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"The Bride of Sacrifice"
Written by John Lucarotti
Broadcast: 6 June, 1964
Duration: 25 minutes 27 seconds


TLOTOXL: A false goddess forbids it! (To IXTA.) Destroy him!
BARBARA: (Behind them all.) Stop!

(She has entered the room unseen by all. The fight stops. She walks up to TLOTOXL, who looks at her with contempt.)

TLOTOXL: Your place is in the temple.
BARBARA: I am loyal to those who serve me.
TLOTOXL: (Points at the fight.) If you are him!!

(BARBARA looks down uncertainly at the groggy IAN and then seizes a knife which she holds at a TLOTOXL’S throat.)

BARBARA: If my servant dies, so does Tlotoxl! (To IXTA.) Put it down.

(He puts the club down.)

BARBARA: I did as you commanded. Now you must obey me. Those who serve me shall not be punished.
TLOTOXL: (With reluctance.) So be it.
PERFECT VICTIM: (Clacks the sticks together again.) The contest is ended. Ixta may not claim the victory.

(He hands the sticks over to TONILA and leaves. Everyone bows to him.)

AUTLOC: (To the guards.) Attend Yetaxa's servant. Take the old man to the courtyard. And in obedience to Yetaxa, release him.

(TLOTOXL walks over to IAN, now unconscious on the table. He snatches up the thorn stuck in IAN'S wrist, snags IXTA, and drags him off to the side.)

TLOTOXL: Is it true? The old man gave you this…to win a victory?
IXTA: It is true.
TLOTOXL: It is not is the juice from a plant. Tonila will know. Why did he aid you?
IXTA: It was a trick. He did not know that I was to fight Ian. He promised to help me if I told him the secrets of my work.
TLOTOXL: What secrets?
IXTA: How the tomb of Yetaxa may be opened.
TLOTOXL: (He thinks about this.) I must question him about it.

(He turns to leave. IXTA holds him back.)

IXTA: Tlotoxl, what of Ian? He was at my mercy.
TLOTOXL: So shall he be again, I promise it.
IXTA: And next time, you will honour your promise!


(BARBARA sits on the temple throne.)

AUTLOC: Tlotoxl was humiliated. He will not forget, nor will he forgive.
BARBARA: I did as he commanded.
AUTLOC: But not as he expected.
BARBARA: What did he want? A miracle?
AUTLOC: We all awaited it.
BARBARA: Why should I use divine powers, when human ability will suffice?
AUTLOC: Yetaxa has spoken.

(BARBARA rises from the throne.)

BARBARA: Has the High Priest of Knowledge thought about my prophecy?
AUTLOC: I have. It is true that if we defy the gods, we shall be destroyed.
BARBARA: There are two ways. The gods' way - and Tlotoxl's. Which is evil and must be destroyed.
AUTLOC: He is the High Priest of Sacrifice...

(BARBARA walks out onto the terrace. AUTLOC follows.)


BARBARA: When is the next sacrifice?
AUTLOC: Three days from today. The moon will pass before the sun, and all will be in darkness.
BARBARA: At noon?
AUTLOC: Even so.
BARBARA: (Nods.) There's to be an eclipse. And Tlotoxl will offer human blood so that the sun will shine again.
BARBARA: But it's a trick! As the High Priest of Knowledge, you know the sun will shine again!
AUTLOC: Unless the gods withdraw their favour from us....
BARBARA: Am I not a god? Support me. Tlotoxl won't dare defy us both!
AUTLOC: (In a conflict.) If I take that course, there is no way back for me...In all humility, I beg not deceive me or prove false to me.

(A look of guilt appears on BARBARA’S face.)


(The DOCTOR is relaxing in the garden again, studying a plant in his hands as he sits on the stone bench. TLOTOXL is also here, looking over the plant the DOCTOR used.)

TLOTOXL: The priest Tonila's knowledge of plants has served me well.
DOCTOR: (Not looking up at him.) I am delighted.
TLOTOXL: What manner of servant are you?
DOCTOR: (Waves him off.) Oh, go away Tlotoxl!
TLOTOXL: I am curious about you. First you try to give Ixta a victory...
DOCTOR: Ixta cheated me.
TLOTOXL: I wonder...
DOCTOR: I am faithful to my friends.
TLOTOXL: Yet you deceive Yetaxa.
DOCTOR: Not at all.

 (TLOTOXL sits by the DOCTOR.)

TLOTOXL: You tried to get into the tomb without her knowledge.

(The DOCTOR stiffens.)

TLOTOXL: What is it you want from the tomb?
DOCTOR: What is it you want from me, hmm?
TLOTOXL: I want but one thing. Proof that she is a false goddess.

(The DOCTOR gets up.)

DOCTOR: Then open the tomb!
TLOTOXL: That cannot be achieved.
DOCTOR: Talk to Ixta. He has some drawings.
TLOTOXL: In whose service are you?
DOCTOR: I serve the truth. Help me Tlotoxl, and I promise will find it...

(He walks off.)


(IAN recovers consciousness. He sees IXTA fondling a knife. He struggles to get up in a panic, but IXTA puts a calming hand on him.)

IXTA: Do not be afraid of me, Ian. Now that I can defeat you openly, I have no need to destroy you in secret.
IAN: Whatever it was you scratched me with beat me. Not you, Ixta.
IXTA: Did you yourself not say "Use stealth, surprise your enemy?"
IAN: True.
IXTA: Did I not do those things?
IAN: Yes, you did.
IXTA: A thorn, some poison and the aged servant of Yetaxa.
IAN: (Surprised and shocked.) Did the Doctor help you?!
IXTA: Your friends make strange allies, Ian.
IAN: Did he know you were going to fight me?
IAN: (He laughs gently.) I need some fresh air.
IXTA: Let me help you. (He pulls IAN up.) Now that I have proved that I can be the victor, we too can be friends, for the little while that you have left to live.
IAN: Oh...I’m gonna die, am I?
IXTA: (Grins.) Oh yes. Next time, I shall not fail to kill you.

(TLOTOXL and TONILA enter.)

TLOTOXL: Ixta… (He notices IAN.) I see your strength has been restored to you.
IAN: Don't tell me you're my friend now.

(TLOTOXL glowers and pulls IXTA aside.)

TLOTOXL: Ixta, I have need of the drawings.
IXTA: The ones I promised to the old man? (He smiles.) None exist. The secret of the tomb died with my father.

(IAN, still slightly groggy, snaps to attention at hearing this.)

TLOTOXL: Why did he not set it down?
IXTA: He thought to, but disappeared before it could be done.
IAN: So that's why the Doctor prepared the thorn for you!
IXTA: (Grins.) Yes. And now the old man waits in vain for the drawings. (He claps IAN on the shoulder.) Stealth and cunning, Ian.

(He leads the un-amused IAN out of the barracks. TLOTOXL pulls TONILA to talk. IAN separates from IXTA and puts himself by the door to listen in.)

TLOTOXL: You are well versed in these matters, Tonila. Just as the old man helped Ixta defeat Ian, so shall you help me destroy the false Yetaxa!
IXTA: (OOV.) Ian?

(IAN walks off to join IXTA.)

TONILA: (Shaking his head.) I cannot do this. No, I will not! Destroy the gods and we destroy ourselves!
TLOTOXL: The gods are immortal, are they not?
TLOTOXL: Then how can we, mere flesh and blood, destroy them?
TONILA: But did you not suggest the use of knowledge of poisons against Yetaxa?
TLOTOXL: I say that such a test would prove the woman. If she dies, she is mortal. If she lives, then she is indeed the spirit of Yetaxa returned. Now would you deny yourself the glory, Tonila, of seeing the gods proved before your eyes?
TONILA: (Pauses, then…) I shall prepare the mixture. Then you and I and Autloc will test Yetaxa.
TLOTOXL: Er…Autloc? I think not.
TONILA: But why not?
TLOTOXL: His mind is set that she is Yetaxa. He would forbid the test. No, you and I will do this thing, Tonila. (He smiles.) For once the High Priest of Knowledge shall be in ignorance.

(TONILA still looks uncertain.)


(AUTLOC is meeting with CAMECA in the garden. On the other side of the garden, the DOCTOR is looking over a stone carving on the wall. CAMECA is holding a clay cup in her hands.)

AUTLOC: Such happiness, Cameca, outshines the sun.
CAMECA: And may outlast it, Autloc.
AUTLOC: What brings about such joy?

(CAMECA looks at the DOCTOR.)

AUTLOC: Then I am grateful to him. You carry cocoa beans. For barter?
CAMECA: I've been to the market and obtained food.
AUTLOC: (He smiles, understanding.) Then, uh...these must be for drink?
CAMECA: Only the gods may know...
AUTLOC: And mortals live in hope.
CAMECA: He is a gentle companion and most dear to me.
AUTLOC: Then prepare these beans as a love potion.
CAMECA: Oh, that would be too bold! Rather should he show his love for me.
AUTLOC: You wish him to prepare it?

(She pauses with a slight embarrassment.)

AUTLOC: Good fortune.

(He leaves, and CAMECA walks up to the DOCTOR.)

CAMECA: I greet the good and noble Doctor.
DOCTOR: Ah, my dear Cameca, how nice to see you again! The garden’s been a lonely place without you.
CAMECA: When one's interest is held, loneliness does not exist.
DOCTOR: I was merely passing the time until you arrived. Oh, umm....

(The DOCTOR turns and points out a sign carved into the garden wall. A coiled snake.)

DOCTOR: This sign...I, uh...I haven't noticed it before.
CAMECA: It is Yetaxa's sign. In almost every building honour is paid to Yetaxa.
DOCTOR: Oh, really?
CAMECA: Mm hmm.

(CAMECA suddenly spills several dozen cocoa beans on the bench as she starts to sit down.)

DOCTOR: Oh! Oh my dear...

(He starts to pick them up with her.)

DOCTOR: Cocoa beans!
CAMECA: We use these to barter for our daily needs.
DOCTOR: What an excellent idea - a currency you can drink! Delicious!
CAMECA: Do you know our customs?
DOCTOR: (Lying.) Why yes, my dear, of course!
CAMECA: The drinking of cocoa has its own…special meaning....
DOCTOR: Yes, I agree! A rare delight! We shall take a cup together!
CAMECA: (Joyful.) Are you certain?
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, quite. Now give me some beans, and I'll prepare them.

(CAMECA pours some beans into the DOCTOR'S hands.)

CAMECA: You insist upon this?
DOCTOR: I do. I insist, absolutely! As a token of my esteem, hmm?
CAMECA: (Smiles.) The gods are smiling favour through your eyes, may it always be so! My dear Doctor, I accept with all my heart!
DOCTOR: Wait here, my dear.

(He starts to walk off but turns back momentarily.)

DOCTOR: I'll be back!

(He walks off, leaving a very happy CAMECA behind.)


(IAN has arrived at the temple to warn BARBARA.)

BARBARA: Why do you take such risks?
IAN: Because I overheard something that Tlotoxl said to Tonila.
BARBARA: Tonila? I didn't know they were allies...
IAN: They're planning something against you. I'm sure of it.
BARBARA: I'll watch them both.

(She walk outs of the temple to the terrace with IAN.)


BARBARA: Tlotoxl's dangerous. He seems able to bring people round to his way of thinking.
IAN: You've got it all wrong, Barbara. All the people here share Tlotoxl's views.
BARBARA: What about Autloc? (Sighs.) Oh, I'm sick and tired of all this arguing and quarreling. First the Doctor, and now you. Why can't you see what I'm trying to do?
IAN: I can.
BARBARA: Well, you're not helping. Tlotoxl's evil, and he'll make everyone else the same.
IAN: They are the same, Barbara! That's the whole point! You keep on insisting that Tlotoxl's the odd man out, but he isn't.
BARBARA: I don't believe it.
IAN: Well, you must. If only you could stand away from this thing, you'd see it clearly. Autloc's the extraordinary man here. He's the reasonable one, the civilized one, the one that's prepared to listen to advice. But he's one man, Barbara! One man!
BARBARA: And everything I've tried to do...?

(Finally conceding defeat. BARBARA walks back into the temple.)


BARBARA: Oh, I...I thought I could alter them.
IAN: You can't fight a whole way of life, Barbara.
BARBARA: I suppose not. I've just been fooling myself. Ian, what can we do?
IAN: We can get into that tomb and leave them alone.
BARBARA: Yes. Ian, I...

(She looks over at the door.)

BARBARA: Someone coming.

(IAN runs to hide in a corner of the temple. BARBARA retakes the throne as TLOTOXL and TONILA come in. TONILA holds a cup in his hand. They both bow before her.)

TLOTOXL: We greet Yetaxa.
BARBARA: (Sharply.) What do you want here?
TLOTOXL: I come before Yetaxa in humility.
BARBARA: Such quiet words do you credit.
TLOTOXL: We have both spoken hot words and thought black deeds, and I must be the one to find a common ground.
TONILA: End this conflict...

(He holds out the cup.)

TLOTOXL: Drink this draft with us, as a symbol of our new friendship, and then I will serve you. And whatever words Yetaxa speaks, I shall echo.

(He offers the cup to her again, bowing.)

TONILA: I am the witness.
BARBARA: Then I accept.
TLOTOXL: I hear your words, and I rejoice!

(He takes the cup and offers it to her and the two Priests bow. She takes the cup and raises it to her lips. Behind them, IAN momentarily jumps out of hiding and waves frantically to BARBARA, warning her. She sees this and lowers the cup without taking a drink. TLOTOXL and TONILA raise themselves from their bowing position, TLOTOXL noticing with a frown that BARBARA has not taken a drink from the cup.)

BARBARA: Tlotoxl, you do believe me to be Yetaxa?
TLOTOXL: (Smiling.) I shall proclaim you when we stand together before the people.
BARBARA: Then I would have you perform one small service. For as I prove my faith in you, so must you prove yours to me.
TLOTOXL: (Still smiling.) Tell me quickly that I may obey, and all the past be forgotten.

(She holds out the cup to him.)

BARBARA: Drink first.
BARBARA: (Sharply.) Drink it!

(She holds the cup out to TONILA. Both of them take a step back backwards.)

BARBARA: So this is your "friendship"!

(She flings the cup at the floor, shattering it, and down out of her throne.)

BARBARA: You defile this temple!! Get out of my sight! Go!

(TONILA rushes out. TLOTOXL starts to run as well…)


(…but stumbles against the altar.)

TLOTOXL: I only meant to test you!
BARBARA: With poison?!
TLOTOXL: Yetaxa would have lived! The gods are immortal!
BARBARA: Well, I would have died - I am not Yetaxa!

(He bolts to his feet.)

TLOTOXL: False! False, I knew…!
BARBARA: And who’ll believe you? I warn you, Tlotoxl. You say one word against me to the people and I'll have them destroy you. Destroy you!

(TLOTOXL slinks away. BARBARA removes her headdress as IAN comes out of hiding and hugs her.)

IAN: Don't worry, Barbara. We'll be all right. We'll get away from this place.


(Meanwhile, the DOCTOR has finished making two cups of hot cocoa for himself and CAMECA which they each hold in their hands, ready to drink.)

DOCTOR: Happy days, my dear.
CAMECA: The happiest of my life, dear heart.

(They both take a sip.)

CAMECA: Was ever such a potion brewed? In bliss is quenched my thirsty heart.
DOCTOR: Very prettily put, my dear.
CAMECA: Oh sweet favoured man, you have declared your love for me. And I acknowledge and accept your gentle proposal!

(The DOCTOR chokes, almost spewing out the hot chocolate.)


(TONILA and AUTLOC are conversing quietly outside the temple. TLOTOXL is nearby, staring out at the city silently.)

AUTLOC: What progress do our pupils make at the seminary, Tonila?
TONILA: All are diligent in their studies.
AUTLOC: And how does Yetaxa's handmaiden fare?

(At the mention of "Yetaxa," TLOTOXL looks up, and listens in to the conversation.)

TONILA: Her intelligence far exceeds that of the others. And she has knowledge of things known only to the Priests.
AUTLOC: You are surprised? She also serves the gods.
TLOTOXL: (Loudly.) She serves other gods than ours!
AUTLOC: (Walks over to him.) Tlotoxl, when will you cease to doubt Yetaxa's divinity?
TLOTOXL: I know she is false! She has come amongst us to destroy us!
AUTLOC: Or to save us.

(AUTLOC walks off. TLOTOXL walks over to TONILA.)

TLOTOXL: Autloc believes in Yetaxa. What of you?
TONILA: I'm not sure. I do not know whose voice to hear.
TLOTOXL: When I have the proof, my voice will be like thunder in the sky! (To himself.) But what is the way? She is too clever... (He thinks of something, louder to TONILA.) Her handmaiden, alone in the seminary.
TONILA: She is intelligent and self-willed.
TLOTOXL: Tell me about her.
TONILA: One day, in the presence of Autloc and myself, she said she would only marry someone of her own choosing.
TLOTOXL: She would not marry on advice or for honour?
TONILA: Not unless she chose the man.
TLOTOXL: (With a sly grin.) Then we must find a suitable husband for her, Tonila. Yetaxa's weakness lies not in herself, but in her servants....


(AUTLOC is continuing his tutoring of SUSAN.)

AUTLOC: In the annals of Cuauhtitlan, there is the myth of the five suns in the sky. Name them.

(As SUSAN speaks, TONILA and the PERFECT VICTIM walk in.)

SUSAN: The first was known as Four-Tiger, the second the sun of air, the third the sun of fire and rain, the fourth the sun of water and finally, the present one, the sun of Man.
AUTLOC: Excellent, Susan.
TONILA: (Interrupting.) I greet you, Autloc.

(TONILA and the PERFECT VICTIM salute. AUTLOC returns it.)

AUTLOC: I honour you. But why do you come her?
PERFECT VICTIM: (Walking over to SUSAN.) It is my wish to look upon her.
AUTLOC: Do you know who she is?
PERFECT VICTIM: Does she know who I am?

(He stares at a very uncomfortable SUSAN.)

AUTLOC: In a few days time, Susan, darkness will descend upon the land, even though it is day.
TONILA: The sun will be hidden from our eyes.
SUSAN: You mean there'll be an eclipse.
AUTLOC: At that time, a sacrifice will be made to the Sun God, and this young man...

(He puts a hand on the PERFECT VICTIM’S shoulder.)

SUSAN: (Realising.) to be the victim. (She turns away from them.) Oh, it's horrible...
PERFECT VICTIM: But it is a great honour for me to be chosen...

(SUSAN will not return his look. He walks over to the door, thinking, then turns and addresses the priests.)

PERFECT VICTIM: I shall take her as my bride.

(SUSAN whirls around with a contemptuous smile on her face.)

SUSAN: Bride?! He thinks I'll marry him? He must be mad!
TONILA: (A note of warning in his voice.) For these last few days of life, all that he desires is granted to him.
SUSAN: Well, that doesn't include me! Let him die if he wants to die, but don't ask me to marry him!
AUTLOC: It is the Aztec law, Susan.
SUSAN: Well, it’s barbaric! I won't do it - I won't!

(The PERFECT VICTIM walks up to her, staring again, She doesn't return his gaze. He finally gives up and stalks out of the room.)

TONILA: For this, you will be most severely punished.
AUTLOC: But Tonila…
TONILA: (In a tone that will allow no argument.) She has broken the law. It must be reported to Tlotoxl.

(He walks out of the room. AUTLOC walks up to SUSAN.)

AUTLOC: Whatever’s in my power, I shall do...
SUSAN: (In a shaky whisper.) You're monsters...all of you monsters...

(She runs from him. AUTLOC stares helplessly at her, as she sags against the door sobbing.)

SUSAN: Grandfather...grandfather...


(The DOCTOR is still studying the carved symbol of Yetaxa, built into the temple wall. He jumps when CAMECA addresses him from behind.)

CAMECA: My dear, I am glad to find you alone…

(He recovers instantly and takes her hand.)

DOCTOR: Oh, Cameca!
CAMECA: I have a gift for you. It signifies my love for you.

(The DOCTOR takes a dark medallion from her hand and holds it up.)

CAMECA: It came from Yetaxa's tomb.
DOCTOR: From where?
CAMECA: The tomb. See, it has Yetaxa's sign on it!
DOCTOR: Magnificent, my dear. Where did you get it?
CAMECA: Ixta's father. (At the DOCTOR'S look.) He was in love with me. He gave it me the night before he disappeared.
DOCTOR: In this garden?
CAMECA: Yes. He was never seen again.

(She leans against the DOCTOR'S shoulder.)

CAMECA: But all this is a long time ago, and I now look forward to a life of bliss with you....
DOCTOR: And I with you, my dear.
CAMECA: Peace and contentment.
DOCTOR: Serenity.
CAMECA: We must have a garden of our own.

(His eyes suddenly light up.)

DOCTOR: Yes, why not? A garden of our own...


(TONILA and TLOTOXL walk in, followed by half a dozen guards. They wait for BARBARA to meet them before bowing.)

BARBARA: Why do you attend me?
TONILA: There is a matter we will place before you.

(BARBARA sits upon the throne.)

BARBARA: Tonila, you wish the gods to favour you with their good opinions?
BARBARA: Yet you sin against them with your test of poison.
TLOTOXL: Let us talk of this…
BARBARA: (Sharply.) Be quiet! (Pause, then calmly.) Tonila, we freely forgive you your sins against us.

(TLOTOXL comes up to her, almost pleading.)

TLOTOXL: What is the punishment for one who talks out against our teachings?
BARBARA: In public?
TONILA: Yes. And after warnings.
BARBARA: Who heard this?
TONILA: Autloc and I.
BARBARA: Autloc?
TLOTOXL: Then it must be true.
TONILA: (He braces himself.) Great spirit, the penalty is set. The offender must be publicly scourged and ridiculed.
TLOTOXL: The tongue and ears must be pierced with thorns!
BARBARA: (Sickened.) No. I cannot agree to that.
TLOTOXL: Would you deny a punishment that Autloc himself upholds?
TONILA: Without discipline, what purpose is there? We would all scatter and give way to weakness!
BARBARA: (Thoughtful.) When is this punishment to take place?
TONILA: On the day of darkness.
TLOTOXL: Before the people. You must be there, so that all may know the gravity of the offence.
BARBARA: I wish my servants to be present. The two men, and my handmaiden.
TLOTOXL: (His voice tinged with irony.) I shall arrange it. The two men...and your handmaiden....shall be there.

(TLOTOXL smiles at her.)


(The DOCTOR is with IAN at the barracks. They have taken a seat, and the DOCTOR is showing him the medallion.)

DOCTOR: That came out of the tomb. And the man who discovered it later disappeared in the garden. And on the wall is a stone with Yetaxa's sign on it.
IAN: You mean there's a tunnel, from there to the tomb?
DOCTOR: (Rubbing his chin.) Yes, that's what I suspect.
IAN: (Looking at the medallion again.) Where did you get hold of this?
DOCTOR: My fiancée.
IAN: I see - (He looks up.) Your what!?
DOCTOR: (Still rubbing his chin.) Yes. I made some cocoa, and got engaged.

(IAN laughs to the DOCTORS annoyance.)

DOCTOR: (Getting up.) Oh, don't giggle, my boy! It's neither here nor there. We must find that tunnel tonight!
IAN: (Still laughing.) Yes, all right...
DOCTOR: Now, I'll wait for you in the garden. And when Ixta's asleep, you come out.
IAN: Yes, I will, all right.

(The DOCTOR turns to go.)

IAN: Oh, by the way...Doctor?

(The DOCTOR faces him.)

IAN: Congratulations.

(IAN cracks up again. Steaming, the DOCTOR storms out.)


(AUTLOC is by BARBARA’S side as she sits on the throne. The room is filled with guards.)

AUTLOC: (To BARBARA.) Is it still your intention to intervene at the human sacrifice?
AUTLOC: I shall match your courage, Yetaxa.
BARBARA: Thank you, Autloc.
AUTLOC: I grieves my heart, as it must yours...
BARBARA: Ah, I shan't be sorry to see the end of the sacrifices.
AUTLOC: I refer to your handmaiden.
BARBARA: Susan? What about her?
AUTLOC: She spoke against our teachings.

(BARBARA slowly gets up as she realises what has happened.)

BARBARA: So, she is the one to be punished...I must stop it, Autloc.
AUTLOC: You cannot…
BARBARA: Yes I can. She'll be punished at the eclipse. So when we've stopped the human sacrifice, I can order Tlotoxl to release her.
AUTLOC: But Susan will be punished first, before the sacrifice...
BARBARA: (Her voice plaintive.) I can't let him harm her. I can't...
AUTLOC: Would you sacrifice us to spare your handmaiden pain?

(BARBARA doesn’t answer…)


(IXTA and IAN are asleep on the floor of the barracks. IAN'S eyes open. He glances at IXTA and sees that he is fast asleep. He gets up and leaves the barracks. However, IXTA'S suddenly eyes open. He gets up, grabs a knife and puts it in his tunic, and follows IAN.)


(Using his walking stick as a crowbar, the DOCTOR struggles to loosen the stone in the temple wall but he's not having any success. Suddenly, he jumps up, having heard something coming up. He grabs his stick and runs into the bushes to hide.)

IAN: (Coming up.) Doctor? Doctor?
DOCTOR: (Coming out of hiding.) Ian!

(He taps at the stone with his stick.)

DOCTOR: I can't move that image!
IAN: Let me try…

(He grabs at the stone's edges, tugging at the top edge. It starts to move..)

IAN: Yes…it does move...
DOCTOR: Good...

(He pulls the stone down, revealing a small passageway. The DOCTOR frantically looks around, making sure they're not being watched.)

IAN: There is a tunnel!

(The DOCTOR makes as if to crawl into the tunnel.)

DOCTOR: You stand guard…
IAN: (He pulls him back.) No no no no! I'll go.
DOCTOR: Both of us…
IAN: No no no, Doctor! It's too dangerous!
DOCTOR: No, wait a minute, wait a minute…

(The DOCTOR reaches into his coat, pulls out his pen torch and gives it to IAN.)

DOCTOR: Take that, you might need it.
IAN: Ah yes, thanks...

(IAN climbs into the tunnel, however, on the other side of the garden, IXTA is watching the whole sequence of events.)


(IAN plays the torchlight over the walls of the tunnel.)


(With the DOCTOR still watching the tunnel, IXTA walks right up to the DOCTOR, one hand on his sheathed knife. The DOCTOR finally turns, sees him, and jumps.)

DOCTOR: Ahh!! (Recovers fast.) Yes, a pleasant evening....
IXTA: A fine night for walking?
DOCTOR: Yes, exactly! I-I was just about to do that.
IXTA: I myself could not sleep?
DOCTOR: Oh dear, what a pity, um....

(His eyes keep straying toward the open tunnel…and IXTA notices this.)

IXTA: That stone must be replaced.
DOCTOR: Hmm....oh yes, er…somebody must have moved it, I suppose…they had a reason. I should leave it where it is.

(IXTA grabs the stone by its edges and works it back toward the opening.)

IXTA: The garden would be ruined.
DOCTOR: (Increasingly jittery.) Ehh…what do you mean, ruined?
IXTA: There's a tunnel - my father built it. A water course from a lake in the hills. Would you see the garden flooded?
DOCTOR: Oh, but it's perfectly dry!
IXTA: There's a small gate near the entrance by the lake. It is opened and closed often. (Grunting with effort.) I must replace the stone before the tunnel fills with water...

(The DOCTOR, stood behind him, is racked with nerves.)


(Inside, IAN shines the pocket flashlight across the dark, damp stone walls...he hears a noise, and suddenly whirls around to see.)


(IXTA shoves the stone into its position with a smile of triumph on his face. He looks at a silent DOCTOR.)


(With the entrance blocked, IAN turns around and starts walking hunched down the tunnel, shining the light before him. He pauses and hears the sound of water coming towards him…)


(The DOCTOR stares coldly at the smirking IXTA as they hear the water...)


(The water rushes over IAN'S ankles and he is trapped…)

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Perfect Victim

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