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The Ark
Serial X

Written by Paul Erickson and Lesley Scott
Directed by Michael Imison


Millions of years into the future, the Earth is about to plunge into the Sun as the Sun starts to die. A gigantic ship leaves Earth with the flora and fauna, as well as humans and their reptilian servants, the mute Monoids. They are doing quite well, despite a mishap that nearly kills them. The unfortunate engineer is given a death or suspended animation sentence. Of course, he chooses the latter.

The Doctor, Steven and the recently arrived Dodo arrive on the Ark, Dodo bringing with her a cold. This affects the Ark’s inhabitants, who have eradicated disease, and it’s a race against the clock, as the Doctor tries to cure the crew and Steven, while under a death sentence…

The Ark is unique that, in being a four episode story, is split into two distinct parts (I won’t spoil it here for novice whovians. Read the script!), and it also is the last story the late John Wiles worked on as the shortest (in office) producer of Doctor Who. It is a first complete story for Jackie Lane (Dodo Chaplet), as well as the debuts of Michael Sheard (Rhos) and Roy Skelton (Monoid voices) for their frequent roles in the series.


Bloopers List
(ep 1) The Doctor notices Dodo's daft costume and asks her: "Have you been fruiting about in my wardrobe?" (or something that sounds very like 'fruiting'...)

(ep 1&2) At the end of episode one, Zentos says: "Take them to custody and later they will be made to suffer for the crime that they have committed." However, in the reprise in episode two this becomes "...they will be made to answer for the crime..."

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Click to read: Broadcast Dates Broadcast Times
The Steel Sky 5th March, 1966 05:15pm-05:40pm
The Plague 12th March, 1966 05:15pm-05:40pm
The Return 19th March, 1966 05:15pm-05:40pm
The Bomb 26th March, 1966 05:15pm-05:50pm

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