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IAN: ...Dive in the water.

(Behind them, a familiar dome shape starts to appear from the water. An eye-stalk on the dome swings round as more of the object appears. A sucker arm rises out of the water as the creature moves nearer the waters edge.)

IAN: Now!

(They turn to the water but stop in their tracks as they see...a DALEK gliding out from the waters of the river Thames. The DOCTOR and IAN stare in shocked silence at this unexpected turn of events. The DALEK glances at them as it approaches, the addresses the ROBOMEN.)

DALEK: Why have the human beings been allowed to get so near the river?
IAN: Doctor, that voice!
ROBOMAN: No explanation.
DALEK: Where is the robo-patrol for this section?
ROBOMAN: Not known.
DALEK: You will take his place until he is found. The human beings are to be taken to landing area one.

(Two of the ROBOMEN walk forward and stand behind the DOCTOR and IAN.)

IAN: Daleks on Earth! Doctor, how did this happen?
DOCTOR: Leave this to me, dear boy. (To the DALEK.) I think youíd better let us go.
DALEK: We do not release prisoners. We are the masters of the Earth.
DOCTOR: Not for long.
DALEK: Obey us or die!
DOCTOR: Die? And just who are you to condemn us to death? Hmm? (To IAN.) I think weíd better pit our wits against them and defeat them!
DALEK: Stop! I can hear you. I have heard many similar words...from leaders of your different races. All of them were destroyed. I warn you: resistance is useless.
DOCTOR: Resistance is useless? Surely you donít expect all the people to welcome you with open arms.
DALEK: (Its voice rising in anger.) We have already conquered Earth!
DOCTOR: Conquered the Earth! You poor pathetic creatures. Donít you realise, before you attempt to conquer the Earth, you will have to destroy all living matter!
DALEK: (Furious: to the ROBOMEN.) Take them! Take them!

(The ROBOMEN pinion the arms of the DOCTOR and IAN behind their backs and push them away. Behind them, the DALEK gives out an angry chant.)

DALEK: We are the masters of Earth. We are the masters of Earth. We are the masters of Earth!


(In their underground bunker, the rebels are gathered in the main room. Round a central table and elsewhere in the room, all should be busy at various tasks, cleaning weapons etc, but at this moment in time all listen rapt to the voice of a DALEK coming from a makeshift radio. DORTMUN sits at the head of the table. BARBARA and SUSAN sit on bench on one side of the room. TYLER sits on the other side of the room.)

DALEK: (OOV: on radio.) Survivors of London: The Daleks are the masters of Earth. Surrender now and you will live. Those wishing to surrender must stand in the middle of the street and obey orders received. Message ends.
DORTMUN: Obey motorised dustbins! Weíll see.

(There is laughter in the room.)

DORTMUN: Tyler, I want a word with you.

(DORTMUN wheels himself out of the room. TYLER goes to follow but stops when he catches sight of BARBARA and SUSAN.)


(A young blond haired, hard-faced girl steps forward.)

CARL TYLER: see if you can find them some food will you? And look after her ankle.
JENNY: Alright.
CARL TYLER: (To BARBARA and SUSAN.) Youíll keep you eyes open for David Campbell. Heíll be back soon with news of your friends.

(He walks out of the room.)

JENNY: (To BAKER, the radio operator.) Any messages from any other survivors?
BAKER: No, the Africa group has faded out completely.

(She turns to the two women.)

JENNY: Whoís the one with the bad foot?
JENNY: Well, lets have a look then.

(JENNY takes SUSANíS shoe off and examines her ankle, twisting it from side to side with little gentleness or compassion.)

JENNY: Hmm, theíre no bones broken. Why didnít you, er, put a wet bandage on it?
BARBARA: Oh, weíve only just arrived.
JENNY: I see. Well, Iíll see to this. (To BARBARA.) You get the food.

(BARBARA hesitates.)

JENNY: Well whatíre you waiting for?
BARBARA: Well, where do I get the food?
JENNY: (Pointing across the room.) Oh, over there and while youíre at it, sign both your names down for a work detail.
BARBARA: Well, Susan canít work until her ankleís better.
JENNY: She can do something with her hands sitting at a table, canít she?

(BARBARA raises her eyes to SUSAN and goes to do as instructed.)


(DORTMUN is pointing to a map on a table.)

DORTMUN: But look, look! There! We must attack them, Tyler.
CARL TYLER: That sounds fine, but how? We can find fifteen, perhaps twenty men.
CARL TYLER: Oh, what are you talking about, ďampleĒ? A handful of unarmed men against Daleks?
DORTMUN: Sometimes, I wonder about you, Tyler.
CARL TYLER: This isnít the twentieth century, Dortmun, when thousands of men with bayonets charged machine guns.
DORTMUN: Donít lecture me!
CARL TYLER: Then donít ask the impossible! Youíve not been out there for ages. Itís almost suicide.
DORTMUN: Oh, yes alright, I know, Iím in this wheelchair, so I canít go myself.
CARL TYLER: I didnít mean that. You know I didnít mean that.

(DORTMUN pushes his chair back slightly, reaches into a box and takes out a silver grenade like device. He places it on a stand on the table.)

CARL TYLER: The new bomb?
DORTMUN: Yes. Itís finished.
CARL TYLER: You havenít had it tested, I suppose?
DORTMUN: Tested? Donít be a fool. It doesnít need testing. Itís all there in my formula. Itís perfect. I tell you this bomb will destroy the Daleks. I know. It will work!


(DAVID CAMPBELL climbs through a hatch into the room. He passes a box through to a colleague.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Apples. There are apples there for everyone. Jenny, you should be pulling ____.

(As the rebels take the apples out of the box, DAVID crosses to DORTMUNíS office.)


DORTMUN: Youíve been down here so long that youíre beginning to think like worms!
CARL TYLER: We must have some chance of success.

(DAVID CAMPBELL walks in.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Iím reporting in.
DORTMUN: Good. Tyler and I have been having a preliminary chat about the next attack. Weíll be out soon.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well, I brought a box of apples, incidentally, that department stores got plenty of stuff in it.
DORTMUN: Oh, right.
CARL TYLER: What about the two men?
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well, when I got down to the embankment, I saw them being taken away, but I couldnít do anything.
DORTMUN: Oh, thatís bad, thatís very bad. We could have done with those two men.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well, Iíll tell the two women.
CARL TYLER: Where were the men taken? Any idea?
DAVID CAMPBELL: From the direction they went, I think the Daleks have taken them to the saucer theyíve landed at the heliport, Chelsea.


(The DALEK saucer almost fills the Chelsea heliport. Several DALEKS stand around the heliport on patrol. The ramp on the saucer descends. The DOCTOR and IAN are almost thrown into the area by the two ROBOMEN. They stand and stare at the DALEKS.)

IAN: Doctor, I donít understand this at all, we saw the Daleks destroyed on Skaro, we were there!
DOCTOR: My dear boy, what happened in Skaro was a million years ahead of us in the future. What weíre seeing now is about the middle history of the Daleks.
IAN: I see. Well, they certainly look different, donít they?

(From the other side of the heliport, two men, THOMSON and an older man, CRADDOCK, are escorted in by two ROBOMEN.)

DOCTOR: Look, theyíve taken some more prisoners. What is so different about the Daleks? Oh, I see! You mean the discs on their backs.
IAN: Yes, perhaps that accounts for their increased mobility. Do you remember on Skaro, they could only move on metal.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, quite so, but remember, this is an invasion force. Therefore, they have to adapt themselves to the planet.

(A DALEK interrogates the ROBOMEN who have brought in THOMSON and CRADDOCK.)

DALEK: Where are the other two from your patrol?
ROBOMAN: (Pushing CRADDOCK forward.) This man killed them both.
DALEK: For this, you will be punished. Continue your patrol. The prisoners will fall in line.

(The ROBOMEN walk off. A DALEK pushes the two men towards the DOCTOR and IAN.)

CRADDOCK: (Looking at the saucer.) Theyíve got us dead once we get inside there.
THOMSON: Theyíre not getting me. Iím going to try something. Are you with me?
CRADDOCK: Donít be a fool man, you havenít got a chance.
THOMSON: Theyíre not getting me back in that filthy mine.
DALEK: The prisoners will remain silent.
ROBOMAN: Forward!

(The four prisoners walk slowly towards the ramp. As they reach it, THOMSON jumps to one side. A DALEK immediately glides forward. As THOMSON steps back, CRADDOCK tries to grab him but THOMSON struggles free. He slowly steps across the heliport realising his error, but DALEKS glide forward, surrounding him. CRADDOCK tries to run forward to help him but IAN holds him back.)

IAN: Donít be a fool! You canít help him now!
THOMSON: Help me!

(One DALEK, its livery darker in colour to its companions, gives out the death sentence.)


(They all fire and THOMSON falls to the ground in agony.)

DALEK LEADER: (To the three remaining prisoners.) Any further resistance will be dealt with in the same way.
FIRST DALEK: The prisoners will proceed into the ship.

(They do as instructed.)


(SUSAN holds a rifle whilst DAVID CAMPBELL cleans it.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: No Susan, I donít think we should tell Barbara.
SUSAN: But David, I think we should.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Now listen Susan, weíre going to make an attack on that saucer. So we put off telling her until afterwards.
SUSAN: You mean if the attacks successful, we find Ian and my grandfather anyway?
DAVID CAMPBELL: Yes, and if it isnít, then theyíve just disappeared.
SUSAN: (Quietly.) Alright.

(DAVID walks away with the rifle. JENNY walks up to him with two ROBOMAN helmets.)

JENNY: You wanted to see these?
JENNY: Well here you are then, take them, Iíve got better things to do.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Oh, youíre a model of charm and patience, arenít you? (He takes them from her.)
JENNY: Well, I donít believe in wasting time. And I donít believe in sentiment either.

(BARBARA steps forward with the apples.)

BARBARA: Help me to give these out, Jenny.
JENNY: Oh, just put it down there.

(BARBARA throws an apple to SUSAN.)

BARBARA: Dessert.
SUSAN: Thank you.

(She passes an apple to DAVID.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Thank you, Barbara.

(BARBARA picks up one if the ROBOMAN helmets from the table where DAVID has placed them.)

BARBARA: Oh, what are these things?
SUSAN: Oh, theyíre the Daleks inventions. Theyíre called Robomen.
DAVID CAMPBELL: No, Susan. I told you. Youíve got it wrong. We took these from dead human beings.
JENNY: (From the other side of the table.) There arenít that many Daleks on Earth. They needed helpers. So they operated on some of their prisoners and turned them into robots.
DAVID CAMPBELL: The transfer, as the Daleks call the operation, controls the human brain. Well, at least for a time.
SUSAN: Well, what happens then?
BARBARA: Do they revert and become human again?
JENNY: No, they die.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Iíve seen the Roboís when they break down. They go insane. They smash their heads against walls. They throw themselves off buildings or into the river.
BARBARA: The river? Oo, thatís what it was. Oh Daleks! Everything they touch turns into a horrible sort of nightmare.
SUSAN: Are they still doing these transfer operations, David?
JENNY: Oh yes, they keep up their numbers of Robomen. They got my brother last year. Thatís another reason why they land their saucers at the heliport.

(DAVID gives JENNY a warning look but she continues.)

JENNY: Thatís where the Daleks take the prisoners and operate on them. Once theyíve got you on board a saucer, there isnít a hope.

(SUSAN looks distraught.)


(Still guarded by the ROBOMEN, the DOCTOR looks round their surroundings using his monocle.)

DOCTOR: Yes, the work of a genius, dear boy.
IAN: Yes, pretty impressive. And absolutely escape proof.
DOCTOR: Only on the surface, my friends.

(Under escort, the three walk across the main room, past control consoles manned by DALEKS, to the cell area.)

DALEK: Halt. You will move one-by-one slowly into the prison cell.

(IAN and CRADDOCK walk towards the cell. The DOCTOR tries sneaking to one side but is spotted.)

DALEK: You! Reverse and move.

(The DOCTOR does as instructed. Once inside the cell, a door descends from the ceiling locking them in. On the other side of the saucer, an image of the prisoners inside the cell appears on one of the control consoles observed by the DALEKS. The camera follows and focuses on the DOCTOR.)

DALEK LEADER: Is that the one?
FIRST DALEK: Yes. He spoke of resistance.
SECOND DALEK: His words betrayed greater intelligence than normal in human beings.
DALEK LEADER: Give them the test.


(CRADDOCK sits on the floor.)

DOCTOR: I had a good look into that corridor. Did you notice the television eyes round about? Hmm?
IAN: Yes, I did. There arenít any in here.
IAN: Iíll tell you what I did see, Doctor.
IAN: What I took to be a loading bay door. Of course, it...could be guarded outside.
CRADDOCK: It will be.

(IAN sits by CRADDOCK.)

DOCTOR: Yes, nevertheless it has possibilities.
CRADDOCK: What for? You canít get the door open. Thereís no escape, I tell you.
DOCTOR: My young friend, donít be so pessimistic. What is your name by the way? Hmm?
CRADDOCK: Craddock, Jack Craddock.
DOCTOR: Well, Mr. Jack Craddock, donít be such a defeatist. Our jobís to try and get out of here and quickly!
CRADDOCK: Ah, youíre just fooling yourselves. You donít know the Daleks. Once theyíve got you inside a saucer, youíre finished.
IAN: Craddock, tell us: how did it happen, the invasion of Earth, everything?
CRADDOCK: You been on a moon station or something?
DOCTOR: (Quickly.) Er, ah, yes, quite so.
IAN: Yes.
CRADDOCK: Well, the meteorites came first. The Earth was bombarded with them about...ten years ago. ďCosmic stormĒ the scientists called it! Well, the meteorites stopped, everything settled down, and then...people began to die of this new kind of plague.
DOCTOR: Yes, that explains your poster, dear boy. Germ bombs, hmm?
CRADDOCK: Yeah, the Daleks were up in the sky just waiting for Earth to get weaker. Whole continents of people were wiped out. Asia, Africa, South America. They used to say the Earth had a smell of death about it.
IAN: Why Craddock? What were the doctorís and the scientists doing about it?
CRADDOCK: Ah, well, they came up with some new kind of drug, but it was too late then.
IAN: Why?


(SUSAN is being told the same story by DAVID CAMPBELL as he and BARBARA sort out bandages.)

SUSAN: What happened next?
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well, the plague had spilt the world into tiny little communities. Too far apart to combine and fight and too small individually to stand any chance against invasion.
BARBARA: Divide and conquer?
DAVID CAMPBELL: Mmm. About six months after the meteorite fall, thatís when the saucers landed.


(As DAVID continues to relate the story, the heliport is seen. The ramp descends from the saucer and the main doors open. Four DALEKS glide out and two ROBOMEN carry away the body of THOMSON.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: (OOV.) Cities were razed to the ground. Others were simply occupied. Anyone who resisted was destroyed. Some people were captured and were turned into Robomen, the slaves of the Daleks. They caught other human beings and many of them were shipped to the vast mining areas. No one escapes. The Robomen see to that.

(Two more ROBOMEN enter the heliport with three more prisoners. Two male and one young blond girl. The young girl is singled out by a DALEK and a ROBOMAN viscously clubs her to the ground.)

CRADDOCK: (OOV.) They were our own people, made to work against us! And the Daleks knew that, knew how they humiliated and degraded us. They are the masters of Earth.


IAN: But why, Craddock? Thatís the one thing you havenít told us. What is it that the Daleks want on Earth?
CRADDOCK: I don't know. Something under the ground. Theyíve turned the whole of Bedfordshire into a gigantic mine area.
IAN: Why? Well, what are they digging for?
CRADDOCK: I dunno.
DOCTOR: Well, suppose we forget all this blab about Bedfordshire. Have either of you seen this? Hmm?

(He moves to the metal rod which holds the cell door in place.)


FIRST DALEK: All radio wave bands are open.

(The DALEK leader approaches the console and speaks.)

DALEK LEADER: Rebels of London. This is our last offer. Our final warning. Leave your hiding places. Show yourselves in the open streets. You will be fed and watered. Work is needed from you but the Daleks offer you life.


(The assembled rebels listen to the broadcast.)

DALEK LEADER: (OOV: over radio.) Rebel against us and the Daleks will destroy London completely. You will all die: the males, the females, the descendants.

(One young bursts into tears and is comforted by another woman.)

DALEK LEADER: (OOV.) Rebels of London. Come out of your hiding places
DALEKS: (OOV.) The Daleks offer you life!
DORTMUN: Come out of our hiding places! Weíll come out of our hiding place. With this!

(He holds up one of the bombs.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: What is it Dortmun?
DORTMUN: This bomb will shatter the casing of the Daleks.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Then youíve done it!
DORTMUN: We donít need to run or hide anymore. Weíll make them run.

(The people in the room all start talking excitedly at once. DORTMUN waves them into silence.)

DORTMUN: Listen carefully. Theyíve issued an ultimatum. Weíll give our answer - tonight. Tyler and I have both agreed that the best place for an attack will be the heliport where they land the flying saucers.
JENNY: A frontal attack?
CARL TYLER: (Agreeing but looking unconvinced.) A frontal attack.
DORTMUN: Of course. We have the superior weapon, now. One success will give our people hope again. (He struggles to his feet.) One victory will set this country, the whole of Europe, alight! Thatís all we need! One victory!

(A cheer goes up from almost all the rebels - except for JENNY who approaches DORTMUN.)

JENNY: And the heliport - how do we get within throwing range?
CARL TYLER: The heliportís fringed with buildings. Weíre covered right up to the perimeter.
BAKER: The Daleks will fire at us long before we can use the bombs.
DORTMUN: It will be a surprise attack.
BAKER: As soon as the first bomb is thrown, the surprise is over and we shall be pinned in the buildings, remember?
CARL TYLER: Alright Baker, we know we will have to get closer.
BARBARA: (Thoughtfully.) I know...
DORTMUN: Whoís that? Well?
BARBARA: We could get right into the middle of the Daleks without them suspecting anything if we use this.

(She holds up one of the ROBOMEN helmets.)

BARBARA: Some of your men could disguise themselves as Robomen. They could...pretend to be...escorting a batch of prisoners to the saucer or something.

(She passes the helmet to TYLER.)

CARL TYLER: Itíll work!
DORTMUN: Yes! Itíll work. Weíll attack the saucer in one hour from now.

(SUSAN hugs BARBARA. The rebels cheer.)


(IAN examines a strange Perspex box on the floor as the DOCTOR spots an object in CRADDOCKíS hand.)

DOCTOR: What is that youíve got there? Hmm?
CRADDOCK: A magnifying glass. I just picked it up.
IAN: Hey Doctor, come and look at this.

(The DOCTOR hands the glass back to CRADDOCK as he bends down to examine the box. Completely transparent, a small metal bar rests in the middle of the box. Above it are a series of seven Perspex rods which hang down over the bar. They reduce in length across the row of seven.)

IAN: Look, well what do you make of this?
CRADDOCK: (Sat on the floor again behind them.) I wouldnít touch it.
DOCTOR: Hmm. Let me have that bar up there for a moment, will you?

(IAN reaches up to the door where there is an identical metal bar to the one in the box. He passes it to the DOCTOR.)

IAN: Is it glass or something?
DOCTOR: Er, I should say it was more advanced than that. Well now, lets try a little experiment, hmm?
IAN: Alright.

(The DOCTOR holds the bar over the one in the box, which twitches slightly.)

IAN: Hey!
DOCTOR: Hmm? You see, it responds, magnetized.
CRADDOCK: A profound discovery, mister! Doesnít help us.

(The DOCTOR and IAN turn momentarily to glance at their cynical companion. The DOCTORíS face shows that he is obviously frustrated with CRADDOCKíS attitude.)

IAN: Why did the Daleks put it there in the first place?
DOCTOR: Now, thatís a very good question, dear boy. Suppose you were a Dalek and you found yourself locked up in this room. How would you get out? Hmm?
CRADDOCK: Push the door up?
DOCTOR: My dear young man, the Daleks have...only feelers, no hands. They use their brains, not brute force.
IAN: You mean this is some sort of a key?
DOCTOR: Now thatís the very word, a key, a key in a crystal box. You open the box, take out the key and use it. That is precisely what the Dalek would do.
IAN: Yes, but what are we going to do, Doctor?

(The DOCTOR places a hand on IANíS shoulder and looks directly up at the ceiling.)

DOCTOR: (Quietly.) Look at that little light up there. Hmm?
IAN: Yes, I see...(Looks down.)...and the box is transparent.
DOCTOR: Quite...

(The DOCTOR gets on his feet and reaches for the magnifying glass that CRADDOCK still holds.)

DOCTOR: Let me have that little thing, will you?
CRADDOCK: What this?
DOCTOR: Yes, that! (He takes it.) Thank you.

(He holds the glass between the ceiling light and the back of his hand to test the image produced.)

DOCTOR: Now, we have to...we have to make sure that we...hit the correct refractive, otherwise we shall get showered with crystal glass.
CRADDOCK: (Getting up.) Ah, refractive rubbish! The Daleks donít leave things like this about for you to help yourselves!
DOCTOR: My dear boy, if they had to deal with a man of your talents, they need hardly fear, need they? Now do sit down and rest, please.

(CRADDOCK walks away looking bored but does not sit down.)

DOCTOR: Oh dear, now where were we? Ah, yes, of course, yes, yes, yes. Now, X equals gamma, now er, that means roughly two and a half percent, so that should give us a curve of round about eighty degrees! Oh, by the way, did you take three-dimensional graph geometry at your school? Hmm?
IAN: No, Doctor. Only Boyles law.
DOCTOR: What a pity, what a pity! So we shall have to boil this down now, shanít we? (He laughs.) Well, now then, lets see, weíll start third from the left and then Iíll follow it from the right and straight over. Right, now put that bar there.

(IAN holds the bar to one side of the box where there is a hole for the companion bar within to exit from.)

IAN: Right.
DOCTOR: And watch your eyes because, you know, it might be nasty. Are we ready?

(CRADDOCK sits back on the floor but canít help watching the DOCTORíS actions with contempt. The old man holds the magnifying glass between the light and the Perspex box, running the light over the Perspex rods.)

CRADDOCK: (Laughs.) And the great big Pumkin tu...

(The bar in the box suddenly shoots out. IAN takes hold of it.)

CRADDOCK: Hey! Look at that!
DOCTOR: (Passing CRADDOCK the glass.) Hold that and shut up, will you? Pay attention. (To IAN.) Let me have a bar please.
IAN: (Passing him a bar.) You know, Doctor, some times you astound me.
DOCTOR: Only sometimes, dear boy? Oh, whatís happened to your memory? Donít you remember, we know that the Daleks can use static electricity?
IAN: Of course!
CRADDOCK: Hey, how do you know so much about them? The Daleks, I mean?
IAN: Oh, we, er, met them once before.
DOCTOR: Yes, and we happened to outwit them too. Now please go away will you?

(The DOCTOR gently pushes CRADDOCK to one side and approaches the door, held shut by a long metal rod.)

DOCTOR: Oh, dear, dear, dear, dear, now all we have to do is to slide this bar back here...
DOCTOR: ...And the se...and the self same bar slides back into place here, through electricity.
IAN: And, itís held in place by magnetic force?
DOCTOR: Precisely, (To CRADDOCK.) now I want you to give him a hand in a minute. (To IAN.) Just turn that pole under there, will you? Hmm. There, you see?

(The DOCTOR and IAN hold the two metal bars between the metal rod. There is a strong force of magnetism.)

IAN: I see what you mean! Like poles repel, eh?
DOCTOR: Yes! Precisely! Now weíve created a force field! Right now, turn the pole round.

(IAN turns his metal bar round to try and force the rod back. The magnetic force is increased considerably.)

DOCTOR: (To CRADDOCK.) Now come on, give him a hand, quickly! Come on, come on!

(They hold the two bars in place with difficulty and the metal rod shoots to one side. The cell door slides upwards.)

IAN: Youíre a genius!
DOCTOR: Yes, and there are very few of us left! Now, lets get out. Be crafty!


(They exit the cell and are immediately surrounded by two DALEKS and two ROBOMEN.)

DALEK: You have passed the test we set you - take him!

(The two ROBOMEN grab the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Let go of me, take you hands off me!
IAN: Where are you taking him?

(IAN struggles to free the DOCTOR.)

DALEK: He will be robotised.

(IAN and CRADDOCK are thrust back in the cell. The door slides shut again and the DOCTOR is led away.)


(Night has fallen over the heliport. Searchlights pass over the area as the ever vigilant DALEKS and ROBOMEN patrol. The ramp descends and a DALEK glides out. Arriving in a ruined building on the edge of the heliport, BARBARA, SUSAN and DAVID CAMPBELL rise up out of hiding from behind a window sill.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: There they are.

(They see the DALEKS and ROBOMEN. One of the latter picks up the body of the young dead blond girl who was clubbed to the ground earlier on.)

SUSAN: Now, what do we do?
DAVID CAMPBELL: As soon as Tylerís attack group arrives, we start throwing these.

(He passes some bombs to them.)


(The DOCTOR is held fast by two ROBOMEN.)

FIRST DALEK: The prisoner will move to the table.

(They drag him to the operating table.)

SECOND DALEK: Take off his coat.

(The ROBOMEN take the DOCTORíS coat off.)

SECOND DALEK: Anesthetise him.
DOCTOR: Oh, no, please, what are you doing?

(The ROBOMEN place the struggling DOCTOR underneath a large device which hangs above the table.)

DOCTOR: Oh, no, no, let me go now, please, let me go, argh!


(The rebels, disguised as bogus Robomen and prisoners walk into the heliport and approach the saucer. DAVID, BARBARA and SUSAN observe them from their hiding place.)


(A DALEK approaches the rebel group.)

FIRST DALEK: Take the prisoners into the ship.

(They move forward a few steps.)

FIRST DALEK: Wait, in which sector were these prisoners taken?
BAKER: (Disguised as a Roboman.) Sector four.
FIRST DALEK: No patrol has been ordered in sector four.

(The three throw their bombs. The DALEKS look round in confusion for their attackers.)

SECOND DALEK: Attack warning! Attack warning! Attack warning!
FIRST DALEK: Get the prisoners inside.

(The rebel group enter the ship.)


(The three duck out of site as the DALEK fire power hits the building. The wall beneath the sill blisters and burns.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Alright, lets go.

(The three run off. A moment later another attacking rebel makes for the window but is shot down. The heliport is now full of DALEKS and ROBOMEN.)

DALEK: Section five, move forward. Seal off the area.


(The rebels are in the main area. TYLER gets his gun out as the disguised Robomen take off their helmets.)

CARL TYLER: Now, spread out. Try and free the prisoners before you use those bombs.


(Screened off from the main area, the operation continues.)

FIRST DALEK: (OOV: over tannoy.) We are under attack! Report to main ramp. General alert! report to main ramp!

(The ROBOMAN steps forward to obey the order but the DALEK LEADER stops him.)

DALEK LEADER: Disregard. Commence the operation.

(A piston type device in the machinery above the DOCTOR moves up and down as the transfer begins...)

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Dr. Who

Ian Chesterton

Barbara Wright

Susan Foreman


Dalek machines
operated by

Dalek voices


Carl Tyler


David Campbell




Title music by
with the BBC
Radiophonic Workshop

Incidental music
composed & conducted by

Story Editor


Associate Producer


Directed by

Transcribed by


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