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The Sensorites


By Peter R. Newman


IAN: Is this it?
SCIENTIST: Yes, take this. It's a radio-electric light.

(Susan takes the torch.)

SUSAN: Thank you. Ian, how do you feel? If you don't want to go any further just say.
IAN: No, I'm-I'm fine. Come on.

(They walk through the curtain of darkness.)


(The Doctor walks along the tunnel the light casting a slim pool of light in the all encompassing inky blackness.)

DOCTOR: Is it?

(He stoops to examine the base of one of the pipes and pulls out a tiny growth, examining it under a magnifying glass.)

DOCTOR: Yes, I thought so. Atropa Belladonna - Deadly Nightshade!

(He looks up in shock as he hears a bellowing roar somewhere close. Further along the aqueduct Ian and Susan are cautiously making their way.)

SUSAN: What is it Ian?
IAN: I don't know.
SUSAN: Are you alright?
IAN: Yes.
SUSAN: Lean on me.
DOCTOR: Keep away! Keep away!

(There is another bellowing roar.)

SUSAN: Grandfather!

(They rush forwards through the gloom and comes across the prone form of the Doctor. Ian stoops to examine him.)

IAN: He's unconscious. Here, help me to get him out of here.
SUSAN: Oh, look at the state he's in!

(As Ian tries to lift the Doctor the back of his frock coat is revealed to be torn to shreds.)

IAN: No, don't worry about that, collect up his things. We don't want to hang around here.

(The bellow begins to recede.)

IAN: It's going away.

(As Susan stoops to pick up the Doctor's things she notices a small vacant hole in the side of the tunnel.)

SUSAN: Ian! Ian, what do you think this is?
IAN: I dunno, part of an old lighting system I suppose. Don't worry about that now, let's get him out of here. Before that thing comes back.

(Ian heaves the softly moaning form of the Doctor to his feet.)


RICHMOND: Can't just give up! You know the aqueduct, surely you can help them in some way!
FIRST-ELDER: I regret it is impossible. You have no conception of what extreme sound does to us. It stuns the brain and paralyses the nerves.
SCIENTIST: And in the darkness we are helpless anyway, our warriors would be more of a hindrance than a help.
RICHMOND: Is there no hope for them then?
FIRST-ELDER: Let us talk of your companion, the man John. The senior Scientist tells me that he is making excellent progress. The final treatment will given today.
RICHMOND: Thank you.
FIRST-ELDER: You are sad for the friends you have lost. Rejoice for the friend who is being returned to you.

(He moves over to the Scientist.)

FIRST-ELDER: Scientist, you will report to me on your progress.
SCIENTIST: I will sir.
RICHMOND: Those poor people.


(The Doctor seems to have recovered consciousness, but is still looking a little worse for wear. He sits panting and holding his coat which is torn to shreds along the back.)

SUSAN: Grandfather just look at this coat, it's ruined.
IAN: Those look like claw marks. Strange that they didn't reach the skin.

(Ian examines the coat.)

DOCTOR: Yeah, strange indeed when you realise that I was at the mercy of that creature! It was so dark in there it was invisible and it knocked me to the ground.
IAN: Are you sure you didn't see it?
DOCTOR: No-no-no, something hit me under the heart and it was most unpleasant. It's a good thing I'd sent you that antidote.
SUSAN: Oh, we...
DOCTOR: Otherwise I'd've been in a much state...much worse state than I was.
SUSAN: We didn't get the antidote, I had to go all the way back to the laboratory and get some more.
DOCTOR: What?!
IAN: Yes, surrounded by enemies.
DOCTOR: Yes true, true. That water, and those monsters in there. And now it appears that there's someone among the Sensorites that bear us ill will. That's two separate enemies.
IAN: Don't you mean three?
DOCTOR: No-no-no, don't mistake me. The water and the monsters are distinctly connected, but I've more or less solved that problem. But this Sensorite who is against us is a much greater danger. Now I suggest that we go back and try to find out which one it is.

(Puffing and panting, he and Ian walk off still supporting each other. As they leave the face of the Engineer peers from around the back of the pipes.)


JOHN: Treachery...
RICHMOND: He keeps on saying the same things.
JOHN: A plot...I must warn you.
RICHMOND: I'm sure he's discovered something or he's overheard something and he's trying to tell us.
JOHN: Yes, tell you...warn you...
RICHMOND: You see?
SCIENTIST: It must be illusion. Our society is based upon trust; treason or secret plotting is impossible.
RICHMOND: That's rather a sweeping statement.
SCIENTIST: But why should a Sensorite make any secret plans against anyone? We have the perfect society, all are contented.
RICHMOND: Some people always want more than others.
SCIENTIST: That is a human quality, surely.

(The Scientist wanders across the room for a moment and Carol turns to John.)

RICHMOND: Perhaps. Rest quietly now John, it won't be long.

(The Scientist returns from his task.)

RICHMOND: You were trying to explain something to me earlier.
SCIENTIST: We discovered long ago that in our brains there were many different compartments. When fear and alarm is at work, that section becomes open, a veil is lifted, do you understand.
SCIENTIST: That is what has happened to the man John, but the veil will not lower itself. Thus he is constantly afraid, even when he's at peace. When he's asleep for example; the body says one thing, the brain the other - thus his condition. Utter confusion.
RICHMOND: And this treatment you're giving him is in order to close down that veil?
SCIENTIST: Yes. Not permanently of course, or he would step into danger without concern, the veil must function normally again.
RICHMOND: It's rather like an eyelid isn't it? Oh, these shutters over my eyes.

(She touches an eye.)

SCIENTIST: Hah, yes. To see all the time is not a good thing. Now we must begin.

(The Scientist moves away to his equipment again and Carol returns to John.

RICHMOND: I'll be here all the time John.
JOHN: Carol.

(She moves a little closer.)

RICHMOND: Yes, that's right.
JOHN: I must tell you, but it's so difficult...
RICHMOND: Soon you'll be able to tell me all you've found out.


ENGINEER: There is no mistake City Administrator, I saw the Doctor and the other two leave the aqueduct. I heard them over...over...t-talking. He too is suspicious.
ADMINISTRATOR: The creature John is nearly cured, he too can speak against me. We are nearly surrounded by our enemies.
SECOND-ELDER: You will be uncovered as a traitor and a criminal.
ENGINEER: What are we to do?
ADMINISTRATOR: These Earth creature are working to destroy the Sensorite nation. Their pleasant smiles conceal sharp teeth. Their soft words conceal hidden threats.
SECOND-ELDER: Please don't listen.

(The Second Elder reaches out towards the worker, and his hand gets slapped away.)

ADMINISTRATOR: And who opposes them? These timid creatures, like this second Elder whose sash I wear.
ADMINISTRATOR: Weakling! Betrayer of our people! coward! I should imprison you in some room wherein no light can shine and fill that room with noise!

(He thumps the side of the seat.)

SECOND-ELDER: it then. Finish with me.
ADMINISTRATOR: Not yet. Remember, I hold your family group. First you shall do something for me. Summon the senior Warrior with your mind-transmitter.

(He presents the Second Elder with his Thought Amplification Disc.)

ADMINISTRATOR: Tell him to bring the firing key of the disintegrator and meet you in the forecourt of the palace.
ADMINISTRATOR: Remember your family group.
SECOND-ELDER: Very well.

(He takes the disc from the Administrator.)

ADMINISTRATOR: I shall be listening. Stand over over him, stun him if he sends his mind to anyone other than the senior warrior. Now send this thought: Senior Warrior, this is the Second Elder...

(As the whistling tone begins again, the Second Elder takes the disc from his forehead for a moment.)

ADMINISTRATOR: Go on, send it!

(He resumes with the message.)



(The senior Warrior listens in with his TAD pressed to his forehead.)


ADMINISTRATOR: He's answering! Tell him to bring the firing key and meet you in the courtyard of the Palace of the Elders.

(The Administrator snatches away the disc and the whistling fades away.)

ADMINISTRATOR: That is enough. I shall keep the appointment you have made. The senior Warrior shall know me by the sash I wear - your sash! Guard him well.

(The Administrator leaves the room.)

SECOND-ELDER: Why do you listen to him, why do you follow him?
ENGINEER: He will not betray our people, nor surrender our planet!
SECOND-ELDER: He will bring us all down, all of us.
ENGINEER: Be silent!
SECOND-ELDER: All of us!


DOCTOR: Well you've been exerting yourself boy, naturally you're weak.
SUSAN: He can rest now can't he Grandfather? We'll force him to.
IAN: I wish you two'd stop fussing over me.
DOCTOR: Now, now, now, you must do as you are told and that is that!

(The Doctor looks over and sees what appears to be the Second Elder talking with the senior Warrior. The Warrior hands over the metal rod.)

DOCTOR: Isn't that one of the Elders?
SUSAN: Oh that's the second Elder, he's only got one sash.
DOCTOR: Now take it easy, I want a word with him.

(As the Administrator attempts to scurry away the Doctor pursues him.)

DOCTOR: I say, you sir! Sir, I'd like a word with you...

(The Warrior looks in the Doctor's direction, then walks away.)

SUSAN: It's a funny place down here isn't it?
IAN: What about up there? I wonder how Barbara's getting on?
SUSAN: Mm, I wish she were down here with us.
IAN: I wish were were up there in the TARDIS and away from here. Still, I know what you mean. Hey, why don't we ask the first Elder if Barbara can come down and join us here?
DOCTOR: Hmph! Most extraordinary, he ran away from me!
SUSAN: That must have looked very funny. Hehehe.

(She does an impression of a running Sensorite.)

SUSAN: Flip-flap, flip-flap...

(And giggles.)

DOCTOR: I assure you he was very mobile, my child! Come along, let's get into the first Elder's room. Come along...


(The Administrator returns with the disintegrator firing key and glances at the second Elder.)

ADMINISTRATOR: Why have you not retied his hands?

(As the worker moves to tie the second Elder up he gazes at the piece of metal in his hands.)

ADMINISTRATOR: Now... Now I have the power!

(Before the worker can tie his hands the second Elder jumps up and snatches the firing key from the Administrator. He presses the metal rod against a corner of the disintegrator, and with both hands he pushes his whole weight on the key bending it out of shape.)

ADMINISTRATOR: Stop him you fool!

(The Administrator rushes up to the second Elder, but is thrown back against the wall. The worker rushes up and clubs the second Elder to the ground with his fist, then examines him. Getting up, the Administrator picks up the firing key, but it is beyond repair.)

ADMINISTRATOR: He has broken it!
ENGINEER: The second Elder is dead!
ADMINISTRATOR: The only other firing key is in the possession the first Elder.
ENGINEER: Then we shall have to give up. We must leave the city, hide in the mountains!
ADMINISTRATOR: No-no, don't be silly. The death of the second Elder can help us, not condemn us. We must act quickly, you know the man called the Doctor?
ADMINISTRATOR: You can describe him?
ADMINISTRATOR: Good! Then I will outline my plan to you.


FIRST-ELDER: Yes I have asked questions. The first supply of the antidote which you sent, Doctor, was intercepted by my second Elder; my advisor. And he has since disappeared.
SUSAN: Well we saw him in the courtyard.
FIRST-ELDER: His behaviour is a mystery.
DOCTOR: Yes, strange indeed sir. I tried to talk to him and he ran away.
IAN: Yes, you still won't accept that he's done something bad.
FIRST-ELDER: I cannot. I selected him for office, but it is not pride which make me...makes me defend my choice. I know that Sensorite, I trust him.
DOCTOR: And yet you can't explain his actions.
FIRST-ELDER: A mystery does not mean that he is guilty.

(A worker Sensorite walks over and bows at the Elder.)

FIRST-ELDER: For the Doctor.

(The Doctor stands and Sensorite drapes a long black cloak around his shoulders.)

DOCTOR: My dear sir, that's most civil of you! I ruined my jacket down in the aqueduct, but of course I have others on my ship. Haha, thank you.
SUSAN: Very smart.
DOCTOR: Beau Brummell always said I look better in a cloak!

(They laugh. The Administrator approaches the first Elder holding the bent firing key.)

FIRST-ELDER: The city Administrator wishes to speak?
ADMINISTRATOR: Urgently sir. A story has been put before me that you should hear.
ADMINISTRATOR: It concerns the second Elder and these Earth creatures.
FIRST-ELDER: Very well.

(The Administrator moves to the back of the room.)


(The worker Sensorite and the senior Warrior enter and approach the first Elder.)

ADMINISTRATOR: Tell your story.
ENGINEER: Sir, the second Elder is dead.

(The first Elder jumps to his feet.)

ENGINEER: He was killed in the courtyard. I saw the man who killed him.
ENGINEER: Yes sir. It was the man called the Doctor.
SUSAN: Well that's not true!
ADMINISTRATOR: The senior Warrior here has evidence. Speak!
WARRIOR: I met the second Elder in the courtyard as he asked me to. I gave him the firing k-key of the disintegrator as he asked me to. Then I saw the Doctor go after the second Elder calling him.
DOCTOR: Yes, I did that, but I didn't kill him.
ENGINEER: I saw you! You wrestled for possession of the firing key.
ADMINISTRATOR: There is the firing key, bent as though in a struggle.
ENGINEER: And finally, when the second Elder resisted, you took an object from inside your coat and struck him down and killed him!
FIRST-ELDER: This is a grave charge.
IAN: But obviously untrue sir.

(Ian gets up and approaches the worker Sensorite with the air of a professional barrister.)

IAN: How did you recognise the Doctor?
ENGINEER: His hair is different.

(Ian nods with an air of calm skepticism.)

IAN: Yes...
ENGINEER: So are his clothes.
IAN: Oh yes, his clothes. You say you saw him take an object from his pocket?
IAN: You could see quite clearly, you were sure it was from his coat pocket?
ENGINEER: I tell you yes! All the Sensorites know the Doctor by his...

(The Doctor regally gets to his feet and draws one side of the cloak around him with an air of a Georgian peer.)

IAN: The Doctor's coat is outside the aqueduct, you are lying!
ENGINEER: Then...then was a cloak he was wearing! Yes it was, I'm sure of it now - it was a cloak!

(The first Elder steps forward sternly.)

FIRST-ELDER: I have just presented the Doctor with that cloak. Your story is a tissue of lies, remove him.

(The warrior leads the worker out by the arm, past the Administrator.)

ADMINISTRATOR: I shall interview you myself.

(The Warrior and prisoner depart.)

ADMINISTRATOR: Sir, you must forgive his wild accusation, but I felt his story should be brought before you.

(The first Elder stares sadly forward.)

FIRST-ELDER: Oh, you acted correctly. What can have possessed my advisor?
ADMINISTRATOR: The second Elder, sir, was always opposed to our visitors. P-perhaps he stole the firing key in order to attack them with the disintegrator?
SUSAN: I bet he stole our antidote too! He was our enemy.
FIRST-ELDER: A sad matter, but since he has deceived us my sympathies should not be wasted. As to his replacement...
ADMINISTRATOR: I have his sash of office here so that you may choose an advisor immediately.

(Ian whispers to the others.)

IAN: Perhaps he ought not to look further than this room?
SUSAN: Yes! If he thought he got promotion because of us, he'd be a useful ally.
DOCTOR: Just what I was thinking.

(The Doctor gets up and approaches the first Elder.)

DOCTOR: Yes, of course sir, we have no wish to interfere in your affairs, but the er, city Administrator seems to have all the qualifications.
FIRST-ELDER: Well, what do you say? Can you accept such power?
ADMINISTRATOR: My only ambition is to serve the Sensorite nation.
FIRST-ELDER: Then accept this sash.

(He places the sash into the Administrator.)

FIRST-ELDER: I make you my advisor, from now on you will be known as the second Elder, second only on the Sense-Sphere to me. And once this order has been made, only a betrayal of trust can set it aside.

(The Administrator hands over his collar of office.)

FIRST-ELDER: My new advisor and I have much to discuss. You will excuse us?
DOCTOR: Certainly sir. My companions and I will pay a visit to the man John and note his progress.

(As they move off Susan stops.)

SUSAN: Oh, you were going to ask about Barbara.
IAN: I don't think this is quite the moment. I'll ask later.

(He pauses beside the new second Elder a moment.)

IAN: Oh, and er, congratulations.
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: When you address one of the Elders you call him sir!

(Ian frowns and leaves.)


SCIENTIST: Now we shall know.

(Carol's face blurs in and out of focus before John.)

RICHMOND: John? John?
JOHN: Such a headache...
SCIENTIST: That will go quickly.
JOHN: It's easing now.

(He looks at Carol and smiles.)

JOHN: Carol.

(She screws up her face.)

JOHN: You're crying.
RICHMOND: I'm alright, really I am. It's just that I haven't seen you smile for so long.
JOHN: But we can't have you crying can we?

(He gets up from the couch.)

JOHN: I'm alright now, I'm alright. That pain's gone quite suddenly. Was it awful?

(She hugs him.)

RICHMOND: All that matters is how you are now.
JOHN: What have I been like all this time?
RICHMOND: Don't you remember?
JOHN: Some things. But mostly there seems a sort of grey cloud. I just remember that...that it seems a very long time.
RICHMOND: Yes. Oh John, I can't tell you how I feel. How glad.
SCIENTIST: It is indeed a time of happiness for both of you.
RICHMOND: oh, this is the Scientist who cured you.
JOHN: Then I have a lot to thank you for.

(John extends his hand to the Sensorite who just looks at it blankly.)

SCIENTIST: What do you ask for?
JOHN: Oh, we have a custom of shaking hands with people in friendship.

(John shakes hands with the Scientist and Carol giggles. Just then, the Doctor walks through the door followed by Susan and Ian.)

DOCTOR: Well, well, what a happy scene, mm!
SUSAN: Do you remember us?

(John smiles at Susan.)

JOHN: I remember you distinctly.
IAN: Well I'm Ian, and this is the Doctor, Susan's Grandfather.
DOCTOR: I'm glad to see you don't bear a grudge against the Sensorites for the past.
RICHMOND: All that matters now is the present.
DOCTOR: Splendid!

(He walks over to the Scientist and leads him away.)

DOCTOR: Now sir, the antidote. I wonder if you are aware, mm...
JOHN: I remember another girl.
SUSAN: Oh, that's Barbara, we both found you. She's up in the spaceship.
JOHN: Oh I see.
RICHMOND: John, all the time you were ill you were trying to warn us of something.
JOHN: Mm, there was a Sensorite here who was dangerous. I must try and remember what happened. I know there was a plot.

(The ex-Administrator silently enters the room in his second Elder's sash.)

JOHN: That's right, someone was plotting against you.
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: And this Sensorite, can you identify him?
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Is he in this room?
JOHN: No. There was something particularly odd about his clothes I remember, but exactly what...
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Yes, it must have been the Sensorite who has just died.
JOHN: Yes I suppose it must.
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: The first Elder wishes to talk to the Doctor. You will inform him!
SUSAN: Alright!
JOHN: He's not very friendly.
SUSAN: Well he's only just become second Elder, I should think he's trying out his new authority.
RICHMOND: I wouldn't like to cross him.

(A little way away Ian and the Doctor are examining artifacts on a table.)

DOCTOR: And what is this little collection of things here?

(Ian picks something up from the table.)

SCIENTIST: Left behind by the humans that were killed in the spaceship explosion.
DOCTOR: I see.

(The Doctor reads a document.)

IAN: Oh look at these Doctor, family snapshots. Hah! Look.
DOCTOR: Yes, now just a moment, this is important.
IAN: Oh?
DOCTOR: This is a rough plan of the aqueduct.
SCIENTIST: One of the human beings was very interested in the aqueduct.
DOCTOR: Is that so?
SUSAN: Grandfather, the first Elder wants to talk to you.
DOCTOR: Oh yes, I have a couple of questions for him.
SCIENTIST: This is only a sketch, I can let you have a plan in detail if you wish.
DOCTOR: Mm, very valuable, very valuable.
SCIENTIST: The city Administrator can have no objection.
SUSAN: The city Administrator!
DOCTOR: What about him?
SUSAN: Of course!
SUSAN: John, you know you said there was something odd about the Sensorite? W-was it his collar?
JOHN: Collar, yes! That was it!
SUSAN: Oh you see, the city Administrator - he was our enemy!
IAN: What, the one who's just been made second Elder?
SUSAN: Yes! When John was ill he must have given himself away.
IAN: Yes, he was certainly pretty odd with me.
DOCTOR: If this is true what you say Susan, then there's trouble ahead for us. That Sensorite has power now.
IAN: Yes, and the worst of it is, we gave him the power.


EX-ADMINISTRATOR: You were not to know that the Doctor had changed his coat. I managed your escape from prison and that is all that matters.
ENGINEER: I am grateful, but what use am I now?
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: I still have a task for you.

(The ex-Administrator opens a box which contains two hand-ray weapons.)

EX-ADMINISTRATOR: You are accomplished in mechanical matters?
ENGINEER: Yes, but what do you want me to do?
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Can you remove the mechanisms from these, but leave them looking perfect from the outside?


IAN: It's no use telling him stories about the second Elder, Doctor, we've got to give him proof.

(The first Elder walks through the doorway.)

DOCTOR: Yes, I quite agree. And the only way to get that proof is to go back into the aqueduct.
IAN: Mm.
DOCTOR: What about Susan?
IAN: Look, why don't you ask the first Elder if we can have Barbara down here again?
DOCTOR: A good idea!
FIRST-ELDER: Gentlemen, be seated.

(They sit together on a low bench.)

DOCTOR: Yes sir, thank you.
IAN: Well sir, the Doctor and I have discussed this poison business, and we are convinced that your water supply is being deliberately poisoned.
DOCTOR: What we propose to do sir, is to go down into the aqueduct, find your enemies and stop them.
FIRST-ELDER: Very well, but you will take light with you, and such arms as we can provide.
DOCTOR: Thank you.

(The first Elder presses his TAD to his forehead and the whistling tone starts up again. The Doctor whispers to Ian.)

DOCTOR: We're making progress.
IAN: Barbara.

(The Doctor turns back to the first Elder.)

DOCTOR: I wonder sir, could I ask you a small favour?
DOCTOR: Er, we have a companion, a young lady on the ship. Er, is it possible for her to be brought down here in the sense-Sphere, mm?
FIRST-ELDER: It will be arranged.
DOCTOR: Oh, splendid sir, splendid!
WARRIOR: I have brought the weapons sir.
FIRST-ELDER: Ah, thank you Warrior. Instruct them as to their use.

(The Warrior opens the box to reveal two hand-rays.)


EX-ADMINISTRATOR: It is done. I have arranged that the two useless weapons be delivered to the humans. Hide yourself.

(The Sensorite moves behind the fountain as a messenger walks by.)

EX-ADMINISTRATOR: What have you there?
MESSENGER: A map of the aqueduct sir. The Doctor asked for it.
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Give it to me, I will deliver it. Return to your duties.
MESSENGER: Thank you sir.

(He hands it over, bows and then leaves.)

MESSENGER: The plan of the aqueduct. Quickly, change some of the routes on this, and see that the messenger delivers it to the Doctor.
ENGINEER: It shall be done.
EX-ADMINISTRATOR: Now, not only shall they go down into the aqueduct with useless armaments, but they will be hopelessly lost as well!


(Ian examines a hand-ray.)

IAN: Very simple to use Doctor.

(He offers it to the Doctor who moves his arm aside.)

DOCTOR:, careful!
WARRIOR: The range is considerable. The ray paralyses up to a distance of thirty yards.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, splendid. And remember dear boy, that I will be standing nearly next to you! I have never liked weapons at any time, however they're handy little things. Tell me, how long does this paralysis last?
WARRIOR: One hour.
DOCTOR: Fine, fine. Well these weapons are splendid, sir. Without a doubt they'll help us to make success.
FIRST-ELDER: And yet I do not envy you your adventure. I still wish I could dissuade you.
DOCTOR: Yes, and that brings me to another problem, my Granddaughter Susan. She's bound to want to come with us.
IAN: I don't think she ought to Doctor.
DOCTOR: No. I agree with you my boy, we must go and not tell her, and avoid any arguments. I wonder sir, would you mind keeping a small secret until we're well and truly away?
FIRST-ELDER: Very well.
DOCTOR: Yes, thank you. After all, there's no danger now we have these protectors. And I'm sure we can settle our little business in an hour or two.

(A messenger arrives, bows and presents the Doctor with a scroll before leaving.)

FIRST-ELDER: Ah, the map of the aqueduct.
DOCTOR: Oh, excellent sir, excellent!
IAN: Well... Let's go and make an enemy, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Now, you're quite sure you're up to it?
IAN: Quite.
DOCTOR: Splendid, lead the way. Sir.

(The Doctor bows to the first Elder and then moves off.)

WARRIOR: They are brave people sir.

(The first Elder looks sad at the prospect of the certain demise of the Doctor and Ian.)

FIRST-ELDER: We will not regret having known them.
WARRIOR: I am glad they were innocent of killing the second Elder, sir.
FIRST-ELDER: Yes, I am anxious about that. You realise that if they did not kill my advisor then he must have been killed by a Sensorite?
WARRIOR: But who would do such a thing?
FIRST-ELDER: Who, yes. But also I ask myself; why was it done?


(Susan is setting bowls of strange Sensorite fruits onto a table.)

JOHN: I've never felt so hungry.
RICHMOND: Oh won't it be wonderful when we get back to the Earth, John? How I long for a thick, juicy steak!
JOHN: Mm, well you'll have to make do with a small juicy fruit!

(Carol and Susan laugh.)

SUSAN: I wonder where they're up to, where they've gone to? I wonder what they're talking about for all this time?
RICHMOND: Oh, well I expect they're arranging for our return into the spaceship.


(The Doctor and Ian pause by the grimy, rattling pipes at the entrance to the aqueduct. Then step through into the inky void.)


RICHMOND: I think I'll go over to the Palace of the Elders and try and hurry them up.
SUSAN: Oh, would you Carol? Thank you.
JOHN: Tell them I'm starving.
CAROL: Alright.

(Carol walks out of the door and Susan closes it behind her.)

SUSAN: John I... I'm so happy that you're better now, so's Carol. Well you can see that for yourself.
JOHN: Mm, she's had a bad time. You know, I have a feeling that we'll both give up space travelling when we get back to Earth.
SUSAN: Oh and get married?
JOHN: Mm, she's all I really care about. Come on, let's eat. I'm tired of waiting.

(They tuck into the fruits.)


(Carol walks along the terrace. She pauses momentarily beside the fountain. Looking around, she frowns and begins to move off again when a hand clamps over her mouth and she is dragged away.)

Next Episode: A Desperate Venture

The Doctor
William Hartnell

Carole Ann Ford

Ian Chesterton
William Russell

Carol Richmond
Ilona Rodgers

Stephen Dartnell

Ken Tyllsen
Joe Greig
Peter Glaze
Arthur Newall

Eric Francis
Bartlett Mullins

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Story Editor
David Whittaker

Raymond Cusick

Verity Lambert

Mervyn Pinfield

(C) BBCTV 1964

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