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(Above the traffic and lights, flashes of lightening fill the sky. Clouds race. A deep bass rumble fills the air.)


(The highway lights are making wild patterns on the windscreen in front lee’s face as he drives. There is no siren. The Doctor, Grace and the Master are in the back of the ambulance. The Doctor stares at the others, worried.)

DOCTOR: What time is...?
GRACE: (Trying to humour him.) It’s just gone ten. Don’t worry, I’m on the board of trustees at the Institute – they’ll listen to me.
DOCTOR: (Looking back out.) Can’t this go any faster?

(The Doctor is getting impatient. Grace looks at the Master and whispers:)

GRACE: Can’t you give him a sedative?
DOCTOR: (Overlapping.) Why didn’t you say you had access to a beryllium clock,
GRACE: I was more concerned about the Eye… of Destruction…
DOCTOR: Of Harmony!
GRACE: (Humouring him still.) Yes. And the fact that the planet will be sucked through it at midnight. Face it – it’s not often one has a Time Lord in one’s living room, Doctor…

(She looks pointedly at the Master, who smiles a tight smile back at her.)

GRACE: He likes me to call him ‘Doctor’ – Freud had a name for it
DOCTOR: Transference. Ha! Very witty, Grace, but I don’t think so, and he would taken me seriously.
GRACE: Oh, he would have hung up his pipe if he’d met you.
DOCTOR: As a matter of fact, I did meet him.
GRACE: Of course, you’re a Time Lord!
DOCTOR: And we got on very well.
GRACE: Did you know Madame Curie too? Did she kiss as good as me?
MASTER: (Interrupting.) Hey! Children…

(They both look at the Paramedic. The ambulance pulls to a sudden halt. The Master’s shades slips down his nose – Morphant eyes. Grace looks ahead. The Master covers his eyes quickly, but the Doctor has seen.)

GRACE: Looks like a truck’s blocking all the lanes.
DOCTOR: This planet is going to be destroyed and I’m stuck in a traffic jam. Excuse me…

(Then the doctor suddenly pulls the sunglasses off the Master, whose reptilian eyes stare back!)

DOCTOR: Get out, Grace. Get out Now!

(Grace looks at the Master’s Strange eyes.)

GRACE: What’s wrong with him?
DOCTOR: The Master!

(Grace looks across to the Doctor. Could it all be true? The camera turns to Master, who quickly rolls his head back, filling his mouth with venom, and then suddenly gobs a mouthful straight at us! Grace puts up her hand to protect herself. Her wrist is hit by the venom and is immediately burnt. She screams... Meanwhile, the Doctor has kicked open the doors.)


(The Master’s venom seeps deep into her, beneath the skin…)


GRACE: Oh, God. Oh, God! Get off me! What is it!


(The master grabs a fire extinguisher and fires it straight at the master, who screams out in pain. Grace looks at the Doctor, terrified, as he turns back for her. He holds out his hand. She takes it. They run. The Master is still screaming in agony, his face covered in gunk!)

MASTER: I can’t be injured like this! Get this off me!


(A California highway patrol Motorcycle heads out, travelling in the opposite direction to the traffic, to try and stop the Doctor and Grace. The Doctor is running as fast as he can. Suddenly the motorcycle patrolman pulls up in front of him.)

PATROLMAN: Stop right her sir… ma'm.

(Grace comes to a halt beside the Doctor.)

PATROLMAN: Go back to your vehicle.

(The Doctor digs into one of his pockets. The patrolman instantly reaches for his gun. Grace suddenly puts herself in front of the Doctor.)

GRACE: No. stop! He’s er… he’s British!
DOCTOR: Would you care for a jelly baby, officer?

(The Doctor pulls the sweets from his pocket.)

GRACE: Just take it. (She indicates that the Doctor is a little touched in the head.)

(The Patrolman takes one of the sweets and looks at it. Then seeing the Doctor’s expectant look, he puts it in his mouth and starts to chew. Then the Doctor reveals that he has sleight-of-handed the patrolman’s gun into his possession. He points the gun at himself.)

DOCTOR: Now stand back, or I’ll shoot myself.
PATROLMAN: Don’t be a fool.
DOCTOR: Are you with me, Grace?

(Grace looks at him, completely torn.)

GRACE: We don’t stand a chance...
DOCTOR: I came back to life before your eyes… I held back death… I can’t make your dream come true forever, Grace, but I can make it come true today. What do you say?
GRACE: (After a beat.) Give me the gun…

(The Doctor hesitates, then hands it to her. He doesn’t know what she’s going to do. The patrolman looks relieved, and goes to use the radio. Grace shoots out the radio! Pointing the gun at the patrolman, she says:)

GRACE: Give him the keys.
PATROLMAN: Now listen, pal. Life can deal you a bad hand sometimes, but this no is way...


ALL THE NEARBY DRIVERS: Give him the Damn keys!


(The patrolman throws the keys to the Doctor, who smiles at Grace. She smiles back.)


(The Master is recovering. Lee looks at him. The Master returns the gaze, his eyes streaming with pain.)

MASTER: Well, what are you waiting for?
LEE: The road is blocked.
MASTER: This is an ambulance!

(Lee smiles.)

LEE: Yeah!

(He guns the motor and turns on the siren.)


(The Doctor and Grace are starting the bike. Grace throws the gun away into a nearby field. They see the ambulance speeding up behind them.)

GRACE: Maybe I should have kept the gun.

(The Doctor takes off as fast as he can. The patrolman is left spinning, and then has to leap out of the way as the ambulance charges past. Meanwhile, on the motorbike, Grace looks back nervously.)

GRACE: Doctor!

(The Doctor looks in the wing mirror. He can see the ambulance gaining on them.)

GRACE: Look Out!!

(The Doctor looks up. Ahead, two huge lorries, side by side, are barrelling towards them, horns blaring.)

DOCTOR: Breathe in, Grace!

(They drive between the lorries, almost scarping the sides.)


(Lee is driving. He looks across at the Master, who is obviously angry.)

LEE: Don’t worry!
MASTER: I’m not worried.
LEE: When I get all my gold, you know what I’m going to do?
MASTER: I don’t want to know.

(Lee laughs loudly at this, driving faster.)

LEE: (Still laughing.) You kill me…
MASTER: You want me to kill you?
LEE: No. I mean. You make me laugh, man.
MASTER: Well I’m glad one of us is amused.
LEE: Hey, cheer up. You’ll get your body back soon and… and then we’re a team right?
MASTER: Yes, we’re a team…


(The Doctor is driving. He swerves right. The ambulance is approaching the same junction, only narrowly avoiding being hit by cross-traffic.)

GRACE: The institute’s down there! Take a Right.

(The Doctor swerves right. The ambulance is approaching the same junction, but it goes the other way.)


(The Master looks in alarm at Lee.)

MASTER: What are you doing, lee!
LEE: This is a quicker way!
MASTER: It’d better be...
LEE: Look, I know these streets – this my town! Trust me.
MASTER: Faster!
LEE: If we don’t stop him, we’re finished, both of us!


(The Doctor’s bike is racing along at top speed beside a railway line.)

GRACE: I think we’ve lost them.
DOCTOR: Good. Hold tight.

(Grace looks ahead and sees a water truck blocking the road.)

GRACE: Not again!

(The bike swerves sharply to the right and careers down the railway bank. Grace holds on tight to the Doctor as they drive along the tracks, bumping up and down.)

GRACE: Doctor?
GRACE: I only have one life, can you remember that?
DOCTOR: I’ll try.
GRACE: Great! I finally meet the right guy and he comes from another planet.

(The bike flies back up the embankment and on to the road.)


(The bikes skids to halt, and the Doctor and Grace look at what lies before them. We are outside a brightly lit high-tech building. The city lights are glowing around it and the bay is nearby. A sign reads ‘ITAR’. A banner reads ‘2000. The beginning of san Francisco Mean-Time!’ The camera pulls out to reveal that the building is ringed by a heavy presence of security guards and police and media.)

GRACE: Oh, no! look, Doctor.

(And worse, the Master’s ambulance is there already…)


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