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(BARBARA is holding the receiver. SUSAN'S voice can be heard at the other end.)

SUSAN: (OOV.) Aah…I want to talk to Barbara Wright.
SUSAN: (OOV.) Barbara, they made me call you.
BARBARA: Who, Susan? Who?
SUSAN: (OOV: Terrified.) Barbara, listen there was... ah!

(The sound cuts out.)

BARBARA: Susan? Susan? Are you there, Susan?
SUSAN: (OOV: Quietly.) They're…they’re going to kill me.

(A look of alarm crosses BARBARA'S face.)


(The line is cut off.)

SABETHA: We must tell Tarron.
BARBARA: (Firmly.) No.
SABETHA: Well what else can we do? We've got to find her.
BARBARA: Yes, of course we have, but...
ALTOS: You're thinking of the Doctor?
BARBARA: He mustn't know anything about this. He must keep his mind absolutely clear in order to concentrate on Ian. Anyway, how do we know that Tarron isn't implicated? Who’d suspect the Chief Investigator? He was next to Aydan in court when he was killed.
SABETHA: What do we do, Barbara?
BARBARA: We find Susan ourselves.
ALTOS: And remember, whoever is behind this kidnapping is either in league with the murderer or is the murderer.
BARBARA: Trouble is, where to begin? Best thing we can do is to go over everything that's happened to us since we landed in Millennius. There's a link somewhere and it's probably the one and only way to save Ian.


(IAN is standing in a cell, presided over by a GUARD.)

IAN: How much longer?
GUARD: Execution is set to take place when the pointer reaches the star.

(IAN looks to what looks like a clock with a single hand and a star at the top. If this was an ordinary clock the hand would be at about twenty to the hour.)

IAN: Will I be allowed to see my friends?

(The GUARD shakes his head. IAN glances back at the clock.)


(BARBARA is pacing round in deep thought. She suddenly stops.)

BARBARA: I've got it. I've got it!
ALTOS: What is it?
BARBARA: Well it's a start anyway.
ALTOS: Go on.
BARBARA: Aydan is the only one we know for certain who was connected with the crime. He knew all the others though, that's probably why he was killed.
SABETHA: I don't see how that helps.
ALTOS: Well they must have been in contact when they were planning the robbery. It's just possible that his wife, Kala, might know someone that he was seeing quite frequently.
SABETHA: But if she did do you think she'd tell us?
ALTOS: Well, of course she would, she'd be as eager as we are to find the man that murdered her husband.
SABETHA: I'm not so sure.
BARBARA: Well it's a chance. Come on, it's a chance!

(They run off.)


(KALA holds the door open for them to enter. She recognises BARBARA.)

KALA: (Surprised.) You.
BARBARA: I’m terribly s…sorry to disturb you. We know what a terrible ordeal you've been through but we think you might be able to help us.
KALA: (Coldly.) I don't think so, I know nothing.
BARBARA: Oh please, may we come in?
KALA: If you must.
BARBARA: Thank you.

(They walk into the middle of the room as KALA shuts the door.)

BARBARA: The people who murdered your husband have kidnapped Susan, the young girl who was with us.
ALTOS: They’ve threatened to kill her too. We thought it was possible that you might know someone that your husband was seeing quite frequently.
KALA: I know of no one. My husband was very secretive, he never told me who he saw or where he went. (She starts to get upset.) Now please, Aydan is dead, if he's committed a crime, he's paid for it. He's dead but I'll have to live with the memory of his crime for the rest of my life.

(She breaks off into sobs.)

BARBARA: I'm sorry but you see, you're our only help.
KALA: Leave me alone. Leave me alone. I do understand and I sympathise with you. You must have been sick with worry since you spoke to Susan, but I…I just can't help you. I know nothing!

(She begins to cry again.)

BARBARA: I'm sorry.
ALTOS: Come on.

(He leads them towards the door but BARBARA stops by KALA.)

BARBARA: Please understand. We had to try. Goodbye.

(She and SABETHA walk out and ALTOS shuts the door behind them. KALA looks up and satisfied that they have gone, begins to chuckle quietly. She slides open a door to another room where SUSAN, bound and gagged, is being held captive.)

KALA: Your friends were here looking for you.

(SUSAN looks up.)

KALA: No, don't look hopeful. They've gone, they won't be back. They're like all the rest of them. Stupid! Stupid.

(She goes to answer a call at the communications device on her desk.)

KALA: Yes?
EYESEN: (OOV.) The trial has just ended. Chesterton is to be executed at the beginning of the next zenith.
KALA: Good. The old man didn't say where the key was hidden?
EYESEN: (OOV.) No. I'm certain he doesn't know. I'll get it later then come for you. Be ready.
KALA: I will. What about the child?
EYESEN: (OOV.) She's no more use. Now she can identify you, now. Kill her.

(SUSAN hears this instruction…)


(BARBARA, ALTOS and SABETHA are walking back to the courtroom.)

ALTOS: We cannot delay telling the Doctor now.
BARBARA: Oh, we should have told him long ago. Sabetha you were right. If anything happened to Susan I'd never forgive myself.
SABETHA: It was a terrible choice. She sounded so afraid.

(BARBARA suddenly stops.)

SABETHA: What is it?
BARBARA: What you just said. Kala couldn't have known!
ALTOS: Known? Known what? What are you talking about?
BARBARA: Kala said, 'You must have been sick with worry since you spoke to Susan.' Well how did she know we'd spoken to Susan? We've told no one.
ALTOS: Then Kala must have been with Susan when she telephoned.
ALTOS: Come on, we're going back.

(They run back…)


(KALA pulls a futuristic looking weapon out of a drawer in her desk and goes over to SUSAN.)

KALA: Seems a pity really.

(She is unaware of BARBARA, ALTOS and SABETHA sneaking up behind her.)

KALA: The old man didn't know where the key was hidden after all.

(They grab her from behind as she raises the weapon.)

KALA: (Furiously.) Let me go! Let go of me! Let me go!

(BARBARA leaves ALTOS and SABETHA struggling with her and unties SUSAN'S bonds.)

ALTOS: (To KALA.) Don't struggle!

(As soon as she is free, SUSAN flings her arms around BARBARA.)

SUSAN: (Sobbing.) Oh, Barbara! Oh!


(The DOCTOR is sitting on a bench outside the courtroom, looking grim. EYESEN emerges, carrying his papers. He stops and goes over to the DOCTOR.)

EYESEN: Don't take it so hard.
DOCTOR: Hmm? Oh, ha, it’s you.
EYESEN: I just wanted to say what a good job you did on the defence.
DOCTOR: Yes. And you did an even better job on the prosecution, my man.
EYESEN: I'm sorry we couldn't have met under happier circumstances.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes.

(EYESEN offers his hand.)

EYESEN: Goodbye.
DOCTOR: Goodbye.

(He shakes it. LARN arrives carrying to mace and some papers and goes over to the desk which is currently being occupied by TARRON.)

LARN: (To EYESEN.) Oh, excuse me. (To TARRON.) The exhibits and documents. Where do you want them?
TARRON: In the cupboard, please.
EYESEN: (To TARRON.) Well. I don't think there's anything else. Goodbye.
TARRON: Goodbye, sir.

(EYESEN leaves as LARN places the items in a cupboard unit and locks the door. TARRON goes over to the DOCTOR, impatiently.)

TARRON: It's time to leave, sir.
DOCTOR: Leave? I can't leave now. I must find new evidence and reopen the case.

(LARN answers a call.)

LARN: Yes?

(BARBARA is heard.)

BARBARA: (OOV.) I’d like to speak to Interrogator Tarron.

(LARN gives the receiver to TARRON.)

TARRON: This is Tarron.
BARBARA: (OOV.) This is Barbara Wright. Have you had the results yet on the gun that killed Aydan?
TARRON: No, not yet.
BARBARA: (OOV.) Well just to save time, I'll tell you what they say - Aydan was killed by his wife, Kala.
TARRON: (Shocked.) What?
BARBARA: (OOV.) I'm with her now. Why don't you come and get her?
TARRON: (To LARN.) Come on.

(He puts the receiver down and he and LARN stride purposefully from the room.)


(The travellers have all been reunited except for IAN.)

BARBARA: ...So we realised that Kala couldn't have known we'd talked to Susan.
SUSAN: Yes, and the three of them crept up behind her and wham!
BARBARA: We shouldn't have taken the chance, though. I had no right to risk Susan's life.
DOCTOR: Perhaps not, perhaps not, however the child is safe and well. I wish I could say the same thing about Chesterton.
ALTOS: But surely they'll stop the execution now that Kala's confessed?
DOCTOR: I hope so. I sincerely hope so.

(TARRON returns, looking troubled.)

DOCTOR: Well? Well?
TARRON: Kala's made a full statement. She's named her accomplice.
DOCTOR: Ah, then you can stay the execution.
TARRON: No, I can't. Kala's sworn testimony states that the man she was working with was Ian Chesterton.
DOCTOR: (Outraged.) Impossible!
BARBARA: But she's lying!
TARRON: Yes, I have doubts myself. She's a vicious, dangerous woman. But just doubts aren't enough to s…ask for a stay of execution. We need positive proof.
SUSAN: What about that man that called her on the phone thing? I heard him tell her to kill me.
TARRON: You didn't recognise the voice?
DOCTOR: What else did he say?
SUSAN: Oh, nothing much. Just that he'd collect the key later and…and then pick her up.
DOCTOR: Collect the key... ?

(He bursts into laughter.)

DOCTOR: Yes, yes, do you understand? The villain that planned all this, the one who planned this whole affair is now planning to collect the key! (Laughs.) What a wonderful opportunity it gives us to catch him red-handed…and to release Chesterton! (He laughs again.)


(IAN looks up at the clock, the hand of which is getting ever closer to the star.)


(The room is shrouded in darkness. The DOCTOR is in hiding as a mysterious figure wearing black clothes and a hood opens the door and slips quietly in. It goes over to the cupboard, pulls out a key and unlocks it before pulling out the mace. Suddenly, TARRON and LARN jump out of the darkness either side. Just as they manage to overcome the mysterious thief, the DOCTOR turns the lights on. He pulls off the hood.)


(EYESEN glares defiantly back at him.)

TARRON: Call the prison.


(The DOCTOR, SUSAN, IAN, BARBARA and TARRON are all gathered. The DOCTOR removes a portion of the mace revealing that the final key is hidden inside. BARBARA laughs.)

SUSAN: Oh, the key!
IAN: How did you know it was there, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Well it had to be. I knew it all along. Until we knew the culprit, the information was no good.
TARRON: Everyone and everything that went in or out of that vault was checked. Everything except this mace.
BARBARA: Have you any idea why they did it?
TARRON: Oh yes, they've owned up to everything. Kala and the prosecutor had planned to steal the key and sell it. And Chesterton here just happened to walk right into the middle of it. They made him look so guilty I never doubted for a moment that he was the one.
DOCTOR: (Laughs.) You should read Piro, my boy. He founded scepticism, a great asset to your business.
IAN: Well, thank heaven you remembered reading Piro, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Reading? What are you talking about? I met the man.

(They all laugh.)

SUSAN: (Hugging BARBARA.) Whoopee! Now we can go and join Altos and Sabetha.
IAN: Have you sent them on ahead, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Well there was no point in keeping them here so I thought it might cheer Arbitan up to know that we'd been successful.
IAN: Good idea.
BARBARA: Yes, well it's been lovely for him to see his daughter again.
SUSAN: Oh, yes!
DOCTOR: (To IAN.) Well, not only that, you see…

(As the DOCTOR continues to talk to IAN in the background, LARN enters and gives a scroll to TARRON.)

LARN: The Senior Judge has just written this.

(TARRON glances at it and goes over to the others.)

DOCTOR: Ah, is that the authorisation?
TARRON: This gives you permission to take the keys out.
DOCTOR: Thank you. All we need now is the wrist strap you impounded from Chesterton.

(TARRON produces it and gives it to IAN.)

IAN: Ah, thank you.
LARN: I see you're all wearing them. What are they for?
DOCTOR: Our means of travel.
IAN: They do look a bit odd but they work. They give us movement through space.
TARRON: I don't believe it.
DOCTOR: Show him.
IAN: All right.

(He walks over to SUSAN and BARBARA.)

IAN: Now?
SUSAN: Ready.
BARBARA: Steady.
IAN: Go.

(They twist their dials and instantly dematerialise as TARRON and LARN stare on in amazement.)

DOCTOR: Well, one of them might have waited for me. However, I suppose I'd better join them.
LARN: I don't understand. Where have they gone?

(The DOCTOR walks over to where his companions were stood.)

DOCTOR: Goodbye, my friends.

(He activates his travel dial and he too disappears leaving his onlookers even more perplexed.)

LARN: He's gone too.
TARRON: Yes. He told us what was going to happen and we saw it. But nobody else has seen it. We'd be better off keeping this story to ourselves.
LARN: How are you going to complete the report, Tarron?
TARRON: I shall say that... that they left. They left to take the key back to its inventor, Arbitan…


(Meanwhile, on the conscience island...)


(…ALTOS is being held prisoner in the Conscience Room which is now under the control of the VOORD. YARTEK, the leader of the VOORD, who has no antennae and wears ARBITAN'S robes is standing over him.)

YARTEK: Arbitan is dead. You hear me? I, Yartek, am in control now!
ALTOS: (Through gritted teeth.) What have you done with Sabetha?
YARTEK: Where is the final key?
ALTOS: I don't know.

(YARTEK waves a VOORD away.)

YARTEK: Why are you so stubborn? What purpose does it serve? I'm going to find out in the end!
ALTOS: What have you done to Sabetha?

(The VOORD opens the door to the room and another enters, escorting SABETHA.)

ALTOS: Sabetha!
SABETHA: Why have you tied him up? He is of no use to you.
YARTEK: (Sceptically.) Oh?
SABETHA: He's just a servant. He knows nothing, I tell you.
YARTEK: He means nothing to you?
SABETHA: I have no thoughts about him at all. I told you, he's just one of my servants. Let him go.
ALTOS: (Alarmed.) Sabetha!
SABETHA: (Haughtily.) Be quiet! I did not give you permission to speak. (To YARTEK.) I tell you, he knows nothing.
YARTEK: In that case, as you think so little of him, as I gather from the way you treat him, it doesn't matter what happens to him.
SABETHA: Of course not. Send him away.
YARTEK: Yes. I can do that... Or I can have him killed. After all, he's only a servant. (To a VOORD.) Kill him!

(The VOORD pulls out a dagger and raises it to plunge into ALTOS' heart. SABETHA is forced to drop the ruse.)

YARTEK: (Outraged.) Useless lies! Where is the final key?
SABETHA: I'll never tell you. Never.
YARTEK: But this man is no servant. He travelled with you. He is in love with you. I think he will tell me.
SABETHA: The man who loves me cannot betray me.
YARTEK: No, that man that loves you cannot condemn you to death. (To ALTOS.) I can promise you one thing. If you do not tell me where the final key is, I shall order my creatures to kill her!

(There is an uneasy pause as ALTOS considers, then...)

ALTOS: The man who was with us, the Doctor, he has it.

(SABETHA begins to cry.)


(IAN leads SUSAN and BARBARA along a corridor within the pyramid. They approach a corner and he hears a sound. He waves for them to be quiet and peers round only to see the DOCTOR. They both recoil in shock. The two women laugh.)

DOCTOR: (Snaps.) What on Earth are you doing, my dear boy? You frightened the life out of me!
IAN: (Laughs.) Doctor, I'm sorry.
SUSAN: Is TARDIS all right?
DOCTOR: Yes, the force field's been lifted and I peered in for a moment or two and everything appears to be all right.
SUSAN: Oh good.
BARBARA: Arbitan kept his promise then. He said he'd remove the force field.
DOCTOR: Yes, come along, come along. You're all running around here like a lot of scared chickens.
IAN: We were waiting for you!
DOCTOR: (Exasperated.) But I'm here! My dear Chesterton, sometimes…
SUSAN: Grandfather!
DOCTOR: ...You drive me around the bend. I don't know why I...

(He leads them off. IAN and BARBARA lag behind.)

IAN: Even so, it's a bit odd.
BARBARA: You mean Sabetha not being here to meet us?
IAN: Or Altos. We'd better keep our eyes open.


(YARTEK is examining the four keys he has. A VOORD approaches him.)

VOORD: I have put them in the cell, as ordered.
YARTEK: Keep well out of sight then now, but be within call.

(The VOORD leaves. YARTEK places the four keys into slots in the Conscience machine. As each one is placed in, the hum of the machine gets louder. YARTEK gently touches the side of the machine)

YARTEK: One more. Just one more.


(The TARDIS crew enters a section of the corridor shrouded in darkness. IAN goes ahead of the others when suddenly a VOORD comes out of the shadows behind him, dagger raised. The DOCTOR fells it with a blow to the neck with his walking stick and chuckles.)

IAN: Well done Doctor. I was afraid of this.
DOCTOR: Yes, and I think it's time now to go…back to the ship.
BARBARA: What about Sabetha and Altos?
SUSAN: Yes, they may be hiding somewhere.
IAN: Yes. Right. We split up. Susan, you go with me. We'll go in search of Arbitan. Doctor, you and Barbara, see if you can find Sabetha and Altos. Give me the key.

(The DOCTOR passes it to him.)

DOCTOR: Here. And don't part with it until you're absolutely sure it goes into the right hands!
IAN: Don’t worry, I won't. Come on Susan.

(They head off.)

DOCTOR: (To BARBARA.) And you'll accompany my…me, my dear.
BARBARA: Yes, all right.

(She kneels down by the VOORD and takes its dagger.)

BARBARA: Look, I think we'll take this with us.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes.
BARBARA: Just in case.

(They too move away.)


(ALTOS and SABETHA are tied back to back. ALTOS is struggling against his bonds.)

SABETHA: It's no use! Even if we managed to untie ourselves, we'll never break the gates down.
ALTOS: (Frustrated.) At least I could defend you. Oh, I can't even do that!
SABETHA: At least you're with me, Altos.
ALTOS: Huh, I'll never leave you.


(IAN and SUSAN burst in on YARTEK who now has ARBITAN'S hood up. He is sat in a chair and turns away from them before they can see his face.)

SUSAN: Arbitan!
IAN: Thank heaven, we were afraid.

(YARTEK begins to imitate ARBITAN.)

YARTEK: (Curtly.) Have you brought the keys?
IAN: Where's Sabetha?
YARTEK: Where is the old man? He is the one who has the key.
SUSAN: I…I don't understand you. We've done all these things for you and all you can do is think about the key.
YARTEK: Forgive me. The keys have filled my mind for so long, I have become insensitive to anything else. Sabetha is safe and well.
IAN: Do you realise that the...

(He begins to approach YARTEK.)


(IAN stops.)

YARTEK: Don't come near me. Power from my machine escaped. I am suffering from a deadly disease.
SUSAN: Can we do anything to help?
YARTEK: Sabetha alone knows the cure.
IAN: Where is Altos?
YARTEK: The young man who attached himself to her while she was away? Is he a good man? Is he sincere in his feelings for her?
IAN: Well, what is your impression of him?
YARTEK: There are many races of men on Marinus. He looks and sounds well enough. But I don't know...
IAN: Well, naturally we like and admire him. But since you don't know him you must make up your own mind.
YARTEK: I agree, of course. But the key - the final key - do you have it?
IAN: Yes.
SUSAN: (Disturbed.) Ian...

(IAN pulls it out of his pocket.)

IAN: I have it here.
YARTEK: Throw it down.

(IAN throws it to the floor.)

YARTEK: Good! Now bring the old man to me. Sabetha will be here and we can enjoy our triumph together!
IAN: All right, I will.

(He leads SUSAN out of the room. YARTEK throws off the hood and picks up the key. A VOORD emerges from hiding and kneels before him.)

VOORD: Shall I follow and destroy them?
YARTEK: No. The machine will enslave them now. Bring Sabetha and the young man to me. I want them here when the final key is inserted and my power is absolute!


SUSAN: Ian, that man couldn't have been Arbitan.
IAN: No. I thought Arbitan sent Altos for the keys. This man said he was a stranger. He never looked at us. I think there was something funny going on there.
SUSAN: But then why give him the key?

(BARBARA runs up to them.)



(The DOCTOR is untying ALTOS and SABETHA.)

DOCTOR: So when Yarteks gets the final key, his power will be absolute.
ALTOS: Yes, with the aid of the machine he could control us all.
DOCTOR: And our impulse to leave this planet would be destroyed.

(The DOCTOR completes his task.)

SABETHA: That is true.

(The others arrive and there is a joyful reunion.)

BARBARA: Altos! Sabetha!
SUSAN: Sabetha!
IAN: Altos!
DOCTOR: (To IAN.) You heard about Arbtian?
IAN: Yes, we met the man who's usurped his place.
DOCTOR: Uh…uh, give me the key and we must have it destroyed.
SUSAN: Well Ian gave it to him.
DOCTOR: (Horrified.) What? You gave it away?
IAN: I gave him a key. Sabetha, you remember that fake key? Barbara found it on the idol.
BARBARA: I remember.
IAN: That was the key I gave him.

(He produces another key.)

IAN: This is the genuine key.

(The DOCTOR laughs.)

DOCTOR: My dear boy!

(SABETHA looks shocked.)

SABETHA: (Urgently.) We must go, quickly! Leave the building!
IAN: Why?
ALTOS: Yartek may put that false key into the machine at any moment. If he does it will set the machine in motion, but once it feels the full force of the power it…it'll break under the strain.
IAN: You mean the machine’ll blow up?
ALTOS: Yes...
DOCTOR: (Urgently.) Along that corridor, come on!
ALTOS: ...And everything in this building!

(The DOCTOR leads them towards the exit.)

DOCTOR: Through the moving walls!


(SUSAN and BARBARA are feeling the walls, supervised by the others.)

DOCTOR: (OOV.) About where you are, Susan.
IAN: (OOV.) What do you mean, 'about'? Don't you know exactly?

(The DOCTOR, IAN, ALTOS and SABETHA come into view…)

DOCTOR: Somewhere here, somewhere here. It was a small stone, it moved under my hand.
IAN: Yes.

(The others join in the search unaware that the ominous shadow of a VOORD is being cast onto a transparent doorway behind them.)


(YARTEK looks around as the VOORD enters.)

YARTEK: Why haven't you obeyed my commands? Where is Sabetha?
VOORD: The others have set them free. They are in the corridor near the cell.
YARTEK: She will have told them of her father's death, of course. But it doesn't matter. The machine's power will spread through the planet. There is no escape now, except for us! I will bring them back with this.

(He places the fake key into its slot. There is a blinding flash and he and the VOORD stumble back as the Conscience machine explodes.)


(The explosion rocks the corridor just as the travellers manage to get the door open. They dash through the gap as the roof begins to cave in.)


(The DOCTOR emerges from the TARDIS where SUSAN and SABETHA are waiting.)

SUSAN: Everything all right, grandfather?
DOCTOR: Yes, my child, chase the others up will you?
SUSAN: Right.

(SUSAN runs off.)

DOCTOR: (To SABETHA.) I'm glad to have this moment alone with you Sabetha. I want to speak of your father. You know, he was a very wise and brilliant man and I know how you felt when you learned of his death.
SABETHA: (Sadly.) And his life's work destroyed.
DOCTOR: Oh no, no, no, no, I wouldn't say that. His work will go on only not quite in the same way. But I don’t believe that man was made to be controlled by machines. Machines can make laws but they cannot preserve justice, only human beings can do that. Now I only hope that you'll carry on his good work, please? Goodbye.

(SABETHA smiles.)

DOCTOR: Bless you, my child.

(The DOCTOR enters the TARDIS as SUSAN returns with IAN, BARBARA and ALTOS.)

SUSAN: (To ALTOS.) What are you going to do now?
ALTOS: Well we might well return to the city of Millennius.

(The TARDIS hum starts up.)

SABETHA: We still have our travel dials. It's a good place to start.
DOCTOR: (OOV: From inside the TARDIS.) Susan!
SUSAN: We've got to go now. (Hugging SABETHA.) Goodbye Sabetha.
SABETHA: Goodbye Susan.
SUSAN: (Hugging ALTOS.) Goodbye Altos.
ALTOS: Goodbye Susan.

(SUSAN goes into the TARDIS. IAN holds out the final key.)

IAN: What shall I do with this key, the one I didn't give to Yartek?
ALTOS: Why don't you give it to the Doctor?
BARBARA: That's a good idea.
IAN: All right, I will.
ALTOS: Goodbye Barbara. (They hug.)
BARBARA: Goodbye Altos.
SABETHA: (Hugging BARBARA.) We shall think of you often.
IAN: Goodbye Altos. Goodbye Sabetha.
SABETHA: Goodbye Ian.
BARBARA: Take care of her Altos.
ALTOS: You may depend on that.

(ALTOS and SABETHA hold hands and walk off down the beach.)

BARBARA: Oh dear, I shall miss them.
IAN: Come on, Barbara.

(They too enter the TARDIS and close the door behind them.)


(The TARDIS dematerialises from the island and from Marinus itself.)

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