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The Time Warrior
By Robert Holmes
Episode Two
Broadcast December 22nd 1973
Duration: 24'15


(SARAH is being dragged along by one of IRONGRON's MEN.)

SARAH: Look, if this is a Rag Day joke, it's not funny!

(She is dragged away, protesting all the while. The DOCTOR cautiously enters the courtyard. He ducks behind a cart as LINX enters and then pauses for a moment. The DOCTOR looks up and gives a nod of recognition at the sight of the Sontaran. LINX removes his helmet and turns round to camera, revealing his troll-like features! The DOCTOR turns at the sound of HAL being dragged into the courtyard by some more of IRONGRON's MEN. LINX hastily replaces his helmet and moves off. The DOCTOR ducks into a nearby doorway as they approach where he was hiding.)


(One of IRONGRON's MEN is sharpening an axe on a rotating stone wheel. As he speaks, the sound of SARAH protesting at her captors grows louder.)

IRONGRON: Make it keen. I want Sir Edward not to know the moment when his head is parted from his shoul... What's this?!

(The protesting SARAH is dragged in by BLOODAXE, who has tight hold of her wrist.)

BLOODAXE: Get inside, wench!
SARAH: Let go of me!

(SARAH slaps BLOODAXE's arm, trying to make him let go.)

BLOODAXE: She was found within bowshot, Captain!
SARAH: Idiots!

(BLOODAXE releases his grip and lets her go.)

SARAH: Why don't you stop this ridiculous pantomime.
IRONGRON: Ah, she spits fire! Eh, Bloodaxe? Come here girl.
SARAH: Get lost.

(IRONGRON grabs SARAH and pulls her to him, snatching a gold chain from her neck.)

IRONGRON: She wears gold, Bloodaxe.

(SARAH tries without success to grab the chain back.)

SARAH: That hurt, you fool!

(IRONGRON now has hold of both her wrists.)

IRONGRON: Do not call Irongron a fool. Or I'll have the marrow from your bones, my little chicken. Now where are you from?
SARAH: Now look, just pack this up, will you, it's not funny. I happen to be a reporter and I've got a big story...

(IRONGRON shoves her to BLOODAXE who grabs her by the wrist again.)

IRONGRON: Take her away, Bloodaxe. Throw her in the dungeon.

(The MAN who has been sharpening the axe hands it to IRONGRON.)

SARAH: Why don't you take off that ridiculous gear and go home to your butcher's shop!

(BLOODAXE starts to drag her away but she resists.)

SARAH: (To BLOODAXE.) Let go! Look, I warn you, any more of this and I'm going straight to the police.

(BLOODAXE turns to drag her away.)

IRONGRON: Stay, Bloodaxe!
BLOODAXE: Captain.
IRONGRON: Leave her.

(BLOODAXE lets go. SARAH rubs her wrist.)

SARAH: That's better. Hmph! Now if I could just use your telephone.

(We hear a loud cry from off-set. Two of IRONGRON's MEN drag in a struggling HAL and force him to his knees before IRONGRON.)

BLOODAXE: This is the dog that shot at you, Captain.
IRONGRON: So you thought to kill Irongron, eh?
HAL: Aye, and I would, but for her. She drew my aim aside.
IRONGRON: You treacherous dog. Did Sir Edward send you?
HAL: No.
IRONGRON: You lie.
HAL: I speak the truth.
IRONGRON: If not Sir Edward, who then?!

(IRONGRON has raised the axe above his head, ready to strike.)

SARAH: I don't understand...where am I?
HAL: It Lady Eleanor.

(At this, IRONGRON lowers the axe.)

IRONGRON: Ah, that narrow-hipped vixen. Bloodaxe, tomorrow we dine at Wessex Castle!

(The MEN drag HAL to his feet as IRONGRON sits at the table.)

BLOODAXE: Yes, Captain. And what of the prisoner?
IRONGRON: Ere long we shall deal with him sharply.

(BLOODAXE laughs and gestures for the MEN to take HAL away, which they do.)

IRONGRON: Sharply, eh? 'Tis richly put.

(BLOODAXE sits next to him.)

BLOODAXE: Aye, that'll be a fine jest, Captain Irongron.
IRONGRON: I'm not one of your stuffy Norman nobles. I like a bit of rough fun.
BLOODAXE: 'Tis true Captain, you have a merry wit indeed.
SARAH: Look, please. Now you've had your laugh now, you know, just stop it and let's talk sensibly. I mean, if it's any consolation to you, you're scaring me out of my wits.
BLOODAXE: P'raps the wench is crazed, Captain.
SARAH: Oh come on! What is this place?
IRONGRON: You are in the Castle of Irongron, my lady. Few uninvited guests come here and few that do leave alive.
SARAH: All right, if you insist on playing guessing it's not a village pageant, it's too elaborate for that...a film set?, no - no lights, no cameras...
IRONGRON: Aye, the wench is crazed right enough. A pity. She is not uncomely.
SARAH: I've got it! It's one of those tourist medieval castle all restored to its original condition, with jolly banquets and buxom serving wenches! That's it, isn't it? Mind you, I think you've overdoing the sordid realism a bit. I mean, I know things were a bit grotty in the middle ages, but really! You might leave the tourists a bit of glamorous illusion. I've never seen such a scurvy, smelly...
IRONGRON: For pity's sake, cease this babbling, girl!
BLOODAXE: Captain!

(LINX enters, carrying a control box.)

IRONGRON: Ah, Linx. What of my weapons. Are they ready?
LINX: Soon. But I have another weapon to show you.
BLOODAXE: By your leave, master. The prisoner.
IRONGRON: Aye, aye...

(BLOODAXE exits. LINX notices SARAH.)

LINX: What is this?
IRONGRON: Hmm? Oh, just a girl taken in the forest.
LINX: Girl? You have two species on this planet?
IRONGRON: How say you?
LINX: The girl is not of your kind, Irongron. The hair is finer, the thorax of a different construction.
IRONGRON: Oh hell's teeth, have you no girls beyond the stars? No women to do the lowly work?
LINX: Ah, I understand. You have a primary and secondary reproductive cycle. It is an inefficient system, you should change it.
IRONGRON: You what?
LINX: At the Sontaran Military Academy we have hatchings of a million cadets at each muster parade. Thus we can sustain enormous casualties on all battle fronts.
IRONGRON: Linx, you cluck away like a broody old hen.
LINX: Wait!

(LINX examines SARAH's jacket.)

LINX: This cloth is machine woven. The girl is not of your time, Irongron.

(LINX produces a wand-like weapon from his belt and points it at SARAH. It lights up and makes a humming sound.)

IRONGRON: Curse the girl, show me the wea...

(SARAH's expression goes blank.)

LINX: Who? What? How?
SARAH: Sarah Jane Smith, reporter. In a machine, I did not understand it.
LINX: What century?
SARAH: Twentieth.
LINX: Your civilisation know nothing about time dimensional technology. Explain.
SARAH: I cannot. It is a machine that belongs to someone called "The Doctor".
LINX: SILENCE! This is important! My mission is threatened. Explain "The Doctor".
SARAH: He is a scientist. He was at the research centre. He said he was very fond of Delta particles.
LINX: Ah. Is he here?
SARAH: Yes. Somewhere. I was hiding in the machine as he left.
LINX: It becomes clear.

(He turns from SARAH, who begins to come to.)

IRONGRON: Linx, what of the weapon?
LINX: Very well. It is here.

(LINX activates the control box and his ROBOT enters. It is dressed like a knight with a visored helmet, obscuring any features it may have within. It stops before IRONGRON who approaches it.)

IRONGRON: Who are you? How do you come into my castle? Well, speak fellow! Answer me or lose your head for insolence!
LINX: It cannot answer you. It is just a suit of steel. It is empty.
IRONGRON: But it walks!
LINX: It walks...

(He operates the control box.)

LINX: ...and it fights!

(The ROBOT KNIGHT raises its sword.)

LINX: Irongron, is it a good weapon?
IRONGRON: Does it kill?
LINX: It does nothing else and it cannot be killed.
IRONGRON: By heavens, Linx, can you make me more of these?
LINX: If you wish.

(Behind them, SARAH starts to creep out of the hall, unseen.)

IRONGRON: With a few such soldiers as that I could take the world!
LINX: When I have left this dull planet, it would amuse me to think of it under the rule of King Irongron. Very well, provide me with all that I ask for and I can make many more of these.
IRONGRON: It's a bargain. By heavens, Linx, I never thought when I first saw you that I should come to love you as a brother. Now, show me how the iron man works!
LINX: Wait...the girl creature has gone.
IRONGRON: Oh, she'll not get far before one of my guards grabs her tail. Now, show me - show me how it fights, make it walk again.

(LINX activates the control box and the ROBOT KNIGHT turns and starts smashing its sword against the table, much to the amusement of IRONGRON who laughs with glee.)


(SARAH enters from our right. The DOCTOR enters from our left. At the sight of him, SARAH runs off down the left-hand corridor, The DOCTOR calls after her...)

DOCTOR: Sarah? Miss Smith. Come back!

(The DOCTOR hides as IRONGRON's MEN pass by with the struggling HAL. Once they have passed, The DOCTOR ascends the staircase at the corridor's rear.)


(Close up on HAL as he is forced onto the chopping block. BLOODAXE raises an axe above his head, ready to strike.)

IRONGRON: (OOV.) Stay! Bloodaxe!

(Reveal IRONGRON.)


(IRONGRON advances toward HAL and gestures for his MEN to get him up from the chopping block, which they do. IRONGRON roughly pushes one of them aside and addresses HAL.)

IRONGRON: Would you fight for your life, fellow?
HAL: I'll fight any man, my lord.

(IRONGRON laughs, adjusts the control box and Linx's ROBOT KNIGHT enters the courtyard.)

IRONGRON: Then stand against Irongron's Champion.
BLOODAXE: Who is this?
IRONGRON: You'll see some sport now, Bloodaxe.

(He hands HAL his bow and arrows.)

IRONGRON: Here, fellow.
BLOODAXE: Master, this is not fair combat - to pitch knight against bowman. At this close range his arrows'll pierce the armour's weak points
IRONGRON: Ready to aim, fellow?
HAL: I am that.
IRONGRON: Your freedom if you kill him. Stand back!

(They all move away, leaving HAL alone to face his opponent. SARAH enters but quickly ducks back into hiding.)

BLOODAXE: Your champion'll have more arrows in his gizzard than a thistle has spikes.

(As IRONGRON adjusts the control box, HAL fires his first arrow. It hits the ROBOT KNIGHT in the chest but has no effect.)

BLOODAXE: My lord, look! He still moves!

(On the Battlements above, two of IRONGRON'S MEN watch the duel in the courtyard below. They do not spot the DOCTOR enter from the staircase behind them. The ROBOT KNIGHT advances on the helpless HAL, who falls as he backs away. The ROBOT KNIGHT raises its sword for the death-blow. But before it can strike, the DOCTOR takes up a nearby crossbow and shoots the control box from IRONGRON's hand.)

IRONGRON: What fool...?

(The ROBOT KNIGHT now turns round and advances on IRONGRON.)

BLOODAXE: Guard your back, my lord!

(IRONGRON backs away. HAL, forgotten for the moment, takes cover behind a nearby cart.)

BLOODAXE: (OOV.) Captain!

(BLOODAXE throws IRONGRON an axe. SARAH gestures to HAL to join her in hiding. He runs for cover as IRONGRON knocks off the ROBOT KNIGHT's helmet. After a moment, it falls to the ground.)

IRONGRON: By heavens, Bloodaxe. 'Tis like a tin tadpole. You cut off its head and yet it wriggles.

(We see that the ROBOT KNIGHT is still swinging its sword.)

IRONGRON: I'll have a word with Linx about this.

(He growls and leaves the courtyard. As his MEN gather round to laugh at the ROBOT, SARAH and HAL slip away unnoticed.)


(LINX, minus his helmet, activates a control. There are various zombie-like SCIENTISTS - captured from the research centre - at work around the room at various pieces of equipment. They wear control devices on their heads. We pan up to see the DOCTOR's face appear at a grille at the entrance to a drainage channel that traverses the room. Someone batters on the door to the workshop.)

IRONGRON: (OOV.) Linx? Linx, you mongrel! I have a bone to pick with you! Come here!
LINX: I am occupied, Irongron.
IRONGRON: What? Out this minute or I'll burst the door down.

(He continues his assault upon the door, which gives way. IRONGRON enters and stands shocked at his first sight of LINX.)

LINX: Well? What is it you need to say to me?

(IRONGRON is speechless.)

LINX: Didn't I tell you you might not find my face pleasing?
IRONGRON: Aye. And never was truer word spoken. Are they all so fair of face beyond the stars?
LINX: The variety of sentient life forms is infinite. D'you think your primitive features are pleasing to me? Well, what is it you want?
IRONGRON: That accursed iron warrior of yours.
LINX: You are pleased with it?
IRONGRON: Some knave with a crossbow shot the control from my hand. The iron man became crazed, tried to kill all of us.
LINX: Perhaps the hand control unit itself is a weakness...I will make you a better warrior, Irongron. One that'll obey your voice perhaps.
IRONGRON: First, help me kill the one I have now. It still struggles to slay my knaves.
LINX: It cannot be killed. It was never alive. Come. I will de-activate it.

(They exit together as the DOCTOR pushes out the grille in the drainage channel and clambers down into the room. He crosses to Irongron's Spaceship and looks inside. He watches the zombie-like SCIENTISTS as they work. He recognises one of them.)

DOCTOR: Professor Morrison?

(The man ignores him and goes about his work. One of Irongron's men enters and places some rifles on a table. He moves in the same zombie-like way. The DOCTOR examines the rifles.)

DOCTOR: Absolute lunacy.

(He spots an important-looking control panel and crosses over to it. He looks up and sees...)

DOCTOR: Rubeish!

(Reveal RUBEISH entering. He is minus his glasses.)

RUBEISH: Who is it?
DOCTOR: It's me, it's the Doctor. Don't you remember? We were on the same landing at the research centre.
RUBEISH: Oh my dear fellow! So he's got you too, has he?
DOCTOR: No, hardly. Look, Professor. What's wrong with all these people?
RUBEISH: Hypnotised. Can't get a word out of 'em. Rotten company.
DOCTOR: Well you seem to be all right?
RUBEISH: Ah, didn't work with me. Strong-minded, you see.
DOCTOR: Yes, and very nearly blind.
RUBEISH: Oh, nonsense.
DOCTOR: Obviously working some sort of ocular device. Professor, have you any idea where you are?
RUBEISH: Yes, some sort of medieval English castle, I suspect. I've been feeling the carvings on some of theses columns. They're astonishingly well preserved.
DOCTOR: Yes, well, you're in a castle all right. But d'you know the time?
RUBEISH: About four in the afternoon...? We haven't had breakfast yet, you know. Doesn't feed us much. Once a day if we're lucky.
DOCTOR: Now Professor, listen to me. This may come as a shock to you, so steel yourself. You have been brought back to the early years of the Middle Ages!
RUBEISH: That's interesting. I've always maintained that the Loop Theory Of Time shouldn't have been so arrogantly dismissed by Crabshaw and his cronies.
DOCTOR: Yes, well, tell me about it some other time, will you, we've got to get out of here before Linx comes back.
RUBEISH: Oh not yet, Doctor. Why, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. D'you know, there's some very interesting work being done here. If only I could see it all properly...
DOCTOR: Professor, your life is in considerable danger, I must insist that you...
RUBEISH: Oh, you go if you want to, Doctor. Go on. But leave me alone.
DOCTOR: But Professor, don't you understand...?

(RUBEISH wanders out of shot as LINX crashes in, throwing the door wide open and facing the DOCTOR, weapon drawn in readiness.)

LINX: Stop! You are the one called the Doctor?
DOCTOR: You know who I am?
LINX: I have been expecting you. Why did you follow me to this time?
DOCTOR: To prevent your interference in the affairs of Earth. Don't you realise the harm that you'll cause?
LINX: This primitive planet and it's affairs are of no importance.
DOCTOR: That's a typically Sontaran attitude.
LINX: Only one thing matters: to complete the repairs to my ship and return to the glorious war that is my destiny. Nothing must interfere with that. Nothing - and nobody.

(LINX raises the wand-like weapon and fires. The DOCTOR is bathed in a fierce red light. His face twists in pain!)


(Hal and Sarah are with Sir Edward and Lady Eleanor. A servant pours some wine into Sir Edward's cup.)

HAL: I vouch for her, my lord. Without her help I would not be here.
ELEANOR: She looks like one I would trust. Sit, child, and tell us where you're from.

(Sarah sits down.)

SARAH: I can't. It's too difficult to explain.
EDWARD: The manner of her dress is strange, and the manner of her speech.
HAL: There is much strange at Irongron's castle, Sir Edward. I told you of the knight that fights on, though it should be dead. And one of the guards told me there's a man from the stars that lives among them; a mighty wizard who makes magic weapons.
EDWARD: A man from the stars? I've heard it said he has the help of devils and magicians.
HAL: It is true, Sir Edward! I have seen it!
SARAH: Well, I know who's helping him - it's the Doctor.
ELEANOR: The Doctor?
SARAH: Ah, well that's what he calls himself, but he's no magician, just some eccentric scientist.
EDWARD: What does she say?
ELEANOR: Her words are strange, but I know her meaning. Who is this Doctor? What do you know of him?
SARAH: Scientists, learned men - they're being taken from the place I come from, and I believe that the Doctor is bringing them here and handing them over to Irongron.
ELEANOR: What would Irongron want with these wizards?
HAL: To make him magic weapons, my Lady. Irongron thinks only of war and conquest.
EDWARD: Anything that makes Irongron strong can work only to our harm.
HAL: With an army of magic knights such as I fought, Irongron could conquer the whole kingdom. Well, who knows what other sorceries he may soon have at his command?
SARAH: I'm sure the Doctor's the key to it all. He was there when one of the scientists was taken. He has a machine that can travel through time - well, it must be him! And somehow we've got to stop him!
EDWARD: If he's Irongron's ally, he sits safe within Irongron's walls, there's naught we can do.
SARAH: Oh, there's always something you can do -  it' s just a matter of working out what!
EDWARD: Brave speech.
HAL: She has the heart of a lion, Sire. I saw her give Irongron the sharp edge of her tongue.
EDWARD: If I had an army of girls such as you I might hold this castle forever. As it is, how can I fight Irongron and this Doctor?
SARAH: Alright, I'll tell you how. Now, the first thing we must do is grab the Doctor and get him away from Irongron.
EDWARD: And force him to make his magic for me? Haha, good thought -  aye but how could it be done?
SARAH: Oh, what's wrong with you? All it needs is a sort of commando raid - you knock out the sentries, rush into the castle, grab the Doctor and away! Well, you've got soldiers haven't you?
EDWARD: A handful - a raid? A bold plan.
HAL: I'll go, Sir Edward.


(The Doctor sits on the floor rubbing the back of his neck. Linx is stood over him, covering him with his weapon. Various controlled scientists and knaves move around, fulfilling their tasks.)

LINX: You resisted well, Doctor. I could have increased the power, but it might have killed you. I need you alive. A brain of your capacity can be of use to me.
DOCTOR: Thank you.
LINX: You're not of this planet, how came you to be here?
DOCTOR: Oh, I'm just a tourist, I like it here.
LINX: This hole in space.
DOCTOR: You haven't seen it at its best.
LINX: It has no military value, no strategic significance.
DOCTOR: Once again - a Sontaran philosophy.
LINX: I'm Commander Linx - Fifth Sontaran Army Space Fleet.
DOCTOR: Yes... yes, just as I thought. A Sontaran Warrior.

(He gets to his feet.)

DOCTOR: So, the perpetual war between the Sontarans and the Rutans has spread to this tiny planet, has it?
LINX: Emergency landing. I was on a reconnaissance mission when I was attacked by a squadron of Rutan fighters. You have encountered my race before, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Unfortunately.
LINX:  I'll overlook that insult for the moment. What is your native planet?
DOCTOR: Gallifrey. I am a Timelord.
LINX: Ah yes, a race of great technical achievement, but lacking the morale to withstand a determined assault.
DOCTOR: Oh, do you think so?
LINX: I'm only a lowly Commander, Doctor. I merely quote from the appreciation circulated by our military intelligence.
DOCTOR: Yes, well you'd be advised never to put that appreciation to the test, Linx.
LINX: My only ambition at the moment is to return to my squadron. You can be of value to me. You can help me to repair this ship.
DOCTOR: You seem to have acquired some help already.
LINX: Primitives. I adapted my ship's frequency modulator and projected myself forward as far as I could. Unfortunately I only had the power to reach the twentieth century.
DOCTOR: From which you stole the help and the equipment you couldn't find here.
LINX: Yes. But the work goes slowly.
DOCTOR: Commander Linx, if you will return these people to their own time I might possibly consider helping you.
LINX: Do not attempt to bargain with me, Doctor! (gestures) Take that seat there by the controls. Move!
DOCTOR: You're interfering with human evolution, Linx. Don't you realise the damage you're going to do to them?

(The Doctor sits in front of a computer bank. At the rear of the seat is a pole with a device attached that is above head.)

LINX: I have no interest in human evolution.

(He adjusts a control and puts a headset on the Doctor's head.)

LINX: I'm placing you under auto-control, Doctor. To ensure your complete co-operation.
DOCTOR: Human beings must be allowed to develop at their own pace. At this period, they're just a few steps from barbarism.
LINX: You will monitor progress rates on the input panel against the programmer (flicks a switch) Now I must leave you in charge for a time.

(He leaves the Doctor, puts on his helmet and picks up some rifles from a nearby table.)

DOCTOR: You give them breech-loading guns now, they'll have atomic weapons by the seventeenth century. They'll have the capability to destroy their own planet before they're civilised enough to handle it!

(A spark of electricity shoots out from the device above into the Doctor's headset. He winces in pain.)

LINX: You would do well to concentrate on the task I have given you, Doctor. Answer the programmer.

(He exits, leaving the Doctor to push buttons on the control panel. He tries to take off the headset and slide out from underneath it but gets another electric shock both times.)


(One of the guards is attacked as the raid begins. Sarah has changed into contemporary clothing.)

HAL: I still say this is no work for women.
SARAH: I wouldn't have missed this for anything. Anyway, I'm the only one who knows what the Doctor looks like. Come on, this way.


(Linx has brought the rifles to Irongron & Bloodaxe.)

IRONGRON: Ah, now these are more to my taste than your iron man, Linx.
LINX: I will still prefect the fighting robot for your army, Irongron.
IRONGRON: We'll take these weapons to the men, Bloodaxe and I will instruct them in their use. Tomorrow morning, at dawn, we march on Sir Edward's castle.

(Reveal Sarah and Hal listening from outside.)

BLOODAXE: Yes captain.
IRONGRON: By sunset he'll be feeding the crows.


(The Doctor is pressing buttons when he spots...)

DOCTOR: Rubeish! Professor, over here quickly.
RUBEISH: That you, Doctor? I thought you were going?
DOCTOR: Change of plan, old chap. Look, I want your help.
RUBEISH: (looking at the headset) Are you wearing a hat?
DOCTOR: Behind me there's a panel. You'll find a switch on it.
RUBEISH: Dangerous, you know. Overheats the brain... Panel... Oh yes, I've got it.
DOCTOR: Right, turn the switch.
RUBEISH: Always thought that's why Judges are so peculiar - it's those wigs they wear.

(Rubeish flicks the wrong switch, electrocuting the Doctor.)

DOCTOR: No! NO! The wrong-aaargh!

(Rubeish turns it off.)

RUBEISH: Oh, I do wish I'd brought my glasses.
DOCTOR: So do I, Professor. It was the wrong one.
RUBEISH: Is this the one?

(It is. Gingerly the Doctor slides out from underneath the device, removing the headset.)

DOCTOR: Yes, that was the one. Thank you very much indeed, Professor.
RUBEISH: Not at all, Smith.
DOCTOR: Smith...! Yes, will you excuse me, I've got to go and find a young girl. I'll see you later. I hope.

(He exits.)

RUBEISH: Young girl? I would've thought he was a bit old for that sort of thing...oh well.


(The Doctor rounds a corner and meets Irongron and Bloodaxe.)

DOCTOR: Ah! Good evening!

(He reaches out to shake Bloodaxe's hand. When Bloodaxe responds, the Doctor knocks him into Irongron, causing them both to fall to the floor. The Doctor runs off. They scramble to their feet and give chase.)

IRONGRON: Get after him! Call the guards!


(The Doctor is being chased by several of Irongron's men. Sarah and Hal watch from a battlement above.)

HAL: They try to kill their wizard.
SARAH: Quick, we need him alive! 

(Hal takes aim as the Doctor stumbles and falls. Irongron steps up to him.)

IRONGRON: He who strikes Irongron dies!

(Irongron lifts his axe over his head...)


BBC 1973

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