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(STEVEN, still in his Trojan tabard, lies on the divan, semi-conscious.)


(The DOCTOR'S hands move over the controls of the TARDIS.)

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(KATARINA watches over STEVEN.)

KATARINA: He has a strange sickness. Can you not help him?

(The DOCTOR joins her.)

DOCTOR: I'm doing the very best I can, my child.

(He laughs gently and looks over STEVEN.)

DOCTOR: Oh dear, dear, dear, this is such a worry. This poison seems to be spreading throughout the whole of his system. Yes, we need a special drug. I shall have to land somewhere.

(The hum of the TARDIS suddenly diminishes.)


(KATARINA looks round in alarm.)

KATARINA: What is that?
DOCTOR: Oh, we're slowing down, my dear. We're going to land in a moment.
KATARINA: Can we have reached the place of perfection so soon?
DOCTOR: Er, well, I rather doubt it. At least, that is, er, we shall be stopping at a lot of places before that. Now, I... I... I want you to look after Steven, if you will. And see that you keep that wound clean, please, hmm?

(Again he laughs gently.)

DOCTOR: (Warmly.) That's a good girl.

(He leaves her and goes back to the console.)


(Deep in the Kembel jungle are two Space Security agents, KERT GANTRY and BRET VYON. Both are in rough shape with dishevelled clothing, especially GANTRY, who lies on the ground with a shattered leg in a crude splint. Around them are the sounds of the wildlife of the jungle and both men jump at the sound of a particularly loud roar. VYON speaks into a radio transmitter, his voice getting increasingly more desperate.)

BRET VYON: (Into radio.) Five Zero Alpha to Charlo Charlo Egan, Five Zero Alpha to Charlo Charlo Egan, come in!

(He pauses to see if there is any answer. There is nothing but static. He tries again.)

BRET VYON: (Into radio.) Charlo Charlo Egan, this is Five Zero Alpha, can you read me? Come in!

(BRET VYON pauses again listening for a reply. Hearing just the static, he goes over to KERT GANTRY with a look of despair.)

BRET VYON: Nothing! When we get back to Earth, I'll have every fool in CCE court-martialled!
KERT GANTRY: (Worried.) If we get back to Earth. If Central Communications has gone dead on us, we haven't a hope!
BRET VYON: Well, we're not dead yet.
KERT GANTRY: Don't fool yourself. They're out there looking for us right now. They'll find us and then...
BRET VYON: (Interrupting.) All right, all right, they may well find us! But we've got to get through to Earth first or the whole solar system is finished!
KERT GANTRY: I know, I know. Try them again.

(BRET goes back to the radio.)

BRET VYON: (Into radio.) Five Zero Alpha to Charlo Charlo Egan, come in! Five Zero Alpha to Charlo Charlo Egan, come in!


(Millions of miles across space, back on Earth at Central Communications, a light flashes on an operations board in the communications room but remains overlooked. A long semi-circular flat console, covered with instruments faces a large monitor screen which dominates one of the walls. To the left of it is a star-map with various grid-references and points marked out. This is the hub of radio communications for the galaxy. It is manned by six Technix who are completely bald humans, dressed in simple tunics, who carry out the main functions of Central Communications. Two people enter the room. A slightly bored younger man, ROALD, who is dressed in a similar tunic to the Technix but with a shoulder sash which has the words on it "GALACTIC SECURITY, COMMUNICATIONS" and a conscientious woman in her thirties called LIZAN.)

ROALD: So it's checkmate, isn't it? I want to see the Venus-Mars game - you want to see your hero, Mavic Chen.

(LIZAN smiles at ROALD'S attempt to provoke her.)

LIZAN: I just happen to admire him, that's all. Well, I'm going to do some work now, even if you aren't.

(LIZAN takes an observation chart and moves away to begin work.)

ROALD: I, er... I'll tell you what. If we tune into Channel four-oh-three, we'll get the news. That should cover both our requirements. Agreed?
LIZAN: Ah, but we may only get a report of what Mavic Chen said, not actually see him.
ROALD: That's hardly likely! The Guardian of the Solar System is going away on holiday. He will, no doubt, say a few well-chosen words. Every well-chosen word will no doubt be transmitted.
LIZAN: And what about the routine calls?
ROALD: Oh, you worry too much. The next one's Five Zero Alpha.

(LIZAN looks down her list.)

LIZAN: Five Zero Alpha?
ROALD: It's not for another twenty minutes. Well, what about four-oh-three?

(LIZAN turns to one of the Technix.)

LIZAN: Bring up four-oh-three, please.

(The Technix does as instructed.)

LIZAN: (To ROALD.) Five Zero Alpha? Is that the patrol out looking for Marc Cory?
ROALD: Yes, the... er... agent who disappeared near the planet Kembel. Probably crashed, so they think.

(An image appears on the large screen next to the star chart. ROALD turns to one of the Technix.)

ROALD: Hey, bring up the sound! It's Mavic Chen on holiday.

(Their attention turns to the interview on the screen. MAVIC CHEN is a distinguished-looking, white-haired and bearded Asiatic. He has a great presence and speaks in a calm but powerful voice. He is being interviewed by an awed younger man.)

MAVIC CHEN: (On screen.) ...Yes, the mineral agreement with the fourth galaxy proved a little more... complicated than was at first expected.
INTERVIEWER: (On screen.) And as that has been concluded so successfully, I'm sure no one will begrudge you a little time off. Er, where are you going to on this trip?
MAVIC CHEN: (On screen, smiles.) That I am keeping a secret. I hope to be able to get away from all interviewers.

(The INTERVIEWER laughs.)

MAVIC CHEN: (On screen.) I'm just going to climb aboard my Spar and drift... about the solar system.

(LIZAN smiles.)

LIZAN: Drifting round the solar system - that's the life if you can get it!

(As she speaks, the interview continues...)

INTERVIEWER: (On screen.) Have you ever travelled beyond our solar system?
MAVIC CHEN: (On screen.) No, not really.

(ROALD responds to LIZAN'S wishful thinking...)

ROALD: Well, become a galactic politician and who knows? Maybe one day you will. As far as I'm concerned, give me terra firma any day.

(LIZAN tuts.)

LIZAN: You are in a rut, my friend. Now, if I had the latest Flip T-4...
ROALD: (Interrupting.) Ah, it's a trifle brash, isn't it? There are other space vessels, you know?
LIZAN: You mean the Spar 7-40.
ROALD: (Admiringly.) Yes, if I had to travel around ultra space, I'd think the 7-40. Elegance, plus ultimate technology.
LIZAN: It hasn't got the speed.
ROALD: Speed isn't everything.

(Both return to watching the screen.)

INTERVIEWER: (On screen.) Is there anything you would like to say to the citizens before you depart?

(CHEN turns to face the camera.)

MAVIC CHEN: (On screen.) Yes. It is my earnest hope that the solar system may continue along this path of peace, this path that was laid by the signing of the non-aggression pact of 3975. And now, in this year of 4000, we can feel justly proud of that pact. May the past twenty-five years prove that they are the dawn of an everlasting peace...

(ROALD, having heard the speech before, quietly laughs.)

MAVIC CHEN: (On screen.) ...which will spread throughout the universe.

(On the wall map, the light to signify BRET VYON'S message starts to flash again. However it remains unnoticed by anyone in the room as they concentrate on the large screen and MAVIC CHEN'S continuing speech.)

MAVIC CHEN: (On screen.) Let us go forward together, secure in the knowledge that the life ahead is built on the cornerstone of richer understanding, not only of the past or of the present, but also of the future.

(ROALD, bored, is actually able to mouth CHEN'S remarks as the Guardian intones them.)

MAVIC CHEN: (On screen.) And may it be this cornerstone, so firmly laid deep, be built upon in brotherhood and bring peace, progress and prosperity to each and every one of us.
INTERVIEWER: (On screen.) Thank you sir. I'm sure that all throughout our system echo your thoughts.

(ROALD and LIZAN turn away from the screen as the broadcast ends.)

LIZAN: Even you must agree he's an impressive man.
ROALD: Yes, it's nice to hear his speech again.
LIZAN: Cynic!

(She catches the flash on the wall map from the corner of her eye.)

LIZAN: Was that a flash?
ROALD: Where?

(He dons a headphone, flicks some switches and listens.)

ROALD: Well, there's nothing coming through.
LIZAN: I thought I saw one.
ROALD: You're imagining things.
LIZAN: Okay, so I'm imagining things.


(KERT GANTRY and BRET VYON are on the move through the jungle with their radio and are looking nervously into the dark undergrowth.)

KERT GANTRY: They are out there, I know it, and they're getting closer!
BRET VYON: Look, you're imagining things. Now shut up!
KERT GANTRY: Do you think I'm a fool? There's something out there and it's close!
BRET VYON: Look, I tell you...
KERT GANTRY: (Interrupting.) Just listen!

(The men stop and listen intently. After a second, they hear the snap of a twig.)

KERT GANTRY: You heard it?
BRET VYON: Yes. Come on, we've got to get out of here.

(BRET moves to KERT to help him up.)

BRET VYON: What? But you know we can't fight them! Our weapons are useless against... those things. Now we must move out.

(KERT snaps and indicates his wounded leg.)

KERT GANTRY: How can I keep on the move with this? Have you got any more bright ideas? All that will happen is I'll hit one of those spiked plants. I nearly fell on one before.
BRET VYON: Look, we won't go fast, just keep moving. I'll make sure we avoid the Varga plants.
KERT GANTRY: If I fall and hit one, you know what happens then!
BRET VYON: Don't be a fool!
KERT GANTRY: That could be what happened to Cory. He tripped, pricked himself on a thorn and... then he turned into one!
BRET VYON: You're letting your imagination run riot again. Besides, we haven't seen any Varga that look like him.
KERT GANTRY: Oh, joke away, but you know I'm right. There's been no trace of Marc Cory anywhere.
BRET VYON: Perhaps they took him prisoner.
KERT GANTRY: You know they don't take prisoners.
BRET VYON: All the more reason for you to come with me. Now come on!

(BRET moves to help KERT to his feet...)

BRET VYON: Come on.

(...but the wounded man raises his blaster rifle and aims it at BRET.)

KERT GANTRY: This is no time for phony heroics. I'll just slow you down, and then we'll both get it. Now without me you've got a chance. It's not a good one, but it's a chance. Just stay alive and get that message through!
BRET VYON: (Firmly.) I'm not going without you - is that clear?

(GANTRY raises his gun on VYON.)

KERT GANTRY: (Passionately.) Get out! Get out of here or I'll kill you now!

(GANTRY aims the gun. A shocked BRET realises that he is serious and reluctantly turns to go. He picks up the transmitter and prepares to walk off into the jungle.)


(BRET looks back.)

KERT GANTRY: Good... luck.

(VYON nods and then leaves GANTRY, who has his blaster still up in defence. The wounded man looks all around him, before staggering forward through the thick jungle.)

KERT GANTRY: All right, I'm ready for you now!

(There is silence apart from the animal sounds in the jungle. GANTRY carries on limping through the trees.)

KERT GANTRY: Where the devil are you?

(He hears sounds of movement nearby.)


(As GANTRY looks around frantically, he hears a rustling sound in front of him. He peers carefully into the foliage but sees nothing. He moves on into a clearing and sinks to his knees in horror as he sees a DALEK in front of him. He presses the trigger on his blaster but the DALEK fires first and GANTRY falls back dead with a scream. A second DALEK glides forward and they look down at the scorched body.)

FIRST DALEK: One man remains. Find and destroy him!

(They glide away.)


(Elsewhere, VYON makes his way quickly through the jungle. He dodges some Varga plants but in doing so, he trips and drops the precious radio transmitter. He picks up the shattered instrument and looks over his last means of salvation, now gone. Suddenly, his despair is replaced by alarm as he hears a strange raucous noise. He dives for cover and watches as the TARDIS materialises in the jungle. Coming out of cover, he approaches the newly arrived object and starts to look over it. With an electronic hum, the door opens and BRET dives back into cover. The DOCTOR emerges, followed by KATARINA. They look over their surroundings as BRET listens.)

KATARINA: (In wonder.) Strange place... Can you find help here?
DOCTOR: I don't know my dear, but I must try. Now I want you to stay here and look after Steven. I shall be as quick as I can, hmm?
KATARINA: I'll do as you ask.
DOCTOR: Splendid. Now you know which switch to pull to close the doors, don't you? So I want you to do that straight away. I have my key to let myself in.

(KATARINA looks puzzled at this.)


(The DOCTOR shows her the TARDIS key.)

DOCTOR: Yes, this child - key. This opens the door from the outside, hmm?

(BRET is especially interested in this statement...)

DOCTOR: Now go in please and shut the door.

(KATARINA does so and the doors hum shut again.)

DOCTOR: Hmm, charming!

(He sets off into the jungle. After he has gone, BRET steps out of hiding and examines the TARDIS again, especially interested in the door. He makes a decision and hurries after the DOCTOR.)


(Exploring the thick jungle, the DOCTOR spots lights ahead. Looking through the trees, he catches sight of a city in the distance. It stands at the base of some ridged mountains and has a large circular landing area in front of it from which are several smaller round parking areas on which stand a collection of different sized and shaped spacecraft.)

DOCTOR: Ah! A city... or perhaps a town, hmm.

(As the DOCTOR mutters to himself, BRET starts to approach him from behind, his blaster raised.)

DOCTOR: I wonder where we are, hmm? Hmm! All I have to do is get through that jungle and perhaps then I can get some help. I must say it's a strange place to put a city, hmm.

(The DOCTOR feels the end of a blaster against his back.)

BRET VYON: Keep absolutely still.
DOCTOR: What is it you want?
BRET VYON: The key.
DOCTOR: What key?
BRET VYON: (Menacingly.) Give me that key or I'll kill you.


(STEVEN has come round but is still very weak and somewhat delirious. He still lies on the couch, his breathing being heavy and laboured.)

KATARINA: The Doctor will return very soon. He will get help.
STEVEN: Wh... where are we?
KATARINA: On our way through the underworld.
STEVEN: What? Look, I... don't understand. Vicki? Troy?

(He feels the pain of his wound again.)

STEVEN: Ohh, you... you helped me when that Trojan...
KATARINA: Deep calm. You must rest.
STEVEN: Did the Doctor bring you on board?
KATARINA: Yes. We all make the journey together.
STEVEN: Who are you?
KATARINA: Katarina. I served as handmaid for the High Priestess Cassandra. But you must rest. The Doctor will bring help. Don't ask any more questions.
STEVEN: I... I... I want...

(STEVEN passes out again. The TARDIS doors open and BRET VYON enters. KATARINA looks at him in surprise.)

KATARINA: Did the Doctor send you?

(BRET, amazed at the interior of the ship, hesitates, then...)

BRET VYON: That's right - the old man sent me.
KATARINA: Have you brought help?

(BRET looks round the control room.)

BRET VYON: This is fantastic!

(He recovers his composure and turns to KATARINA.)

BRET VYON: Erm... you, what's your name?
KATARINA: Katarina. Did the Doctor send you to cure the sickness?
BRET VYON: Yes, but we must shut the doors first. The... old man said you knew the switch.

(KATARINA walks over to the console.)


(She activates a control and the doors close. BRET looks round the room.)

BRET VYON: What sort of craft is this? I've seen most, but nothing like this. From the outside it looks so small. How do you work this thing?
KATARINA: Only the Doctor works his temple.
BRET VYON: His what?

(BRET starts to look over the console and begins to flip some of the switches. KATARINA indicates the unconscious STEVEN.)

KATARINA: You must help Steven!
BRET VYON: Yes, yes, of course I'll help Steven, but we must get back to Earth first. I explained this to the old man, the, er... Doctor.

(BRET unknowingly switches on the scanner.)

KATARINA: We can't go back to Earth, we've left it.
BRET VYON: That means we can get back.

(STEVEN comes round again and watches BRET suspiciously but is too weak to do anything. On the scanner, he sees the DOCTOR approaching the TARDIS.)

BRET VYON: Katarina, are you sure you don't know how to work this?
KATARINA: How could I know? It belongs to the Doctor.
BRET VYON: The old man said this was no ordinary ship... and he was right.


(The DOCTOR has returned to the clearing and stands outside his craft.)

DOCTOR: So, you'd use physical violence, would you? (Laughs.) You don't know what you've let yourself in for. (Laughs.)

(The DOCTOR walks up to the TARDIS and spots something.)

DOCTOR: Ah, so you've left the key in the door! Well, well! (Laughs.) That's the first big mistake, isn't it? Yes, very foolish... very foolish indeed, young man. Well now, if it's brain, or brawn rather, versus brain, heh, heh, I've got you beaten from the start, young man! (Laughs.)


(Inside the TARDIS, BRET VYON still stands over the controls of the ship. Suddenly a spanner crashes down on his head and, with a cry, he falls to the floor. STEVEN has managed to raise himself off his divan and attack the agent.)

KATARINA: (Shocked) Steven!

(STEVEN himself falls to the floor, his energy spent on the attack. KATARINA rushes to him.)


(At the door of the TARDIS, the DOCTOR hears an electronic rumbling noise and looks upwards through the jungle trees at a spaceship flying over.)

DOCTOR: Ha, I wonder if that spaceship has any... anything to do with that violent young man - or any connection with that city below. Yes, there are one or two questions I must have answered.

(He laughs and enters the TARDIS.)


(In an open walled reception area at the edge of the city in the jungle a familiar figure waits - the dark-cased DALEK SUPREME. Another DALEK glides through an entrance door and up to its commander.)

DALEK: Control reports space vessel 1-11 in landing circuit.
DALEK SUPREME: Is all prepared?
DALEK: Everything is ready.


(In the TARDIS, BRET comes round. His head hurts and he realises that he is sat in a chair. The DOCTOR looks over at him and chuckles.)

DOCTOR: I don't think you'll be able to get out of there in a hurry, my friend? (Laughs.)

(BRET struggles to move to finds that he is stuck fast - even though there are no obvious bindings.)

BRET VYON: What is it?
DOCTOR: Oh, it's a little invention of mine - I call it the magnetic chair. It has a force field strong enough to restrain a herd of elephants, so I wouldn't waste your energy trying to escape, hmm? You will stay there until I direct otherwise.

(He laughs again and turns to KATARINA who still tends to STEVEN who is again unconscious and back on the divan.)

DOCTOR: How is he my dear?
KATARINA: He's asleep.
DOCTOR: Yes. Oh, by the way, I found a city... and just as I was about to ascertain it's locale, that young ruffian set about me.
KATARINA: Can you get help for Steven?
DOCTOR: Oo yes, I hope so, er, er, just a minute, er, er...

(He takes KATARINA aside so that they cannot be overheard by BRET. The DOCTOR indicates him.)

DOCTOR: That, erm... that young man, did he say anything? Hmm?
KATARINA: (Whispers.) No.
DOCTOR: Hmm, that's strange, hmm. Yes, I shall have to cross-examine him when I get back. But don't worry. He's quite safe... he... our guest... is quite unable to move until I press that little switch at the back.
DOCTOR: So you're quite safe.

(He turns laughing to a glaring BRET.)

DOCTOR: Whilst he's there, he's quite harmless. (To BRET.) Oh, and, er, quite comfortable I hope?

(The DOCTOR laughs quietly at a simmering BRET and heads for the doors.)


(The DOCTOR has left the TARDIS and walks through the thick foliage. He avoids a Varga plant and comes across a humanoid skeleton in the trees which is covered in what remains of uniformed clothing.)


(He looks over the body.)

DOCTOR: Male. I wonder... is this the solar system, hmm?

(Several feet away, he sees Marc Cory's recording device on the jungle floor.)

DOCTOR: That's very strange.

(He picks the device up.)

DOCTOR: Hah, hmm! That's strange indeed. Well, hmm!

(He carries on his way.)


(The same spaceship he saw earlier eases to a landing on a pad on the outskirts of the city. It resembles a flying saucer with upward sticking fins that spin on the ship's edge as it flies. There is a large collection of other diverse ships already parked there.)


(A messenger glides up to the DALEK SUPREME.)

DALEK: Space vessel 111 - touch-down completed.
DALEK SUPREME: Excellent. I will await our guest here.

(The DOCTOR has made his way to the edge of the city and looks round the corner of the outer wall into the reception area. He quickly steps back into cover.)

DOCTOR: (Horrified.) Daleks!


(BRET VYON, still immobilised in the chair, looks towards STEVEN, who is still unconscious and being tended by KATARINA who wipes his brow.)

BRET VYON: What's the matter with him?

(KATARINA, now knowing him to be an enemy, ignores him.)

BRET VYON: I said, what's the matter with him?
KATARINA: He's sick. The Doctor says he's poisoned in the blood.
BRET VYON: There are some tablets in the pouch of my belt. Give him two.
KATARINA: But you're an enemy.

(KATARINA approaches him.)

KATARINA: The Doctor's gone to get help.
BRET VYON: He won't find any on this planet, believe me. So why not try the tablets? I hate to see anyone die through stupidity.
KATARINA: I do not understand you.
BRET VYON: For heaven's sake, girl! Take the tablets and give them to him!

(KATARINA hesitates, then...)

KATARINA: All right.
BRET VYON: Now you're showing some sense.

(KATARINA points at the pouch of BRET'S belt.)


(KATARINA hesitates.)

BRET VYON: It's all right, I won't harm you. This chair of the Doctor's seems to be everything he claimed.

(KATARINA reaches into his pouch and takes out a small tube.)

BRET VYON: All right, the tablets are in that tube.

(KATARINA finds the tube, opens it, and looks at the tablets inside in puzzlement.)

KATARINA: Are these tablets?
BRET VYON: (Exasperated.) What do they look like? Take two and put them in his mouth. They dissolve quickly and take effect almost immediately.

(He watches as she hesitantly carries out his instructions. STEVEN breathes and moans as he swallows the tablets.)

BRET VYON: Praise be that you're not nursing me! It's all right. He'll be all right now. You can leave him alone.
KATARINA: If you're wrong, the Doctor will be angry. I've disobeyed him.
BRET VYON: If Steven, or whatever his name is, recovers, you'll be forgiven. And if the Doctor gets back here soon...

(He looks up at the scanner.)

BRET VYON: (In a shocked whisper.) No!

(On the scanner, a DALEK enters the clearing outside the TARDIS...)


(The DOCTOR is still hidden behind a pillar in the reception area, watching the DALEKS.)

DALEK: Our new ally approaches!

(The occupant of the spaceship walks towards the DALEKS.)

DALEK SUPREME: We welcome you as we welcome all allies of the Daleks!

(The newcomer steps forward. It is MAVIC CHEN.)

MAVIC CHEN: I am honoured to be here. And to be part of your plan to conquer Earth and all the planets in the solar system!

(The DALEKS lead him into the city as the DOCTOR scurries away urgently.)


(The DOCTOR stumbles quickly through the trees. As he approaches the TARDIS, he stops to catch his breath. He sees movement through the trees and hides. He watches from the undergrowth as three DALEKS emerge from around the TARDIS. The DOCTOR looks on in horror as they surround the ship.)

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