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(The citadel of Peladon, scene of a previous visit by the DOCTOR, is unchanged by the passage of time. Lightning and thunder still lash its turrets, walls and towers and a howling wind blows across the mountain from which it has been carved.)


(Underneath the citadel, wide mine tunnels honeycomb the interior of the mountain. Primitive torches illuminate the dark passages as a group of four miners make their way along one of the galleries. They are dressed in a combination of fur trousers and leather tunics and their hair is almost of an afro style, streaked white like a badger. They push an incongruous piece of machinery between them. Built onto a chassis with a large balloon wheel at the front and struts at the back, it is futuristic in design with a probe within a mesh dish pointing forwards. One miner, ETTIS, leads the others as they wheel the device along.)

ETTIS: Come on, lads. Come on, keep it moving. Mustn't keep our lords and masters waiting.

(He points ahead.)

ETTIS: Straight through the gallery.

(Suddenly they hear a burbling electronic noise rising in tone and they look upwards.)

ETTIS: What's that?

(As they see something, a look of terror appears on their faces.)

ETTIS: Aggedor! It is the spirit of Aggedor!

(Two of the miners run off in a panic. The third, stood next to ETTIS, suddenly starts to cry out and falls backwards onto a rock. He screams as the electronic sound reaches a pitch, mixed together with an animal-like roar and a red glow surrounds him, totally vapourising the man. The red glow vanishes and with it the sound. Looking upwards at the roof of the gallery, ETTIS dashes off in a panic...)


(Nearby in another tunnel are two very different beings. One is a human dressed in a black leather tunic. The other is totally different in looks. Humanoid in shape, he is of a reddish hue in skin colour with shaggy red hair totally covering the bottom half of his body. His naked chest is flecked with the same hair. His head hair and beard are also red. He has large limpid eyes with a black dot in the middle for an iris and ridged cheeks and forehead. A Peladonian miner is with them and passes the human - ECKERSLEY - a lump of orange crystal. He looks at it through a jeweller's eye glass.)

ECKERSLEY: Yes...it's exactly the quality we've been searching for. We're just not producing enough of it.

(He gives it back to the Peladonian miner who walks off.)

VEGA NEXOS: How can we? We have modern equipment but these..."primitives" refuse to use it.
ECKERSLEY: Ah, they'll come round to it. At least they've agreed to use the sonic lance.

(Suddenly, the three panicking, escaping miners run past.)

ECKERSLEY: What's going on?

(ECKERSLEY grabs ETTIS who brings up the rear.)

ECKERSLEY: Hey, Ettis! What's all the panic?
ETTIS: It's Aggedor!
ETTIS: (Angrily.) It's the spirit of Aggedor! We took the sonic lance down into the mine as you ordered, and the spirit of Aggedor appeared and slew one of us for blasphemy! (Contemptuously.) Who do you think's gonna use your alien equipment now?


(The throne room of Peladon is also little changed since the DOCTOR last stood in there with Jo Grant. One change is that a young woman sits on the throne, dressed in purple and silver robes and with a huge purple fur collar and tiara-like crown. She is attended by a handmaiden in a long purple dress and stood over by her champion - BLOR, who is even bigger and more fearsome than Grun. He wears a large fur headdress with a horn at the front in imitation of Aggedor. At the base of the throne, whose steps are now covered in furs, stands the bearded form of the High Priest and Chancellor of Peladon. ORTRON is dressed in similar robes to Hepesh and he, the Queen and the handmaiden have the typical white hair with red streaks of the nobility of Peladon. An audience is taking place. ECKERSLEY and VEGA NEXOS stand before the throne with a very familiar figure - that of the yellow and green, one-eyed ALPHA CENTAURI. ORTRON speaks accusingly to the three aliens...)

ORTRON: One of our people has been killed. The miners are terrified and refuse to work. What explanation do you offer us?
ECKERSLEY: It's not up to me to explain, is it? According to the miners it was the spirit of Aggedor - whatever that's supposed to mean.
ORTRON: (Angrily.) Do not blaspheme, alien!

(ALPHA CENTAURI twitters forward...)

ALPHA CENTAURI: I'm sure no disrespect was intended, Lord Chancellor.

(VEGA NEXOS approaches the throne to speak direct to the Queen - THALIRA.)

VEGA NEXOS: Your Majesty, we people of the planet Vega are a practical race of mining engineers. We do not propose to accept that this unfortunate incident was brought about by supernatural means.
THALIRA: (Coldly.) The miners of Peladon say that Aggedor appeared to them.
VEGA NEXOS: Your Majesty, your miners are primitive and superstitious.
ORTRON: Then what is your explanation?
VEGA NEXOS: Sabotage.
ORTRON: And where are these saboteurs?
ECKERSLEY: Yes, well sabotage or spooks, the end result's the same. We had just about persuaded your miners to accept the use of the sonic lance and now they won't touch any of the modern equipment.
THALIRA: The use of the sonic lance is essential to you?
ECKERSLEY: (Warmly.) Oh yes, your Majesty. It will increase the output tenfold.
THALIRA: Could you arrange an immediate demonstration of the sonic lance?
ORTRON: Your Majesty...!
THALIRA: (Interrupts.) If our people see that we have faith in your technology, it may help to calm their fears.
VEGA NEXOS: Of course, your Majesty. We will arrange it immediately.
ALPHA CENTAURI: Allow me to thank your Majesty on behalf of the Federation. A most helpful gesture! The sooner we can achieve full production of trisilicate, the sooner we can bring this dreadful war to a successful conclusion.
THALIRA: (Smiles.) Thank you, Ambassador. The audience is at an end.

(The three aliens bow...)

ALPHA CENTAURI: Thank you, your Majesty.
ECKERSLEY: Your Majesty.

(...and leave. ORTRON watches them go and then turns to the young Queen.)

ORTRON: Your Majesty, I must protest! I can control this situation. I do not want you exposed to danger.
THALIRA: You know as well as I, Ortron, it was my father's dream to see Peladon a civilised planet - a full member of the Federation. He signed the treaty - we must honour it.
ORTRON: I intend that we should do so. Well from the day Chancellor Hepesh died, I served your father loyally. I worked for the things he believed in - progress, civilisation, the Federation. Now there is war with Galaxy Five and our people have to make sacrifices.
THALIRA: Yes, but in quarrel not their own.
ORTRON: We have to accept the duties of Federation membership, as well as the benefits.


(ORTRON stands before the statue of Aggedor in the temple, his arms raised before the idol.)

ORTRON: Oh, mighty Aggedor, make known your will! Do not seek vengeance on your servants.

(He turns to the font-like bowl behind him from which flames flicker. He throws a small pellet into this and a flare of smoke and flame bursts upwards.)

ORTRON: Let your judgment fall on those who have truly offended thee.

(He throws in another piece of the flaring substance.)


(A patrolling guard makes his way down a tunnel. Suddenly, he hears the sound of the TARDIS materialising and looks round in alarm. He ducks into hiding behind a rock and watches as the blue police box solidifies in the cramped tunnel, its light flashing as it does so. The door opens and the DOCTOR, dressed in a green smoking jacket and green frilly shirt, walks out.)

DOCTOR: The citadel of Peladon, Sarah. One of the most interesting and...

(He stops dead as he sees their less than welcoming surroundings. SARAH, dressed in a black leather jacket over a patterned jumper, black trousers and silver boots is right behind him and instantly takes in the fact that the DOCTOR'S latest promise has not been kept to.)

SARAH: Oh no, it isn't - is it, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Well, no, not exactly.
SARAH: No, it's not your precious citadel at all. It's another rotten gloomy old tunnel!

(The DOCTOR closes the TARDIS doors.)

DOCTOR: Yes, well, with the scanner still on the blink, there was no way I could really check.
SARAH: There's more than the scanner on the blink.

(The DOCTOR locks the TARDIS and pockets the key.)

DOCTOR: Come on, let's go and see where we are.

(They walk off down the tunnel. The guard comes out of hiding, watches them go and heads off back in the direction he came from.)


(The DOCTOR leads SARAH down another tunnel.)

DOCTOR: Well, I think my spatial coordinates must have slipped a bit too.

(He looks around and stops.)

DOCTOR: We may not actually be in the citadel, Sarah, but we're very close to it.
SARAH: We are?
DOCTOR: Yes. Yes, the citadel is built on a mountain, you see, and the mountain is honeycombed with tunnels like this. Come on.

(He starts to lead off but SARAH stays where she is.)

SARAH: We couldn't just get back in the TARDIS and go home?

(He comes back to her.)

DOCTOR: Oh, have a heart, Sarah. I've been meaning to pay a return visit to Peladon for ages.
SARAH: Oh. I can't think why.
DOCTOR: Come along, Sarah Jane.

(She laughs and follows him.)


(ECKERSLEY is back in the mine tunnel with the device that was abandoned by the miners. As he works on it, he is closely watched by ETTIS and another older miner - GEBEK. VEGA NEXOS and other miners are also there for the demonstration of the sonic lance. A royal procession is led into the mine tunnel. ORTRON leads the way...)

ORTRON: This way, your Majesty.

(...as THALIRA, BLOR and two guards walk behind him. ECKERSLEY continues his work but the two miners stand as the Queen nears. GEBEK kneels before her and salutes her.)

GEBEK: We are honoured by your presence, your Majesty.
THALIRA: And we are grateful for yours, Gebek.

(She signals to him to stand.)

THALIRA: Can you persuade your miners to overcome their fears and use the new Federation tools?
GEBEK: The demonstration will help, your Majesty, but there has been a death. Ettis here was...

(An excitable ETTIS jumps forward and also kneels in supplication.)

ETTIS: I beg of you, your Majesty! Do not permit this blasphemy! I have seen the wrath of Aggedor!
VEGA NEXOS: (Calmly.) You have seen enemy spies - agents from Galaxy Five sent here to cause trouble.
GEBEK: (To THALIRA and ORTRON.) One of the guards was telling some wild story. He said he saw more aliens, appearing as if by magic in the tunnels.

(ORTRON turns to the guards behind him.)

ORTRON: Guard.

(They step forward.)

GEBEK: Since Aggedor's appearance there have been many such stories, your Majesty.
ORTRON: (To the GUARD CAPTAIN.) There are alien spies in the tunnels - enemies of the Federation and of Peladon. They must be found and destroyed.

(The guards move off to carry out the command.)


(A cynical SARAH follows the DOCTOR through another tunnel. He is looking far less sure than he was of their way. SARAH tries little to hide her amusement.)

SARAH: Well, Doctor?

(The DOCTOR looks round.)

DOCTOR: This way, I think.

(He starts to walk off.)

SARAH: We're lost.
DOCTOR: Mislaid possibly.
SARAH: (Whines.) Oh, why don't we just go back to the TARDIS?
DOCTOR: Look, for two good reasons; one, that I don't want to leave Peladon without having a word with my good friend, the king...
SARAH: Name dropper...
DOCTOR: And second...
SARAH: What?
DOCTOR: We are lost. Come on.

(SARAH rolls her eyes, grunts in frustration and follows him.)


(ECKERSLEY stands from his preparation on the sonic lance. ALPHA CENTAURI has joined them.)

ECKERSLEY: Your Majesty, everything is prepared. May we begin?
THALIRA: Please?

(ECKERSLEY turns to his fellow-miner.)


(VEGA NEXOS goes to the controls of the sonic lance whose probes points at a rock wall. ECKERSLEY indicates this.)

ECKERSLEY: If you will just keep your eyes on that section of the wall over there.

(VEGA NEXOS turns two dials and presses a series of switches. A central column on the sonic lance starts to glow and a humming sound rises. Across the tunnel, the section of the wall indicated starts to ripple and shimmer. The central column of the lance and the probe glow red as the power reaches its peak and the next moment a circular hole is blasted in the wall of the tunnel, creating a small smoking cave filled with seams of trisilicate beyond. A wide-eyed THALIRA looks impressed.)

ECKERSLEY: There we are, your Majesty - direct access to the main seam within a matter of moments. Now that would take us weeks to do a job like that by hand.

(Suddenly, the same burbling electronic and roaring sound that was heard in the tunnel starts to emit from the newly-created cave. The Peladonians, nobles and miners, all react with shock. VEGA NEXOS walks past them and towards the cave.)

VEGA NEXOS: Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid - it is trickery! There is nothing to fear!

(He steps into the circular cave mouth. ECKERSLEY, his composure gone, looks strangely perturbed.)

ECKERSLEY: Don't be a fool...come back!

(Suddenly, a red glow appears in the mouth of the cave and VEGA NEXOS is thrown back with a scream. As he lies still on the ground, the red glow fades and with it, the body of NEXOS. Panic erupts among the miners and once more they start to run off with only GEBEK remaining behind. ETTIS remains long enough to shout angrily at THALIRA and ORTRON...)

ETTIS: It is the curse of Aggedor! Now will you believe?!

(He runs off, leaving a shocked THALIRA, ORTRON and BLOR looking down at the spot where NEXOS disappeared...)


(The DOCTOR turns a corner in the tunnel that he and SARAH are in. He looks ahead and turns to his companion with a smile.)

DOCTOR: Cheer up, Sarah. We're nearly there. I recognise this tunnel.

(An unimpressed SARAH stops and feels her sore foot.)

SARAH: As far as I'm concerned, Doctor, a tunnel is a tunnel is a tun...

(She is interrupted by a yell from down the tunnel.)

GUARD CAPTAIN: (OOV.) Come on here, lads, down this way!
SARAH: What was that?
DOCTOR: Well, that'll be the palace guard. We'll be alright now.
SARAH: Oh, well, let's not be rash, mm?

(The Peladonian guards come into view down the tunnel and the CAPTAIN points at the DOCTOR and SARAH.)

GUARD CAPTAIN: There they are! Kill them!

(SARAH screams and runs off.)

SARAH: Doctor, come on, quick!

(The DOCTOR hesitate only a moment and runs after her.)

DOCTOR: Sarah! Sarah!

(Pursued by the CAPTAIN and two guards, they quickly reach the end of the tunnel.)

SARAH: We're trapped!

(The DOCTOR sees a lit torch in its bracket on the wall.)

DOCTOR: Oh no, we're not - look.

(Remembering his last visit, he pulls the bracket down on its pivot and the rock wall door opens.)

DOCTOR: Go on, in you go.


(SARAH gasps in some amazement at the purple-rock interior. The DOCTOR adjusts the internal torch bracket to close the door and smiles at the familiar surroundings. SARAH looks up at the huge statue of Aggedor eerily lit by small torches.)

DOCTOR: The temple of Aggedor, in the citadel of Peladon.
SARAH: (Defensively.) I believed you!

(SARAH gets her breath.)

SARAH: No, it is...very impressive, Doctor. But what about those guards? I thought you said they were friendly here?
DOCTOR: Well, there must have been a misunderstanding - probably startled.

(The DOCTOR stands before the statue.)

DOCTOR: Ah, look at old Aggedor. There he is, bless him!
SARAH: He doesn't look very lovable to me.
DOCTOR: Ah, that's just a statue. You wait till you've seen the real animal.
SARAH: The real animal?
DOCTOR: Yes, didn't I tell you about my first visit to Peladon?
SARAH: Oh, no, not properly.
DOCTOR: Well, Peladon was just on the point of entering the galactic Federation, you see, when suddenly they started having this trouble...
SARAH: Not now, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Oh, of course, if you don't want to hear about it...
SARAH: It's not that, Doctor. I think we're about to have some trouble of our own.

(She looks over his shoulder. The GUARD CAPTAIN and a number of his men have followed them through the secret door and stand with swords drawn.)


(The DOCTOR and SARAH are led into the empty throne room. SARAH tries to hide her concern.)

DOCTOR: Don't worry, Sarah. As soon as King Peladon turns up...


(From outside the throne room, ORTRON leads THALIRA, her handmaiden and BLOR sweeping in.)


(The DOCTOR looks for a familiar face and sees the huge shape of BLOR with some concern. THALIRA takes her place on the throne and then the guards push the DOCTOR and SARAH forward and onto their knees.)

ORTRON: Aliens - you are accused both of sacrilege and of sabotage. Do you confess?
SARAH: No, we don't! I don't know what you're ta...
ORTRON: (Interrupts.) Silence! I addressed your master.

(SARAH tries to jump to her feet...)

SARAH: He is not my master!

(...but is pushed back down. ORTRON looks haughtily down at her and then at the DOCTOR.)

ORTRON: Well, alien?

(The DOCTOR gets to his feet quietly.)

DOCTOR: May I first know whom I have the honour of addressing?
ORTRON: I am Ortron - High Priest and Chancellor.

(He looks at the young woman on the throne.)

ORTRON: This is her Majesty, Queen Thalira of Peladon.

(The DOCTOR makes a low bow but then looks puzzled.)

DOCTOR: Your Majesty. But, er, where is King Peladon?
THALIRA: (Surprised.) He was my father. He died when I was a child.
DOCTOR: Oh, I see. (To SARAH.) That explains a great deal.
ORTRON: Alien - name those who sent you and your life may be spared.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, in a moment, old chap. Your Majesty, I...

(The DOCTOR steps nearer to the throne but two guards bar his way with sword and a pike. SARAH gasps. The DOCTOR hesitates and then brushes the weapons aside contemptuously.)

DOCTOR: Your Majesty, your father and I were very good friends before you were born. I am the Doctor.
THALIRA: (Smiles.) But I have heard stories of the Doctor - ever since I was a child.
ORTRON: (To THALIRA.) Everyone on Peladon knows the story of the Doctor - what better disguise for an alien spy and saboteur?
DOCTOR: You really are a suspicious fellow, aren't you?

(Suddenly, ALPHA CENTAURI bursts into the throne room.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: Your Majesty, I cannot tell you how shocked I was to hear...

(All turn to face the new arrival. Only SARAH reacts with shock...)

SARAH: Doctor! What's that?
DOCTOR: The answer to all our troubles, Sarah.
ALPHA CENTAURI: (Amazed.) Doctor?!
DOCTOR: Alpha Centauri!

(The DOCTOR steps forward with delight and shakes one of ALPHA CENTAURI'S six hands.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: It is! It's the Doctor!
DOCTOR: Alpha Centauri, my dear fellah, what a very well-timed entrance.

(The hysterical hexapod circles the DOCTOR, looking him over and screeching in amazement...)

ALPHA CENTAURI: It's like a miracle, Doctor! All these years and you haven't changed a bit!
DOCTOR: Neither have you, my dear fellah. A touch of grey around the tentacles perhaps, but still the same old Alpha.
ORTRON: (Snaps.) Ambassador!

(ALPHA CENTAURI faces the throne.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: Oh, forgive me, your Majesty!
THALIRA: Ambassador, we take it that these aliens are known to you?
ALPHA CENTAURI: Er, not the...

(CENTAURI looks SARAH over and looks at the DOCTOR for confirmation of the correct term to use.)


(The DOCTOR nods as the smile disappears off SARAH'S face.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: (To THALIRA.) Not the female, your Majesty. Still, she's of no importance...

(Now SARAH looks really furious as the DOCTOR puts a hand to his mouth to hide his smile.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: But this is most certainly the Doctor - a good friend of your father, and of Peladon.
ORTRON: (To THALIRA.) The past history of this alien is irrelevant.
ALPHA CENTAURI: I'm sure there has been a misunderstanding, your Majesty. I am prepared to vouch for the Doctor.
THALIRA: Very well. The charges will be suspended and the aliens released into your custody, Ambassador...

(ORTRON leaps forward in protest.)

ORTRON: Your Majesty!

(The Queen puts up a hand to stop him.)

THALIRA: But...we shall expect a full report of their behaviour - and of their presence on Peladon.

(CENTAURI bows.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: Of course, your Majesty. Thank you, your Majesty.
SARAH: Well I don't think that's good enough. (To THALIRA.) What about an apology for the...

(She steps towards the throne but the DOCTOR yanks her back.)

DOCTOR: Sarah!
ALPHA CENTAURI: Doctor, come with me, please.

(CENTAURI leads the DOCTOR towards the door. SARAH is left behind.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: (To the DOCTOR.) You may bring the female.
DOCTOR: (To SARAH, quietly.) Come on.
SARAH: Thanks!

(A guard shoves SARAH after the DOCTOR and CENTAURI and the three leave the room. ORTRON turns to the Queen.)

ORTRON: Your Majesty, it is not wise to trust this alien. Even if he is the Doctor, he was the one who persuaded King Peladon to join the Federation and caused our present troubles. Now why has he come here again?

(The Queen stands up angrily.)

THALIRA: We shall not learn the Doctor's plans by having him executed, Ortron.

(She walks out of the room followed by BLOR.)

THALIRA: If he is our enemy, he will soon betray himself.

(A narrow-eyed ORTRON watches them go.)


(GEBEK makes his way down a tunnel followed by ETTIS and some other miners.)

ETTIS: Gebek, for the last time, listen to me. Even if you do speak to the Queen, it will do no good. She and Ortron are puppets of the Federation.
GEBEK: We must try!
ETTIS: If talks fail, Gebek, we fight.
GEBEK: There will be no fighting. Now, you will all wait for me here. When I've spoken to the Queen, we'll talk again.

(He walks off. ETTIS watches him go with a shake of the head.)

ETTIS: Gebek's a good man, but he's too patient.

(The other miners mutter in agreement.)

ETTIS: We'll give him time to get clear, then, while he talks, we'll fight!


(ALPHA CENTAURI leads the DOCTOR and SARAH down one of the torch-filled passages of the citadel.)

SARAH: Well, I'm sorry, Doctor, but I don't see why I should put up with it. And as for your friend here - "The female is of no importance", indeed!
DOCTOR: Oh, I thought that would rankle a bit.
SARAH: Well?
DOCTOR: Actually, you owe...Alpha Centauri a very great deal of gratitude. Without him you'd have been lucky to have got out of there alive. They go in for rough justice here on Peladon you know? Chop off your head and apologise afterwards.
SARAH: Yes, well, if you hadn't...missed the target by about five hundred yards and fifty years, we wouldn't be in this.
DOCTOR: Yes, that's a point.

(As they move off, one of the wall tapestries behind them suddenly moves and ETTIS looks out from one of the many secret entrances into the citadel. He looks round to check that the coast is clear and then signals to the other miners to follow him into the passage. Armed with primitive weapons, they move out.)


(A guard follows GEBEK down another passage towards the throne room from where ORTRON steps out.)

ORTRON: Gebek, you know the citadel is forbidden to those of your kind.
GEBEK: Reserved - for you and your high and mighty nobles...and our real masters, the Federation aliens, of course.
ORTRON: Do not be insolent, Gebek. You may have a little authority amongst your miners but you are still one of them. Why did you come here?
GEBEK: I must speak with the Queen.
ORTRON: You should have requested an audience.
GEBEK: Things are too urgent for that. I must speak with the Queen now - for the good of all Peladon!

(ORTRON considers.)

ORTRON: Very well.

(He leads GEBEK into the throne room.)


(THALIRA is speaking with her handmaiden but resumes her throne as ORTRON approaches and bows.)

ORTRON: The miner, Gebek, your Majesty.

(GEBEK bows on one knee.)

GEBEK: Forgive this intrusion, your Majesty.
THALIRA: (Puzzled.) Gebek, why have you come here?
GEBEK: (Passionately.) To beg you to send the Federation aliens home!


(A guard patrols the passage outside the armoury. The entrance to this is a pair of huge wooden doors. As he paces back and forth, ETTIS and another miner sneak up behind him before he turns and hide in an alcove. The guard turns back in his pacing and the two hidden miners jump out and pull the guard to the ground.)


(The DOCTOR and SARAH have been taken to the Federation communications room. This room is far more advanced in style than anything else on Peladon. Lit by electric light, it has a communications console on the right hand side and several other large banks of equipment with controls and monitors on the left. The walls are covered with charts and diagrams and there are comfortable modern leather seats in the room in contrast to the wooden furniture in the rest of the citadel. ECKERSLEY has joined the three in there.)

DOCTOR: Well, it seems to me, Eckersley, the Federation has brought a lot of its troubles on itself.
ALPHA CENTAURI: That is unfair, Doctor. There have been many difficulties.
DOCTOR: Look, it's fifty years now since Peladon joined the Galactic Federation, and what have the miners got to show for it? Harder work for the same rewards.
ALPHA CENTAURI: Peladon is a feudal society, Doctor. The court is resistant to any change.
ECKERSLEY: And we have got to step up the production of trisilicate. It's essential to our war effort.
DOCTOR: (Puzzled.) Yes, well that's another thing that concerns me - this war. I thought the Federation was dedicated to peace?
ECKERSLEY: So it is, Doctor.
ALPHA CENTAURI: But we were the victims of a vicious and unprovoked attack - by the forces of Galaxy Five.
DOCTOR: Well have you tried to negotiate?
ALPHA CENTAURI: Many times! They refuse to listen.
SARAH: Well, what's so important about this trisilicate stuff?
ECKERSLEY: Our whole technology is based on it - electronic circuitry, heat shields, inert microcell fibres, radionic crystals and whoever the tru...supply of trisilicate will win this war.
SARAH: And you think someone's trying to stop you getting it?
ECKERSLEY: That's what Vega Nexos thought - saboteurs, agents from Galaxy Five.
DOCTOR: It's possible, I suppose?
ECKERSLEY: Then how did they get here, where are they now and how are they staying undetected?

(An alarm suddenly sounds. On an illuminated wall chart behind them, a red light begins to glow behind a box marked "ARMOURY".)

SARAH: Well, what's all that about?

(ECKERSLEY switches on a monochrome monitor. This shows the scene outside the armoury where the attacking miners are desperately prising the huge wooden doors.)

ECKERSLEY: Well, well, well...


(The rebel miners succeed in pulling the wooden doors open - only to reveal a metallic pair of advanced doors behind them.)

ETTIS: Alien work!

(He turns to one of the miners - PREBA.)

ETTIS: In case we can't break it down, Preba, you go and find an alien to open it for us.

(PREBA runs off on his errand as ETTIS and the others start to hack uselessly at the metal door.)


(The four in the communications room continue to watch the silent image.)

SARAH: (To ECKERSLEY.) You don't seem very worried.
ECKERSLEY: They're wasting their time. Solid duralinium that door. Triple security, electronic lock, remotely controlled from here.
ALPHA CENTAURI: Just as well. All the modern weapons on the planet are stored there.
SARAH: You'll be in trouble if they do get through.
ECKERSLEY: They won't. When Ortron realises what's going on, he'll send some guards to finish them off.

(The DOCTOR looks perturbed at this but SARAH is more vocal.)

SARAH: Oh, for heaven's sake, man! You just gonna sit there and watch them get cut down? Well can't you stop it?

(The DOCTOR heads quietly for the door.)

ECKERSLEY: I've told you before - local politics are not my concern.

(At the doorway, the DOCTOR suddenly steps back into the room at the point of PREBA'S sword.)

DOCTOR: I think you'll find that they are.

(The three look up and see the intruder.)

SARAH: Doc..
ECKERSLEY: What are you doing here?
PREBA: Alien, you will come with me and open the armoury door for us.
ECKERSLEY: Not a chance!
PREBA: Move!

(He jabs his sword towards ECKERSLEY, CENTAURI and SARAH. As PREBA moves towards them, SARAH and CENTAURI jump out of the way.)

SARAH: Doctor!

(The DOCTOR signals to SARAH to remain calm while PREBA concentrates his threats - and the point of his sword - at ECKERSLEY.)

PREBA: You will open the armoury, alien, or you will die!

(ECKERSLEY looks down at the sword for a moment...)

PREBA: Move!

(...and then heads for the door. Going past the DOCTOR, PREBA points the sword in warning at him and he raises his arms in a gesture of surrender...only to grab PREBA'S sword arm as he passes and yank it back behind him.)

SARAH: Ah, Doctor!

(ECKERSLEY leaps forward and grabs the sword from PREBA'S securely held arm.)


(He points the sword at PREBA and glances at the DOCTOR in admiration.)

ECKERSLEY: Pretty handy, aren't you?
ALPHA CENTAURI: You see the dangers we face, Doctor? Peladon is still a barbarous and primitive planet!
DOCTOR: When miners have to take up arms to protect their rights, they probably have their reasons. Now I'd like to know what those reasons are.
ECKERSLEY: He won't talk to you. These people are fanatics, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Right then, let's see what he has to say to Queen Thalira. (To PREBA.) Come on.

(He pushes PREBA towards the door. ECKERSLEY leads the miner out at sword point. The DOCTOR looks back at CENTAURI and SARAH.)

DOCTOR: You two - stay here.

(He follows ECKERSLEY and their captive out.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: Oh, I'm glad. Violence is distressing for...

(CENTAURI swings round and almost touches SARAH who flinches back with a small cry. She immediately feels guilty for her reaction.)

SARAH: I'm sorry.

(CENTAURI looks down sadly.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: I believe that human beings sometimes find the appearance of my species rather frightening. Yet I assure you, we are an amiable and peace-loving race.

(SARAH walks forward, keen to make amends.)

SARAH: Oh, I'm...I am sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. I...I'm just a bit jumpy, hmm? Okay?

(CENTAURI looks at SARAH who smiles.)


(In the throne room, ORTRON has lost his temper with GEBEK...)

ORTRON: Your rulers have decided to support the Federation! It is not for you to question our decision.
GEBEK: (Shouts.) My people have had enough of the Federation and its commands - there will be armed rebellion!
THALIRA: (Shocked.) Gebek! Would you rebel against me?
GEBEK: (Gently.) Your Majesty, I am loyal to the throne.
ORTRON: Gebek, order your miners to return to their work.

(The GUARD CAPTAIN runs in, bows on one knee and reports...)

GUARD CAPTAIN: Your Majesty, Lord Ortron - the miners have attacked the Federation armoury. They escaped into the tunnels.
ORTRON: The miners?
GEBEK: The armoury?

(The DOCTOR walks in.)

DOCTOR: Not all of them, your Majesty.
THALIRA: Doctor?

(The DOCTOR gestures to the doorway where ECKERSLEY leads PREBA in at sword point.)

GEBEK: Preba? What have you done?
ORTRON: So, Gebek, now we have the truth of it!
GEBEK: (To THALIRA.) Your Majesty, I knew nothing of this.
ORTRON: It is too late for your lies, Gebek! You came here and distracted our attention so they could attack!
GEBEK: (To PREBA.) I ordered you to wait in the tunnels.
ORTRON: (To the guards.) Take them both away!
GEBEK: But your Majesty...!
DOCTOR: Now just one moment, I brought this man here to talk to the Queen.
ORTRON: Be silent, Doctor! The Queen has listened to enough traitors.

(He approaches the throne.)

ORTRON: They have invaded the citadel and carried arms against your Majesty. The law demands their execution! (To the guards.) Take them away!

(The DOCTOR and GEBEK attack one of the guards with karate chops and punches respectively. In the confusion, PREBA makes his escape. GEBEK is quick to follow. The GUARD CAPTAIN is about to follow but the DOCTOR pulls back the pikestaff that he carries, pulling the man himself to the floor. He quickly gets back to his feet and he and his two fellow guards surround the DOCTOR with their weapons raised.)

ORTRON: So, Doctor...since you are in league with the rebels and have helped them escape, you shall die in their place!
DOCTOR: You really are remarkably ungrateful, aren't you?
ORTRON: What gratitude do we owe you?
DOCTOR: I've just saved you from a serious political mistake. (To THALIRA.) May I address your Majesty?
THALIRA: You may. Lord Ortron?

(ORTRON steps back and the guards raise their weapons. The DOCTOR approaches the steps of the throne.)

DOCTOR: Your Majesty, as you know, the miners are already on the point of armed rebellion. Now how would they react if their leader was killed...by the Queen's guards? He would become a martyr - a figurehead for a people's revolution. Revolution and civil war, your Majesty - unless you allow me to help you.
THALIRA: But how can you help us?
DOCTOR: By proving my belief...that the appearances of Aggedor are caused by trickery.

(THALIRA glances sharply at ORTRON and then considers.)

THALIRA: Very well.

(ORTRON, his face stormy, turns away.)

THALIRA: We will trust you, Doctor - for the present. Captain?

(The GUARD CAPTAIN and his men step away.)

DOCTOR: Thank you, your Majesty. Erm, I'd like to begin by inspecting where Aggedor last appeared, so if someone could show me the way?
THALIRA: The Queen's champion will escort you.
DOCTOR: Thank you.

(BLOR steps forward. He towers over the DOCTOR who swallows nervously.)

DOCTOR: Yes, splendid. (Smiles.) Well, after you, old chap.

(BLOR walks towards the throne room door. The DOCTOR follows, the smile disappearing off his face. ORTRON watches them go and then bows to the Queen with ill grace.)

ORTRON: Your Majesty.

(He leaves the throne room.)


(The GUARD CAPTAIN is waiting outside.)

ORTRON: Send out patrols into the mines and caves. I want Gebek, and anyone with him, captured...or killed.


(ETTIS is burying several sticks of explosives in the sandy soil of the tunnel near to the circular man-made entrance to the cave. With a smile of his face, he starts to reel the wire away.)


(ECKERSLEY is demonstrating on SARAH with the sword what occurred in the throne room as she and CENTAURI listen.)

ECKERSLEY: And with that, off they went to take a look at the cavern.

(He hands the sword to her. She smiles ruefully.)

SARAH: Oh, great! Leaving me to hang about and twiddle my thumbs - as usual.
ECKERSLEY: I'll say one thing for your friend the Doctor, he's got quite a knack of talking himself out of trouble.
SARAH: Mmm, just as long as he hasn't talked himself into a whole lot more.


(His preparations complete, ETTIS watches from hiding as the mute BLOR gestures inside the cave entrance and grunts. The DOCTOR looks through the hole.)

DOCTOR: Oh, so this is it, is it?

(BLOR grunts again, nods and gestures inside the hole.)

DOCTOR: Alright, let's take a look inside.

(He walks in but BLOR grunts in alarm and gestures for him to come back. The DOCTOR steps back.)

DOCTOR: Well, don't tell me that you're frightened, a big chap like you. Come on.

(He goes back inside.)


(The DOCTOR shines a small torch on the walls of trisilicate as BLOR gingerly follows him.)

DOCTOR: No wonder the Federation was so keen to mine.

(He steps further in and looks at the glowing orange seams of the mineral.)

DOCTOR: A typical trisilicate vein that.


(ETTIS moves back down the mine tunnel to where another miner is connecting the explosives wire to a detonator.)

ETTIS: One of the aliens has just entered the cave with the Queen's champion. We must sacrifice them both.

(He joins him in fixing up the detonator.)


(The DOCTOR examines a piece of trisilicate.)

DOCTOR: Yeah, very high grade too. And you say the light that killed Vega Nexos came from in here?

(BLOR nods and grunts.)

DOCTOR: Then there should be some trace.

(He starts to look round the cave.)


(GEBEK walks up to ETTIS and the miner as they complete their preparations.)

GEBEK: What are you doing?
ETTIS: I'm restoring the holy mountain, to appease the spirit of Aggedor!

(He turns the switch on the detonator and the cave mouth is racked by a huge explosion.)


(Within, the DOCTOR holds up his arms in protection as part of the roof starts to come down.)


(Outside, the entire cave entrance collapses.)


(The DOCTOR lies on the floor of the cave with his hands covering his head for protection. He is covered by sand and soil. He gets to his feet as he hears BLOR grunting.)

DOCTOR: Blor, are you alright?

(The Queen's champion lies on the floor nearby along the debris of the rocks. The DOCTOR helps him up.)

DOCTOR: Come on. That's it.

(Suddenly, the cave is filled with a rising burbling electronic sound and a red, ghostly, still image of Aggedor materialises against a far wall. The DOCTOR looks surprised but BLOR screams in terror at the apparition. The DOCTOR silently mouths "What the blazes is that" as the eyes of the spirit glow and a stream of red-hot heat and smoke pours from its mouth as it floats towards them. BLOR is surrounded by a red glow and he screams in agony as he falls to the ground, then fades away along with the glow from the spirit of Aggedor...)

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