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The Sensorites

A Desperate Venture

By Peter R. Newman


RICHMOND: I think I'll go over to the Palace of the Elders and try and hurry them up.
SUSAN: Oh, would you Carol? Thank you.
JOHN: Tell them I'm starving.
RICHMOND: Alright.

(Carol walks out of the door and Susan closes it behind her.)

SUSAN: John I... I'm so happy that you're better now, so's Carol. Well you can see that for yourself.
JOHN: Mm, she's had a bad time. You know, I've a feeling that we'll both give up space travelling when we get back to Earth.
SUSAN: Oh and get married?
JOHN: Mm, she's all I really care about. Come on, let's eat. I'm tired of waiting.

(They tuck into the fruits.)


(Carol walks along the terrace. She pauses momentarily beside the fountain. Looks around and frowning, she begins to move off again when a hand clamps over her mouth and she is dragged away.)


(Carol is pushed through the door and thrust roughly to the ground.)

RICHMOND: Why are you doing this?
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Pay attention to me! You will write a letter to the man John.
RICHMOND: I certainly will not!
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Argument is a waste of time! Two of your friends have gone up into the spaceship they cannot help you; two of the others have gone down into the aqueduct.
RICHMOND: The Doctor and Ian?
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Yes. They cannot help you. The other two, the man John and the girl Susan are waiting innocently in the laboratory for you. Your party is divided.
RICHMOND: What do you want me to do?
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Write to the man John. Tell him that you have gone up into the spaceship, in this way he will not suspect your disappearance.
RICHMOND: You can't force me to do this!
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: I can see that you stay alive. Your life means nothing to me, let us make a bargain: you will write the note, I will see you live.
RICHMOND: Very well.
ENGINEER: Be wary of her, we cannot read her thoughts. She may be...
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Be quiet! Write.

(He points and Carol does so.)

EX-ADMINISTRATOR: You will stay here and guard her. She will guarantee the success of all my plans.
ENGINEER: And I shall be given high office?
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: I shall reward those who are faithful to me.

(The ex-Administrator snatches the note from Carol and reads it.)


(Susan and John glance at the note which reads:


Have gone up
to space ship,


SUSAN: She couldn't have gone up to the spaceship.
JOHN: I should have seen her or passed her on the way.
BARBARA: She was obviously forced to write this, and whoever did it had no idea that I was being brought down here.
JOHN: Oh I bet that the City Administrator had something to do with it.
SUSAN: But why kidnap her?
BARBARA: I should think the why is fairly obvious, wouldn't you?
JOHN: No I don't think it is Barbara. We're on good terms with the first Elder, the Doctor's discovered an antidote for the poison and now he and Ian are tracking down the cause of the trouble.
BARBARA: Look, I've been away in the ship, so maybe I can see things more clearly, and I think we're being used by one of the Sensorites who wants to gain power.
SUSAN: You mean we're not just being attacked because we're from other planets?

(The first Elder wanders in.)

FIRST-ELDER: I greet you.
BARBARA: Thank you.
FIRST-ELDER: Your friends expressed so much concern about you, I agreed to have you brought down to the sense sphere.
BARBARA: I'm afraid we must ask for your help.
BARBARA: The Doctor and Ian are missing, have you any idea where they are?

(The first Elder looks a little torn for a moment.)

BARBARA: Well please, tell me.
FIRST-ELDER: There is a quality in human beings which intrigues me, your concern for each other. I assure you the two men are safe.
SUSAN: You know where they are?
FIRST-ELDER: Yes, but they asked me not to tell you what their plans were.
SUSAN: Oh, that's Grandfather.
BARBARA: Look, would you mind reading this letter?

(He reads Carol's note.)

FIRST-ELDER: I gave no such order.
BARBARA: No, we didn't think you did.
FIRST-ELDER: Then why did your friend write what is not true?
JOHN: Because someone made her write it.
FIRST-ELDER: She could not travel without my ordering it. Where did you see...receive this?
SUSAN: Well, it was given to us in the courtyard, where all the arches are.
JOHN: She is being held prisoner.
FIRST-ELDER: Not by any Sensorite.
JOHN: Of course she is!
BARBARA: Quietly, John.
SUSAN: Look, whatever she wrote this with wasn't dry, I-I put my thumb on it and smudged it.
FIRST-ELDER: And this is her writing?
JOHN: Yes. And that smudge must have...means that it was written just before we got it.
FIRST-ELDER: Are you implying that your friend Carol is being held prisoner in this Palace? I assure you she is not.
BARBARA: Are there any other buildings in vicinity?
FIRST-ELDER: None. Except the disintegrator room.
BARBARA: Where's that?
FIRST-ELDER: Below the courtyard, it is rarely used now. I cannot allow this mystery, but I can see that it worries you. As to your other friends I must tell you, they have gone down into the aqueduct.
SUSAN: What?
FIRST-ELDER: Oh, they were given light and a good map - also they were armed. They can be in no danger.


(Ian examines the hand-rays.)

IAN: There's no doubt about it Doctor, the inside filament's been removed. These weapons are useless.
DOCTOR: Yes, It's only one of our troubles dear boy, look at this map. It's no use to us, look! All the lines have been altered. Someone's been jigging around with it!
IAN: We'll get out of here somehow Doctor.
DOCTOR: Yes, in time; but have we got that time? Remember we've brought no food with us, and the only water available is that poisoned water out there, with deadly nightshade. That's a charming outlook, hah!


RICHMOND: How long are you going to keep me here?
ENGINEER: That is not for me to say.
RICHMOND: Look, I've had nothing to eat and I'm very thirsty.
ENGINEER: It is of no consequence.
RICHMOND: But I wrote the letter!
ENGINEER: But surely you didn't think you would be released? all human creatures are na´ve.

(The door behind the Engineer, opens and John quietly enters.)

ENGINEER: They live while they have a purpose, as soon as that purpose is achieved their life has no value left.

(The Engineer turns and sees John rushing towards him. He grabs a laser-cutter that is attached to the disintegrator by a wire and holds it over Carol causing John to skid to a halt.)

ENGINEER: Stop! I've only to cut her with this and she will die!
JOHN: Don't be foolish, put it down!
ENGINEER: No Sensorite should be humbled before a human creature!

(Carol takes the initiative and pulls the wire out of the disintegrator to a satisfying crackle and a cloud of smoke. She jumps up.)

JOHN: Throw it down. Throw it down!

(As John shouts, the Engineer drops the cutter. The Warrior enters.)

JOHN: Take him to the first Elder.

(The Warrior places a hand of the law onto the Engineer's shoulder.)

WARRIOR: I have already imprisoned you once, this time you will not escape.

(The Warrior leads the Engineer away. Carol buries her head in John's shoulder.)



(The First Elder is talking with the ex-Administrator.)

FIRST-ELDER: This is very serious. That Sensorite was imprisoned on my order, now I find that he has escaped and kidnapped one of the human beings.
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: He is a menace to society!
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Let him be punished!
FIRST-ELDER: He shall be! We must also find who his accomplice is.
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Ah, so you believe that another Sensorite is working with him?
FIRST-ELDER: Obviously. He had to girl that..guard the girl Carol. Who then, delivered the letter she was forced to write?

(Susan and Barbara walk over.)

FIRST-ELDER: What I cannot tolerate is accusation, I must have clear and definite proof.

(The first Elder notices Susan and Barbara.)

EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Yes sir. Clear and definite proof.
FIRST-ELDER: Come in my friends. You have been questioning this Sensorite who has acted so treacherously?
SUSAN: Yes, and what he told us is terrifying.
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Has he identified his accomplice?
SUSAN: Not yet.
BARBARA: But he did say that the maps and the guns given to the Doctor and Ian were quite useless.
FIRST-ELDER: Outrageous! This Sensorite will die for this!
SUSAN: Oh yes, but what about Grandfather and Ian?
FIRST-ELDER: What can I say?

(The first Elder gazes sadly into the distance.)

FIRST-ELDER: Lost and unarmed in the aqueduct...
BARBARA: I'm afraid that answer isn't good enough!
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Do not be insolent to the first Elder!

(Barbara ignores the ex-Administrator, and approaches the first Elder who is still staring forward.)

SUSAN: Look, you must decide who your friends are and save them.
FIRST-ELDER: There is nothing I can do.
BARBARA: Is there an authentic map to the aqueduct?
BARBARA: Well if Susan and I can find a way to rescue them, will you help us?
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: I am suspicious of these creatures sir, they ask too much.
FIRST-ELDER: That other human being, the Doctor, he has found a cure for our people. He has placed his life in danger for the sake of the Sensorite Nation.

(He turns, coming to a decision.)

FIRST-ELDER: Yes, I will give you all the help I can.


IAN: Well whatever's out there hasn't attacked us yet.

(As if on cue, a bellow comes from the darkness.)

DOCTOR: Courage my boy, both hands. Come on.

(They move towards the source of the sound. Passing another dirty concrete archway, Ian stops.)

IAN: Doctor!
IAN: Something moved slightly up ahead of us.

(The Doctor rolls up the map until it is a tight tube, and hands it to Ian. He tiptoes across the tunnel with the map held out, looking as if he is about to swat a very loud fly. Suddenly a hand grabs Ian in the darkness, there is a brief struggle between him, and an enthusiastic something dressed in rags, during which Ian drops the map. In moments the something scurries off along the tunnel. Picking himself up, Ian rejoins the Doctor.)

IAN: Doctor, it was a man! I know it was!
DOCTOR: Are you sure?
IAN: Yes! Look, this came away in the struggle.

(Ian shows the Doctor a faded rocket-shaped badge.)

DOCTOR: It looks like a shoulder flash. I-N-E-E-R. Yes, just as I suspected! It must be one of those survivors from that spaceship that exploded.
IAN: Well why should they come here?
DOCTOR: To hide and poison the water.
IAN: Yes, but why poison the water in the first place?
DOCTOR: Let's go and ask him!


(Barbara points to a scale model of the lower section of the Sensorite city.)

BARBARA: This is the entrance to the aqueducts?
BARBARA: Tell me, can I use one of your mind-transmitters?
FIRST-ELDER: You have my permission to try. But how will it help you?
BARBARA: Well, John and I will go down to the Aqueduct, Susan will stay here and direct us.
SUSAN: Yes, and we can both them both out.
FIRST-ELDER: My Scientists tell me that you do not require the use of our mind transmitters.
SUSAN: Well, I've always been able to read your mind, but only when you allowed me too.
FIRST-ELDER: Your mind must be finely tuned, the frequencies covering the surface of the Sense-Sphere are numerous. You must be able to break in on the major ones.
BARBARA: Well I can't, do you mind if I try your invention?

(The Scientist bows, and hands Barbara his thought amplification device.)

FIRST-ELDER: Hold it to your forehead, and try to close your mind to everything but the person to whom you wish to communicate. It is safe, provided you do not allow your concentration to slip.
BARBARA: Alright. Susan, let's try a little experiment.
SUSAN: Right.

(Barbara presses the disc to her head and the whistling tone starts up. Over in the corner of the room, Susan stands with her hands to her head listening out. She smiles and walks over to the model of the aqueduct and points.)

SUSAN: The entrance to the aqueduct is there.

(Barbara removes the TAD from her forehead.)

BARBARA: It works!

(Susan giggles.)

BARBARA: Well there's no point in delaying, as soon as John and I reach the entrance you start directing us. Alright?
SUSAN: Right. Carol'll be here to help me.

(Barbara hesitates a moment on her way out.)

BARBARA: Oh by the way, I would like one of your warriors left here with Susan.
SUSAN: Yes, one that you trust implicitly.
FIRST-ELDER: I trust all Sensorites, you will be guarded safely.
SUSAN: Thank you. Please find them Barbara.

(Barbara nods and leaves.)

FIRST-ELDER: A very capable human being.
SUSAN: Yes, she is.
FIRST-ELDER: Gentle, yet with strong determination and courage.

(The first Elder and Susan both talk over each other.)

FIRST-ELDER: I was about to...
SUSAN: I was going to...

(And then fall silent for a moment.)

SUSAN: I... I-I was going to say: why do you trust your people?
FIRST-ELDER: Why do you want to make me doubt them?
SUSAN: But trust can't be taken for granted, it must be earned. I trust you, but only because I know you.
FIRST-ELDER: But Susan, our whole life is based on trust.
SUSAN: Yes, and that might be your downfall. Look, you don't trust the ground you walk on until you know it is firm, do you?

(The first Elder shakes his head.)

SUSAN: So why trust your people blindly?
FIRST-ELDER: When I listen to you, you who are so young among your own kind, I realise that we Sensorites have a lot to learn from the people of Earth.
SUSAN: Well Grandfather and I don't come from Earth. Oh, it's ages since we've seen our planet. It's quite like Earth, but at night the sky is a burnt orange; and the leaves on the trees are bright silver...

(She smiles at the thought.)

FIRST-ELDER: My mind tells me that wish to see your home again, and yet there is a part of you which calls for adventure. A wanderlust.
SUSAN: Yes. Well, we'll all go home someday, that's if you'll let us.
FIRST-ELDER: I think I will. I hope all of you will be able to.


(Ian and the Doctor are deep underground in the oldest section of the aqueduct. The tunnels all look the same run down condition, with only the increasing frigidity of the air to indicate their steady descend into the bowels of the Sense-sphere.)

IAN: Could be going around in circles you know.
DOCTOR: Oh no, my boy. No no-no-no.

(He pulls out a piece of chalk and scribbles on a pipe.)

DOCTOR: I'm marking the intersections of the pipes.

(Ian stands and listens to the gentle thrumming of the water.)

IAN: Uncanny.
IAN: It's so quiet.

(He chuckles to himself.)

DOCTOR: Perhaps they're preparing an ambush?

(He guffaws.)

IAN: And you're a cheerful soul, I must say.
DOCTOR: I assure you my dear boy, my spirits couldn't be higher! Collecting evidence, circumstantial and otherwise.

(Ian looks across the tunnel and spots a bearded face staring at them with a slightly odd gaze. The owner wears a tatty uniform and carries a large sharpened stake.)

IAN: Doctor...
DOCTOR: Calculating it, pursuing it until it's inevitable end - it's fascinating!
IAN: Doctor!
DOCTOR: Oh don't interrupt my dear boy, it's most irritating!

(The Doctor squints into the tunnel in the opposite direction and notices another figure cutting off any potential escape, dressed and armed in an identical manner to the first.)

DOCTOR: Chesterton!
IAN: I know, I've been trying to tell you.
DOCTOR: Yes... It's alright, let's back up the passage and jump out on them.

(The Doctor walks back a step and accidentally collides with Ian.)

IAN: You were right about the ambush weren't you?
DOCTOR: Yes. Don't do anything to alarm them.

(Slowly the bedraggled figures advance from both directions clutching their stakes, as they begin to realise that the Doctor and Ian are no immediate threat to them. The lead figure scrutinizes Ian with an wild glint in his eyes.)

NUMBER ONE: You have come at last!
DOCTOR: We came to find you.
IAN: That's right.
NUMBER TWO: Watch them number One!

(Number One moves to the Doctor.)

NUMBER ONE: We have been waiting for you. Are they all dead?
IAN: The Sensorites, you mean?
NUMBER ONE: Yes, the Sensorites. Do you have a spaceship?
NUMBER ONE: Are there more of you?
IAN: No.
NUMBER TWO: No others in the channels at all? You...

(He glances around nervously.)

NUMBER TWO: You haven't brought the Sensorites with you?
IAN: No!
DOCTOR: Wouldn't you like to leave these tunnels and go out into the sunshine again?

(The figure recoils shaking his head.)

NUMBER ONE: No, they would hear our minds talking! Follow me, he is going to talk to you!
DOCTOR: Yes, I thought there'd be a third.
NUMBER ONE: Yes, the Commander - you'll have to talk to him. Follow me.

(The Doctor and Ian are escorted through the tunnels.)


(John and Barbara stand by the entrance and Barbara presses the TAD to her forehead.)


(Susan stands with her hands to her head concentrating as she listens to the whistling channels of thought.)

SUSAN: They're entering to the aqueduct now. Oh, she's a little indistinct.
RICHMOND: Well tell her to speak to you, you do the same.
SUSAN: Alright. Barbara, speak the words as you think them.

(She listens for another moment.)

SUSAN: Oh that's better.


BARBARA: Yes alright Susan.

(She removes the TAD from her forehead.)

BARBARA: We're to go straight ahead to start with, and then keep turning to the right.
JOHN: Right, I'll lead.


SUSAN: They're beginning now.


NUMBER ONE: You give us your word you are alone?
DOCTOR: Oh yes, definitely.

(They continue on their way.)


BARBARA: There's something here.

(He stoops to pick something up.)

JOHN: This is the Doctor's map alright. I remember the senior Scientist drawing it in the labo...laboratory.
BARBARA: But it's all screwed up, they must have realised it was useless.
JOHN: Let's move on. Shall we take it with us?
BARBARA: Yes, we'll need it as proof that the maps were tampered with.


(The Doctor and Ian are led along a passage at stakepoint.)


FIRST-ELDER: How are they progressing?
SUSAN: Oh they haven't found them yet.
RICHMOND: Well at least they found the maps.
SUSAN: Oh, Barbara's talking to me again.


JOHN: No doubt about it.
BARBARA: John says this is a fresh mark, probably made by the Doctor. We're going to try and follow these marks Susan, so instead of you directing us, we're going to tell you what route we're going to take.

(She removes the TAD from her forehead.)

JOHN: Let's hope they were made by the Doctor, that's all.

(They move off.)


(As they pass, the Doctor chalks a mark on a nearby pipe and grins.)

DOCTOR: In case we have to make a run for it, my dear boy.
IAN: I'm glad you're on my side, Doctor.


SUSAN: That's right Barbara.

(Susan points to the model.)

SUSAN: She's going down this channel now.
FIRST-ELDER: And no harm has come to them yet?
SUSAN: Oh no.
FIRST-ELDER: Perhaps the Doctor and Ian are chasing the creatures in the aqueduct?
SUSAN: Or they've been captured.


NUMBER ONE: Wait here.

(He wanders into a small chamber hewn into the soft rock beneath one of the pipes.)

NUMBER ONE: The new arrivals are here Commander.

(Another shaggy unkempt figure returns with number One, and regard the new arrivals.)

COMMANDER: This is the best news I've had in quite some time, I'm very glad to see you both.

(He shakes hands with the Doctor and Ian as if he were hosting an astronaut convention.)

COMMANDER: Did you have a rough journey?

(The Doctor and Ian look a little bemused and the Doctor glances at Ian.)

COMMANDER: Yes, I'm sure you must have done. Let us have something to sit down on number One. They are very rough quarters here, you'll have to excuse that, but I'm sure you are both used to battle stations by now.
COMMANDER: Excuse me.

(He strides confidently over to his subordinate.)

COMMANDER: Number Two, you can take over ammunition detail now, you'll find the new ammunition supplies all ready. Pipe it into number seven this time. Alright? Carry on.

(Casting a dubious glance at the Doctor and Ian, Two moves off to carry out his order. The Commander walks back to One.)

COMMANDER: Number One, organise a lecture for number Two will you?

(Number Two cowers a little.)

COMMANDER: Saluting isn't for me you understand, it's the uniform.

(Number one doesn't move.)

COMMANDER: Understood?!
NUMBER ONE: Yes sir.

(Number one slowly lollops away like a lame old war horse.)

COMMANDER: Have to keep the discipline up, you know. But they're all good men, very fine. Morale's very high here. Sit down.

(The Doctor and Ian sit, and Commander stares at his two guests until Ian takes the initiative.)

IAN: Well you... Have a very well ordered base here sir.
COMMANDER: It's very good of you to say so.
DOCTOR: We have a surprise for you. The war with the Sensorites is over.

(The Commander gains a look of eager excitement, but his eyes never never lose the dangerous gleam of fanaticism.)

COMMANDER: Is that true?
DOCTOR: Oh yes.
COMMANDER: And the planet's ours now is it? Completely?
IAN: Completely.

(The Commander smiles, basking in the glow of a victorious campaign.)

COMMANDER: Well this is absolutely wonderful!

(He lowers his voice conspiratorially.)

COMMANDER: We nearly lost, you know. I had the command of a fine spaceship, very fine. Two of my men deserted; pretended they had to go back to Earth to get reinforcements.
DOCTOR: So you had to blow up your spaceship?
COMMANDER: Yes. Still, I'll be able to get another one. I'll be able to afford it now, planet's very rich you know.
IAN: Yes, molybdenum.

(The Commander stiffens up, the dangerous look returning to his face.)

COMMANDER: Oh. You know about that do you? You do realise that this war has been fought by me and my men here? Any treasure trove is ours.
DOCTOR: That's quite understandable isn't it Chester...
COMMANDER: And I'm prepared to back that statement up with force if necessary!

(He leaps to his feet.)

COMMANDER: I have good supplies here, loyal men. Of course, but we're just discussing this, but you are alone aren't you? hardly in a position to fight me. And I have my men, and my organisation.

(Number Two rushes in.)

NUMBER ONE: Commander, warning in route two.

(He glares furiously at The Doctor and Ian.)

COMMANDER: Have you been telling me lies? You've brought other people with you, haven't you?!
NUMBER ONE: Perhaps they're really allies of the Sensorites!
COMMANDER: No, number One, not allies - spies! The war isn't over at all is it? I thought it was a bit too good to be true.
IAN: Now just a minute, we knew nothing about this warning signal of yours...
COMMANDER: No, of course you didn't, and it's tripped you up hasn't it?! Number One! There'll be a Court Martial immediately. Treason!
IAN: Barbara!
IAN: What on Earth are you doing here?
BARBARA: The first Elder allowed me back.
COMMANDER: What's going on? Who are these people?
DOCTOR: I'm afraid you've misjudged us, sir. These people are part of the committee, here to welcome you. We all came down here to welcome you onto the surface.
IAN: To celebrate your success, sir.
BARBARA: What's going on?
IAN: Play it cool.
COMMANDER: And who is this?
IAN: Er this, this is our navigator. She is going to lead us back.
COMMANDER: Well... I'm glad the fighting's over. Look forward to a bit of a rest now, for a while.
DOCTOR: Yes, you deserve it sir, and so do your men. And I think that the sooner we take you all out into the sunshine, the better.
COMMANDER: Number One, assemble the men please. We'll be leaving immediately. It seems we have a...victory to celebrate. You might pass on my congratulations to the men, number One.
NUMBER ONE: Thank you very much sir.
COMMANDER: Shall we move then?

(They all wander back along the shaft.)


(The Warrior removes his TAD from his forehead and turns to a fellow officer.)

WARRIOR: They are coming. You will take up your position just by the entrance there. When they have all come through you will step out and prevent anyone from escaping back into the aqueduct. Now take your place.

(Number One and Two lead the way out, with Ian and Barbara at the rear. The Warrior holds up a hand-ray.)

WARRIOR: It is useless to resist.

(The survivors drop their stakes and walk through into the light.)

IAN: Don't worry, I think we can handle these two. Come on Barbara.

(The Commander rushes out, seeing his men meekly submitting. The Doctor follows, never taking his eyes off the Commander for a moment.)

COMMANDER: Well come back here you men!

(And attempts to run back into the tunnels, but a Sensorite has moved to block the entrance, and covers him with his weapon. In the other direction, the senior Warrior stands preventing any uncontrolled escape into the city.)

COMMANDER: Treachery!
DOCTOR: It's all over now.
COMMANDER: Treachery!

(The Commander rushes towards the senior Warrior, but crumples to the floor as he empties a quick energy blast into him.)

DOCTOR: Pitiful fellow. Oh, I know he did your people incalculable harm...
WARRIOR: I could have killed him. I wanted to, but that would not be the way, would it?
WARRIOR: He could have destroyed the entire Sensorite Nation.
DOCTOR: Yes, but the fact is you didn't kill him. Shows great promise for the future of your people.


IAN: Captain Maitland has agreed to take the others back to Earth.
BARBARA: They were completely insane. They really believed they were at war with you.
FIRST-ELDER: At some time they must have opened their minds, or experimented with the mind-transmitters. Every really rational thought was crushed out, and all they had left was the game they played; the game of war.
BARBARA: What about the Second Elder?
FIRST-ELDER: You finding the map proves his treachery. He will be banished to the outer wastes.
IAN: Well, I think we must go back to the ship sir.
FIRST-ELDER: Yes you must go. The lock has already been sealed back in it's proper place. So go your way now, and take the gratitude of the Sensorites with you.
IAN: Thank you.
BARBARA: Goodbye.


(The reassuring living hum of the TARDIS console reverberates through the chamber like an electronic pulse. Against a roundelled wall stands a mahogany plinth, upon which rests the prototype armillary sphere which was a present from Eratosthenes. The Doctor leans on the console fidgeting impatiently. Beside him, Susan twirls a strand of her hair around a finger with a glum expression on her face.)

DOCTOR: Where are those other two, Hmm?
SUSAN: Oh, they're coming.
DOCTOR: What's the matter my child?
SUSAN: I had a talk with the senior Scientist just before we left. It seems that the Sense-sphere has an extraordinary number of ultra-high frequencies, so I won't be able to go on using thought transference.
DOCTOR: Hoh-ho, it's rather a relief I think. After all, no-one likes an eavesdropper about do they? No I think you obviously have a gift in that direction and when we get home to our own place I think we should try and perfect it, mm?
SUSAN: When will we get back Grandfather?
DOCTOR: I don't know my dear, this old ship of mine seems to be an aimless thing. However, we don't worry about it do we? Do you?
SUSAN: Sometimes I feel I'd like to belong somewhere; not just be a wanderer...

(She smiles up at her Grandfather.)

SUSAN: Still, I'm not unhappy.

(The Doctor gives her an affectionate squeeze.)

DOCTOR: Good, good.

(Ian and Barbara walk through the doors.)

IAN: Well, here we are.
DOCTOR: Oh at last! I very nearly went off without you!
BARBARA: We were saying goodbye to John and Carol.
DOCTOR: Hah, let's have a look at Maitland and see him off shall we?

(Just having been gently evacuated from a nearby airlock by two friendly Sensorites, the TARDIS crew is able to gaze at the image of a departing rocketship on the TARDIS scanner.)

IAN: Well, at least they know where they're going.

(The Doctor glares at Ian, his eyes like gimlets.)

DOCTOR: Implying I don't?
IAN: I didn't mean anything of the sort!
DOCTOR: So, you think I'm an incompetent old fool do you?
IAN: Now Doctor, I never said that!
DOCTOR: Since you are so dissatisfied my boy, you can get off this ship. And the very next place we stop I shall take you off myself, and that is quite final!

(Ian and Barbara exchange a worried glance as the Doctor motions to Susan who is waiting silently by the coordinate selector panel.)

DOCTOR: Carry on!

Next Episode: A Land of Fear

The Doctor
William Hartnell

Carole Ann Ford

Ian Chesterton
William Russell

Carol Richmond
Ilona Rodgers

Stephen Dartnell

Ken Tyllsen
Joe Greig
Peter Glaze
Arthur Newall

Eric Francis

John Bailey

Martyn Huntley
Giles Phibbs

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
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Story Editor
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Raymond Cusick

Verity Lambert

Mervyn Pinfield

(C) BBCTV 1964

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