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The Time Warrior
By Robert Holmes
Episode One
Broadcast December 15th 1973
Duration: 24'15


(We see a bright light moving rapidly across the screen. This is LINX's spaceship heading toward Earth.)


(An axe smashes into a table. Pull back to reveal BLOODAXE who looks nervously at his master, IRONGRON. They both sit at the table.)

IRONGRON: This sheep has been dead a year. Are they trying to poison me?
BLOODAXE: It is salted.
IRONGRON: Salted? It stinks!

(He throws a bone against the wall.)

IRONGRON: Wine! Must I perish of thirst? Bring me wine!

(MEG scurries up to the table with a pitcher. She pours some wine into IRONGRON'S tankard.)

MEG: 'Tis the dregs of the barrel, captain. 'Tis the last there is.

(MEG backs away as IRONGRON drinks. It is foul. He spits it out.)

IRONGRON: (angry.) Ooh...

(He throws the flagon at MEG. It's contents land on one of his minions, waking him up.)

IRONGRON: Sour wine!...Stinking meat, sour wine...is this how I am served?
BLOODAXE: Our supplies are low captain...it's some time since we went a-foraging.
IRONGRON: And meanwhile our fine neighbours feast their bellies full of fresh meat and swill down flagons of fine wine.
BLOODAXE: Sir Edward's storehouses and cellars are well stocked.
IRONGRON: Then perhaps we should relieve him of some of his abundance, eh my friend? He's a good neighbour...he'll not miss a little of his pantry.

(BLOODAXE gets up and crosses to the window.)

(CSO SHOT - We see LINX's ship descend, as BLOODAXE watches.)

BLOODAXE: Stars a-fallin'!

(IRONGRON joins him at the window.)

IRONGRON: I see only one star.

(CSO SHOT - The ship has now landed. We can see a pulsing glow through the window.)

IRONGRON: It has fallen in the forest! Come on, get up you fellows. Get up. Get up!

(His men rouse themselves from their sleep.)

BLOODAXE: 'Tis on omen...an evil sign!
IRONGRON: It is mine...Irongron's star...I will have it! Hurry, fetch the horses.
BLOODAXE: Hurry? Hurry where?
IRONGRON: To find the star before some knave robs me of it! It landed close by!
BLOODAXE: But the forest is still in darkness! Who knows what demons may set upon us?!
IRONGRON: Why, you chicken-hearted knaves! Every man of you!

(He rushes at them, axe raised. BLOODAXE stops him.)

BLOODAXE: It's but and an hour till dawn. Let's wait till then. To wait and see what faces us. We'll follow you then, captain.

(He reluctantly agrees.)

IRONGRON: Let all be made ready. I ride at dawn. Alone if need be.
BLOODAXE: We're with you, captain.
IRONGRON: Then bring me some wine. We'll drink a toast to Irongron's Star.

(He smashes the axe into the table as the men scurry out.)


(On, horseback, IRONGRON, BLOODAXE and the men ride up to LINX's Ship; a silver sphere. They dismount and approach it cautiously.)

IRONGRON: A star...a fallen star!
BLOODAXE: Careful, captain...looks like the devil's work to me.

(A hidden door in the sphere swings open and LINX emerges. He is squat and clothed in a space suit of some kind. A domed helmet obscures his features. He carries a stick.)

IRONGRON: A warrior...a warrior from the stars!

(He draws his sword.)

IRONGRON: Have you come to challenge me, sky warrior?

(LINX silently raises his weapon and shoots the sword from IRONGRON's hand.)

BLOODAXE: Flee for your life, captain!
IRONGRON: What creature is this?
BLOODAXE: 'Tis a devil from hell.

(LINX adjusts a control at his waist. It emits a strange noise.)

LINX: Peace...fear not...I shall not harm you.
IRONGRON: It speaks! Who are you? Where do you come from?
LINX: I am a Sontaran officer. My name is Linx.
BLOODAXE: I say he's the Saracen. I have heard tales of his eastern magic.

(LINX thrusts the stick into the ground. He salutes it. It opens to display two small flags.)

LINX: By virtue of my authority as an officer of the Army Space Corps, I hereby claim this planet, its moons and satellites, for the greater glory of the Sontaran Empire.


(IRONGRON's men surround LINX at sword-point.)

IRONGRON: Help you? Why should I help you, Star Warrior? Why should I not kill you and take your ship and its treasure for myself?
LINX: The ship is in need of repair. Even if it were not, you would destroy yourself should you tamper with it.
IRONGRON: Then why should I not just slay your for sport? Can you overcome all of us with your...magic?

(LINX looks around, considering the odds. He approaches IRONGRON.)

LINX: You are a soldier, are you not? A warrior?
IRONGRON: I took this castle by force of arms. Those that were here before me I slew. All the countryside around here pays my tribute.
LINX: Yet no doubt you have enemies - other warriors who envy your good fortune?
IRONGRON: Aye. But they cannot harm me. The King has levied tribute. All their troops are at the wars.
LINX: And when they return?
IRONGRON: Then we shall fight.
LINX: I can give you weapons. Weapons that can make you master, so that none dare stand against you. You shall take what castles you will.
IRONGRON: Magic weapons? Like that that smote the sword from my hand?
LINX: Other weapons fitter for your purpose. Weapons that can strike a man dead from far away. You can be Supreme Warrior.
IRONGRON: I can be king! But what do you ask in return, apart from your life?
LINX: Shelter.

(BLOODAXE steps forward but IRONGRON signals him to stay.)

LINX: A place to conceal my ship and help with its repair. You have men that can work in metal?
IRONGRON: An armourer to sharpen weapons...a Smith with a forge if these will serve your need?
LINX: I need more of much more. There is damage to the drive mechanism of my ship. I need alloy, skilled technicians, complex circuitry.
IRONGRON: We have none of these things of which you speak.
LINX: Then I must take them from those who have.


(The room has three cubicles on one side and a table and chair in the middle. On the other side, a couple of beds. A soldier is finishing putting up a door to the last cubicle. Another soldier enters with a grubby mattress. The DOCTOR and the BRIGADIER follow him. The soldier puts the mattress on the empty bed frame and exits.)

DOCTOR: In here, Brigadier?
BRIGADIER: Yes, I'm afraid so, Doctor. Not exactly The Ritz, I know, but you know it's no joke providing emergency accommodation for all these scientists.
DOCTOR: All right Brigadier, you've had your little bit of mystification. Now I know where I'm supposed to stay, perhaps you we don't mind telling me why?
BRIGADIER: Well, this place is one of the most top-secret security establishments in the whole country. In fact, most of their work's so secret they don't even know what they're doing themselves.
BRIGADIER: It's also one of the best guarded places in the country; security details, alarm systems...
DOCTOR: Yes, I rather gathered that when we arrived. For a moment I thought they weren't going to let you in!
BRIGADIER: Yes exactly. Place is almost too security conscious. That's what makes it all the more puzzling...
DOCTOR: Makes what all the more puzzling? Come on, Brigadier, you can tell me.
BRIGADIER: People...vanishing.
DOCTOR: People?
BRIGADIER: Well, they've lost half a dozen leading scientists and several million pounds worth of ultra-secret equipment.
DOCTOR: What are they working on here, anyway?
BRIGADIER: Space hardware...new alloys...guidance systems...methods of propulsion.
DOCTOR: And what action have you taken so far?
BRIGADIER: Well, I'd rather a bright idea. It's rather hard to keep track of all these scientist chaps at home, so I've had these cubicles put up on several floors...confined the whole lot to barracks...all my eggs in one basket, so to speak.
DOCTOR: Well that's fine, so long as no one steals the basket!


(The missing scientists and equipment LINX has stolen fill one side of the room. One of Irongron's men, hypnotized, brings in some muskets and puts them on the table. LINX inspects these and then crosses toward his ship, which sits in the corner. There is a knock at the door. It is BLOODAXE.)

BLOODAXE: Linx? My Lord Linx? Will you open the door?
LINX: None may enter here. Such was my agreement with your captain.
BLOODAXE: Yeah, it is my captain who sends me. He would have words with you, Lord Linx.
LINX: Then tell him I am occupied. Now leave me to my work!...insolent primitives...did I not need their aid...


(IRONGRON sets an apple up for target. He holds one of the muskets that LINX has been making. BLOODAXE enters.)

IRONGRON: Where is the star warrior?
BLOODAXE: He will not come. He says he's occupied.
IRONGRON: Why, the insolent barbarian! Did I not need his help, I'd... See, Bloodaxe, the first of the new weapons! Watch!

(IRONGRON fires the musket.)

BLOODAXE: Oh! Claps the ears!
IRONGRON: I'll soon master the aim.


RUBEISH: Rubeish.
DOCTOR: I beg your pardon?
RUBEISH: Joseph Rubeish.
DOCTOR: Oh, I see. I'm so sorry. Hello. How do you do?

(They shake hands. The TARDIS now stands in a corner of the room.)

RUBEISH: It's disgraceful of course, utterly disgraceful.
DOCTOR: What is?
RUBEISH: Shutting us all up. Like a lot of kids kept in after school. That Brigadier chap. Military idiot.
DOCTOR: Yes I know how you feel. Still, he means well, you know.
RUBEISH: Haven't seen my wife and family for three days.
DOCTOR: I'm sorry to hear that.
RUBEISH: Ah well, just shows. There's always a silver lining. And your name?
DOCTOR: Er, Smith. Dr John Smith.
RUBEISH: Oh...seems to be a lot of 'em about today.
DOCTOR: I'm sorry?
RUBEISH: Well I was talking to a young woman just now. Also Smith.

(SARAH enters.)

RUBEISH: Ah, there she is. Miss Smith?
SARAH: Yes, Professor?
RUBEISH: Come and meet your namesake. Miss Lavinia Smith, Doctor, err...
DOCTOR: Doctor John Smith. How do you do, Miss Smith?
SARAH: Hello.
RUBEISH: Doctor, I'm intrigued. What's that for?

(He indicated the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: That? Oh, that er, that contains my equipment. Professor.
RUBEISH: That's original.

(He wanders over to it.)

DOCTOR: You're the virologist, Miss Smith?
SARAH: Yes. Who told you?
DOCTOR: I've read your paper on the teleological response of the virus. A most impressive piece of work.
SARAH: Thank you.
DOCTOR: Particularly when I realize you must've written it when you were five years old.
SARAH: Ah, er...yes, that is rather difficult to explain isn't it?
DOCTOR: But you're going to try, aren't you?
SARAH: Well um, my Aunt Lavinia is in America on a lecture tour, you see.
DOCTOR: hmmm.
SARAH: She had an invitation to visit here. I took her place.
SARAH: Well, I thought all this might give me a good story. I'm a journalist. Sarah Jane Smith.
DOCTOR: You realize this is a very dangerous place to be in?
SARAH: Well I can't help that. I'm stuck here now...and anyway, we've got all these soldiers looking after us. Are you going to give me away, Doctor?

(The DOCTOR sits back in his chair, considering for a moment.)

DOCTOR: I don't think.
SARAH: Why not?
DOCTOR: Well you can make yourself useful. We need someone around here to make the coffee.
SARAH: If you think I'm going to spend my time making cups of coffee for you, you're very...
DOCTOR: Professor!

(The DOCTOR slaps the table and stands up, crossing to the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: Look, would you kindly desist? This is not a blackboard, you know?

(He takes out his key and puts it in the lock.)

RUBEISH: Oh I do beg your pardon, Doctor. I was just trying to prove...
SARAH: What do you plan to do in there?
DOCTOR: Make myself a cup of coffee. Good day to you.



LADY ELEANOR: But for how long, Edward? How long are we to tolerate this upstart, this insolent usurper as our neighbour? He robs, he pillages, he murders...he flouts your authority every day. Your authority which comes direct from the King!
SIR EDWARD: Unfortunately, my dear, the King who gave me my authority has taken away my troops to fight in his interminable wars.
LADY ELEANOR: Irongron's band is small, and we still have Hal the archer and one or two men at arms.
SIR EDWARD: I have sent letters to all our neighbours. Each, like myself, has but a mere handful of men...yet, if all these handfuls be combined they might yet make a force that will crush this Irongron.
LADY ELEANOR: If you will excuse me my dear, I must give orders for dinner.


(BLOODAXE leads in two men dragging with them ERIC, one of Sir Edward's men.)

BLOODAXE: We caught his little rabbit in the forest, sire.
IRONGRON: Sir Edward's squire. Are you loyal to your lord, boy?
IRONGRON: We shall see.
BLOODAXE: He had this on him.

(He produces a parchment.)

BLOODAXE: He tried to eat it when we caught him!
IRONGRON: Are all Sir Edward's men so ill fed?

(They laugh. IRONGRON looks at the parchment.)

IRONGRON: Bah! I can make nothing of their Norman scribbles. What does it say?
BLOODAXE: I cannot read, captain!
IRONGRON: What's the message say, boy?

(ERIC does not answer.)

IRONGRON: So your Sir Edward is going to attack me, eh?. Well, speak!
ERIC: I know nothing.
IRONGRON: Take him below. We will loosen his tongue presently.

(They drag ERIC away.)


(LADY ELEANOR is shown SIR EDWARD's uneaten dinner by a servant girl. Then he enters. The room is dark and candle-lit.)

SIR EDWARD: What is it? Is Eric back yet?
LADY ELEANOR: You haven't eaten all day!
SIR EDWARD: Why hasn't he returned? I could have ridden to my Lord of Salisbury's castle three times over.
LADY ELEANOR: It's not good for you to worry so much.
SIR EDWARD: How can I not worry.
LADY ELEANOR: Think that tomorrow will be brighter. Edward, I've heard that Irongron walks his battlements every morning.
SIR EDWARD: Oh, it pleases him to be high. He's like a cockerel.
LADY ELEANOR: But does he climb so high that an arrow cannot reach him?


(IRONGRON is practicing swinging his axe when LINX enters.)

LINX: Irongron!
IRONGRON: That strange armour you wear suits you, Linx.
LINX: It is Sontaran space armour.
IRONGRON: But why must we never see your face?
LINX: This helmet conceals the fact that I am not to of your kind, Irongron. You might not find my true appearance pleasing.
IRONGRON: By my sword, Linx, I'll wager you're the fairest beauty in the castle!
LINX: Why did you summon me? You know my work is pressing.
IRONGRON: I have a prisoner in the dungeon, a surly fellow who will not speak.
LINX: And you wish him to?
LINX: Then give him to me. I will make him speak.

(IRONGRON throws a bone at one of his men standing by the door.)

IRONGRON: Tell Bloodaxe to bring up the prisoner!

(The man exits.)

IRONGRON: Well Linx, you cunning old devil, what fresh tricks can you show Irongron, eh?
LINX: What is the nature of information you seek?
IRONGRON: He is a messenger of those who plot a war against me.
LINX: A war? That is excellent.
IRONGRON: Oh, so you like a war, eh?
LINX: Who does not? My race has been at war for millennia. There is not a galaxy in the universe that our space fleets have not subjugated.

(IRONGRON looks blank.)

LINX: But you do not understand me. I am stranded on this primitive planet when I should be leading my squadron to glory. I am an expert at war, Irongron.
IRONGRON: I know. What about those new weapons you promised me?
LINX: Keep your side of the bargain and I shall keep mine. You shall have your weapons.
IRONGRON: We make good allies, Linx. Each has much that the other wants.


(The DOCTOR has set up some equipment on the table, which he is examining closely.)

RUBEISH: Miss Smith!
DOCTOR: No, no. I'm the Doctor! You really must keep your glasses on the end of your nose, Professor!
RUBEISH: No, no, listen. She's not Miss Smith.
DOCTOR: She isn't?
RUBEISH: No! Who is she?
DOCTOR: I don't think I quite understand what you talking about Professor?
RUBEISH: Well, just now I was in the common room with Sir Maxwell Dingle and I happened to mention that I was on the same landing as Lavinia Smith the virologist. And do you know what he said?
DOCTOR: Yes, he said she's in America.
RUBEISH: He said she's in Ameri... How could you know?

(As RUBEISH turns round, he knocks over a cylinder on the table.)

DOCTOR: Please be careful, this is very delicate equipment!
RUBEISH: But, if she's a spy...what do we do?
DOCTOR: (PAUSE.) Shoot her?
RUBEISH: Well, there's something odd about her. She even tried to tell me you were a spy!

(SARAH has entered.)

SARAH: Am I on the right floor?
RUBEISH: Goodnight.
SARAH: Goodnight Professor!

(RUBEISH goes into his cubicle and SARAH shuts the room door.)

SARAH: What's that? (The equipment.)
DOCTOR: That's my alarm clock.
SARAH: Oh Doctor, kindly don't be so patronizing. Now what is it really?
DOCTOR: It's a Rhondium Sensor. It detects delta particles. At a pre-set spectrum density of 15 ams it oscillates this little cylinder there, which promotes a vacuum in there which wakes me up. Clear?
SARAH: Well, why do you want to be woken up when it detects delta particles?
DOCTOR: Because I'm very fond of delta particles. Why do you ask so many questions?
SARAH: Because I'm a journalist.

(The DOCTOR leans back in his chair and puts his feet on the table.)

SARAH: Are you going to sleep there?
DOCTOR: If you'll allow me to do so. Good night Miss Smith.

(SARAH goes into her cubicle. RUBEISH comes out of his.)

RUBEISH: Psst. Shouldn't we tell the Brigadier?
DOCTOR: Tell the Brigadier what?
RUBEISH: About her!
DOCTOR: I think we can decide what to do about Miss Smith in the morning, Professor. If we're all still here!


(ERIC is dragged before IRONGRON and LINX.)

BLOODAXE: He's stout-hearted this one, sire. He speaks not a word.
IRONGRON: A fair measure for you, Linx.

(ERIC stares in fear at LINX, who takes the wand-like weapon from his belt. The end glows brightly and a humming sound is heard. ERIC straightens up, his expression becoming blank.)

IRONGRON: Well come on Linx, have at him!
LINX: Ask what you wish.
IRONGRON: Eh? But you've done nothing!

(LINX indicates his weapon.)

LINX: This is a key. I have unlocked your prisoners mind. Question him.
IRONGRON: How many men guard Sir Edward's castle?
ERIC: There are but ten, old men for the most part.
IRONGRON: He plans to attack me with ten old men?
ERIC: He sends messengers to raise a force against you. If he succeed, then he will attack.
IRONGRON: Listen to the fellow! He cannot stop babbling!

(LINX begins to leave.)

IRONGRON: Stay, Linx! Have I given you leave?

(LINX produces his weapon and cuts the head off IRONGRON's axe.)

LINX: Each of us has work to do, Irongron. I'll be back.
IRONGRON: By my sword, Bloodaxe, I'll pickle that insolent Star Warrior in boiling oil, one day! Insolent dog!

(IRONGRON slams a tankard on the table.)


( The DOCTOR is asleep. His equipment is making a strange noise. The DOCTOR wakes up. He looks at a compass on the table- the direction of the needle indicates Rubeish's Cubicle.)

DOCTOR: Rubeish?

(He crosses to the cubicle and knocks on the door.)

RUBEISH: (From within) What? Who is it?
DOCTOR: Oh, it's alright. Nothing to worry about. Just checking.

(He returns to his equipment. SARAH comes out of her cubicle, putting her jacket on.)

SARAH: What's happening?
DOCTOR: You're asking questions again.

(There is a crash from RUBEISH's cubicle.)

DOCTOR: Rubeish!
SARAH: Professor Rubeish?

(They rush into...)


(...but he has vanished.)

SARAH: He's gone!
DOCTOR: Yes, but he was here a moment ago.

(SARAH picks up a pair of glasses lying on the bed.)

SARAH: Well, he can't have gone far. He's as blind as a bat without his glasses.

(The DOCTOR goes back to the table and picks up a torch-like device. He makes for the door as SARAH comes out of the cubicle.)

DOCTOR: You stay here, Miss Smith. I'm going to check the landing.

(He exits to...)


(...where two SOLDIERS are on guard.)

DOCTOR: Did anybody come out here just now?

(The SOLDIERS shake their heads. The Doctor moves toward the stairs and activates the torch-like device. He slowly pans across the landing and up the stairs. Suddenly, the ghostly image of LINX appears at the top of the stairs. One of the SOLDIERS fires a shot. The ghostly image vanishes as they rush up the stairs. The DOCTOR returns to the...)


SARAH: What were they shooting at?
DOCTOR: Shadows.
SARAH: Oh come on, Doctor. Stop treating me like a child.
DOCTOR: I can't understand why the definition was so low...unless he's operating with a very weak power source at maximum range. Yes, of course!

(He makes for the TARDIS. SARAH is about to follow him when the BRIGADIER bellows...)


(...and she turns back instead into her cubicle as the BRIGADIER enters.)

DOCTOR: (Inside TARDIS.) Hello?
BRIGADIER: Look, Doctor, we've had a raid. Is everyone present on this landing?

(The DOCTOR comes out of the TARDIS carrying a deep briefcase.)

DOCTOR: No. Professor Rubeish is missing.
BRIGADIER: Oh my giddy aunt, the Minister'll go spare! Did you see anything, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Well, I thought I saw a man in armour.

(The DOCTOR moves to the table and begins packing his equipment in to the case.)

BRIGADIER: A man in armour?
BRIGADIER: Old-fashioned armour? You mean a ghost?
DOCTOR: I very much doubt it. Sorry I can't stop, Brigadier.
BRIGADIER: Why? Where are you going?
DOCTOR: Well, I've got to get on the trail while it's still warm.
BRIGADIER: What trail? The chap's just vanished?
DOCTOR: Oh no he hasn't. I've just got a fix on him. Something very odd indeed is going on.
BRIGADIER: Yes, well if I may say so, Doctor, that is not exactly news to me.
DOCTOR: Someone's operating a matter transmitter. The really odd thing is, there's a time transference too. It's being worked from several centuries ago. Past and present mixed up. Very interesting, that...

(Behind them, unnoticed, SARAH has crept toward the TARDIS. She is looking in through the open door.)

SARAH: (Quietly.) Professor Rubeish? Are you in there?

(She enters the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: Well, I can't stay here chatting, old boy. Got to get after Rubeish.
BRIGADIER: Doctor, I forbid you to go off in that contraption. There's no telling where you'll end up. Remember what happened to you on Metebelis Three!
DOCTOR: I got there, didn't I?
BRIGADIER: Yes, eventually. After several detours.
DOCTOR: My dear Brigadier, a straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but it is by no means the most interesting. Goodbye old chap.

(The DOCTOR enters the TARDIS and closes the door.)

BRIGADIER: But Doctor!

(The TARDIS dematerializes.)


(We can see IRONGRON walking his battlements. In the forest below, HAL, the archer, hears the sound of the TARDIS materializing.)


(The DOCTOR stands next to the TARDIS. He gives the ship a pat.)

DOCTOR: Well done, old girl. Absolutely on target...for once.

(He walks out of shot and SARAH exits the TARDIS.)

SARAH: It's still only a Police Box...must find a telephone.

(She sets off.)


(IRONGRON and BLOODAXE ascend the battlements.)

IRONGRON: Sir Edward only has a puny force. He stands within his walls. If only we could breach them, Bloodaxe!
BLOODAXE: We can cut Sir Edward's soldiers down in half the time our rogues spend with their breakfast.
IRONGRON: It's those accursed walls, walls like these! But with Linx's new weapons...


(HAL has his bow drawn and is aiming his arrow when SARAH speaks and distracts his aim.)

SARAH: Excuse me, could you tell me where the nearest telephone...

(HAL takes to his heels and runs, leaving SARAH behind.)


(HAL's arrow misses IRONGRON, burying itself in a door behind him.)

BLOODAXE: He flees through the forest!

(He runs down to the edge of the battlements.)

BLOODAXE: Take Him! After him, you dogs! Through the forest!


(SARAH runs up to see IRONGRON's men running out to pursue HAL.)

SARAH: Oh, it must be some sort of pageant. I say! Hey, you there!

(As the men rush past, one of them stops to grab her and drag her back to the castle.)

SARAH: Hey! What are you doing? Get off!
DOCTOR: How the blazes did she get here?


(SARAH is being dragged along by one of IRONGRON's men.)

SARAH: Look, if this is a Rag Day joke, it's not funny!

(She is dragged away, protesting all the while. The DOCTOR cautiously enters the courtyard. He ducks behind a cart as LINX enters and then pauses for a moment. The DOCTOR looks up and gives a nod of recognition at the sight of the Sontaran. LINX removes his helmet and turns round to camera, revealing his troll-like features!)

Jon Pertwee

Elisabeth Sladen

Nicholas Courtney

Kevin Lindsay

Donald Pelmear

David Daker

John J Carney

June Brown

Alan Rowe

Jeremy Bulloch

Sheila Fay

Gordon Pitt

Robert Holmes

Ron Grainer

Bernard Lodge

Dudley Simpson

Dick Mills

James Acheson

Sandra Exelby

Max Samett

John Gatland

William Symon

Mike Jeffries

Tony Millier

Jim Ward

Terrance Dicks

Keith Cheetham

Barry Letts

Alan Bromly


BBC 1973

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