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Ghost Light
By Marc Platt
Part 1
First shown : 10th April 1989

1. [Open on a secluded house protected by vine covered stone fences.]

2. [Inside, an elevator descends into a darkened area. The door slides open, and a lady dressed in a Victorian black dress exits, accompanied by a another lady dressed in a maidís uniform. The lady in black, Mrs. Pritchard, is holding an oil lamp, while the maid carries a covered tray that might be used to serve a meal. They walk into a darkened room that seems to be covered in rich Victorian drapes. Aside from an assortment of stuffed vultures and ravens, there is a large wooden desk, which Mrs. Pritchard walks over too. She sets the oil lamp on the desk and proceeds to push one of a set of buttons set into the desk. The drape covering the back wall rises to reveal a sinister looking door, which they both head for. Mrs. Pritchard leans to a small portal set in the door]

MRS. PRITCHARD: Iíve brought you your dinner and a copy of the times.

[She uses a stick with a hook on the end to lift a small sliding panel set into the bottom of the door. The maid puts the tray on the ground and begins to slide it inside, as something from the other side grabs it and the tray disappears startling the maid back a few paces. Mrs. Pritchard closes the panel rapidly.]

3. [Elsewhere in the house, a grandfather clock ticks 5:51. A set of bells can be heard ringing from somewhere. Another maid, somewhat more plump and dressed more in the style of a Victorian handmaiden, Mrs. Grose, runs down a set of stairs to the main door, behind which we can hear the bells ringing much more loudly. She opens the door, and allows a gentleman to enter. He wears a top hat, and appears to be carrying a bag and a cane.]

REVERAND MATTHEWS: Tell your Master that the Reverend Ernst Matthews has arrived. [He removes his top hat ands hands that and his bag to Mrs. Grose] WellÖ [He begins removing his coat] This house is Gabriel Chase, is it not?

MRS. GROSE: Well yes sir, but as I understood it you would not be arriving until this evening.

REVERAND MATTHEWS: My patience has already been soilified by the interminable journey from Oxford.

4. [And still elsewhere in the house, the TARDIS materializes in a corner amongst a wide assortment of objects.]

ACE: [From inside the TARDIS with a hint of annoyance] Professor, thirty-second penalty.

THE DOCTOR: Just get on with it.

[The eyes of a nearby rocking horse light up registering the arrival, then fade.]

THE DOCTOR: All part of the initiative test.

ACE: [Edging her way from behind the TARDIS] Your still a lousy parker. [Looking around at the array of objects] Hey, play time.

THE DOCTOR: [still inside the TARDIS] Well?

ACE: Itís a laboratory. [Sees the wooden rocking horse nearby, and rocks it a little bit] Oh no, it could a nursery. [Sees chemistry tools] But the kids would have to be pretty advanced [sees jars full of things that look like organs] and creepy.

THE DOCTOR: [in the TARDIS] Be concise.

ACE: [picks up a music box, smiling] Itís well safe, Professor.

THE DOCTOR: [Still in the TARDIS] Oh, very fact sync.

ACE: It must be earth.

THE DOCTOR: [Emerging from behind the TARDIS] You tell me.

ACE: This equipmentís prehistoric [The Doctor makes his way to the rocking horse] I like the toys though. [The Doctor climbs onto the rocking horse and begins to rock. He seems to have a grim look on his face] AwÖ [Seeing more jars of organs and things] Öthose things are pretty sick. I canít stand dead things. Must be Victorian.

THE DOCTOR: [still rocking] Itís a surprise.

5. [The clock ticks 5:56. Mrs. Grose comes through a door into the Foyer, closing it behind her. Two other women enter from another passageway]

MRS GROSE: Itís all right dears. [She drapes a shawl across her shoulders] Our day is done [they make for the front door] We shallnít stay here a moment longer. [She opens the door, letting the two other women out, and then as she exitsÖ] And heaven help anyone whose still here after dark. [Closes the door. Thereís a rattle of keys, and a click as the door is locked from the outside]

6. [The rocking horseís eyes light up once again and fade. The Doctor seems to notice this.]

ACE: This isnít a haunted house is it Professor? I told you I have this thing about haunted houses.

THE DOCTOR: [looking at her perplexed] Did you tell me that?

ACE: Yes!

THE DOCTOR: How many have you been in?

ACE: [in a hushed voice] One was enough [remembering something terrible] Never again.

7. [The clock strikes Six oíclock. Itís ancient bells gong this out. In the foyer two wood panels made to look like part of the wall are opened from the inside. Inside are maids dressed like the one that was seen earlier with the tray. They have no expressions on their faces. As these are merely cubbyholes on the wall, and not passages, it appears that they have been standing in there for some time. They stiffly begin to move out, but with purpose]

8. [Elsewhere in the house, a red light seems to flash on a young girlís face. This one wears a regular white Victorian dress of a lady, but she also has no expression on her face. A man gets up from a chair nearby, and walks around her.

JOSIAH: [putting his hand on her shoulders, she begins to turn her head] I think you should go and greet our guests my dear. [She begins to get up]

9. [Two of the maids walk through a hallway, passing a closed door. After they pass, the door slowly opens. Ace and the Doctor cautiously peer after them, then satisfied come out into the corridor.

ACE: We used to go to museums on school trips. [Taking in the pea green decoration of the walls and the nearby drapes] It was always donít touch, donít wander off, donít give the school a bad name. [The Doctor wanders into a T-junction looking down several other passages] We still did it though.

THE DOCTOR: [licking his finger, and holding it up as if checking for wind, he points] The front door is this way. [He takes off down the corridor]

ACE: [Seeing a stuffed Ostrich nearby, she rubs itís beak and smiles] Hello. You got stuffed and it wasnít even Christmas.

THE DOCTOR: [returns annoyed] Ace.

ACE: [to the Ostrich] See you later. [Follows the Doctor]

[The Doctor spots something on the ground, as Ace passes. He grabs her arm with the handle of his umbrella, and pulls her back near to the stuffed Ostrich. He stoops down and points at a small tin box on the ground]

THE DOCTOR: What do you make of that? [The small box has the letters R.F.C. in cursive letters imprinted on it]

ACE: Donít know. Whose initials are R.F.C.?

THE DOCTOR: [looking annoyed] Itís your initiate test.

ACE: Iím asking the questions. [She thinks a minute] When was the Royal Flying Corp invented?

THE DOCTOR: Ah, the name wasnít thought up until 1912. I can get you a badge if you like. [He pulls a device out his coat, and extends the probe towards the box.] Ask me another. [Behind them the Ostrichís eyes light up as it watches them]

ACE: Whose R.F.C.? [She goes to pick it up, but he swats her hand away.] Professor, Iím only looking.

THE DOCTOR: Lookingís one thing. [He puts the first device away in his coat, then pulls out a gun shaped detector and holds it to the box. It emits the fast pulse clicking of a Radiation Detector.]

ACE: Itís Radioactive.

THE DOCTOR: Very slightly.

ACE: Is it safe?

THE DOCTOR: There is no safe level.

ACE: What about R.F.C.?

THE DOCTOR: [A spear, pointing towards the box, held by someone behind them edges itís way between them without them noticing] Well letís hope he abandoned it before he came to any harm. [They both glance over and see the spear tip inches from there face] A tip? Öso you acidized it. [They rise to see the owner of the spear, a curly haired man with somewhat blond hair] Quite lethal.

REDFERS FENN-COOPER: Where did you find it?

THE DOCTOR: Right here. I wouldnít touch it if I were you. This is my friend Ace, and Iím the Doctor [raises his hat].

REDFERS: Iím a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society [Shakes the Doctors hand]

THE DOCTOR: Really, so am I, several times over.

ACE: Is it your snuffbox?

REDFERS: [noticing Aceís modern, ergo somewhat revealing attire] Please my lady your barely dressed.

ACE: Whoís undressed?

THE DOCTOR: [Getting between Ace and Fenn-Cooper] Excuse my friend, she comes from a less civilized clim.

ACE: [pushes the Doctor slightly out of the way] What do you want me to do? Wrap up in a curtain?

THE DOCTOR: [He pushes her back behind him] Be quiet noble savage. Iím sure in Central Africa youíve seen far grislier sites than Aceís ankle.

ACE: [pushing the Doctor out of the way again] He canít see my ankle.

THE DOCTOR: [pushing her behind him again] Well your boots then. [To Fenn-Cooper] Your, ah, a big game hunter I take it.

REDFERS: I am, but Iíve seen nothing that equals the atrocities that ran rampant throughout this house.

ACE: [pushing him aside again] Is this the surprise, Professor because Iím not impressed.

REDFERS: I must say Iím very grateful to find an ally, Doctor.

THE DOCTOR: You are?

REDFERS: [looking down at the box] You have given me the proof I needed.

THE DOCTOR: The snuffbox.

ACE: [Redfers reaches down for the box] Donít touch it! [The Doctor silences her, and Redfers picks it up]

REDFERS: This is the first substantial evidence that Iíve found. Iíve come here to find Redfers Fenn-Cooper, one of the finest explorers in the empire.

THE DOCTOR: [realizing] R.F.C.

REDVERS: I just knew he was in this house. [He turns around and begins down the corridor with the Doctor and Ace in tow] I am commanded to find him and save him from the clutches of that blaggard Josiah Samuel Smith.

[The light in the Ostrich eyes fades as they leave]

10. [Another panel opens in the Foyer this one much larger, leading to the elevator mentioned earlier. Mrs. Pritchard and the maid exit, with maid closing the fence like inner doors after they depart. Mrs. Pritchard puts the lamp down, and takes a couple of paces. One of the other doors leading to the Foyer opens and Reverend Matthews spots them. She gives him a rancid stare.

REVERAND MATTHEWS: [Coming up to her] are you aware that Iíve been ringing for attention since before six oíclock? I demand to see your master immediately. [She approaches him with a blank stare on her face without saying a word] This insolence has gone far enough. I leave now, Madam, and Mr. Smith will regret the consequences. The condemnation of the royal society can be ruinous. [She doesnít say a word] So be it.

GWENDOLINE: [Approaching from one of the hallways] Reverend Matthews, you must forgive us for keeping you waiting. [She stops in front of him] I am Mr. Smithís ward.

REVERAND MATTHEWS: You are Gwendoline, are you not?

GWENDOLINE: Yes sir. My guardian was most concerned that you had been kept waiting but rest assured he will be with us shortly.

11. [In yet another part of the house, this room looking as if itís the trophy room with stuffed heads and a gun rack, Redfers enters followed by the Doctor and Ace.]

REDFERS: Josiah Smith invited Redfers here. Redfers is his sternest opponent and-

ACE: -One of the finest explorers in the Empire.

THE DOCTOR: And he hasnít been seen since.

[Redfers puts the spear away in the gun rack]

ACE: [looking at some of the objects on a desk] Perhaps he got lost on the way.

REDFERS: Henry Stanley found Dr. Livingston. I shall find Redfers Fenn-Cooper. [The Doctor pulls out his Radiation detector, and proceeds to scan Redfers as Redfers looks back into the gun rack. Redfers swats at something around his face.] Damn Tsetse flies.

THE DOCTOR: [Checking the readings on the detector] How long did you say heíd been living in this house?

ACE: Can we go now, Professor? The whole place gives me the creeps.

THE DOCTOR: [Still studying his radiation detector] I thought it might.

ACE: Well heís a head case [indicating Redfers]. The house is like a morgue. Everything dead.

[Thereís a click from behind the Doctor, as Redfers draws a rifle and points it at them.]

12. [And down in the dark room where the elevator leads, a man is hunched over the desk talking into an old fashioned telephone.]

THE MAN: Very good, sir, I understand. I shall be with you shortly. [He puts the receiver down and turns, only now we see he isnít a man but a sort of Proto-human, dressed as a house servant. He shuffles over to the locked door in the corner, and looks into the small porthole.] Poor silent brut. [On the other side of the portal, an eye looks through.]

THE BRUT: [In a hushed grating voice] Not silent now.

13. [Trophy Room. Redfers is still pointing the gun into the Doctorís face.]

REDFERS: Redfers had some storys. The pigmies from the eluted forest lead him blind folded three full days through uncharted jungle. They lead him to a swamp full of lizards like giant dinosaurs. Do you know, young Conan Doyle just laughed at him. Thereís Doctorís for you.

THE DOCTOR: [Trying to reach for the rifle] That wouldnít be a Chinese fowling piece would it?

REDFERS: [Backing away momentarily, then advancing towards the Doctor, still pointing the rifle at him menacingly] Weíre two weeks out of Zanzibar. I must find Redfers!

THE DOCTOR: [backing away with Ace behind him as Redfers advances] Tell me what else you found.

REDFERS: Nothing!

THE DOCTOR: Describe it. Itís all right, Iím a Doctor.

REDFERS: Yes, there was lightÖ

THE DOCTOR: A bright light?

REDFERS: Öburning bright in the heart of the interior. It burnt through my eyes into my mind. [Making ready to shoot the Doctor] It had blazing, RADIANT WINGS!

ACE: Doctor! [She leaps at Redfers, but narrowly misses to go tumbling behind a table]

[Redfers begins advancing towards the Doctor again]

REDFERS: Redfers was in the Congo. He faced a herd of stampeding Buffalo head on. [Raising his gun again to shoot the Doctor] He raised his hand and with one single bulletÖ [By this time heís pushed the Doctor towards a window. The Doctor leaps aside, pulling the curtain open as he leaps, and for the first time Redfers seeís his reflection in the dark window] Ah [He lowers his rifle, advancing towards his reflection] There you are old chap, Redfers I found you. What have they done to you? You look like a ghost.

ACE: [to the Doctor] Is it really him?

THE DOCTOR: His mindís snapped. Heís seen something too big to handle; snuff outÖ a light. I think weíd better go get some help.

ACE: Itíll blow our cover. [The Doctor gives her an ĎI mean business lookí] All right, all right. [Ace goes over to the door to hallway, opens it, and just as she does Mrs. Pritchard comes through followed by a couple of maids]

MRS. PRITCHARD: Fenn-Cooper. Where have you been?

THE DOCTOR: How do you do, Iím the Doctor [but Mrs. Pritchard ignores this as they go over to Redfers.

MRS. PRITCHARD: Weíve been worried about you. [Mrs. Pritchard reaches into Redfers pocket and removes the box.]

REDFERS: [Still looking at his reflection] Poor old Redfers, poor old chap.

MRS PRITCHARD: [Turning Redfers around] Come along. [She turns him around gently then violently twists his arm behind him towards the door]

THE DOCTOR: [with concern] We donít want him hurt.

REDFERS [screaming in fear as heís shuffled out the door] Oh no, not the interior, please! I DONĒT WANT TO GO BACK TO THE INTERIOR!!!Ö

[One of the maids closes the door as they leave, and Ace screams through the closed door]

ACE: You donít have to twist his arm like that!

[The proto-human butler has entered the room without anyone noticing due to the commotion. Now that Redfers is goneÖ]

NIMROD: A most unfortunate mishap sir. I trust you and the young lady are not hurt? The gentleman has fits of distracting behavior and must for his own safety be confined.

ACE: [walking up to him] She didnít have to hurt him.

THE DOCTOR: [pulling Ace behind him and laughing] My friend, Ace and I -Ö.

NIMROD: [opening the door] My Master, Mister Smith asks if you join our other guests in the drawing room.

ACE: [whispering to the Doctor] Is this an asylum with the patients in charge?

THE DOCTOR: Given a chance it could be Bedlam. [Turning back to Nimrod] Thank you, uhhhhÖ

NIMROD: Nimrod, sir.

THE DOCTOR: ÖNimrod. Thank you Nimrod. We would beÖ [Hands over his umbrella] delighted. [Precedes to hand his hat as well.

14. [Presumably the Drawing room. Gwendoline and Reverend Matthews are in the middle of a discussion]

GWENDOLINE: But Uncle Josiah is a good man, and a great naturalist too. Youíll see when you meet him.

[A pair of double doors open and Nimrod (still holding the Doctorís hat and umbrella), followed by the The Doctor and Ace enter.

REVERAND MATTHEWS: [walking up to the Doctor] Ah, so you finally condescend to meet me sir. Iím grateful for your hospitality.

THE DOCTOR: How do you do. How nice of you to come. [Goes to shake his hand but Matthews spots Ace, who comes up and stands beside the Doctor]

REVERAND MATTHEWS: [is disbelief] Good grief.

THE DOCTOR: [smiling] Oh, this is my friend Ace.

REVERAND MATTHEWS: I see that all the stories about you are true. You have no shred of decency, even parading your shameless wantons in front of your guests.

ACE: [calmly] Does he mean me, Professor?

REVERAND MATTHEWS: I have it. This is some experiment related to your mumbo jumbo theories. Perhaps sheíll evolve into a young lady.

ACE: Now who are you calling young lady Bog brain?

THE DOCTOR: No such luck [pushing Ace behind him, while her gaze never leaves Matthews] Quiet Eliza. Be a good girl. Iím making some small talk [he turns and smiles and Reverend Matthews]

NIMROD: If I might explain, sir-

THE DOCTOR: Ahhh, Nimrod yes. Thereís still some tea in the pot if youíd like to go and get a couple of cups. Thank you very much. [He hands something to Nimrod]

NIMROD: [examining the object in astonishment] The fang of the cave bear! A totem of great power.

THE DOCTOR: Yes [shuffling him out the door] Thank you, Nimrod. [The Doctor closes it behind him]

GWENDOLINE: [politely] Sir, I think Mr. Matthews is confused.

THE DOCTOR: Never mind, Iíll have him completely bewildered by the time Iím finished.

ACE: [smiling] Iíll help.

THE DOCTOR: [to Gwendoline] Weíve had some trouble with our carriage and Ace canít go to dinner dressed like thisÖ

ACE: Who says?

THE DOCTOR: Öso I was wonder if you have any proper apparel she may borrow.

GWENDOLINE: Gladly Professor. Come Alice, you can borrow a dress of mine [she opens the door and walks out]

ACE: [following her smiling] Itís Ace actually. Thanks anyway.

15. [Outside night has fallen, with visible light coming from a few of the windows in the house. Lightening flashes briefly in the sky.]

16. [Drawing Room. The Doctor is studying a collection of stuffed birds and is shaking his head]


THE DOCTOR: Yes let me guess. My theories appall you, my heresies outrage you, I never answer letters, and you donít like my tie.

REVERAND MATTHEWS: You are a worse scoundrel than Darwin.

[Josiah suddenly enters, wearing a suit that appears to have a layer of dust, and sporting a set of spectacled sunglasses. As soon as he enters he shields his eyes from the nearby lamp

JOSIAH: Light [the ambient light in the room fades]

THE DOCTOR: Ahhh, Josiah Samuel Smith I take it. [Reaching over he unobtrusively reaches over and feels the dust on Josiah arm and runs it through his fingers] Dust to dust. Iím The Doctor and this is-

JOSIAH: -Reverend Matthews. Dean of Mort house College, Oxford. Your servant says welcome to Gabriel Chase. [He motions them to sit. Only the Reverend obliges.]

REVERAND MATTHEWS: Josiah Samuel Smith. Now perhaps youíll account for your theories.

THE DOCTOR: [indicating the display cases heís been examining] Fascinating moths.

JOSIAH: [walking over] I recently made a study of these moths. Even in a single species there can be a wide variation from countryside to town. Iím certain [walking back] theyíre adapting to survive the smoke with which industries tainting the land. [He sits]

REVERAND MATTHEWS: [stands up] Darwinian claptrap.

17. [A darkened room. Redfers is sitting on the floor in the dark, in a strait jacket. From a nearby window the light and sound from the lightening outside fills the room for a moment. Redfers shivers as if in fear. Nearby, in the dim light, itís possible to make out the snuffbox. He looks over and seeís that it has come open. It begins to open and as it does a brilliant light begins to emanate from within. Redfers can do nothing but watch.]

18. [In a nearby bedroom someone is changing. We cannot see who it is, but from the giggling, it sounds like Ace. Suddenly an ear-piercing scream fills the room.]


[Ace pokes her face out through the clothes that are hanging over an old fashioned changing screen]

ACE: [With concern] Come on, somethingís happening.

[Gwendoline pokes her face through the clothes at Ace whoís already come around the screen, but as yet we canít see her]

GWENDOLINE: Wait, I canít wear this.

ACE: [From out of view] Of course you can.

19. [Redfers is still sitting transfixed by the light from the box. He begins to scream again]


20. [Mrs. Pritchard stands outside, with a lit candle, listening to him through the door. Gwendoline and Ace, dressed in what look like suits, come around the corner of the corridor to see Mrs. Pritchard]

GWENDOLINE: Mrs. Pritchard, whatís happening?

MRS. PRITCHARD: [in a tone that indicates that she doesnít care whatís going on behind the door] the door is jammed.

ACE: [preparing to physically attack the door] Here let me try.

[The Doctor, followed by Josiah and Nimrod come around the corner, with The Doctor pulling Ace away from the door]

THE DOCTOR: Thatís no way for a Victorian lad- [seeing her outfit] -gentlemen to behave.

ACE: Iím no gentleman.

JOSIAH: [Studying Gwendoline and Aceís attire] Well than, this a metamorphosis.

GWENDOLINE: It was Aceís idea.

[Redfers screams again from behind the door]


[Ace tries to make for the door but The Doctor restrains her]

JOSIAH: Nimrod the door.

[Nimrod walks around to the door. Mrs. Pritchard produces a key, which she hands over to Nimrod and moves out of the way. As she does, her candle passes very close to Josiahís face, and it flares up. Josiah recoils from it. Ace tries to make for the door again, but the Doctor pushes her away]

THE DOCTOR: Stay back.

[Nimrod manages to open the door, which Josiah opens. As soon as he does he screams in pain, as the light emanating from the room is so intensely powerful. Nimrod does as well]

THE DOCTOR: Cover your eyes! [He places his hand over Aceís face to shield her from the light, but the light doesnít seem to affect him. Nimrod trying to shield his eyes from the light enters the room. The Doctor also enters, heading straight to where Redfers is sitting, but Nimrod stops him.]

NIMROD: Iím sorry Doctor.

THE DOCTOR: [fiercely] Redfers, what did you see?

REDFERS: [babbling] Poor Redfers. He was so frightened, it was apparent he wentÖhe went quite mad you know.

NIMROD: [pushing the Doctor into the hallway] We must leave Doctor!


[Ace tries to come to his aid, but Mrs. Pritchard grabs Aceís ponytail]

MRS. PRITCHARD: [with radiating anger and force] this way please!

[She forces her down the hallway, followed by the Doctor]

21. [The lightening outside continues]

22. [Mrs. Pritchard forces Ace into the drawing room and lets go of her. The Doctor follows.]

THE DOCTOR: [grimly] I wanted to see him.

MRS. PRITCHARD: [evenly] Out of the question

[We see that Josiah is already here, recovering. Gwendoline stands behind him, and in the background with a bewildered expression, Reverend Matthews]

JOSIAH: He will be taken care of.

ACE: [menacingly] I bet. [She turns away from Josiah walks over to the Doctor. In a low voice] what was that light? [Indicating Josiah] He was so scared of it.

NIMROD: [who enters and walks straight to the Doctor] Doctor, I can personally assure you Mr. Fenn-Cooper is being made comfortable and will come to no harm.

THE DOCTOR: Only the madmen may see the path clearly through the tangled forest.

[Nimrod bows and pulls out the fang that The Doctor gave him earlier]

NIMROD: You have the wisdom of the greatest elders of my tribe, Doctor.

JOSIAH: [standing up] Nimrod, you have duties to perform.

NIMROD: [bowing to Josiah] Sir. [He promptly leaves, as does Mrs. Pritchard who closes the double doors behind her.

ACE: [indicating Nimrod] Heís a Neanderthal isnít he.

THE DOCTOR: Yes. The finest example Iíve seen this side of the stone age [gives a smile to Josiah]

23. [Nimrod enters the underground room, and walks over to the desk. He presses some buttons on the desk, only this time all the curtains shrouding the room rise. Instead of Victorian brickwork, we see it is a more modern build, although alien in design. On the wall a large orange honeycomb glows, while in front of it is some sort of console. Nimrod walks to the front of the console, gets on his knees, and puts his hands on the console, as if he is about to pray. Something watches him do this, then comes up behind him and knocks him out with some sort of stick.

THE CREATURE: [In a low husky voice] Did that hurt? Good.

24. [Dinning room. The Doctor, Ace, Gwendoline, Reverend Matthews, and Josiah are all seated around the dining room table, with empty plates in front of them, with Mrs. Pritchard and a couple of maids hovering nearby.

ACE: I still havenít worked out where this place is.

REVERAND MATTHEWS: [to Josiah] I am still waiting for an explanation for your blasphemous theories.

ACE: What theories?

THE DOCTOR: [nudges her and whispers] Darwinís theories. They turned 19th century science on itís head. [Reverend Matthews stands up]

ACE: [to the Doctor] Is there a free lecture thrown in with dinner?

THE DOCTOR: Yes. Thatís his own specialty.

ACE: Do we take notes [smiling]?

[The Doctor shushes her as Reverend Matthews begins to speak]

REVERAND MATTHEWS: Mr. Smith disputes manís rightful dominion over the forces of nature.

JOSIAH: [leans over to the Doctor and whispers] I hope you have a taste for calvesí brains, Doctor.

REVERAND MATTHEWS: Instead he maintains that mankind should adapt to serve nature or become extinct.

JOSIAH: Well sir [thereís a ringing from a phone somewhere nearby. He getís up] Hah, pray excuse me sir. [He leaves]

REVERAND MATTHEWS: Infernal telephonic machines. [Sits down]

ACE: [not to thrilled about the idea of calves brains] Ordering out for takeaway. Anyone fancy a curry?

THE DOCTOR: I know a nice little restaurant in the Khyber Pass. [Gets up to follow Josiah]

25. [Josiah enters the room where the phone is ringing. He answers it]

JOSIAH: Nimrod! Whatís going on? I told you not to ring me now. [Pause] Nimrod, are you there?

THE CREATURE: [audible from the receiver] I escaped. [Josiah rises in disbelief, and whispers] Itís learned to speak!

THE DOCTOR: [who stands in the doorway watching him] Having trouble with your connections? Perhaps I can help. [Walks over to the desk, but a cry from another room stops him]

ACE: Doctor!

THE DOCTOR: On the other hand, I have an emergency of my own. Excuse me [he begins to walk out an opposite door] Time to emerge. [The door opens before he can get there and Mrs. Pritchard enters. The Doctor goes to raise his hat, but remembers he doesnít have it, so does a little wave to her. He then promptly departs through the door]

JOSIAH: Mrs. Pritchard, a problem has arisen. Ask Ernst Matthews to join me in here.

MRS. PRITCHARD: Very good, sir. [She makes for the door the Doctor entered through]

JOSIAH: Then no one is to disturb us. [Mrs. Pritchard turns with an evil smile]

26. [Ace stands on the foot of the stairway, in the foyer]

ACE: [calling] Doctor! Doctor, where are you? I want to talk to you!

THE DOCTOR: [running in] Ace! Whatís the matter?

ACE: Face-ape Matthews in there says this house is Gabriel Chase.

THE DOCTOR: [adopting an innocent-but-I-know-Iím-about-to-be-caught look] So?

ACE: It was falling down last time I saw it in 1983. You tricked me! [Getting upset] This is Perviale!

[A couple of maids enter. The Doctor looks over, and as he does Ace runs up the stairs. The Doctor runs after her]


27. [Ace stands in the Trophy Room, panting and getting control of herself. The Doctor sees her, and enters slowly]

THE DOCTOR: [softly] Ace.

ACE: [not looking at him] Itís true isnít it. This is the house I told you about.

THE DOCTOR: [walking up behind her] You were 13. You climbed over the wall for a dare.

ACE: [moving away from him angrily] Thatís your surprise isnít it, bringing me back here.

THE DOCTOR: [grimly] Remind me what it was that you sensed, when you entered this deserted house, an aura of intense evil?

ACE: Donít you have things you hate?

THE DOCTOR: I canít stand burnt toast. I loathe bus stations, terrible places, full of lost luggage and lost souls.

ACE: [angrily] I told you I never wanted to come back here again.

THE DOCTOR: [circling around her] Then thereís unrequited love, and tyranny, and cruelty.

ACE: [softly] Too right.

THE DOCTOR: We all have a universe of our own terrors to face.

ACE: I face mine on my own terms.

THE DOCTOR: But donít you want to know what happened here?

ACE: No!

THE DOCTOR: Youíve learned something you didnít recognize when you were 13.

ACE: Like what?

THE DOCTOR: The nature of the horror that you sensed here.

ACE: [turning to him] Itís alien.

28. [Josiah stands in the drawing room. Reverend Matthews enters]

JOSIAH: Ernst, pray sit down [offers him a seat, which he accepts. Josiah also sits]

Iím afraid that something unforeseen awaits my attention [in the background we can hear someone singing in time with a piano] I shall have to ask you to indulge me a little further.

REVERAND MATTHEWS: Having come so far, I have no intention of leaving until Iíve gained full satisfaction [meanwhile Mrs. Pritchard takes a bottle out of a drawer behind him, and proceeds to dab some of itís contents onto a cloth]

JOSIAH: Then weíre in accord. Mrs. Pritchard, see to it that the deans time passes as quickly as possible

MRS. PRITCHARD: Very good sir. [She comes up behind Reverend Matthews and smothers him with the cloth with the anesthetic she has just put on it, knocking him out. Josiah laughs]

29. [In another room, the music that we heard was Gwendoline playing the piano and singing ďThatís the Way to the ZooĒ]

30. [Trophy room. The Doctor has his hand on Aceís shoulder, but has a grim look on his face]

THE DOCTOR: [whispers] Come back to dinner, Ace [He begins to make for the door, but stops when Ace starts to speak]

ACE: When I lived in Perivale, me and my best mate, weíd dust around together. [The Doctor hovers behind her listening] Weíd out dare each other on things. Skiving off. Stupid things. Than they burnt out Manishaís flat. White kids firebombed it. I didnít care anymore

THE DOCTOR: I think you cared a lot Ace.

ACE: [she turns to look at him] Thatís when I came over the walls of the houseÖthis house. I was so mad, and I needed to get away. It was empty, all overgrown, and falling down. No one came here. But when I got inside it was even worse, I didnít know then.

[Behind them Josiah enters the room] It was horrible!

THE DOCTOR: Tell me what you saw.

JOSIAH: Doctor. [The Doctor shoos him away, still intent on listening to Ace, but Ace runs out the door past Josiah]

ACE: Excuse me!

[Josiah closes the door after she leaves]

JOSIAH: [to the Doctor] I must speak with you.

31. [Ace runs down the stairs. At the bottom, she spots the elevator leading down and heads towards it. Mrs. Pritchard, unseen by Ace, watches her as Ace enters the car. Mrs. Pritchard smiles as Ace pulls the lever, and the elevator starts to descend]

32. [Trophy Room]

JOSIAH: I need your help, Doctor.

THE DOCTOR: Yes. It canít be easy being so far away from home, struggling to adapt to an alien environment.

JOSIAH: My roots are in this house. Iím as human as you are.

THE DOCTOR: [with a slight smile] Yes.

JOSIAH: Iím afflicted by an enemy; a vile-based creature pitted against me. Itís waiting for me now. [He pulls out a wade of money from his pocket] I believe you can assist me in defeating it.

THE DOCTOR: [frowning] Iím not interested in money. [looks at the wad] How much?

JOSIAH: 5000 pounds to rid me of the evil brute.

THE DOCTOR: [whistles] Now thatís what I call Victorian value. But Iím still not interested in money. [He heads for the door.]

33. [Ace is still in the elevator car, which eventually stops and she gets out]

34. [In the Foyer, Mrs. Pritchard hears the elevator stop down below, smiles, then presses a button on the wall. The panel, which hides the door to the elevator, closes]

35. [Down below Ace begins to walk down the dark bricked hallway. Suddenly, behind her the door to the elevator closes. She runs over and tries to pull it open again, but to no success. Resigned, she begins to make her way down the hallway again.]

36. [In the room, the Observatory, the door to the creatures cage closes, but we donít see what closes it. Ace enters, sees Nimrod lying on the ground unconscious and runs over to him. From behind the iron door]

THE CREATURE: [rasping] Thereís a new scent in the dark. Warm, and pulsing, racing blood!

[A previously closed curtain opens to reveal two creatures, green of skin but dressed in black suits like the one Ace is still wearing. Ace backs away in horror. They begin to move towards her]

THE CREATURE: Rat kin! Rat kin! [Ace backs in stuffed bird, but it begins making noises as if it were alive] Get her, Rat kin! [Ace stares in horror at the approaching monstrositiesÖ]

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