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LARRY MADISON: Itís a sheer drop!
IAN: Weíll have to go back.

(They turn back but the SLYTHER has pursued them.)

LARRY MADISON: The Slyther, Ian! Itís coming straight for us!

(Claw outstretched, the SLYTHER moves towards the two men. They back further towards the edge of the shaft and IAN sees that LARRY is about to fall.)

IAN: (Reaching out to grab him.) Larry!

(LARRY misses IANíS grab and falls over.)


(He grabs the edge of a mining bucket that hangs over the shaft. IAN jumps onto the bucket and then into it as the SLYTHER gets closer. IAN reaches over to pull LARRY in.)

IAN: Hold on Larry!

(IAN pulls him into he bucket.)

IAN: All right?
IAN: Still coming. I hope it canít jump.
LARRY MADISON: Itís gonna try!

(The SLYTHER jumps onto the edge of the bucket. IAN grabs a rock from the floor of the bucket and clubs the creature until it loses it grip and falls down the shaft.)

LARRY MADISON: Letís get out of here.
IAN: on a minute. Somebody might have heard us.


(The door of the control room slides upward and the BLACK DALEK glides into the room and up to one of its subordinates.)

BLACK DALEK: There is no work party in shaft nine. Why?
FIRST DALEK: The section is completed. The labour force is being assembled for clearing operations.
BLACK DALEK: Work must proceed to schedule. There must be no delays.
FIRST DALEK: All will be ready. The waste bucket in shaft nine is being lowered now.


IAN: I think itís all clear now.
LARRY MADISON: Might as well take a chance. We canít stay here all night.

(The mine bucket shakes into life...)

LARRY MADISON: Whatís happening?
IAN: Weíre going down!

(The bucket starts to descend.)


(The DOCTOR descends a ladder into another sewer. DAVID and SUSAN follow. The DOCTOR coughs into his handkerchief at the smell.)

DOCTOR: Oh, dear, oh, well I must say - this is a nice state of affairs. Weíve barely covered a mile and here we are hiding down the sewers again.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Weíre better to hide down here Doctor, than be caught by those Robomen.

(TYLER shoots down the ladder after the other three.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Tyler, did they see us?
CARL TYLER: Well, they were coming this way but they donít seem to know what they were going to do.
SUSAN: How many?
CARL TYLER: Two. Listen, I couldnít get the cover on, weíd better get under shelter. Doctor, Susan.

(The DOCTOR and SUSAN join him.)

DOCTOR: You do realise, of course, we shall have to let them both come down before we decide to defend ourselves.
CARL TYLER: Well, we can take them one at a time.
DOCTOR: Oh yes, just one. The otherís bound to return and bring back reinforcements.
CARL TYLER: If we stick together long enough, Iíll learn to do what you say the first time.

(The DOCTOR and SUSAN retreat to one side of the sewer out of sight. TYLER and DAVID stand near the ladder. Two ROBOMEN look over the hatch edge and into the sewer. DAVID prepares his pistol. TYLER does the same as the ROBOMEN descend the ladder. TYLER fires at the first one to reach the bottom but the pistol fails to work. He throws it to the ground and rushes the ROBOMAN. As they struggle, the second ROBOMAN reaches the bottom of the ladder. DAVID rushes to take aim with his pistol but he is near to TYLER and his adversary.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Move Tyler, move!

(The ROBOMAN fighting with TYLER knocks DAVIDíS arm as fires, therefore missing his aim. The four men are now in a hand to hand struggle. SUSAN sees DAVIDíS attacker getting the upper hand and rushes to help as DAVID is knocked dazed to the floor.)

SUSAN: No! No, ah!

(The DOCTOR hits TYLERíS attacker twice with his walking stick, leaving TYLER to deliver the final blows. DAVID recovers and sees SUSAN struggling.)


(He joins in but the ROBOMAN pushes them both to the ground. The ROBOMAN starts to climb the ladder to get reinforcements. TYLER grabs DAVIDíS gun and shoots him dead.)

DOCTOR: Ah, well, is everybody alright? Hmm?

(TYLER aims the pistol at the other unconscious ROBOMAN. The DOCTOR holds him back with his walking stick.)

DOCTOR: No Tyler, no. I never take life. Only when my own is immediately threatened. Now then, let us make our way to this mine and then we shall know how to deal with these Daleks. Leave this creature to his own devices and salvation. Come along. (To TYLER.) You lead the way, my boy. Come along.

(They walk off.)


(Clouds fill the night sky and lightning flashes.)


(In a meanly furnished hut in the woods, two thin emaciated WOMEN, one old, one young huddle in their rags. The sound of BARBARAíS voice is heard outside.)

BARBARA: ____ Jenny.


BARBARA: Hey, with this storm coming, we Ďll be much better off inside.


(The two WOMEN hear the voices. They jump up in fear grabbing kitchen implements as flimsy weapons.)

OLD WOMAN: Whoís there? Who is it?

(The door bursts open revealing BARBARA and JENNY. The YOUNG WOMAN screams.)

OLD WOMAN: What do you want?
BARBARA: We...we were...weíre looking for shelter.
OLD WOMAN: Just the two of you? Tired are you?
BARBARA: Yes...yes, we are.
JENNY: Barbara, I think we should be moving on.
YOUNG WOMAN: Dogsíll catch you.
JENNY: Dogs?
YOUNG WOMAN: In the forest.
OLD WOMAN: Savage beasts. After the plague, they formed a pack. Where are you making for?
BARBARA: The mine.

(The OLD WOMAN looks at her companion.)

BARBARA: We have friends there. Weíre trying to find them.
YOUNG WOMAN: Nobody gets away from there - youíll be caught yourselves.
OLD WOMAN: Oh, youíre lucky to have got this far. The patrols pass Ďere.
JENNY: Then how is it youíre still free. They must know youíre here?
OLD WOMAN: Oh, they know alright - yes, they know. But we canít harm them. Besides, we make clothes for the slave workers.

(The YOUNG WOMAN holds up some near rags to BARBARA who shrinks back.)

OLD WOMAN: Weíre more use to them doing that than we would be in the mine.

(BARBARA and JENNY step into the hut.)

BARBARA: Er, how do you manage? F...for food, I mean?
OLD WOMAN: Oh, they give us some in return for the clothes. Weíre hungry most of the time though.

(JENNY closing the door behind her. BARBARA gets some tins out of her knapsack and passes them to the WOMEN.)

BARBARA: We have some food here. Youíre welcome to that.
OLD WOMAN: (With warmth.) Thank you, thank you. (To the YOUNG WOMAN.) Get the table ready, child.

(The OLD WOMAN grabs BARBARAíS knapsack off her and starts rifling through the contents. BARBARA quickly snatches DORTMUNíS notes.)

OLD WOMAN: Oh, have you got any more in here, oh yeah.

(The OLD WOMAN takes another tin out, grabs a large knife and stabs a hole in the tin. She smells the contents and smiles at the two newcomers.)

OLD WOMAN: In return you can sleep here for the night. You can make your bed out of this cloth.

(She takes BARBARA and JENNY into a corner of the hut.)

OLD WOMAN: Come on, child. Come on. Youíll be nice and comfortable there.

(The OLD WOMAN leaves BARBARA and JENNY to make their bed. She goes to the YOUNG WOMAN, gives her a pile of the clothes and whispers instructions to her. The YOUNG WOMAN goes over to the door and opens it, attracting BARBARA and JENNYíS attention.)

YOUNG WOMAN: I have to go out to deliver these clothes.
OLD WOMAN: Your meal will be ready when you get back, child.
JENNY: Go out? In this weather?
OLD WOMAN: Oh, theyíre waiting for her.
BARBARA: What about those dogs you talked about?
OLD WOMAN: Oh, sheíll follow the patrols.
YOUNG WOMAN: Iíll follow the patrols.

(She scurries out.)

OLD WOMAN: Sheíll come to no harm. Sheís done it often enough.


(The YOUNG WOMAN shivers outside in the storm as she listens to the faint voice of the OLD WOMAN talking to BARBARA and JENNY.)

10: INT. HUT

OLD WOMAN: ______help me with the food.


(The bucket carrying LARRY and IAN is still descending into the depths of the mine.)

LARRY MADISON: Still no sign of the bottom.
IAN: No. How long do you think weíve been going down now?
LARRY MADISON: Must be nearly twenty minutes. Itís getting warmer, isnít it?
IAN: Yes. Pressures increasing too. My ears are popping.
LARRY MADISON: Iíd rather be dead than work down here.
IAN: Ha! Not a choice Iíd like to face.

(The rate of decline decreases.)

LARRY MADISON: Itís stopping. We must be near the bottom. Yes - look! Lights!
IAN: Letís get out of here, Larry. Before this bucket tips up.
LARRY MADISON: Itís a bit of a drop, Ian.
IAN: Well, about twelve feet, thatís all. Come on.

(IAN stands on the edge and jumps.)


(He lands next to some wicker baskets. He looks up at LARRY. The bucket starts to slide along a side gallery. LARRY grabs a pit prop and falls...badly.)

IAN: Larry, you all right?
LARRY MADISON: Itís my kneecap - I caught it on the truck as I fell.
IAN: Put your weight on me. Stand up.
LARRY MADISON: (LARRY tries.) Itís no good.
IAN: Well, if you canít move, weíd better get under cover. Itís too light here. We go over there. Now, put your weight on me. Thatís it. Slowly.

(With LARRYíS arm round IAN, the two stumble down the gallery.)

13: INT. HUT

(The three women are sat down to a makeshift meal.)

OLD WOMAN: ....London once. It seems years ago now. You know, is it still the same?
JENNY: Theyíve destroyed most of it.
OLD WOMAN: Destroyed? Well I never. Oh, when I went it was beautiful. There was the moving pavements and the shops and the, the astronaut fair I went to and it was near Chelsea heliport.

(The door opens. The YOUNG WOMAN steps in, pauses, then runs into the OLD WOMANíS arms. A DALEK glides into the doorway.)

DALEK: You will follow me - both of you.

(JENNY makes a run for the WOMEN but BARBARA holds her back.)

DALEK: Do not try to escape or you will be exterminated. Move.

(BARBARA looks at the WOMEN, then her and JENNY do as instructed and leave the hut. The OLD WOMAN shuts the door after them. The YOUNG WOMAN opens a sack she has brought in.)

YOUNG WOMAN: Bread...oranges...and sugar.
OLD WOMAN: Oh, good, good. I knew theyíd give us food if we told them.

(She goes over and parts the curtain, looking outside.)

OLD WOMAN: Oh, well. Sheíd been captured anyway.


(IAN examines LARRYíS knee.)

IAN: Howís it feeling?
LARRY MADISON: Better. I donít think Iíll be able to walk.
IAN: Donít worry. Weíll stay here for a while.

(IAN looks round their surroundings.)

IAN: You know, Larry, this mine doesnít make sense to me. Whereís all the modern machinery?
LARRY MADISON: The Daleks brought machinery from all over the world. All they seem to be shifting is rocks.
IAN: Yes. I suppose they could be processing it somewhere.
LARRY MADISON: Who knows what the Daleks are up to? I told you what my brother Phil said: All they want is the magnetic core of Earth.
IAN: Yeah, but why...find it in such an old fashioned way?
LARRY MADISON: Itís probably a clearance area. Perhaps we havenít found the main shaft yet.
IAN: You may be right at that. Larry, would you be all right...if I went to have a look?
LARRY MADISON: Yeah, sure.
IAN: Good man.

(IAN starts to walk away but hears movement. He dives back to LARRY who is hidden from view behind the wicker baskets. Two ROBOMAN leads a group of coughing, ill slaves into the gallery. Among them is WELLS. He moves a basket and sees IAN and LARRY.)

WELLS: (Under his breath.) Youíll have to move. Weíre clearing this whole section.
LARRY MADISON: (To IAN.) Move? Where to?
IAN: Well, lets join them.

(IAN helps LARRY up and they join the last of the slaves.)

IAN: Take the basket Larry.

(They start to walk away but a ROBOMAN spots them. The slaves and WELLS stop to watch at the back of the gallery.)

LARRY MADISON: Phil! Itís my brother. Ian, itís my brother!
ROBOMAN: working party. Dalek...supreme...control...recheck. Who are you?

(LARRY tries to step forward away from IAN and falls to the ground in pain as his knee gives way.)

LARRY MADISON: Argh! Phil...itís Larry, your brother Larry. Think Phil! Remember me!
ROBOMAN: You...are both...runaways.
LARRY MADISON: Angela...Your wife, Angela! Iíll take you to her.
ROBOMAN: You...must punished.

(IAN helps LARRY up as the ROBOMAN takes his rifle from off his shoulder.)

IAN: Itís no good, Larry.
LARRY MADISON: No, no! No Ian!
IAN: Come on!
LARRY MADISON: Ian, get me____run while youíve got the chance!

(LARRY struggles free and grabs the ROBOMAN as he fires at point blank range. LARRY strangles his brother as they both fall to the ground.)


(The ROBOMAN chokes.)

ROBOMAN: (As he dies, recognising his brother at last.) Larry...

(The two men die almost instantaneously. An alarm suddenly starts up.)

DALEK: (OOV: over tannoy.) Emergency! Emergency! Priority shaft nine. Close all exits! Emergency!

(As the DALEK speaks, WELLS and the slave workers runs forward almost in a panic and WELLS shouts out instructions over the sound of the DALEK announcement.)

WELLS: Right, get these bodies clear. Get Ďem down the shaft - shaft seven, shaft eight!

(He takes the ROBOMANíS rifle.)

WELLS: Iíll take care of that. Somebody tell that whatís happened - whatís happened _____. Run, quick as you like. Get those bodies out of here. Hurry!

(The slaves carry the two bodies quickly away. IAN is left momentarily alone but quickly runs down one of the side galleries.)


(SUSAN rummages in a knapsack, takes out some condiments and adds them to a pan of food cooking over an improvised campfire. Behind her, DAVID sneaks up with a fish he has caught in his hand. As SUSAN reaches back into the rucksack, DAVID thrusts the fish over her shoulder.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Some fresh fish! You want some fresh fish?! Iíve got some!
SUSAN: David! You idiot! You idiot!
DAVID CAMPBELL: Oh no, its not...not for me! I didnít want it! Not me!
SUSAN: ______. Drop it!

(The two fall to the ground laughing, SUSAN managing to push the fish into DAVIDíS face. They fall silent for a moment, DAVID holding SUSANíS hand.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Your grandfather stood up to the journey fantastically well.
SUSAN: (After a pause.) Heís a pretty fantastic sort of man.

(The two lean towards each other a kiss. Suddenly they hear the DOCTOR approaching with TYLER. They quickly jump apart.

DOCTOR: Ah! Smells familiar round here. I___.
SUSAN: Just in time for food.
DOCTOR: Ah! Yes, my dear
DAVID CAMPBELL: Ah, we were just, well, er, I was just, er...
DOCTOR: Quite, quite. I can see somethingís cooking!
CARL TYLER: Er, what is that?
DAVID CAMPBELL: Thatís rabbit.
SUSAN: Itís pretty primitive. Itís the best I could do though.
DOCTOR: Most useful.

(The all sit or lie down round the camp fire. TYLER grabs the pan.)


(TYLER takes a piece of meat out of the pan with a smile on his face.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Hey, youíve got a big piece there. Doctor, would you like some? Smells delicious.

(He holds the pan up to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Susanís a very good cook.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Yes. (Putting the pan on the ground.) Tell me, Doctor?
DAVID CAMPBELL: Now that youíve seen the Dalek base, what do you think?
DOCTOR: Well itís quite obvious to me its the centre...of their operations.
SUSAN & DAVID: The centre!
DOCTOR: Yes, quite. You know, you surprise me, Tyler. Why didnít you concentrate your efforts here?
CARL TYLER: Weíve been fighting the Daleks everywhere. Well, the fact that they started mining operations didnít seem all that important.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Yeah, well we assumed that they were...just digging for minerals, you know, something like...
DOCTOR: No, I, I think perhaps it might be the answer to the question as to why the Daleks are here.
DAVID CAMPBELL: But why Doctor? Surely theyíve invaded us?
DOCTOR: Oh no. It goes much deeper than that. You see, man to them, is just a work machine. An insignificant...specimen that is not...worth invading. Absolutely useless. It doesnít matter to them whether you live or die.
CARL TYLER: Yeah, thatís true enough.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well, what are they digging for?
DOCTOR: Well, at the moment my boy, Iím not quite sure, but let us say something that this...planet contains. Something that no planet has.
CARL TYLER: And you think that if it was something on the surface, theyíd have just collected it and gone?
DOCTOR: Yes, quite, quite. Instead, there they are - burrowing like moles down and through the crust of the Earth.
CARL TYLER: But isnít that impossible? I mean an eruption, a huge earthquake. No one could survive.
DOCTOR: Not unless they know how to control the flow of living energy. Mmm?
DAVID CAMPBELL: Is that what it is? They dare to tamper - with the forces of creation!
DOCTOR: Yes - they dare! And we have got to dare to stop them!

(SUSAN sits up.)

SUSAN: Grandfather?

(She takes a piece of meat out of the pan.)

SUSAN: Itís getting cold - look.


(IAN keeps on running as a fugitive through the mine.)

ROBOMAN: (OOV.) Keep...moving!

(IAN hides out of the way as two ROBOMEN head a group of slaves along the gallery. Another following up behind.)


(IAN watches them go past, then catches sight of another group of slaves, among them is...)

IAN: Barbara!

(Another group of slaves are guarded by a ROBOMAN and a watching DALEK.)

ROBOMAN: Fill...these...buckets...hurry!

(JENNY and BARBARA pull along wicker baskets full of rocks to empty them into a skip. JENNY is exhausted and doesnít have the strength. The basket falls over and JENNY falls to the ground. BARBARA runs forward to help her.)

JENNY: Weíre beaten Barbara! Weíll never get out of here! Never!
BARBARA: Donít be silly, Jenny. Thatís no way to talk. Look, we wanted to get to the mine and weíre here.
JENNY: Yes but what can we do?
BARBARA: You can help me fill this basket again.

(JENNY does so.)

BARBARA: We could try and find their main control room. Iím sure thatís what the Doctor would do.
JENNY: And then what will happen?
BARBARA: Oh, I donít know, Jenny, I donít know, but look, we can try! If we get there and fail, well...all theyíll do is send us back here.

(They empty the wicker bucket into the skip. The DALEK gives WELLS an instruction.)

DOCTOR: You - take more buckets to the clearing sections.
WELLS: Right.

(The slaves, BARBARA and JENNY among them, start to stack the wicker baskets for WELLS. He takes them away and, turning the corner, is grabbed by IAN.)

IAN: Wells!
WELLS: Ian, I told you to get out of here!
IAN: Thatís easier said than done. Wells, that tall girl in the blue sweater, I know her. Tell her Iím here.
WELLS: Right. Iíll try but Iíve got to get rid if these first.
IAN: Yes, all right.

(Further back in the gallery, BARBARA and JENNY carry on emptying baskets along with other slaves.)

JENNY: Anyway, theyíll never let us near the control room.
BARBARA: Dortmunís notes!
JENNY: What?
BARBARA: Jenny, Iíve still got Dortmunís notes!
JENNY: A lot of good they are...
BARBARA: No, no, you donít understand, oh, I havenít got time to explain. Jenny, come with me...
JENNY: Oh Barbara, do you know what youíre doing?

(They runs towards the watching DALEK. The slaves stop and watch.)

DALEK: Get back to work.
BARBARA: (Nervously.) I have some important information. Rebels are planning a revolution against the Daleks.
DALEK: There will be no revolution - the Daleks are masters of Earth!
BARBARA: But you donít understand...this is no ordinary uprising. They have scientists, men of learning working with them.
DALEK: You are lying. It is a trick.
BARBARA: No, I...I have proof of what I say.
DALEK: Proof? Let me see,

(BARBARA holds up the notes in front of the DALEKSí eye stalk.)

DALEK: Details of the acid bomb used in the unprovoked attack on the London saucer landing area.
BARBARA: Thereís more. I know places where theyíre hiding.
DALEK: Very well. Speak!
BARBARA: Well, would be better if I...I spoke to someone in charge.
DALEK: That is impossible. Tell me your story.
BARBARA: But itís very complex and detailed. would have to act immediately on what I told you. I must speak to someone in authority.

(The DALEK raises its eye stalk almost vertically as it communicates with its kind. After a moment, the stalk lowers.)

DALEK: The Black Dalek will see you, but if you are lying, you will be killed. Follow me.

(It glides away. BARBARA and JENNY follow. One of the ROBOMEN addresses the remaining slaves.)


(Just round the corner, WELLS, having disposed of his baskets, runs back to IAN.)

WELLS: Right, step into line and follow me.
IAN: Too late - the Daleks have just taken her.
WELLS: Pity. Oh well, thereís an empty gallery just behind us there. Lose yourself there.
IAN: Right.


(The door slides upward and the BLACK DALEK glides into the control room.)

BLACK DALEK: Give me your report.
FIRST DALEK: The main drill has penetrated the core strata. We are within four miles of the Earthís outer core.

(On the wall is a diagram of the mine - a cross section of the crater showing the galleries and the fissure going downwards at a slight angle. At the top of this fissure, stand two buildings - The capsule control and underneath it, a sub station.)

BLACK DALEK: (Looking at the diagram.) When will the final breakthrough occur?
FIRST DALEK: The slave parties are clearing the top of the fissure now.
BLACK DALEK: What remains to be done?
FIRST DALEK: (Looking towards a control panel.) Only to put into position the penetration explosive. The charge is in the fissure capsule now. When positioned, the charge will strike the fissure in the Earthís crust here.
BLACK DALEK: The fissure will expand. The molten core be released!
FIRST DALEK: (Over the sound of other DALEKS talking.) We will then control the flow until all the gravitational and magnetic forces in the Earthís core are eliminated.
BLACK DALEK: Excellent. I will now announce to the Dalek Earth force, completion of Project Degravitate into _____.

(The BLACK DALEK glides forward.)

SECOND DALEK: Attention!


(IAN has found his way to the capsule control on the map. The capsule stands in two vertical sections in the middle of the room on a rail. IAN spots a DALEK nearby and hides in one of the halves of the capsule.)

SECOND DALEK: (OOV: over tannoy.) Attention all units. Stand by for an announcement by the Supreme Controller.

(The DALEK is joined by another as they listen to the announcement.)

BLACK DALEK: (OOV: over tannoy.) This is the Supreme Controller. Our mission to Earth is nearly completed. We were sent here to remove the core of this planet.


BLACK DALEK: Once the core is removed, we can replace it with a power system...that will enable us to pilot the planet anywhere in the universe.


(IAN reacts in shock at this announcement.)

BLACK DALEK: (OOV: over tannoy.) All that remains is to put into position the penetration explosive. Daleks controlling device will now report.

(One of the DALEKS near IAN and the capsule reports.)

THIRD DALEK: We are ready.
BLACK DALEK: (OOV: over tannoy.) Arm the device.
THIRD DALEK: Device now armed.

(One half of the capsule runs along the rail towards its companion - locking together and trapping IAN inside.)

BLACK DALEK: Set capsule in motion.
THIRD DALEK: Hatch over control to closed position. Motor running.
FOURTH DALEK: Capsule moving.

(With a beeping signal, the newly joined capsule runs along the rail and out of the room.)


BLACK DALEK: As soon as the capsule is in position over the fissure, release it....


(The capsule comes out of the capsule control and onto a platform on the cliffside.)


(Inside the capsule, IAN is frantically try to adjust its workings...)


(The capsule halts over a transparent tube running down the cliffside and into the fissure...ready to begin its journey...)

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