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"The Day of Darkness"
Written by John Lucarotti
Broadcast: 13 June, 1964
Duration: 25 minutes 30 seconds


(The water rushes over IAN'S ankles and he is trapped. He suddenly notices something about his head - markings on a slab. He shines his flashlight on them. He pushes against the slab. It moves. With no time left, he throws all his weight on the heavy stone, lifting it and moving it aside...)


(He finds himself in a another smaller tunnel, slanted upwards. Struggling to keep a handhold, he starts crawling up...)


(The DOCTOR has abandoned all pretexts of calm. He tries desperately to re-open the tunnel as IXTA smiles beside him.)

DOCTOR: Open this, Ixta! Ixta, please! (He turns to him.) Please open this, Ixta, open it!
IXTA: Why?
DOCTOR: Ian Chesterton is in there!

(IXTA’S smile grows wider, and he salutes.)

IXTA: I thank you, old man. This time, you have really given me my victory.

(IXTA, laughing, walks off.)

DOCTOR: Open it! Open it!

(The DOCTOR futilely tugs at the stone...then gives up the struggle in resigned despair.)


(IAN finally emerges at the far end of the tunnel...which is directly under the burial slab of Yetaxa. Smiling, IAN glances round him and at the TARDIS. He walks over to the secret door to the outer temple. He tests it - it moves. He looks upward, shining the light - and spots a small projection. He looks over at the slab and discovers a length of material which will do for a rope. After testing it’s tensile strength, he returns to the door. Creating a loop, IAN jumps - and gets the rope around the projection. He ties a quick knot, pulling it up to the projection. He grabs the flashlight, then pushes the door open.)


(He makes sure a generous amount of rope is on the other side with him, then lets the door drop back down.)

BARBARA: (Coming up to him.) Ian!
IAN: Barbara, there's a tunnel all the way up from the garden, into the tomb!
BARBARA: You came through there?
IAN: Yes, I…
DOCTOR: (OOV.) Barbara! Barbara! Barbara!

(IAN dives behind the throne, as BARBARA stands by it. The DOCTOR runs up to her, his face stricken.)

DOCTOR: Something terrible, my dear…I don't know how to tell you…Ian…

(IAN stands up from behind the throne.)

IAN: I'm all right!
DOCTOR: (He shakes his hand, relieved.) My dear boy! I thought you were drowned!
IAN: I nearly was. Who put that stone back?
IAN: Oh. So he followed me, eh?
DOCTOR: Yes, of course he followed you! But never mind about that. How does that door work?
IAN: Don't worry, I've got it licked. All we have to do is get Susan up here.
BARBARA: We can't. (On their looks.) She refused to marry the victim for the next sacrifice, so she's to be punished.
DOCTOR: Is she still at that seminary?
BARBARA: I think so, but she'll be heavily guarded.
IAN: Don't worry, I'll get her out.

(He gives the flashlight to the DOCTOR.)

IAN: Now you stay here.
DOCTOR: Thank you. And watch out for that man, Ixta!

(IAN nods, and walks out of the temple.)


(TLOTOXL walks into the barracks as IXTA finishes putting on a new uniform…)

TLOTOXL: The Chosen Warrior has done well. With Ian dead, they are completely at our mercy. The rewards, I promise you, shall be yours.
IXTA: I thank you.
TLOTOXL: I have a task for you.
IXTA: Tell me.
TLOTOXL: Guard the handmaiden.

(TLOTOXL moves to the door and waves. The AZTEC CAPTAIN and two guards bring SUSAN in.)

TLOTOXL: (To IXTA.) Do not let her escape, nor release her to Autloc. His faith in our gods is wavering.
SUSAN: Why have I been brought here? Does Autloc know I'm here? And what of Yetaxa - I'm her handmaiden! She'd wish to see me!
TLOTOXL: Oh, she will see the appointed time.
IXTA: (Getting up and pointing to the table.) Rest there.
TLOTOXL: (To IXTA as SUSAN goes to the table.) Tlotoxl thanks you.

(IXTA salutes in turn. TLOTOXL leaves. IXTA motions the guards out, which they do after saluting and bowing. Then he walks to SUSAN with a sadistic look on his face.)

IXTA: Do you ask yourself where Ian is? I can tell you - he is dead!
SUSAN: I…I don't believe you.
IXTA: The old man saw him die. He knows it to be true.

(IAN slowly sneaks up behind IXTA.)

IXTA: Now, seven wa…warriors have challenged my right to command, and only I survive!

(IAN leans up close and…)

IAN: Good commanders don't jump to conclusions, Ixta!

(IXTA jumps into action but IAN instantly seizes the back of his neck, punching him and knocking him out.)


(IAN runs around the table and embraces her.)

SUSAN: I knew he was lying...he said you were dead...
IAN: I nearly was. Come on, let's get going.
SUSAN: Where are we going?
IAN: The TARDIS. Come on!

(The two exit the barracks...)


(BARBARA and the DOCTOR wait anxiously at the temple door looking at the dawn sky.)

BARBARA: It'll soon be light.
DOCTOR: Yes, it's bound to take him some time to get there and back.
BARBARA: Oh, I just want to get out of here as quickly as possible...
DOCTOR: Hmm. And the history?
BARBARA: Remains unchanged.
DOCTOR: No rewriting?

(Smiling, BARBARA shakes her head. The DOCTOR moves into the room and grabs the rope, testing it.)

DOCTOR: This isn't going to be easy, you know.
BARBARA: (Takes the rope too.) Well, if we all pull...
DOCTOR: Yes, we can pull, but uh...I think we'd better do it at an angle.

(He places the rope over the top of the throne.)

DOCTOR: What we really need is a pulley.
BARBARA: A pulley? But the Aztecs don't have the wheel.
DOCTOR: I know! But it isn't going to be easy…
SUSAN: (OOV.) Grandfather!

(SUSAN runs into her grandfather's arms as IAN joins the three.)

DOCTOR: My dear Susan...oh, how glad...I’ll tell you how glad I am to see you later on…

(He quickly disentangles himself and motions IAN over to the rope.)

DOCTOR: Come along, don't waste time...
IAN: All right.

(IAN, the DOCTOR and BARBARA all grab a part of the rope.)

IAN: Susan, as soon as the door opens, grab it!
SUSAN: Right!
DOCTOR: Now, this is not going to be so easy as you think, young man.
IAN: Oh? Well, let's give it a try anyway.
DOCTOR: Yes, alright, now be careful...the rope's old, and it might break...

(The three pull at the rope, with all of their strength. The door doesn't move.)

DOCTOR: No, no, wait, wait a minute...let's do it at an angle. Come along...

(He slings the rope over the throne again, and motions the other two to grab the rope on that side with him.)

DOCTOR: That’s it.
IAN: All right...
DOCTOR: Right...
IAN: Ready?
IAN: Pull!…Harder!

(Again they tug on the rope but it snaps, flinging the three of them to the floor. SUSAN leans her head despondently against the back of the throne.)


(TLOTOXL is furious with IXTA.)

IXTA: How could he have escaped?
TLOTOXL: Did you not let the handmaiden escape? She must be in my power!
IXTA: I shall find her…
TLOTOXL: No, I shall!! I have another task for you…
IXTA: Tell me.
TLOTOXL: Should Autloc learn of the warrior's return, he will be truly convinced that she is Yetaxa.
IXTA: What can I do?
TLOTOXL: His faith in her must be completely destroyed.

(He seizes up one of those wooden clubs.)

TLOTOXL: Is this one Ian's?

(IXTA nods.)

TLOTOXL: Then use it! (He puts it in his hands.) On Autloc!
IXTA: (Shocked.) To strike down a High Priest? There is no greater offence!
TLOTOXL: Will you see us humiliated? Each day as the sun rises, Autloc walks in meditation alone in the garden. Approach him in stealth and strike him down. Leave this close at hand.
IXTA: So that Ian will be blamed!
TLOTOXL: (Nods.) This time, not fail me.


(IAN has tried, and failed to retie the rope together.)

IAN: Yes, I must try that stone in the garden.
DOCTOR: I think you're right.
IAN: But I'll need to someone to watch.
BARBARA: No, I think Susan should stay here.
IAN: (Crossing over to her.) We'll be careful, Barbara! If Susan and I can get that stone free, we can let you into the tomb from the other side!
BARBARA: (Reluctantly.) All right....
IAN: Come on!

(IAN and SUSAN runs out of view.)

SUSAN: (As she leaves.) And don't worry!
BARBARA: (Watching them go.) Oh, we're like drowning people, Doctor...
DOCTOR: Oh now now now, don't worry, don't worry. Don't give up hope.
BARBARA: Maybe it's this place. I just feel sometimes as if...all the people who've died here are watching. Waiting…for me to die too.

(The DOCTOR has no answer to that.)


(IAN and SUSAN cautiously move through the garden towards the stone...)

IAN: Sit yourself down behind that bush.
SUSAN: Right. I'll whistle if anyone comes.
IAN: Alright.

(She moves under the cover of the bush. IAN crosses to the stone and grabs the upper edge.)

SUSAN: (Shocked.) Ian!

(IAN returns to SUSAN’S position. She's found AUTLOC, unconscious, with IAN’S club beside him.)

SUSAN: Look! (As IAN looks him over.) Is he dead?
IAN: No...

(AUTLOC groans and starts to come to. IAN spots the club and picks it up.)

IAN: (Realising.) This is a trap...this is mine! Ixta gave it to me! (He gets up.) Come on, let's get out of here!
CAPTAIN: Hold them!

(He is too late as the CAPTAIN and some guards swarm in, surrounding the two. The CAPTAIN seizes IAN’S club.)

CAPTAIN: This belongs to you?
IXTA: (Appearing from one side.) Yes. I gave it to him.

(He helps AUTLOC up.)

IXTA: Ian was helping the handmaiden to escape. He struck you down from behind.

(AUTLOC looks shattered.)

IAN: How do you know he was hit from behind?
IXTA: That club belongs to Ian! Take them away!

(The two start to be dragged off...)

AUTLOC: (Weakly shouting after them.) You are the servants of a false goddess!

(He holds his head in pain. IXTA smiles behind him at the departing captives.)


(TONILA stands by a smiling TLOTOXL, who is holding IAN’S club.)

TLOTOXL: She is a false goddess. And now Autloc has proclaimed it. Yes, we cannot destroy her, Tonila, until the time is ripe.
TONILA: The people would not understand.
TLOTOXL: (Shrugging off TONILA'S worry.) The day of darkness is the perfect time. As the Perfect Victim leaves this land, so shall the woman who calls herself Yetaxa also depart.
TONILA: How shall it be done?
TLOTOXL: As the gods appear, may they not also disappear just as suddenly? I shall arrange it. I had a vision…Tonila...of a room with three walls. The false Yetaxa shall be placed in that room...and the fourth wall added. Then order shall be restored.


(Meanwhile, the DOCTOR is carving a small wheel out of a piece of wood with the use of a metal knife. CAMECA watches him.)

CAMECA: Of all Aztec men, the High Priest of Knowledge is the most gentle.
DOCTOR: Ian didn't hit him, Cameca.
CAMECA: Yet his club was found here...
DOCTOR: Yes. And as Ian said, he was in the garden. I know. But he's innocent.
CAMECA: Yet he is to die.

(He stops working.)

DOCTOR: Yes. Butchered by Ixta.
CAMECA: If it is your wish...let our marriage be postponed.

(The DOCTOR shows pain in his expression. He restarts his task. CAMECA changes the subject.)

CAMECA: What is it you're making?
DOCTOR: Oh, just something to…take my mind off the problem.
CAMECA: Let me intercede with Autloc on your friend's behalf…
DOCTOR: It isn’t just Tlotoxl that we have to contend with.

(He looks around at the garden.)

DOCTOR: He and his kind would destroy all this one day.
CAMECA: How can it be prevented, if it is the will of the gods?
DOCTOR: It isn't the will of Yetaxa.
CAMECA: (Astonished.) The gods wish an end to sacrifice?
DOCTOR: Yes, and Yetaxa speaks for them. But Autloc is needed here, and he won't go to the temple.
CAMECA: I shall persuade him to go to Yetaxa, beloved.

(The DOCTOR is touched. With a smile to CAMECA, he pats her hand affectionately.)


(The guards leave AUTLOC alone with BARBARA.)

BARBARA: I thank you for attending me, Autloc.
AUTLOC: (Coldly.) Such gratitude is due to Cameca.
BARBARA: Then thank her for me. (She takes a deep breath.) My servant did not strike you, Autloc.
AUTLOC: The evidence we have proves he did.
BARBARA: If that is true, then I am unworthy of your trust?

(AUTLOC doesn’t reply.)

BARBARA: Of all people, Autloc...why should I harm you? No, there's some plan here. Who would benefit most by breaking up our friendship? Tlotoxl.
AUTLOC: (Thoughtful.) Tlotoxl hates you, I know that...and Ixta does his bidding...and I am bewildered by the things that happened. I have many doubts. But in this matter...I must believe you. As for the others...I..I do not know if you are Yetaxa, I do not know what you are...
BARBARA: My servants are in danger! Will you see them die?
AUTLOC: Your handmaiden I may be able to protect. But the young man Ian is too closely guarded.
BARBARA: He didn't strike you, Autloc! He didn't!
AUTLOC: (With regret.) I cannot save him.

(He walks out of the chamber. BARBARA hits the side if the door in frustration.)


(The DOCTOR has finished his primitive wheel, and is looking it over for any flaws. CAMECA comes back up to him.)

DOCTOR: Here you are, my dear. It's nearly finished.
CAMECA: As is our time together. I do not know what its purpose is, but I've always known it would take you from me.
DOCTOR: Yes. I'm sorry, my dear.
CAMECA: Tomorrow will truly be a day of darkness.
DOCTOR: For both of us.
CAMECA: Tlotoxl is determined to destroy Yetaxa?
DOCTOR: He must do, to safeguard his own beliefs.
CAMECA: We are a doomed people, my dear. There is no turning back for us.
DOCTOR: You are a very fine woman, Cameca. And you’ll always be very, very dear to me.

(CAMECA walks away from him, head bowed. As she walks though the garden, AUTLOC comes up to meet her.)

AUTLOC: Cameca, I must speak with you.

(She doesn’t look up at him.)

AUTLOC: You are sad, Cameca....
CAMECA: I have just lost...all that is dear to my heart...
AUTLOC: The same cloud hangs over us. The sunlight of the truth is darkened, and I must know the reason for that darkness.
CAMECA: Yours is a tragedy far greater than mine.
AUTLOC: Yet we may help each other. Although I have lost my faith in our traditions...I keep my faith in you. (He smiles.)
CAMECA: And I in you, High Priest.

(AUTLOC holds up a golden seal.)

AUTLOC: See this ornament? It proves the title to my dwelling house and all my wealth. You will take it to the one who guards Yetaxa's handmaiden. It will serve to turn his head away while you take the girl up to the temple.

(CAMECA takes the medallion from AUTLOC.)

CAMECA: I shall do it. Where will you seek your truth?
AUTLOC: In the wilderness, away from the influence of other men.
CAMECA: You shall not search in vain.
AUTLOC: And you, happy in the trust I place in you.

(He salutes her, then turns and walks away from her. CAMECA's gaze slowly turns back to the DOCTOR, still looking over his wheel...)


(TONILA salutes the PERFECT VICTIM, now bare-chested, who is standing with IAN, SUSAN, and a host of guards.)

TONILA: May your sacrifice bring pleasure to the gods and peace to our lands.
PERFECT VICTIM: I thank Tonila for his many gratitudes.
TONILA: I have come to escort you, as you walk among the people before you find your...destiny.
SUSAN: What's to happen to us, Tonila?
TONILA: You shall both be punished before the Perfect Victim goes to find his heaven.

(IXTA comes into view.)

IXTA: (To the PERFECT VICTIM.) I, Ixta the Chosen Warrior, shall proudly lead you to your glory!
PERFECT VICTIM: May victory always rest upon your shoulders.
IXTA: (To TONILA.) When we have reached the temple steps, bring them on. (To IAN.) We shall have one more meeting, Ian.
IAN: (Coldly.) Yes. A final one.

(With a harsh laugh, IXTA storms off.)


(The DOCTOR is hastily tying the rope around the throne as BARBARA looks on.)

BARBARA: Doctor, why won't you listen to me?
DOCTOR: They're all busy at the ceremony, and this is just the right time.
BARBARA: But they'll be here at any moment! Don't you realise that?
DOCTOR: Yes. Now, let me see...

(He has finished tying the rope. He lifts it, testing its weight.)

DOCTOR: Oh, uh, I-I think you ought to order Autloc to, to release Susan and Ian.
BARBARA: What? In front of everybody?

(He points at the door to the tomb.)

DOCTOR: Yes! It'll only take me a moment to open the doors, and then we shall all dash through there before…
BARBARA: (Looking outside.) Shh! Shh!

(The DOCTOR gets behind the throne, as BARBARA goes to meet TLOTOXL.)

TLOTOXL: The procession has started. Are you ready to attend the ceremony?
BARBARA: But where's Autloc?
TLOTOXL: He will not be present.
BARBARA: Why not? What have you done with him?
TLOTOXL: (With a shrug.) I? Nothing. He has gone into the wilderness.
BARBARA: (Taken aback.) When will he return?

(He leaves.)


(The AZTEC CAPTAIN, wearing full regalia, including the Eagle helmet is pacing back and forth before IAN and SUSAN, who are seated at a bench. CAMECA comes in, and the CAPTAIN salutes her.)

CAPTAIN: I greet you, Cameca.

(She shows him the seal.)

CAMECA: Do you know this ornament? Autloc desires that it shall be yours. It is the title to his dwelling and all his possessions.
CAPTAIN: (Reaches out.) Give it to me…
CAMECA: (Holding it back.) You must earn it.
CAMECA: Send away the warriors from outside this place.

(The CAPTAIN walks to the door to do so.)

IAN: (Gets up.) What are you doing?
CAMECA: I've come to help you. It is important that the…

(The CAPTAIN returns, holding his hand out.)

CAMECA: As I give you this, so you shall close your eyes. Autloc desires that the handmaiden shall leave here with me.

(The CAPTAIN appears reluctant and, pondering the matter, walks in front of IAN and SUSAN, turning his back towards them.)

CAMECA: (Insistently.) There is position and honour in this ornament...

(The guard starts to speak…and IAN seizes his chance, hitting him from behind. The two women look surprised at him.)

IAN: Well, somebody had to make up his mind for him.

(CAMECA kneels down and puts the ornament in the unconscious CAPTAIN'S hand.)

CAMECA: (To SUSAN.) Come! Quickly! (To IAN.) The handmaiden must go to the temple with me!
IAN: Go on, Susan.

(CAMECA leads SUSAN out. IAN kneels down and plucks the Eagle helmet off of the CAPTAIN. Then, with a smile, he slips it on as he leaves in the other direction...)


(TLOTOXL absent-mindedly plucks at a plant as TONILA speaks beside him.)

TONILA: The Perfect Victim stands before the people.

(TLOTOXL nods, and scans the sky above him.)

TLOTOXL: The darkness approaches. Now here is the order of my plan: We shall dispatch Ian and the girl, and then the sky will grow black. Then follows the perfect sacrifice. Then you and I, Tonila, will retire into the temple and bind the false Yetaxa. As light appears in the sky, we shall again stand in our places.

(TONILA smiles.)

TLOTOXL: Autloc has gone into the wilderness. You shall be High Priest of Knowledge in his place.

(TONILA bows.)

TONILA: I shall be at your side.

(TLOTOXL viciously yanks a whole section of plant out.)


(The DOCTOR has fashioned a primitive pulley out of the wheel and a couple sticks. He pulls the rope onto the wheel. SUSAN runs in.)

SUSAN: Grandfather! Grandfather...

(He gratefully accepts her hug as Cameca enters.)

DOCTOR: Oh my dear Susan! Ah...
SUSAN: Where's Barbara?
DOCTOR: (Indicates the anteroom.) She's in there.
SUSAN: Oh, good. Barbara? Barbara...

(SUSAN runs into the anteroom.)

CAMECA: (Saluting.) I honour Autloc's trust. I bring you your handmaiden.
DOCTOR: (Crossing over to her.) That was a very brave thing for you to do, Cameca. But you can't stay here.
CAMECA: I'd hoped I might...stay by your side...

(The DOCTOR shakes his head quietly.)

CAMECA: (In a soft whisper.) Then think of me.

(She turns, and starts to walk out. She pauses at the temple threshold.)

CAMECA: Think of me...

(The DOCTOR remains behind with a sad look on his face and sighs.)


(The CAPTAIN is starting to wake up. But IXTA is there, in his Cougar head helmet. He turns the CAPTAIN over…and picks up AUTLOC'S seal. TLOTOXL runs in.)

TLOTOXL: Why do you delay?
IXTA: (Points at the semi-conscious CAPTAIN.) He has betrayed us! Ian and the girl have gone!
TLOTOXL: We dare not wait. The darkness will come and go. The sacrifice must be made! (He points at the CAPTAIN.) Kill him!

(He runs out, as IXTA picks up an axe…)


(The PERFECT VICTIM stands beside TONILA, with the guards - including the disguised IAN - around them.)

TONILA: Escort Yetaxa to the sacrificial altar.

(IAN salutes, turns, and leads the guards into the main chamber.)


(He salutes before the seated BARBARA. She gets up and walks out…)


(…and stands before the stone.)

TONILA: (To the guards.) Go now and bring those who are to be punished.

(The guards leave, with the exception of IAN.)

BARBARA: Where's Tlotoxl? The ceremony cannot begin without him.
TONILA: He comes with the handmaiden. She shall be pierced with thorns.

(He moves to his position by the stone. TLOTOXL runs up from the barracks, furious.)

TLOTOXL: False goddess! You have betrayed us! I shall destroy you!

(He raises a knife in his hand but IAN moves in, seizes the knife before he can bring it down. TLOTOXL screams…)




(At the bottom of the temple steps, IXTA whirls around and races upwards...)


IAN: (To BARBARA.) Run, Barbara!

(He forces the knife out of TLOTOXL’S hands as BARBARA rushes into the throne room…)


(...joining the DOCTOR and SUSAN in pulling the rope through the pulley.)


(TLOTOXL wrenches free from IAN then beckons to TONILA and the PERFECT VICTIM. They all run away, TLOTOXL shouting as he goes...)

TLOTOXL: (OOV.) Ixta! Ixta!

(IXTA arrives at the top of the stairs. Both divest themselves of their capes and pull out clubs. IXTA makes the first swing, hitting IAN’S shield…IAN lashes out but misses. IXTA does the same. There is a back and forth flurry of blows - IAN is knocked back, to the edge of the temple floor. IXTA attacks, IAN sidesteps, turning IXTA around to the edge - another flurry. IAN gets battered onto the altar. IXTA moves in for the killing blow. IAN flings his shield away to block the blow, parries a couple more shots, gets up and clutches IXTA. IXTA who pushes him away, back to the edge. He swings - IAN barely dodges it - another swing, IAN’S legs get taken out from under him. IXTA lifts his club overhead but IAN grabs him and slings him over and IXTA, screaming, falls to a his death over the edge of the temple. His body lies awkwardly at the base of the building. IAN yanks off his eagle helmet and rejoins the others…)


(…who have managed to pull the door up.)

IAN: It's opening!
DOCTOR: Go! Quickly!

(The four rush for the TARDIS, IAN throwing his helmet onto the throne. The door closes behind them and when TLOTOXL, TONILA and the guards rush in a split-second later, the room is empty.)

TONILA: The darkness, Tlotoxl!
TLOTOXL: (A dismissing wave at the door.) Let them go!

(TONILA places a knife in TLOTOXL’S hand. He walks back out to the darkened terrace…)


(…where the shirtless PERFECT VICTIM has now been laid. TLOTOXL raises his arms at the now black sky and the eclipsed sun...)

TLOTOXL: Great god of the sun and the warriors...I, Tlotoxl, thank you for this victory! In your honour, let perfect sacrifice be made!

(He raises the knife above the PERFECT VICTIM…)


(BARBARA has taken off her headdress and places it down next to the corpse of the true Yetaxa. The DOCTOR looks on.)

BARBARA: We failed...
DOCTOR: Yes, we did. We had to.

(She pulls off her cloak and lays it down.)

BARBARA: Then what's the point of traveling through time and space? We can't change anything. Nothing. Tlotoxl had to win.
BARBARA: And the one man I had respect for...I deceived. Poor Autloc. I gave him false hope - and in the end, he lost his faith.

(She pulls off the coiled serpent bracelet as the DOCTOR walks up to her.)

DOCTOR: He found another faith. A better. And that’s the good you've done. You failed to save a civilisation - but at least you helped one man.

(BARBARA smiles as she lays the bracelet down and walks into the TARDIS. The DOCTOR stares at the body of Yetaxa for a moment. He pulls something out of his pocket - the medallion with Yetaxa's image on it. A gift from CAMECA. He places the medallion next to the corpse, turns, and starts to walk toward the TARDIS...and hesitates. He turns back, retakes the medallion and puts it in his pocket. Then, grabbing his walking stick, he enters the TARDIS.)


(The DOCTOR activates the TARDIS controls and the familiar dematerialisation noise sounds through the control room…)


(The column on the TARDIS console has come to a stop. SUSAN, in a change of clothes stands beside the DOCTOR as he looks the controls over. IAN and BARBARA, now in new clothes as well, walk over and joins them. The DOCTOR shakes his head in puzzlement at SUSAN.)

IAN: What's the matter, Doctor?
DOCTOR: We have a bit of a mystery, my boy.
BARBARA: What sort of mystery?
DOCTOR: It's my instruments.
SUSAN: Yes. According to these controls here, we've stopped.
DOCTOR: Yes, and those (Points at the other side of the console.) instruments say that we're still moving....
IAN: Perhaps we've landed on top of something.
DOCTOR: Yes.....
BARBARA: Or inside something....

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