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(ALPHA CENTAURI screams and PELADON and the DOCTOR both look round sharply to see what is wrong. SSORG fires his sonic gun and ARCTURUS explodes. JO and PELADON look at what remains of the twitching skull-like creature underneath the shattered globe. HEPESH and the GUARD CAPTAIN exchange a hurried glance at each other and quietly move away. JO, looking at the destroyed alien, realises what this means...)

JO: So, Arcturus was behind everything.


(The DOCTOR, JO, PELADON, GRUN and the remaining delegates have returned to the citadel where the DOCTOR takes up the story...)

DOCTOR: Arcturus and Hepesh.
PELADON: But what about the attack on Arcturus?
DOCTOR: Faked, your Majesty. He told Hepesh what to do.
IZLYR: That is what I suspected.
JO: And the things I found on the balcony and in Izlyr's room?
DOCTOR: Planted by Hepesh...or one of his agents.

(The DOCTOR glances at GRUN who lowers his eyes, almost in shame. PELADON doesn't notice this.)

PELADON: (To the DOCTOR.) An...and the manifestation of Aggedor?
DOCTOR: Well, that's simple, your Majesty. Hepesh found that on a high mountain a few still existed. So he captured one, trained it and kept it hidden in the tunnels beneath the citadel. Ready to pop out whenever he needed a bit of haunting.
PELADON: (Astounded.) But why did he do all this? What did he hope to gain?
DOCTOR: The entire planet of Peladon - or effective control of it, which comes to the same thing.
PELADON: And Arcturus?
IZLYR: His planet lacks mineral deposits. Peladon has them, in abundance.
DOCTOR: That's why he wanted to make sure that Peladon did not enter the galactic federation. You see, he'd already made a private secret alliance with Hepesh.
ALPHA CENTAURI: (Satisfied.) Extremely unethical! Fortunately the scheme has been foiled so all is well.
DOCTOR: Ah, but is it?
JO: (Puzzled.) Yes, Arcturus is dead.
DOCTOR: But Hepesh is still very much alive!


(HEPESH makes his way through one of the tunnels underneath the citadel...)


DOCTOR: You see, Hepesh believed everything that Arcturus told him. He still does. He firmly believes that entering the galactic federation would mean slavery and he'd go to any lengths to stop you joining.
JO: But what can he do?

(He nods towards IZLYR.)

DOCTOR: Accuse the Ice Warriors of murdering Arcturus.
IZLYR: Yes, Mars and the world of Arcturus are old enemies. (Hisses.) That would mean war!
DOCTOR: Exactly. And then all the rest of the galactic federation would take sides...
ALPHA CENTAURI: (Aghast.) The federation will be ripped! There will be interplanetary conflict!
DOCTOR: And Peladon would become the first battlefield.

(He looks at the King.)

DOCTOR: Blasted and sterile.

(PELADON looks dumbfounded. He walks up the steps of the throne, deep in thought. Finally, he turns and faces the DOCTOR.)

PELADON: What shall I do, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Replace Hepesh with someone you can trust, your Majesty - now!


(The GUARD CAPTAIN comes from another direction in the tunnels and up to the High Priest.)

HEPESH: Captain.

(He salutes HEPESH.)


PELADON: The shame will destroy him.
DOCTOR: (Softly.) It's not easy to be a king, Peladon. But unless you replace Hepesh, he will destroy everything that you have worked for.

(The King falls deep into thought again. GRUN nods at the DOCTOR and to one side to indicate that he wants to show him something. The DOCTOR sees the gesture but gives no sign of having done so.)

DOCTOR: (To PELADON.) Well, sire?
PELADON: There could be civil war. Will the federation back me?

(CENTAURI twitches away as behind them all, GRUN starts to slip quietly out of the room.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: The galactic charter does not permit our involvement in internal politics.

(IZLYR steps forward and to one side of CENTAURI.)

IZLYR: A unanimous decision could call on emergency powers.

(JO steps forward to the other side and CENTAURI'S large head swings to look at her.)

JO: The circumstances are unusual, you know, and your own safety is involved.
ALPHA CENTAURI: But it would be a break with all precedent. (To IZLYR, self-importantly.) I can't persuade myself that interference of this kind is justified.
DOCTOR: (Sharply.) Then I think we ought to try and persuade you. (To PELADON.) Your Majesty, will you excuse us? We have the need of a private conference for the benefit of Alpha Centauri.

(CENTAURI twitches nervously.)

PELADON: Very well. I shall consider all you have said...and if you can assure me of your support, then I shall act.

(They all bow, prior to taking their leave.)


(GRUN, checking to see that he is not watched, approaches the tapestry covered entrance to the tunnels, pulls the torch bracket down and goes through the door. A second later, he returns and places a large rock in the door on the floor. He then replaces the bracket and heads into the tunnel.)


(ALPHA CENTAURI, IZLYR and SSORG make their way to the delegate's conference room. CENTAURI is at its bureaucratic worst...)

ALPHA CENTAURI: Mind you, I reserve my legal right of veto.
IZLYR: We will discuss the matter fully, I assure you.
ALPHA CENTAURI: It would be different if there were precedents for such a situation - but there aren't. We must consider all possibilities. We must not be rash!


(The DOCTOR and JO make their way down another of the torch-lit passages.)

DOCTOR: Jo, do you realise how dangerous and complex this situation has become? Hepesh could still bring Peladon to his way of thinking, you know. If that happens, he'll have won without a fight.
JO: But he can't just ju...accuse the Ice Warriors of murder. There were witnesses. Ssorg had to shoot him to save your life.
DOCTOR: Jo, you seem to be forgetting something else - officially we don't even exist. We're just a couple of imposters.

(They move off. Soon they come to the tunnel-entrance and the rock placed by GRUN. As JO carries on talking the DOCTOR looks down at the rock and realises its significance.)

JO: You playing the grand ambassador and Centauri upstaging everybody and Peladon acting like a wet fish, I think it's about time that...

(JO stops talking as the DOCTOR gestures at the rock.)

DOCTOR: Yeah, so that's why Grun was beckoning at me like that.
JO: Hmm?
DOCTOR: Jo, I want you to go ahead and take charge of the conference. Work on Centauri. Once you've got a unanimous decision - act.
JO: Well, what are you going to do?
DOCTOR: I'm going to see a man about an open door. Off you go.
JO: (Sighs.) All right, if you say so.

(JO moves off. The DOCTOR looks round and then picks up the rock. He carries it through the tapestry covered door into the tunnel...)


(...where he places it on the floor. He then manipulates the torch bracket to close the door back into the citadel and moves off into the tunnels.)


(In another part of the tunnels, the GUARD CAPTAIN reports back to HEPESH.)

HEPESH: Is everything ready for the attack, captain?
GUARD CAPTAIN: The men are armed and ready, sir.
HEPESH: Good. Now remember, I want no harm to come to the king. He's to be taken prisoner and kept in safe custody.

(As he is speaking, GRUN approaches from behind and taps him on the shoulder.)

HEPESH: What Grun?

(GRUN gestures to HEPESH to follow him.)

HEPESH: You want me to go with you?

(GRUN makes a guttural noise of agreement.)

HEPESH: No Grun, I've things to do. (To the CAPTAIN.) Now, captain, as soon as we arrive at the chamber...

(GRUN pulls HEPESH round by the shoulder and gestures again. A note of impatience enters HEPESH'S voice.)

HEPESH: Grun, in the past you have served me well. I shall not forget. But for the moment, leave me! (To the CAPTAIN.) Now...

(GRUN grabs HEPESH round the waist and bodily lifts him off the ground, carrying him away.)

HEPESH: Guard! Guard!

(A guard runs forward. GRUN drops the priest and stands his ground before the guard who starts to deliver several blows to the stomach of the king's champion. GRUN takes each blow as if it is a gentle swat and then lifts the guard off the ground, throwing him to one side. The GUARD CAPTAIN has unsheathed his sword and warily approaches GRUN who backs off slowly, not seeing that HEPESH is approaching from behind, a rock raised above him. HEPESH brings the rock crashing down on GRUN'S head and the champion falls to the ground, unconscious.)

HEPESH: Come captain - it is time!

(HEPESH strides off and the GUARD CAPTAIN and his men follow, stepping over GRUN as they go.)


(IZLYR and SSORG stand either side of ALPHA CENTAURI as JO chairs the meeting.)

IZLYR: The verdict of the committee of assessment - the motion is that we urge the federation to support King Peladon in bringing peace to this...troubled planet.
JO: Those in favour?

(She raises her own hand. IZLYR and SSORG do the same and stare meaningfully at CENTAURI who looks from one to the other...and then raises three reluctant arms.)

IZLYR: Carried unanimously.
JO: Thank you. Alpha Centauri, you've made a very wise decision.
ALPHA CENTAURI: I trust so, your Highness. For the record, my agreement is registered under protest. I accept no responsibility.
IZLYR: We must inform the federation.

(CENTAURI'S voice raises a pitch...)

ALPHA CENTAURI: With all this fuss, I forgot to mention it! This morning, I found my communicator broken!
IZLYR: Then we must use mine. Ssorg, the communicator.

(He waves an arm and SSORG moves off.)

IZLYR: We must contact our spaceships.
JO: Definitely.

(She suddenly looks puzzled.)

JO: Spaceships?
IZLYR: I take it your spaceship, like ours, is orbiting this planet?
JO: Oh, er, yes! Yes, of course...
IZLYR: You seem...disturbed, Princess?
JO: No, not in the slightest.
IZLYR: I take it there is no doubt that the Earth government will ratify your decision - in view of the special circumstances?
JO: Circumstances? Well, I'm not quite sure - what circumstances?
IZLYR: Your forthcoming marriage with King Peladon.

(JO'S jaw drops.)


(HEPESH moves aside the curtain and, seeing that the passage is clear, moves through into the citadel. The CAPTAIN and the guards follow.)


(SSORG enters the Ice Warrior's room. He closes the lid of the metallic chest and sees the communicator unit on the other side of it - smashed to pieces. He hisses and walks back out of the room.)


(The DOCTOR moves slowly through the tunnel. As he rounds a corner, he sees GRUN starting to recover on the ground.)


(He runs up to help him.)

DOCTOR: Grun, what happened? Who attacked you?

(GRUN starts to moan.)


(GRUN traces a letter "H" in the sand on the tunnel floor.)

DOCTOR: "H" ...what, Hepesh?

(GRUN nods and points to the still-unconscious soldier on the floor.)

DOCTOR: And a soldier?

(GRUN nods.)

DOCTOR: How many soldiers?

(GRUN counts five, ten, fifteen with his hand.)


(GRUN nods.)

DOCTOR: If he takes charge of the citadel, we...we don't stand much chance.

(Suddenly, he hears the roar of AGGEDOR in the distance.)

DOCTOR: Perhaps we do. Come on.

(He starts to run towards the sound but sees that GRUN is holding back.)

DOCTOR: You're not frightened, are you? A big chap like you?

(GRUN nods and moans.)

DOCTOR: Well don't be. You come with me, come on.

(The DOCTOR grabs his arm and pulls him further into the tunnels.)


(JO is non-too pleased at the inference of the delegates.)

JO: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but a marriage has not been arranged. To coin a phrase - we're just good friends!
ALPHA CENTAURI: (Sadly.) But it would have made a magnificent coronation!
JO: Before we have a coronation, we have to have a king. Are you going to help me or not?

(SSORG enters the room.)

SSORG: Lord Izlyr, the link with our spaceship has been deliberately destroyed.
IZLYR: (To JO.) Then we must make use of yours, Princess.
JO: Well, don't look at me. Ours was...damaged when we crash-landed.
ALPHA CENTAURI: (Wails.) We're completely cut off!
JO: Hepesh?
IZLYR: Yes - Hepesh.


(Two guards stand outside the closed doors to the throne room. Up above, on the empty balcony, two more guards move silently into position, ready to pounce. Further down the passage, HEPESH, the GUARD CAPTAIN and the other guards quietly creep along. HEPESH gestures to the CAPTAIN who walks forward and past the guards on the door.)

GUARD CAPTAIN: Men, fall in.

(The guards step out to follow - and find themselves directly under the other two guards on the balcony. They jump down onto their backs and pound them with their fists. HEPESH and the other guards walk round the corner.)

HEPESH: Remember, captain, no harm must befall the king. Proceed.


(In the background, ALPHA CENTAURI twitches and screeches hysterically at an impassive SSORG as JO and IZLYR try to discuss their next moves...)

ALPHA CENTAURI: (To SSORG, hysterically.) What will happen?! What will we do?!
JO: (To IZLYR.) Yes, but I'm sure the Doctor would know what to do.
ALPHA CENTAURI: (To SSORG, hysterically.) I'm a civil servant, not a scientist!
IZLYR: (To JO.) Yes, but where is he?
ALPHA CENTAURI: (To SSORG, hysterically.) There's no escape!
JO: (To IZLYR.) Well, I don't know.

(IZLYR glances over at CENTAURI.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: (To SSORG, hysterically.) Without our communicators, we cannot return to our spacecraft! I knew something like this would happen!
IZLYR: (To JO.) Arcturus was an unattractive person, Princess...
ALPHA CENTAURI: (To SSORG, hysterically.) We're all going to be killed! How are we to escape?! From this barbarous planet?!
IZLYR: (To JO.)...but I think I preferred his cold logic...
ALPHA CENTAURI: (To SSORG, hysterically.) We should never have come here at all! It was madness!
IZLYR: (To JO.) the hysteria of Centauri.
ALPHA CENTAURI: (To SSORG, hysterically.) I thought so all the time! Now there's no escape!
JO: (Sighs.) Centauri, stop it.

(CENTAURI doesn't hear and continues...)

ALPHA CENTAURI: (To SSORG, hysterically.) We shall all be killed!
IZLYR: Centauri...
ALPHA CENTAURI: (To SSORG, hysterically.) I tell you, we will be killed! What are we going to do?!
JO: (Louder.) Centauri, stop it!

(CENTAURI hears this time and turns round to JO.)

JO: Nothing has happened yet. We're quite safe here.
IZLYR: They would not dare to attack federation delegates.


(With a cry, the doors to the throne room burst open and the guards loyal to HEPESH burst in and engage in a furious sword fight with those guards still loyal to the king. PELADON himself stands in shock and the GUARD CAPTAIN quickly runs forward and holds a sword to his throat. They then watch as guards engage in hand to hand combat with swords and pikestaffs. The room is filled with the cries of the dying as swords are thrust into their bellies. Then...)

GUARD CAPTAIN: (Shouts.) Surrender, or the King will die!

(The room falls silent. The king's guards surrender and are led away. HEPESH enters the room and walks up to the throne. He and PELADON stand in contemplative silence for a moment.)

PELADON: (Sadly and quietly.) Oh, Hepesh. I thought you would bring me the crown of kingship. Are you going to bring me death instead?
HEPESH: You have become a stranger to me, Peladon. Return to the ancient ways of our people, and you will live on, our beloved king. If not, the royal line of Peladon must meet an ignoble end.

(PELADON realises what HEPESH'S words mean...)


(The DOCTOR and GRUN on further into the tunnel. They hear another roar from AGGEDOR. GRUN looks terrified.)

DOCTOR: Grun, you're a brave warrior. What you're going to see now may amaze you, but just you trust me.

(The DOCTOR takes the mirror device out of his top pocket. Ahead, AGGEDOR tuns and lumbers up to them, roaring. The DOCTOR starts to mirror spinning.)

DOCTOR: All right, old chap. You remember me, don't you? You remember me... (Sings.) "Klokleda Partha Mennin Klatch, Haroon Haroon Haroon!"

(GRUN hangs back, his face filled with fear as AGGEDOR falls under the hypnotic influence again.)

DOCTOR: (Sings.) Klokleda Shina Tierra Natch, Haroon Haroon Haroon."


(Someone knocks on the door to the delegate's conference room.)


(Inside, SSORG has his sonic rifle raised. IZLYR gestures to JO and CENTAURI to stand back and they do so.)

IZLYR: enter.

(The door opens and HEPESH enters.)

IZLYR: Ssorg will destroy you if you try to harm us.
HEPESH: I am unarmed and alone.

(He turns to JO.)

HEPESH: Where is the Doctor?
JO: (Defiantly.) I don't know.
HEPESH: He will not escape capture for long.
IZLYR: What do you want?
HEPESH: You will all accompany me to the throne room.
JO: Why?
HEPESH: My men hold King Peladon prisoner. If I do not return will all of you immediately, he will die! Follow me.

(He strides off. JO looks concerned.)


(AGGEDOR is crouched down, almost asleep under the hypnotic effect. GRUN is still terrified.)

DOCTOR: (Sings.) "Haroon, Haroon, Har-oon, Haroon, Harun, Haroon."

(He lowers his pitch, letting the refrain die away quietly...)

DOCTOR: "Haroon, Harun, Har-oon, Haroon, Harun, Haroon! Haroonnn..... Harunn...."

(He stops singing.)

DOCTOR: There you are, Grun. Yes, he's quite under now. Not such a terrifying creature after all, is he? Right, I think it's about time that King Peladon learned the truth, don't you?

(The DOCTOR takes AGGEDOR by the horn on his head and starts to lead him through the tunnel.)

DOCTOR: Come on, Aggedor. Come on, old chap, that's it. Come on, Aggedor. That's it. Come on, Grun.

(GRUN follows warily.)


(The guards open the door to the throne room and HEPESH walks in. JO runs after him and stops dead in her tracks when she sees the PELADON, still with the GUARD CAPTAIN'S sword at his throat. The other delegates follow.)

HEPESH: You see? I did not lie.
JO: What are you going to do to him?
HEPESH: Nothing if the delegates cooperate.
IZLYR: (Angrily.) You will answer to federation justice for this!
HEPESH: The federation has no jurisdiction over me or over this planet. It is you who will answer for your interference!
ALPHA CENTAURI: You are holding us here by force! You will answer for that!
HEPESH: I am not holding you. I do not want you either as guests or as hostages. I know the retribution this planet would suffer if anything happened to any of you. Therefore go in peace. Tell you masters, Peladon wants nothing of their federation - but go now!

(There is a cry from the doorway.)

DOCTOR: (Shouts.) Who dares challenge Peladon?!

(They all spin round and see the DOCTOR stood in the half-closed doorway.)

JO: Doctor!
DOCTOR: Kneel and pay homage to his sacred guardian! Kneel!

(The DOCTOR opens the doors fully and AGGEDOR shuffles in. There is a cry from all in the room.)

PELADON: Hepesh! He is real!

(AGGEDOR rears up but remains still, quietly growling.)

HEPESH: (Shouts.) Do not listen to the alien! I am your High Priest!
DOCTOR: I speak for Aggedor, and I accuse you, Hepesh, of being not only a traitor to your king, but also to your sacred trust!
HEPESH: Do not listen to the alien! This is not Aggedor's spirit! I will show you...

(He runs across the room and pulls a flaming torch from its bracket.)

HEPESH: ...the reality of this creature! I am his master! When I speak he obeys!

(He waves the torch in front of AGGEDOR.)

HEPESH: Aggedor! Aggedor! Kill him!

(He gestures at the DOCTOR. AGGEDOR growls and swings to look at the DOCTOR. It then swings back and with a swing of one huge paw, swipes the torch from HEPESH'S hand. He knocks the priest to the ground. HEPESH cries out in pain as AGGEDOR roars and CENTAURI screams. The DOCTOR runs forward with the mirror device and backs AGGEDOR out of the room, the creature roaring as it goes. HEPESH lies wounded on the ground. PELADON runs to him with a genuine cry of grief.)

PELADON: Hepesh!

(He takes HEPESH in his arms. The old man's voice is weak.)

HEPESH: I save...our world. To preserve...the old ways. Perhaps I was...wrong, Peladon. I hope so...the set so much store yours now.

(His head falls. PELADON starts to sob and JO comes forward, putting an arm round his shoulders to comfort him.)

JO: Peladon, they're waiting for you.

(PELADON recovers himself, picks up a piece of purple cloth and puts it over HEPESH'S face. His face contorts with emotion. Having secured AGGEDOR, the DOCTOR enters the room. One look at the covered body tells him what has happened. He looks at JO who gently shakes her head. The DOCTOR then addresses the GUARD CAPTAIN.)

DOCTOR: Tell your men to lay down their arms. Your leader is dead.

(The GUARD CAPTAIN gestures to his men who all drop their swords and kneel. The CAPTAIN does the same but offers his sword to PELADON.)

GUARD CAPTAIN: Your Majesty.

(PELADON takes the sword and the CAPTAIN presents his neck.)

PELADON: There will be no punishments. The memory of this unhappy day shall be wiped from our history.

(The CAPTAIN looks up, amazed at the pardon.)

GUARD CAPTAIN: Your Majesty.

(PELADON looks down sadly at HEPESH'S corpse.)


(His cloak back on, the DOCTOR leads JO down the passage to the delegate's conference room.)

DOCTOR: Come on, Jo. Follow me. I've got a nice surprise for you.
JO: What?
DOCTOR: You wait and see.

(They approach the closed door.)

DOCTOR: You ready?
JO: Yes.
DOCTOR: All right then.


(The DOCTOR opens the doors.)

DOCTOR: Right, take a look at this.

(Inside is a familiar object. JO runs in excitedly.)

JO: The TARDIS! Wow!
DOCTOR: Some of Peladon's stout lads heaved here up the mountainside for us.
JO: Is she all right?
DOCTOR: Yes, never better.

(The DOCTOR pats the TARDIS on the side.)

DOCTOR: I told you the TARDIS was indestructible.
JO: Well, I hope it gets us back to Earth this time.
DOCTOR: Mmm, so do I, Jo. So do I.

(The DOCTOR walks across the room, deep in thought.)

JO: Is there any doubt?
DOCTOR: You don't really think that our appearance on the planet of Peladon at this precise crisis in their history was just coincidence, do you?
JO: The Time Lords again.
DOCTOR: Yes, I think so.
JO: Ah, you didn't beat them after all.
DOCTOR: No, not yet, but I will, Jo. Just give me time. Still, now we've done what they wanted us to do, I suppose they'll whip us straight back to Earth.

(The sound of an excited crowd reaches them from far off.)

JO: At least we get to see a real coronation before we go, eh?
DOCTOR: Yeah, that's true. You know, I haven't seen a coronation since Elizabeth the first's...or was it Queen Victoria?
JO: Name dropper!

(A fur covered shape lumbers into the room on all fours. JO jumps back.)

JO: Oh!
DOCTOR: Don't worry. It's only Aggedor.
JO: Phew!
DOCTOR: The trouble is he seems to have grown rather fond of me!

(JO laughs as AGGEDOR shuffles up to the DOCTOR like a pet dog.)

DOCTOR: He keeps following me about. Hello, Aggedor.
JO: Hello.
DOCTOR: There's a good chap.

(He gives AGGEDOR a friendly scratch. AGGEDOR responds with an attempted bear-hug!)

DOCTOR: All right, down Aggedor, down boy, down!

(He pushes AGGEDOR back down.)

DOCTOR: I think I'd better go and lock him up!
JO: Yes, please.
DOCTOR: Come on. Come on, Aggedor.

(He starts to lead AGGEDOR out of the room as PELADON enters in ceremonial cloak and collar. The DOCTOR pauses to give a short bow.)

DOCTOR: Your Majesty.

(He gestures to JO and leads the royal beast out of the room.)

DOCTOR: Easy, Aggedor. That's it. Come on, this way.

(PELADON approaches JO.)

JO: Hello. Oughtn't you to be getting ready for the big occasion?
PELADON: I wanted to see you first - to ask you to stay.
JO: But I can't.
PELADON: Why can't you?
JO: (Torn.) Don't ask me for reasons. You wouldn't believe them.
PELADON: I need you.
JO: But you don't understand. I'm not even a real Princess.

(PELADON smiles and speaks as if he knew this all the time.)

PELADON: That doesn't matter!
JO: (Sadly.) Oh, Peladon, I'm very, very fond of you, but I can't stay - really.
PELADON: Well look, I must go now. I'll talk to you again after the coronation. I shan't give up, you know? I shall go on asking.

(JO kisses him and they hold hands as the DOCTOR enters the room.)

DOCTOR: Your Majesty.

(He sees that he has interrupted a moment.)

DOCTOR: Oh, excuse me, but your court officials are in a state of considerable panic.
PELADON: Oh, yes, of course. I must go. (To JO.) Your Highness?
JO: (Smiles.) Goodbye.

(PELADON walks out, nodding to the DOCTOR as he goes.)

PELADON: Doctor.

(The DOCTOR turns to JO smiling.)

DOCTOR: Right, we'll just see the ceremony and slip quietly away, all right?

(JO turns away from him, overcome with emotion.)

JO: Yes. Fine...

(The DOCTOR sees that something is wrong.)

DOCTOR: Jo? You do want to come back?

(JO recovers herself and turns to face him.)

JO: I think I'd better, don't you?
DOCTOR: Mmm hmm. (Gently.) In any case, I wouldn't like to lose you.

(He tickles her chin. Outside they hear the roars of the crowd increase as the coronation procession gets under way. He offers her his arm.)

DOCTOR: Should we join the procession?
JO: Yes!

(She takes his arm and they walk out of the room.)


(In the passage outside, a woman dressed in a black suit and holding a scroll is in angry dispute with IZLYR and ALPHA CENTAURI.)

AMAZONIA: I'm telling you, my good fellow. I am the official Earth delegate!
ALPHA CENTAURI: But the Doctor is the accredited Earth delegate.

(Unseen by them, the DOCTOR and JO round the corner and stop dead when they overhear the conversation.)

AMAZONIA: Doctor? What Doctor? Doctor who?

(The DOCTOR and JO step back round the corner and out of sight although they can still hear the conversation.)

IZLYR: The Doctor and the Princess Josephine.
DOCTOR: (To JO.) Pity about that. I rather wanted to see that coronation.
AMAZONIA: (OOV.) Princess Josephine? Never heard of her.
JO: (To the DOCTOR.) Never mind. We could always go to Queen Victoria's.
IZLYR: (OOV.) Yes.
ALPHA CENTAURI: (OOV.) You must have heard of Princess Josephine!
DOCTOR: (To JO.) Queen Victoria's? I've already seen Queen Victoria's.
JO: (To the DOCTOR.) I haven't. Let's go again!
AMAZONIA: (OOV.) ___. They're obviously imposters!
DOCTOR: (To JO.) All right.

(They rush back to the delegates room. Meanwhile, round the corner...)

ALPHA CENTAURI: I do not under....
AMAZONIA: Where are they now?
IZLYR: I think they were in the delegate's conference room. Come! I will take you there!

(They all move off towards the conference room.)


(The DOCTOR leads JO into the room and straight into the TARDIS. A moment later IZLYR leads CENTAURI, SSORG and the real Earth delegate into the room as distant bells start to chime.)

AMAZONIA: Well? Where are they?

(IZLYR points at the TARDIS as its dematerialisation sound roars out.)

IZLYR: What is that?!

(The blue police box fades away as AMAZONIA looks on in astonishment.)

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