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MORGAN: (Shouts.) Take cover!

(The IMC men dive for the safety of some packing cases and firing commences. The room is filled with the sound of shots and it is a colonist on the staircase who is the first to fall. Several shots from WINTON avenges him as an IMC man falls. CALDWELL, stood to one side of the entrance door, is the only one not firing. WINTON suddenly retreats from the battle and moves towards the back of the dome, intent on some new purpose. As the battle continues, the DOCTOR and JO run out of the dining hall and into the safety of the radio pen. The DOCTOR directs JO to stand behind the door of the pen.)

DOCTOR: Now you stay here! I've got to try and stop this senseless killing somehow!

(The MASTER steps forward, a gun in his hand. The DOCTOR and JO jump at the sound of his voice.)

MASTER: It won't do any good, Doctor. They just won't listen to you. It's always the innocent bystanders who suffer.
DOCTOR: And what's that supposed to mean?
MASTER: I'm afraid you're both about to become the victims of stray bullets!

(His raises his gun and points it at the defenseless pair but ASHE suddenly appears outside the doorway to the pen.)

ASHE: Winton! Winton!

(The MASTER quickly drops his gun to his side as ASHE spots him and runs into the pen.)

ASHE: (To the MASTER.) You've got to stop this!
DOCTOR: I agree. Don't you agree, Adjudicator?
ASHE: You must do something.

(Meanwhile, WINTON has made his way out of a back entrance to the dome and now appears in the main doorway behind DENT. He places his rifle against DENT'S back.)

WINTON: Tell your men to surrender.

(DENT hesitates.)

WINTON: Tell them!

(DENT drops his own handgun and raises his hands.)

DENT: Drop your guns!

(The IMC men follow his example and stand with hands raised. The colonists step forward and collect their weapons.)


WINTON: Now take them away and keep them under guard.

(The colonists start to lead the IMC men into the dome.)


(WINTON is left with one colonist.)

WINTON: Right, take some men. Get over to the IMC spaceship and lock the rest of the crew in their quarters.

(The man nods and runs off out away from the dome.)


(The DOCTOR and his party emerge from the radio pen. JO and MARY look over the dead and wounded who remain.)

JO: Let's go and see if we can help with the wounded.

(They run off as WINTON walks in triumph up to ASHE, the DOCTOR and the MASTER.)

WINTON: Well, we've done it.
ASHE: You've made us look like criminals! You do realize that, don't you?
DOCTOR: You seem to have achieved a temporary victory, young man. What do you think is gonna happen next?
WINTON: Now we declare this planet's independence. I'm sure that some people from Earth would want to join us.
MASTER: (Contemptuously.) What, join you in starvation on this miserable planet?

(WINTON and another COLONIST with him look at the MASTER with indignation.)

WINTON: We no longer need your services here, sir. (To the colonist.) Escort the Adjudicator back to his spaceship.

(The COLONIST nods and steps forward but...)

MASTER: I think you do need my services.
MASTER: Unless you want Earth to send a space fleet to wipe you out, you need someone to adjudicate for you.
ASHE: Then you are willing to help us?
MASTER: Yes, I am.

(He steps towards an impassive looking WINTON with his full authoritative air back in place.)

MASTER: Mind you, I think that you've acted very...foolishly, but...I've been impressed by your courage and determination. Now, Ashe and I have had what could be a very fruitful discussion.
WINTON: What discussion? You'd already decided against us.
MASTER: Well it appears that this planet of yours has some claim to preservation on the grounds of historical interest. Now, if I could investigate those claims, things could be very different.
WINTON: Investigate?
MASTER: Yes. I should like to go to the Primitive City.

(The DOCTOR has heard enough. He speaks urgently to ASHE.)

DOCTOR: I urge you not to trust this man - he's an imposter!
ASHE: My dear Doctor, how can you possibly know that?
DOCTOR: I tell you that he's not the Adjudicator! If he wants to go to the Primitive City, it's for some purpose of his own.

(The MASTER turns to him.)

MASTER: Can you substantiate these accusations?

(The DOCTOR looks uncomfortable as he searches for an answer, then...)

DOCTOR: Why don't you check his credentials with Earth?

(He steps up towards the DOCTOR.)

MASTER: Talking of credentials, might we see yours?
DOCTOR: Don't be absurd!
MASTER: (To ASHE.) I understand this man is not one of your colonists?
ASHE: Well, no, he just... "arrived" here.
MASTER: Does anybody know who he is? Where he came from? Has he in fact given a proper account of himself?

(ASHE and WINTON look at each other, their suspicions of the DOCTOR growing.)

MASTER: Exactly. Well now, gentlemen, I think we can continue our discussion...uninterrupted.

(He smiles and walks through the radio pen back towards ASHE'S office.)

ASHE: I'm sorry, Doctor.

(ASHE follows the MASTER. The DOCTOR goes up to WINTON as JO comes down the staircase.)

DOCTOR: I repeat - do not trust that man!
WINTON: Doctor, at present I have no reason to trust either of you. All I'm worried about is getting Dent and his friends off this planet.

(WINTON walks off out of the dome. JO goes up to a pensive DOCTOR.)

JO: Doctor, what's happening?
DOCTOR: The Master has them eating out of his hand.
JO: Did you tell them who he really was?
DOCTOR: I tried to.
JO: And they didn't believe you?
DOCTOR: No, why should they? I've got to get some real evidence.
JO: Huh, where do we find that?
DOCTOR: In his TARDIS, perhaps?
JO: I didn't see the Master's horse box here?
DOCTOR: My dear Jo, a TARDIS can change its shape, you know. He changed his to look like the Adjudicator's spaceship.
JO: How do we get in?

(The DOCTOR holds up a key.)

DOCTOR: With this. Don't you remember? When the Master first came to Earth, I got a hold of the key to his TARDIS. I always thought it might come in useful.

(JO smiles.)


(The door to the control room opens and WINTON leads the IMC men in with other colonists escorting them from the back.)

WINTON: Come on, move!
COLONIST: In you go! Go on! In!
WINTON: Right, you're leaving! Your arms and ammunition are in our hands. Start getting ready for take-off.
DENT: (Coldly.) And when we get back to Earth, I'll send a fleet to wipe you out.
WINTON: Oh, don't be too sure. The adjudicator's changed his decision. He's on our side now.
MORGAN: (Shouts.) You're lying! Why should he?!
WINTON: You'll see. (Harshly.) Now get off this planet!

(WINTON and his men walk out. CALDWELL has a barely concealed smile.)

CALDWELL: Well, you seem to have lost this one, Dent.
DENT: Not yet. Caldwell, go and release the guards. Morgan, contact Earth. I want a check on this Adjudicator - priority red-one.

(MORGAN moves to the radio.)

CALDWELL: Why? What's the use?
DENT: I gave you an order, Caldwell.

(CALDWELL, still smiling, moves off. The radio set bleeps before MORGAN can use it. He switches it in.)

MORGAN: (Into radio.) IMC spaceship?
WINTON: (OOV: Over radio.) By the way, Captain Dent, I've taken some explosive from your store and placed it under your ship. Unless you take off immediately, it will be detonated. Winton out.

(The radio goes dead. DENT is as cold as ever but a note of admiration creeps into his voice.)

DENT: A very resourceful young man.
MORGAN: He's bluffing.
DENT: I don't think so.
MORGAN: (Shocked.) You're giving in!

(DENT stares at MORGAN but doesn't answer.)


(The doors to the MASTER'S TARDIS buzz open and the DOCTOR and JO stand on the threshold.)

JO: You're right, Doctor. It is a TARDIS.
DOCTOR: Yes. A slightly more advanced model, actually.

(The two step slowly forward but the DOCTOR hears a bleeping noise.)

DOCTOR: Jo, stop. Don't move.

(He takes his sonic screwdriver out of his pocket and switches it on. A low droning buzzing emits from it.)

DOCTOR: There's an alarm beam here somewhere. Now move back very slowly one pace.

(JO does so.)

DOCTOR: Now stand quite still.

(He reaches forward with the sonic screwdriver. The buzzing noise it emits increases in tone.)

DOCTOR: There it is.

(He lowers his arm towards the ground. A tiny red light in a photoelectric cell shines out of a small hole in the lower part of one of the doors.)

DOCTOR: This doesn't give us much room to get under - about a foot. Right, get very flat, on the ground.

(The two lie down, the DOCTOR on his side and JO on her back.)

DOCTOR: All right?
JO: Yeah.
DOCTOR: Quite flat.

(The two start to shuffle into the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: ___ That's it - wriggle away. That's it. Well done.

(They have almost made it past the door. JO gasps with the uncomfortable movement.)

DOCTOR: Well done, come on. Come on, Right, stay there. Stay there.

(Seeing that they have gone beyond the reach of the door, he gets to his feet.)

DOCTOR: Right, give me your hand.

(The DOCTOR pulls her to her feet.)

DOCTOR: Good, well done Jo. Right, let's see what we can find before the Master gets back.


(The IMC spaceship hangs in orbit above the bleak orb of Uxarieus.)


(The planet appears on a large wall monitor watched by DENT and MORGAN in their command chairs.)

DENT: Maintain parking orbit.

(MORGAN presses a switch near to his chair.)

MORGAN: Parking orbit stabilized.

(There is the sudden noise of a signal.)

MORGAN: Message from Earth control.
DENT: Get it, Morgan.

(MORGAN gets up and crosses to where a teleprinter type machine is busy chattering away. The print out shows a couple of messages of text underneath a photograph of a man dressed in a similar collar to the elaborate one the MASTER wore earlier. DENT and CALDWELL follow MORGAN.)

MORGAN: It's that identification check you wanted on the Adjudicator.
CALDWELL: Well, that can't be much help now, can it?

(MORGAN rips off the paper and passes it to DENT.)

DENT: It might.

(DENT looks at the photograph.)

DENT: Whoever that man is, down on that planet, he isn't the Adjudicator.
MORGAN: Well, you'd better contact Earth!
DENT: And admit we've been made fools of? We'll handle this ourselves. Prepare to go into...landing orbit.

(MORGAN smiles and goes to carry out the order.)


(The decor of the interior of the MASTER'S TARDIS is slightly different to that of the DOCTOR'S. In the middle wall are two large upright tube-like capsules. On the left-hand wall are a series of filing cabinets and it is these that the DOCTOR and JO are rifling through now, pulling out file after file. The DOCTOR shows interest in one of the files.)

JO: What is it?

(JO joins him.)

DOCTOR: It's a mineralogical survey report about this planet.
JO: Do you think he's after that duralinium stuff like the IMC people?
DOCTOR: (Correcting JO.) Duralinium.

(JO moves off to another cabinet.)

DOCTOR: There's a lot of other survey reports here too. He's visited a lot of planets recently. He must be looking for something.

(JO pulls out a small plastic wallet from her cabinet. It contains a color photograph of the man pictured on the IMC report.)

JO: Doctor, look. These must be the real adjudicator's credentials.

(The DOCTOR comes and takes it from her.)

DOCTOR: Ah ha. Now that's more like it. Well done, Jo. I'll look after these if you don't mind.
JO: Aren't you going to show those credentials to Ashe?
DOCTOR: Yes, of course I am. But I'd like to find out why the Master came to this planet.

(He turns back to his cabinet. JO gets nervous and moves over to the door to look outside.)

JO: Oh, Doctor. Do come on.

(She inadvertently crosses the alarm beam...)


(The MASTER rushes into ASHE'S empty office and shuts the door. He takes a small flat round bleeping device out of his pocket and sits at the desk. He opens the device, the bottom half of which is a small screen showing what is taking place inside his TARDIS. The door to the office opens and ASHE walks in with a large map.)

ASHE: Well, this is the last of our...
MASTER: (Interrupting.) Just a minute, Ashe.

(The MASTER closes the device and lowers it out of view of the colonist. He presses a large red button on the lid of the device.)


(Inside the TARDIS, a wall port opens and gas starts to quietly emit. JO is still stood in the doorway and calls over to the DOCTOR who is absorbed in a file.)

JO: Doctor, please hurry up! The Master might come back.
DOCTOR: I'm coming, Jo.

(He looks up and sees where she is standing.)

DOCTOR: Jo, you're standing in the alarm beam!

(JO gasps and rushes back in. Suddenly, the gas starts to affect her and she starts to cough.)

JO: Doctor...I can't breathe...!

(The DOCTOR also starts to cough as the doors to the TARDIS close. The DOCTOR looks round and sees the wall port.)


(He staggers over to it but collapses before he can reach it. JO also falls to the ground.)


(The MASTER is still sat at the desk as ASHE shows him the map.)

ASHE: This is the area surrounding the Primitive city.
MASTER: But you have no map of the City itself?
ASHE: Well, we never go there. It's too dangerous.
MASTER: So really, nobody knows exactly what's in there?
ASHE: Oh yes, the Doctor does.
MASTER: (Surprised.) Why did he go there?
ASHE: He went to get Jo Grant. The Primitives had taken her. Err, shall I go and get him for you?
MASTER: No, no. That won't be necessary.

(The MASTER gets up.)

MASTER: I think I know where he is.

(He walks out of the office.)


(The IMC ship is on a descent back to the planet. DENT and MORGAN are back in the command chairs.)

DENT: Keep main retrorockets steady.
MORGAN: Thirty meters - descent rate at minimum.
DENT: Activate landing stabilizers.

(The rocky wastes of a range of hills appear on the wall monitor.)

MORGAN: Landing stabilizers in position.
DENT: Report on altitude.

(The noise of the ship increases as it comes in to land.)

MORGAN: Twenty meters...fifteen meters...

(On the monitor, dust is thrown up as the ship reaches the ground.)


(MORGAN and DENT brace themselves...)


(The ship judders as it lands.)

MORGAN: We have contact.
DENT: Cut motors.

(They relax as MORGAN activates controls. DENT and MORGAN get up and step down into the main body of the control room where CALDWELL is sat. DENT speaks into the intercom.)

DENT: (Into microphone.) Send in the security guard leaders.

(He switches off the intercom.)

DENT: We have no time to waste.
CALDWELL: Suppose the colonists are waiting for you?
MORGAN: They won't be.
CALDWELL: They could have seen us come down.
DENT: Impossible. We've landed on the other side of a range of hills.
MORGAN: That's why we landed here.

(The door to the room hums open and three helmeted security guards enter the room. They stand in line as DENT addresses them.)

DENT: We've landed approximately fifty kilometers from the colonists' main dome.
MORGAN: We can be there is two and a half hours. It'll be dark by then.
DENT: Thank you Morgan. You've been defeated and disarmed by a group of farmers. Now is your chance to wipe out this black mark on your records.

(CALDWELL is lounging in a chair behind DENT.)

CALDWELL: (Cynically.) That's very inspiring.
DENT: Your reputation's at stake as well, Caldwell.

(DENT turns back to the guards.)

DENT: Our objective is a simple one - to avenge our humiliation and put paid to these colonists.
CALDWELL: But just remember - they've got the guns.

(DENT turns and gives CALDWELL his coldest stare. CALDWELL tries to return the look but soon lowers his eyes.)


(The DOCTOR still lies unconscious on the floor of the MASTER'S TARDIS. Its owner places a small gas mask over the DOCTOR'S face. There is a hiss of gas and the DOCTOR starts to come round.)

MASTER: Well, Doctor, still pursuing burglary, eh? Hmm! You know, when you stole my dematerialization circuit, I decided to build in a few precautions. (He laughs.)

(He gets up and goes over to JO who lies still on the other side of the room. The DOCTOR, somewhat weakened, turns over and looks towards his companion. He watches as the MASTER picks her up and cradles her head.)

DOCTOR: What have you done...what have you done to her this time?
MASTER: The same as I did to you - a simple sleep gas. Mind you, I could just have easily used a lethal one.
DOCTOR: What stopped you?
MASTER: I want to use your services as a guide, Doctor. You're going to take me to the Primitive City.
DOCTOR: What do you want there?
MASTER: That's no concern of yours - but you will do what I ask?
DOCTOR: I take it that Miss Grant is to be held here as a hostage.

(The MASTER laughs quietly.)

DOCTOR: You know, you really are most unimaginative.
MASTER: Ah, tried and true methods are the best.

(He holds the gas mask near to JO.)

MASTER: Well, Doctor?

(The DOCTOR looks downwards realizing that he is beaten for now.)


(ASHE is still looking over the map. WINTON, his rifle slung over his shoulder, enters the room.)

WINTON: Where's the Adjudicator? It's time we sent him back to Earth.

(ASHE'S manner is cold with WINTON.)

ASHE: I don't know.
WINTON: Where is he Ashe?
ASHE: I think he went to see the Doctor.
WINTON: There's no sign of either of them. Now what are they up to?
ASHE: Oh, perhaps they went to the Adjudicators spaceship.
WINTON: I've just radioed to it and there's no reply.

(ASHE looks at WINTON but then continues to look over the map, showing that he is not interested in WINTON'S problems. WINTON walks over to where a collection of IMC weapons have been dumped.)

WINTON: When are you going to issue these IMC guns to our people?
ASHE: I'm not.
WINTON: I want these guns issued, Ashe!
ASHE: Those monsters were faked and the IMC men have gone. Those are military weapons. We don't need them.
WINTON: What if the Earth government send troops?
ASHE: (Shouts.) If the Adjudicator helps us, it should never come to that!

(WINTON realizes not to push the argument further.)

WINTON: Very well. I'll go and check up on the guards.

(He leaves the office. ASHE slams the desk in anger.)


(WINTON walks through the entrance hall to the outside where two COLONISTS, supposedly on watch, lounge in the doorway.)

WINTON: Yes, well try not to nod off altogether! We've still got the Primitives to worry about, you know.

(He storms off into the night. One COLONIST calls after him.)

COLONIST: You worry too much, Winton.

(While his back is turned, an IMC man quickly grabs the other. The first COLONIST turns and sees that he is alone. He looks cautiously into the gloom.)

COLONIST: Tony? Tony?

(He pulls his gun out but MORGAN suddenly appears before him and clubs him to the ground. He picks up the gun that the COLONIST has dropped and then turns and beckons to another IMC man to follow him. They stand at the edge of the doorway and peer into the darkened entrance hall...)


(...where two colonists walk down the staircase and off into the dome's interior, unaware that they are being watched. After they have gone, MORGAN and the other IMC creep into the hall, moving cautiously behind the staircase and some packing boxes, then behind the radio pen from where they beckon to the outside. On this signal, DENT and two more IMC men appear in the doorway.)


(ASHE looks up as the door of his office opens. He sees the two IMC uniforms.)

ASHE: (Astonished.) How did you...?

(MORGAN and the IMC man walk in. The second IMC man immediately makes for the guns.)

ASHE: Why have you come back here?
MORGAN: To reclaim our property.
ASHE: You're to leave those where they are!
MORGAN: Get them!
ASHE: What are you going to do?
MORGAN: You'll find out. (To the IMC man.) Cover him.

(The IMC man does as instructed as MORGAN goes to the door to the office and signals to the other men.)


(DENT and the other men move quickly through the hall and towards ASHE'S office.)


(They silently enter the office. ASHE sits despondently in his chair.)


(WINTON returns from his check of the guards and finds the COLONIST coming round on the ground. WINTON helps him and calls into the night.)

WINTON: Guards! Over here, quick!

(Two colonists come from around the edge of the dome. One of them helps the recovering COLONIST while WINTON and the second man enter the dome.)


(MORGAN makes for the dump of weapons. He selects one, discards it and chooses another, checking its magazine is full. He speaks to one of the IMC men.)

MORGAN: Come with me.

(The two men leave the office. The two other IMC men grab weapons and follow.)


(MORGAN and the IMC men go through the radio pen for cover. WINTON and the other colonists are already behind the packing cases near the entrance and firing immediately commences with the positions taken by the opposing sides almost the opposite to the previous engagement. Once again, shot after shot rings out.)


DENT: (To ASHE.) Get up!

(ASHE gets wearily to his feet. DENT twists his arm behind his back and pushes him towards the door.)


(Ducking for safety behind ASHE, DENT pushes him through the radio pen and towards its open doorway to the remainder of the entrance hall, next to MORGAN.)

DENT: Hold your fire!

(The colonists see the IMC men's hostage and stop firing.)

MORGAN: If you want your leader alive, drop your guns!

(The colonists slowly drops their weapons and step forward, hands raised. The IMC men and ASHE come out of the radio pen.)

WINTON: (With disgust.) And you said we didn't need those guns, Ashe!
DENT: (To MORGAN.) Well done.
MORGAN: It was a pleasure.
DENT: (To the IMC men.) Make sure the rest of the dome is secure. Round up any strays and take their guns.

(He looks at ASHE.)

DENT: Take good care of him. We must have him fit for the trial.
ASHE: Trial? What trial?
WINTON: And what are you going to charge us with? Trespass?
DENT: No - treason.


(The next morning, the MASTER looks on his scanner at the grey rocks outside. He puts his gun on the console, flicks a switch and moves to where the DOCTOR and JO stand in the two upright tube-like capsules. However, before opening the door to the DOCTOR'S capsule, the MASTER casts a glance back at his gun, changes his mind with a smile at the DOCTOR and moves back to collect his weapon. Having done so, he goes back and opens the DOCTOR'S capsule.)

MASTER: I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, Doctor. But it's light now. We can set off.

(The DOCTOR nonchalantly steps out of his capsule.)

MASTER: Doctor, let me show you this.

(The MASTER shows him the device, which he used in ASHE'S office earlier. He points to the red button on the lid.)

MASTER: I just have to press this button on here...and Miss Grant's cubicle will immediately be flooded with lethal gas.

(The DOCTOR looks over to where JO stands in her cubicle watching them, then turns back to the MASTER.)

DOCTOR: You realize, of course, it can be extremely dangerous taking you to the Primitive city?
MASTER: Don't worry about my welfare, Doctor. Keep thinking of Miss Grant's.

(He steps back to the console, his laser gun in his hand all the time. He activates a control and the doors to the TARDIS open. He gestures for the DOCTOR to step outside and he does so after one last look at JO. The MASTER follows him outside leaving the forlorn looking girl in her cubicle.)


(Outside, the zigzag edge of the interior doors match those on the outside "hull" of the disguised Adjudicators ship. Whilst waiting for the MASTER to emerge, the DOCTOR silently drops the key to his adversary's TARDIS to the ground.)

MASTER: Right Doctor, the buggy is over there.

(He points in one direction and they walk off, the DOCTOR at gunpoint, leaving the discarded key on the ground.)


(Another session is taking place in the entrance hall of the dome, but this time it is a trial. One table faces ASHE and WINTON who stand in IMC handcuffs. DENT stands before the two men and the joins MORGAN at the table. Various colonists - including MARY ASHE - and their IMC guards watch the proceedings.)

DENT: As legally appointed governor of this planet, I declare this court in session. Morgan?

(MORGAN stands and reads from a sheet of paper. ASHE and WINTON look impassive while CALDWELL watches with a guilty expression.)

MORGAN: You are charged with destroying property and equipment belonging to the Interplanetary Mining Corporation, assault and murder of IMC personnel, trespass on a planet lawfully allocated to IMC and armed rebellion against the lawful representatives of the Earth's government. How do you plead?

(WINTON jumps forward...)

WINTON: This whole business is a joke!

(...but an IMC man pushes him back.)

DENT: I advise you to take it very seriously. Have you anything to say in your own defense?
ASHE: (Angrily.) Everything we've done has been provoked by you! This planet is rightfully ours!
WINTON: The only mistake we made was not killing you when we had the chance!
DENT: You will do yourself no good by this hostile attitude - nor by repeating slanderous allegations, which have already been dismissed by the Adjudicator.
ASHE: Well, why isn't the Adjudicator taking this trial? What right have you to sit...
DENT: (Interrupts.) You still don't realize the position, Ashe. The Adjudicator's authority passed to me when he made his decision. I am now the legal ruler of this planet. Now for the last time, have you anything to say?
ASHE: I agree with Winton - this trial is a farce!
DENT: I take it you admit the charges?
WINTON: We've admitted nothing!

(DENT checks from a file in front of him.)

DENT: On three of these charges, you could be sentenced to life imprisonment. On two you could be sentenced to death.

(ASHE and WINTON start to look concerned.)

DENT: The sentence is...execution.

(The two colonists look at each other.)

DENT: However, the sentence will be suspended on condition that you and your followers depart this planet immediately.
ASHE: But that's impossible!
DENT: The alternative is execution.
ASHE: You don't understand. That spaceship was old when we bought it. It won't survive another trip.
DENT: The trial is now concluded.

(DENT stands. ASHE dashes forward to plead with the man.)

ASHE: If you send us up in that spaceship, you're condemning all of us to death!
DENT: You will make preparations for lift off immediately.

(He walks off.)


(An IMC buggy, driven by the DOCTOR with the MASTER in the passenger seat, moves swiftly across the planet. Unseen by the two men, a Primitive observes them from high on a ledge. It raises its spear above its head with both hands and uses it to signal to others of its kind and then points at the buggy. On other high ledge, two further Primitives signal back. Mean while the buggy comes to halt as the DOCTOR sees an obstruction ahead.)

DOCTOR: Yeah, well, you stay there - I'll go and shift that irrigation pipe.

(He climbs out of the buggy.)

MASTER: Doctor? I hope you're not going to try anything clever? Remember Miss Grant?
DOCTOR: I'll remember.

(The DOCTOR hears a noise and looks upwards. Two Primitives are levering a large boulder off the edge of a ledge above them.)

DOCTOR: Look out!

(The MASTER climbs quickly out of the buggy before the rock hits, knocking the vehicle onto its side. The DOCTOR runs forward to examine it as the MASTER steps back towards him, laser gun raised as always.)

MASTER: Don't forget that you're still my prisoner.

(The DOCTOR makes an impatient grimace and then spots something on a cliff ledge high above the MASTER. It is a Primitive raising its spear. The DOCTOR points.)

MASTER: Oh, come now, Doctor. Not that old trick.

(Nevertheless, the MASTER looks, sees the danger and fires his gun at the Primitive. The end glows red and the creature tumbles down the cliff face. The MASTER rejoins the DOCTOR.)

MASTER: Is that what you're frightened of, Doctor? Savages hurling stones and spears?
DOCTOR: This is just the beginning.
MASTER: Well, maybe. Let's be on our way, shall we?

(The DOCTOR gestures at the buggy.)

DOCTOR: What? With this? Somewhat clapped out and broken, isn't it?
MASTER: In that case, we'd better walk.
DOCTOR: Why not?

(The two men move off, watched by another gesturing Primitive.)


(MARY ASHE is on the radio, sending a message to all the colonists.)

MARY ASHE: (Into radio.) By order of Captain Dent, all colonists must be on the ship one hour before blast off. There can be no exceptions. Each of you can bring luggage to weigh not more than seven kilos.

(CALDWELL walks into pen, carrying a piece of paper. MARY finishes her message and takes off her headphones. CALDWELL looks guilty and uncertain.)

MARY ASHE: Satisfied?
CALDWELL: I don't arrange these things.
MARY ASHE: Did you check our ship?
CALDWELL: Yes, I've looked over it. It's not what I call brand new.
MARY ASHE: (Snaps.) It was obsolete when we bought it!
CALDWELL: You know, I don't understand you people...
MARY ASHE: (Interrupts.) Anything's better than living on Earth!
CALDWELL: You mean risking your lives coming to a place like this?
MARY ASHE: Look, that ship of ours will never make another journey - you must realize that!
CALDWELL: I've checked the motors. They'll be all right.
MARY ASHE: Would you blast off in it?

(CALDWELL hesitates and has difficulty in looking MARY in the eye.)

CALDWELL: You'll make out.
MARY ASHE: (Shouts.) We won't and you know it!

(CALDWELL tries to walk off but MARY blocks his way.)

MARY ASHE: (Tearfully.) If you don't help us, we're all going to die!

(CALDWELL pushes past the distraught girl. Meanwhile DENT and MORGAN march back into the dome from the outside, past two saluting guards.)

MORGAN: I've checked every inch of the dome! There's no sign of him!
DENT: I want to see this fake Adjudicator. He's playing some game of his own and I must know what it is. Have you tried his ship?
MORGAN: The hatches are sealed.

(DENT sees the waiting CALDWELL.)

DENT: Caldwell, go with Morgan. Get inside that ship. Use explosives if you have to.

(DENT moves to go, but...)

CALDWELL: Give me a moment.

(DENT waits.)

CALDWELL: I've just been checking over the colonists' spaceship.
DENT: Well?
CALDWELL: Ashe is right. It's in pretty bad shape. There's a fair chance it may blow up on the ground!

(DENT considers and then turns to MORGAN.)

DENT: Make sure all IMC personnel are clear of the area before take-off, will you?

(He gives CALDWELL and hard look and then walks off.)

MORGAN: Well, Caldwell? We've got a job to do.


(The DOCTOR and the MASTER approach the concealed rock door.)

DOCTOR: This is it. This is the entrance.
MASTER: Is it? How do we get in?
DOCTOR: I haven't the remotest idea.

(The MASTER raises the device with which he can kill JO.)

MASTER: (Threateningly.) Doctor?


(CALDWELL tries a device on the door to the MASTER'S TARDIS watched by MORGAN.)

CALDWELL: No good. Nothing seems to shift it.
MORGAN: Well, we'll have to use explosives then.

(CALDWELL starts rummaging in a toolbox. While he is waiting, MORGAN spots the discarded key.)

MORGAN: Hey, wait a minute. Try this.

(He hands it to CALDWELL who looks it over and then inserts it in the lock.)


(The doors buzz open and the two IMC men stare into the strange interior. CALDWELL is about to step in.)


(Guns ready, the two men cautiously enter the TARDIS. As they do so, they see JO silently pleading and warning from inside her cubicle.)

CALDWELL: Look, that girl!

(They rush to open the cubicle, unaware that they have tripped the alarm.)


(The MASTER'S device starts to emit a signal.)

DOCTOR: What's that bleeping noise?

(The MASTER flips open the lid and sees JO and her "rescuers".)

MASTER: Someone's trying to rescue Miss Grant.

(He closes the lid and raises his finger above the button.)

DOCTOR: No, you can't!
MASTER: (Harshly.) I warned you, Doctor!

(The MASTER'S finger comes down...)

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