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first broadcast - 22nd January 1966


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(The DOCTOR has just wired in the MONK's directorial circuit, which hopefully will take them back to the planet Kembel.)

SARA: I thought that you said that it was finished.
DOCTOR: Yes, my dear, I've finished, but...
STEVEN: Oh come on, Doctor. We haven't got time for buts. This is our only hope!
DOCTOR: You realise, my boy, we're taking a terrible chance.
STEVEN: You can save your breath. We've got to try it!

(The DOCTOR thinks about it for a moment.)

DOCTOR: Very well. Pull the main switch!

(STEVEN reaches across and pulls the switch on the console. In the background the usual dematerialisation sound is heard, but a second later an explosion rocks the room, throwing all of them to the floor...)


(With its strange humming and whistling noise, the DALEKS' Time Machine materialises in a corner. The Time Machine's doors open, and the Daleks that have survived the trip and MAVIC CHEN step out of the machine to be greeted by the ADMINISTRATOR-DALEK. MAVIC CHEN is carrying the Taranium Core.)

MAVIC CHEN: The mission has been completed successfully. With guile and cunning, I have been able to repossess the Taranium.

(The ADMINISTRATOR-DALEK totally ignores this and speaks to the PATROL LEADER.)

ADMINISTRATOR-DALEK: Are you certain it is the real core?

(MAVIC CHEN assumes, typically, that the ADMINISTRATOR-DALEK is talking to him, since he believes that he is the most important being in the room.)

MAVIC CHEN: Of course. I had it examined before we arrived here. It is ready to be fitted to the Time Destructor. I hope that the Daleks will not suffer any more setbacks which could upset the plans for our conquest of the universe.
ADMINISTRATOR-DALEK: The final conference of the remaining members of the Galactic Council awaits you.
MAVIC CHEN: (Arrogantly.) I shall go and address them... presently.

(He walks out of the room with the total arrogance of someone who doesn't even know what arrogance means.)

PATROL LEADER: (To the ADMINISTRATOR-DALEK.) The task force has disembarked.
ADMINISTRATOR-DALEK: Excellent. Is the core fitted to the Time Destructor?
PATROL LEADER: That is being done. Do we now deal with Mavic Chen?
ADMINISTRATOR-DALEK: No. His arrogance and greed have a further use for us. Alert the council to attend their final conference.


(The DOCTOR, STEVEN and SARA have picked themselves up, but they are still a little bit shaken by the explosion.)

DOCTOR: Well, fortunately there's no damage done to the control panel itself.
STEVEN: But the directional unit?
DOCTOR: Oh, that's useless, dear boy. Useless. Take a look for yourself.

(The unit is a charred wreck.)

SARA: What happened?
DOCTOR: Well, the unit required a much higher energy rate then we process.
SARA: Then why did it burn out and not the TARDIS controls?
DOCTOR: A built-in safety measure, my dear. You see, the excess energy must have forced itself back into the directional unit, and that means that our plans to return to Kembel have failed.
STEVEN: That means that the Daleks can invade the universe and conquer it.
DOCTOR: Yes, and there's nothing that we can do about it.
SARA: (Frantic.) There must be something we can do, Doctor. You must try to think of some way.
DOCTOR: Well, our only chance, my dear, is to try and capture the Monk's Time Machine, or that of the Daleks.
STEVEN: Yes, well let's get going!
DOCTOR: Have patience, dear boy. It's highly probable that they've all left by now. And I should think there's one or two of those Egyptians around. Let's take a look on the scanner.

(The DOCTOR touches the scanner switch and the screen flares into life. The picture it shows is one of a jungle, and not the tomb that the crew is expecting.)

SARA: But that's not ancient Egypt.
STEVEN: It's... It's more like Kembel!
DOCTOR: Yes. It's vaguely familiar. It might be Kembel. Do you know, that means that that directional unit must have burned itself out after we'd dematerialised! (To STEVEN.) I wonder if you'd bring that, um... that impulse compass.
STEVEN: Hmm... yeah, sure.

(STEVEN goes and gets it.)

DOCTOR: (To SARA.) Well, now, young lady, perhaps you'll have more faith in me in the future, hmm? I thought something would work out.
SARA: (Shocked and a little angry.) But it was you who said we'd failed!
DOCTOR: Oh, nonsense, nonsense.
SARA: Well, it wasn't me!
DOCTOR: Of course it was...

(STEVEN comes back into the room and sees what is happening, and steps in before it becomes a fight.)

STEVEN: Oh come on, Doctor, you'll have to forgive her. After all, she hasn't known you very long.
DOCTOR: Yes, well, perhaps, perhaps. Anyway, now that we are here, we had better make a plan.
STEVEN: How far do you think that we are from the Dalek city?
DOCTOR: I've no idea. Though I think that we might be able to make it on foot. Perhaps I'd better go out and take some bearings. Open the door, dear boy.

(As STEVEN opens the main doors, the DOCTOR puts on his cloak and goes outside.)

SARA: (Almost furious.) That man! He was as much in the dark as we were, and now he has the gall to...
STEVEN: Very good, you're getting to know him quite well.
SARA: Before this is over...
STEVEN: Ah, ah, ah, save it for the Daleks.

(And they both leave the room.)


(Much has changed since the council first met. All that is left of the Council now are GEARON, MALPHA, SENTREAL, BEAUS & CELATION, and they are not happy about the way that they have been treated and the preferential treatment of MAVIC CHEN by the DALEKS.)

CELATION: There has been too much time wasted through the folly of the representative from Earth. Surely, it is only right that on his return he be removed from this council.
BEAUS: But without him, there will be no Taranium!
CELATION: The Daleks have assured us that they will recapture the core of the Time Destructor.
BEAUS: Then we do not need Mavic Chen?
CELATION: Exactly! He no longer merits a place on this Galactic Council. I call for a censure motion.

(The Council bangs on the table, stating their agreement, but none of them has noticed that the BLACK DALEK has entered the room.)


(The Council, in shock, stops banging.)

BLACK DALEK: The final conference is now in session. Mavic Chen, representative from the Solar System, will address the meeting.

(MAVIC CHEN marches into the room like he owns the place. The other members look at him with barely hidden dislike.)

MAVIC CHEN: Fellow delegates, even as you sit here, the great war force, assembled under the Daleks, is awaiting the final order to set out and conquer the universe!
BEAUS: Why is Mavic Chen speaking for the Dalek Supreme?

(MAVIC CHEN, enmeshed in his tirade, totally ignores the question.)

MAVIC CHEN: The final checks are being made. And in a very short time, that final order will be given!
CELATION: Why is it that Mavic Chen is in possession of information denied to the rest of this Council?

(Again MAVIC CHEN ignores the outburst.)

MAVIC CHEN: Although we are all equal partners with the Daleks on this great conquest... some of us are more equal than others.

(BEAUS bangs his fist on the table, barely able to hold in his anger.)

BEAUS: The representative speaks out of turn!
MAVIC CHEN: No! My contribution, of the emm of Taranium, is greater than all of yours put together. You have been dwarfed, dwarfed!

(This is met by total outrage from the other representatives, and the table rocks with the banging that it is getting.)

CELATION: This violates the agreement by which this council was assembled.
BEAUS: Arrest him! Arrest him! Arrest him!

(There is uproar amongst the delegates.)

MAVIC CHEN: You are nothing! Do you hear me? Nothing!
CELATION: Your ambition condemns you, Mavic Chen.
DELEGATES: Death! Death!

(Total uproar, and then MAVIC CHEN draws out his blaster and fires at BEAUS. BEAUS screams, and dies and falls to the floor. This makes all of the other Delegates quiet down, and no one notices the BLACK DALEK leaving the room.)

MAVIC CHEN: (Smiling.) Before this conference began, the Dalek Supreme and I spoke together. This Council now is under my power. I will give the orders. You will obey them!

(Total shock from the other delegates.)


(STEVEN and SARA are moving slowly forward through the jungle. The Jungle is filled with strange noises and STEVEN is ever watchful for the Varga plants. The DOCTOR is nowhere in sight.)

STEVEN: You all right?
SARA: Yes, though this jungle is hardly the place I'd choose for a gentle stroll.
STEVEN: Just be careful of the Vargas.
SARA: Vargas? I haven't seen any Varga plants.
STEVEN: They've all over the...

(He notices that there are no Varga plants in sight - a change since his last visit when the planet was populated with hundreds of Varga plants.)

STEVEN: Come to think about it, neither have I. I thought the Daleks scattered them all over Kembel.
SARA: Steven! You sure we're on Kembel?
STEVEN: 'Course I am. The Doctor was certain when he took these rea...

(He notices that the DOCTOR isn't with them.)

STEVEN: Where is he?


(The delegates are still arguing about MAVIC CHEN's speech.)

CELATION: We have all served the common cause! All of us!
MAVIC CHEN: Indeed we have. But I, Mavic Chen, was solely responsible for the recovery of the Core of the Time Destructor. Because of this, I...

(He points to himself with total arrogance.)

MAVIC CHEN: ...naturally precede anyone here. For without my power, the Daleks cannot succeed. You do appreciate the point!

(MALPHA has noticed that the BLACK DALEK is missing.)

CELATION: There remains one question. Where is our co-ruler - the Dalek Supreme?

(MAVIC CHEN is throw off a little by this.)

MAVIC CHEN: He... He was... Oh.

(They look about the room and the BLACK DALEK is not there.)

MAVIC CHEN: It is clear that he knows that I can run this council without his aid. Now, gentlemen, we come to the main discussion before this meeting. The apportioning of the government of the universe after the conquest. All of you will be allowed to oversee your own galaxies. BUT... all of you will be responsible to the Dalek Supreme... and me!

(Some DALEKS enter the room with their guns pointed at each of the Delegates, including MAVIC CHEN.)

DALEK: This meeting is over!
MAVIC CHEN: But it's isn't...
DALEK: There will be no more discussion. All representatives will come with us.


(STEVEN and SARA are looking for the City and are trying to use the compass. There is still no sign of the DOCTOR.)

STEVEN: Where can he have got to?
SARA: Anywhere you like out there.

(She points to the jungle.)

STEVEN: This is serious. Perhaps the Daleks have caught him.
SARA: Then now they'll be looking for us. Look, Steven, with or without the Doctor we've got to get to the Dalek city and put that place out of action.
STEVEN: Yes but, Sara, what about the Doctor? He can't just have vanished into thin air. We've got to find him.
SARA: No. Not yet. Mavic Chen will have returned with the Taranium. That means the Daleks' plans will be ready to go ahead and we've got to stop them!
STEVEN: I understand that! We can't just leave the Doctor wandering around lost in this jungle.
SARA: If I know anything about him, he's already reached the city. If we go there, we can stop the Daleks and find the Doctor.
STEVEN: Yes, all right.

(They move on.)


(STEVEN is looking at the compass.)

STEVEN: The stronger signal's on bearing 242. According to the Doctor, the Dalek city is over there.

(They move on again.)


SARA: Where to now?
STEVEN: I'll take another reading...
SARA: What exactly is...

(STEVEN hushes her, and moves the compass about trying to get a reading.)

STEVEN: So far, so good. We're on the right track. The source of power is still 242.
SARA: Would you mind telling me how that thing works?
STEVEN: What now?
SARA: Yes now.
STEVEN: Look, Sara, this is no time for a lesson on the power impulse compass.
SARA: Supposing something happens to you?
STEVEN: What are you talking about?
SARA: I'd have to go ahead and reach the city alone. Don't you think you ought to show me how it works in case of accidents?
STEVEN: (Slightly put out.) Oh, you are so cheerful, aren't you.


(The room is filled with Daleks working and the BLACK DALEK.)

DALEK 1: The Galactic Representatives have been detained, as you instructed.
BLACK DALEK: They will be destroyed at the same time as the headquarters, at the start of the conquest of the planet Earth. Commence invasion countdown!


(STEVEN and SARA have reached the landing pad where the Representatives' spaceships are parked.)

STEVEN: There it is - the take-off area.
SARA: Yes. Are those the Daleks' ships?
STEVEN: No. Those belong to the other representatives.
SARA: Where's the Daleks' landing area?
STEVEN: There too, possibly. But those representative ships will have to take off first to collect their forces for the invasion.
SARA: (Starting forward.) Right, let's get going.
STEVEN: (Holding on to her.) Just a minute!
SARA: Why? We've got to defeat the Daleks.
STEVEN: We've got to try to defeat the Daleks. If you and I just charge in there, what chance do you think we've got against the greatest war force ever assembled.
SARA: (A little annoyed.) Oh, for heaven's sake, we'll go carefully. Look, Steven, just because the Doctor isn't here, don't think that you're the only one who can outwit the Daleks.
STEVEN: Look, I don't think that. But, as you said, in any case, we'll probably find he's here already
SARA: Come on!


(STEVEN and SARA move forward slowly and carefully, ready to jump for cover in case a Dalek makes an appearance, but there is no sign of them.)

STEVEN: I don't get it. It's uncanny. I mean, where have the Daleks got to?
SARA: It's like a city of the dead.
STEVEN: Let's see if there's any sign of life down here.

(They move forward - not a Dalek in sight.)

STEVEN: We should have been challenged by now!
SARA: Hmm, we haven't come very far yet.
STEVEN: What's that got to do with it?
SARA: They're probably making final preparations for the invasion.
STEVEN: Yes, well, they still need guards out here.
SARA: Maybe they're not frightened.
STEVEN: They always take some precautions.
SARA: Alright, you think of an explanation.
STEVEN: Well look, suppose... suppose the Doctor did come here and they have caught him...
SARA: Then now they'll be looking for us.
STEVEN: No, possibly not. Not if he said he was alone.
SARA: Huh! They wouldn't believe him!
STEVEN: Why not? We weren't anywhere around.
SARA: Steven, this could all be a trick. If they have caught the Doctor, then they could be waiting for us.
STEVEN: No. If they've caught the Doctor, they won't worry about us. We've got to find him.


(STEVEN and SARA move into the Control Room, which surprises both of them by being completely empty - not a Dalek in sight.)

STEVEN: This place is empty too.
SARA: Then it must be a trap.
SARA: Well, it looks like a control room. The Daleks wouldn't leave a place like this unguarded.
STEVEN: Yes, that's true. That means they must have the Doctor, if they can be this sure of themselves.

(He sees the Daleks' Time Machine.)

STEVEN: Hey, isn't this their time machine?
SARA: Now we can get back to Earth and warn them.
STEVEN: Yes, except that neither of us knows how to work it. We could bluff them.
SARA: How?
STEVEN: If we could lock ourselves inside their Time Machine until they let the Doctor come to us. Well, he could work it.
SARA: It's worth a try.

(She turns to the controls.)

SARA: Now we've got to contact the Daleks.

(She touches some controls.)

SARA: Steven! Here's the Daleks' loudspeaker system.

(She speaks into the microphone on the control panel.)

SARA: This is Sara Kingdom of Space Security. Send the Doctor to the control room.
STEVEN: I'd better try to get into that Time Machine.

(Suddenly, MAVIC CHEN's voice speaks from the loudspeaker.)

MAVIC CHEN: (OOV.) Hello, Kingdom, Where are you?
SARA: That's Chen!
STEVEN: He must still be working with them! (To the microphone.) Mavic Chen, can you hear me?

14. A CELL

(The Daleks have moved the Representatives to a small cell. The voices of STEVEN and SARA can be heard. All of the other Representatives now don't trust MAVIC CHEN an inch after the speech in the Council Chamber.)

STEVEN: (OOV.) Let us speak to the Doctor.
CELATION: (To MAVIC CHEN.) Is this more treachery? Who are these people?
MAVIC CHEN: They are the people who stole the Taranium!
CELATION: Why have they come back?
CELATION: NO! Already you have betrayed us. This could be another trick.
STEVEN: (OOV.) Mavic Chen! Let me speak to the Doctor.


SARA: Don't waste time. They'll be on their way to us by now.
STEVEN: Yes, but if they don't bring the Doctor, the plan's useless.
CELATION: (OOV.) Listen to me.
SARA: (Into microphone.) Who's that?
CELATION: Through the treachery of Chen we have been imprisoned.
SARA: (Into microphone.) Who are you?
CELATION: (OOV.) We are the Galactic Council. Will you release us?
STEVEN: (Into the microphone.) Where are you?
CELATION: (OOV.) In a detention cell.
STEVEN: (Shouting into the microphone.) YES, BUT WHERE?
CELATION: (OOV.) We do not know!

(STEVEN starts to move towards the door.)

STEVEN: We've got to find them!
SARA: No, wait! This could be all part of the trick.
STEVEN: No, I don't think so. Look, if there were any Daleks around, they'd be here by now. They must have gone. Maybe the Doctor's with the Council! Come on!

(Both of them rush out.)

16. CELL

CELATION: Mavic Chen, if this is a further trick, we shall destroy you before they could destroy us.
MAVIC CHEN: (Frantic.) It's not a trick!
ANOTHER DELEGATE: Then why have they come back!
MAVIC CHEN: If you'd only think! Is there no sense in the outer galaxies? It is clear that they have lost their leader - the one they call the Doctor. The girl has bought the young man here to look for him, but really she has come back out of loyalty to me - to ensure my safety as the Guardian as the Solar System.


(STEVEN and SARA are running.)

SARA: Now where?
STEVEN: How should I know. Just look at this place - it's fantastic.
SARA: Come along. No time for sightseeing. Let's try down here.

(They go on.)

18. CELL

MAVIC CHEN: The efficiency of our security system is one of the main reasons for our natural supremacy.

(The others looks like they don't know and don't care.)

CELATION: What about the Daleks?
MAVIC CHEN: Once we are out of here, we can destroy the Daleks. Between us, we muster a greater force than they do. We can form our own galactic council.


(We see STEVEN and SARA running down them.)


(They pull up outside the cell and open the shutters. Inside, the Representatives look up at the new arrivals.)

STEVEN: That's them.
Kingdom! You've done well. Now let us out of here.
MAVIC CHEN: What do you mean, no?
STEVEN: Where is the Doctor?
CELATION: If he is your leader, he is not with us.
STEVEN: (Shouting.) Where is he?
MAVIC CHEN: I don't know. Now let us out!
STEVEN: So that you can rejoin the Daleks? Not likely.
CELATION: Absurd! The Daleks have betrayed us!
DELEGATE: Betrayed!
CELATION: Why should we rejoin them?
SARA: If we let them out, there's just a chance that some of them could mobilise a force to defeat the Daleks.
DELEGATE: Of course we will!

(STEVEN looks undecided.)

CELATION: You must! The Daleks must be destroyed, or our galaxies are in danger!
SARA: We have no choice.

(STEVEN thinks about this.)

STEVEN: Very well.

(He turns to the prisoners.)

STEVEN: But the Daleks have already left Kembel. It's probable that their invasion plans are already going ahead and the universe can be taken by surprise, because of your greed!
MAVIC CHEN: Must you moralise...

(But STEVEN cuts him off.)

STEVEN: Your only chance is to go back to your own people and warn them.
DELEGATE: Our people will kill us!
CELATION: Not if we save them. We must destroy the Daleks.
OTHERS: Destroy!

(MAVIC CHEN doesn't say this.)

MALPHA: We agree to go and defend our galaxies and to organise a search for the Dalek invasion force.

(SARA is convinced.)

SARA: Let them out, Steven.

(STEVEN thinks about this long and hard.)

STEVEN: Yes, all right.

(He unlocks the door and all of the prisoners exit. With his usual style, MAVIC CHEN turns to SARA.)

MAVIC CHEN: You are a sensible woman, Kingdom. I will see that you are justly rewarded.

(SARA stares at him with a look of pure hatred.)


(The ships of the now-freed prisoners are powering up. On the outskirts of the city, STEVEN and SARA are watching. MALPHA's ship leaps straight into the sky.)

SARA: There they go.
STEVEN: Yes, let's hope they'll be in time. Look, there's the ship of Celation and Beaus.

(The other three take off, leaving the Spar still on the ground.)

SARA: Chen's ship is still there.
STEVEN: Yes, he must be nearly the last one to take off.

(A powering-up, humming noise can be heard.)

SARA: What about the others?
STEVEN: Those must belong to the dead representatives.
SARA: Chen's taking his time to get off.
STEVEN: There he goes.

(A small jet of flame shoots from the afterburners of the Spar.)

SARA: Something's gone wrong.

(The Spar explodes into millions of tiny pieces What's left of it collapses back onto itself. The fact that the city was constructed of metal prevents it from catching fire.)

STEVEN: He's had it.
SARA: Now he won't be able to get back to Earth and warn them.
STEVEN: Let's hope that the others can mobilise fast enough. There must be something we can do.
SARA: Yes - find the Doctor.

(They move forward.)


(They are moving forward when a noise reaches them from further down the track.)

SARA: What?
STEVEN: Listen
SARA: The Doctor?

(They hide behind one of the relatively safe tree-like growths. After a moment, the vegetation parts and into sight comes a Dalek. It pauses for a moment and then moves off down the path that the travellers have been taking.)

SARA: They're still here.
STEVEN: We must follow it! Quickly!

(They run forwards after it.)


(They follow the Dalek and watch it enter a cave at the entrance of the mountain.)

STEVEN: It went down there - right into the heart of the mountain.
SARA: Underground. Why didn't we think of that before.
STEVEN: Sara, it's possible the invasion hasn't started yet. Maybe the rest of the force are down there.
SARA: Or part of them. There must be hundreds of places like that.
STEVEN: Yes, but that Dalek must know that the representatives got away.
SARA: They might even know that we're on Kembel.
STEVEN: The representatives gone and the Doctor disappeared - we're gonna have to put them out of action ourselves.
SARA: Can we?
STEVEN: We've got to. Earth will still be invaded.

(A familiar voice rings out behind them.)

MAVIC CHEN: Certainly. Thanks to you.

(He stands covering them with a blaster, looking very alive and very smug.)

SARA: Chen! But you're dead!
MAVIC CHEN: Not yet, my innocent one, though I'm delighted my pyrotechnic display impressed you. No, I am alive and soon shall be master of the universe! Perhaps, Kingdom, you'd like to lead the way.

(He gestures at the tunnel with his blaster.)

SARA: Down there?
MAVIC CHEN: Of course. I'm certain the Daleks will be delighted to see you.

(Faced with no alternative, SARA leads the way into the tunnel. STEVEN and MAVIC CHEN following behind her.)

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