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(The Ogrons smash down the door with little finesse. They shoot down the two guards who approach them and then shoot the lock of the DOCTOR and JO'S cell.)


(The door hums open and they enter, blasters pointed.)

JO: Ogrons!
OGRON: You - come!


(The PRESIDENT, now changed into a blue dress, lies back on a couch as her personal masseur, SHEILA, gives her temples a massage while her SECRETARY goes through the main items of her post.)

SECRETARY: The Historical Monuments Preservation Society wants you to address their annual meeting on the tenth of January.
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: Mmm. Clashes with a cabinet meeting. Erm, express apologies. Congratulate them on their good work.

(The SECRETARY turns to another sheet.)

SECRETARY: And there's an enquiry report in on the anti-Draconian riots in Peking last week. The petitioners seek your support for compensation.

(She passes it to the relaxing PRESIDENT who briefly scans through it and passes it back.)

PRESIDENT OF EARTH: Pass that on to the treasury with my recommendation - all claims to be sympathetically considered. Anything else?
SECRETARY: General Williams requires an interview. He says it's extremely urgent.

(Her tension returns...)


(The DOCTOR and JO are led out of the security building. At the top of the flight of stairs, they are sitting targets for one of the Earth security guards below but his first shot hits the accompanying Ogron. JO screams but the DOCTOR uses the confusion of the battle below them to grab her and make a run for it. They hide behind a concrete ledge from where they can see the battle.)

DOCTOR: (Relieved.) That was close.

(He looks behind him and taps JO'S soldier. She turns and sees that a security guard stands over them - blaster aimed.)


(The PRESIDENT sits at her desk, watching a television report on the large wall monitor. The silent pictures show riot police in street battles with demonstrators. Its commentary runs along its base reading:

Reports are coming in of Anti-Draconian riots in Tokio. No loss of life but property extensively damaged. In several other cities de...

The intercom on the desk buzzes.)

SECRETARY: (OOV: Over intercom.) General Williams to see you, Madam.
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: (Into intercom.) Will you ask him to come in, please?

(She switches the telecast off and pours herself a drink as an angry GENERAL WILLIAMS enters.)

GENERAL WILLIAMS: Vanished! The Draconian kidnappers have completely disappeared. No trace of them at all.
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: Have some wine?

(She pours a second drink.)

GENERAL WILLIAMS: Well, at least they didn't get away with it. Those two traitors are back in their cell and that's where they'll stay. The time has come for extreme measures.
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: I know. You want me to break off diplomatic relations.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: I want more than that. This is a military situation. We should attack - now!
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: (Firmly.) No! I will not be responsible for starting a war!
GENERAL WILLIAMS: There is one thing worse than war, Madam President, and that is defeat. You must think of your own position.

(She looks at him sharply.)

PRESIDENT OF EARTH: What about my position?
GENERAL WILLIAMS: If you're not seen to act decisively against the Draconians, you can- and will - be replaced.
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: By you, perhaps?

(She passes him his drink. He doesn't reply but goes to the chair at the side table. The look on his face is a combination of firmness and also hurt.)

GENERAL WILLIAMS: We used to be friends once.

(He sits.)

GENERAL WILLIAMS: I know what's happened has changed all that, but do you really think I'd betray you?

(She shakes and drops her head.)

PRESIDENT OF EARTH:, I've never doubted you. I'm sorry.

(She starts to pace her office.)

GENERAL WILLIAMS: There are certain senior officers who feel that a military dictatorship is needed. Your political opponents are clamouring for war. You must act now - or they will bring you down.

(The PRESIDENT tries to keep her temper.)

PRESIDENT OF EARTH: I shall break off diplomatic relations. The Draconian ambassador and his staff will be expelled from this planet. I shall inform the Emperor, that his...actions will no longer be tolerated. But unless you give me conclusive evidence of their intentions, I shall not strike the first blow!
GENERAL WILLIAMS: The proof you need is in the minds of those two traitors. We shall have to use the mind probe.
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: Not on the girl. Perhaps I can make her see reason.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: I doubt that. I prefer to put my faith in the mind probe.


(The DOCTOR lies on a couch in his cell. JO is nowhere to be seen. A small circular device has been strapped to the DOCTOR'S forehead. A small console has been set up in the cell and this is operated by a young female TECHNICIAN attired in a silver dress. The equipment buzzes away as GENERAL WILLIAMS continues the interrogation...)

GENERAL WILLIAMS: Well, Doctor, shall we try again?
DOCTOR: You can suit yourself. But I warn you - you're wasting your time.

(GENERAL WILLIAMS nods to the TECHNICIAN and she increases the power.)

GENERAL WILLIAMS: Are you a member of the Draconian secret service?

(Both GENERAL WILLIAMS and the TECHNICIAN look up at a wall monitor which shows a number of readings like that on medical equipment.)

TECHNICIAN: No change in the rhythm, sir. He must be telling the truth.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: How did you get on the cargo ship?
DOCTOR: (Tuts and sighs.) I came here in my own ship - the TARDIS.
DOCTOR: Yes, my own spaceship.

(GENERAL WILLIAMS looks at the screen and sees an image of a police box whirling through space.)

GENERAL WILLIAMS: Why did you help the Draconians attack the cargo ship?
DOCTOR: I didn't. In any case, it wasn't the Draconians - it was the Ogrons.

(The image on the screen changes to that of the events on the cargo ship when the Ogrons attacked through the airlock and blasted first Hardy and Stewart down, and then the fleeing DOCTOR.)

GENERAL WILLIAMS: (To the TECHNICIAN.) Your machine can't be working properly, or else he's controlling it.
TECHNICIAN: I've checked all the circuits, sir. Those are his thoughts.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: We know that this man is a Draconian agent. He must be lying!
TECHNICIAN: Perhaps he's already been brainwashed, sir. But as far as he's concerned, what he's telling us is the truth.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: Then we must break through his conditioning. (To the DOCTOR.) Unless you tell me the truth - the real truth - I shall be forced to use increased power.
DOCTOR: (Calmly.) I wouldn't do that, old man. I know these machines. They aren't awfully reliable, you know?
GENERAL WILLIAMS: You'd do better to worry about the effect on your mind.

(The DOCTOR looks at the TECHNICIAN.)

DOCTOR: There's just no telling some people, is there, my dear?
GENERAL WILLIAMS: Step up the power. Increase to twelve - now!

(The power is increased...)

GENERAL WILLIAMS: Are you an agent of the Draconians?
DOCTOR: (Calmly and quietly.) No...
GENERAL WILLIAMS: When do they plan to attack us?
DOCTOR: They don't.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: How did you board the cargo ship?
GENERAL WILLIAMS: Who first recruited you to serve the Draconians?
DOCTOR: No one.

(The power starts to race away.)

GENERAL WILLIAMS: Who are the other Draconian agents on Earth?
DOCTOR: I don't know.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: The truth, man. I want the truth!
DOCTOR: I'm telling you the truth.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: (Shouts.) I will get the truth!

(But his prediction fails to come true as the machine explodes. The DOCTOR grins.)


(Later on, the DOCTOR still lies on the couch with his arm across his forehead. The mind-probe equipment has been taken away. GENERAL WILLIAMS and the TECHNICIAN have also left but JO is back. Her clothes have changed and she now wears black prison attire, halfway between a dressing gown and a martial arts outfit with incongruous high heeled boots. She sits on the couch and leans over the DOCTOR.)

JO: Doctor? Are you sure you're alright?
DOCTOR: Mm hmm, apart from a bit of a headache. I like the new outfit. Who are you fighting tonight?

(She laughs and gets up.)

DOCTOR: What happened to you anyway?
JO: Oh, they kept going on at me to confess.
DOCTOR: Yes, awkward, isn't it? Well, they've made up their minds, you see? They'll only believe us if we tell them what they want to hear. It's a pity really that the Ogrons didn't succeed in kidnapping us. Perhaps we should have been more helpful.
JO: Why?
DOCTOR: Well, if they had succeeded, presumably they'd have taken us to where the TARDIS is. Well, I'm sorry, Jo, but I'm afraid another kidnapping attempt is our only ray of hope.
JO: So, we just sit around here waiting for those jolly old Ogrons to turn up again?
DOCTOR: That's about it, yes.

(The cell door hums open and an armed guard enters.)

GUARD: The President wants to see you. Get moving.

(JO helps the DOCTOR up and towards the door but the guard stops her.)

GUARD: Not you - you.

(He gestures at the DOCTOR.)

JO: This may be your chance. Good luck.

(He takes his cloak off her and bows courteously.)

DOCTOR: See you later.
JO: Bye.

(He leaves the cell with the guard leaving a nervous JO behind.)


(The DOCTOR stands before the PRESIDENT'S desk but the conversation is making little progress. GENERAL WILLIAMS looks on.)

PRESIDENT OF EARTH: I'm giving you a final chance to tell me the truth.
DOCTOR: Madam President. I've been telling you the truth for some considerable time, but you just won't believe me.
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: I can't think why you chose to work for the Draconians. But whatever it is, I'll double any offer that they have made to you.
DOCTOR: Well, that's very generous of you, Madam, but you'd only be buying information that doesn't exist.

(She sits back.)

PRESIDENT OF EARTH: You leave me no alternative. Under the powers invested in me by the Special Security Act, I'm sending you to the Lunar Penal Colony.
DOCTOR: (Concerned.) What - without a trial? Without even a chance to state my case?

(He glances at GENERAL WILLIAMS.)

DOCTOR: So, you're just tucking me quietly away, are you? What about my companion?
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: She will remain here. I have hopes that away from your influence, I might be able to make her see the error of her ways.
DOCTOR: But you will see that she comes to no harm?
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: We are not barbarians. If you want to help her, why don't you tell me where she comes from? I'd like to inform her family.
DOCTOR: I'd like to, Madam. I really would, but there's nothing I can say that you'd believe. May I say goodbye to her?

(WILLIAMS speaks up from the other side of the room.)

GENERAL WILLIAMS: No! You'll be leaving immediately for the penal colony. We're putting you where your Draconian friends will be unable to reach you.


(The communal area of the penal colony looks out across the bleak surface of the moon through large windows. Bench tables and chairs are scattered across the room. It is empty apart from one waiting LUNAR GUARD. A door hums open and the DOCTOR enters with three other prisoners. One is a middle-aged man, one is a young black woman and the third is a young Asian man- PATEL. These three are in prison uniform - sky blue pyjama type attire with silver boots. The GUARD points across the room.)

LUNAR GUARD: Over there.

(The four walk towards the spot indicated.)

LUNAR GUARD: (Shouts.) Get in line and face the front!

(The four are slow to obey the command.)

LUNAR GUARD: Face the front!

(The four do as instructed. PATEL finds himself next to the DOCTOR.)

PATEL: What did they get you for?
DOCTOR: Oh, it's a long story. I don't think you'd believe me even if I told you.
PATEL: You are a political, aren't you?
DOCTOR: Not particularly, no.
PATEL: Oh, come off it! Only politicals get sent to the moon, none of your common criminals.
DOCTOR: Have you got many political prisoners here?
PATEL: Thousands. Well I mean, criticise the government and you're for it, aren't you? You a member of the Peace Party?
DOCTOR: Well, you might put it like that, yes. Yes, I tried to stop a war.
PATEL: Me too. I tried to sabotage a military base.
DOCTOR: Did you? How long is your sentence?
PATEL: (Puzzled.) Sen...? Where have you been? There are no sentences. Once they send you to the moon, it's forever.

(The door hums open again and another man enters. He has a grizzled look and also wears prison uniform but wears a black belt to distinguish himself from the others.)

CROSS: No talking!
LUNAR GUARD: Get in line!

(The man - CROSS - starts to walk down the line of prisoners. Behind him, almost unnoticed, an elderly bearded man has slipped into the room and sits himself at one of the bench tables. CROSS sees a bulge in PATEL'S pocket.)

CROSS: What have you got in there?
PATEL: Nothing.
CROSS: Show me.
PATEL: Chocolate.

(He holds a silver foil covered bar up.)

PATEL: My allowance from the remand prison.
CROSS: No chocolate allowed here.

(He snatches it from PATEL. The DOCTOR tuts.)

DOCTOR: Now that's stealing, you know?
CROSS: That's what I'm in for. Got a trouble maker, have we?
DOCTOR: That's what I'm in for!
CROSS: I'll remember you.
DOCTOR: Good, I'm glad to hear it.

(Behind them, another man has entered the room, accompanied by two guards.)

LUNAR GUARD: Attention!

(CROSS turns and sees the man who is dressed similarly to the prisoners but in a lighter blue and with a badge of office on his chest. He is middle aged and dignified with a short beard.)

CROSS: New arrivals, sir.

(CROSS goes and stands next to the man as he looks at the line of prisoners.)

PRISON GOVERNOR: I'm the Governor of this penal colony. There's one rule here - you do as you're told. If you behave yourselves, you'll be reasonably treated, but you have no rights and there is no means of escape. You'll do well to remember that you're here for the rest of your lives.

(He has spotted the DOCTOR in is rather different dress to that of the others.)

PRISON GOVERNOR: Why is that man not in uniform?
CROSS: Don't know, sir. That's how they sent him - special security prisoner.
PRISON GOVERNOR: See he's kitted out immediately.

(The GOVERNOR turns to leave but PATEL calls out.)

PATEL: We won't be staying here forever, you know?! The Peace Party will win one day.
PRISON GOVERNOR: Very well, Cross, I'll leave them to you.

(CROSS moves to the line-up.)

CROSS: That's probably the last time you'll see the Governor. But you'll see me every day. Now I run a nice quiet tidy section here. Any trouble, it's a black mark on my records, so there's, er, never any trouble - got it?
PATEL: Look, don't you realise that you're one of us? We're all prisoners here! Victims of the system!
CROSS: Shut up, you!

(CROSS strides out of the room, barking an order at the elderly man sat at the bench...)

CROSS: You, kit out that man. (To the GUARD.) Come with me.

(CROSS and the GUARD leave as the elderly man walks up to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: (To PATEL.) I thought you said there were no common criminals here?
PROFESSOR DALE: Cross is a trusty. They are all hard core criminals specially imported from other prisons.

(PATEL recognises the elderly man.)

PATEL: Professor Dale?

(DALE looks at PATEL through his pince-nez.)

PROFESSOR DALE: You were on our youth committee, were you not?
PATEL: That's right, sir. Oh, we met last year, just before your arrest.
PROFESSOR DALE: Well, you'll find yourself in very good company here, my boy. I sometimes think there are more members of the Peace Party up here than back on Earth.

(PATEL laughs quietly.)

DOCTOR: Don't, er, any of you try to escape?
PROFESSOR DALE: (Suspiciously.) Escape? Occasionally - why do you ask?
DOCTOR: It seems a perfectly natural question.
PROFESSOR DALE: (To PATEL.) Do you know this man?
PATEL: Er, no sir., met him on the shuttle.
PROFESSOR DALE: (To the DOCTOR.) I'd better get you a uniform. Come this way.

(The DOCTOR holds up a "V" for victory sign with his fingers to PATEL and follows the PROFESSOR. The young man returns the sign.)


(The PRESIDENT and GENERAL WILLIAMS look at two large pictures of the DOCTOR which appear on the wall screen in her office. They resemble mug-shots.)

PRESIDENT OF EARTH: There's no doubt about it. These are the same people.

(She presses a button and the image changes to a series of written charges detailing defrauding a bank, evading payment of planetary income tax and assault and battery.)

GENERAL WILLIAMS: No doubt. But that doesn't mean we should hand them over to anyone.

(The image changes again to two mug-shots of JO.)

PRESIDENT OF EARTH: I'm surprised, specially about the girl.

(The image changes to JO'S charges which are that she is an accessory after the fact of the DOCTOR'S crimes.)

PRESIDENT OF EARTH: All these crimes!
GENERAL WILLIAMS: Just the sort of people the Draconians would employ.
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: Nevertheless the dominion government of Sirius 4 does have a claim to them.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: And so do we. They have vital information.
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: They must be very important to them. I think I'd better see their representative.

(She presses the intercom.)

PRESIDENT OF EARTH: (Into intercom.) Send in the commissioner from Sirius 4, please.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: Surely you're not going to hand them over?
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: Well, we'll have to see, won't we? Relationships with the colony of planets are always difficult. And if there is a war, we'll need all the allies we can get, won't we?

(The door hums open and the SECRETARY enters.)

SECRETARY: The commissioner, Madam.

(A man walks in behind her. He is dressed in a black, part-pvc uniform with a chest insignia and carries a silver briefcase - it is the MASTER!)

MASTER: Madam President. This is indeed a great honour.

(He bows.)


(A bored PATEL is playing a strange form of chess on a board of elevated platforms with another prisoner. He moves a piece.)

PATEL: Check...and mate.

(The room is full of blue attired prisoners. A door opens and DALE and the DOCTOR - now wearing the regulation uniform - walk in and up to the table where PATEL is playing.)

PROFESSOR DALE: Yes, there's an excellent library. There are books, videofilms, handicrafts and discussion groups - all sorts of ways of passing the time.
DOCTOR: Including planning to escape?
PROFESSOR DALE: That's not one of the things we discuss.
DOCTOR: Oh, why? Doesn't anybody ever try?
PROFESSOR DALE: Occasionally. There was an attempt last month.
PATEL: Yes, what did happen?
PROFESSOR DALE: What always happens - they are dead. No one escapes from here.
DOCTOR:, quite so. But there's got to be a first time for everything, hasn't there? Come on, Professor, come and tell me all you know about the layout here.

(He leads DALE away. PATEL looks suspicious.)


(The MASTER sits in the visitor's chair in the PRESIDENT'S office.)

MASTER: Truly, Madam President, I...I sympathise with your position. But my government has sought these criminals throughout the galaxy.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: (Coldly.) There are now prisoners of the government of Earth. That's good enough.
MASTER: With the greatest respect, General Williams, I must disagree. They are citizens of Sirius 4.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: Part of Earth's empire.
MASTER: Yes, but it has been granted dominion status.
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: He has a point, General Williams. Once a colony has been raised to dominion status it enjoys certain autonomous rights - including the right to try and punish its own citizens.
MASTER: Exactly. But I feel assured that once these two have come to trial, my government will be only too happy to send them back to you for further interrogation. But meanwhile, my orders are clear - I must take them back with me to Sirius 4.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: (Angrily.) I will not hand over vital prisoners to some...tin-pot colony!
PRESIDENT OF EARTH: (Sharply.) As the commissioner has pointed out, General Williams, Sirius 4 is no longer a colony. It is a dominion. (To the MASTER.) Your request is granted.

(The MASTER gets up and bows.)

MASTER: Madam President. I am most grateful.
GENERAL WILLIAMS: Heaven help you if you let them escape!
MASTER: You may rest assured, General Williams, they will be perfectly safe with me.


(It is feeding time on the moon. A LUNAR GUARD watches as the prisoners file past a table where they are handed a plastic beaker of liquid.)

LUNAR GUARD: Right, keep it moving!

(DALE takes his and moves along. The DOCTOR takes his and follows him.)

DOCTOR: Is this all we get?
PROFESSOR DALE: It contains all the elements to support life.

(The DOCTOR takes the top off and looks at the contents.)

DOCTOR: Mmm, and absolutely nothing to make it enjoyable, eh?
PROFESSOR DALE: You get used to it after a month or two. Anyway, it's all we ever get.

(Behind them, PATEL has held up the line, also looking in disgust at their rations. CROSS is also there.)

LUNAR GUARD: Keep moving!
CROSS: You heard him - move!

(PATEL takes his cup and joins the DOCTOR and the PROFESSOR.)

DOCTOR: Not exactly friendly, are they?
PROFESSOR DALE: One gets used to it.
PATEL: What time do we get to bed?
PROFESSOR DALE: Anytime. There's no day or night here.
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) No, er, tell me, Professor, when, er, when do you plan to escape?
PROFESSOR DALE: No one escapes from here.
DOCTOR: But you're going to try?
PROFESSOR DALE: For all I know, you could be a spy for the Governor.
DOCTOR: If I were, I'd hardly be drawing attention to myself quite so quickly, now would I?
PROFESSOR DALE: No, a valid point of logic. I wonder if I can trust you?
DOCTOR: You've really got no alternative, Professor. We're all in this sector together. Whatever you do, I shall know about it.
PATEL: Yes, but we don't know you. Why did they send you here?
DOCTOR: Oh, I was sent here at the express wish of a certain General Williams.
PROFESSOR DALE: We have no proof of that. We have reason to tell you anything.
DOCTOR: I'll tell you something; there is a conspiracy to start a war between Earth and Draconia.
PROFESSOR DALE: There are warmongers on both sides. We are aware of that.
DOCTOR: But there's also a third party, Professor, who's plotting to set the two empires at each others throats.


(That third party walks down the corridor leading to the cell where JO is kept, accompanied by two guards. A third guard on duty goes to open the door.)

MASTER: No, I'll see her alone.

(The guard steps back and the MASTER opens the door.)


(JO sits on the couch, bored with her head resting on a hand and not paying attention to the new arrival. The MASTER observes her for a moment, then...)

MASTER: Penny for them, Miss Grant?

(JO'S head shoots up at the familiar voice.)

JO: (Shocked.) You! What are you doing here?
MASTER: To coin a phrase - I've come to take you away from all this.
JO: What are you talking about?
MASTER: Well, surely you don't want to spend the rest of your life in here, do you?
JO: Well, I'm not going anywhere with you - that's for sure.
MASTER: Oh, but you are, you know. Believe it or not, I am a fully accredited commissioner from the planet Sirius 4, and you and the Doctor are two dangerous criminals being handed over into my custody.
JO: (Realises.) So it was you! You ordered those Ogrons to attack the ships and pretend they were Draconians!
MASTER: Of course! Those lumbering idiots could never have thought up such a brilliant scheme by themselves.
JO: Why did you want to start a war?
MASTER: Now, come on, Miss Grant, be reasonable. You want to see the Doctor again, don't you?
JO: Where is he?
MASTER: He's in another prison, on the moon. We're going to collect him.
JO: How do I know you're telling the truth?
MASTER: You don't. And the only way you'll find out is by coming with me. Well?

(JO considers and then gets up and joins him.)

JO: How did you know we were here in the first place?
MASTER: Well, after they'd attacked the cargo ships, the Ogrons returned to their planet, taking their loot with them. Now imagine my surprise - and my delight - when I found that they'd brought me the Doctor's TARDIS.

(He smiles.)

JO: And why are you taking us with you?
MASTER: Oh, need you ask? How could I leave two dear friends in such dire straights?
JO: Oh, you don't seriously think that I'm going to believe that you want to help us...?!
MASTER: (Interrupts.) Believe what you think, Miss Grant, I have my reasons! Now, are you coming, or do you really wish to vegetate in this hole for the rest of your natural?
JO: (Nods.) Very well. I'll come.
MASTER: Excellent!

(The MASTER presses a call button and the door slides open. A guard appears.)

MASTER: The prisoner and I are ready to leave now, guard.

(He gestures to JO to leave.)

JO: Anywhere is better than here.

(She walks out, he follows and the door slides shut after them.)


(The DOCTOR is sat at a table with PROFESSOR DALE and PATEL and has been telling them his story.)

DOCTOR: Well, there you are. There you have it. That's how I came to be here.
PATEL: (Stunned.) It's fantastic! I mean, our people seeing Draconians, Draconians seeing Earthmen. I...can't believe it.
DOCTOR: (Pleased.) Good grief. Do you know, sir, you're the first person who's believed me?
PROFESSOR DALE: It would explain a great deal. After the stupidity of the Draconian war, the bitterness eventually died down and we had many years of peace. There were trade treaties, cultural exchanges and then...for no reason at all, these sudden acts of hostility.

(The door from the main part of the prison opens and the LUNAR GUARD and CROSS walk in.)

LUNAR GUARD: Dale! Over here!

(DALE stands.)

PROFESSOR DALE: Yes, what is it?
LUNAR GUARD: Spot check. You ought to know.
PROFESSOR DALE: (To the DOCTOR and PATEL.) If you'll excuse me, one of our little prison rituals.

(Watched by the DOCTOR, DALE joins CROSS who starts to frisk him, muttering under his breath as he does so.)

CROSS: This is it. There's a VIP landing in his spaceship in ten minutes time, bay seven. You can pinch it. I've set up two space suits for you.
PROFESSOR DALE: (Surprised.) I can't believe it.
CROSS: Well, I keep my promises - now you keep yours. When you get back to Earth, don't forget who your friends are.
PROFESSOR DALE: When the peace party takes over, you'll be given a free pardon. You have my word.

(CROSS finishes his search and speaks up...)

CROSS: Right, you're clean. Report to airlock three for maintenance work. You and one other. You can choose him yourselves - okay.

(DALE walks back to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: What is it? What's up?
PROFESSOR DALE: Oh, just a search. All part of the routine.

(CROSS and the GUARD leave the room. DALE moves closer to the other two. The DOCTOR is suspicious.)

DOCTOR: Come on, Professor. Come on! You were giving off conspiracy in waves over there. You can trust me, you know.
PROFESSOR DALE: The escape plan - it's now.

(PATEL leaps to his feet.)

PROFESSOR DALE: We have to walk from the airlock, across the moon's surface. We're going to steal a spaceship. They've left two spacesuits for us.
DOCTOR: Who are you taking with you?
PROFESSOR DALE: Well, I had planned to take another member of the Peace Party committee, but...I'm afraid he'll have to give up his place.

(He gently eases a disappointed PATEL back into his seat.)

PROFESSOR DALE: Doctor, I want you to come with me.
DOCTOR: Well that's very generous of you, but...
PROFESSOR DALE: (Interrupts.) We must get you back to Earth so that you can tell your story.
DOCTOR: Well, it was telling my story on Earth that got me sent here in the first place.
PROFESSOR DALE: We have contacts everywhere - journalists, broadcasters, even friends in the government. We'll make them believe you.
DOCTOR: (Pleased.) Thank you, Professor. You don't know what it means to me to have found allies at last.
PROFESSOR DALE: Well we'd better be going, Doctor. This spaceship will be landing any moment.

(They walk off, with the DOCTOR and PATEL giving each other the victory sign again.)


(The DOCTOR and the PROFESSOR walk up a corridor to the airlock door.)

PROFESSOR DALE: Good! He's left it open.


(They enter the room. There are wall shelves with spacesuits on them and on the floor are two oxygen cylinder packs. The DOCTOR pulls the solid door closed behind them.)

PROFESSOR DALE: Excellent! Excellent!

(The DOCTOR crosses to the other door which leads directly out onto the moon's surface. He looks through a window in the door and sees...)


(...a small spaceship on a landing pad.)

PROFESSOR DALE: (OOV.) Come on, Doctor, we haven't got long.


(The DOCTOR joins DALE at the wall shelves and they start to take down spacesuits.)

DOCTOR: Take this one?

(Taking a brown suit each, they start to climb into the overall-type garments.)

PROFESSOR DALE: We can't use the main entrance to the space port. It's too well guarded. All we have to do is to walk across the moon's surface - about ten minutes and we're there.
DOCTOR: Tell me, Professor, why is Cross helping you?
PROFESSOR DALE: A kind of bribery, I'm afraid. I promised to get him a free pardon once we get into power.
DOCTOR: That's extraordinary. I would have thought he would have wanted something far more positive than promises.


(DALE'S voice carries into the seemingly empty corridor...)

PROFESSOR DALE: (OOV: In airlock.) Oh, he's not a bad fellow when you get to know him.


PROFESSOR DALE: I appeal to his better self. Now do hurry, Doctor.

(Unnoticed behind them, CROSS appears through an observation slit.)


(The trusty starts to turn a large dial next to the door.)


(Within the room, as the men finish dressing, there is the faint hiss of escaping air.)

DOCTOR: What's that? I thought I heard something.
PROFESSOR DALE: Yes, now Doctor, clip my cylinder on the back of my suit and then I'll fix up yours.
DOCTOR: Alright.

(He picks up one of the cylinders)

DOCTOR: Well, this one's empty.
PROFESSOR DALE: (Surprised.) It can't be.
DOCTOR: Well, it certainly is. Take a look for yourself.

(He passes the empty cylinder to DALE.)

DOCTOR: There, look at the gauge.

(The DOCTOR picks up the second cylinder.)

DOCTOR: Yes, and so's this one. They're both empty, Professor.


(CROSS turns the dial further. A pressure gauge on the wall starts to rise.)


(Within the airlock, the noise of escaping air gets louder. The DOCTOR crosses to the door and tries to turn an unlocking wheel.)

DOCTOR: The door - it's locked!

(DALE hears the escaping air.)


(The DOCTOR listens.)

DOCTOR: They're depressurising.

(He spots another gauge on the wall, identical to that outside.)

DOCTOR: Don't you understand, man! They're pumping out the air!

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