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DOCTOR: Well, I suggest before we go outside and explore, let us clean ourselves up.
SUSAN: Oh, yes!

(The DOCTOR takes up his coat and points at an instrument on the console.)

DOCTOR: Now, what does the radiation read, Susan?

(SUSAN looks at a dial on the console.)

SUSAN: It's reading normal, Grandfather.

(The travellers walk off into another section of the ship. Behind them, the needle on the dial suddenly moves...into the "Danger" zone - a warning light begins to flash….)


(The forest outside the ship seems to radiate heat.)


(The strangely shaped trees have heavy rings round the trunks and rise from a white, ashy soil.)

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(Other foliage hangs from the upper branches and shrubs with stark tendril leaves adorn the forest floor. The travellers emerge from the TARDIS in fresh clothes although the DOCTOR would simply seem to be in a cleaned up version of his usual apparel. They all look round at their strange surroundings.)

BARBARA: There’s been a forest fire. Everything's sort of white and ashen.
IAN: Funny mist.
DOCTOR: The heat must have been indescribable.

(He picks up a chunk of soil.)

DOCTOR: Look at this soil here. Look at it! It's all turned to sand and ashes.

(He hands a piece of soil each to BARBARA and SUSAN.)

DOCTOR: Extraordinary. How can shrubs and trees grow in soil like that, hmm?

(They brush the soil off their hands.)

IAN: Something else that's strange. There's quite a breeze blowing.
SUSAN: Well?
IAN: Well, look at the branches and things.

(A look at the branches reveals what IAN'S talking about.)

SUSAN: (Surprised.) But, they don't seem to be moving.
BARBARA: They're not - they're absolutely still.

(As the others move off, IAN walks up to a branch and plucks at it. It comes off the tree in his fingers, with a small cloud of dust.)

IAN: (Amazed.) Huh...like stone, look!

(He rejoins the others, showing them the branch.)

IAN: Very brittle stone! It…it crumbles when you touch it - look.

(He gives a piece of the branch to each of the party.)

DOCTOR: It's petrified! How fascinating, a petrified jungle! Hmm…extraordinary. Yes, I must really investigate that. Couldn't have been heat, then...and age would merely decay.
SUSAN: What could have caused it, Grandfather?
DOCTOR: I don't know, I don't know - but I intend to find out.

(He starts walking off through the forest.)

SUSAN: Well, I'm coming too.

(She follows him out of sight. A worried BARBARA is left alone with IAN.)

BARBARA: Ian, where are we?
IAN: I don't know.
BARBARA: Well, why doesn't he take us back?
IAN: I'm not sure that he can.
BARBARA: (Upset.) What - ever?

(She walks away a few paces. IAN goes after her.)

IAN: I hate it as much as you - I'm just as afraid. But what can we do?
BARBARA: Well, we could at least stay near the ship.
IAN: Hmm! The ship's no good without him. We'd better keep an eye on him. He seems to have a knack of getting himself into trouble.
BARBARA: You think there's any danger?
IAN: Not necessarily...
BARBARA: But don't be too complacent? No, you're right, I suppose. I just wish...
IAN: (Smiles.) We'll be all right.
BARBARA: (Smiles.) Yes.

(She starts off after the DOCTOR and SUSAN.)

BARBARA: Well, I suppose we’d better make sure he doesn't fall down and break a leg.

(She pauses and turns back to IAN with a smile.)

BARBARA: Don't you ever think he deserves something to happen to him?
IAN: (Laughs.) Yes!

(He follows her further into the forest.)


(The DOCTOR and SUSAN have moved some distance into the petrified forest and have arrived in a clearing. As the DOCTOR examines one of the trees, SUSAN spots something on the ground and gets down on her knees in front of it.)

SUSAN: Oh, Grandfather, look!

(The object of her attention is a perfect flower.)

SUSAN: It's a flower! A perfect flower! Well, it's even kept some of its colour!
DOCTOR: (Not paying attention.) Yes, very pretty, very pretty...hmm!

(IAN and BARBARA walk into the clearing. SUSAN motions them to join her.)

SUSAN: Hey look! Look what I've found!
IAN: Oh, that’s beautiful!
SUSAN: Isn’t it? I'm going to try and pick it, and keep it all in one piece.
IAN: Oh, be careful, it’ll be very fragile...

(BARBARA walks off a little distance. As she walks round a tree, she gasps in horror at the sight in front of her. Meanwhile, IAN picks the flower and passes it to SUSAN.)

IAN: There we are...
SUSAN: Beautiful! When I get it back to the ship...
BARBARA: (OOV: Frightened.) Ian!
SUSAN: ...I’m going to put it into a glass case...
BARBARA: (OOV: Frightened.) Ian!
SUSAN: ...and then I’ll try and get...
IAN: (Shouts.) Coming! Coming!

(Startled, he shoves the flower in SUSAN'S hand and he runs off after his companion. The flower cracks like an eggshell. SUSAN'S face falls. IAN reaches BARBARA'S side.)

IAN: What is it? What's the matter?

(Without a word, she points. In front of them is a small reptilian-looking creature. It is vicious in appearance with a pointed snout, long teeth, and eyes on stalks. IAN walks slowly towards it. The DOCTOR walks behind a tree to the other end of the creature. BARBARA gets alarmed as IAN nears the creature.)


(IAN pushes her back and walks carefully up to the creature. He waves a hand in front of it. There is no movement. He laughs.)

IAN: It's all right. Like everything else in this place... (He taps its head.) - solid stone.
BARBARA: It's hideous.
IAN: Yes, it is...

(He suddenly realises something.)

IAN: It’s also significant - nothing on Earth could look like this.
BARBARA: It looks like some sculptor's nightmare.

(The DOCTOR, his glasses on, has been studying the creature from the other side.)

DOCTOR: Yes, it's certainly alien to anything on your planet. But you're wrong about one thing, Chesterfield. This isn't like everything else. The animal is sidi...solidified, certainly, but, it's not, er... (He taps it.) ...crumbly stone. It's metal. Yes, it always was.
IAN: What, even when it was alive? But that's impossible!
DOCTOR: Why? Can't you imagine an animal unless it's flesh, blood and bone, hmm? No, I tell you this is an entirely different formation.

(He takes off his glasses.)

DOCTOR: I should say originally it was some pliable metal, held together by, er, a magnetic field, or an inner magnetic field, rather, and it may have had the ability to attract its victims toward it, if they were metal too.
BARBARA: (Disappointed.) We're not on Earth, then?
DOCTOR: No, certainly not.

(IAN and BARBARA look at each other.)

IAN: (To the DOCTOR.) Are you sure?
DOCTOR: Oh, certain. And you needn't look at me like that, young man. We started this journey far too hurriedly to make any calculations. You know that as well as I do. However…we're alive.

(SUSAN has wandered off a few feet, and the DOCTOR joins her. She points ahead.)

SUSAN: Hey, Grandfather, look! The jungle ends over there.

(BARBARA sits herself on a rock, forlorn. IAN stands next to her.)

IAN: Try not to be too upset.
BARBARA: I counted so much on just going back...to things I recognise and trust. But here there's nothing to rely on, nothing.
IAN: Well, there's me!

(BARBARA smiles.)

IAN: Barbara, all I ask you to do is to believe - really believe - we'll go back. We will, you know.
BARBARA: I wish I was more like you. I'm afraid I'm a very unwilling adventurer.
IAN: (Smiles.) Well, I'm not exactly revelling in it myself.

(SUSAN runs up to them.)

SUSAN: Grandfather's talking about fixing our position by the stars.
IAN: Good! Where is he?
SUSAN: (Points.) Just over there.

(IAN walks away to join the DOCTOR.)

BARBARA: Don't you have anything in the ship that records the journeys?
SUSAN: Oh yes. There's a meter fixed to a great big bank of computers. If you feed it with the right sort of information, it can take over the controls of the ship and deliver you to any place you want to go.
BARBARA: Then why don't we know where we are?
SUSAN: Well, it's a question of the right information, you see. I don’t say that Grandfather doesn't know how to work the ship but he's so forgetful, and then he will go off and...well, he likes to work on his own.
BARBARA: So I've noticed!
SUSAN: Anyway, he’s only got to do some...some comp…computations back in the ship and we can move on.
BARBARA: Well, it can't be too soon for me.

(The DOCTOR returns.)

DOCTOR: Well now, are we ready?
BARBARA: Oh, Doctor, have you worked out yet how all this happened?
DOCTOR: No, not really, not really. Whatever it was destroyed everything that was living, but...er...the planet is dead - totally dead.
IAN: (OOV.) Barbara! Doctor! Over here!

(The group goes to join IAN.)


(He's standing on a cliff at the edge of the forest.)

DOCTOR: What is it, Chesterton? We really must get back...

(His voice trails off, as he, SUSAN and BARBARA see in amazement what IAN is looking at. In the far distance in the valley, below a huge mountain range, a massive city stretches across the blasted landscape. Completely white like everything else, this metallic city is heavy in geometrically designed buildings, clusters of gadgetry and streamlined curves. SUSAN gasps at the incredible sight.)

DOCTOR: Oh, It’s fascinating!
BARBARA: A city! A huge city!

(The DOCTOR pulls out an unusual pair of binoculars that resemble spectacles. He puts them on and gazes out at the city.)

IAN: Well, Doctor, can you see anything? Any sign of life?

(His view through the binoculars travels over the strange architecture.)

DOCTOR: No, no, no - no sign of life. No, just the buildings. Magnificent buildings, I…
SUSAN: Oh, let me have a look?

(The DOCTOR pulls off the spectacles and gives them to SUSAN to use. Her view through the binoculars is similarly impressive.)

SUSAN: Oh, it’s fabulous! Here, you have a look...

(She passes the spectacles over to BARBARA.)

IAN: What do you think, Doctor?
DOCTOR: I don't know, I don't know.

(BARBARA passes the spectacles to IAN.)

DOCTOR: Whatever it was destroyed the vegetation here certainly hasn't damaged the city. But there's no sign of life…no movement, no light, no...no, I...I shall know more about it when I've been down there.
BARBARA: (Vehemently.) Down there? Oh no! We're going back to the ship!
DOCTOR: Now don't be ridiculous! That city down there is a magnificent subject for study and I don't intend to leave here until I've thoroughly investigated it.
IAN: Well, it's too late to talk about it now. It's getting dark. We'll discuss it when we get back to the ship.
SUSAN: Yes, whatever you decide, it's too late to get down there now.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, yes, all right then. But I assure you I’m determined to study that place.
IAN: Well, you can do what you like, as long as you don't endanger the rest of us.

(IAN starts to lead BARBARA off.)

DOCTOR: Very well then, I shall look at it myself - alone.

(This stops them dead in their tracks. IAN walks back to the DOCTOR.)

IAN: You're the only one who can operate the ship. I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Doctor.

(He holds up his spectacles.)

DOCTOR: Your glasses?

(The DOCTOR takes them without a word. He takes a long look at the fog-enshrouded city.)


(IAN leads the group through the forest.)

IAN: I think this is the way we came...

(SUSAN is the last of the party, and she's straggling behind. Her eyes are scanning the ground, until...)

SUSAN: Good!

(She has found another of the flowers. She carefully plucks it.)


(The other three continue through the forest unaware that SUSAN has been left behind.)


(As SUSAN starts to get up with the flower, she suddenly becomes aware that there is an unseen presence nearby. She gets to her feet, looking round, frantically scared.)

SUSAN: (Shouts.) Who's there?!

(She inches backwards. Suddenly, from out of the bushes, a hand touches her on her shoulder. She gasps, and stumbles to the ground then gets up and runs with a scream.)


(The others have reached the TARDIS when they hear her cries. IAN dashes towards the sounds.)


(SUSAN meanwhile is crashing through the bushes and screams as she runs into someone’s outstretched arms - it is IAN.)

IAN: (Comforting her.) All right Susan, it's all right. You're safe now.


(BARBARA is looking with interest over the console. The DOCTOR joins her.)

BARBARA: Did Susan tell you what frightened her?
DOCTOR: Yes, yes. She's convinced that someone touched her, and I tried to make her see it wasn't possible, but, huh!...I'm afraid she wouldn't listen to me. I wonder, er...would you have a talk with her?
BARBARA: Yes, of course I will.
DOCTOR: (Embarrassed.) Yes, er, you know sometimes I find the gulf between Susan's age and mine makes difficult, er, understanding between us.
BARBARA: (Reassuringly.) I'll see what I can do.
DOCTOR: (Smiles.) Oh, would you? Thank you, thank you very much...be grateful.

(BARBARA walks off.)


(BARBARA finds SUSAN sitting at a table drawing a sketch.)

SUSAN: (Quietly.) Hello.

(BARBARA sits at the desk's edge, looking over the sketch.)

BARBARA: What are you doing?
SUSAN: (Sounding depressed.) Just drawing.
BARBARA: Well, can I see?

(SUSAN dejectedly sits back, lets BARBARA take up the pad and look it over.)

SUSAN: It's the flower I saw in the jungle.
BARBARA: What happened out there?
SUSAN: Nothing...
BARBARA: Well, Ian said you were terrified.

(SUSAN doesn’t answer.)

BARBARA: Well, something must have frightened you...
SUSAN: (Upset, stammering.) It’s...it's not that so much...it’s...it's just that I'm...I'm fed up...no one believes me...

(She gets out of her chair and stands with her face to the wall.)

BARBARA: Believes what?
SUSAN: (Whisper.) Oh, I don't know.

(She slowly turns to face BARBARA again.)

BARBARA: That there was someone out there and they touched you on the shoulder?
SUSAN: There was someone there!
BARBARA: But you didn't see who it was?

(She walks off behind BARBARA'S back and then taps the teacher on the shoulder, making her jump.)

SUSAN: It was like that. A light touch on the shoulder. I couldn't have been mistaken!
BARBARA: Well, I believe you.
SUSAN: But...but...Grandfather says that...it's...it's impossible for anyone to live out there.
BARBARA: Oh, Susan, it isn't that he doesn't believe you. It's just that he finds it difficult to go against his scientific facts.
SUSAN: I know.

(BARBARA puts her arm around the girl.)

BARBARA: Oh, look. Why don't you just try and forget it, for the moment?

(SUSAN nods glumly.)

SUSAN: For the moment.


(In a side alcove of the control room, behind the scanner and a glass screen, is the bank of computers SUSAN mentioned earlier. The DOCTOR is jotting down notes on a small notepad based on what he sees on the instruments. IAN has accompanied him.)

IAN: What's this one for?

(The DOCTOR ignores him.)

IAN: I don't know how you make sense of any of this.
DOCTOR: (Not paying attention.) Hmm, quite right. Quite right.
IAN: Can you found out where we are?

(He still receives no answer. He speaks louder.)

IAN: Well, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Hmm? Oh...

(He continues with his notes.)

IAN: I was wondering if perhaps you’ve...
DOCTOR: (Interrupting.) My dear boy, these are eternal questions of yours! "Do I know where we are," I suppose..?
IAN: Now listen, Doctor! I don't want to argue with you. We're fellow travellers whether we like it or not. But for heaven's sake, try and see it from our point of view. You've uprooted us violently from our own lives…
DOCTOR: (Interrupting angrily.) You pushed your way into the ship, young man!
IAN: All right, all right, I admit it, a small part of the blame is ours…
DOCTOR: (To himself.) Oh, “small,”! (Laughs.)
IAN: …but naturally we’re anxious! What are we going to do? Can we live here? What do we eat? There are millions of questions…
DOCTOR: (Interrupting.) A very good idea. I'm hungry!

(IAN rolls his eyes as the DOCTOR wanders off, muttering.)


(SUSAN is pouring drops of a liquid into a glass of water. BARBARA stands a few feet back, holding her hands to her head. The DOCTOR and IAN walk in. The DOCTOR sees that BARBARA is in some pain.)

DOCTOR: (Gently.) Oh, what's the matter?
BARBARA: Oh, I've suddenly got this terrible headache...
DOCTOR: Oh dear, dear, how irksome for you.

(He notices SUSAN with the medicine.)

DOCTOR: Oh, but this stuff is very good. This should cure it. (To SUSAN.) Now, not too much, dear, not too much...

(He crosses over to a machine nearby. It has two large dials, one circled by numbers, the other by letters. There are several other buttons and light indicators on it.)

SUSAN: No. Oh, Grandfather?
SUSAN: I'm sorry I was so silly just now.

(He pats her shoulder as he begins pushing buttons on the machine which makes various noises. SUSAN hands BARBARA the glass of medicine.)

SUSAN: Here, try this.
BARBARA: Thank you.

(BARBARA drinks it down whilst the DOCTOR pulls what looks like a chocolate bar from the machine. He tears open the foil wrapping, takes a bite, and eats. BARBARA finishes the medicine.)

BARBARA: Ooh, it's very nice.

(She passes the glass back.)

SUSAN: Oh, thank you.
IAN: Let’s hope it does you some good.

(SUSAN takes the glass back then nudges the DOCTOR who eats his bar of food. She indicates the two teachers.)

DOCTOR: (To IAN and BARBARA.) Oh, er, did you want something to eat? What would you like, hmm?
BARBARA: I'd like some bacon and eggs.

(SUSAN moves over to the machine.)

IAN: All right, bacon and eggs!
DOCTOR: Bacon and eggs...
IAN: But, er...
SUSAN: The TARDIS is fully automatic.

(The DOCTOR takes a small notebook from atop the machine and flips through it.)

DOCTOR: Yes, certainly, certainly.

(He reads the notebook.)

DOCTOR: Er, J62...

(SUSAN turns the two large dials on the machine.)

SUSAN: J....6...2...
SUSAN: L...6.

(She presses a large button in the centre. The machine whirrs for a moment.)

IAN: I hope mine doesn't taste of engine grease!
DOCTOR: (Wagging his finger.) Now, now, now, now, don’t be ridiculous.
BARBARA: Shall I get plates and things.
SUSAN: No. There's no need to.

(The whirring stops. The DOCTOR kneels down and pulls from the machine two more bars in white trays.)

DOCTOR: Here we are then.
SUSAN: Thanks.

(He gives one to SUSAN, who passes it onto to IAN as the DOCTOR passes another to BARBARA.)

SUSAN: (To IAN.) Eggs and bacon
BARBARA: (To the DOCTOR.) Thank you.
DOCTOR: Bacon and eggs.
IAN: What, this?
SUSAN: Go on, try it!

(They cautiously open the wrappers and take a small bite.)

DOCTOR: Well...?

(IAN takes another bite before answering.)

IAN: Hmm…not bad.

(The DOCTOR looks exasperated.)

IAN: What do you think, Barbara?
BARBARA: I think it's delicious!
IAN: My bacon's a bit salty.
DOCTOR: (Snaps.) Well it shouldn't be - it's English!

(IAN cannot keep a straight face anymore, and grins as the women giggle.)

IAN: No, seriously Doctor, this is remarkable! I mean, one bite and I taste the bacon, another and I taste the egg, how do you do it?
DOCTOR: (Eating.) Well, food has component parts, dear boy. Flavours are rather like primary colours. You know, you blend two to achieve a third, and so on...etc, etc.
IAN: Well, I think it's wonderful.
SUSAN: (To BARBARA.) How's your headache now?
BARBARA: Oh, it's much better. I don't usually get them at all.
DOCTOR: Susan, would you like something to eat?
SUSAN: No thanks. I'm not hungry.
DOCTOR: Oh, child. That's unusual. I do hope your experience outside the ship hasn't affected you too much?
SUSAN: No...I think I'll go to bed now anyway.
DOCTOR: Right.
SUSAN: (To BARBARA.) Do you want to know where you can sleep, Miss Wright?
BARBARA: Oh, yes.

(Suddenly, a series of sharp tapping, scraping noises echoes through the ship. The four stop dead in their tracks.)

IAN: Shh…what's that?

(The tapping noise continues on the outside of the ship. They listen intently.)

DOCTOR: The scanner!

(He runs off to the console room.)

SUSAN: There was somebody there!


(The DOCTOR activates the scanner as the other three watch intently. It displays a large area outside the TARDIS but all that is seen is the dead forest.)

IAN: Nothing - not a thing.
SUSAN: But something must've made that noise!
BARBARA: Look, I've had enough of this. (To the DOCTOR: Pleading.) Please, can't we get out of here?
DOCTOR: Ah, but the city, I must see the city...
BARBARA: (In despair.) But why?
DOCTOR: I will not be questioned! (To himself.) Uninvited passengers. I didn't invite them to the ship... (Louder as IAN walks up.) I shall do what I want to do!
IAN: Why endanger the rest of us by staying here?
SUSAN: Grandfather, please...

(She hugs onto him.)

SUSAN: Please?

(SUSAN’S entreaties seem to soften his attitude. He smiles and pats her hand, then, without a word, he crosses over to the other side of the console. Fully aware everyone's eyes are on him, he throws a switch and a few buttons. The centre column starts rising and falling and the dematerialisation sound fills the air. The DOCTOR pauses and sees that everyone's eyes are on the scanner. He kneels down, and opens a panel on the console's underside. He pulls a small component, glances at it, then only halfway fits it back in and stands back up.)

BARBARA: Well, stone trees are all very well. The next forest I walk through, I want them all to be made of wood.

(IAN smiles. Suddenly, with a booming noise, the central column crashes to a halt, as does the TARDIS itself. The ship shudders as the groan of dematerialisation reoccurs - only slower. The DOCTOR looks over the console’s switches and dials.)

SUSAN: What's the matter?
DOCTOR: I don't know. The power take up was rising normally, and er...
IAN: What's wrong?
DOCTOR: Oh, don't distract me please!

(The dematerialisation sound is heard again, then the ship comes to a complete halt.)

SUSAN: Shall I trace it on the fault locator, Grandfather?
DOCTOR: Yes, I think you'd better, child.

(SUSAN runs into the side alcove, and checks a panel wherein there is a paper read-out on a drum.)

DOCTOR: K7! Ah, yes, of course, the fluid link, yes, yes, yes!

(He kneels down under the console and pulls out the same component that he tampered with a moment ago. SUSAN runs back as he announces his “findings”.)

DOCTOR: Yes, yes, there we are, you see, the end of it's unscrewed itself, and the fluid has run out.
IAN: Well, have you got a spare?
DOCTOR: Oh no, no need for that. This is easily repaired. All we have to do is refill it.
IAN: Oh, what liquid do you need?
DOCTOR: Mercury.
IAN: Mercury, Ah! Can I get it for you?
DOCTOR: No, I'm afraid you can't. We haven't any...at all.
IAN: (Shocked.) What?
DOCTOR: No, uh...
IAN: Don't you carry a supply?
DOCTOR: No, it hasn't been necessary. This hasn't hap...happened before...
IAN: But you must have some somewhere, surely?
DOCTOR: No, no, we shall have to get some from outside.
BARBARA: But where? There isn't anything outside but the ci…

(She stops dead as they suddenly suspect the true nature of what has happened.)

IAN: (Quietly angry.) Yes. There’s the city.
DOCTOR: (Smiling.) Yes, the city, of course. Of course, we're bound to get some mercury there, yes, we're bound to. Well, I mean, what else can we do, mm?
IAN: (With irony.) It seems we have no alternative. We have to go to the city.
DOCTOR: (Smirking.) Yes, indeed. At, er, first light, then?

(He laughs to himself as he holds the fluid link up to the light.)


(The scanner still shows the dead forest with no signs of life.)

IAN: Well, it's light enough, and there doesn't seem to be anything out there. We might as well get started. Oh, and Doctor...remember, we're going to this city to find mercury. And once we've found it, we're coming straight back here. Is that clear?
DOCTOR: (Unworried.) Oh, quite so, quite so!

(The doors hum open and the travellers walk out of the TARDIS.)


(IAN is the first out, followed by the DOCTOR, BARBARA, and SUSAN, carrying a shoulder bag.)

IAN: Well, shall I lead?
DOCTOR: Yes, by all means...

(IAN takes one step forward before stopping and staring down at the ground.)

IAN: Oh, look!

(A metal object lies on the ground. It resembles a short bar with rounded ends.)

BARBARA: Oh, don't touch it, it may go off.

(IAN kneels down to inspect the box.)

SUSAN: Be careful!
DOCTOR: What is it Chesterton, hmm?
IAN: I don't know. Stand back, all of you.

(He picks up a stick from the ground and gingerly touches the box with the end of it. There is no response. He taps it. There is still nothing. He picks it up.)

IAN: I think it's all right. A metal box.

(He opens it.)

IAN: Ha! It's a box of glass vials! Look!

(He pulls one liquid-filled vial out and holds it up for the others to see.)

DOCTOR: Hmm, let me see...

(IAN hands one to him.)

SUSAN: Then there was somebody here last night. They must've dropped them. I knew I was right.
IAN: Yes. Sorry, Susan.

(The DOCTOR returns the vial.)

DOCTOR: Yes, I'd like to run a few tests on those...

(IAN replaces the vial in the box and closes it.)

DOCTOR: Susan, would you take these into the ship, please?

(She takes the box and goes back in the TARDIS. The DOCTOR calls after her…)

DOCTOR: Thank you. Oh, and by the way, did you remember the food supplies?
SUSAN: (OOV: Inside the TARDIS.) A days supply for four. That’s enough isn’t it?
DOCTOR: Yes, ample, ample.
IAN: Oh, I trust we won't be more than a couple of hours.

(SUSAN rejoins them.)

IAN: Are you ready, Susan?
IAN: Come on then, off we go.

(The four set out on their journey.)


(The city sits ominous and silent in the valley. Strange fogs and mists swirl around it.)


(The travellers have arrived at the city. As they walk between the strange buildings, their feet tap on the metallic pavements. They reach an alcove with several strange doors set into it. The DOCTOR seems weakened by the journey and SUSAN has to support him.)

DOCTOR: Uh...Ah, do you mind if I sit down for a minute? I feel...a bit...exhausted...

(SUSAN sets him down on the floor of a the alcove.)

IAN: You all right?
DOCTOR: Oh, yes...I'm, er, just a bit tired. It was a long journey, and my legs are rather weak...
BARBARA: Look, why don't you rest here? Ian and I will look around and see if we...
DOCTOR: No, no, no, no I want to look around too. I...I shall be all right, thank you.
IAN: (Rubbing his forehead.) I must say, I don't feel too good myself. Look, why don't we get this over with quickly? Look for...instruments, gauges, anything like that. Ideally, what we want is a laboratory.

(BARBARA has been exploring the wall as IAN has been speaking. Her hand passes over a type of sensor and the door opens inward with an electronic hum.)

BARBARA: Ian...look!

(IAN comes and looks inside.)

IAN: Why don't we separate and go different ways and meet back here in say...

(He looks at his wristwatch.)

IAN: …ten minutes? All right?
SUSAN: Right.
BARBARA: Fine. I'll go this way.

(She goes alone through the door as SUSAN helps the DOCTOR up.)

DOCTOR: Lend me your arm, would you, Susan? Thank you.

(They walk off, as IAN waves his hand over another sensor set next to another of the doors. It too opens inwardly with a hum.)


(BARBARA walks down a narrow corridor with strange angled archways that stretches into the distance as far as the eye can see. BARBARA has to stoop as she walks through it. She fails to notice the camera near the ceiling that turns as she passes and watches after her.)


(The DOCTOR and SUSAN approach a door.)

SUSAN: Let’s try this one

(SUSAN activates another sensor and she and a still fatigued DOCTOR pass through the door.)

SUSAN: There we are.


(BARBARA continues to wander through the maze-like corridors, not noticing that doors are starting to come down like gates behind her, sealing off her earlier path. A gurgling electronic noise fills the air. BARBARA finally comes to a dead end. She presses each of the walls then starts back but soon finds the path back sealed. She bangs on the closed door a couple of times, then runs back.)


(IAN has just returned from his exploration. SUSAN and the DOCTOR return as well. The DOCTOR looks even more fatigued.)

IAN: Ah, there you are. Any luck?
SUSAN: No. How about you?
IAN: No, no luck.

(He looks at his watch.)

IAN: Barbara should be here by now. (Calls.) Barbara? Barbara?

(He checks his watch again.)

IAN: Well, we'll give her a couple of minutes more and then if she's not back, we'll have to go and look for her.


(BARBARA is now in a panic, exhausted, running from one end of the sealed corridor to the other. Another section closes in front of her. Barely able to stand, she bangs on the just closed door. Another door slides shut, enclosing her in one room. With a hum, the room starts moving downward - it is an elevator and it is taking her into the depths of the city...)


(IAN checks his watch one more time.)

IAN: We've waited long enough for her. We must go and find her.

(He waves open the door BARBARA used.)


(The elevator comes to a jarring stop. The door slowly opens, and BARBARA cautiously steps out.)


(She starts a little way down a corridor - then backs against the wall with a gasp at the sight of something moving in from a side corridor - Something with a mechanical arm advances on her. Trapped against the wall she lets out a scream of pure terror….)

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