said, youíve saved me quite a journey. Hmm.
EDITH: To meet your friends, you mean?
DOCTOR: Yes, indeed so. I told them quite specifically to meet me outside the TAR...yes, the, er, pre-arranged, er, place, er. I was going along to tell them that Iíd come to no harm whilst I was making investigations, as we might say. But, er, well now, now you tell me they came here and theyíve gone on to the monastery. Hmm?
EDITH: Oh, I canít think how you missed them.
DOCTOR: Oh, itís all perfectly simple. I left at the rear...entrance. That reminds me. I really think I ought to be wending my way. Mmm. Itís a good thing I saw the smoke rising from your fire. (Laughs.) Iím becoming quite a regular visitor, I think.
EDITH: (Melancholy.) Youíve been my only visitor tonight.
EDITH: But, you donít know. My husband and the men from the village have gone after the Vikings.

(This causes the DOCTOR to stop and think.)

DOCTOR: Youíve seen them, and er, their fleet?
EDITH: Oh, no, no, not a fleet, this was just a small band of men. They must have come from one ship.
DOCTOR: Er, I see, yes, I see. Hmm.

(The DOCTOR walks outside the hut.)


(The DOCTOR ponders in the night as an owl hoots nearby. EDITH follows him out.)

EDITH: You speak of a fleet as though you knew it existed?
DOCTOR: What? What was that? Iíve already told you, my dear, that Iíve learned of varied plans from all the places that Iíve visited before.
EDITH: Plans of a Viking invasion?
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, Iím afraid so.
EDITH: So thatís why Harold got___forming an army. Our men have travelled south already to join it. (Tuts.) Ah, I thought it was William of Normandyís invasion across the channel, not a Viking invasion he feared.
DOCTOR: (To himself.) Mmm. the Monk in this situation just canít be a coincidence.
EDITH: The Monk? Did you say the Monk?
DOCTOR: (Turning to her.) Yes, I must face him. I, er, realise that Iíve got far short a time than I thought I had. Erm, Iím always leaving you in a hurry, Iím afraid, but the matter has some urgency.
EDITH: Well, wonít you stay and have some...some, er, some venison?
DOCTOR: Oh, no, thank you, thank you indeed. Itís very kind of you. I must go, yes, goodbye. Oh, and, er, donít worry, donít worry. The Vikings will land south of here, in the Humber. Ah, King Harold will defeat them. (Laughs.)

(The DOCTOR walks a few paces away and talks to himself as EDITH watches.)

DOCTOR: Yes, in a few weeks time, he loses the battle of Hastings to William the Conqueror. (Laughs.) Well, at least thatís what the history books said happened. Hmm.

(He walks off into the night...)


(STEVEN and VICKI emerge from the tunnel into the forest. VICKI sighs with relief, then looks round and calls out...)

VICKI: Doctor! Doctor!

(Getting no response, they walk on a few paces through the trees.)

STEVEN: No, you were right, Vicki. The Doctor wouldnít wait for us here.
VICKI: He must have gone back to the TARDIS.
STEVEN: Yes, probably. You know...

(VICKI has walked off a few paces. STEVEN follows her.)

STEVEN: You know thereís something very peculiar going on. Now Iíve got to accept something, so all right, I accept youíve got a time machine...
VICKI: Ha! Hooray!
STEVEN: But a Watch, the gramophone, the Saxons, that doesnít add up. It must be something to do with that Monk. You know, I think we should go back to the monastery.
VICKI: Oh no. Because the Doctor will want to investigate just as much as you, probably more. Letís find him and all three do it together, hmm?
STEVEN: OK. Go on, you lead the way.

(They carry on.)


(The MONK sorts through a first aid box. Taking out a bottle he shakes some tablets out of it into his hand. WULNOTH stands nearby but he does not catch sight of the box.. Covering this with a small basket, the MONK carries a torch to WULNOTH for better light. He then sits next to ELDRED and puts the tablets in his semi-conscious patients mouth.

MONK: Eldred? Swallow these.
WULNOTH: (Pointing with his sword.) Er, what are those, father?
MONK: (Muttering.) Oh itís just some Penicillin... (Louder.) Itís a...itís a sort of herb.

(The MONK looks at the sword that WULNOTH is carrying.)

MONK: Wulnoth, I wish youíd take that outside. This is a monastery. Canít you see Iím trying to tend a sick man?
WULNOTH: Oh, Iím sorry father.

(WULNOTH walks out. The MONK watches him go, then tries to rouse ELDRED.)

MONK: Eldred? Eldred?

(Getting no response, he gently pats his face.)

MONK: Eldred? Eldred? Listen - the Vikings you met, now if they were a scouting party, how soon would it be before the other ships arrived?
ELDRED: (Weakly.) If they...if they were part of the main fleet, two...three days, father.
MONK: Thank you, thank you.

(The MONK walks away to a corner of the chamber, rubbing his hands and muttering to himself.)

MONK: Two or three days...Iím on schedule. Iím on schedule!

(WULNOTH has come back, without the sword and is examining ELDRED. Whilst the MONK ponders his plan, WULNOTH tries to move ELDRED but without success.)

WULNOTH: Heíll have to stay here for a while, father. Heís very weak.
MONK: (Speaking without thinking as his mind is on the Vikings.) Yes, of course, heís weak. Heís lost a lot of blood. If I could have given him a blood transfusion, but...
WULNOTH: Blood trans...fu...sion?

(The MONK starts as he realises what he has said.)

MONK: My son, all we can do now for Eldred is to wait and pray.
WULNOTH: But father...
MONK: Now listen to what I have to say now, my son. This is what I want to say: take your friend home and give thanks that within these sacred walls...
WULNOTH: Heíll have to stay for a day or two, father. Heís very weak.
MONK: Stay here?
WULNOTH: Oh, donít worry, father. My wife, Edith, will call regularly and attend to any additional work and...and I will come to if, if work permits.
MONK: Now, look here, my son, I...
WULNOTH: Yes, father?
MONK: (Seeing he has no choice.) Oh nothing! Nothing, nothing, nothing...
WULNOTH: Oh, er, goodbye and, er, thank you father.
MONK: Goodbye my son.

(WULNOTH leaves. The MONK glances at ELDRED and a look of concern appears on his face as he considers a possible disruption to his scheme.)


(ULF and SVEN, now much more sober and more cautious, run through the forest. They constantly check all around them. They stop and rest.)

ULF: As soon as its light, every Saxon for miles around will be looking for us.
SVEN: Weíll stay here a while, then travel south.
ULF: Why the south?
SVEN: If we put enough distance between the Saxons and ourselves, we can still complete our task.
ULF: Sven, we have failed! Leave it to Radnor. Let us think of our own safety.
SVEN: We were landed here for a reason.
ULF: What good can the two of us do now? If we meet up with the Saxons again, they will kill us easily.
SVEN: And what would you have us do?
ULF: We could hide.

(SVEN grabs ULF and raises a rock.)

SVEN: Coward!
ULF: Kill me! Go on, kill me! If you donít, the Saxons will. And youíll be dead too if you donít listen to what I say.

(SVEN lets go of ULF.)

ULF: Nothing has changed. Our army will still land. Then think what will happen when we come before the King! We can meet up with him once he is inland. Say we were attacked and held.

(SVEN stands, kicks ULF over and walks off a small distance. ULF follows.)

ULF: Donít pretend that it is only me. Iím saying what we both think. Our army will still land, even if weíd all been killed back in the forest.
SVEN: (With contempt.) I suppose youíve already thought of a place to hide.
ULF: Yes - the monastery.
SVEN: (Angrily.) And ask for what - sanctuary?
ULF: They canít refuse us.
SVEN: Even if they do, youíd rather do battle with a band of monks than with Saxons?
ULF: Theyíll hide us. Once inside, we can take hostages.

(SVEN is calmer at this thought.)

SVEN: If you thought as much of our task as you did of our own safety.
ULF: And yours, Sven. And yours...


(In the main hall of the monastery, a roller-chart hangs on the wall. It is headed ďPROGESS CHARTĒ and lists eight items. Items 1 and 2 - ďArrival in NorthumbriaĒ and ďPosition atomic cannonĒ are already ticked off. The MONK adds a tick next to item 3 - ďSight VikingsĒ. Un-ticked are items 4 to 8 - ďLight Beacon FiresĒ, ď Destroy Viking FleetĒ, ďNorman LandingĒ, ďBattle of HastingsĒ and ď Meet King HaroldĒ.

MONK: Fight Vikings, ahh, weíre up to date, weíre up to date. Now then, light beacon fires? I can...get the villagers to help me with that.

(The MONK pulls a cord and the chart rolls up.)

MONK: Ho ho! Everythingís going on marvellously! (Laughs.) According to plan!

(The MONK takes the chart off the wall and carries over to a flat stone sarcophagus. Other charts and maps cover the top of the sarcophagus.)

MONK: Now, Iíll have to work this ridiculous thing into miles.

(The MONK calculates positions on a map.)

MONK: Four, certain measurements miles, kilometres, donít know where we are. There...

(There is a sudden knocking on the main door.)

MONK: Oh, oh no more visitors. Itís getting...itís getting so that you canít call a monastery your own!

(The knocking is repeated. In a temper, the MONK collects together all the charts and puts them under the top of the sarcophagus in whatever space is there. The knocking is heard again.)

MONK: (Angrily.) All right! All right! Iím coming!

(He puts another chart below the sarcophagus...)


(The MONK arrives at the main door and unbolts it. He opens it...but there is no one there. He steps outside.)


(Puzzled, he looks immediately around the immediate area outside the door. There is no sign of the visitor. He goes back inside.)


(Once inside, he re-bolts the door. Immediately, there is a furious knock on the door. He un-locks it again and pulls it open. Still, there is no one outside.)


(More cautiously, the MONK steps outside. A branch prods into the middle of his back and the DOCTOR steps out of hiding. Thinking the stick is a gun, the MONK raises his hands. The DOCTOR nods to the monastery to indicate that they should go inside. They do so, the DOCTOR carefully holding the stick in order that the MONK doesnít see it for what it is.)


(Once inside, the MONK makes a move to counter the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Da, ha! I have a Winshetser...73, right in the middle of your spinal cord!

(Holding the branch with one hand, the DOCTOR uses the other to shut and lock the door. .)

DOCTOR: Proceed!

(They walk forward under an archway, the DOCTOR smiling all the time at his Ďcaptorí.)

MONK: I thought Iíd seen the last of you, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Oh, did you now? Well, as it happens, I happen to be a very curious fellow. Yes, very curious. Now then, I have some questions for you and I want them answered. Continue, hmm!

(They walk on, the MONK smiling slyly.)


(As the sky gets lighter, VICKI and STEVEN emerge from the forest at the top of the cliff above where the TARDIS landed. VICKI kneels and looks over the edge. STEVEN joins her.)

VICKI: It was somewhere about here.
STEVEN: I canít tell for the surf but I think this is an easy way down.
VICKI: The tide, Steven, the tideís come in!
STEVEN: Yes, well, it usually does.
VICKI: Yes, but...the TARDIS was down there! Oh no, the tide - nobody thought of that.
STEVEN: Well, itís a bit late to think of it now.
VICKI: Yes, but what shall we do?
STEVEN: Look, if the Doctor cam back here, heíd have moved it. He wouldnít have left it on the beach.

(VICKI looks at STEVEN who clearly doesnít understand.)

VICKI: The only way the Doctor could move the TARDIS...would be to dematerialise.
VICKI: If the Doctor left here in the TARDIS, he couldnít get back. (Distraught.) Oh, it canít be that, it canít be!

(STEVEN thinks about what he has just been told about the DOCTORíS control over the TARDIS, then...)

STEVEN: Look, thereís no point in us sitting here. I think we should go back to the monastery.
VICKI: The monastery. Whatís the point of that now?
STEVEN: Well, at least weíd be doing something practical. Whateverís happened down there, it has happened. Thereís no point in moping about it.
VICKI: (Sharply.) Iím not moping! You donít know what the TARDIS meant.

(STEVEN pauses, then stands.)

STEVEN: Come on...

(Leaving VICKI at the cliff edge, STEVEN walks a small distance along the precipice. He suddenly comes along a bazooka gun set up in the bushes at the cliff top.)

STEVEN: Whatís this?

(He gets closer to examine the gun.)

STEVEN: Vicki, come and take a look at this.
VICKI: (Sharply again.) What?
STEVEN: Just come and look!

(Reluctantly she gets up and joins STEVEN.)

STEVEN: What do you make of that?
VICKI: (Amazed.) Itís a...itís a gun - of sorts?
STEVEN: Trained out to sea, hidden by the bushes. Look, in Saxon times, th...they used swords and bows and arrows, not things like this, didnít they?
VICKI: Yes, youíre right.
STEVEN: The Monk, it must be. You still say thereís no point in going back to the monastery? Come on.

(They turn back.)


(The DOCTOR and the MONK are traversing the corridors of the ruined monastery. The MONKíS arms still up in the air as the DOCTOR keeps the branch in his back.)

DOCTOR: All right. That will do. You know, I believe weíve come through this corridor twice already. Itís no use you playing for time, you know. I want some answers!

(The MONK jumps round to grab the ďrifleĒ and sees that it is in fact a branch in the DOCTORíS hands.)

DOCTOR: Ah ha! Now, I wouldnít do that if I were you. This may not be a gun but I can still do you a considerable amount of harm.
MONK: (Serenely.) Oh, a man of violence! Iím surprised at you...
DOCTOR: Er, never mind about all that. What is it youíre doing here? Hmm? What are you up to?

(There is a knock at the main door. The MONK makes to go and answer it but the DOCTOR stands in his way.)

MONK: The door - I must go...
DOCTOR: Er, just leave that, shall we? Hmm?
MONK: But if I donít go, theyíll get suspicious.
DOCTOR: Then weíll both go. Iíll open the door, then I can keep an eye on you. Hmm?
MONK: You open the door? No Doctor, thatís not a very good idea.
DOCTOR: Oh, isnít it? Why not?
MONK: Because youíre not wearing the right sort of clothes...

(The knocking is repeated.)

DOCTOR: Yes, I see, I see. First, you want to open the door, then you want the chance to reverse the position with the help of whoever it is outside? Secondly, you want to get me into a monkís habit so that whoever that is, would recognise me as an imposter.
MONK: Dear me, dear me, what an untrusting nature you have, my son!
DOCTOR: Yes, and you can drop the monks act!
MONK: Iím only trying to help. Whoever it is, itís probably as traveller knocking for shelter. Who else could it be? Doctor, I must remind you this is a monastery, a place of refuge, sanctuary.
DOCTOR: Yes, very well, if you have another cloak with the same type of cowl? Proceed, hmm?
MONK: Of course.
DOCTOR: And remember, no more monkery!

(The MONK walks off with his hands in the air again, the DOCTOR following.)


(The knocking continues as the MONK - his arms still raised - and the DOCTOR enter. The DOCTOR is now dressed in a monks habit and still holds the branch in the MONKíS back. As they near the front door, the DOCTOR holds him back.)

DOCTOR: Wait there...and be quiet.
MONK: Doctor?

(The MONK looks the DOCTOR up and down.)

MONK: It suits you!

(The DOCTOR glances disdainfully at the MONK. He walks over to the door and pulls the bolt back. When he opens the door, SVEN immediately holds a sword to his throat.)

DOCTOR: What is the meaning of this, sir! What...
SVEN: Silence, you old fool!
DOCTOR: Wha...

(SVEN takes the branch out of the DOCTORíS hands and passes it to ULF who enters behind him and locks the door.)


(At sword point, the DOCTOR walks through the monastery. They approach the cell where the DOCTOR was previously incarcerated. He turns to SVEN.)

DOCTOR: This is no way to treat a man in my position!
SVEN: (Grabbing him.) Quiet old man.

(ULF looks through the door hatch.)

ULF: This cell will do. Lock him in here.

(SVEN pushes a defiant looking DOCTOR into the cell.)

ULF: Oh, thereís no key. You guard him. Iíll give our terms to the rest of the monks. Hide us...or he dies.

(As ULF walks off, SVEN pulls the door shut.)


(The DOCTOR listens at the door, then sets to work...)


(Sword in hand, ULF enters the main hall, but there is no sign of anyone else. As he approaches the sarcophagus, the MONK stands up from behind it and cracks a piece of wood over ULFíS head. The Viking falls to the ground. Tutting the MONK unravels a piece of rope with which to tie him up.)


(VICKI and STEVEN look round the forest for the entrance to the tunnel.)

VICKI: It all looks so different in daylight.

(STEVEN looks behind them.)

STEVEN: Ah ha! Here it is.
VICKI: Oh, donít tell me we have to crawl down that thing again.
STEVEN: Well we can hardly go and knock on the front door now, can we?
VICKI: I suppose not.
STEVEN: Come on.

(STEVEN holds the branches back whilst VICKI enters the tunnel.)


(SVEN has fallen asleep outside the DOCTORíS cell. A cock crow awakes him.)

SVEN: Ulf? Ulf?

(He staggers up. He pulls the hatch door on the cell open, looks through and hurriedly opens the cell up, stepping inside.)


(The secret passage at the back of the cell is open. SVEN walks over to it and looks down the tunnel. Behind him, the DOCTOR, hidden behind the door, steps out of hiding, kicks SVEN and hits him over the head also with a plank of wood. Just like his companion, SVEN falls to the ground.)

DOCTOR: (Laughs.) My dear man, you had me quite worried. I thought you were never coming in!

(He leaves the cell.)


(The MONK approaches WULNOTHíS hut. Seeing that he cannot knock on the cloth entrance, he bangs his fist on the door support.)

MONK: Wulnoth? Wulnoth, are you there?

(In a panic, EDITH comes out.)

EDITH: Oh, itís you, father.
MONK: Iím sorry to call so early my child, but, er, I must speak to your husband.

(Half-dressed, WULNOTH comes out of the hut.)

WULNOTH: Is anything wrong with Eldred?
MONK: No, no! No, Eldred is splendid. No, Wulnoth, Iíve come here to ask for your help and...and that of the men of the village.
WULNOTH: Oh, weíll help if we can, father.
MONK: Oh, you can, Wulnoth, you most certainly can. Iíd have come here a bit later but seeing as Iím going to be rather busy up at the monastery...
WULNOTH: What is it that you want us to do?
MONK: Prepare beacon fires on the cliff tops.

(WULNOTH and EDITH look at each other.)

WULNOTH: (Surprised.) Beacon fires?
MONK: Oh, donít worry, donít worry Wulnoth. Iím expecting some building materials for reconstructing the monastery. Theyíre coming by sea and I promised Iíd give the ship our exact location.
WULNOTH: Well, when are you expecting the ship? Itíll take a little while to prepare a beacon.
MONK: In a day or two, maybe three. Now Wulnoth, you will light the fires when I ask, wonít you, and keep them burning?

(WULNOTH looks at EDITH then, with a hint of suspicion in his voice...)

WULNOTH: If you say so, father.
MONK: Splendid! Splendid! Now I must go back to the monastery. Eldred needs rather special care. Good day, my children.

(He leaves. EDITH and WULNOTH are still suspicious.)

EDITH: Good day
WULNOTH: Good day, father. (He turns to his wife.) What did the old man say of the Vikings?
EDITH: He spoke of a planned invasion - of many hundred ships...
WULNOTH: (To himself.) Beacon fires...on the cliff tops...?


(VICKI and STEVEN have come across the unconscious SVEN inside the cell.)

VICKI: Viking?
STEVEN: Well, however he is, heís lost an argument with somebody. Anyway, we canít bother about him. (He picks up SVENíS sword.) Letís go and have a look around.
VICKI: What are we looking for anyway?
STEVEN: Oh, weíll know when we find it, wonít we?

(They leave the cell.)


(The MONK enters the monastery quietly singing to himself. He shuts the door, turns a corner and comes across a bound and gagged ULF. He kneels by him.)

MONK: Oh, ha, ha, ha! You still here, are you? Good, all Iíve got to do now is take care of you, your friend and the Doctor. Oh, by the way, youíll be please to know Iíve arranged the fires for your colleagues. Ha!

(He suddenly feels a sword at this throat. He rises - it is the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: There you are, my dear fellow. I knew youíd come back! (Angrily.) Now which fires? What are they for? Hmm?


(VICKI and STEVEN enter the main hall.)

STEVEN: Oh, itís going to take us hours to search this place properly.

(VICKI crouches on the ground next to the sarcophagus.)

VICKI: Hey Steven! Look at this. I think itís a cable!

(STEVEN joins her.)

STEVEN: It is. Well, thatís strange.

(He follows the cable round to the sarcophagus.)

STEVEN: Whatís it doing coming out of here?

(He walk to the back of the sarcophagus where they find...)

VICKI: A door!
STEVEN: Let me have look.

(He pulls the doors fully open.)

STEVEN: We can get inside.

(They crouch down and walk inside the sarcophagus.)


(They push open the doors and stand up straight as they find themselves in a familiar looking gleaming control room.)

VICKI: (Totally amazed.) Itís a TARDIS. The Monkís got a TARDIS!

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