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(The ROBOMEN, unseen by the three fugitives, place the box down nearby and then walk off. The three are oblivious to the box and the ticking sound coming from within. It is a bomb. The DOCTOR hears the ticking and holds up a hand for silence.)


(They all look round, trying to ascertain the source of the sound. SUSAN spots the bomb and leaps to her feet.)

SUSAN: David, over there! (Points.) Look!

(DAVID stands and steps towards the bomb and then turns back to his companions.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Itís one of their firebombs, the robomen must have put it there.
DOCTOR: (Standing up.) I...

(He groans and falls to the ground as DAVID steps onto the terrace where the bomb continues to tick away.)

SUSAN: Grandfather! David, heís passed out.

(DAVID briefly turns back to her but is torn by his need to help SUSAN and the problem of the bomb.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Argh! It must be the effect of those drugs.

(DAVID looks round the bomb and kneels down to look closer at it. SUSAN joins him.)

SUSAN: Heís out of sight. David, what about this bomb, can you dismantle it? I only know about atomic devices.
DAVID CAMPBELL: I donít know. Iíll have to try.
SUSAN: (Looking at the central of the three clock like devices.) Well, whatís this red mark here?
DAVID CAMPBELL: Itís an ignition point, I think.
SUSAN: So, when the needle touches the red part...
DAVID CAMPBELL: Thatíll be it. Iíll have to take a chance. Iím going to try and prise the front off this thing.

(DAVID sticks his knife into the panel on which the clock like devices stands. He pushes but his knife does no good and slips out of his hands. SUSAN panics.)

SUSAN: David! Come on, letís run for it! Quick!
DAVID CAMPBELL: ______Dortmunís bombís, the acid, itíll burn its way through the casing.

(DAVID reaches into his knapsack for one of the bombs.)

SUSAN: Well, itís our last chance, look at the needle.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well, get well back, Susan, go on back.

(SUSAN stands to one side. DAVID opens one of the bombs as the ticking reaches a louder and final phase. He pours the acid over the large bomb which hisses as the casing is eaten away. There is a small explosion and smoke pours out of the top of the casing.)

SUSAN: Itís burning through.

(DAVID picks up a metal spike lying nearby and pokes the casing in with several jabs. He throws the spike away and grasps the main dial which he then extracts from the casing. As he holds it in his hands, the ticking reaches its end....but there is no explosion. SUSAN runs to him as they both sigh with relief.)

SUSAN: Oh! You did it!
DAVID CAMPBELL: Huh...well, what do we do now? Thatís the point. Weíll have to leave the old man here for a while.
SUSAN: (Standing up in anger.) Leave him!
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well we must! He canít travel can he? What weíll do is this: weíll tell him to hide and then you and Iíll find a way out. What weíll do is go through the sewers, (He looks round.) thereís got to be a manhole cover around here somewhere.
SUSAN: I donít like the idea of leaving him.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well, weíll come back for him. Look, the Daleks think this areaís in flames. So heíll be safe for an hour.
SUSAN: David, we canít!
DAVID CAMPBELL: Itís the only way.


(BARBARA is using a foot-pump to pump up the tyres on a dustvan. JENNY walks up to her.)

JENNY: Alright, Iíll take a turn.

(Tired, BARBARA steps off the pump and JENNY takes her place.)

BARBARA: Howís the engine look?
JENNY: Well, thereís oil in it and the fuelís coming through. The troubles going to be when we try to start it. The noise will bring every Dalek for miles.
BARBARA: Well, thatís a risk weíll have to take.
JENNY: (Sharply.) Yes, I know that.
BARBARA: I suppose they use this in parades and exhibitions.
JENNY: Yes, most of the machines at the museum are operational.
BARBARA: Itís a pity all the motor cars are on the other floors.

(JENNY steps off the pump and looks up at the van.)

JENNY: You realise we wonít get far in this?
BARBARA: Probably.
JENNY: No probably about it. Do you know the route to Bedfordshire?
BARBARA: Yes, I used to...
JENNY: ďUsed toĒ? What does that mean?
BARBARA: It means I used to live...well, weíre...(Unsure how to answer.) weíre not very sure how much damage the Daleks have done.
JENNY: (Smiling.) You wait Ďtil youíve seen what theyíve done to Bedfordshire.

(As she walks away, BARBARA looks pensive.)


(A DALEK glides past a huge earth moving machine which is partly overgrown with vegetation. As it moves off, IAN and LARRY MADISON come out of hiding from behind the machine and look round their surroundings. Drilling sounds fill the air.)

IAN: I donít know how youíre going to find your brother here, Larry.
LARRY MADISON: I gonna have a darn good try.
IAN: If you do find him, whatíre you going to for him?
LARRY MADISON: Get him away and...heís obsessed with whatever the Daleks are doing. Look!

(LARRY points. A DALEK glides near to a railway. It stops and watches as a wagon is pulled along by a large crowd of exhausted emaciated men and women dressed in rags. ROBOMEN stand in the wagon shouting at the slaves and cracking whips.)

ROBOMAN: Forward!

(The wagon is pulled towards a mine opening.)

ROBOMAN: Forward!

(The slaves continue to pull the wagon past two more DALEKS.)

ROBOMAN: Forward!

(The slaves struggle on...)

ROBOMAN: Forward!

(The wagon is pulled through the mine entrance. IAN points upwards and LARRY sees several mine buckets pulled along a mid-air pulley system across the area of the huge quarry-like mine workings.)


(Drills continue to pound at the rock face as underground machinery swings into motion.)


(As IAN and LARRY continue to observe, an announcement echoes through the air.)

DALEK: (OOV.) Recall meter section 001. Parade for robotisation selection at hut 30. End.
IAN: Weíd better get back under cover.
LARRY MADISON: They seem to have moved...

(As they turn to go, they are stopped by the arrival of WELLS, a middle-aged balding man dressed in overalls. He talks in a Somerset accent.)

WELLS: Oy! Who are you two? Arenít you on work detail? Escaped have you? I suppose you know the robomen are on the other side of this machine?

(Before the ROBOMAN steps into view, WELLS picks up two pickaxes.)

WELLS: (Quietly.) Take these. Leave the talking to me.
WELLS: I took Ďem off work detail to help me pick up these tools.
WELLS: Uh, I dunno, over that way somewhere...

(WELLS points beyond IAN and LARRY. With glazed eyes, the ROBOMAN looks briefly in that direction then turns back. It walks towards IAN and LARRY, looks over them, then turns to WELLS.)

WELLS: Iíll take Ďem back with me.
ROBOMAN: Nooo...they...must...come...for...selection.

(The ROBOMAN turns to go, then realises that IAN and LARRY are not following him.)

ROBOMAN: (He points at the pickaxes.) Pick...up...the...implements...and walk...ahead

(IAN picks up one of the pickaxes and walks past the ROBOMAN who continues to stare at LARRY.)

ROBOMAN: (To LARRY.) You...too!!

(LARRY does the same as IAN. The ROBOMAN picks up a club off the ground and walks back to WELLS.)


(He viscously clubs WELLS to the ground.)

ROBOMAN: In...future, your...masters.
WELLS: Oh, my head...

(IAN and LARRY run back to help WELLS.)

ROBOMAN: What...are you...doing?
IAN: We canít leave him here.
ROBOMAN: Do not...resist...orders.
IAN: Get new orders.

(Unable to deal with this insurrection, the ROBOMANíS mouth hangs open as sounds emanate from his helmet.)

IAN: Come on Larry, letís take him in here.

(IAN and LARRY pick up WELLS and opening the door, carry him into the earth mover. Behind them, a light on the side of his helmet flashing, the ROBOMAN continues to receive new orders.)


(IAN and LARRY look anxiously at a fast recovering WELLS.)

WELLS: Iím alright, it was the only thing I could think of.
IAN: Good man! Get down here. Right?

(LARRY and WELLS crouch down on the floor as IAN picks up a trunction-like stick and stands to one side of the door.)


(Its instructions complete, the ROBOMAN hoists its rifle and walks into the earth moving machine.)


(He stands over LARRY and WELLS as IAN walks up behind him and coshes him to the ground.)

IAN: I think thatís taken care of him for a while.
WELLS: (Picking up the rifle.) Iíll take care of this. Youíll have to get out of here. The Daleks always seem to know when one of the robomenís attacked.
IAN: Yes, probably breaks the radio connection.
WELLS: Your best bet is to mingle in with the working party somehow.
IAN: What about you?
WELLS: Huh, I come Ďere to meet Ashton.
IAN: Ashton?
WELLS: The black marketeer. Nobody knows how he gets into the camp or out again, but he does and smuggles in food as well.
IAN: Ahh, does he?
LARRY MADISON: Look, we donít want to hang about here, Ian.

(WELLS walks over to the door.)

WELLS: Wait Ďtil Iím clear then make a break for it. Weíll meet again after dark.
IAN: Thatís a good idea. Listen, Iíd like to meet this man Ashton. He can probably help me out of the camp. I need to get back to London.
WELLS: London?
LARRY MADISON: Heís got friends there.
WELLS: I suppose you know they destroyed it?

(WELLS runs out leaving a shocked IAN behind.)


(BARBARA and JENNY are preparing for their journey.)

JENNY: No Daleks about that I can see. They must have thought Dortmun was on his own.
BARBARA: I remembered to get his notes.

(BARBARA puts the notes into a knapsack that she is packing.)

JENNY: Why did he do it?
BARBARA: Oh, many reasons. Mainly because he wouldnít give in.
JENNY: Oh, whatís the point of that? He just threw his life away. It senseless.
BARBARA: (Coldly.) Depends on how you look at it.
JENNY: Youíve got this romantic idea about resistance. There is nothing heroic about dying. Thereís no point in throwing lives away just to prove a principle.
BARBARA: (Sharply.) If Dortmun hadnít ďthrown his life awayĒ we would all be dead. He knew exactly what he was doing. He sacrificed himself so that you and I would have a chance. Come on, weíre ready to go.

(BARBARA climbs up into the dustvan and clambers across to the drivers seat. She starts the van up.)

BARBARA: Open the doors.

(JENNY runs out to comply.)


(Outside, JENNY pauses to look at DORTMUNíS body, then opens the wide doors of the museum. BARBARA drives the van out, JENNY clambers aboard and the van drives off.)


(SUSAN and DAVID CAMPBELL are clambering through the darkened, dripping sewers. SUSAN turns her nose up at the smell.)

SUSAN: Smells like an old goat farm.

(DAVID helps her over a ledge.)

SUSAN: Thank you. Eergh!
DAVID CAMPBELL: I think weíd better rest here.
SUSAN: What a good idea.

(SUSAN sits down on another smaller ledge.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Well, weíre not likely to be found down here.
SUSAN: Arenít we?

(She picks up something off the floor and passes it to DAVID.)

SUSAN: Look at this, David. Itís an old cartridge. Canít be the Daleks, can it? They donít use guns. David, could the robomen get down here?
DAVID CAMPBELL: No, I donít think so.
SUSAN: Well, it must be friends then.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Not necessarily. Not all human beings are automatically allies. There are people who kill for a few scraps of food.
SUSAN: Survival at all costs...

(DAVID examines the magazine of a pistol he is carrying.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Four bullets. Oh, of course, itís no use against the Daleks, but it will stop anyone else.
SUSAN: No spares?
DAVID CAMPBELL: No. I found this gun and it was all that was in it.

(SUSAN suddenly sees something over DAVIDíS shoulder and cries out.)

SUSAN: David!

(A figure is holding a gun on them.)


(The dustvan is making good progress through London, however...)

JENNY: Do you think that Dalek saw us back there?
BARBARA: It must have heard the noise.
JENNY: Then weíre in for trouble.
BARBARA: Yes, theyíre sure to radio ahead. We may have to ditch this at any moment.

(The cart passes a sign which is adorned with the jagged DALEK symbol. As it travels along, BARBARA and JENNY see a DALEK roadblock in the distance.)

BARBARA: Jenny, thereís a whole bunch of them ahead of us!
JENNY: Shall we jump for it?
BARBARA: No! Iím going through.

(The four DALEKS blast their guns but BARBARA maintains her speed. The van crashes straight into one of the DALEKS, tearing it in half. The van travels on.)

JENNY: (Joyfully.) We went straight through them! Straight through them!
BARBARA: Yes, it wasnít too bad was it? You know, I rather enjoyed that. We wonít be able to stay in this much longer though. Theyíll be after us with a vengeance now.


(A radio message is received by two DALEKS in the control room.)

FIRST DALEK: (OOV: over tannoy.) Rebels travelling in motorised vehicle. Have attacked and passed Dalek outer London cordon.
SECOND DALEK: This is saucer alpha major. Am forty five miles south of mining area.
FIRST DALEK: (OOV.) Intercept rebels and destroy.
SECOND DALEK: Position of rebel vehicle? Give position.


(The DALEK saucer is in full flight...)


(Pulsing shapes fill a screen...)

FIRST DALEK: South east eight over three seven six. nought nought nine point eight.


(The drone of the saucer is heard over the sound of the engine of the dustvan.)

BARBARA: Jenny, whatís that noise?

(JENNY looks out of the window.)

JENNY: Thereís a saucer overhead.

(BARBARA slams on the pedals and pulls on the handbrake.)

BARBARA: Jump for it.

(They jump out of the van. The DALEK saucer descends and a second later the van is rent by a huge explosion. The saucer rises back into the sky...)


(SUSAN and DAVIDíS would-be attacker is CARL TYLER. They have an excited reunion.)

SUSAN: We were jolly lucky_____.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Glad we ran into you down there, Tyler.
SUSAN: Hey David, now that Tylerís here we can go and get Grandfather canít we?
DAVID CAMPBELL: Thatís a good idea.
CARL TYLER: The Doctor...where is he?
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well, we had to leave him by the old plague cemetery. Weíre trying to find a way out of this area.
CARL TYLER: You donít know how lucky you were. At first I took you for scavengers. Iíve met a couple down here already, but this (Holding up his gun.) kept them off.
SUSAN: Youíve shot at one, didnít you, Iíve just found this.
CARL TYLER: I wasnít shooting at a man. These sewers are full of alligators.
SUSAN: (Frightened.) Alligators? In the sewers of London?
CARL TYLER: A lot of animals escaped from sewers during the plague. Most were killed but reptiles thrive down here.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well then, I...think the quicker we get going the better, eh?
SUSAN: Whatís worse? The alligators down here or the Daleks up there.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Tyler, will you give us a hand to collect the old man?
CARL TYLER: Iíll take you. Youíre going to wrong way anyway. Now, you take the back, behind Susan, that way weíve got guns front and rear.
SUSAN: Oh Tyler, Barbara and Ian, do you know where they are?
CARL TYLER: (Uninterested, without looking at SUSAN.) Iím sorry no. Iíll go ahead now. You stay here until I call.

(He walks off. SUSAN turns to DAVID.)

SUSAN: Why was he so abrupt?
DAVID CAMPBELL: Tyler? Heís afraid to make friends. Heís known too much killing.
SUSAN: Well, I hope Iím never like that. Pretending not to care.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Ahh, one day thisíll be all over. Itíll mean a new start.
SUSAN: (Taken with the idea.) A new start? Rebuilding a planet from the very beginning. Itís a wonderful idea!
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well, you could always help.
SUSAN: (Thoughtfully.) Yes...
CARL TYLER: (OOV: further down the sewer.) All clear here...follow on now!
DAVID CAMPBELL: Go on Susan, Iíll keep right behind you.

(They move off to join TYLER.)


(In front of a row of houses, BARBARA and JENNY stop next to a post box.. BARBARA looks round carefully.)

BARBARA: Itís alright Jenny, itís clear.
JENNY: Any idea where we are?
BARBARA: Oh, somewhere between Edgware and Stanmore I should think.
JENNY: Oh, weíre on the road to St. Albans. Barbara, suppose we donít find your friends at the mine?
BARBARA: (After a thoughtful pause.) Iíll think about that when we get there. Look, you donít have to stay with me if you donít want to. I can get there on my own.
JENNY: (With more warmth than usual.) Well, we might as well stay together.
BARBARA: (Smiles.) Alright, come on then.

(They continue their journey.)


(In the darkness, a ROBOMAN patrols near to the earth mover. Next to the machine is an alien black glutinous creature with no discernable features save for strange thin arms ending in claws. It gives out a heartbeat type noise. IAN and LARRY run up next to the machine, passing the creature in the dark.)

IAN: I tell you, I heard something. Sort of sliding noise.
LARRY MADISON: Which direction?
IAN: I donít know. I thought it was round here.

(IAN edges round the machine but the creature quickly moves out of sight.)

LARRY MADISON: What was it?

(IAN doesnít answer but runs inside the earth mover to their former hiding place.)


(Inside they find a dark haired man, ASHTON - the black marketeer - holding a pistol at them.)

ASHTON: (Sharply.) Right. You can just turn around and go out again.
LARRY MADISON: What...? With that thing out there?
ASHTON: It didnít see you come in. It neednít see you go out.
IAN: Are you Ashton?
ASHTON: How do you know?
LARRY MADISON: Er, Wells told us. Weíve come here looking especially for you.
ASHTON: Ha! People tell all kinds of lies when theyíre starving.

(IANíS reply is drowned out by the strange two-toned cry and roar of the creature outside. Then he says...)

IAN: I want to go to London.
ASHTON: Hah, why die there?
IAN: I donít intend to die anywhere.
ASHTON: Can you pay?
IAN: Pay? What are you talking about?
ASHTON: Are you one of these ďbrotherhood of manĒ kind of people?
IAN: You come in there any reason why you shouldnít take me out?
ASHTON: I can take you out - at the right price.
IAN: And whatís that?
ASHTON: Gold, precious metal, jewels.
IAN: I donít have anything like that.
ASHTON: Then, I hope you manage to avoid the you leave.
IAN: Iím not leaving.
ASHTON: Oh no?

(The door opens and WELLS comes in before ASHTON can use his pistol.)

WELLS: Ashton!

(WELLS shuts the door behind him and holds up a diamond necklace which ASHTON takes off him with the end of the pistol.)

WELLS: Thatís for the food. These two are friends of mine.
ASHTON: I see you managed to bring the character references just in time. Well chaps, I suppose we ought to have something to eat.

(He crouches on the floor and starts sifting through a small pile of cans. WELLS stops him.)

WELLS: This bundles mine. Itís to be shared out amongst a lot of people and you arenít included.
ASHTON: (Laughs.) Iíve got my own.

(He stands up and walks away.)

IAN: (To WELLS.) You know all the best people, donít you?
WELLS: Heís our only source of proper food.
LARRY MADISON: What was that thing we saw out there?

(Outside the creature gives another roar.)

WELLS: Itís called a Slyther.
IAN: Slyther? Whatís that?
ASHTON: Where do you come from, mate? Fairyland?
WELLS: The Black Dalek, heís the commandant of the camp, regards it as a sort of pet.
IAN: You mean itís on some sort of a guard duty, eh?
WELLS: Yes, well, in a way. Mainly it roams the mine area at night in search of food.
LARRY MADISON: What sort of food?
ASHTON: People.

(ASHTON takes a drink from a flask as the SLYTHER gives out another unearthly roar.)


(SUSAN reaches a junction in the sewer. She looks through a grill and shouts upwards.)

SUSAN: Tyler!
DAVID CAMPBELL: (OOV: further back in the sewer.) Canít have got so far ahead.

(DAVID climbs through and joins SUSAN.)

SUSAN: Perhaps our voices arenít carrying. These walls could affect the sound, I suppose.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Hey, thereís a ladder there.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Letís try up there.
SUSAN: Yes, alright.

(SUSAN climbs up the short ladder.)

SUSAN: Thereís a tunnel through here.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Careful Susan.
SUSAN: Iím alright.

(SUSAN climbs up into the thin tunnel which she crawls through on her hands and knees. She comes to the edge of a ledge.)

SUSAN: Tyler!

(SUSAN gasps as she looks over the ledge to the water below. There is another ladder leading down from a hatch above the ledge to the water.)

SUSAN: Tyler? Are you down there?

(There is no answer. SUSAN climbs onto the ladder and starts to climb down. Suddenly the ladder falls away from the wall leaving her hanging in mid-air.)

SUSAN: (Screaming.) David, Oh!

(She looks below her as she struggles to hang on.)

SUSAN: David!

(Beneath her, an Alligator swims towards her. SUSAN tries desperately to get a foothold. The hatch opens above her and TYLER shoots the reptile as DAVID crawls through the tunnel and grabs the ladder, pulling it back towards the ledge. TYLER climbs down the ladder as DAVID grabs SUSAN and pulls her back up onto the ledge.).)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Are you alright?
SUSAN: Yes...swinging!
DAVID CAMPBELL: Ha, youíd probably have given him indigestion anyway!
SUSAN: Thank you!
CARL TYLER: Alright now, come on. Iíve found the Doctor. Heís waiting for us up here.
SUSAN: Yes...

(TYLER climbs back up through the hatch.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Now, take your time.
SUSAN: Grandfathers stick.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Iíll bring it. Take your time.


(ASHTON is examining the necklace using a jewellers eye-glass. The SLYTHER continues to roar outside. IAN, LARRY and WELLS enjoy a meal straight out the cans.)

ASHTON: You know, Wells, youíre a fool. For all this stuff, Iíd have gladly taken you outside. There are plenty of small towns and villages that the Daleks have cleared of people and left intact. Food galore.
WELLS: Iíll get out in my own good time.
ASHTON: Well, suit yourself. You people never learn, do you?

(LARRY takes a ring off his finger and passes it to WELLS.)

LARRY MADISON: Er, thatís for the two of us, thanks Wells.
WELLS: Right, Iíll take it if you donít mind. Itíll help pay for the next lot from Ashton.

(There is another roar, louder than before and the heartbeat sound is heard again. The four men stop what they are doing and look around them. ASHTON grabs his pistol. The heartbeat sound grows faint and the men relax. Suddenly the SLYTHERíS arm bursts through the back wall of the machine and the creature itself enters. ASHTON fires at it but the bullets prove useless and the SLYTHER grabs the gun as it hovers over ASHTON.)

WELLS: Get out!


(As ASHTON cries out, the three men run out of the earthmover.)


(IAN and LARRY runs through the darkness and the bushes to the edge of the mine shaft.)

LARRY MADISON: This wayís no good! Itís a sheer drop!
IAN: Weíll have to go back.

(They turn back but the SLYTHER has pursued them.)

LARRY MADISON: The Slyther, Ian! Itís coming straight for us!

(Claw outstretched, the SLYTHER moves towards the two men.)

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