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(STEVEN is now much the worse for wear. His mouth is wide open and gasping for air.)

MAAGA: (Over intercom.) Why do you not give up, Earthman?
STEVEN: (Gasping.) I'd rather face the Chumblies than you any day.

(STEVEN gets up and staggers to the wall, activating the switch to open the outer door. MAAGA laughs.)

MAAGA: (Over intercom.) That will not work now. The pressure has locked the door.

(STEVEN tries desperately to activate the switch.)

MAAGA: (Over intercom.) You must surrender, or die!

(The dial is now very low. It drops further. STEVEN starts to slide down against the wall.)


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(STEVEN gasps for breath.)


(The DOCTOR, VICKI and the CHUMBLIES moves toward the spaceship. One of the machines carries a spherical bomb-like object.)


(The DRAHVINS continue to watch STEVEN in the airlock.)

DRAHVIN TWO: He cannot live much longer, Maaga. Soon he will die.
MAAGA: We do not wish him dead.
DRAHVIN TWO: But he is our enemy!
MAAGA: Also our hostage.

(DRAHVIN THREE runs from the observation window.)

DRAHVIN THREE: Machine with bomb approaching!
MAAGA: Quick! Take cover!

(As she speaks, a projectile crashes through the porthole and lands on the floor and immediately begins to discharge a thick cloud of ammonia.)


(STEVEN appears at the window, near collapse.)

RILL VOICE: Stand clear!

(VICKI and the DOCTOR stand back. A CHUMBLEY fires its gun at the door. The door flies open, there is a hissing of air, and STEVEN tumbles out.)

RILL VOICE: All right, it's safe now.

(The DOCTOR and VICKI rush over to STEVEN who lies on the ground, gasping for breath.)

VICKI: Steven!
DOCTOR: Come along, my boy!

(They start to help the young man up.)

VICKI: Steven!
DOCTOR: Up on your feet!
VICKI: Oh...
DOCTOR: Quickly! Come on, come on, come on! Ah.

(STEVEN is virtually held up by the two but is still struggling to get his breath back.)

DOCTOR: Oh, put your head down. Now breathe deeply!
VICKI: They nearly killed him in there.
DOCTOR: Come along!
VICKI: Come on, let's get away from there in case they come out.

(They start to help STEVEN away from the ship.)

DOCTOR: Steady. Take it easy. You're with friends.
VICKI: Are you all right?
DOCTOR: Yes, and thanks to the Chumblies - they did the trick. I don't know what those Drahvins were going to think. Ah. (To STEVEN.) Come on. Keep breathing. Keep breathing. In and out. In and out. Come along!

(STEVEN continues to gasp for air.)


(The DRAHVINS are standing before a furious MAAGA. All are coughing from the effects of the gas.)

MAAGA: Guns ready.

(The DRAHVINS bring up their guns.)

MAAGA: Door.

(DRAHVIN TWO runs over and presses the button.)

MAAGA: After them, and kill!

(They head for the opening door.)


(The DOCTOR and his group are still relatively near to the ship and STEVEN is sat on the ground, still trying to get his breathing back to normal.)

DOCTOR: Be all right in a minute.

(The DRAHVINS surge out of the airlock.)


(The DRAHVINS come to a halt as they see the CHUMBLIES ray-run pointing at them.)

RILL VOICE: If you move at all, we shall fire! Do not mistake our intention. You will not interfere!

(The DRAHVINS remain still.)

RILL VOICE: Doctor, please lead your party away.
DOCTOR: I certainly will. (To STEVEN.) Can you walk?
STEVEN: (Whispers.) Yes, my legs are...
DOCTOR: Come on, my boy, on your feet. Come along!

(STEVEN clambers to his feet and the DOCTOR points in one direction.)

DOCTOR: That way! That way! Come on!

(With VICKI helping STEVEN, they move off with a CHUMBLEY escorting them.)

DOCTOR: (To STEVEN.) Keep breathing hard, in and out.

(One of the other CHUMBLIES stands guard over MAAGA and the three DRAHVINS.)

RILL VOICE: Maaga, you will take your soldiers back into the ship, and you will stay there. Until now we have spared you, although you have attacked us time and time again. But we will always defend our friends.
MAAGA: (Scornfully.) Friends!
RILL VOICE: We will prevent any attempt on your part to leave the ship. I am resolute! Now go back into your spaceship.
MAAGA: You have polluted the air with your bomb!
RILL VOICE: It will have cleared by now. The ammonia bomb was only a warning. Go inside.

(MAAGA turns, realizing that for now, she is powerless.)

MAAGA: (Softly.) Come.

(The DRAHVINS re-enter their spaceship. The CHUMBLEY stands watch outside.)


(Inside the ship, the inner airlock door is closed. MAAGA crosses to a porthole and looks out.)

MAAGA: It's still there.
DRAHVIN TWO: We cannot escape.
MAAGA: Quiet!
DRAHVIN ONE: But Maaga, we...
MAAGA: We cannot escape yet! But we will. No Drahvin is defeated until dead. Is that so?
DRAHVINS: (In unison.) Yes, Maaga.
MAAGA: We are still alive. It depends how long that machine will be. (To DRAHVIN ONE.) You failed in your mission of patrol.
DRAHVIN ONE: (Fearfully.) I was outnumbered.
MAAGA: You will be dealt with. Failure is never tolerated. (To DRAHVIN THREE.) You - does the forward hatch still work?
MAAGA: Silently?
MAAGA: It is now dim light. Soon it will be night. The last night...this planet will ever know. We must capture the Rill spaceship before then. When I give the order, you will steal silently through the forward hatch. You will then creep round behind the Rills' machine. Understood?
MAAGA: And you will destroy it.


(The DOCTOR, STEVEN, and VICKI enter the chamber. The DOCTOR immediately moves across to where the cable is with a CHUMBLEY. STEVEN smells the air.)

VICKI: It's that ammoniac gas we were telling you about.
STEVEN: I'd rather they breathed it than me.

(VICKI leaves STEVEN and moves across to the DOCTOR.)

VICKI: Doctor?
VICKI: There can't be a lot of time left now, is there?
DOCTOR: About six hours, child. (To the CHUMBLEY.) Have you finished that conversion?
RILL VOICE: Yes, we have. But it will take some time to transfer the power of your ship to ours.
DOCTOR: Oh, nonsense, nonsense!
RILL VOICE: We are concerned for your safety.
VICKI: And we're concerned for yours.
DOCTOR: Oh, indeed, that's very noble of you all. It's a matter of urgency. Come along. Let's have the cable in please at once.
RILL VOICE: Very well.
DOCTOR: Quickly! Quickly!

(The cable is dragged along by the CHUMBLEY.)

DOCTOR: Quickly, child. Here. Yes, that'll do. Splendid!
STEVEN: What is going on, Doctor?
STEVEN: What are you trying to do?
DOCTOR: I'm going to transfer some power from my ship into the interior of the Rill ship here.
STEVEN: Oh, I see.
DOCTOR: Now if you suspect there's any trouble whilst I'm working, I want you to contact me at once, understood?
STEVEN: Do you want me to stay here?
DOCTOR: Yes, I want you to stay here with the leader of the Rills and try and have some rest. Get some!

(STEVEN silently protests.)

DOCTOR: So, contain yourself.

(STEVEN gives in.)

DOCTOR: Now then. Right! Off you go.
VICKI: Can I come with you, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Yes, child, if you wish. Come along! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
VICKI: See you later, Steven.
DOCTOR: Come along!

(The DOCTOR and VICKI leave with a cable-carrying CHUMBLEY. STEVEN walks around the chamber.)

RILL VOICE: You have not gone with your friends.

(STEVEN looks at the CHUMBLEY from where the RILL VOICE came from. His manner shows that he is still suspicious of these new life forms.)

STEVEN: (Curtly.) No.

(STEVEN walks round the chamber examining its detail. There is a long and awkward silence.)

RILL VOICE: You are interested in our place?
STEVEN: Yes, quite.

(He looks round a moment longer, then...)

STEVEN: So the Doctor trusts you?
RILL VOICE: Why shouldn't he?
STEVEN: No reason. I suppose you gave the right "ethical" reasons for him, so naturally he does trust you.
RILL VOICE: We rescued you from the Drahvins, but you still don't trust us?
STEVEN: Oh, you could be the same as them - using us for your own salvation.
RILL VOICE: The Doctor offered to help us. We needed his help.
STEVEN: (Laughs.) So did the Drahvins.
RILL VOICE: What are you getting at?
STEVEN: Nothing.

(He paces...)

RILL VOICE: Yes, you are.

(...and stops.)

STEVEN: All right. You said it would take hours to charge this ship properly.
RILL VOICE: The Doctor said he could do it in time.
STEVEN: Yes, but supposing, just this once, you're right, and he's wrong. Would you take us with you, or would you allow us to leave in our own ship?
RILL VOICE: In your own ship, if possible.
STEVEN: (In disbelief.) Come off it! I mean, if you don't get this charged in time, you aren't going to let us go just like that.
RILL VOICE: We are strange beings to you. You've never met anything like us. You come from Earth - a planet we don't know - but clearly it is a planet which still knows conflict.
STEVEN: Uh huh? So?
RILL VOICE: If we are right and the power-charge is going to take too long a time, then the Doctor, the girl, and you must leave. We believe in self-preservation.
STEVEN: (Sarcastically.) Huh yeah, I'm sure...
RILL VOICE: But if there is a choice, the Doctor must go. He travels further than we can. And everything he has shown he stands for, is what we believe in - so it is better that he goes.

(STEVEN considers these words. His tone is then apologetic.)

STEVEN: Oh, I'm sorry. You can't blame me, though, for being suspicious. In that case, there's something you ought to know. Whilst I was in the Drahvin ship, they said they intended to leave this planet in yours.
RILL VOICE: We are prepared to take them with us.
STEVEN: Ha, that's not what they mean. They take your ship, you stay here!
RILL VOICE: We must hope they do not succeed.
STEVEN: Yes, well, there's so little time left. They're going to be desperate. I'll tell you what - why not let me fix the cable for you at this end?
RILL VOICE: Thank you! The machine will help you. It will be quicker.

(STEVEN starts to walk off.)

STEVEN: It's got to be!

(STEVEN takes the cable and starts to commence work.)


(DRAHVIN THREE is opening a hatch in one of the walls. MAAGA stands nearby.)

DRAHVIN THREE: I'm ready, Maaga.
MAAGA: Then go.

(She puts a heavy iron bar into DRAHVIN THREE'S hands.)

MAAGA: And do not fail!
DRAHVIN THREE: I shall not.

(She exits through the hatch.)


(DRAHVIN THREE emerges and drops silently to the ground. She pauses, grasps the bar firmly, looks about, then moves off. The hatch door is closed again from within. At the other side of the ship, the CHUMBLEY stands guard, unaware of what has just occurred.)


(The DOCTOR and VICKI approach the TARDIS, followed by the CHUMBLEY, the cable snaking out behind him. The DOCTOR moves to the door of the police box and searches for his key. VICKI looks around.)

VICKI: It's getting darker, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Hmm? Oh, it's nothing to worry about, my dear. I think the evenings last here for about...four hours.

(The DOCTOR finds his key and opens the door. VICKI looks out across the planet's surface.)

VICKI: Strange...
VICKI: To think that at dawn all this will explode into nothing.
DOCTOR: No, not just... nothing, child. Hydrogen gas that...springs itself out like molten silver against the other stars in the same galaxy. Hmm. (Laughs.) Yes, well, let's have the cable, please.

(The cable is passed to him and he enters the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: (OOV: Inside the TARDIS.) Oh...good.


(DRAHVIN ONE and DRAHVIN TWO are seated at the table. MAAGA stares out through a porthole.)

MAAGA: She's out of sight.
DRAHVIN ONE: She will die...willingly.
MAAGA: (Coldly.) She will not die until she has destroyed the machine.
DRAHVIN TWO: Will we escape, Maaga?
MAAGA: Yes, when we have destroyed the machine we will escape!

(As she speaks, the ship rocks violently.)

DRAHVIN TWO: Oh! What is happening?

(MAAGA starts to show fear and desperation as the temporary quake subsides.)

MAAGA: It's first warning of the explosion. We have only five hours left. She must act quickly!


(Undetected, DRAHVIN THREE creeps towards the CHUMBLEY. She comes up behind it and, raising the bar high over her head, brings it crashing down with murderous force. The machine gives out a note of alarm which dies down.)


(Night has fallen. The cable leads from the open door of the TARDIS out across the landscape. A CHUMBLEY stands on guard.)


(The cable runs from the passageway into the chamber. The DOCTOR and VICKI have arrived back.)

STEVEN: Well, it's all fixed up here, Doctor. Any snags at the TARDIS?
DOCTOR: Everything under control, my dear boy.
STEVEN: Oh good. Good.
DOCTOR: (To the CHUMBLEY.) Switch on your motors, please.
RILL VOICE: Start control! Full intake! Cable guard stand by!

(An electronic humming fills the air.)

VICKI: Is that the power being transferred?
DOCTOR: Yes, it is, my dear.
VICKI: How long will it take?
DOCTOR: Oh, three to four hours, I think.
STEVEN: Oh, but this planet's due to explode in less than five hours.
DOCTOR: (Annoyed.) I fully appreciate that fact, young man.

(The DOCTOR is cut short by an alarm sound from one of the CHUMBLIES.)

VICKI: There's that alarm again.
STEVEN: Oh, what's happened now?

(A CHUMBLEY moves toward them. The DOCTOR turns round.)

RILL VOICE: Quiet please! Emergency message coming through! The Drahvins have escaped and destroyed the Chumbley outside their spaceship!
VICKI: Oh, no!
DOCTOR: And the Chumbley outside my TARDIS?
RILL VOICE: In the position he has taken up he is in no danger. Continue, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Thank you, thank you.
RILL VOICE: There will be no more incidents.
STEVEN: Oh, they won't go after the TARDIS anyway, Doctor.

(STEVEN looks at their surroundings.)

STEVEN: It's this ship they want - and us.


(MAAGA, DRAHVIN ONE, and DRAHVIN TWO climb through the hatch. MAAGA looks round, peering into the night. DRAHVIN THREE moves to join her.)

MAAGA: You have done well.
DRAHVIN THREE: Thank you, Maaga.
MAAGA: I will see that you are mentioned. Did you see any other machines?
DRAHVIN THREE: The only one there I destroyed.
MAAGA: Good.
DRAHVIN THREE: It will not move again.
MAAGA: We are going to attack the Rill spaceship. You will follow close behind me. Understood?
DRAHVINS: (In unison.) Yes, Maaga.
MAAGA: When we get nearer, I will give you further orders. Come.

(They move off across the planet, holding their guns at the ready.)


(STEVEN is very agitated and looking round in concern.)

DOCTOR: Oh, do stop worrying, dear boy, and stand still.
RILL VOICE: Stand still.

(The DOCTOR, STEVEN, and VICKI stand still as the CHUMBLIES stream this way and that.)

STEVEN: Look, Doctor, I know exactly what they intend to do. And as soon as they see this cable, they're going destroy it!
RILL VOICE: Do not worry. I am prepared for that.
DOCTOR: Splendid! Splendid! Is the power still coming through?
STEVEN: (Impatiently.) And how long's it going to take?
RILL VOICE: Another two hours, at least.
STEVEN: (Impatiently.) Oh...
DOCTOR: That should be enough.
VICKI: Just.
STEVEN: Look, isn't it possible to charge any faster?
DOCTOR: Utterly impossible, dear boy. There's great danger of the panel blowing.
STEVEN: Yes, well, we're going to be lucky to get back to the TARDIS in time.
STEVEN: Well the Drahvins are still out to get us.
RILL VOICE: Do not worry. We will ensure that you return safely to your ship.

(VICKI tilts her head as she hears the sound of gun-fire outside. She moves toward the exit.)

VICKI: Look! It's ____.
STEVEN: Well, they don't waste time, do they?

(The hissing of guns grows louder, then drops a little. Suddenly DRAHVIN THREE enters the chamber and points her gun at STEVEN and VICKI, who are standing apart from the DOCTOR who is by the door to the RILLS' chamber.)

DRAHVIN THREE: Stand still!

(VICKI and STEVEN stand frozen with fear. The DOCTOR goes to move toward them, but before he can move, the RILLS' door opens and the CHUMBLEY pushes him through. DRAHVIN THREE still has VICKI and STEVEN in her sight.)

DRAHVIN THREE: You have escaped once - you will not do so again.
STEVEN: And be killed?
DRAHVIN THREE: Death does not frighten me. I die a warrior Drahvin.

(She starts to pull the trigger. As she does so, a CHUMBLEY chitters in from one of the passageways and as it does so, it fires. DRAHVIN THREE stiffens, as though paralyzed for a moment, then crumples to the floor.)

VICKI: Oh, Steven.
STEVEN: What have you done?
RILL VOICE: Do not worry, she is completely paralyzed. I told you there would be no further incidents.

(VICKI suddenly realizes that the DOCTOR is not with them.)

VICKI: (Concerned.)  Doctor? Where's the Doctor?

(STEVEN sees him through the partition to the RILLS' chamber.)

STEVEN: Oh, there he is.
DOCTOR: Hello, I'm in here. Come in. Come in.
RILL VOICE: You may enter. But be prepared for a shock.

(VICKI looks at STEVEN.)

VICKI: Do you think we ought to go in?
DOCTOR: Come along. Come along. Come along.

(STEVEN and VICKI move toward the door, followed by the CHUMBLEY.)


(MAAGA, DRAHVIN ONE, and DRAHVIN TWO are on a ridge, resting. MAAGA looks around. DRAHVIN TWO is keeping watch.)

MAAGA: We've driven them off.
DRAHVIN ONE: But we have not destroyed one.
MAAGA: Don't worry, we will.

(DRAHVIN TWO suddenly points.)

DRAHVIN TWO: More machines!
MAAGA: Again!

(Several CHUMBLIES move across the landscape. MAAGA and the DRAHVINS fire uselessly at them.)


(Behind a glass partition are the four RILLS. They are enveloped in a dense, smoky gas and resemble hideous warthog-like creatures. The DOCTOR turns as VICKI and STEVEN enter the chamber.)

RILL VOICE: Now you know what we look like.
DOCTOR: I do. And I, for one, am glad of it.
RILL VOICE: We apologize for the glass partition, but you will understand we must keep our atmosphere in here.
DOCTOR: Yes, of course, of course.
RILL VOICE: Our appearance shocks you?
DOCTOR: Not now. I must admit, it did at first.
STEVEN: Well, I don't see why the Drahvins should hate you.
VICKI: I know. I mean, after all, we must look...just as strange to you.
RILL VOICE: To the Drahvins, we are ugly, so they become frightened.
DOCTOR: You are different from us, of course, but at least you are intelligent.
STEVEN: Yes, what di...difference does it make what your form is?
DOCTOR: Importance lies in the character and to what use you put this intelligence. We respect you as we respect all life.

(Without warning, VICKI stumbles. STEVEN catches her.)

STEVEN: Doctor!
DOCTOR: What's the matter, my child? Hmm?
VICKI: I suddenly feel terribly ill.
STEVEN: It's the ammoniac gas escaping.
DOCTOR: Oh dear, dear, dear, yes, I...
RILL VOICE: You had better return to the other chamber. Our atmosphere is not good for you.
DOCTOR: Ah, yes, thank you.

(He gestures to STEVEN to help VICKI outside.)

DOCTOR: (To STEVEN.) Young man. Young man.
VICKI: (Sadly.) I suppose we won't meet again.
RILL VOICE: It is improbable.
VICKI: Goodbye.
RILL VOICE: Goodbye.

(They leave the inner chamber.)


STEVEN: How much longer, Doctor?
DOCTOR: One hour.
STEVEN: And how long till the explosion?
DOCTOR: One hour...and a half.

(STEVEN considers this.)

STEVEN: Let's hope no more Drahvins get in here.


(MAAGA, DRAHVIN ONE, and DRAHVIN TWO take cover on top of the ridge. The CHUMBLIES fire on them, and they fire back but to no avail. MAAGA throws her gun to the ground in frustration and despair.)

MAAGA: Oh, it's no good! Our guns can't harm them!
DRAHVIN ONE: Then we must use bars, as Three did!

(She looks around, then points.)

MAAGA: No, we will go that way. Head for the spaceship part of the building. We must concentrate on that. Come.

(The DRAHVINS nod and set off. MAAGA retrieves her gun and in desperation fires again at the CHUMBLIES.)


STEVEN: It can't take much longer!
DOCTOR: Oh, patience, dear boy, patience!
VICKI: Dawn will be here in half an hour now.
STEVEN: Yes, and when dawn comes this planet explodes like a bomb!
DOCTOR: Oh, really, you two! Huh, huh.

(Suddenly there is a high-pitched sound that echoes twice across the chamber.)

VICKI: What's that? What is it?
DOCTOR: Ah! That is a signal that the spaceship is now fully charged, unless I'm very much mistaken.
STEVEN: Well and about time, too.
RILL VOICE: You are right, Doctor. We are ready to disconnect.

(A CHUMBLEY glides forward to carry out this task.)

DOCTOR: Oh, good, good. Now, er, you have sufficient power?
RILL VOICE: Enough to get us well out into space, where we can recharge from a sun.
DOCTOR: Splendid. Splendid. Then I don't think there's any more for us to do. We will go.

(A CHUMBLEY glides forward.)

RILL VOICE: A Chumbley will escort you back to your ship.
DOCTOR: And yourself?
RILL VOICE: We will wait until you are safely there.
DOCTOR: Oh, we shall be quite all right. It is you that needs to be out of range, not us. The moment I start my motors, we shall be out of range in time. We need...we don't need space.
VICKI: Go now, please.
RILL VOICE: Very well. In a moment we shall leave here and enter the ship. From that time we will not be able to talk with you. The Chumbley with you will escort you back to your ship. He will protect you and obey your commands. Once you have gone he will destroy himself.
VICKI: (Horrified.) No!
RILL VOICE: It will be painless. Merely putting itself out of action.
DOCTOR: Yes, I think I understand, and thank you very much.
RILL VOICE: It is easy to help others when they are so willing to help you. Though we are beings of separate planets, you from the solar system and we from another space, our ways of thought, at times, do not seem all that different. It has been an honour to know you and serve you.
VICKI: Good luck.
RILL VOICE: Thank you. We shall give you time to get clear before we take off. Now we are going. Goodbye. We wish you well!

(An engine noise starts, and the chamber trembles.)

DOCTOR: (Excitedly.) They've started the motors!
STEVEN: Yes, and we've got less than half an hour, Doctor.
DOCTOR: (Excitedly.) Yes, you're quite right. Quickly! Quickly! Come! Come!

(They rush from the chamber.)


(Dirty and disheveled, MAAGA, DRAHVIN ONE, and DRAHVIN TWO arrive at the RILL centre. The area is deserted.)

DRAHVIN ONE: Where are the machines?
DRAHVIN TWO: There are none!
MAAGA: Listen!

(There is a humming sound which gradually increases to a roar.)

MAAGA: (Horrified.) They're escaping!

(The area is bathed in light as the RILL ship surges upwards.)


(Nearby the DOCTOR, STEVEN, and VICKI are looking up into the sky, also bathed in the flickering light, and deafened by the roaring of the spaceship's engines.)

STEVEN: There they go!
DOCTOR: Isn't it amazing? What a wonderful sight! Oh!

(The DOCTOR appears lost in thought. VICKI, mindful of how little time is left, urges the DOCTOR on.)

VICKI: Doctor!
DOCTOR: Yes. Yes, of course.

(They turn away as the roaring gradually fades away. MAAGA and the DRAHVINS see the DOCTOR, STEVEN, and VICKI.)

MAAGA: (Frantically.) The Earth people! We can catch them!


(The DOCTOR, STEVEN, and VICKI hasten across the landscape. A CHUMBLEY chitters about them. Suddenly the CHUMBLEY stops, turns around, and fires as the DRAHVINS attack. There is a bright flash and the DRAHVINS fling themselves to the ground.)


(STEVEN and VICKI run towards the TARDIS, clearly out of breath. VICKI is limping.)

STEVEN: Come on, Doc!

(The DOCTOR runs up, panting for breath. The CHUMBLEY is just behind him. He pushes open the door and they go in, avoiding the cable that leads away from the ship. STEVEN comes out again with the end of the cable and throws it to the ground.)

STEVEN: Here they come!

(The door closes again. The DRAHVINS rush towards the ship, their guns blazing. It is getting lighter now. The TARDIS gradually dematerializes. MAAGA and the DRAHVINS stagger back, horrified. The planet starts to shake, more violently than ever. MAAGA and the DRAHVINS look around, fear etched on their faces. As the planet begins to break up, the noise is deafening...)


(The DOCTOR is busy manipulating the controls of the ship. STEVEN and VICKI are looking very relieved at their escape.)

STEVEN: Can we see the disintegration on the scanner, Doctor?
DOCTOR: No, I'm afraid not, dear boy. We've dematerialized from that galaxy...

(VICKI still looks up at the scanner and then groans. The DOCTOR watches her and moves to join her.)

DOCTOR: ...a long time ago.
DOCTOR: What's the matter, child, hmm?
VICKI: I've hurt my ankle.

(The DOCTOR looks over her ankle.)

DOCTOR: Oh...yes, I'm afraid we shall...yes, we'll have to put a cold compress on that. Oh dear, dear, dear! You know, I wish we could stop somewhere for a while and take stock of ourselves, instead of being surrounded by dangers all the time.

(The DOCTOR smiles and turns to STEVEN.)

DOCTOR: Just put that, uh, switch forward, would you? Thank you.

(STEVEN does so. The DOCTOR turns back to VICKI who is looking up at the scanner. Its image changes from one of many stars to one particular planet.)

VICKI: Look at that planet. I wonder what's going on there?
DOCTOR: Yes. Yes, I wonder, hmm.


(On the planet, in the midst of a dense jungle lies a man - GARVEY. Dressed in a military style tunic and covered in dirt and grime, he appears to be unconscious. The air is filled with the sounds of the animal life and, suddenly, there is one cry louder and closer than the rest. This rouses GARVEY into consciousness. He opens his eyes and sits up, looking round in terror. Then he cries out, as if in pain, and presses his hands to his temples. His face creases up in agony but then clears. He then smiles and rises to his feet, unholstering a gun from his belt.)

GARVEY: I remember now. I must...I must kill. I must kill. I must kill...

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