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(The DOCTOR follows IZLYR and the other delegates as they step into the passageway. Something catches his eye and he looks up. The statue is falling towards them.)

DOCTOR: Look out!

(JO jumps back into the protection of the doorway as the DOCTOR roughly pushes IZLYR, SSORG and ALPHA CENTAURI further along the passageway...)

DOCTOR: Look out!

(...and out of danger as the statue crashes to the floor and into pieces.)


(Hearing the commotion outside, PELADON jumps off the throne and makes to rush for the door but HEPESH holds him back.)

PELADON: (Shouts.) What has happened!
HEPESH: (Shouts.) Quick, there may be danger!
PELADON: (Shouts.) But the delegates may be harmed!
HEPESH: Your Majesty's safety is all that matters.


(Up on the balcony, GRUN retreats back behind the curtain and back into the secret passage. Down below, JO comes out of cover and rejoins the DOCTOR who makes his way back to the throne room entrance. ARCTURUS is the last of the delegates out of the throne room. IZLYR and SSORG join them with ALPHA CENTAURI who makes high-pitched twittering, sobbing noises of panic. Jo momentarily forgets her assumed role...)

JO: Phew! That was a bit close, wasn't it?
DOCTOR: (Meaningfully.) All you all right, Princess?

(JO takes the hint and recovers her regal composure.)

JO: Yes, thank you. I think so.
IZLYR: (To the DOCTOR.) You have saved our lives, thank you.
DOCTOR: I'm sorry to have been so abrupt about it, gentlemen.
ALPHA CENTAURI: (Hysterical.) This is terrible! We could all have been killed!
JO: Well I feel definitely wobbly at the knees.

(HEPESH pushes past ARCTURUS and looks at the wreckage.)

HEPESH: Aggedor has been merciful. We must give thanks that you have all been spared.
DOCTOR: I think we should investigate what caused this, Hepesh.
IZLYR: Yes, indeed.
DOCTOR: If only as a matter of protocol.

(Through the open doors of the throne room, GRUN is seen to come out from behind the curtain.)

HEPESH: It was a sign of Aggedor's anger. His ghost walks amongst us.
DOCTOR: It must have been a pretty substantial type of ghost to have shifted a solid granite statue.
HEPESH: The spirit of Aggedor can move mountains!
JO: Seemed more like he was trying to remove us!

(CENTAURI is still highly emotional...)

ALPHA CENTAURI: Our mission is peaceful! We come to help your people - to raise them from barbarism.
JO: Maybe they don't want to be raised.
IZLYR: Hepesh, you say this is foretold in your ancient writings? What sort of manifestation is there supposed to be?
HEPESH: It is written: "His coming shall be full or terror and darkness. His cry shall be heard in the night, and death shall walk in the land of Peladon!"
JO: Well, there was no cry of warning - and nobody actually saw him, did they?
HEPESH: To the unbeliever, all signs are as dust in the wind.
DOCTOR: Well, the point is - what does King Peladon believe?
IZLYR: If this man speaks for King Peladon, our purpose here is wasted.
ARCTURUS: The conference must be cancelled.

(PELADON steps into view within the throne room.)

HEPESH: I agree.
PELADON: (Shouts.) No! I am King - not Hepesh!

(ARCTURUS swings round and looks at the King.)

PELADON: And not Aggedor! Would you rejoin us? Hepesh!

(The delegates and HEPESH make their way back into the throne room.)


(HEPESH stands next to the King on the steps of the throne. The delegates assemble before them.)

PELADON: (Fiercely.) Negotiations must continue!
IZLYR: Negotiations are only possible in a peaceful atmosphere.
ARCTURUS: Political conflict violates federation law.

(JO looks round and spots the tapestry curtain behind the throne. She looks at the DOCTOR who gives an imperceptible nod.)

PELADON: Centuries ago, on your own planets, war and violence flourished!

(Unseen, JO steps away from the crowd and slips behind the curtain.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: We have learned to control our past.
PELADON: (Passionately.) Then you must teach Peladon. Without help we will never raise ourselves from the dark ages. Do not desert us now!
DOCTOR: Your Majesty is an enlightened ruler...but who will your people believe? King Peladon...or Aggedor?


(In the passageway, two guards start to remove the debris of the statue. Above them, on the balcony, JO steps out from the behind the curtain. She almost immediately spots a small electronic device on the floor and picks it up and retreats back behind the curtain.)


ARCTURUS: Doctor, you are our chairman - do we go or stay?
DOCTOR: I think it would be a tragedy if the conference were to break up now.
IZLYR: If we remain we put ourselves at risk.
DOCTOR: His Majesty deserves the opportunity to convince us, surely?

(JO quietly steps back from behind the curtain and silently slips back into the row of delegates.)

ALPHA CENTAURI: But if we do decide to leave, are we free to go?
PELADON: Of course!
DOCTOR: You don't think that King Peladon would keep you here by force, do you?
ALPHA CENTAURI: Such things have been known on primitive planets.
PELADON: Why should I detain you?
ARCTURUS: As pawns in some political game, perhaps?
ALPHA CENTAURI: That has happened before.

(IZLYR walks threateningly towards the throne.)

IZLYR: It would be most unwise.
PELADON: There is no plot! I am being completely honest with you. (Quietly.) Please, stay and help me to help my people.

(IZLYR looks to the DOCTOR for a conclusion.)

DOCTOR: Your Majesty, we will adjourn now and consider our position. We will let you know our decision as soon as possible.

(The DOCTOR and IZLYR bow and leave the throne room. The other delegates follow with JO holding back to allow the bulk of ARCTURUS' casing to swing round and leave.)

PELADON: Your Highness, would you remain? Hepesh, you may leave us.

(HEPESH bows.)

HEPESH: Your Majesty.

(He walks out followed by the guards. JO stands silently.)

PELADON: Do you believe me?

(JO is slightly flustered but gathers her nerve.)

JO: I'm only an observer. It's up to the committee to decide whether or not to help you.
PELADON: I'm talking from a personal point of view.

(PELADON looks round to make sure they are alone and smiles, relaxing his demeanour.)

PELADON: I don't often get the chance.
JO: Being a king is no fun?
PELADON: It's very lonely. But you must know that? It's so hard to find someone to talk to as a person.
JO: But you have Hepesh? He seems very fond of you - just like a father.
PELADON: Hepesh is an old man - like your friend, the Doctor.
JO: (Smiles.) I somehow don't think he'd care for that!

(PELADON gives a slight laugh.)

PELADON: I was brought up by wise old men. I hardly ever see anyone young or...beautiful.

(JO lowers her eyes.)

PELADON: My mother was an Earth woman. So you see, there is a bond between us.

(He takes JO'S hands.)

PELADON: Do you believe me?

(JO smiles.)

JO: Yes. Yes, I believe you.
PELADON: Then speak for me to the commission. Make them see my case.

(JO'S smile disappears and a look of betrayal appears on her face.)

JO: I see. All you want is a...political ally!
PELADON: No! I want you as a friend!
JO: Oh no. No. I'm strictly neutral. Count me out!

(She storms out of the throne room. PELADON gives a sigh.)


(HEPESH stands with his arms raised before the huge state of AGGEDOR that the DOCTOR and JO glimpsed in their journey through the tunnels. This is the temple of the royal beast. Incense and smoke fill the air. HEPESH bows to the statue and turns back to an altar next to which GRUN kneels in supplication.)

HEPESH: The failure was not yours, Grun. You acted well. Aggedor has been merciful to his enemies. But now the hour for mercy has passed. Now an evil influence comes between King Peladon and his true destiny! It must be destroyed! Aggedor will give his blessing.

(GRUN bows forward on his knees as HEPESH throws three pieces of a magnesium-type material into a bowl. It flares each time as the High Priest's voice rises.)

HEPESH: (Shouts.) I dedicate you to the destruction of the King's enemy, to purge the soul of Peladon by this act and to give the ghost of Aggedor release!

(He turns and holds his arms aloft again at the statue.)

HEPESH: The foremost of the King's enemies is the chairman delegate from Earth! The one they call the Doctor.

(He turns back and stares wildly at GRUN.)

HEPESH: (Fiercely.) Destroy him, Grun!


(JO has caught up with the DOCTOR and given him the electronic device that she found on the balcony. He inserts a jewellers eyeglass into his eye and looks over it.)

JO: Well? What is it?
DOCTOR: It's an electronic key. Used for opening doors by identifying the bearer electronically. Probably used for their spaceship.
JO: Whose spaceship?
DOCTOR: Well, the Ice Warriors of course. It's made from trisilicate...

(He takes the eyeglass out.)

DOCTOR: ...which can only be found on the planet Mars.

(He hands the device to JO and goes over to a sideboard and pours himself a drink.)

JO: So you think that it was Ssorg who made those footprints on the balcony?
DOCTOR: Yes, I think it's highly likely.
JO: Wasn't he in the throne room with us?
DOCTOR: I'm not sure. Well you managed to slip away without anybody noticing, remember?
JO: Yes. (Puzzled.) But what would they be after?
DOCTOR: Well, the last time that I encountered them, Jo, they were trying to colonise the planet Earth. And Peladon is very like Earth.
JO: Hmm. But they say they're here for the same reason as the other delegates - peace.

(The DOCTOR takes a seat.)

DOCTOR: Do they? Well, believe me, I know the Ice Warriors, Jo. They're a savage and a warlike race. No, among the delegates, only Ssorg's strength could have shifted that statue.

(JO sits next to him.)

JO: I still think you're jumping to conclusions.
DOCTOR: Well who else could be responsible? Arcturus is only a box of tricks. I hardly think Centauri would hurt a fly, would you?
JO: No, I think he's rather sweet. (Smiles.) Or is he a she?
DOCTOR: Neither - she is an it. It's a hermaphrodite hexapod.
JO: Oh.
DOCTOR: The point is - what possible motive could they have?
JO: Look, why don't we just organise someone to dig out the TARDIS and get out here? (Plaintively.) Did you have to get us involved in all this?
DOCTOR: I didn't really have any choice, did I?
JO: (Smiles.) Oh, come on! You love all that chairman delegate stuff!

(The DOCTOR looks sheepish. JO looks him closely in the eye and grins.)

JO: Admit it.
DOCTOR: Well, how do you like being a princess, Princess?
JO: (Laughs.) Like you said, I didn't really have much choice.

(She laughs again and falls quiet, but the peace of the room is disturbed by a sudden wailing electronic noise coming from another room.)

JO: What's that?
DOCTOR: It sounds like an alarm. Come on.

(They run out of the room.)


(The alarm is coming from ARCTURUS. The inspection hatch on the front of his casing is missing and a series of bare wires are exposed inside. The casing shudders from side to side and the little skull-like head within the transparent globe shakes as if undergoing a fit.)


(The DOCTOR and JO run at full pace down the passage...)


(...and stop when they see ARCTURUS within. The DOCTOR rushes over to the delegate. They have to speak up over the wail of the alarm.)

JO: What are you going to do?

(The DOCTOR bends down and sees the open inspection hatch.)

DOCTOR: Well, someone's taken the servo-junction unit of his life support system! I'll have to re-wire the circuits!

(He plunges a hand into the wiring and starts his task.)

JO: Well, what does this servo thing look like?
DOCTOR: It's a small plastic cube full of very fine circuitry - why?

(JO starts to look over the room as the DOCTOR frantically continues to repair the damage.)

JO: Well, whoever took it must have been the one who tried to kill Arcturus.
DOCTOR: Obviously, so?

(She comes back to him as his hands move with lightning speed over the innards of ARCTURUS' casing.)

JO: So if we could find it... Look, I can search all the delegates rooms.
DOCTOR: You'll do no such thing, Jo. It's far too dangerous. I'm going to try a little direct confrontation here.
JO: But if we had some real evidence...
DOCTOR: (Interrupting.) Jo, please do as I say. There's a good girl.

(IZLYR and HEPESH enter the room, having been alerted by the continuing alarm.)

IZLYR: (Suspiciously.) What are you doing to Arcturus?
DOCTOR: Someone has disconnected a vital part of his life support system. I'm trying to save him. Now please, leave me alone!

(ALPHA CENTAURI also enters the room as JO sneaks out unobserved. The DOCTOR works for a moment longer and then stands up as the alarm starts to die down and ARCTURUS returns to a stable state.)

DOCTOR: I think that should do it.
IZLYR: Have you succeeded?
DOCTOR: Yes, he'll be all right in a moment.
HEPESH: This is the work of Aggedor!

(The DOCTOR looks meaningfully at IZLYR.)

DOCTOR: This is the work of a skilled technical knowledge. Your medieval monster, Hepesh, would simply have tried to smash Arcturus' protective globe.
IZLYR: (Angrily.) What are you suggesting?

(The DOCTOR stares calmly at IZLYR.)

IZLYR: (Angrily.) I reject the accusation.
DOCTOR: Yes, of course, you would. But nevertheless, you can't deny that you do have the necessary technical knowledge.
IZLYR: The technology of...Centauri is competent enough - and so is that of Earth. And it was you, Doctor, that we discovered.

(The DOCTOR frowns.)


(JO pushes open the heavy wooden door to the Ice Warrior's room. She checks that no one is there and enters. She sees a large metallic chest and goes and opens it. Seeing nothing inside answering to the description of the missing servo-unit she goes over to a small table on which there are various small pieces of machinery but nothing like the one that she is looking for. She then spots a wooden chest on the floor and open it. There, on top of several other items, is the missing unit. She makes for the door but as she reaches it, she hears the tell-tale rasping of a Martian's breath outside. She quickly looks round, spots a tapestry curtain and dives behind it. The door to the room opens SSORG enters. Almost immediately he sees the open metallic chest and looks round the room. JO'S shoes can be seen peeking out from the bottom of the curtain. SSORG lumbers over and yanks it aside. JO gasps.)

SSORG: Why are you here?

(JO summons up her courage.)

JO: I was looking for something - and I've found it!

(She holds up the unit. SSORG roughly pulls it from her grasp.)

SSORG: This is not ours.

(He throws her onto a bench.)

JO: No, you took it from poor Arcturus when you tried to kill him!
SSORG: You will stay. I must inform Izlyr.

(Pulling a large sonic gun from the metallic chest, he starts to leave the room, leaving a defiant JO behind.)


(ARCTURUS is much recovered but his voice is somewhat unsteady.)

ARCTURUS: I...have been...attacked.
ALPHA CENTAURI: (Frantically.) By whom, Arcturus, by whom?!
HEPESH: Was the face of Aggedor revealed to you?
ARCTURUS: Memory...circuits...out...of phase.
ALPHA CENTAURI: It must have been a dreadful experience! We'll have to ask him later.
IZLYR: We cannot wait. It is too important. We must know now.
ARCTURUS: I...cannot...remember.

(IZLYR gestures with impatience.)

DOCTOR: How very fortunate, Izlyr.

(IZLYR draws his breath in with anger.)

DOCTOR: Excuse me, Gentlemen.

(The DOCTOR leaves the room.)


(He walks quickly down the passage but quickly bumps into the massive form of GRUN. The bodyguard puts out an arm to stop him and the DOCTOR tries to get either side of the huge man but to no avail.)

DOCTOR: Let me past, Grun.

(GRUN holds him by the arm and makes strangulated noises.)

DOCTOR: What do you want?

(GRUN gestures and makes more noises.)

DOCTOR: You want me to come with you?

(GRUN nods and starts to pull the DOCTOR at speed back down the passage.)

DOCTOR: All right, all right, I'm coming.

(They go past the open door to the conference room.)

DOCTOR: Where are you taking me?

(They move off down the passage and HEPESH steps out of the conference room and quietly watches them go.)


(ARCTURUS now seems fully recovered.)

ARCTURUS: I saw no-one, delegate Izlyr. The attack was too quick.
IZLYR: We discovered the Doctor. He seemed to be attacking your life support mechanism.
ALPHA CENTAURI: But what motive could the Doctor have?
IZLYR: Ask his masters...on Earth.
ARCTURUS: The Princess - why is she here?
ALPHA CENTAURI: A diplomatic courtesy, surely? Peladon's mother was an Earth woman.
IZLYR: Exactly! (Thinks.) And if Peladon marries this Earth princess...the blood relationship would be strengthened - and could be used to foster Earth's interests, inside the federation.
ARCTURUS: That must not be allowed to happen.

(SSORG enters the room, carrying the servo-unit.)

SSORG: Lord Izlyr?
IZLYR: Yes, what is it?
SSORG: I must speak with you.
IZLYR: Of course. If you will excuse us, Arcturus?

(They stand to one side of the room and talk quietly.)

ARCTURUS: (To CENTAURI.) There has been some new development?
ALPHA CENTAURI: Something dreadful, no doubt! Really, this barbarous planet!

(IZLYR holds up the servo-unit to the other two delegates.)

IZLYR: Sub-delegate Ssorg has discovered the missing servo-junction unit.
IZLYR: In the hands of the Earth Princess!


(JO paces within the locked Martian's room. She sits back on the bench and looks upwards...and immediately sees an opening high up in the wall. She gets up and looks at it with delight and then runs over to the table with the various electronic instruments. These she throws to the floor and pulls the table to the wall beneath the opening. It not being quite high enough, she looks round and spots a metallic box which she takes and puts on the table. She then climbs onto the table, onto the box and, hitching up her evening dress slightly, up onto the open ledge.)


(JO edges out of the long opening and into the night air. The citadel is still being relentlessly battered by the storm outside and the ledge outside is very narrow. Pressing herself against the wall, she momentarily looks down into the abyss below and then, illuminated by flashes of lightning and deafened by the thunder, she starts to traverse the ledge. At one point, the masonry beneath her feet crumbles sending pieces of stone falling thousands of feet but she recovers her balance and continues her perilous escape. After a moment, with a sigh of relief, she reaches another opening and re-enters the citadel.)


(The opening is equally as high as the one in the Martian's room but looking there is a table below it. JO jumps down onto the table and then onto the floor. Not pausing, she runs down the passage.)


(Elsewhere in the citadel, GRUN and the DOCTOR reach a tapestry with a flaming torch bracket next to it. GRUN gestures to the DOCTOR to stop and then pulls down the bracket. He pulls back the curtain revealing an opening behind to which he gestures to the DOCTOR to enter.)

DOCTOR: In here?

(GRUN makes more noises.)

DOCTOR: Why? Is someone in trouble?

(GRUN nods frantically.)

DOCTOR: Well who, Grun?

(GRUN holds a hand down at a low level to indicate a small person.)

DOCTOR: Not the Princess?!

(GRUN nods and pulls the DOCTOR through the opening.)

DOCTOR: All right, all right!


(JO speeds down a passage and stops at an intersection. She looks round as if she is lost. Suddenly there is a roar behind her and she spins round and gasps. AGGEDOR rears above her, huge tusks coming out of its boar-like head and mouth. JO runs as fast as she can in the opposite direction.)


(GRUN and the DOCTOR make their way down dark carved tunnels and climb through openings. Suddenly, they too hear the roar of AGGEDOR. GRUN stops, terrified.)

DOCTOR: What is that noise, Grun?

(GRUN panics and runs off.)

DOCTOR: (Shouts.) Grun! Grun, come back here! Grun!

(The DOCTOR gives chase a short way, calling after him.)

DOCTOR: (Shouts.) Grun! Grun!

(He gives up. He hears another roar and cautiously makes his way onward.)


(JO runs down the torch-filled passage and straight into SSORG and IZLYR. They hold her between them. JO is almost breathless with terror.)

JO: ___!
IZLYR: How did you escape from my room?
JO: The monster, Aggedor - he's down there!
IZLYR: Ssorg.

(IZLYR gestures to his subordinate who, sonic rifle in hand, moves back down the corridor to investigate.)

JO: No, you can't! Look, it'll kill Ssorg!
IZLYR: Ssorg's sonic gun can destroy any living creature.

(Further down the passage, GRUN slips out from behind the curtain and moves off, just before SSORG reaches the spot. He pauses and looks round. Back down the passage, IZLYR still holds JO in his clamp-like hand and questions her.)

IZLYR: Where were you going?
JO: I was going to find the Doctor and King Peladon, when this...

(SSORG returns.)

JO: But it was there! I saw him!
IZLYR: You say you see this monster, when there is no monster. You are trying to trick us!
JO: No! Oh, look, please - I've got to find the Doctor.
IZLYR: Then we will help you. It is time that you and the Doctor answered my questions.


(The DOCTOR frantically runs through the various tunnels. Not far behind him, the huge fur covered figure of AGGEDOR roars in pursuit. As well as the tusks in its mouth, its forehead is surmounted by a massive horn and sharp claws end the large paws.)


(IZLYR and SSORG lead JO into their room. IZLYR gestures to a bench.)

IZLYR: Sit down, Princess.

(JO reluctantly does so.)

IZLYR: Why did you try to escape?

(SSORG holds the sonic rifle up to her.)

JO: I was frightened. Can you blame me?
IZLYR: So, Princess, you believe that we tried to kill Arcturus?

(JO gathers her courage and snaps back...)

JO: Well if you didn't, why was the missing servo unit in your room?
IZLYR: Perhaps you brought it here as part of your scheme to trap us?

(JO jumps up.)

JO: But that's just not true! I...

(SSORG pushes her back down gently but firmly with the rifle.)

JO: But you must have tried to kill Arcturus.
IZLYR: Nobody tried to kill him.
JO: What?
IZLYR: To destroy Arcturus, the helium regenerator must be deactivated.
JO: What about the unit?
IZLYR: Merely sensor equipment. Disconnecting that only produces metabolic coma.
JO: So it...couldn't be fatal?
IZLYR: Only...uncomfortable.

(JO'S voice is calm and she stands.)

JO: I'm sorry if I might have misjudged you. But the Doctor did say you were a race of warriors.
IZLYR: We were once, but now we reject violence - except in self-defence.
JO: What about Ssorg's gun? This is supposed to be a peaceful mission.

(IZLYR gestures to SSORG to stand down and his voice softens in tone.)

IZLYR: Unfortunately, in order to preserve peace, it is necessary to survive.
JO: Well...if you didn't do it, who did? Who could benefit by it?
IZLYR: Perhaps the Doctor will be able to explain.


(The roars of AGGEDOR close behind him, the DOCTOR runs down a tunnel. He reaches a dead-end and looks round to see the creature fast approaching, angrier than ever. The DOCTOR sees another sole flaming torch and manipulates it in its bracket. As expected, a secret door opens revealing the temple beyond. Faced with no choice, he cautiously enters.)


(He looks at the huge statue of AGGEDOR as the door closes behind him. He walks over to the statue and reaches out and touches it. As he does so, a cry rings out.)

HEPESH: Sacrilege! Seize him, Grun!

(GRUN jumps forward and grabs the DOCTOR by the neck as HEPESH shouts into his face...)

HEPESH: You have defiled the inner sanctum of the holy temple of Aggedor! Your mind, your word, your being - all are evil!
DOCTOR: Give me a chance to explain, Hepesh!
HEPESH: Take him before the King!

(GRUN starts to pull him away.)

DOCTOR: No Hepesh, give me a chance!


(PELADON sits on the throne. All the delegates, including JO, are assembled and GRUN firmly stands next to his prisoner. HEPESH stands on the steps of the throne.)

HEPESH: Your Majesty, the charge against the chairman delegate from Earth is one of extreme sacrilege. (To the DOCTOR.) I, Hepesh, High Priest of Peladon, and Grun, the King's champion, accuse you - an alien intruder - of desecrating the holy of holies - the inner sanctum of the temple of Aggedor. (To PELADON.) Your Majesty.

(PELADON looks torn and nervous.)

PELADON: I have no alternative, Doctor. To this charge, the laws of Peladon allow of no defence...and only one punishment - death.

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