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STEVEN: Okay, but we've got to get off here somehow!
DOCTOR: It's imperative we leave at once!
STEVEN: Why is that that? The Drahvins did say fourteen dawns.
DOCTOR: Two dawns! Tomorrow is the last day this planet will ever see!


(VICKI is alone. She goes over to the observation window...)


(...and looks out.)

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STEVEN: We've gotta get back - get Vicki away from the Drahvins!

(STEVEN crosses over to the DOCTOR.)

STEVEN: The doors, Doctor! Can we see the scanner?

(The DOCTOR operates the scanner. A CHUMBLEY is moving towards the TARDIS, carrying a black phial-shaped object about eighteen inches in length supported on two wires.)


(The CHUMBLEY gets near to the TARDIS.)

STEVEN: (OOV.) What's that it's got?
DOCTOR: (OOV.) I wish I knew.

(The CHUMBLEY moves right in, bumping into the side of the police box, then drops the phial. The CHUMBLEY chatters, turns about, and moves off. As it does so, two wires can be seen in its grip, running back to the phial. The CHUMBLEY moves away to a safe distance, turns to face the TARDIS and halts, holding the ends of the wires a few inches apart.)

STEVEN: (OOV.) Perhaps it's just going to stand guard there.
DOCTOR: (OOV.) No. No! It'''s waiting for something.
STEVEN: (OOV.) But what?
DOCTOR: (OOV.) I can't quite see. Hmm.


STEVEN: Doctor, I...I think it's holding a couple of wires.
DOCTOR: Yeah...
STEVEN: (Shouts.) Look!

(There is a loud explosion. The TARDIS shakes and then is still again. STEVEN gets up and shakes his head to clear it.)

STEVEN: (Breathlessly.) Doctor? Doctor, where are you?

(The DOCTOR sits up from behind the console. STEVEN goes over and helps him to his feet. The DOCTOR and STEVEN take a few steps. Then there is another explosion. Both cry out. They both try again to catch their breaths.)

STEVEN: (Breathlessly.) Doctor...

(He helps him to his feet again.)

DOCTOR: (Panting.) Oh, thank you, my boy. Oh! Oh! I think Guy Fawkes must have been resurrected!
STEVEN: Oh, please, Doctor!
STEVEN: You all right?
DOCTOR: Yes, well... Are you all right dear boy, hmm?
STEVEN: (Breathlessly.) Yes, fine, thanks.
STEVEN: Do you think it's done any damage?
DOCTOR: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. It'd take more than that to get in here.

(They suddenly hear the sound of the CHUMBLEY - bumping and sliding and humming and whistling.)

STEVEN: It's all right, Doctor. I think it's just come to investigate.
DOCTOR: (Annoyed.) Yes, well, it's going to be disappointed, isn't it?

(STEVEN and the DOCTOR look at the scanner. The DOCTOR motions towards the screen on which the CHUMBLEY is seen to depart.)

DOCTOR: Look! You see! There they go! (Gleefully.) Look, away into the distance. Empty-handed! (Laughs.)
STEVEN: Yes, they've given up.
DOCTOR: Yes! Yes, unless they...they come back with a piece more trouble, I wonder. Come on, we must go.

(He opens the doors.)

DOCTOR: little time.
STEVEN: Two dawns, hmm?
DOCTOR: (Whispers.) Two dawns. Come on! Come on!

(They leave the TARDIS.)


(VICKI is still at the window looking outside. MAAGA is in the living quarters sat at a table with a plate of food.)

MAAGA: Are you sure you won't eat?
VICKI: (Surly.) No, thank you.

(MAAGA starts to eat the food.)

MAAGA: (With her mouth full.) It's very good.

(VICKI comes over and looks in disgust at what MAAGA is eating.)

VICKI: It looks like leaves to me.
MAAGA: It is leaves.
VICKI: Leaves? Is that what you eat?
MAAGA: (With her mouth full.) Of course!
VICKI: Eurgh!
MAAGA: Everything that lives must eat.

(VICKI walks back to the window.)

VICKI: (Worried.) They've been gone ages. It must be at least two hours.
MAAGA: They'll be back soon.
VICKI: Not if a Chumbley gets them first.
MAAGA: They won't allow themselves to be caught. They're much too worried about you.
VICKI: That's why you've kept me here, isn't it?

(MAAGA does not respond. VICKI goes over to her.)

VICKI: Isn't it?
MAAGA: You're safe here.
VICKI: (With a sarcastic laugh.) Safe!
MAAGA: Exactly.
VICKI: Look! Can't I go and look for them?
MAAGA: If they're not back soon, we will go and look for them.
VICKI: Well, let me go now!
MAAGA: No, I can't let you do that...because you might all escape in your spaceship. And we need your help.
VICKI: Whether we want to give it or not.

(MAAGA gives VICKI an unpleasant smile.)

MAAGA: Oh, I'm sure that all of you want to help us.

(She continues eating.)


(STEVEN approaches the spaceship.)

STEVEN: Well, we've made it Doctor. You know, this is a pretty strange kind of spaceship.

(The DOCTOR walks up behind him.)

DOCTOR: Are you talking to yourself, dear boy, hmm?
STEVEN: I was just saying that it's a strange kind of spaceship.
DOCTOR: Yes...
STEVEN: Old-fashioned.
DOCTOR: Yes, I don't think much of it. It's not very well advanced, is it? In fact, as you say, it's old-fashioned. (Laughs.) Yes! I don't think these Drahvins are very intelligent, do you?

(The DOCTOR begins searching through his pockets.)

STEVEN: Yeah, but it's the metal, I mean, Doctor, you know. Well, it's inferior!

(The DOCTOR takes a screwdriver out of his pocket and starts to scratch the hull with it.)

DOCTOR: Yes, well, it's tough, but, er, it's not impregnable. No, it's very common metal really. Yes, it's, er, nothing unusual, nothing unusual. Well, I suggest that we go in instead of standing around here admiring the scenery. Come along.

(The DOCTOR heads for the entrance door.)

STEVEN: (Surprised.) Well, what are you talking about Doctor?! It's you who stopped to fiddle around on ____.
DOCTOR: (Interrupting.) But, you brought up the subject! Now don't argue, please!

(STEVEN groans in despair.)

DOCTOR: Don't argue! (Stutters.) I've never heard such rubbish! Huh!

(The DOCTOR goes to the door and raps sharply on it with his stick.)


(Hearing the knocking on the door, MAAGA operates the control to open it while VICKI waits expectantly.)

MAAGA: Your friends. Safe, you see?
VICKI: No thanks to you, though, is it?

(The DOCTOR and STEVEN enter. VICKI runs toward to them.)

STEVEN: All right Doctor?
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, yes, yes!
VICKI: (Relieved.) Oh, Doctor, you're all right!
DOCTOR: Yes, my child, I'm all right.
VICKI: You were away so long!

(The DOCTOR and STEVEN speak at once. STEVEN wins out.)

STEVEN: Yes. Well, we'd have been a lot quicker if it hadn't been for the Doc...

(STEVEN sees the look that the DOCTOR is giving him.)

STEVEN: We got held up by a Chumbley.
DOCTOR: It tried to blow us up inside the TARDIS.

(He then laughs.)

MAAGA: (Sharply.) It didn't succeed?
DOCTOR: (Angrily.) Well of course they didn't! My ship's not made of tin like this old trash!

(The DOCTOR laughs.)

DOCTOR: Good gracious me! Seems if I cough too loud, maybe the whole thing would fall to pieces! (Laughs.)
MAAGA: It served its purpose.
DOCTOR: Yes, whatever that might be, hmm. (Laughs.)

(MAAGA operates a control and the door shuts.)

DOCTOR: Is that necessary?
MAAGA: We have to protect ourselves against the machines.
MAAGA: (Urgently.) Did you find out about this planet?
MAAGA: Will it explode?
DOCTOR: I'm afraid so.
MAAGA: When?
DOCTOR: Exactly when the Rills said it would - in fourteen dawns time.

(STEVEN is about to speak but then decides against it.)

MAAGA: (Softly.) Fourteen dawns.
VICKI: Well, we should go, shouldn't we? We should...

(VICKI stops speaking. The DOCTOR sits down at the table.)

MAAGA: Doctor...
MAAGA: Will you help us?
DOCTOR: Er, to do what, exactly?
MAAGA: To capture the Rill spaceship so that we can escape?

(The DOCTOR starts laughing, but then speaks with annoyance.)

DOCTOR: And how do I do that, hmm? What happens then, hmm?
MAAGA: What do you mean?
DOCTOR: Well, I mean, er, what happens to the Rills, hmm?
MAAGA: Well, they remain on this planet!
VICKI: (Horrified.) To be blown up?
MAAGA: (Intensely.) They are murderers!
STEVEN: Why couldn't you take them up with you?
MAAGA: (Softly.) Because they're evil! You only have to see them to know. Evil!
DOCTOR: We only have your word for that. In any case, I can't help you.
MAAGA: (With desperation.) Why not?
DOCTOR: (Loudly.) In the first place, madam, I never kill anything! Neither do my friends.

(He walks away from her.)

MAAGA: Well, either the Rills die or we do!
DOCTOR: Or, as the young man suggests, why don't you both go off together, mm?
MAAGA: Impossible!

(The DOCTOR laughs to himself.)

STEVEN: Come on, what's so impossible about it? Have you ever tried being friendly?
DOCTOR: Yes, a very good question, dear boy.
VICKI: It seems to me you want to be enemies.
MAAGA: The situation was forced upon us.
STEVEN: Or maybe they killed your soldier by mistake.
MAAGA: (Angrily.) There's no mistake about it!
STEVEN: Well, you seem pretty sure for someone who was half unconscious after the crash!
MAAGA: You, too, doubt my word.
VICKI: We'd be pretty stupid not to.
DOCTOR: Yes, all these objections sum up mine. It's none of our business. It's impossible. I'm afraid we can't help you. And it does appear to me that, ah, none of you have tried to help yourselves.
STEVEN: Too busy fighting...
MAAGA: You will not change your mind?
MAAGA: This is your last chance.
DOCTOR: (Laughs.) Very likely!

(MAAGA pulls a hand weapon from her belt and points it at the DOCTOR.)

MAAGA: You may not realize it, but at first I point this at your hand and then I pull the trigger and...

(From the first moment when MAAGA drew the gun, STEVEN has been judging his distance. Suddenly, he leaps and grabs the gun with both hands, forcing it upwards. They sway to and fro while VICKI and the DOCTOR watch in consternation. At one point their struggle knocks them against the table and sends it and the plate of “food” crashing away.)


(Outside, the three DRAHVINS return from patrol. They enter the ship.)


(As they observe what is happening, they raise their guns.)

VICKI: Steven!

(STEVEN sees the guns and gives up the struggle.)

DOCTOR: A very good attempt, my boy. Never mind.
MAAGA: You'll help us now?
DOCTOR: Yes, er, I don't seem to have much chance.
MAAGA: You have none whatsoever! The Rills are repairing their spaceship. They have fourteen dawns in which to complete it.

(STEVEN and the DOCTOR glance at each other, a gesture which MAAGA notices. There is a brief silence.)

MAAGA: It is fourteen, isn't it?
DOCTOR: Oh, er, yes, quite.
MAAGA: You sure?
DOCTOR: Yes, quite sure!
MAAGA: (Softly.) Suddenly, I don't believe you!
DOCTOR: Oh, but, ah, why should I lie, hmm?
MAAGA: I really don't know, but to trick us or something. (Harshly.) When is this planet due to explode?
DOCTOR: (Emphatically.) Fourteen dawns time!
MAAGA: Very well. We shall kill the girl!

(MAAGA nods her head and two of the DRAHVINS seize VICKI. The third points her gun at her. The DOCTOR reluctantly concedes.)

DOCTOR: Two dawns.

(MAAGA is clearly stunned.)

MAAGA: (Softly.) As soon as that? Well, you'll have to work quickly. The Rill spaceship is that way.

(MAAGA points into the distance.)

MAAGA: You will capture it for us!
DOCTOR: It may not be ready yet.
STEVEN: If it were, they'd have taken off by now.
MAAGA: I'm sure that the Doctor can cope with that.
DOCTOR: Oh, you have great faith in me, haven't you, mm?
MAAGA: Yes, I have...

(The DOCTOR laughs.)

MAAGA: ...because I shall keep one of you here. I shall keep the girl!
STEVEN: Oh no, you won't. You'll keep me!
MAAGA: I said I shall keep...
STEVEN: (Angrily.) Do you want our help or don't you?
DOCTOR: (Angrily.) You will do as the young man suggests, hmm?!
MAAGA: (With bad grace.) Very well, we'll keep him.
DOCTOR: Come along Vicki - we have very little time.

(VICKI follows the DOCTOR who stops at the airlock door.)

DOCTOR: (To MAAGA.) Madam, do I begin by walking through this, hmm?

(MAAGA presses the control and the door of the spaceship opens. The DOCTOR and VICKI look back at STEVEN and then leave.)

STEVEN: Do you honestly believe that they can capture the Rills' spaceship all by themselves?
MAAGA: Either they succeed... or we all die together.


(VICKI and the DOCTOR are outside the DRAHVIN spaceship. The DOCTOR gazes up at the sky, deep in thought.)

VICKI: Doctor, come on. What are you standing there for?
DOCTOR: Oh, (Stutters.) I was just ruminating about the night and day. I was wondering when it was going to get dark, then I just realized that there's three suns on this planet. Hmm, hmm.
VICKI: What, you don't think they have night here at all?
DOCTOR: Oh yes, they must, my dear, they must, otherwise this, ah, Maaga woman wouldn't be talking about dawns. Hmm, hmm. Probably lasts about two hours, mm.
VICKI: Two hours?

(He chuckles and then looks closely at the scratch on the spaceship hull that he made earlier.)

DOCTOR: You remember when we were captured by those, er, Chumblies, hmm?
VICKI: (Slightly laughing.) Yes, I do!
DOCTOR: That ray gun - why did they use it on the ship? I mean, if the Rills are such enemies of the, er, Drahvins, why don't they just wipe them out, hmm?
VICKI: Maybe their rays can't cut through metal or...
DOCTOR: Oh, don't you believe that, my dear. Don't you believe that for one minute! Heh, heh! No! That... er, that ray gun could go through this like a piece of paper.
VICKI: Oh, they don't even seem to have tried.
DOCTOR: Mmm? No, it's all very odd, isn't it? (Laughs.) Yes, it's very odd.
VICKI: Come on, Doctor, you said we haven't much time.
DOCTOR: Oh, yes, of course, nearly one dawn. Yes, we must start that journey. Are you nervous?

(VICKI shudders as she recalls the DRAHVIN'S description of the RILLS.)

VICKI: Well, they sounded a bit nasty, didn't they?
DOCTOR: Hmm, huh!

(The DOCTOR and VICKI begin their journey.)


(DRAHVINS ONE and TWO are eating at the table. STEVEN goes over to DRAHVIN TWO and touches her gun. Then he goes over to DRAHVIN ONE and takes her gun. To his surprise he realizes that both are non-functional. He then returns it.)

STEVEN: Yes, well, it still won't work, but at least it looks prettier now. Can I have some food?

(DRAHVIN ONE offers him two small tablets.)

STEVEN: Is this all there is?
DRAHVIN ONE: That is our food.
STEVEN: Ugh. Does Maaga eat this?
DRAHVIN ONE: No. She is our leader.
STEVEN: Well, then I'll have some of what she eats.
DRAHVIN ONE: You cannot. It is food for our leaders only.
STEVEN: Well, that hardly seems fair, does it?
STEVEN: Yeah, I mean that, you know, she should have special food, and you have to eat this?
DRAHVIN ONE: It is food.
STEVEN: Does..., er, does Maaga have other special things?
DRAHVIN ONE: She is our leader and has leader's things.
STEVEN: What leader's things?
STEVEN: Her gun?
DRAHVIN ONE: Her food. A leader's gun can destroy anything.
STEVEN: What, even the Chumblies?
DRAHVIN ONE: Even the machines!
STEVEN: Well, then, you know, surely it would be better if... er, if you all had these guns. Well then you wouldn't have to fear the machines.
DRAHVIN ONE: There is only one gun. Maaga has that gun - as she is leader.
STEVEN: You could take it with you when you went on patrol.
DRAHVIN ONE: (Enlightened.) Yes.
STEVEN: Doesn't it seem right that you should?
DRAHVIN ONE: Only if Maaga says so!
STEVEN: Yes, but I mean if you took it, and went out and you destroyed the machine, Maaga would be pleased.

(DRAHVIN ONE does not react. STEVEN speaks slower to make the DRAHVIN clone understand.)

STEVEN: Maaga would be pleased if you destroyed the machine.
DRAHVIN ONE: (Enlightened.) Yes!
STEVEN: Well, then you should take it.
DRAHVIN ONE: (Enlightened.) Yes...
STEVEN: Well, I'll tell you what. You give me your gun, whilst you go and fetch Maaga's, and then we can both fight the machines together.
DRAHVIN ONE: (Enlightened.) Yes...


MAAGA: You're trying to be too clever!

(MAAGA has entered the room unnoticed.)

MAAGA: (To DRAHVIN ONE.) You have done badly. You will be punished. This is a prisoner. You must not talk to him!
DRAHVIN ONE: He was talking!
MAAGA: He was trying to trick you like the machine.
DRAHVIN ONE: I... have done wrong. I did not understand.
MAAGA: Go to your quarters.

(DRAHVIN ONE leaves and DRAHVIN THREE enters to take her place. MAAGA turns coldly on STEVEN.)

MAAGA: You must keep out of our way.
STEVEN: I don't particularly want to be here at all.
MAAGA: You don't have to be.
MAAGA: You could easily escape from this planet.
STEVEN: (Laughs.) Oh, could I?
MAAGA: In your own ship.
STEVEN: Oh, taking you with me, of course.
MAAGA: Well, you wouldn't expect us to stay behind?
STEVEN: No, I suppose not.
MAAGA: All you have to do is to take us off this planet and you are free!
STEVEN: Just like that?
MAAGA: It's a fair offer.
STEVEN: Oh yes. Yes. But, even assuming I believed you - that on the way you didn't decide that I was eating too much food - there is a snag.
MAAGA: What's that?
STEVEN: (Smiles.) I can't operate it.

(MAAGA scoffs.)

MAAGA: I couldn't if I tried. Only the Doctor could do that. It's his ship. Why don't you try making an offer to him? Or is it that you think he might be just a little bit too clever for you. I'm the gullible one, is that it? I'm not much help, am I?
MAAGA: I could make you help us.
STEVEN: No, you couldn't. I mean, even I can't do the impossible. (Softly sarcastic.) So sorry.
MAAGA: (Angrily.) Get over there and stay there!

(MAAGA points to a padded area in the corner of the room.)

STEVEN: That's an order, is it?
MAAGA: (Quietly.) Yes, it is.

(With a last contemptuous stare at MAAGA, STEVEN moves off into the corner. First he sits, then lies down after taking another look at the DRAHVINS who are sitting at the table where MAAGA joins them. There is silence. Then DRAHVIN THREE nervously asks a question.)

MAAGA: What is it?
DRAHVIN THREE: Why do we not kill him now?
MAAGA: (Softly.) I will let you kill him when I am good and ready.

(STEVEN, of course, overhears this.)


(The DOCTOR and VICKI have reached a ridge from where, lying down, they observe several CHUMBLIES patrolling back and forth.)

VICKI: Doctor, we'll never get past those sentries.
DOCTOR: (Laughs.) Fascinating things to watch, eh? (Laughs.) I wonder what the principal of the operation is? I suppose it's quite simple once you know, hmm?
VICKI: Doctor!
VICKI: How are we going to get past them?
DOCTOR: Ah, yes, yes, that's quite a problem, my child, isn't it, hmm?
VICKI: You're telling me it is!
DOCTOR: Well, now don't lose patience, you see! Now look, in this case, first we must observe, note, collate, and then conclude. After that, perhaps we can act, hmm!
VICKI: Yeah. Well, with the time we've got you'll have to do all that in about ten minutes flat!
DOCTOR: Shh, shh, shh! Quiet, quiet!

(They duck out of sight as another CHUMBLEY glides close by. As it moves past, VICKI gets an idea. Another CHUMBLEY comes close. She picks up a rock and suddenly throws it down behind it. It does not react and continues on its course. She claps her hands clean but the DOCTOR is aghast...)

DOCTOR: What the... what the... what do... what are you doing?
VICKI: That's the answer, Doctor, I thought that if I...
DOCTOR: My dear child! You'll get us killed!
VICKI: Didn't you see? They only pick up sounds in front of them. If we keep immediately behind them, we... they won't know we're there.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes yes, you may appear to be right, but it's dangerous, and it's... it's very risky!
VICKI: That was no risk.

(She counts on her fingers...)

VICKI: I noted, observed, collated, concluded... and then I threw the rock!
DOCTOR: Oh yes, yes, yes, quite so, yes, yes. You about finished?
DOCTOR: Now, this time I'll ta... I'll give you the benefit of the doubt! But, well now... now, I suppose we've got to make a run for it!

(The DOCTOR struggles to get up.)

VICKI: Are you sure you can manage?
DOCTOR: Oh, I think I can drag my aged libs... limbs in some sort of resemblance of a run! Go on!

(VICKI laughs as she and the DOCTOR run across the landscape, dodging any CHUMBLIES and are careful to remain behind the robots at all times.)


(The three clone DRAHVINS stand before MAAGA, each one rigidly holding her gun in front of her. MAAGA is before them. STEVEN is still pretending to be asleep in the background.)

MAAGA: Power units!

(The DRAHVINS clap their hands to the power units of their guns.)


(They click them off.)

MAAGA: Guns.

(Their right hands return to the guns.)

MAAGA: Down.

(The guns come down in unison on the table, the DRAHVINS still rigidly holding them.)

MAAGA: Power units.

(Their hands move to the power units.)

MAAGA: Readings.

(Each DRAHVIN looks at the small dial on their gun's power unit.)

DRAHVIN ONE: Three-nine-seven!
DRAHVIN TWO: Three-nine-four!
MAAGA: Three?
DRAHVIN THREE: (Nervously.) Three-eight-six...
MAAGA: (Icily.) Get it charged, Three.

(DRAHVIN THREE gets up and goes to the wall...)

MAAGA: All guns must be perfect. If any one is found defective...

(THREE plugs her gun into a connection and presses a switch. There is a whine of power.)

MAAGA: ...the owner will be severely punished! Because soon, now, we will use them. I, Maaga, will see to it. Soon, now, we will break into the Rills' spaceship.

(The DRAHVINS look at each other and nod meaningfully.)

MAAGA: And the Rills, they will all be wiped out!

(STEVEN tilts his head slightly and looks at the DRAHVINS.)


(The DOCTOR and VICKI move in and crouch down out of sight.)

VICKI: (Breathlessly.) So far, so good!
DOCTOR: Look...

(He points.)

DOCTOR: That looks like the home of the Rills.

(VICKI looks in the direction the DOCTOR is pointing, towards a large building of triangle-shaped wall panels. This stands beside a vast black sphere. A small distance away from this is what appears to be a drill rig.)

VICKI: That must be their space ship over there.
DOCTOR: Yes, and what's... what's that other thing?
VICKI: It looks like a...a drill rig.
DOCTOR: Yes, it does, doesn't it? What could they be drilling for, hmm?
VICKI: Oil? Gas?
DOCTOR: Yeah. Well, there's only one way to find out. Go on!

(They get up and more toward it.)


(The two come near to the centre. Panels of frosted glass on a complicated series of triangular scaffolds hang down. Near a narrow entrance, affixed to the wall, is a piece of machinery of some kind. A CHUMBLEY emerges from a triangular entrance and comes to rest. Then it swings around and goes back in again. The DOCTOR and VICKI creep forward and the DOCTOR examines the construction.)

VICKI: What on earth will we do if another one of those things comes out?
DOCTOR: We'd be in trouble! Do you know, this is a nice piece of building! Hmm.
VICKI: It looks very temporary to me.
DOCTOR: It's most impressive! Yes! Heh, heh. Most impressive!

(The DOCTOR moves on and notices the machinery.)

DOCTOR: What's this, I wonder? Huh?

(He examines it and draws a conclusion.)

DOCTOR: You know, I think these Rills are far more advanced than I thought they were, hmm?

(VICKI looks at the machinery.)

VICKI: Yes, it looks like some kind of... air purifier.
DOCTOR: Yes, or some kind of machinery for... converting air into something else. (Laughs.) Yes, it's most interesting.

(VICKI is peering in to the passage. The DOCTOR moves to join her.)

DOCTOR: Can you see anything?


(The passageway looks empty.)

DOCTOR: I'll lead the way.

(They walk inside. Off to one side is a narrow low curved passageway.)

DOCTOR: (Laughs.) You know, this looks as though it's been built for the Chumblies.
VICKI: A Chumbley-shaped corridor!

(The DOCTOR laughs. VICKI grows serious...)

VICKI: Doctor?

(VICKI looks at the larger passageway that they stand in.)

VICKI: If this one is for the Rills...?
DOCTOR: Hmm. Hmm!

(The DOCTOR and VICKI look around.)

DOCTOR: Can you smell anything?

(VICKI sniffs and pauses.)

VICKI: Very faint though, isn't it.
DOCTOR: Hmm. What is it?
VICKI: I don't know, but I... I feel as though I ought to.
DOCTOR: Yes, so should I, mm. Come on! Hmm.

(The DOCTOR and VICKI walk down the corridor.)


(The DOCTOR and VICKI come into view. They are now deeper inside the Rill center. The DOCTOR pauses to examine the wall, running his hand over it.)

DOCTOR: Well, I must say, it's a... astonishing shape and design. Hmm, hmm. Marvellous work! Marvellous!

(VICKI continues on. She stops and turns back to the DOCTOR.)

VICKI: That smell is getting stronger, you know.
DOCTOR: It's what? Mmm?

(They both freeze. They hear an approaching CHUMBLEY. They hide as several more appear. One of them extends a sensor almost as though it detects the presence of the DOCTOR and VICKI. Finally, they all move off and the DOCTOR and VICKI come out of hiding.)

VICKI: Oh, Doctor! I thought they'd heard us.
DOCTOR: (Laughs.) What are they doing? Listening or smelling?

(They both laugh.)

DOCTOR: Come on. Come on.

(The two continue...)


(The DOCTOR and VICKI enter a large space and look about them. Here and there, neatly stacked are various constructional pieces; items of equipment and repair. There are several exits. One wall is black. It is the side of the RILLS' spaceship. The DOCTOR sees the black wall. The sound of machinery is heard humming in the background.)

DOCTOR: A spaceship!

(He walks over to it and examines it.)

DOCTOR: (Impressed.) And you can't scratch the metal! Hmm, hmm. Isn't that astounding? Yes, it's far superior, far superior! Wonderful stuff for a spaceship. Hmm, hmm.
VICKI: Doctor?
VICKI: I know what that smell is now.
VICKI: Ammonia.


(At the entrance to the Rill centre, a CHUMBLEY moves into the passageway. It meets another one of its kind and they bump and avoid each other before making the same way along the corridor.)


(The DOCTOR and VICKI are still examining the chamber.)

VICKI: Doctor?
VICKI: What do you think this thing is here?
DOCTOR: Well, I should say this is, ah, some sort of repair shop, hmm.

(The DOCTOR points at one device.)

DOCTOR: Yes, and that's a... what, a Chumbley attachment?
VICKI: Yeah.

(The DOCTOR and VICKI both chuckle.)

DOCTOR: Yes, a revelation, a revelation! Hmm! Ah.

(VICKI then notices a deactivated CHUMBLEY, its domes collapsed together, making it look smaller than the others.)

VICKI: (Whispering.) Doctor.
VICKI: (Whispering.) Do you think it's a baby one?

(The DOCTOR looks over the small CHUMBLEY. He taps it, it makes a dull sound, and then a small electronic sound, rising and lowering in pitch issues from it.)

DOCTOR: Not awake just yet.

(They both laugh.)

DOCTOR: Well, hmm, hmm. Ah...

(He chuckles again but the good mood is shattered as VICKI lets out an ear piercing scream. A pair of hideous round alien eyes are starting at them...)

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