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The Massacre (of St. Bartholomew's Eve)


by John Lucarotti
first broadcast - 5th February, 1966


(The TARDIS materialises in a courtyard that has a wooden gate leading off to a city street. The DOCTOR and STEVEN exit the ship in their usual attire. They come out of the yard and look around their surroundings. The sound of people and a horse and cart can be heard in the distance.)

DOCTOR: Hmm, highly satisfactory.
STEVEN: If anyone opens that gate they'll find the TARDIS.
DOCTOR: Oh nonsense, my boy. It's perfectly safe in there. Yes. France, most certainly. (He laughs.)
STEVEN: Well how do you know that?

(The DOCTOR points to a sign that reads "RUE DE BETHISY".)

STEVEN: (To himself.) Very good! Date? (To the DOCTOR.) Any idea of the date, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Well, by the look of those houses I would say medieval. Although I suppose it might be as late as the seventeenth century. I...
STEVEN: (Interrupting.) Look out!

(A man dressed in clothes of the sixteenth century, comes into sight wandering purposefully towards one of the houses. The DOCTOR and STEVEN hide behind some bushes and observe. The man knocks on a door that is soon opened by a SERVANT.)

MAN: Nicholas Muss is expecting me.
SERVANT: Oh yes, of course.

(He is admitted by the SERVANT. The DOCTOR and STEVEN come out of hiding.)

DOCTOR: (Laughs.) You see that? We've landed in the middle of the sixteenth century. Hmm! Yes, and that was the very time.
STEVEN: What are you talking about?
DOCTOR: Yes. That strange brotherhood of apothecaries...way ahead of their time. Now, what was the name of that man that lived in Paris? Err...Pes?...Pret?... Preslin! Preslin. That's the man. Yes! The most advanced man of them all! I must try to get to see him.

(Suddenly the door of the house opens and the first man who knocked previously exits with another man. They start to walk down the street. Again, the DOCTOR and STEVEN jump into hiding behind the bushes and listen to their conversation.)

MAN: You are much too cautious, Nicholas. The Catholics know of only one way to settle our differences. NICHOLAS: Times are difficult enough for us, without you provoking further quarrels.
MAN: I?! Oh come, be fair! Paris hates our kind. It will do anything it can to provoke us.
NICHOLAS: You must control your temper, Gaston. It is imperative that we keep the peace at this time.

(They walk off. The DOCTOR and STEVEN again come out of the bushes.)

STEVEN: We're in Paris.
DOCTOR: Quite so, dear boy. Well now, don't let us dawdle. We must go in and change.
STEVEN: Have you got the right clothes?
DOCTOR: You'd be surprised what I've got in my wardrobe and I want to turn over a few old papers. Come along, there's no time to lose. Come along. Come along, come along!


(NICHOLAS, GASTON and several other men are drinking at a nearby tavern.)

GASTON: Now, now, is everybody's mug filled?
ALL: Yes.
GASTON: Then drink to Henri of Navarre, our Protestant prince.
ALL: Henri of Navarre!

(They drink the toast. Nearby, another man SIMON Duvall, calls out to them.)

SIMON: And to his bride, our Catholic princess.

(Hearing this, GASTON chokes purposely on his drink. He ignores the man who made the second toast and shouts to the LANDLORD.)

GASTON: Landlord!
LANDLORD: Yes, sir?
GASTON: Have you got no decent wine? Where are the Burgundies? Or even the German wines?
LANDLORD: Sir, we have the best Bordeaux on the market.
GASTON: (With contempt.) A thin Catholic brew!

(There is laughter but not from NICHOLAS who feels that GASTON is provoking the situation.)

NICHOLAS: Gaston, no!
SIMON: For a freethinking German, monsieur Muss, you have some sense. Vicomte, you have insulted her Highness the Princess.
GASTON: Simon Duvall, what a surprise. No doubt you visit this tavern because the air is clearer of rigid Catholic dogma?

(There is laughter from GASTON'S companions but again NICHOLAS does not join in.)

SIMON: You have not answered me.
GASTON: Answered you? I wasn't aware you had asked me a question.
SIMON: The insult to Princess Marguerite.
NICHOLAS: It was an accident. He choked.
SIMON: Well then. Drink again. To her.

(There is a pause.)

NICHOLAS: Yes. (To GASTON.) We both will. To the Princess.

(They all drink but GASTON proceeds to spit his out. There is laughter again from his companions as SIMON, furious, turns away to have a quiet word with the LANDLORD.)

SIMON: Most of them are in the service of the Admiral de Coligny?
LANDLORD: I have to serve them, sir. I hate these Huguenots as much as the next man but I have to live.
SIMON: Certainly you must serve them, but watch and listen. Report to me anything you hear or see.
LANDLORD: Certainly, anything, sir. Here in Paris we know what is right. Though for people like myself.... with a living to earn.
SIMON: Of course. (He hands him a coin.) But watch your business.

(He makes for the door but GASTON calls out to him.)

GASTON: Duvall, leaving so soon? Can't you stomach the wine here?
SIMON: I have business elsewhere. After all, my dear Vicomte, a tavern is a place where a gentleman may refresh himself, while simpler people amuse him with their badinage.

(Swords are drawn but SIMON sees that he is outnumbered. He replaces his sword and makes for the door. GASTON and his companions laugh. SIMON leaves the tavern passing the DOCTOR and STEVEN as they enter. STEVEN is dressed in much more appropriate clothing for the age with a cloak, ruffled collar, hat and sword. Aside from a hat, cloak and cane, the DOCTOR'S attire is not much different.)

DOCTOR: It won't be of the least interest to you, dear boy. Landlord! Wine!

(They sit at one of the benches.)

STEVEN: What? I'm not going to sit in the TARDIS whilst you gallivant around Paris.
DOCTOR: I shall do nothing of the sort. I'm going to visit Preslin. He lives on the other side of Paris, somewhere near Port St. Martin I believe.

(The LANDLORD puts a jug of wine and two small cups on the table.)

DOCTOR: Thank you. (To STEVEN.) I just want to sit down and have a talk with him about his work. Are you interested in germinology, hmm?
STEVEN: I don't know. What is it?
DOCTOR: Well, well, there you are, you see and you know nothing about this period do you? You'd only be found out for the man that you are.
STEVEN: Look, I'll be careful! I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself. I'd just walk around Paris and see the sights.
DOCTOR: Well, in that case I shan't visit Preslin.
STEVEN: Oh don't be silly! You can't wait to talk to him. Go on! You go. I'll be all right.
DOCTOR: Well...
STEVEN: You'll never forgive yourself if you don't.
DOCTOR: Well you promise me you won't get into trouble?
STEVEN: Yes, of course.
DOCTOR: Well try not to talk to anyone. And come back here this evening and we'll go off to the TARDIS together.
STEVEN: Yes, all right. Now, you go and find your monsieur Preslin.
DOCTOR: Quite, quite, You'll need that.

(He throws STEVEN a gold coin.)

STEVEN: Thanks...
DOCTOR: And don't cut yourself with that sword.

(The DOCTOR starts to leave and bumps into a man on the way out.)

DOCTOR: Oh, I do beg your pardon.

(The DOCTOR is followed by the man as he leaves. STEVEN spots this and gets up to follow.)

LANDLORD: (To STEVEN.) Here, you! It is customary, sir, to pay for the wine consumed.
STEVEN: Oh, oh yes, of course. Here take this.

(STEVEN hands over the gold coin.)

LANDLORD: The wine is two Sous. I cannot change this.
STEVEN: Well that's all I have.
LANDLORD: I cannot change gold.
NICHOLAS: Can I help you? You're a stranger here.
STEVEN: Yes. This man won't change my money.
LANDLORD: I ask for two Sous and he gives me an Ecu. I cannot change such a coin.


LANDLORD: Thank you, sir.

(He starts to walk off with both the Sous and the Ecu.)

NICHOLAS: (To the LANDLORD.) Is that Parisian hospitality?
LANDLORD: What do you mean, sir?
NICHOLAS: The gentleman's Ecu.
LANDLORD: A thousand apologies. I wasn't thinking.

(He gives STEVEN his Ecu back and walks off.)

STEVEN: Oh. Thank you. I'm afraid I don't understand your money.
NICHOLAS: Not at all.

(NICHOLAS starts to walk off.)

STEVEN: Excuse me.
STEVEN: Can you tell me the way to the Port St. Martin?
NICHOLAS: Certainly, but as a stranger to Paris I think you'll have difficulty finding it.
STEVEN: I shall try. You see I must find a man called Preslin.
NICHOLAS: I'm sorry. I don't know the name. Is anything wrong?
STEVEN: Well, I don't know. You see the friend who was with me has gone there. When he left here it looked as though he was followed.
NICHOLAS: The old man?
STEVEN: Yes, you see he's gone to find an apothecary there.
NICHOLAS: Is he sick?
STEVEN: Oh no! No, no, he's a scientist. He's gone to talk to him about his idea.
NICHOLAS: A dangerous thing to do in days like these.
STEVEN: Oh, perhaps it doesn't matter. He'll be able to take care of himself. He usually does.
NICHOLAS: In that case you needn't worry...
STEVEN: (Uncertain.) No
NICHOLAS: (Seeing this.) I don't think you're sure. Look, come and drink some wine with us and later I'll take you to the Port St. Martin.
STEVEN: Thank you, but er, well, I don't want to intrude...
NICHOLAS: Nonsense, come and join us. Later, we'll make sure your friend is safe.
STEVEN: (Thinks then...) Thank you. I'm afraid I've never been in Paris before.
NICHOLAS: Allow us to be your guides.

(He escorts STEVEN over to where GASTON and the others sit.)


(Inside PRESLIN'S shop, an OLD MAN is gathering supplies, placing them in a large bag. He seems nervous and in a hurry. There is a knock at a door. The OLD MAN looks up in alarm but makes no move to answer the knock. There is a second knock and then the unlocked door is opened and the DOCTOR enters.)

OLD MAN: What do you want?

(The DOCTOR closes the door to and walks into the shop.)

DOCTOR: I am looking for Charles Preslin.
OLD MAN: He doesn't live here.
DOCTOR: Oh, but this is his shop?
OLD MAN: It was. He's gone.
DOCTOR: Where?
OLD MAN: He's left Paris.
DOCTOR: Oh dear, dear, dear. Now isn't that a pity. And I did so want to talk to him about his work.
OLD MAN: Make more trouble for him?
DOCTOR: Trouble? Not at all! I'm a scientist too. I merely wish to discuss his work with him.
OLD MAN: He was merely a mixer of herbs and ointments.
DOCTOR: Perhaps to you, but he was a man who searched deeply in nature. I didn't think he was a faint heart.
OLD MAN: No, but cautious.
DOCTOR: I see. Yes. He also discovered, er, small creatures, which if attacking humanity could cause a very serious illness.
OLD MAN: You're not French?
OLD MAN: Yet you know of Preslin?
DOCTOR: Yes, in science news travels. Yes. And there's a man in Germany who's working on optics, trying to make a machine, which will enable Preslin to see these small creatures. He calls them germs.
OLD MAN: (Excited.) Is it so! Are they really doing this?
DOCTOR: Yes. So now, doesn't this encourage you to continue with your theories, monsieur Preslin?
PRESLIN: (Pauses then answers with resignation.) Yes, I am Charles Preslin. Forgive me, but in these days one has to be careful.
DOCTOR: Yes of course, my dear fellow. But I'm extremely curious about your work, Monsieur Preslin.


(STEVEN has been introduced by NICHOLAS to GASTON who has treated him with suspicion and with a lot of questions.)

NICHOLAS: Don't mind Gaston, he's like this with any stranger. In fact, he'd cross-question his own shadow.
GASTON: Don't mock me, Nicholas. I'm in France to protect my master, Henri of Navarre. Just as you are to protect de Coligny.
NICHOLAS: You're too suspicious. Steven's been travelling abroad. He knows nothing about what's been happening here. Do you?
STEVEN: I really do know very little.
GASTON: Yes, but if you come from England you must be for the Huguenot? He is what you call a....a Protestant!
STEVEN: Oh, yes.
GASTON: (To NICHOLAS.) There you see it's just that I'm interested in our friend. (To STEVEN.) Now tell us where you've been travelling.
STEVEN: (Nervous.) Well, I've been....I've been in Egypt!
NICHOLAS: (Amazed.) In Egypt!
STEVEN: Yes...look, er, I've taken up far too much of your time. Perhaps you'd be good enough to tell me the way to the Port St. Martin?
NICHOLAS: I'll come with you, and show you the city.
STEVEN: Ah, thank you, but really I should try to find my friend.
GASTON: Wise man. Nicholas here only knows the most boring places. (They all laugh.)
NICHOLAS: At least let me point out the start of your journey.
STEVEN: Yes, thank you.

(He leads him towards the door.)


(Elsewhere in the city, a young serving GIRL bursts from a fine house. A CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD follows.)


(The GIRL is obviously terrified and runs, pursued by the CAPTAIN and a guard intent on retrieving her. Tearing through the crowded streets, she cannot shake off her pursuers.)


(NICHOLAS and STEVEN are outside the tavern. NICHOLAS has given STEVEN directions to Port St. Martin.)

NICHOLAS: When you get there, ask again. Anyone will tell you.
STEVEN: I think I can find it now. Thank you, Nicholas.
NICHOLAS: A pleasure.

(The GIRLS' path through the streets brings her directly to the tavern door just as the guards are about to catch up with her. STEVEN reaches out immediately to the frightened GIRL and she sees the kindness in his eyes. She ducks behind him into the tavern and slams the door shut.

CAPTAIN: Let us pass!

(The guards, STEVEN and NICHOLAS walk into the tavern.)


(GASTON and his companions look up as the guards enter. The GIRL is not in sight.)

GASTON: And what do you want?
CAPTAIN: The girl who came in here.
GASTON: My Lord Cardinal's guard aren't you? What does he want with a wench?
CAPTAIN: She is a servant. She ran away. I have orders to bring her back.
GASTON: She doesn't appear to care for the Cardinal's service. I suggest you let her go.
CAPTAIN: She has chosen for the staff of the house of the Abbot of Amboise.
GASTON: Clearly she likes that no more.
CAPTAIN: Let me pass!

(Swords are drawn but the CAPTAIN and the one guard are outnumbered.)

CAPTAIN: My Lord Abbot shall hear of this when he arrives.
GASTON: Yes, I'm sure he will. Tell him to take this story to our Cardinal in Rome. No doubt he'll like it also.

(The guards leave to the sound of laughter from GASTON and his companions.)

GASTON: There now. I thought he might be roused. What a pity!
NICHOLAS: (In admonition.) Gaston!

(GASTON spots STEVEN across the tavern.)

GASTON: Hey, come Mister Englishman. Join us again. Clearly not safe for you to walk alone.
STEVEN: What about the girl? Where is she?
GASTON: She's just a servant. A chance to bait a Catholic. Forget her! Come! Come! Come!


DOCTOR: But who is this Abbot, hmm?
PRESLIN: The Abbot of Amboise. He hates us all.
DOCTOR: Yes, I suppose just now all churchmen are rather suspicious of your work. But surely you can carry on without his knowledge, hmm?
PRESLIN: You don't know the man! The Abbot of Amboise is the Cardinal of Lorraine's right hand. With the Cardinal in Rome the Abbot has decided to come to Paris. We shall be hunted down. That man is far more dangerous than the Cardinal.
DOCTOR: I suppose there's no point in, er, going to see him?
PRESLIN: None, unless you want to be thrown into prison for heresy!
DOCTOR: Hmm, I wonder.


STEVEN: The girl was clearly frightened out of her wits. We should find her.
GASTON: Nonsense. She's probably gone back to her own people.
STEVEN: But don't you want to know why she was so frightened?
NICHOLAS: Many things frighten people in Paris these days.

(GASTON spots the GIRL across the tavern.)

GASTON: Hey, hey, hey, you! Girl, come here.

(He snaps his fingers at her. The GIRL cautiously walks over.)

GASTON: Come on! Now then, my friend here, whom you ran into, wants to know why you're frightened?

(The GIRL doesn't answer. GASTON slams the table in impatience.)

GASTON: Come on, girl!
NICHOLAS: For goodness sake, you're frightening her even more!
GASTON: It's all right. Just tell us what it is you fear.
GIRL: Nothing, sir.
STEVEN: Yes, but you were running away. Why?

(The GIRL again doesn't answer. GASTON turns to one of his companions.)

GASTON: Louis, call back the guards.
GASTON: Then answer us! Why were you frightened?
GIRL: It is something I overheard, sir.
GIRL: Well, you see, I come from Vase. And when they said 'it might happen again'...
GASTON: (Interrupting.) What's that?
GIRL: They said it would happen again, and my father died there!
NICHOLAS: Calm down, Gaston. (Gently to the GIRL.) What did you hear?
GIRL: I was just passing the room and I heard them mention Vase.
GASTON: What did they say?
GIRL: Something about it, er, about it happening before the week was past.
GASTON: Who spoke?
GIRL: The Captain who followed me inside and another man.
NICHOLAS: Now tell us exactly what you heard.
GIRL: Just, just the word that made me stop, sir. My father died at Vase and...
GASTON: (Interrupting.) Yes, yes, I know, but go on!
STEVEN: What are you all talking about?
NICHOLAS: Ten years ago at Vase, a small town some miles south of Paris, a hundred Huguenots were slaughtered by the Catholics.
GASTON: Because they were Huguenots.
NICHOLAS: Listen, girl. What do they call you?
ANNE: Anne.
NICHOLAS: Anne, think back. Remember every single word the Captain and the other man said.
ANNE: But I've told you.
GASTON: Then tell us again.


(The CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD is reporting on his failure to recapture ANNE to SIMON and ROGER Colbert who is the man who followed the DOCTOR from the tavern.)

SIMON: Fool! To allow the meddlesome Vicomte De Leran to stop you!
CAPTAIN: There were too many of them. They'd have killed us before we even found the girl.
ROGER: The girl is just a servant. She couldn't have understood us.
SIMON: If she should remember what you said and should repeat it she could put our friend on his guard.
ROGER: We didn't speak of him.
SIMON: Then what did you say to frighten the girl?
CAPTAIN: Nothing.
SIMON: Servants don't run away from a house in fear for nothing.
CAPTAIN: I think we mentioned Vase and the celebrations here in Paris but nothing that anyone could've made head or tail of.
SIMON: She made something of it! (He thinks.) Vase? That might have been it. That word alone is enough to put every Huguenot in Paris on his guard.
ROGER: I will go and look for her.
SIMON: You will not. You will wait here and report this to the Abbot. It was your mistake. I'm sure he will want to congratulate you himself.
ROGER: But....

(SIMON looks at him meaningfully. ROGER backs down.)

ROGER: Very well.
SIMON: (To the CAPTAIN.) And you, find out if she has any relations in Paris. If she has seek them out. And find if she's fled there. That girl must be found!


(GASTON and NICHOLAS are questioning ANNE inside the tavern with STEVEN.)

GASTON: She can't help us any more. You can go.
NICHOLAS: No, wait! If the Catholics find her they can easily discover what she's told us. We must keep her out of sight.
GASTON: And just what do you propose to do with her?
NICHOLAS: She can work in the Admiral's kitchen. They won't find her there. (To ANNE.) Go to the house of the Admiral de Coligny. Tell them that Nicholas Muss sent you.
ANNE: Where's that, sir?
GASTON: (Slamming his drink down on the table.) Oh, no one is more ignorant than the common people of Paris. The Admiral of France lives on the corner of Rue de Bethisy and the Rue de Labrasec.
ANNE: Thank you sir.

(She leaves the tavern.)

STEVEN: But what do they mean these things she overheard?
GASTON: A threat to Navarre. I must warn him. I'll see you later.

(He too, leaves.)

NICHOLAS: I'm afraid you have arrived in Paris at a most unfortunate time.
STEVEN: I wish I understood what was going on.
NICHOLAS: My English friend, it's really quite simple. Henri of Navarre is a Huguenot, a Protestant prince. Yesterday he married Marguerite of France, a Catholic. The marriage was arranged by the Queen Mother in the hope that it would heal the religious wound that is tearing France in two. But in the light of what that girl overheard, it looks as if the Catholics of France are plotting against Navarre's life. Do you understand?
STEVEN: Yes. Yes, I think I do.
NICHOLAS: Now, I must leave you. I must see the Admiral at once. Forgive me that I cannot show you Paris.
STEVEN: Oh I shall be all right. Besides, my friend should be returning soon.
NICHOLAS: Pleasant journey. Goodbye.
STEVEN: Goodbye.

(He leaves STEVEN.)


(Later that evening, PRESLIN receives another visitor - a small boy...)

PRESLIN: You showed the old man the way? (The boy nods.) Good, I only hope he succeeds. You were not seen? I should hope not?

(The boy shakes his head.)

PRESLIN: You've done well.

(He shows the boy out, then, to himself...)

PRESLIN: Good luck, old man. Good luck.


(STEVEN paces the tavern, restless and worried about the DOCTOR. SIMON walks through the door and goes up to the LANDLORD.)

SIMON: Where's the girl?
LANDLORD: The girl?
SIMON: The girl who came in here this morning. What happened to her?
LANDLORD: I don't know, I was down in the cellar and when I came up there she was being questioned by the Huguenots.
SIMON: Vicomte De Leran? Nicholas Muss?
LANDLORD: Yes. And another man.
LANDLORD: He's still here, over there...

(He points STEVEN out.)

SIMON: Who is he?
LANDLORD: I don't know. A stranger. English, I think.
SIMON: Go on.
LANDLORD: The Vicomte left hurriedly once they'd finished with the girl.
SIMON: And where is she now?
LANDLORD: Sir, it's difficult to hear everything. I must watch over the whole tavern.
SIMON: Haven't I paid you enough?
LANDLORD: Oh come, sir!
SIMON: What happened to the girl?

(He gives him another coin.)

LANDLORD: She...I remember. She was sent to the house of Admiral de Coligny.
SIMON: I see. Thank you, my friend.

(SIMON approaches Steven.)

SIMON: Good evening. A stranger to this city?
STEVEN: (Curtly.) Yes.
SIMON: I thought you must be. Most wise people are at home by this time. It's almost time for the curfew.
STEVEN: The curfew?
SIMON: Yes, an unfortunate necessity which even the marriage of protestant Henri to our great King's sister hasn't been able to rectify.
STEVEN: Look, I'm sorry, but I don't understand. I'm on my way back to England. I really know very little of what's been going on here.
SIMON: I trust you've found yourself somewhere comfortable to stay while you're here. Apartments are hard to find at this time, Paris being so full for the celebrations.
STEVEN: I shall be all right. I'm leaving tonight, I'm just waiting for a friend.
SIMON: I hope he comes soon otherwise he won't be able to leave.
STEVEN: I expect we'll be all right. Thanks.
SIMON: Good.

(SIMON returns to the LANDLORD.)

SIMON: He's waiting for a friend. Watch and see who it is.

(The door opens and NICHOLAS walks in. SIMON hides from view.)

STEVEN: Nicholas!
NICHOLAS: Steven, you're still here. Where's your friend?
STEVEN: Don't know. He said he'd meet here tonight. He hasn't arrived yet.
NICHOLAS: But it's time for the curfew. Where will you stay if he doesn't come?
STEVEN: I don't know. I'm sure he will come.

(A bell begins to ring outside.)

NICHOLAS: There's the curfew now. You must come with me. You can always come back here in the morning. Landlord!
LANDLORD: Yes, sir?
NICHOLAS: If an old man arrives asking for the Englishman tell him he's lodging with the Admiral de Coligny, and will return here in the morning.
LANDLORD: Certainly, sir.
STEVEN: Look, this is very kind of you but I'm sure he will come.
NICHOLAS: Not now, he must be delayed somewhere. There's nothing we can do tonight.
STEVEN: I suppose you're right. He's probably got sidetracked. He often does. All right. Thank you. I will accept your offer.
NICHOLAS: Then come.

(They leave. SIMON comes out of hiding.)

SIMON: English? I wonder what they're up to? (To the LANDLORD.) I shall want a full report in the morning on all that happens.


(ROGER Colbert is reporting to his master, the ABBOT OF AMBOISE. The unseen man is clearly perturbed, not speaking and ROGER is very nervous in his presence as he admits his error.)

ROGER: And that is what happened. If it hadn't been for the Vicomte De Leran the Captain would almost certainly have caught her. It was pure mischance.

(The ABBOT starts to rhythmically slam his walking stick down on the floor.)

ROGER: (Even more nervous.) I'm sure she couldn't have made any sense of what we said. Simon Duvall has gone to the inn where she escaped and the Captain has gone to find an aunt of hers. I'm certain it's only a matter of time. In fact one of them may be bringing her...back...here now.

(SIMON rushes in.)

SIMON: Forgive me, Father Abbot, but the missing girl is at the house of Admiral de Coligny.

(The ABBOT OF AMBOISE looks up.)

ABBOT OF AMBOISE: Fetch her tomorrow! Bring her to me.


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