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The Gunfighters

The OK Corral

By Donald Cotton


(The Doctor, Wyatt and Masterson are standing at the bar. A shroud has been respectfully draped over the still-slumped body of the barman.)

DOCTOR: How do you know that the killer was Ringo?
MASTERSON: On account of it must have been him or you. I don't figure you killed Charlie the barman. Of course iff'n you wanna convince me different..?
DOCTOR: Certainly not my dear Sheriff!
WYATT: Now on the other hand, perhaps although the Clantons know he's not Doc Holliday, they did see him shoot a gun out of Seth Harper's hand.
DOCTOR: That was nothing to do with me.
WYATT: Oh but they think it was, and boy you had 'em lined up against that piana' like skittles in an alley! Why, you're gonna be a useful man to have around when the shootin' starts.
DOCTOR: I certainly hope that I should not be here, when Steven and Dodo get back I...
WYATT: Oh you're gonna be here alright, Doctor.

(Wyatt removes a gold star from his chest and pins it into the Doctor's lapel.)

WYATT: Because ah, I'm deputising ya right now!
DOCTOR: Well this is utterly absurd! Nothing will ever induce me to raise a gun in anger.
WYATT: Well maybe you won't have to. But I mean with just Bat an' me an' Warren against the Clantons - you could sure shorten the odds some.

(A lean man with a dark moustache strides through the saloon doors.)

VIRGIL: And I'll help shorten them some more!
WYATT: Well hallelujah, this is my brother Virgil!
VIRGIL: You got a drink for a for a thirsty man?
WYATT: Well I'd just about given up on you.
VIRGIL: Hiya Bat.
MASTERSON: How'd you do there.

(Virgil peeks under Charlie's shroud, and sees his corpse still draped over the bar he died on.)

WYATT: Oh, ah I'm afraid that the bar's closed Virgil.
VIRGIL: Say how'd that happen?
WYATT: Oh, got himself shot, hah.

(Virgil glances at the Doctor, and the star on his chest.)

WYATT: You don't know pop do ya?
VIRGIL: Howdy.
DOCTOR: Howdy. Er, would you mind not calling me pop?

(Wyatt and Virgil walk out together.)

WYATT: Well, let's get on back to the office. Come on Bat!

(Masterson wanders after them.)

WYATT: Er, Warren's over there waiting for us but Morgan can't make it. I'll tell you about it on the way over.

(The Doctor watches them leave.)

DOCTOR: Hm! Hmm...

(Forgetting for a moment he slouches against the bar, but stiffens as he accidental touches the shroud-wrapped cadaver.)


(The inside of Clanton Ranch looks like a cross between some kind of a fortress and a luxury 19th century villa. Rough walls accommodate paintings and furniture as well as enough guns and rifles to equip a small army. Pa Clanton sits at a long wide table, cleaning his rifle, something which is never far from his hand - even when eating. Ringo slouches against a wall smoking a cigar and Kate and Steven are sat together at the back of the room to one side of a crackling stone fireplace. Suddenly the door to the room is flung open and the three Clanton brothers rush into the room.)

IKE: Bill, now we got 'im.
BILLY: We got 'im Pa, we got 'im!

(Pa glances up casually.)

PA: Seen ya coming. Took you long enough.
BILLY: And we got us an Earp!
RINGO: You done what?
IKE: So you finally got here now the work's been done!
RINGO: Ain't talkin' to you Ike, talking to Billy! Maybe get around to you later.
BILLY: Like I said, we shot down one of the Earp brothers.
RINGO: You shot Wyatt Earp?
PHINEAS: No his k-k k-k...

(Billy and Ike each give Phineas a slap on the back.)

BILLY: Kid...
IKE: ...Brother...
PHINEAS: ...Warren...
BILLY: ...Earp!

(The Clantons stand grinning as if they were impersonating the three stooges.)

PA: Well glory be! Now you really have declared war!

(He strikes the floor in disgust with the butt of a rifle.)


(Wyatt and Virgil are cradling the semi-conscious form of Warren between them as Masterson looks on. Virgil raises an enamel cup to the boy's mouth.)

BALLAD: It's curtains for Warren,
They've gunned the kid down.
And them bad, cruel outlaws
Are heading for town.

On your way then you cowboys,
The time will be soon;
When there's blood on the sawdust
In the Last-Chance Saloon!

WARREN: There was two of 'em Wyatt.
WYATT: Who, who was it boy?
WARREN: Clantons I guess. Comin' real fast...shouldn't've let Phin' rile me...I turned my back a minute...
WYATT: Aw no-one's a-blamin' you son. Rest easy.
WARREN: Don't let Morgan know they got my gun...

(He falls back, unconscious.)

VIRGIL: He's gone Wyatt.
WYATT: Get him on over to the bench there.
VIRGIL: Wyatt it's no use.
WYATT: Do like I said!

(Wyatt gets to his feet and stares as Masterson and Virgil move Warren to the bench.)

MASTERSON: I'll get a warrant for 'em, Wyatt. I'll get 'em you know that.
WYATT: You'll get 'em? Virgil...
VIRGIL: Yes Wyatt?
WYATT: Ride on out to the Clantons and tell 'em we'll be waitin' for 'em come sun up.
MASTERSON: Now listen Wyatt, there's a right an' a wrong way of doing this.
WYATT: Stay out of this Bat.
MASTERSON: This ain't legal Wyatt. Iff'n you uphold the law you don't go startin' a private feud!
WYATT: You gonna try'n to stop me?
MASTERSON: No Wyatt, but I can't go along with ya. The law says that...
WYATT: The law? The law can't bring my kid brother back. Virgil and me's gonna step outside of the law.
VIRGIL: I reckon so, and I'll tell 'em. Where'll I say?
WYATT: Tell 'em the OK Corral.

(Wyatt Earp fills up his six-shooter with bullets.)

BALLAD: So the Earps and the Clantons
Are aimin' to meet,
At the OK Corral
Near Calamity Street.

It's the OK Corral
Boys of gunfighting fame,
Where the Earps and the Clantons,
They played out the game.

They played out the game
And we nevermore shall,
Hear a story the like
Of the OK Corral!


(At the table, the Clantons are sloppily scrumming down upon tin plates of gluey bean-gumbo and rough hunks of bread.)

PHINEAS: Pass the c-c-c-coffee!

(Ike passes the can of steaming coffee to Phineas and reaches over for a plate of bread. In one swift movement Pa Clanton brings the butt of his rifle down upon Ike's hand with all his might at the lack of dining etiquette, sending the plate of bread flying.)

IKE: Ow! Pa!

(Beside the fireplace Steven perches on a stool and Kate gently moves herself back and forth in a rocking chair.)

STEVEN: Look I'm going to try to slip away get word to Holliday.
KATE: Oh! If the Doc knew I was here he'd blast my head off, thanks!
STEVEN: I'm sure he'd understand you were only trying to get Ringo of his trail.
KATE: Ain't the way the Doc'd see it. 'Sides, you'd get shot in the back before you gone ten yards.
STEVEN: Oh I dunno why they want to keep me here, I'm no use to them.
KATE: On account Ringo don't want Wyatt Earp to know he's here 'til he's good and ready.

(There is the sound of approaching hoofbeats and everyone jumps up from the table grabbing their guns. They all move to the windows to see who it is.)

PA: Now cut it out! We got trouble enough seein' Wyatt Earp already.

(He gets to his feet and raises his rifle.)

PHINEAS: Oh it ain't Wyatt.
IKE: Ain't no-one I seen before.
RINGO: I've seen 'im, old acquaintance of mine - Marshall of Dodge City. Name of Virgil Earp.
PA: I hear ya.
VIRGIL OOV: Got as message for ya.
PA: Well come on up! Ringo you'd better get up on them stairs. We don't wanna show our ace before we're ready to deal.
RINGO: Okay. If you want me you'd better shout real loud.

(He moves off to conceal himself.)

PA: Line up on the door boys.

(The Clantons each stand side by side behind the table, ready to draw their guns at a moments notice. Virgil enters the room.)

PA: Long way from Dodge City ain't ya Marshall?
VIRGIL: Reckon you know why I'm here. Your boys killed my kid brother, Clanton.
PA: Well now there's two sides to every...
VIRGIL: Ain't here to argue. Just to say that Wyatt'n me'll meet 'em at the OK Corral at sun up.
IKE: And have a posse waitin'? You're crazy.
VIRGIL: Masterson's got no part in this, neither has the law. Just a little private business to settle between our two families.
PHINEAS: And supposin' ah, we don't go?
VIRGIL: Then we'll come a-lookin'.

(He regards Steven.)

VIRGIL: Your friend there, whose side's he on?
STEVEN: Oh ah-ah, I'm with you and Wyatt.
VIRGIL: D'you wanna to ride out with me?
STEVEN: Well yeah, I'd like to!

(Pa points his shotgun at Steven's head.)

STEVEN: Somehow I don't think it's gonna be possible.
PA: Regret stays here. Now get!
IKE: And tell Earp we'll be there.
VIRGIL: I'll tell him. Sleep easy.

(Virgil leaves.)

PHINEAS: Ha-ha! Well, it sure looks like a bad year for Earps.

(The other two brothers laugh.)

PA: Ya hear that Ringo?
RINGO: I heard.
IKE: Well It looks like we got 'em - two to four.
RINGO: You mean I got 'em two to one.
PHINEAS: How'd you figure that out? We'd be there too!
RINGO: Sure you'd be there waitin' for 'em. Kinda like cheese in a mousetrap.
BILLY: Now look!
RINGO: Ah shut up Billy! You ain't got a hope in hell agin them two, only you ain't old enough to know it.
IKE: Oh? What do we do?!
RINGO: Let me earn my money why don't you? I'll take 'em from behind while you face 'em.
BILLY: Never figured you for a back-shooter Ringo!
RINGO: I never figured you for any kind of a shooter Billy, which is why we'll do it my way, okay? Real careful...


(Wyatt is sitting at the table staring blankly into the chamber of his broken revolver.)

DOCTOR: Now Mr Werp, what part am I supposed to be playing in this feud between you and the Clantons? I thought that you gave me this to uphold the law, not...
MASTERSON: He's right Wyatt. You can't ask him.
DOCTOR: My main concern is for the safety of Steven and Dodo, now can't I ask you to change your mind?
MASTERSON: It ain't no use old timer, he won't listen to me, he won't listen to nobody.

(He pushes the Doctor to one side moments before the door opens.)


(Wyatt looks up.)

WYATT: You seen 'em?
VIRGIL: I seen 'em.
WYATT: Gonna be there?
VIRGIL: Oh they'll be there. Only thing is...
WYATT: Well?
VIRGIL: Fella up there with 'em ah, name of Steven Regret.
DOCTOR: Steven? What in the world?
VIRGIL: Claimed he weren't no pal of theirs, but...
WYATT: Well Doc?
DOCTOR: Well if he's there it's not a matter of choice. He's still searching for Dodo with Ringo.
VIRGIL: Well I didn't see Johnny Ringo, but I sure enough saw his horse. And Kate, ain't she his girlfriend? Well she's there too.

(There is a sound of hoofbeats across the street.)

WYATT: So Ringo's with the Clantons, huh? Well, looks lie you an' me's gonna have a busy morning eh Virgil?
DOCTOR: This is sheer madness Mr Sheriff, you can't take on the Clantons and Ringo!

(A familiar scrawny figure stands in the doorway.)

HOLLIDAY: They won't have to.

(He chuckles.)

WYATT: Doc! Thought I told you to get outta town!
HOLLIDAY: Well now Wyatt so you did, but the fact is I was brung here at gunpoint by a woman!
VIRGIL: You expectin' us to believe that?
HOLLIDAY: The lady is here, the one and only Miss Dodo Dupont!

(Dodo dances through the doorway waving a gun above her head as if it were a pair of maracas. Holliday plucks the gun from her grasp before she does someone a mischief.)

HOLLIDAY:, thank you.
DODO: Doctor! Thank goodness you're safe!
DOCTOR: Oh my dear, I'm not in the slightest bit of danger - it was you that we were worried about. Hm-hm!
HOLLIDAY: Well now where do we meet these Clantons?
VIRGIL: We? Now see here Wyatt, I don't take kindly to fighting alongside an outlaw, friend of yours or no!
HOLLIDAY: Suit yourself Virgil. I'll just wish you good luck and go off to find my Kate.
VIRGIL: Oh, you'll find her at the Clantons.
HOLLIDAY: What's that you say?
WYATT: Yeah, with Johnny Ringo!
HOLLIDAY: Johnny Ringo?!
VIRGIL: Ah, I saw them myself, while or two back.

(Holliday gets so angry his untidy moustache quivers.)

HOLLIDAY: I'll be fightin' beside you two tomorrow mornin' whether you like it or not!
DOCTOR: But this is ridiculous gentleman! Can you not oh..uphold the law without using firearms mm?
WYATT: Well old I've got Doc Holliday back; why, you can hand in your badge any time you want to, pop.
DOCTOR: Oh good heavens, what a relief. Here you are Bat, there's your badge.

(He passes Masterson his gold star.)

DOCTOR: And there is your wretched weapon! Hm-hm!

(He pushes the gun back into Wyatt's hand.)

HOLLIDAY: Wyatt, how you proposin' to handle this little Clanton matter?
WYATT: Well, just walk right up there and face 'em.
HOLLIDAY: You reckon old Pa Clanton will play it that simple?
VIRGIL: Well they'll reckon they're four to two...
HOLLIDAY: One of them four is Johnny Ringo. I ain't lining up for no squail dance. I'm gonna play this my way.
WYATT: So what's your way?
DOCTOR: Yes, what is your way, Doctor Holliday, mm?

(Holliday gazes around at the curious faces and laughs mischievously to himself.)


(The Doctor and Dodo are sitting in the bar drinking glasses of milk.)

DODO: Isn't it time you went to bed Doctor?
DOCTOR: Oh how can I possibly sleep my dear, knowing that Steven is mixed up with all this?
DODO: I'm quite sure that Steven can take care of himself!
DOCTOR: Yes, but I'm not just worrying about Steven my dear! What about this man Mr Werp? Supposing he gets killed mm, who is going to uphold law and order in this territory? Yeah...they couldn't let er...Masterson handle the affair I don't know. With a posse of deputies and at the end of it. Let the Clantons get a fair trial.
MASTERSON: Proud to hear you say so Doctor. Iff'n you feel that way there's something you can do. I've tried all I know to talk Wyatt out of this an' he won't listen. I'm asking you to go talk to the Clantons. Seems like that's our only chance.
DOCTOR: Me? But my dear Sheriff, I should have thought you were the one to convince...
MASTERSON: No-no, they know me for a friend of Wyatt's. But iff'n you go to 'em with your badge, say you'll guarantee them a fair trial it might just persuade 'em. Me, I'd rather face trial than Wyatt, Virgil and Holliday together.
DOCTOR: Yes I see...
DODO: And you might be able to help Steven.
DOCTOR: Yes, quite so my dear, that thought had passed through my head, yes. Well Mr Sheriff if need my assistance I certainly will go along and talk to them.

(Pins the badge on the Doctor again.)

MASTERSON: Now, only about two hours to sun-up. You'd better get started right now.


(Pa enters the house again.)

PA: Boys're on their way.
STEVEN: On their way to murder?
PA: That's a big word boy. It fits though.
STEVEN: This was meant to be a fair fight.
PA: Think I wanna see my own sons killed?
STEVEN: They may as well be if they win this way. Masterson'll see they hang for it.
PA: When the shootin's over we'll have this town in the palm of our hand - including Masterson.
STEVEN: There's still Morgan Earp.
PA: Oh if he's still alive we'll deal with him too. Can't build an empire boy, without getting a mite unscrupulous.


PA: Come on in.
DOCTOR: Mr Clanton I presume?
STEVEN: Doctor!
DOCTOR: No er not Doctor at the moment dear boy, I am er...Deputy-Sheriff of Tombstone.
PA: Well ain't that somethin'! My cattle been a-roamin' again?
DOCTOR: I've come along to ask you to call off your boys from embarking on this ridiculous duel.
PA: Yeah, seems like they was the ones got challenged.
DOCTOR: And if you'll do this I'm sure that Masterson will see that they get a fair trial.
PA: Oh that's real handsome. Only it don't fit in with my plans.
DOCTOR: I see. You would prefer them to be shot down in the Street?
PA: Well they can take their chances.
STEVEN: Hoh they aren't taking any chances Doctor. Johnny Ringo's going be behind the Earps.
PA: One more yap outta you Regret you're dead, boy!

(The Doctor holds up a stern finger.)

DOCTOR: Ah tch-tch-tch-tch-tch! If you are alluding to the presence of Mr Ringo, I can assure you sir that that also has been anticipated. They're quite ready for them.
PA: Okay, supposing they are? There's still only two of them against four.
DOCTOR: You have been sadly misinformed! Doctor Holliday is there also.
PA: What?! Kate, you said Holliday was in New Mexico!
KATE: I blush with shame Mr Clanton, indeed I do. That was a dang blasted lie. He's right there in Tombstone with the Earps.
PA: Doc Holliday and the Earps? Again' my boys...


(Ringo and the Clantons ride into town and tie up their horses.)

BALLAD: So the cards, they are drawn
An' the chips, they are down,
Them outlaws and lawmen
Are headin' for town.

So the Earps an the Clantons
Are aimin' to meet,
At the OK Corral
Near Calamity Street.

PHINEAS: We're early!
RINGO: D'you wanna be late...for your own funeral?
BILLY: Now you cut that out Ringo!
IKE: Take it easy kid!
RINGO: Just remember what I told you.
BILLY: Yeah I remember. We're the bait in the trap.
RINGO: That's right. Now don't forget, start firing before they get into range, and go on firing so as they don't get a chance to look behind 'em. Because that's where I'll be - okay? Be seeing you.

(He moves off.)

BALLAD: So them bad, cruel outlaws
Are meeting up soon;
And they've done their last drinkin'
At the Last-Chance Saloon.


WYATT: Well, best be going.
MASTERSON: Wyatt, are you sure I can't stop ya?
WYATT: Nope.
MASTERSON: Okay. So, good luck.
WYATT: Ready Doc?
HOLLIDAY: Oh, ready as I will be. Why these here get-togethers have to be held at sun-up I never will know. It'ain't civilised!
WYATT: Now just where're you gonna make your play from, Doc?
HOLLIDAY: Well it's like I say Wyatt. I'll be strollin' along real easy behind you on the shady side of the Street. Hah, okay?
WYATT: Okay.

(Wyatt and Virgil leave, Holliday doffs his hat at Masterson and follows.)


(The Earps stride slowly and solemnly down the street towards the Clantons.)

BALLAD: It's the OK Corral
Boys of gunfighting fame,
Where the Earps and the Clantons,
They played out their game.

IKE: Here they come boys! Now!

(The Clantons begin firing at the Earps, but they are too far to hit them.)

IKE: Scatter!

(They all dive for cover, still firing. Phineas crawls under a cart, Billy crawls to the side of the cart and Ike makes a break for the side of a house.)

WYATT: Take the side.

(The Earps each fire a single shot in unison, and breaking their deliberate march, Virgil dives to his right and the cover of a building, Wyatt crouches low and heads in the opposite direction as the Clanton bullets continue to fly. Over on the verandah Holliday creeps up, but Ringo is behind him. Before he has the chance to gun Holliday down, Dodo leaps out.)

DODO: Doc, look out!

(Holliday spins around and faces Ringo, gun in hand, but the vicious outlaw grabs Dodo and holds her in front of him as a shield. Holliday instinctively drops behind a pile of sacks. Ringo laughs at him.)

RINGO: Well if it ain't Doc Holliday. Who invited you Doc?
HOLLIDAY: You did Ringo. It seemed kinda seemly to show up.

(He raises his hat.)

RINGO: Throw down your gun, or the girl gets it.

(He jabs the revolver into Dodo's ribs. Sighing, Holliday tosses his gun out into the street. Ringo smiles, then moves out with Dodo to pick it up, keeping his gun aimed at Holliday. Suddenly Dodo twists out of his grip and runs for the verandah, causing Ringo to fall over. Holliday takes his chance and slipping his mini-gun out of his pocket and fires a single shot. Ringo stiffens in pain.)

HOLLIDAY: I'm sorry Johnny.

(Holliday walks up to, and kneels over his writhing form.)

HOLLIDAY: I thought you'd do better than that Mr Ringo.
RINGO: I will, hah - next time!

(Ringo goes slack.)

HOLLIDAY: Ah now Missy you sure do perplex me, go-on now you get the hell outta here!
DODO: Oh now Doc I was only trying to help!
HOLLIDAY: You try to help me any more you'll be the death of me, go-on!

(Dodo rushes back inside and Holliday strolls over to the verandah Wyatt is exchanging fire from.)

HOLLIDAY: Ringo was here.
HOLLIDAY: He is no more.

(Over by Billy.)

BILLY: Phin'! I'm gonna get Doc Holliday!

(Billy crawls out from his place beside the cart and scrambles over to the edge of where the Doc is firing wildly. The Doc stands and within two shots Billy is down. Holliday calmly walks over to Billy who is struggling to raise his gun and stares him in the face. As Billy feels the final shot his own weapon discharges harmlessly into the dirt road. Phineas crawls around a cart, but he only manages to get off a single shot before Virgil gets him. Grabbing onto the cart he pulls himself up, but is now in full range of Virgil and Wyatt. He slides to the ground in a volley of bullets from each of the brothers. Ike climbs a set of steps and fires at Holliday, but is surprised to hear nothing but a tiny metallic click. There is a moment's pause as Wyatt and Virgil join Holliday. Under their combined efforts Ike's body is lifeless before it has fallen from the top of the steps. Wearily two Marshalls and an outlaw survey the scene as a gentle breeze starts up in the silent street.)

BALLAD: They paid their sins
And they lost on the draw,
For the Earps they was faster
And they was the law.

So beware all you cowboys
Who's yearning to sin,
If the Earps is the lawmen
You ain't gonna win!


DOCTOR: Why on Earth would you want to leave Tombstone I can't imagine! All the Clantons are dead, Ringo is dead.
HOLLIDAY: Matters anent.
STEVEN: Yes, but surely Wyatt Earp...
HOLLIDAY: Wyatt Earp is no longer a lawman. Besides he killed two Clantons.
DODO: Even so, he'd never let a friend down.

(Holliday grins.)

HOLLIDAY: Neither would Masterson.
KATE: Show 'em Doc.

(He unrolls a tight new scroll of parchment to reveal a wanted poster with a very familiar face on it. The offer is $2,000 list of crimes reads: Murder, treason and other acts against the peace of the US.)

HOLLIDAY: Ain't nothin' Masterson would do to oblige a friend.
KATE: Ain't it always the same?
HOLLIDAY: Always the same.

(The Doctor glances from the parchment to Doc Holliday.)

DOCTOR: It's a very good likeness.
HOLLIDAY: Hahaha! It's yours.

(The Doctor accepts the poster.)

DOCTOR: Thank you.
HOLLIDAY: Goodbye to you all.

(He places an arm around Kate's shoulder and strolls away.)

HOLLIDAY: Come along Kate.
DOCTOR: Aah what a terrible, terrible injustice. You know I'm tempted to...
DODO: Listen!

(They hear the honky-tonk in the Last Chance Saloon begin to play as someone begins to sing the Ballad.)

BALLAD: So fill up your glasses
And join in the song,
The law's right behind you
And it won't take long.

So come you coyotes
And howl at the moon
'Til there's blood upon the sawdust
At the Last-Chance Saloon.

(Dodo begins to swing in time to the music.)

DOCTOR: Ah my dear Dodo, my dear Dodo! You know you're fast becoming a prey to every cliche-ridden convention in the American West. And it's high time we left. Now come along
STEVEN: Thank goodness for that!
DOCTOR: Come along now!
DODO: Oh but Doctor!
DOCTOR: I don't want to discuss it any further. In you go, come along!

(He gently bops Dodo twice on the behind with the poster and bundles Steven through the TARDIS door after her.)


(Dropping the unwanted wanted poster to the ground he enters the TARDIS himself as in the distance the singer can still be faintly heard continuing the ballad....)

BALLAD: You've a good chance of swingin'
It's your last chance to hide,
It's your last chance of singin
'Til your long, last ride...


(Having newly arrived at their next location the TARDIS crew stare at the scanner screen. The Doctor has lost his hat and Sheriff's star, but has acquired a small black bag slung across his shoulder; Steven and Dodo are dressed in drab normal clothes for the first time in their adventures together. As the image pans around a dry arid landscape they see scrubby grass and shrubbery contrasting against a vivid red watercolour sky.)

DOCTOR: Yes I think I can say that I know just exactly where we are.

(He smiles knowingly.)

DODO: Past, present or future?
DOCTOR: In the future, very much in the future. We've now reached the distant horizon of an age of peace and prosperity. Now I'm going to be off!

(The Doctor leaves the TARDIS and Steven and Dodo follow. Unseen on the scanner is the form of a wizened old man as he stares curiously out. He is unkempt, has a straggly white beard and is dressed in a simple outfit of tattered rags....)

Next Episode: The Savages

The Doctor
William Hartnell

Dodo Chaplet
Jackie Lane

Steven Taylor
Peter Purves

Ike Clanton
William Hurndell

Phineas Clanton
Maurice Good

Billy Clanton
David Cole

Pa Clanton
Reed DeRouen

Johnny Ringo
Laurence Payne

Wyatt Earp
John Alderson

Doc Holliday
Roy Godfrey

Kate Fisher
Sheena Marshe

Bat Masterson
Richard Beale

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Story Editor
Gerry Davis

Barry Newberry

Innes Lloyd

Rex Tucker

(C) BBCTV 1966

Transcribed by


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