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"The Temple of Evil"
Written by John Lucarotti
Broadcast: 23 May, 1964
Duration: 23 minutes 56 seconds


(The TARDIS dematerialises from the island and from Marinus itself.)


(The TARDIS rests in its next landing place - a dark tomb. A mummified corpse, dressed in elaborate robes and wearing an ornate mask lies on top of a flat stone slab. The body is surrounded by pieces of pottery and jewellery. The door of the ship opens and BARBARA is first out, followed by SUSAN. BARBARA sees the body and walks over to inspect it.)

BARBARA: (Excited.) Look at that!
SUSAN: I am.
BARBARA: It’s an Aztec mask. He must have been a priest.
SUSAN: Well, the Aztecs were Mexicans. We must be on Earth again.

(BARBARA picks up one of the necklaces to inspect it.)

SUSAN: I wonder what year it is?
BARBARA: Oh, he must have died around 1430, I should think.
SUSAN: How’d you know that?
BARBARA: All these things belong to the Aztecs’ early period.
SUSAN: That’s what I call really knowing your subject.

(BARBARA has put down the necklace and now tries on a bracelet in the shape of a coiled serpent.)

BARBARA: Ah well, that was one of my specialties, Susan.

(SUSAN picks up a sharp knife.)

SUSAN: Well, what little I know about them doesn’t impress me. Cutting up people’s hearts.
BARBARA: Oh, that’s only one side to their nature. The other side was highly civilised.
SUSAN: Well, the Spanish didn’t think so.
BARBARA: Oh, they only saw the acts of sacrifice. (She continues to look through the relics.) That was the tragedy of the Aztecs. Their whole civilisation was completely destroyed, the good as well as the evil.

(SUSAN walks over to one of the walls which is covered in a mural.)

SUSAN: Cortez landed in…1520, didn’t he?
BARBARA: (Agreeing.) Mm hmm.
SUSAN: (Laughing at the wall images.) Hey look, cartoons! They’ve got bubbles coming out of their mouths.

(SUSAN points out the speech bubbles on the figures on the mural. Her hands, touching the wall, start to push the section forward which starts to flip over on a pivot.)

SUSAN: Oh! Hey Barbara, look!

(BARBARA joins her at the now fully opened wall. SUSAN remains behind as BARBARA walks through the gap into the next room.)


(BARBARA is in a stone chamber, which is lit by torches and covered in elaborate carvings. SUSAN watches her through the gap.)

SUSAN: Don’t go too far…
BARBARA: It’s alright. There’s no one here.
SUSAN: I think I’ll get the others.

(BARBARA walks further into the chamber.)

BARBARA: (To herself.) Its perfect!
MAN: (Shouting.) Woman! How came you here?

(BARBARA spins round. The owner of the voice is a tanned, elderly man stood in the doorway leading out of the chamber into the sunlight. He is dressed in an elaborate robe and head-dress. He carries a small posy of flowers in his hand.)

MAN: The temple is sacred to the memory of the high priest, Yetaxa. You trespass and must be punished!

(BARBARA walks backwards to the walldoor - but it has closed.)

MAN: (Turning to the entrance to the outside.) Warriors!

(Several robed warriors, carrying spears, enter the chamber and seize BARBARA. Suddenly the man catches sight of the coiled serpent bracelet still on her arm. His look turns to one of amazement and puzzlement.)


(The DOCTOR, IAN and SUSAN exit the TARDIS. The DOCTOR carries his walking stick.)

DOCTOR: I don’t care if she is interested in them, I’ve told her repeatedly not to go off on her own.
SUSAN: (Seeing the closed door and rushing over.) The door! It’s closed!
IAN: Now where is this door, Susan?
SUSAN: Here (She pushes against the wall.) Ah…

(The wall rises open again. The three step through into the chamber.)


IAN: Barbara? Barbara? No sign of her.
SUSAN: Well, she was here just now.

(They walk out of the chamber into the sunlight.)


(They are on a terrace, high up on a pyramid. The Aztec city is spread out below them.)

IAN: Doctor! Look at this extraordinary city down here!
DOCTOR: The Aztecs. They knew how to build.

(The DOCTOR turns to examine a large stone on the terrace - the sacrificial stone.)

IAN: We must be pretty high up here…place seems absolutely deserted.
DOCTOR: Yes, I hope you’re right, Chesterton. These Aztecs had some rather gruesome habits. (Referring to the stone.) I should hate to be carved up on that by some Aztec high priest…

(They suddenly hear a rumbling sound from back inside the temple. They run back in….)


(..only to see that the entrance to the tomb is again sliding shut.)

IAN: The door!
DOCTOR: Quickly!

(They rush over but the door slams shut with a thud before they can get there. They try to re-open it.)

IAN: There’s nothing to get a grip on.
SUSAN: There must be some way of opening it.
DOCTOR: Yes. You push it from the other side. These tombs were designed to prevent grave-robbers, not to aid and abet them.

(The man who earlier found BARBARA, in the temple walks in with an AZTEC CAPTAIN and bows.)

AUTLOC: Autloc, High Priest of knowledge, most…most humbly greets the servants of Yetaxa.

(The three exchange looks.)

DOCTOR: The servants of whom, sir?
AUTLOC: Yetaxa, the High Priest.
IAN: Where’s Barbara?
AUTLOC: Of whom do you speak?
IAN: The woman who was here a moment ago.
AUTLOC: In due time, you shall meet again. But first, grant us our courtesies. No evil exists in our hearts towards you. In fact, we honour you.

(The two Aztecs bow again.)

DOCTOR: Um, what is your name, sir?
AUTLOC: Autloc.
DOCTOR: And you are the High Priest.
AUTLOC: As such I serve.
DOCTOR: Do you know where we came from?
AUTLOC: The tomb.
DOCTOR: (Pointing at the wall.) Tell me, is there a way through from this side?
AUTLOC: The tomb is sealed. Go now with these attendants and soon you shall meet the one who wears the bracelet of Yetaxa.

(Several warriors enter and form up behind the three. AUTLOC and the CAPTAIN bow again and walk out of the chamber.)

DOCTOR: What’s he talking about now?
SUSAN: He must be talking about Barbara. She picked up a bracelet from the tomb.
IAN: Well, perhaps we’d better go and meet her.

(The warriors escort the three out of the chamber.)


(As they walk onto the terrace, the DOCTOR nods in passing to AUTLOC and the AZTEC CAPTAIN who bow again. He then spots something to his left. He stops and nudges IAN to look. He and SUSAN do so.)

SUSAN: (Recoiling in disgust.) Ughh!!

(Another Aztec, TLOTOXL, stands near the stone slab. He too is dressed in priestly robes but they are darkly spattered with blood. His face is heavily made up in odd patterns. He wears a headdress on his matted hair. He has a hunchback and narrow, sinister eyes.)

DOCTOR: You know who he is, hmm?
IAN: The local butcher, by the look of him.
DOCTOR: Exactly.

(They walk off. AUTLOC wanders over to his fellow priest.)

AUTLOC: You have seen her?
TLOTOXL: A vision is with us Autloc. When does it rain?
AUTLOC: This day, when the Sun’s fire first touches the horizon to the west.
TLOTOXL: At that moment, shall I present her to the people. A vision is with us and shall stand before them. And I, in supplication to the Rain God, shall offer human blood. The rains will come. No more talk against us, that the Gods were against us and brought drought to the land. The rains shall come and power shall again be ours!
AUTLOC: I tell you the rains will come, with or without sacrifice.
TLOTOXL: (Wheeling round in anger.) Does the High Priest of Knowledge only worship the him who has fallen, not him who has made us strong?
AUTLOC: I worship the same god as you.
TLOTOXL: Then above all, honour him. He has made us rulers of the land. For this, he demands blood - and he shall have it!

(TLOTOXL storms off leaving a pensive AUTLOC behind.)


(The DOCTOR, IAN and SUSAN wait in an anteroom in the temple.)

SUSAN: Well, they’ve treated us alright so far.
DOCTOR: The Aztecs always showed the utmost courtesy towards their intended victims.

(SUSAN turns to reply but an AZTEC CAPTAIN enters the room. He raises his right forearm to his chest and bows to the three, the plumes on his headdress brushing the DOCTORS’ face. He then waves them through the door he has just entered. The three comply.)


(They walk into the main chamber.)

IAN: Barbara!

(BARBARA is seated on a stone throne. She is wearing ornate bright robes and a feathered head-dress which resembles the rays of the sun. She also still wears the bracelet of Yetaxa on her wrist. The AZTEC CAPTAIN steps forward and bows to her.)

BARBARA: Leave us.

(The CAPTAIN bows again, waves the other warriors out of the room and follows them out himself.)

DOCTOR: Hmph…good gracious!

(BARBARA’S impassive face breaks into a smile which is returned by IAN and SUSAN.)

IAN: What on earth are you doing there?
BARBARA: They think I’m a reincarnation of that priest in the tomb.

(She holds up her arm with the bracelet.)

BARBARA: I found this and put it on. And when the High Priest caught me, I was still wearing it.
SUSAN: So he thought you were a god?
SUSAN: But the priest in the tomb’s a man. How can you be a reincarnation of him?
BARBARA: The form the spirit takes isn’t important, Susan. This (Points to the bracelet.) is what’s important.
IAN: Yes, that High Priest, What was his name?
DOCTOR: Autloc.
IAN: That’s right, Orkloc…
DOCTOR and SUSAN: Autloc!
IAN: Autloc - well, he said we were the servants of Yetaxa. Is that who they think you are?
DOCTOR: Charming…
IAN: And we’re your servants?
DOCTOR: (Laughing.) Charming!

(All four break into laughter.)

BARBARA: Well, it’s very useful for us, Doctor. It means we can go into the tomb anytime we want to, get into the TARDIS and leave.
SUSAN: We can’t. It only opens from the inside.
DOCTOR: Reincarnations can come out, but human beings can’t go in.
IAN: We must find out how that door opens.
DOCTOR: (To BARBARA.) That’s one thing you mustn’t do. As Yetaxa, you’re supposed to know everything. If the Aztecs decide you’re not what you’re supposed to be, then we shall all die.

(AUTLOC and TLOTOXL walk in and bow.)

TLOTOXL: Great spirit of Yetaxa. I, Tlotoxl, High Priest of Sacrifice, salute you.

(They bow again.)

DOCTOR: (Whispers to IAN.) As you said, Chesterton - the local butcher.
BARBARA: I acknowledge the High Priests’ greeting.
AUTLOC: For many days, the Rain God has looked away from us, and the land withers and our people groan.
TLOTOXL: We have prayed that the land may again be bountiful. And this day, we honour Tlolocs’ name.
AUTLOC: When the sun’s fire first touches the horizon to the west, the people will stand before the temple in obedience to our commands. We humbly beg, great spirit, that at that time the people shall see you and know that their suffering draws to an end.
DOCTOR: (Whispers to IAN.) And Barbara will appear, and down will come the rains…
BARBARA: I shall do as the High Priest requests.
AUTLOC: We also…beseech you, great spirit, to permit your handmaiden and your servants…to move freely among our people.
DOCTOR: (Turns to BARBARA and bows.) O great spirit, grant us this…our wish that we may be your eyes and ears among the people, to do our best and serve in all our interests. (He bows again.)
AUTLOC: The aged servant of Yetaxa speaks with wisdom.
BARBARA: My handmaiden remains with me. The others may do as you wish.
AUTLOC: We shall await you.

(AUTLOC and TLOTOXL bow and walk out. The DOCTOR follows them to the doorway to make sure they have gone and then walks back to BARBARA with a chuckle.)

DOCTOR: A wonderful performance, my dear! Congratulations! We now have everything…we want, exactly.
DOCTOR: Yes. You and Susan here in safety, and Ian and I outside finding out about the tomb.
IAN: Yes, it sounds alright. But I don’t think we should take our eyes off those two for a second.
DOCTOR: Oh, I shouldn’t mind them. They’re far too busy timing their miracle.
SUSAN: What miracle?
DOCTOR: Presenting Barbara to the public one second before it rains!

(BARBARA looks as if she has doubts…)


(AUTLOC and TLOTOXL stand on the terrace in the sunshine. TLOTOXL is thoughtful.)

TLOTOXL: Autloc…who serves Yetaxa?
AUTLOC: We do, as High Priests of the temple.
TLOTOXL: What purpose then serve the others?
AUTLOC: Yetaxa has said…
TLOTOXL: (Interrupting.) Would it not be better if one led our force of arms?
AUTLOC: The young man?

(The DOCTOR and IAN walk out onto the terrace behind them. TLOTOXL glances at them.)

TLOTOXL: A warrior favoured of the gods.
AUTLOC: But Ixta is our chosen warrior…
TLOTOXL: Let Ixta prove himself more worthy than the servant of Yetaxa.

(The DOCTOR and IAN have overheard all of this and are whispering to each other. TLOTOXL turns to them.)

TLOTOXL: It has been decided. The old man may walk abroad, you (He points at IAN.) shall train to command our army.
DOCTOR: Surely that is for Yetaxa to decide, hmm?
IAN: Yetaxa would not refuse so great an honour. I accept.
TLOTOXL: Autloc, take the old man into the Garden of Peace, that he may sit in comfort.

(AUTLOC leads the DOCTOR away. TLOTOXL puts his arm around IAN’S shoulder.)

TLOTOXL: Come now, and encounter Ixta.
IAN: Who is he?
TLOTOXL: (With a smile.) Your rival to command.


(At the barracks, IXTA practices swipes with a spiked wooden club. He is a well built young man with long dark hair wearing a simple Aztec uniform. TLOTOXL and IAN walk in behind him and, unseen, watch his practice for a second.)


(IXTA turns and salutes the newcomers.)

IXTA: I greet you, Tlotoxl. (He looks at IAN.) What manner of warrior is this?
TLOTOXL: He is the servant of Yetaxa.
IXTA: I had heard that Yetaxa again guides us in wisdom…and in strength. Would the High Priest care for me to demonstrate my skill?

(TLOTOXL waves his hand in agreement. IXTA moves off to prepare.)

TLOTOXL: (To IAN.) To command, one must prove oneself in courage, skill, intelligence. Ixta has taken many prisoners on the battlefield. He has no fear of death.

(IXTA clacks two wooden blades together to summon another warrior and, after a salute, gives the second blade to the other warrior. They start their duel. After a few strokes, IXTAS’ blade is broken in two. He seizes up a wooden beam and continues the duel. After a few seconds, IXTA manages to wrest his opponents sword away, and starts slashing towards him with both weapons. His opponent backs off. IXTA throws one of the blades onto a nearby table, smashing a shield. IAN looks on with some concern.)

TLOTOXL: So shall other tribes fear the Aztecs even more.

(IXTA walks up to TLOTOXL and IAN.)

IXTA: (To IAN.) Tell Yetaxa that I shall serve well.
TLOTOXL: I shall carry your salutation for you. (He points at IAN.) He remains.
IXTA: (Angry.) Here dwell only warriors chosen to command!
TLOTOXL: I know it.
IXTA: (To IAN.) What name did your mother give you?
IAN: Ian.
IXTA: Then I tell you Ian, six warriors dwelt here. Only I remain. There is no fear of you in me - rather I welcome you. For one day, all men shall fear Ixta, the Aztec commander who killed the chosen servant of Yetaxa!

(IAN and IXTA eye each other coldly.)

TLOTOXL: Let him be clothed according to his rank.
IXTA: It shall be done. Is he to assist at the ceremony of the Rain God?
TLOTOXL: Ian is as you are…a chosen warrior.

(TLOTOXL leaves.)

IAN: What duties must I perform at this ceremony?
IXTA: Honour with the rest of us. We shall deliver the human sacrifice to Tlotoxl!


(In a pleasant garden at the base of the temple, AUTLOC and the DOCTOR gaze at the other occupants.)

DOCTOR: What are all these people doing here?
AUTLOC: It is our law that all who attain their fifty-second year shall pleasurably pass the rest of their lives free from responsibility and care.
DOCTOR: Hmm, poor old souls, they must be bored to tears doing nothing!
AUTLOC: We often seek the accumulated wisdom of their years.
DOCTOR: What about?
AUTLOC: All manner of things. Each person here has served the community in one way or another.

(Several of the inhabitants of the garden are staring curiously at the High Priest and the strangely dressed newcomer. AUTLOC in turn, points out several of them to the DOCTOR.)

AUTLOC: He was a weaver of priestly garments, she was a woman of medicine, that man…
DOCTOR: (Interrupting.) What about her?

(The DOCTOR has spotted a brown haired woman who looks a little younger than her companions.)

AUTLOC: Cameca? Of all those here, her advice is most sought after.
DOCTOR: What did you say her name was?
AUTLOC: Cameca. You’ll find her a companion of wit and interest.

(The DOCTOR smiles.)

AUTLOC: And now I beg permission to depart.
DOCTOR: Of course.

(AUTLOC leaves. The DOCTOR walks up to CAMECA who is looking at some flowers.)

DOCTOR: In spite of the drought, there’s plenty of water for the flowers?
CAMECA: Better to go hungry than starve for beauty.

(She passes a single flower to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Oh, thank you.

(He takes a sniff.)

DOCTOR: Mmm, all the perfume of the gods. I find this place delightful. Hmm, so restful…

(He and CAMECA walk through the garden. The other inhabitants watch with interest.)

CAMECA: It is the Garden of Peace.
DOCTOR: Mmm, a very apt description.
CAMECA: The words of Chopal.
DOCTOR: Hmm? Chopal?
CAMECA: The man who built the temple.
DOCTOR: (Immediately interested.) Oh! He designed all this, did he?
CAMECA: As a labour of love.
DOCTOR: Yes, one senses that immediately. Does he come here often?
CAMECA: He watches over it constantly.
DOCTOR: Oh, I see…he’s a gardener…
CAMECA: (Laughing.) Oh, no.
DOCTOR: But you said that he watches, ah…
CAMECA: So he does. In spirit.
DOCTOR: (Disappointed.) Yes, I see. Dead. Hmm…

(They continue walking and come to a stone bench. The DOCTOR waves his hand towards the seat.)

DOCTOR: Er, please?

(They both sit.)

DOCTOR: I would like to have met him. You knew him?
CAMECA: Well…his son lives.
DOCTOR: Ah...builder?
CAMECA: A warrior.
DOCTOR: Yes, and I suppose he knows much of his fathers work.

(He looks upwards at the pyramid.)

DOCTOR: I find the temple here very fascinating.
CAMECA: A meeting between you two could be arranged.
DOCTOR: My dear lady, I should be so grateful.

(An Aztec warrior walks up to them. He wears an elaborate Eagle helmet which covers his features. Then he speaks….)

IAN: Doctor…
DOCTOR: (Amused.) My dear Chesterton! This dear lady has promised me to arrange a meeting between me and…ah, between myself and the son of the man who built the temple.
IAN: Most kind of you, madam.

(CAMECA stands and salutes.)

CAMECA: Pray, excuse me, then you may talk more freely.

(She walks away. The DOCTOR looks after her, smiling.)

DOCTOR: A charming person.
IAN: Doctor…
DOCTOR: So intelligent and gentle…
IAN: Doctor…there is to be a human sacrifice today, at the ceremony for the Rain God. And I have to…
DOCTOR: (Snapping to attention.) Now just a minute - what are you supposed to do?
IAN: I must escort the victim to the altar, hold him down…Doctor, I c…
DOCTOR: Then do it man, do it! But don’t interfere! Otherwise we…
IAN: But…
DOCTOR: There’s no buts about it! If human sacrifice is essential here and it’s their tradition, then let them get on with it. But for our sakes, don’t interfere! Now promise me. Please promise!

(IAN doesn’t reply.)

DOCTOR: I’ll go and tell Barbara.

(He leaves a quiet IAN behind him and goes off to the temple.)


(BARBARA reclines and smells a flower whilst SUSAN tries on BARBARA’S feathered head-dress.)

SUSAN: Hey, Barbara.

(When she has her companions attention, she strike a pose. BARBARA laughs.)

BARBARA: It’s just the thing for the royal enclosure at Ascot.
SUSAN: (In a funny voice.) Oh, the romance of being a handmaiden to a goddess!
BARBARA: Well. I must admit this end of it isn’t too hard to take either.

(SUSAN takes the head-dress off and picks up a piece of jewellery.)

SUSAN: Hey, isn’t this beautiful?
BARBARA: (Agreeing.) Mmm. You know, that’s what gets me. I mean, take Autloc - he’s sensitive, intelligent. And then there’s…
SUSAN: Then there’s Tlotoxl. It’s incredible, isn’t it? Beauty and horror, developing hand in hand.

(She puts the piece of jewellery down with a shudder. The DOCTOR is heard outside.)

DOCTOR: (OOV.) Get out of my way! Go on, let me pass! I must talk to Yetaxa!

(He walks in flustered and SUSAN walks over to greet him.)

DOCTOR: Susan, please go outside and don’t let anybody in.
SUSAN: Right.

(She leaves the room.)

BARBARA: What is it? What’s happened?
DOCTOR: There is to be a human sacrifice today at the rain ceremony.
DOCTOR: And you must not interfere. Do you understand?
BARBARA: I can’t just sit by and watch…
DOCTOR: No, Barbara. Ian agrees with me. He’s got to escort the victim to the altar.
BARBARA: He has to what?
DOCTOR: Yes, they’ve made him a warrior, and he’s promised me not to interfere with the sacrifice.
BARBARA: Well, they’ve made me a goddess - and I forbid it.
DOCTOR: Barbara, No!
BARBARA: (Picking up the headdress.) There’ll be no sacrifice this afternoon, Doctor. Or ever again. The reincarnation of Yetaxa will prove to the people that you don’t need to sacrifice a human being in order to make it rain.
DOCTOR: Barbara, no…
BARBARA: It’s no good, Doctor. My mind’s made up. This is the beginning of the end of the sun god.
DOCTOR: What are you talking about?
BARBARA: Oh, don’t you see? If I could start the destruction of everything that’s evil here…then everything that is good would survive when Cortez lands.
DOCTOR: But you can’t rewrite history - not one line!

(SUSAN runs in.)

SUSAN: Barbara, the High Priest is coming.

(BARBARA and the DOCTOR stare at each other.)

DOCTOR: Barbara, one last appeal: what you are trying to do is utterly impossible. I know, believe me, I know.

(BARBARA has put on her head-dress and stares coldly at the DOCTOR.)

BARBARA: Not Barbara. Yetaxa.

(She walks out of the room…)


(…and into the main chamber. An escort of warriors and the AZTEC CAPTAIN await her. She stands at their head. They turn and walk out to the terrace. BARBARA keeping in step.)


(A bare chested man lies on the sacrificial stone. AUTLOC and TLOTOXL stand nearby and bow to her. BARBARA stares down at the man awaiting death. IAN in full ceremonial clothing including his Eagle headdress and IXTA in the same except he wears a Leopard headdress walk up to the assembled group then turn and face each other.)


(The DOCTOR hugs SUSAN to him.)

SUSAN: Grandfather? Grandfather, what’s happening? Why can’t I see what is going on?
DOCTOR: You must stay here, child. You must.


(AUTLOC walks to the edge of the terrace and, with his arms raised, shouts to the people below.)

AUTLOC: A vision has come to us, my people! The high priest Yetaxa has returned, that you may look once more look upon the sign of the coiled serpent. (To BARBARA.) Great spirit of Yetaxa, please stand forth that we may honour you.

(He bows low. BARBARA walks away from her escort to the terrace edge. As she appears to the people, they give out a mighty roar. She turns and walks back to the sacrificial stone. TLOTOXL bows to BARBARA, then pulls out a knife and holds it over the victim.)

TLOTOXL: (To IXTA.) Take his arms. (To IAN.) Take his legs.

(They do so. TLOTOXL raises his arms to the heavens.)

TLOTOXL: Great Tloloc, God of Rain - I, Tlotoxl, High Priest of Sacrifice, call upon you to look with favour upon our land…


TLOTOXL: (OOV.) Give us the water that is our life, and we will honour you with blood!

(SUSAN realises what is happening and pulls away from the DOCTOR’S hold.)


(She runs out of the room.)



(SUSAN runs out, closely followed by the DOCTOR.)

BARBARA: I, Yetaxa, command you. There shall be no more blood spilt.

(The intended victim jumps up from the stone and confronts BARBARA.)

FIRST VICTIM: You have denied me honour.
TLOTOXL: (Rushing to him.) Honour us then with your death.

(The VICTIM runs to the edge of the terrace, clambers on the wall, turns to look at BARBARA with contempt, then throws himself off the temple to his death. There is a moment of silence. TLOTOXL raises his arms to the heavens which start to darken. There is a rumble of thunder and a flash of lightening.)

TLOTOXL: (In triumph.) With death came rain!
BARBARA: Without your sacrifice came rain.
TLOTOXL: Does Yetaxa speak with the voice of the gods, or as the protector of a handmaiden?
BARBARA: As a god.
TLOTOXL: Then let the brave handmaiden be punished. She has cried out and desecrated sacred ground. She transgressed the law!
BARBARA: She did not know it.
TLOTOXL: Then let knowledge be beaten into her!

(SUSAN buries herself in the DOCTOR’S arms.)

BARBARA: No one shall be punished for an offence committed in ignorance.
TLOTOXL: I demand that she be punished!

(She puts her arm around SUSAN.)

BARBARA: Let her instead be taught respect for your customs.
AUTLOC: I will take her to the seminary.
BARBARA: So be it, Autloc.
AUTLOC: The great spirit of Yetaxa has spoken.

(He leads SUSAN away as there is another crack of thunder.)

TLOTOXL: No, no, this is not Yetaxa (He shouts.) This is a false goddess! (Then to himself.) and I shall destroy her…

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