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100,000 BC
Serial A

Written by Anthony Coburn
Directed by Waris Hussein


Released on video in episodic format as An Unearthly Child. The "next episode" caption has been removed from episode 4.

PAL - BBC Video 4311
NTSC - CBS/FOX Video 3401

Pilot A has been released on The Hartnell Years video.
[The essential plot of both versions of the pilot is the same as the transmitted version, although the dialogue differs notably in the later scenes set in the TARDIS. In the pilot the Doctor is not dressed as an Edwardian gentleman. (Pilot A drn: 25'55"; Pilot B drn: 25'23")]

Novelised as Doctor Who and an Unearthly Child by Terrance Dicks in 1981 (Target No. 68)

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Click to read: Broadcast Dates Broadcast Times
The Original Pilot 26th August, 1991 2:15pm - 2:45pm
An Unearthly Child 23rd November, 1963 5:15pm - 5:40pm
The Cave of Skulls 30th November, 1963 5:30pm - 5:55pm
The Forest of Fear 6th December, 1963 5:15pm - 5:40pm
The Firemaker 13th December, 1963 5:15pm - 5:40pm

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