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(The DOCTOR starts to stir slightly.)

JO: Oh, Doctor, I thought you were dead?
DOCTOR: (Weakly.) Help me...

(He tries to clamber up.)

JO: Yes...here...

(With JO'S help he gets to his feet and falls back against the wall next to the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: (Weakly.) Help me into the TARDIS, Jo...
JO: Okay.

(She pushes the door open...)


(...and they enter, the DOCTOR leaning on JO for support.)

DOCTOR: (Weakly.) Alright, Jo.
JO: Careful.

(The DOCTOR staggers to the console, watched by a concerned JO. He closes the doors and stumbles round the edge of the console.)

DOCTOR: The first thing we've got to do is...get out of here.

(He pulls the main switch and the TARDIS starts to dematerialise. He stumbles to another panel, holding onto the console for support watched by JO. He puts out his hands and places them on two round discs on the console. Immediately a sound like speeded-up signals is faintly heard. The DOCTOR stands with his eyes closed and desperately trying to concentrate as the message continues...)

JO: Doctor, what are you doing?
DOCTOR: Tele...telepathic circuits...sending a message to the Time Lords...I must tell them to...I mu...I mu...

(He collapses over the console.)

JO: Doctor!

(He manages to keep on his feet. JO run across the room to where there are a series of drawers and cupboards comprising one wall. She presses a button on the cupboards and one large drawer at floor level extends to reveal a full-length divan. She goes back to the console and helps him over to the divan.)

JO: Come on, come and sit down. Come on.

(He sits down.)

JO: That's it, careful, that's it.

(He starts to divest himself of his cloak.)

DOCTOR: (Mutters.) Help me off with this.
JO: Let's get this off. Now just lie back.
DOCTOR: (Mutters.) Must lie down, Jo...

(He falls back on the divan.)

JO: Yes.
DOCTOR: Must rest for a while...must rest...

(She spreads the cloak over him like a blanket.)

DOCTOR: I must rest, Jo...
JO: Yes.

(She strokes his forehead. She then gets a handkerchief out and dabs his forehead. He winces with the pain as it touches his wound.)

JO: It's alright.

(The DOCTOR gasps slightly and tries to remain conscious while he speaks to JO.)

DOCTOR: Now, Jo...now listen to me...I'm liable to sleep for quite some time. Now, if anything happens - anything at all - record it in the log....record it in the log...
JO: Log?
DOCTOR: Yes...
JO: What log?

(She shouts at him to try to get through...)

JO: Doctor, I don't know what you're talking about!
DOCTOR: In the log...up there in the locker.

(He looks upwards to a locker. JO opens it up and takes out a small recorder, the size of a cassette tape.)

JO: Doctor?

(The DOCTOR is breathing heavily but is unconscious.)


(The TARDIS spins off into vortex and in pursuit...)


(The DOCTOR is alone. Only semi-conscious, he starts to thrash about on the divan.)

DOCTOR: Jo!...Jo!

(JO walks in from the inner section. She has changed out of her prison garbs and now wears a closely fitting check jacket and brown flares. She carries a raincoat which she throws onto the console when she sees the DOCTOR'S state and rushes over to him.)

DOCTOR: (Delirious.) Careful!
JO: Doctor?!
DOCTOR: (Delirious.) Jo?!
JO: Doctor?!

(His fit starts to get worse...)

DOCTOR: Jo?...Jo?!
JO: Doctor!

(He suddenly falls still. Fearfully, JO pulls back the cloak, opens his green jacket and listens to his hearts.)

JO: Oh, it's so cold!

(Totally unsure what to do, she sits on the edge of the divan and switches on the log to record...)

JO: Shortly after entering the TARDIS, the Doctor fell into a...deep coma. His...respiration was very shallow...and his skin icy to the touch.

(She gets up and paces the room, still recording...)

JO: I could find trace of pulse or heartbeat, and his breathing apparently ceased. (Thinks.) But I've seen the Doctor in this condition once before...and he recovered after a sudden rise in temperature.

(A beeping noise comes from the console and the materialisation noise starts up. JO watches as the centre column falls still and takes up her log again.)

JO: The TARDIS seems to have landed. I suppose the Time Lords are working it by remote control again. I...I've no idea what the Doctor said to them in his message... (Sighs.) ...or where we are. I just...I just hope that they've...they've brought us somewhere where I can find some help for the Doctor.

(She looks over at him and her eyes open wide. The still-unconscious DOCTOR now has a layer of ice covering his face. She rushes over to him and feels it.)

JO: Ice!

(She hurriedly pulls the cloak back over him and gets a shock when his eyes suddenly open wide - staring straight upwards.)

JO: Doctor! Doctor, you're alive!

(She listens again at his chest and then speaks into his blank face...)

JO: Doctor? Doctor, I don't know whether you can hear me or not. Both your hearts are beating about...oh, about once every ten seconds...and your body temperature is somewhere below zero. I'm going outside. I'm going to try and find some help.

(She goes to the console and looks over it for a control.)

JO: Scanner...scanner?

(She finds it...)

JO: Scanner.

(...and flicks the switch.)

JO: That's it.

(The small black and white monitor comes on. It shows a thick jungle outside. As the image revolves, it reveals that immediately outside the TARDIS are a series of primitive ruins - several standing stones, some of which have strange carvings and inscriptions on them. Suddenly, the image is partially as a splurge of liquid lands on the lens, followed by another and another. They are then continuous. JO bites her lip and goes over to the still unconscious DOCTOR, putting on her raincoat. He still stares upwards.)

JO: Doctor? Doctor, I'm going now. I'll be back as soon as I can.

(She sighs with frustration and heads for the door.)


(The TARDIS door opens cautiously and she steps out. Part of the outside of the police box now has the spurted substance on it but it now seems to have encrusted. Wearing her raincoat and gloves, JO moves cautiously forward. She looks into the gloom through the thick mixture of tree, shrub, palm, bush and vine, listening all the time to the cries and noise of various animals. Suddenly, the mystery of the splurges on the TARDIS scanner is solved when a nearby plant sends out a squirt of yellow liquid at JO from the centre of its petals. JO whirls round as it lands on her back and moves slowly away from the plant. Another behind her squirts out another load of the substance in the same way. She moves further away from them and up to the ruins. She briefly looks over the stones and then moves on. A screech of a nearby animal alarms her but she carries on, pushing her way through dangling tendrils as she goes.)


(Further into the jungle, she stops at the base of a large tree. She crouches down to rest and rubs her eyes. As she looks up, the green murk of the night sky suddenly gives way to an orange glow of dawn. She starts to record events in the log again.)

JO: Things growing in this jungle seem more like animal than plant-life. The light is changing. It seems as if it's daybreak. There's a sudden change in temperature. I haven't seen any form of intelligent life...except...except those bits of...

(She sighs as she struggles for a description...)

JO: ...bits of statue by the TARDIS.

(She sighs again. With the rise in temperature, she takes her raincoat off - only to realise with a shock that the back of it where the liquid landed is now blackened. She throws it away in disgust and moves on. Nearby are two plants growing like upturned pots. In the side of each of them is a flower like a small bulb. Both turn across the surface of the plant and follow JO'S movements. She carefully makes her way through the trees and past some shrubs that resemble pampas grass. After she has gone, this starts to thrash about, as if moved by an invisible creature, and a hoarse breathing is heard...)


(The DOCTOR comes round. The icy substance on his face has disappeared.)

DOCTOR: Jo? Jo, where are you?

(He sits up weakly. His wound has also gone but his forehead is covered with a film of sweat. The noise of the substance from the plants landing on the shell of the TARDIS continues to come through to the console room.)


(He looks round in puzzlement.)



(JO continues to make her way through the trees. Suddenly she stops. In a patch of soil in front of her are a series of footprints. They all end in a sharply pointed series of toes, almost like an arrowhead. Not seeing that she is near one of the spitting plants, she takes her woolen gloves off to touch and examine the footprint. Suddenly, the plant spits out its venomous substance which lashes across the ends of her fingers. She snatches her hand back and wipes it rapidly on her trousers, moving out of range of the plant.)


(Recovering quickly, the DOCTOR gets to his feet and goes to the console. Almost immediately, one of the dials catches his attention...)

DOCTOR: That's odd. The atmosphere outside is breathable and yet the automatic oxygen supply is on.


(Her gloves back on, JO continues to follow the footprints. She looks up and sees, to her delight, that they lead to the first sign of advanced habitation that she has found - a crashed flat metal spacecraft in the jungle. Two arms lead back into exhaust ports and between them is a doorway in the hull. She goes up to this.)

JO: (Quietly.) Hello? (Louder.) Hello, is anybody there?

(She walks round one side of the craft, looking at its markings and insignia. Seeing no sign of life, she moves back to the door at the rear of the craft. She opens it and enters.)


(Inside is a cramped rear cabin with two upright seats, either side of an aisle. She looks through a short passageway to the front cabin where she sees a figure sat in a pilot's chair. It wears a beige ribbed spacesuit and a white helmet. It has a covering of cobwebs. She goes through a tiny passage between the cabins and up to the figure, shaking it on the shoulder. It falls to one side - dead.)


(The DOCTOR goes round to the door control on the console and flicks the switch. They do not open and make a noise like a strained motor. He tries again and gets the same result. Before he can take any further action, an alarm starts to bleep on the console. The main scanner shows a read-out which says:

Automatic Oxygen
Supply Exhausted

He thinks for a moment.)

DOCTOR: I'll just have to use the emergency supply.

(He goes over to a low cabinet in the corner of the room and wheels it out. He presses a button in the side and the inner section rises upwards. It reveals three horizontal oxygen cylinders contained within. He opens the valve of the top one. It hisses for a moment but then dies out. He opens the middle one but it is just as exhausted. He tries the final one and it gives out a steady and reassuring hiss. Satisfied, he looks down at his somewhat grimy jacket, soiled by events on Inter Minor, Earth, Draconia and various other locations. He goes over to another of the cupboards for a change of clothes - not noticing that the hiss of air from the last of the three cylinders is dying down...)


(JO is crouched down as far as she can into a corner of the front cabin of the crashed ship as someone enters and creeps slowly nearer. The new arrival has on a beige ribbed spacesuit like the dead man. She looks up fearfully as the figure comes into the front cabin and is revealed to be holding some sort of advanced stubby weapon, connected by a flexible cord to a power pack on a belt round his waist. The figure himself is a tall man with a shock of blond hair. Another man, slightly younger but similar in dress and looks stands behind him. The first man reaches out and pulls JO up. Without speaking, he pulls JO into the rear cabin where the second man puts her into one of the upright seats. They both stare at her in puzzlement and keep their weapons pointed. JO summons her courage.)

JO: Who are you?

(The first man speaks...)

TARON: My name is Taron.

(He looks at his unsmiling companion.)

TARON: This is Vaber.
JO: I'm Jo Grant. Do you live here? I...I mean do you live on this planet?
TARON: What are you? Where are you from?
JO: Well, I'm from a planet called Earth.
VABER: (Harshly.) Earth?
JO: (Hopefully.) You've heard of it?
TARON: We know the name.

(The younger man continues stares at JO with a mixture of hostility and aggression.)

VABER: There is no such place as Earth. It's just a name in our old legends. It doesn't really exist.
JO: (Amazed.) Believe me - it does!
TARON: How did you come here?
JO: In the TARDIS.
JO: Well, yes, it...it's a sort of spaceship.
VABER: Are you alone?
JO: No. No, I have a friend with me and he's very sick. I was trying to find some help for him. (Pleading.) Look, I'm afraid he's dying.
VABER: (Sharply.) We're not a hospital service!
JO: (Slightly tearful.) Please? Please, you...you've got to help me!
TARON: I'm qualified in space medicine. I'll do what I can.

(JO sighs with relief. VABER looks at TARON with some disgust.)

JO: Thank you. I was beginning to think that I'd never find anybody to help me.
VABER: You were lucky they didn't find you.
JO: They?
TARON: Where is this ship of yours - the TARDIS?
JO: Well, back through the jungle.
TARON: Is it far?
JO: Well, no, n...not far. It's by some...some...bits of statue.
VABER: (To TARON.) Reference seven?
TARON: (Impatiently.) Yes, yes, yes.
JO: Look, come on, I'll take you there.

(She is about to get out of her seat when the door opens and another blond young man, dressed in an identical spacesuit to the other two runs into the cramped cabin.)

CODAL: Very near - a patrol!
VABER: How many?
CODAL: Three or four - headed this way.

(He suddenly catches sight of JO.)

CODAL: (To TARON.) Who's this?
TARON: We have to move.
JO: Well, I'm coming with you!
TARON: No, we know this jungle now. We can move in it quietly and quickly. You'll be safer if you stay hidden here.

(He opens up a small cupboard that is off the small passage.)

TARON: Get inside. You can work the securer from in there.
JO: But I want to come with you!
TARON: That would slow us all up. You'd endanger all of us. Don't worry. We'll lead them away from here and lose them in the jungle.
JO: Lose who?
VABER: Come on!

(VABER is halfway out of the ship, impatient to leave.)

VABER: Come on!

(He leaves. The third man follows him with a look of reluctance.)

TARON: We'll do what we can for your friend. I'll come back for you later.
JO: Thank you.

(He runs out after his two companions.)

JO: Please hurry!

(She goes to the door...)


(...and watches as the three men, weapons raised, move cautiously into the jungle.)


(She then does as instructed as goes into the cramped cupboard, locking it behind her. In the top half of the door is a grille. She looks through this into the body of the craft. Suddenly, the entire structure rocks and the door opens of its own accord. JO watches through the grille as a green communicator rises into the air from its resting place on a shelf. The cabin is filled with a hoarse rasping breathing sound. JO watches as the communicator is put down. She presses herself back against the wall as an identical cupboard next to hers is opened and the contents spilled onto the floor. Nervously she listens to the invisible intruder.)


(An unsmiling VABER and a nervous CODAL look into the jungle as TARON runs up behind them. They spin round as they hear him, their weapons raised. They relax slightly when they see who it is but remain alert.)

VABER: Which way are they moving?
TARON: We're alright. They seem to be staying on the main tracks. There's a few scouts moving independently but off that way.

(He points off into the trees.)

CODAL: What about the girl?
TARON: Oh, she should be alright.
VABER: (Suspiciously.) And this "friend" of hers?
TARON: (Thinks.) Let's go and find him.


(The cupboard door shuts and the door handle of the cupboard next to it - JO'S hiding place - starts to be tried. Inside, JO keeps as quiet and as still as she can as she hears the hoarse breathing. Outside, an object like a fire extinguisher is lifted up from the floor of the rear cabin as it is inspected. JO is starting to look alarmed but, down the body of the craft, the rear door is opened as the invisible creature leaves the ship.)


(It walks way from the craft - leaving footprints in the soil like pointed arrowheads...)


(JO comes out of her hiding place. She goes to the rear door.)


(She steps cautiously outside.)


(The console bleeps another alarm. The read-out on the scanner now states:

Cabin Atmosphere
Unable to Sustain Life

(The DOCTOR, now dressed in a purple velvet jacket and matching shirt, is under the console examining the circuitry underneath. He is starting to find it hard to breathe.)

DOCTOR: All the circuits are in order. The door must be held from the outside. I must get it open.

(He starts to get to his feet.)

DOCTOR: I must get that door open.

(He staggers towards the door.)

DOCTOR: Got to get....got to get that door open...

(He leans on the two double doors.)

DOCTOR: That's it...must get...o...

(With little oxygen left, he slumps onto the floor.)

DOCTOR: Must get it o...must get...must get...must get...

(He starts to pass out as a scraping noise comes from the outside.)


(It is the TARON and VABER. Each wearing a protective helmet with an attached plastic overall and plastic gloves, they use knives to scrape the solidified substance off the shell of the TARDIS. CODAL keeps guard with his gun as the plants continue to squirt their deadly liquid at the rescuers. They manage to get the doors open and TARON steps inside and carries the DOCTOR out. VABER helps to carry him out of the range of the plants.)

TARON: Right, sit him down here.

(They sit the DOCTOR, now breathing heavily, onto a rock. CODAL takes their soiled protective gear off them as the DOCTOR quickly recovers, although he still gasps.)

DOCTOR: Thank you...thank you very much. How did you find me?
TARON: A girl we met.
VABER: She told us where you were.
DOCTOR: Is she alright?
TARON: She should be.
VABER: We left her hiding.
TARON: (To CODAL.) Circle round the neighbourhood. See if there's any activity.

(The young man moves off as the DOCTOR looks intently at TARON and VABER.)

VABER: (With hostility.) What are you staring at?
DOCTOR: Oh, I'm sorry, it's just...just that I thought I knew you.
VABER: That's not likely.
DOCTOR: Where are you from?
TARON: A planet...many systems from here.
DOCTOR: (Realises.) Skaro! Yes, of course - you're Thals!

(TARON and VABER look at each other in shock.)

TARON: How did you know that?
DOCTOR: Cos I've been to Skaro - that's why.
TARON: When?
DOCTOR: Oh, many years ago. During the Dalek war.
VABER: Dalek war?
VABER: (Suspiciously.) That's impossible! That was generations ago. You couldn't have been there.
DOCTOR: Well, I can assure you that I was.
DOCTOR: By travelling through the barriers of time. If you must know, I was with the Thal group when they broke into the Dalek city.
TARON: (To VABER.) In our legend, there is a being - a figure from another planet who came to Skaro when the Thals were in their greatest peril...in something called...a TARDIS!

(He looks down at the DOCTOR.)

TARON: He had three companions with him.
DOCTOR: Yes - Barbara, Ian and Susan.
VABER: And their leader was called?
DOCTOR: The Doctor.
TARON: Are you trying to tell us that you are the Doctor?
DOCTOR: That's right.
VABER: (Angrily.) That's nonsense! You've come to spy on us! What are you doing on this planet? Here, of all the planets in the galaxy!

(He jabs his gun at the DOCTOR.)

VABER: (Shouts.) Answer!

(Annoyed, the DOCTOR pushes the weapon to one side.)

DOCTOR: Now, you listen to me, young man. You may have saved my life, and I'm grateful, but that does not give you the right to subject me to an inquisition!

(He wipes away something on his cheek. TARON catches his hand and examines his face.)

TARON: Vaber, give me the spray.
VABER: Waste our medical supplies?
TARON: (Insistent.) The spray, Vaber!
DOCTOR: What are you doing?

(VABER reaches into his belt for a small spray.)

TARON: You have been infected by a particularly deadly fungus.

(TARON takes the spray.)

TARON: Close your eyes.

(The DOCTOR does so and TARON sprays his cheek.)

TARON: They spread their spores in that liquid they've discharged. And the fungus spreads very quickly unless the surface has been specially treated. Turn your hand over.

(He sprays the DOCTOR'S hand.)

TARON: There, that should be alright now.
DOCTOR: Now? Why, wha...woul...what would have happened?
TARON: Without special treatment it would have spread all over your body.
DOCTOR: Ah, that's nice.
TARON: Until finally, you'd have been engulfed by it.


(The area around the spaceship is quiet again.)


(Inside, JO is still waiting for the three men to return. She takes off her jacket - and sees that a fungus is growing over the fingers of her left hand...)


(VABER is getting impatient...)

VABER: Come on - let's get started!

(The DOCTOR gets to his feet but TARON pushes him back down.)

TARON: No. We wait for Codal.
DOCTOR: Tell me, what's the name of this planet?
VABER: Spiridon - one of the nastiest pieces of space garbage in the ninth system.
DOCTOR: Is it inhabited?
VABER: Oh yes! Vegetation that's more like animal life than plant, creatures hostile to everything including themselves and a...climate that changes from tropical in the day to...sub-freezing in the night.
DOCTOR: Any intelligent life-form?
TARON: Oh yes - the Spiridons. They're invisible.
DOCTOR: Mmm, I'd very much like to see one of them! I mean, I'd very much like to come into contact with one of them.
VABER: Don't worry - you will.
DOCTOR: You said just now that you were on some sort of mission? May one ask what it is?
TARON: No, I can't tell you that - that's top secret.
DOCTOR: As you wish. I'm on something of a special mission myself.

(VABER'S short reserves of patience run out again...)

VABER: Taron, why can't you face it?
TARON: Now listen...
VABER: (Interrupts.) None of us is ever going to get away from here!
TARON: Vaber!
VABER: The radio's gone, the ship's damaged, we can't take off - we're on a suicide mission!
TARON: It was your choice - nobody made you come.

(Annoyed by this put-down, VABER steps away in a sulk. The DOCTOR has been listening intently.)

DOCTOR: Well, whatever it was you came here to do, it must be pretty important?
TARON: We think so.
DOCTOR: How many are there of you?

(TARON hesitates, then...)

TARON: There were seven. But our commander was killed on touchdown. And we've lost three others since.
DOCTOR: Oh, only three left.
TARON: Yeah.
DOCTOR: Well, you could make that four if you let me help you? Five with Jo Grant.
TARON: Thanks. I'll think about it.
DOCTOR: You still don't trust me?
TARON: Why should I? You come here out of nowhere and then claim to be something out of a legend.
DOCTOR: Yes, I see your point. But I am on your side, you know?

(With a whistle signal, CODAL returns, stepping through the bushes. Not understanding the signal, the DOCTOR is the most alarmed and jumps to his feet.)

VABER: Anything about?
CODAL: No, it, er , it seems quiet enough.
TARON: (To the DOCTOR.) You alright now?
DOCTOR: Yes, never felt better.
TARON: Good, we'll take you to your friend.
DOCTOR: That's good.
TARON: After that, you're on your own. If you see me signal, dive for cover quickly and don't make a sound - understood?
DOCTOR: Understood.


(JO lies unconscious on the floor of the cabin. The fungus has now grown across the back of her hand, her wrist and her lower forearm.)


(The party of four makes its way through the trees. The Thals are constantly alert. Suddenly TARON, in the front, gestures with a wave and the other three crouch down. Nearby, they can hear a scraping mechanical noise. They all gaze into the bushes.)

TARON: (Quietly.) It's coming this way.

(They continue to hear the noise.)

TARON: It sounds like it's in trouble.

(They listen for a moment more.)

TARON: What do you think?
VABER: It could be ray exhaustion.
CODAL: No, light-wave sickness. That's what the others had.

(The sound stops. Nearby, there is a vaguely round depression in the soil.)

TARON: Do you think it's deactivated?
CODAL: Well, we can't be sure.
VABER: Let's chance it.

(On TARON'S example, they rise and move slowly forward. TARON stops them again.)

DOCTOR: Spiridons?

(TARON shakes his head and looks at CODAL who hands the DOCTOR what looks like a paint canister.)

CODAL: Here.
DOCTOR: What's this? Some kind of weapon?

(CODAL passes another to TARON.)

CODAL: A liquid colour spray.

(TARON points it at empty air in front of them.)

TARON: Point it in this direction, press the control on top and you'll see what we're up against.

(The DOCTOR sprays what should be thin air, but the paint starts to land on an invisible object. Round slats appear, as does an eye-stalk, sensor panels and other parts of a familiar object...)

DOCTOR: Daleks!

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