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JO: Shh, listen!

(They hear a ragged breathing. Round a corner in the passage, a shape stumbles towards them.)

JO: It's coming towards us!

(The figure comes round the corner. It is CLARK but the man is almost deranged. He has a wrench in his hand which he raises with a gasp.)

DOCTOR: Stop! We're friends!

(CLARK takes no notice.)


(He rushes at the man and grabs his arm, spinning him round and pinioning the limb. CLARK drops the wrench. The man is clearly out of his mind and is almost sobbing as the DOCTOR holds him.)

CLARK: Hickman! He's dead! They killed him! The sea...the sea...the sea devil!
DOCTOR: Come on, Jo, quick. Give me a hand.

(The DOCTOR puts the almost-fainting CLARK'S arm across his shoulder and JO takes the other.)

JO: (To CLARK. comforting him.) It's all right.
DOCTOR: We've got to get him into that cabin.

(They start to help the man down the passage and back to the crew room. He babbles as they go.)

CLARK: Hickman...
DOCTOR: Come on. All right.
CLARK: Monster...
DOCTOR: Yes...
CLARK: Sea Devil...
DOCTOR: That's right...
CLARK: Hickman...

(As they move out of sight, the turtle-faced creature - the SEA DEVIL - comes from round a corner and watches them go.)


(The DOCTOR and JO help CLARK into the crew room. He is still babbling and weak.)

CLARK: The sea monster...
DOCTOR: Yeah, come on, don't worry.

(They lead him over to a bunk bed and help him down onto the bottom bed.)

DOCTOR: Get yourself down here.

(CLARK places himself down.)

DOCTOR: That's right.
JO: Yes.

(CLARK lies back with JO holding his head. He is still almost incoherent.)

CLARK: Hickman...
JO: Shh...
DOCTOR: Where's the radio?

(CLARK doesn't answer but breathes in an almost sobbing fashion. The DOCTOR shouts into his face.)

DOCTOR: The radio - where is it?

(CLARK points across the base of the bed towards another part of the crew room.)

DOCTOR: Over here?

(The DOCTOR goes over to an empty metal box on a shelf and looks in it.)

CLARK: Hickman...
JO: Shh...
CLARK: Ripped it out...they took it away.
DOCTOR: Yes, they certainly did.

(The DOCTOR looks round and sees a wooden first aid box affixed to the wall above the shelf. CLARK cries out and JO soothes him with whispering comforting words.)

CLARK: Sea monster...

(The DOCTOR rifles through the box and returns to the bed with a swab, a bottle and an small box.)

CLARK: Monster...
JO: Yes, yes, yes, all right.

(The DOCTOR sits on the edge of the bed. He opens the small box and takes out a hypodermic syringe.)

DOCTOR: (To CLARK.) Now, listen to me... (To JO.) Take this swab, Jo. Swab his arm.

(JO starts to undo the swab packet and carry out the task as the DOCTOR starts to fill the syringe whilst talking to the almost incoherent man.)

DOCTOR: (To CLARK.) Now, are there are more transmitters on this fort?
CLARK: No...nothing...
DOCTOR: Any transistor radios, that sort of thing?
CLARK: I think so - the crew's quarte...the crew...
JO: Want do you want to do? Listen to... "Night ride"?
DOCTOR: It is possible to turn a receiver into a transmitter, you know.
JO: It is?
DOCTOR: Yes, it's simply a matter of modulating the signal. You connect the output of your loudspeaker into the input of your low frequency amplifier...and you connect the output of your low frequency amplifier into your oscillator. You use your loudspeaker as a microphone...

(He finishes filling the syringe.)

DOCTOR: And there you are.
JO: Ah.
DOCTOR: (To CLARK.) Now, where exactly are these transistor radios?
CLARK: C...crew's quarters...down the deck...
DOCTOR: All right. Thank you.

(He prepares to inject the man.)

DOCTOR: Now don't worry, this is not going to hurt you.

(He finishes injecting him.)

DOCTOR: All right? Now you'll soon be all right.
CLARK: Hickman...
DOCTOR: Soon be all right. Look after him, will you, Jo?
JO: Yes.

(The DOCTOR leaves the crew room as JO soothes the man as the injection takes effect.)

JO: Shh, come on, try and relax. Come on. That's it.

(CLARK'S breathing eases and his eyes fall closed.)


(The DOCTOR walks along a silent passage and descends the staircase to the lower level. As he reaches the bottom step, he stops and backs against a wall as the SEA DEVIL turns a corner. The creature sees him and almost jumps with shock.)

DOCTOR: Don't be alarmed. I've no wish to harm you.

(The SEA DEVIL raises an arm. On the end of its arm is a weapon which resembles a round metal disc on the back of which is a hood which rests over the creature's hand.)

DOCTOR: Now wait - we must talk!

(A red flash of fire shoots from the weapon and there is a corresponding flash on the wall behind the DOCTOR'S head. After the briefest of glances at the wall, the DOCTOR rushes for the staircase and runs up them. The SEA DEVIL gives chase.)


(The DOCTOR runs as fast as he can down one of the passages of the fort, the SEA DEVIL close behind him. The DOCTOR climbs down a ladder and runs back for the crew room but the SEA DEVIL is not far behind in descending the ladder.)


(CLARK'S eyes are open again but he is still. JO speaks quietly to him.)

JO: How do you feel now? Would you like a nice hot cup of tea with some sugar, hmm?

(The DOCTOR rushes into the room and slams the door shut behind him, slamming a bolt home.)

JO: What are you doing?

(The DOCTOR doesn't answer but starts to look over the unkempt room.)


(He sees a length of wire among some rubbish and, picking it up, runs over to a junction box near the first aid kit.)

JO: What is going on?

(The DOCTOR starts to make adjustments to the wire.)

DOCTOR: Just as I thought - reptiles - like those creatures in the caves.


(The SEA DEVIL runs towards the crew room.)


(The DOCTOR finishes connecting the wire to the junction box.)

DOCTOR: It's completely hostile.

(The DOCTOR hands her the wire.)

DOCTOR: Here, hang on to this - tight! Hang on.
JO: Right.

(The DOCTOR goes to the other end of the wire and finds that it ends in two strands with crocodile clips. He fixes these to the doorframe and the bolt.)

JO: Well now what are you doing?

(The DOCTOR goes back to JO and takes the wire from her, giving some final twists to secure it to the wires from the junction box.)

DOCTOR: Those creatures can cut through anything - rock, metal, anything.

(They hear a hissing noise.)

JO: Look!

(A red glow appears on the barricaded door. The metal barrier starts to melt. Enough of a hole is eventually burnt through to enable the SEA DEVIL to stick an arm through and start to feel for the bolt. The DOCTOR slams home the lever on the junction box. The SEA DEVIL is touching the bolt when it is flooded with electricity and it flashes. The creature gives a scream of pain and hastily withdraws its arm. The DOCTOR moves to level back into the 'off' position.)

DOCTOR: Come on. Give me a hand.

(He and JO pull the table back and the DOCTOR unbolts and opens the door.)

JO: Where are we going?
DOCTOR: We've got to get after that creature - now, come on.

(They run into the passage.)


(Holding its injured arm, the SEA DEVIL stumbles along one of the fort's metal passages. The DOCTOR and JO are not far behind.)


(They are running down the staircase as they hear the SEA DEVIL crying out as it falls out of the window and into the sea.)


(They rush to the window and look out.)


(JANE BLYTHE is on the phone as HART enters his office.)

3RD OFFICER JANE BLYTHE: (Into phone.) Keep trying.

(She puts the phone down.)

CAPTAIN HART: Morning, Blythe.
3RD OFFICER JANE BLYTHE: Good morning, sir.
CAPTAIN HART: Anything in?
3RD OFFICER JANE BLYTHE: We've had this report from civilian police, sir. That man who was here yesterday, trying to get over to the fort, seems to have disappeared with the boat he came in.

(HART gives a sigh and moves over to his desk. BLYTHE follows with the report which she places before him.)

3RD OFFICER JANE BLYTHE: He and the girl were seen heading out to sea yesterday afternoon. There's been no sign of them since.
CAPTAIN HART: Well, get onto the fort and see if they've wound up there.
3RD OFFICER JANE BLYTHE: I've already done that, sir. The fort just wasn't answer - I can't raise them at all.

(HART starts to look concerned and picks up the phone.)

CAPTAIN HART: Well we'd better take a look around. (Into phone.) Get me air-sea rescue.


(Soon, a sea king helicopter is heading off for the fort.)


(Things are quieter at the fort. CLARK is asleep while JO makes a mug of tea. She looks over at the DOCTOR who has the innards of a transistor radio across the table.)

JO: How's it going?
DOCTOR: It's nearly finished - just about to test it.

(JO brings the cup over and looks over the table.)

JO: Mmm, I've seen things like that in a modern art exhibition! You don't honestly think you can transmit with it, do you?
DOCTOR: Certainly I do. Ah, I'll prove it to you. Right, here goes.

(He picks up a small exposed speaker and holds up a length of wire as an aerial. He then flicks a switch on the transistor. Instantly, inane music starts to blare out.)

DISC JOCKEY: (OOV: Over radio.) ___ here on Earlybird, we've got a wonderful batch of discs for you this morning! So, don't feel isolated and cut off from the world - whoever you are, wherever you are, we've got something just for you!

(The DOCTOR smiles somewhat sheepishly. JO badly conceals a grin.)

JO: Hey, that was my favourite DJ!
DOCTOR: I think I must have got me wires crossed somewhere!

(They both laugh. JO moves the mug towards him.)

JO: Here's your tea.
DOCTOR: Thanks.

(JO moves to check CLARK and adjusts his sheets as the DOCTOR starts to make adjustments to his lash-up.)

JO: Doctor?
JO: Those "things" that attacked us - you said you'd seen something like it before.
DOCTOR: Something very similar, certainly. They emerged from some caves in Derbyshire.
JO: The...Silurians, wasn't it? The Brigadier was telling me.
DOCTOR: Ahh, that's a complete misnomer. The chap who discovered them must have got the period wrong. No, properly speaking, they should have been called the Eocenes.
JO: That was that race of super-reptiles that had been in hibernation for billions of years, wasn't it?
DOCTOR: That's right, and if you want my opinion, there's another of their colony right here beneath us.
JO: Well, something seems to have woken them up.

(JO goes to pour herself a mug of tea.)

DOCTOR: Probably the rebuilding of this fort.
JO: But I thought you said they lived in caves?
DOCTOR: Well, this is a different species - completely adapted to life underwater.
JO: And they've been sinking this ships?
DOCTOR: Very likely.

(She rejoins him with her tea.)

JO: Why? I mean, why are they so hostile? What have we done to them.
DOCTOR: Well, they still think of Earth as their planet, Jo, and they want it back. As far as they're concerned, man is just an ape who got above himself.

(The DOCTOR finishes his re-work.)

DOCTOR: Right, I think that should do it. Let's have another go.

(He again picks up the speaker and the aerial wire and switches the apparatus on.)

DOCTOR: (Into radio.) Hello, hello, Mayday, Mayday, Mayday! This is, er, this, erm, this is... (To JO.) What is this? What's our callsign?

(JO goes to where the original radio set was and reads a notice on the wall.)

JO: Oscar Bravo Tango Seven Four.
DOCTOR: (Into radio.) Hello, Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, this is Oscar Bravo Tango Seven Four. We are stranded on this fort and have a wounded man here. Can you send immediate assistance? Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Over.

(The DOCTOR switches the microphone off. There is a slight crackle of static from the speaker.)

JO: Doctor, you don't think you'll get through to anybody on that old lash-up, do you?


HELICOPTER PILOT: (OOV: Over radio.) Hello, Oscar Bravo Tango, I am receiving you, loud and clear. I am about to land, over.

(The sound of an approaching helicopter is heard. JO hugs the DOCTOR.)

JO: It worked!

(She runs from the room.)

DOCTOR: (Into radio.) Hello, Oscar Bravo Tango speaking - who are you? Who are you? Over.


(JO runs to the window, looks out and sees the helicopter.)

JO: It's a helicopter!


(The DOCTOR looks with pride over his set-up. He picks up the speaker unit)

DOCTOR: Yes, well, though I say so myself, I think that's a remarkably efficient piece of work!

(A small flash rips through the set. The DOCTOR drops the piece and puts a rueful face in his hand.)


(TRENCHARD walks into the MASTER'S room with a guard who is carrying a large cardboard box. The MASTER is reading a book again.)

TRENCHARD: (To the guard.) Right, put it over there.

(The guard puts the box on the table.)

TRENCHARD: (To the MASTER.) Here we are then.
MASTER: Splendid!

(He gets up and goes to the box as the guard leaves the room.)

TRENCHARD: Er, none too easy, you know - getting hold of something like this at a moments notice. Had to send one of my chaps to the mainland. Said it was for theatricals.
MASTER: Ha! How very ingenious.
TRENCHARD: Nothing to it. Just have to use the old loaf, you know. When do we leave?

(The MASTER has placed a naval officer's hat on his head from the box.)

MASTER: As soon as possible.


(JANE BLYTHE finishes another phone call and puts the receiver down as HART enters the room with the returned DOCTOR and JO.)

CAPTAIN HART: How can I go to the Admiralty with a story like that? Sea Devils! If only you had some proof.
JO: What about the two men on the fort? One of them was killed but the other one saw the creature.

(HART and BLYTHE give each other a look. HART gives his secretary an instruction...)

CAPTAIN HART: Yes, get on to sickbay, will you? See if he's conscious yet.

(JANE carries out the request and picks up the phone.)

3RD OFFICER JANE BLYTHE: (Into phone.) Sickbay, please. Oh hello, Captain Hart's secretary...

(Across the room, the DOCTOR starts to harangue HART again.)

DOCTOR: Even you must admit that something happened on that fort!
CAPTAIN HART: Well, perhaps one of them went berserk and...attacked the other one.
JO: But we saw it too - remember.
CAPTAIN HART: You may...

(JANE comes over to them, having finished her call.)

CAPTAIN HART: Well, Blythe?
3RD OFFICER JANE BLYTHE: He's still delirious...and he's babbling something about Sea Devils.

(HART looks shocked.)


(A minimoke from the prison approaches the gate to the naval base. It is driven by one of the guards with TRENCHARD in the passenger seat. They both hold up passes to the ratings who open the gate. The minimoke drives in.)


(The minimoke drives into a parking space. TRENCHARD and the guard get out.)

TRENCHARD: You can go to the Petty Officer's mess. I'll send for you later.
CASTLE GUARD: Very good, sir.

(The guard moves off. TRENCHARD looks round to make sure that they are unobserved, knocks on the side of the vehicle and then walks away. A minute after he has gone, a blanket in the rear of the minimoke is thrown back and the MASTER, complete in senior naval officer's uniform, looks up. Seeing that the coast is clear, he gets out, straightening his jacket. Some distance off, TRENCHARD glances back but then carries on. A squad of ratings, escorted by their officer, march past.)

NAVAL OFFICER: Squad, eye's right!

(The squad carries out the command and the MASTER salutes them.)

NAVAL OFFICER: Eye's front!

(The MASTER watches them go with a satisfied smile on his face...)

NAVAL OFFICER: About...turn!

(...and then walks off into the base, saluting more ratings as he goes.)

NAVAL OFFICER: Squad, halt!


(An impatient CAPTAIN HART is taking an unwelcome phone call.)

CAPTAIN HART: (Into phone.) Well did he say why he wanted to see me? (He listens.) Oh, all right, you'd better send him up.

(HART puts the phone down, sits and resumes his conversation with an equally impatient DOCTOR.)

CAPTAIN HART: All right then, Doctor, let's assume that I accept the existence of these...Sea Devils - what do you want me to do?
DOCTOR: Well, to begin with, we must make every effort to make contact with them.
CAPTAIN HART: But you claim that they're responsible for sinking the ships.
DOCTOR: It may still be possible to find a peaceful solution. We're not dealing with animals, Captain Hart, we're dealing with intelligent beings!

(There is a knock on the door and TRENCHARD walks in.)

TRENCHARD: Have you got a minute, old chap?

(JANE BLYTHE takes his hat.)

TRENCHARD: Thanks very much. (To HART.) Want a word with you about the golf tournament.

(Suddenly he sees the DOCTOR and JO. He slightly loses his composure.)

TRENCHARD: Good heavens!
DOCTOR: Colonel Trenchard.
TRENCHARD: Ah, Doctor.

(He takes JO'S hand in an oily grasp as if to pat it.)

TRENCHARD: Miss Grant, er, thought you two'd left the island yesterday?

(JO recovers her hand.)

JO: Well, we didn't quite manage to get away.
TRENCHARD: Taking a look round the island? (To the DOCTOR.) Charming spot, isn't it?

(HART coughs significantly.)

TRENCHARD: Er, sorry to bother you, John, old man, but it's about the weekend. We are rather relying on you, you know?
CAPTAIN HART: Well, of course, I'll do my best but if we get a bit of a flap on, then...
TRENCHARD: (Interrupts.) That's just what I was thinking, so perhaps it would be as well if I arranged to have a reserve standing by.

(The DOCTOR, barely keeping his temper, interrupts acidly...)

DOCTOR: Yes, why don't you do that, Colonel?! Captain Hart is likely to be very busy from now on.

(He storms across the room and starts looking over the transparent chart.)

CAPTAIN HART: Yes, life is rather full at the moment, George.

(TRENCHARD refuses to take the hint and perseveres, much to his audiences' annoyance...)

TRENCHARD: Exactly! So as I was passing, I just thought old John's going to pretty tied up with all these ship's sinking...
TRENCHARD: it fair to ask him to play golf in the middle of something like this? So I said to myself "What I'll do is - I'll just drop by and sound him out". You see, time's getting short and I've got to get cracking...


(The MASTER enters the stores. He checks that no-one is around and then goes behind the counter where the packed shelves are. He starts to look over the labels on the boxes and packages, taking selected items. He returns to the counter and starts to put the items in a sack. As he does so, someone enters the room - the middle-aged uniformed figure of C.P.O. SMEDLEY. He stands to attention when he sees the MASTER, who carries on regardless.)

C.P.O. SMEDLEY: I'm sorry, sir, but should I know you?
MASTER: You certainly should, chief. Had you not been warned of my coming?
C.P.O. SMEDLEY: No, I'm afraid not, sir.
MASTER: Special audit, Ministry of Defence.
C.P.O. SMEDLEY: (Puzzled.) Special audit, sir?
MASTER: Yes, the items in this bag here are defective. Did you realise that you were carrying defective supplies here, Chief?
C.P.O. SMEDLEY: Look, I'm sorry, sir, but do you mind if I see your pass, please?
MASTER: Captain Hart's preparing it right now. He'll be bringing it down right away.
C.P.O. SMEDLEY: I see, sir. Well then, you won't mind if I just phone and double check then, will you?

(He goes to a phone on the counter.)

MASTER: What exactly are you suggesting?
C.P.O. SMEDLEY: I'm not suggesting anything, sir. I'm just obeying orders.
MASTER: (Shouts.) You will obey my order, Chief Petty Officer!
C.P.O. SMEDLEY: Your order, sir?

(The MASTER turns his hypnotic stare on the C.P.O.)

MASTER: You will obey have seen my pass and it is quite correct...
C.P.O. SMEDLEY: Your pass...?
MASTER: You have seen my pass...

(SMEDLEY, fast coming under the hypnotic influence, shakes his head to dispel the effect.)

C.P.O. SMEDLEY: No, I've gotta phone and check!

(He picks up the phone but before he can take any action, the MASTER gives him a vicious chop to the back of the neck. SMEDLEY slumps to the ground. The MASTER replaces the handset, picks up his sack of parts and heads for the door.)


(TRENCHARD'S diversion continues, despite HART'S best efforts.)

CAPTAIN HART: Now, don't worry, George. If I can't make the tournament, I'll let you know in plenty of time.
TRENCHARD: Yes, but you do understand?

(JO looks at the DOCTOR who is barely restraining himself.)

TRENCHARD: I don't want you to feel under any pressure about this. If you want to drop out, I suppose I could rope in old Harry.
CAPTAIN HART: Well, perhaps that's for the best. Now, if you don't mind, George...?

(HART tries to lead him to the door but TRENCHARD gently pulls him back.)

TRENCHARD: At the same time, I don't want you to miss your game. (Laughs.) I mean we...we'd much rather have you - if you can manage it.
CAPTAIN HART: Well, I'll do my best. (Meaningfully.) Now, goodbye, George.

(He opens his office door for his visitor to leave.)

TRENCHARD: Yes, yes, of course, I...see how busy you are.

(TRENCHARD crosses to the DOCTOR and JO.)

TRENCHARD: Staying down here much longer, Doctor?
DOCTOR: It entirely depends how long it takes me to conclude my business. Good day, Colonel.
TRENCHARD: Yes, yes, of course, I...mustn't hold you up. Er, goodbye, Miss Grant. It's been a great pleasure to see you again.

(He holds out his hand for JO but she pointedly doesn't take it.)

JO: Goodbye, Colonel.
TRENCHARD: (Embarrassed.) Well, I'll, er... (Coughs.) I'll be pushing off then. Oh, thanks very much.
CAPTAIN HART: I'll be in touch, George.

(TRENCHARD finally leaves and HART closes the door after him. JO gives a sign of relief and crosses to the window, looking out across the base.)

CAPTAIN HART: Now then, Doctor, where were we?
DOCTOR: Where were we indeed? Ship's must be kept away from this area.
CAPTAIN HART: Doctor, those are major shipping lanes. We'd have protests from all over the world.
DOCTOR: You'll have even bigger protests if ships go on sinking.
CAPTAIN HART: And even if we do declare it a prohibited area, how are we going to enforce it?


(At the window, look of total surprise appears on JO'S face.)

CAPTAIN HART: (OOV: Inside office.) You know what happens in the English Channel - Trinity House marker buoys are ignored half the time.

DOCTOR: (OOV: Inside office.) You'll just have to patrol the area, won't you?

(Down below her, she sees the MASTER, in his full naval uniform, walking freely through the base.)

CAPTAIN HART: (OOV: Inside office.) What are we supposed to do___.


DOCTOR: ...realise how how dangerous...

(JO spins round from the window.)

JO: Doctor!
JO: Doctor, come here!
DOCTOR: Jo, please! Not now!
CAPTAIN HART: (To the DOCTOR.) Don't you believe it...
JO: Doctor, it's the Master!

(He runs to the window.)


DOCTOR: (Inside office.) Where?
JO: (Inside office.) Down...

(She looks to where she saw him, but he has now gone and the area below is empty.)

JO: But it was him! Look, I know it was!

(The DOCTOR looks at her...)


(...and turns back to HART.)

DOCTOR: Captain Hart, I suggest that you order a full security alert immediately.

(The phone rings and JANE BLYTHE answers it.)

CAPTAIN HART: Would you mind telling me what this is all about?!
DOCTOR: Miss Grant has just seen a very dangerous criminal in your base!
CAPTAIN HART: Doctor, I've been very patient with you, but if thought...

(JANE BLYTHE interrupts him with the message from the phone call.)

3RD OFFICER JANE BLYTHE: Sir, someone's been found unconscious in the sonar stores.
DOCTOR: (To JO.) Come on!


(The minimoke, driven by the castle guard with TRENCHARD and the MASTER as seen and unseen passengers respectively, approach the main gate. The guard and TRENCHARD hold up their passes and the barrier is opened. The vehicle passes out and as it does so, a wailing siren echoes around the bass. Rating's run from the guard room, throwing rifles to their compatriots as the minimoke drives away from the base.)


(SMEDLEY is sat on a chair in the stores, rubbing his neck as HART, the DOCTOR and JO stand over him.)

C.P.O. SMEDLEY: (Groggily.) I don't know. He...he was taking equipment, sir. Said he was...doing some special audit. Well, I went to phone up to check and that's when he hit me.
DOCTOR: What did this officer look like?
C.P.O. SMEDLEY: About my height, he...he was dark and...and he had a short beard.
JO: (To the DOCTOR.) You see - the Master.
CAPTAIN HART: (Impatiently.) Who is the Master?
JO: How did he get in here? He's supposed to be locked up.
DOCTOR: Trenchard.
JO: What?
DOCTOR: Well don't you see? He arrived just before this happened...and he left just a few moments ago.
JO: Of course! All that silly talk about a golf tournament.
CAPTAIN HART: Are you suggesting that George Trenchard is mixed up in all this?
DOCTOR: Yes, I certainly am. Captain Hart, can you lend me some transport?
CAPTAIN HART: Well, of course I can, but what's it all about?
DOCTOR: No time to explain now. Come on, Jo.

(They leave the stores.)


(A naval jeep, driven by the DOCTOR with JO as a passenger, pulls up at the castle. They get out, show their passes to the guards and enter.)


(Inside his office, TRENCHARD is practicing his golf putt into a glass on its side. There is a knock on the door.)

TRENCHARD: In conference!

(His command is ignored by the DOCTOR who bursts in.)

DOCTOR: Colonel Trenchard!
TRENCHARD: Hello, old chap? What are you doing here?
DOCTOR: I've reason to believe that your prisoner has escaped.
TRENCHARD: Nonsense!
DOCTOR: It is?
TRENCHARD: See for yourself.

(He crosses to the venetian monitor and switches it on. The view is much the same as before - the MASTER sat in a chair reading.)

TRENCHARD: There you are, you see? Safe and sound.
JO: Well he may be here now, but half-an-hour ago he was at the naval base.
TRENCHARD: Impossible. Be a case of mistaken identity.

(The DOCTOR stares intently at him in a battle of wills.)

TRENCHARD: Er, I'll tell you what though, I'll...I'll go and check the guards myself.
DOCTOR: Yes, you do that.

(TRENCHARD walks out of his office and shuts the door behind him. The DOCTOR looks at JO and gives a nod of his head. She takes the hint and looks into the corridor while he crosses to a phone. JO comes back.)

JO: (Whispers.) All clear.

(The DOCTOR picks up the phone.)

DOCTOR: Try and get an outside line.

(The DOCTOR taps the cradle of the phone, puts it down and tries another.)

DOCTOR: No, they're both completely dead. Now listen, Jo, I want you to take the jeep, go down to the naval base and call UNIT. Tell them that Colonel Trenchard and his entire staff are to replaced immediately.
JO: But, Doctor...
DOCTOR: (Interrupts.) No "buts", Jo, just do as I ask!
JO: What about you?
DOCTOR: Now, don't worry about me. I'll stay here and keep an eye on him. Now, you hurry.


(In the MASTER'S room, TRENCHARD is starting to lose his composure...)

TRENCHARD: But the girl saw you!
MASTER: Oh, it could only have been a fleeting glimpse. Convince her that she was mistaken.
TRENCHARD: I tell you, they don't believe me. The Doctor knows.
MASTER: Very well, in that case, suggest to the Doctor that he come down here and see me for himself.
TRENCHARD: What's the good of that?
MASTER: I'll tell him exactly what we're doing. I'll convince him to keep quiet.
TRENCHARD: Could you?
MASTER: Yes, yes. But I must see him alone. I don't want any guards. You leave everything to me. I'll put the Doctor's mind at rest.
TRENCHARD: All right.

(He heads for the door.)

TRENCHARD: I suppose it's worth a try.

(He leaves the room. Immediately, the MASTER goes to a chair which he stands on and starts to remove a small grille on the wall. Behind it is the security camera. The MASTER puts a black cloth over the camera, puts the grille back and climbs down. He presses a bell button next to his bathroom door and sits in his chair with his book. A second later, his door opens and a guard enters.)

MASTER: Ah, I think there's something wrong with the air-conditioning in. Now, that grille seems to be blocked.

(As the guard turns and looks up at the indicated grille, the MASTER comes up behind him and clubs him down with a doubled fist on the back of the neck. The MASTER is about to remove the collapsed guard's pistol when he spots a dagger in a sheath which he removes.)


(The DOCTOR ties a blindfold round his head and places the golf ball on the floor. TRENCHARD enters.)

TRENCHARD: I've seen the guards. Everything's in perfect order...

(The DOCTOR putts the ball and it shoots across the carpet and enters the glass.)

TRENCHARD: Bless my soul!

(TRENCHARD looks in shock at the DOCTOR as he takes the blindfold off.)

DOCTOR: You were saying, Colonel?

(TRENCHARD realises that someone is missing...)

TRENCHARD: Where's Miss Grant?
DOCTOR: Oh, she's gone back to the naval base.
TRENCHARD: Oh, I see. Look here, old chap, if you're worried, I suggest you go and see the prisoner yourself.
DOCTOR: Oh, I've just seen him.
TRENCHARD: (Worried.) What?
DOCTOR: Yes, on there.

(He indicates the monitor.)

TRENCHARD: (Relieved.) Oh! Yes, quite, but, er, if you're in any doubt, I'd sooner you interrogated the man yourself, er, you know the way, don't you?

(He opens his door.)

DOCTOR: If you insist.

(The DOCTOR leaves and TRENCHARD rushes to his phone which is now working.)

TRENCHARD: (Into phone.) Trenchard here. There is a Miss Grant on her way down to you. She is not to leave!


(The DOCTOR walks down the passage to the MASTER'S room. He sees that there is no guard outside and that the door is open. He cautiously enters the room and stands in the doorway.)


(The MASTER is sat in his chair with a newspaper.)

MASTER: Why, Doctor? So you came for a chat.
DOCTOR: Been out for a little jaunt, have you?
MASTER: I beg your pardon?
DOCTOR: Why did you go to the naval stores and steal those electronic spares?

(The MASTER gives a quiet laugh and stands up.)

MASTER: How could I possibly go anywhere? You know very well that I'm a prisoner.
DOCTOR: You've got some sort of hold over Colonel Trenchard. What's going on?
MASTER: I can see that I shall have to tell you everything.

(He whips out the guard's gun from under his newspaper. The DOCTOR looks at it for a moment.)

DOCTOR: Good afternoon!

(He pulls the door shut between him and the MASTER who runs over to the metal barrier, listens, and then slowly leaves the room with the gun raised.)


(The DOCTOR is stood to one side of the doorway, his back pressed against a wall. He kicks out a long leg, and with it, the gun from the MASTER'S hand. The MASTER reaches on the wall behind him where there is a small rack of fencing swords and takes one.)

DOCTOR: Like that is it?

(He grabs another sword from a similar rack. The two immediately cross swords and battle commences. There is a furious clash of metal but both men prove expert in the art. They reach the point where the two blades are pressed against each other in a trial of strength but the DOCTOR wins and pushes his opponent back onto the floor and then uses the diversion to dive through an archway behind a curtain. The MASTER recovers and starts to slash at the curtain. The DOCTOR comes out from another archway and nonchalantly watches the MASTER'S efforts.)

DOCTOR: I wouldn't do that if I were you. That's government property.

(The MASTER spins round in anger. The two men clash swords again. This time, the MASTER grabs the DOCTOR'S fencing wrist and pushes him back into the cell.)


(The DOCTOR lands on the table in the centre of the room. He manages to dodge out of the way before the MASTER'S sword comes crashing down and dodges back the other way before the sword comes down again. He then recovers his feet. The DOCTOR then crashes his sword down and knocks the MASTER'S sword from his hand. The DOCTOR holds his own sword against the MASTER'S chest, sits on the table and grabs a sandwich from a plate with his free hand.)

DOCTOR: I always find that...violent exercise makes me hungry. Don't you agree?
MASTER: Then you'd better enjoy your meal, because it might be your last!
DOCTOR: Oh, you think so?

(The DOCTOR, confident of having the better skills, uses his own sword to throw the MASTER'S sword back into his opponent's hands. There is another furious clash which sends the DOCTOR back and falling into the chair. The MASTER rushes at his downed adversary and the two men grab sword wrists.)

MASTER: You're good, Doctor, but you're not good enough!
DOCTOR: Ah, but you haven't seen the quality of my footwork yet!

(The DOCTOR brings up his left leg and uses it to push the MASTER back, over the table, and falling badly to the floor. He grimaces in pain as the DOCTOR gets to his feet, holding both the swords. He looks down at the MASTER and tuts.)

DOCTOR: How many times have I told you? Violence'll never get you anywhere.

(He turns his back on the MASTER, who gets to his feet, takes out the concealed dagger that he stole from the guard and throws it at the DOCTOR'S back...)

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