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(The DALEKS fire on the ship as it dematerialises.)

FOURTH DALEK: Cease firing. They have escaped.
THIRD DALEK: Final termination is inevitable.
FOURTH DALEK: Eradicate!
THIRD DALEK: Obliterate!
FOURTH DALEK: Annihilate!
SECOND DALEK: We will embark in our time machine at once. The Dalek supreme has ordered they are to be pursued through all eternity!


(VICKI runs up to BARBARA and dances round with her excitedly.)

VICKI: We did it! We did it!

(They laugh. The DOCTOR crosses over to the console from the fault locator wall.)

DOCTOR: Yes young lady, a very good thing we did. We might not you know.
BARBARA: Oh, come on, Doctor. You werenít exactly bursting with confidence when the Aridians held us prisoner.
DOCTOR: A momentary qualm, a momentary qualm. Nothing more, nothing more.

(IAN walks up with a cloth to his still sore head.)

IAN: Yes, I had a qualm or two myself.
DOCTOR: (Sitting down.) Yes, quite so, oh..
IAN: Hey, I wonder how those Mire Beasts are enjoying that Dalek, eh? Bit gritty.
DOCTOR: Oh, I donít know, I should think a little, er, Pate de Dalek a la Mire Beast might be rather palatable! (IAN laughs.)
VICKI: Oh Doctor!
DOCTOR: Well, we can always drop you off to find out, hmm?
IAN: Thank you very much!
VICKI: Weíve just escaped from those things. We donít want to be sent back there.
DOCTOR: Ah and I donít think we shall run into them again. And I think you must agree that we gave them a very good hiding.

(A beeping sound suddenly emanates from the console. The DOCTOR doesnít seem to notice.)

DOCTOR: Yes, yes, yes, I...
IAN: Er, whatís this, Doctor?

(The DOCTOR jumps across to the console. The others follow. The DOCTOR looks at a small device with a flashing light on it.)

DOCTOR: Thatís my ďTime Path DetectorĒ. Itís been in the ship ever since I constructed it. But do you know, I donít remember it registering before?
BARBARA: What does it show?
DOCTOR: Well, it surveys the time path weíre travelling on. The fact that itís registering can only mean one thing...
IAN: Yes, go on!
DOCTOR: Itís another time machine, travelling on the same route, hmm!


(The TARDIS continues its journey through time and space, closely followed by the DALEK ship.)


(The interior of the DALEK time machine is brightly lit. Control consoles are against the walls with concentric patterns spinning above them. In the centre of the room is a tall perspex control pillar with instrumentation contained within. On one side of the room is a lift coming down from an upper section which leads onto a ramp running down to ground level. As one DALEK descends down the lift, another glides down the ramp to where other DALEKS are already assembled. One DALEK looks over the control pillar.)

FIRST DALEK: Enemy time machine position now constant.
SECOND DALEK: Lock tracking device.

(The FIRST DALEK activates a control.)

FIRST DALEK: Tracking device locked.
THIRD DALEK: Report extent of time curve.
SECOND DALEK: Seven-seven-three. Daledian scale; nine-one-five degrees.

(The THIRD DALEK glides over to another DALEK.)

SECOND DALEK: Compute time lag by earth scale.
FOURTH DALEK: (Thinks, then.) Er, one, er, forty, er, computer reading; one-five earth minutes reducing.
THIRD DALEK: We are close behind them.
FIRST DALEK: Success! Success!
SECOND DALEK: Exterminate!
SECOND DALEK: Final victory inevitable!
THIRD DALEK: Order executioner to prepare to disembark.


(VICKI brings BARBARA a food packet from the food machine. BARBARA has changed out of her dress and now wears her black trousers and polo neck jumper.)

BARBARA: What flavour is it?
VICKI: Guava.

(The DOCTOR is at the console.)

DOCTOR: Ah, itís useless, useless, hmm!

(IAN walks up to BARBARA and sees that she has changed.)

IAN: Hello, hello? Got our battle dress on again?
BARBARA: The Doctor doesnít seem to be having much luck.
IAN: No. Well, if we canít escape from them, weíll have to stay and fight Ďem.
VICKI: But weíre in front. We could keep moving.
BARBARA: Yes, but for how long, Vicki?
VICKI: Letís ask the Doctor. He should know by now what heís going to do.

(They cross over to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Ah, Iím afraid itís no good. Iím quite unable to elude them, hmm!
IAN: Doctor, what are we going to do? When we land? Just wait for the Daleks to catch us up?
DOCTOR: It takes twelve minutes for our computers to re-orientate and gather power. Now that twelve minutes is vital to us. We must hold onto it. Give me time to be able to do something whereby...
IAN: Why donít we just go faster, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Yes, well, please, just leave it to me, dear boy, just leave it to me, will you?
VICKI: Doctor?
VICKI: (Pointing to one of the control instruments.) The time rotor - Doctor, itís slowing down!
DOCTOR: Yes, yes - hmm? Oh, that means we can land in two minutes.
BARBARA: But where, Doctor, where?

(They all look up to the scanner.)


(The Statue of Liberty guards the entrance to New York harbour. Ships glide through the water in front of Manhattan island and, dwarfing all its neighbours, the Empire State Building reaches towards the sky.)


(A group of tourists are gathered on the observation floor near the top of the building, taking photographs and enjoying the view. A uniformed guide, in a strong New Jersey accent, continues his tour. Among the tourists is a tall dark haired young man wearing a Stetson.)

GUIDE: Er, (Coughs.) Here, on top of the, er, Empire State Building, youíre on the, er, hundredth and, er, second storey above the ground level. At a height of one, er, one thousand, four hundred and, er, seventy, er, three feet. This is the, er, tallest building, the tallest structure in the entire world. Now you note, when you come up in the elevator, it took you seven minutes. Well this way down, you wanna get down in a hurry, it would take you thirty seconds.

(The tourists laugh.)

GUIDE: Well, of course, we, er, donít, er, recommend that. Now as we, er, gaze out across the panorama...

(Some do just that, peering through a protective mesh fence to the distant cars below.)

GUIDE: Aa-as we gaze out across the, er, imposing panorama of our proud city, you will notice many other notable buildings. Among them the, er, Chrysler Tower, thatís one thousand and forty six feet high, er, and the Jannen, er, Jannen Tower, thatís, er, six hundred and eighty feet high and already itís threatened with obsolescence.

(The young man in the Stetson, MORTON DILL, speaks up.)

MORTON DILL: Without what?
GUIDE: Up, er, ___, the, er, mighty Hudson river and now if youíll come with me to the, er, north aspect of the building, I will point out many more items of interest.

(MORTIN DILL tries to catch the attention of a young woman but fails. As the other tourists follow the guide away, DILL looks over the view again through a platform telescope. Behind him, the TARDIS materialises. DILL steps away from the telescope, grinning.)

MORTON DILL: We sure donít have anything like that in Alabama! No sir, ha!

(He turns round and makes as if to follow the other tourists but stops, puzzled, when he sees the TARDIS.)

MORTON DILL: I could have sworn that thing wasnít there just now? Well, I guess thatís New York for ya! Ha!

(He stops grinning as BARBARA steps out of the TARDIS. He raises his hat to her.)

BARBARA: Youíre from Earth...
MORTON DILL: No, no Maím. No, I...Iím from Alabama.
BARBARA: Er, what time is it?

(DILL puts out a pocket watch.)

MORTON DILL: Three after twelve, Maím.
BARBARA: I really meant ďwhat year is itĒ?
MORTON DILL: What, you mean you have different years here?!
BARBARA: Well...what year is it in Alabama?
MORTON DILL: (Puzzled.) 1966 Maím. (Then annoyed and slightly hurt.) S...say, you wouldnít be trying to have a bit of fun with me now, would you?
BARBARA: (Hastily.)

(She walks over to the edge of the building to see the view. VICKI steps out of the ship. DILL sees her and jumps, but remembers his manners and raises his hat to her.)

VICKI: Afternoon.
MORTON DILL: Morniní (As she walks past.) 1966!
VICKI: Oh... Erm...thank you!
MORTON DILL: Pleased to oblige you, Miss!

(VICKI joins BARBARA and they look over the view to the cars below.)

VICKI: I recognise this place. Itís Ancient New York.
MORTON DILL: (Overhearing.) Ancient!

(The two women look at him. He nods an embarrassed apology and steps back.)

VICKI: (Quietly, to BARBARA.) There were pictures of it in our history books. It was destroyed in the Dalek invasion.

(The DOCTOR and IAN step out of the TARDIS.)

MORTON DILL: many more of you are there in that thing?
DOCTOR: Oh, just the four of us, young man. (Laughs.)
MORTON DILL: Must be a kind of tight squeeze?

(DILL steps closer to examine the TARDIS as the DOCTOR and IAN join the women.)

MORTON DILL: Canít all have come out of there.

(IAN looks over their new landing place.)

IAN: Doctor?
IAN: This is no place to meet the Daleks. A lot of innocent people could get hurt.
DOCTOR: Yes, quite so, quite so, dear boy. Well, er, the computers will be ready in a few moments. I...suggest that, er, we re-embark.
IAN: Yeah.
DOCTOR: Er, Vicki, Barbara, come along.

(They all walk back towards the ship. DILL is there.)

MORTON DILL: Hey, er, you goiní back in?
BARBARA: Yes, thatís right.
MORTON DILL: Oh now, come on, wait a minute! Ah...I just bet you folks are from Hollywood! Youíre making some kind of motion picture. Now thatís it, ainít it?
DOCTOR: (Snapping.) No, it ainít! I...I..., come along...
MORTON DILL: Tell me, youíre secret will be safe! Yes sir! Real safe.
DOCTOR: Secret?
MORTON DILL: Sure, Iíve seen this trick before - great long police cars cominí outa tiny little wooden sheds! Ha! I saw you come outa there with ma own eyes! You just ainít gonna make it back it again!

(The travellers laugh.)

VICKI: Goodbye.
BARBARA: Goodbye!
IAN: Goodbye!

(All but the DOCTOR enter the ship. He stops in obvious impatience as DILL addresses him again.)

MORTON DILL: Hot diggety! Ah knew ah was right!, you should be wearing Police uniforms, you all all is in a chase.
DOCTOR: Chase? Yes, as a matter of fact, young man, thatís exactly what this is. Now, if youíll excuse me, I must be getting along, itís the, er, chase, you know?

(The DOCTOR enters the TARDIS and closes the door.)

MORTON DILL: Sure thing Mister! Ah understand. Just wait Ďtil I tell the folks back home I met some real live movie pe...(He knocks on the TARDIS door.) Do you know Cheyanne Bodie? Look, just wait a minute, I...I want to get this thing on celluloid.

(He rushes over and grabs a cine camera. As he struggles to use the platform telescope as a tripod, the TARDIS dematerialises. By the time DILL looks round, the ship has gone. He steps forward amazed.)

MORTON DILL: Thatís real clever, how they done that. Sure if it donít beat all!

(He steps back to the platform telescope. Behind him, the DALEK time machine materialises.)

MORTON DILL: Sure is clever that...

(He turns and sees the DALEK ship.)

MORTON DILL: God darn it - if they ainít gone aní done it again!

(He bursts into laughter as a DALEK glides out of the ship towards him.)

MORTON DILL: Howdy Mister! Say, you sure are an ugly looking friend!

(He walks round the DALEK which silently turns its head right round watching him.)

MORTON DILL: Wait...whatís the name of this film, Mister? My, my my, boy, you come all over in blue spots. (He grabs the DALEK gun.) Whatís this thing here?

(The creature pushes the young man back towards the platform telescope.)

MORTON DILL: Now, just, now now! There ain't no need to get sore. The other movie people was right friendly.
DALEK: Movie pe...

(The DALEK realises that DILL is referring to the time travellers.)

DALEK: Where are they?

(DILL bursts into laughter as he hears the DALEKS voice. He steps up to the creature and speaks in imitation of the DALEKSí voice into its sucker arm.)

MORTON DILL: They-just-left! (He laughs again.) They was in some kind of beat-up old blue wooden box. It just kinda like vanished!

(The DALEK turns and glides towards the time machine.)

MORTON DILL: I say, I thought theyíd have been chasing you. Just hold it there, Mister. I want to get a picture of this.

(He runs back to get his camera. The DALEK machine dematerialises, again unseen by DILL. He turns round with his camera.)

MORTON DILL: Sure is the greatest...

(He sees that the ship has vanished. He laughs.)

MORTON DILL: Well, dang me! If they ainít gone aní done it again! This is...the greatest thing. Itís gotta be around here somewhere?

(DILL holds his hands up and feels the air.)

MORTON DILL: Just canít vanish into thin air. I know youíre there somewhere boy!

(DILL starts to stamp on the floor, trying to find a trapdoor. The tourists return with their GUIDE.)

GUIDE: (Talking to a tourist.) As I enjoy____ gives me a chance___you know, I get around, er...

(The GUIDE stops as he sees what DILL is doing.)

MORTON DILL: Thereís gotta be a trick to it somehow! Yes sir! I bet this here is hollow! Thatís what it is...

(He gets on his hands and knees and starts feeling the floor. The GUIDE sidles up a large fat tourist.)

GUIDE: Heís a nutter. Keep an eye on him, er, see that he, er, donít jump, er, over the building. Er, Iíll get a cop. Watch Ďim, eh?

(The GUIDE runs off.)

MORTON DILL: (Muttering.) Just coming back___.

(DILL stops as he sees the large fat man looming over him...)


(The DOCTOR sits in a chair. VICKI watches the time path detector.)

DOCTOR: Yes, I wonder, hmm?
VICKI: Theyíre still on our track.
DOCTOR: Catching us up, are they? Will you get my screwdriver, child? The large one. The one that I was fiddling with on the Visualiser.

(VICKI walks off as IAN and BARBARA carry a large box device into the room.)

BARBARA: Oh, this thingís heavy.
DOCTOR: Yes, thank you, thank you. (Laughs.)
IAN: Is this going to work, Doctor?
DOCTOR: (Examining the device.) Maybe. Iím not sure. But if theyíre going to catch us up, weíve got to find something to fight back with, hmm?
BARBARA: Oh, Doctor, why donít we just stay where we are?
DOCTOR: Thatís out of the question, my dear. The vacuum in space, we should all be dead in no time.
VICKI: (Passing the DOCTOR his screwdriver.) Here you are.
DOCTOR: Ah, thank you, thank you.
VICKI: Whatís this all about?
DOCTOR: Well, the idea is, my dear, is to find something that...we can fight back with.
BARBARA: (At the console.) Doctor, weíre landing!
DOCTOR: Hmm? But Iím not ready, Iím not ready! (He rushes to the console.) We canít meet them now! Oh, gracious! No, wait a minute. We shall have to land and then...take off as quickly as we can again.


(A tall-masted sailing ship glides through the water...)


(Two officers stand on the deck. The Captain, BENJAMIN BRIGGS, consults a map whilst ALBERT C RICHARDSON looks through a telescope.)

ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: Land about six miles off to the south-south-west, sir.
CAPT. BENJAMIN BRIGGS: Aye, thatíll be the island of Santa Maria. One of the Azores group. Weíre making poor time, Mr. Richardson. (He looks into the sky.) And now it be calmed, after the storm.
ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: Iíll mark a reading on the deck log, sir.

(RICHARDSON starts chalking on a board.)

CAPT. BENJAMIN BRIGGS: Iím going below if you should want me. Sarah says our child has sickness.
ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: Oh, Iím sorry to hear about that, sir.

(RICHARDSON finishes chalking on the log-board and walks away. The TARDIS materialises. BARBARA steps out, followed by IAN.)

BARBARA: It is a ship, Ian! Itís a sailing ship at sea.
IAN: Barbara, donít go wandering off, please.
BARBARA: (Walking away.) I just want to have a look. (Delighted.) I...I love sailing ships!
IAN: Thereís no point in being seen.
BARBARA: No, well, erm, Iíll just have a look over the ships rail.
IAN: No, no, the Doctorís at the controls, weíre...

(BARBARA steps over to the rail and looks out to sea, breathing in the fresh air. Behind her, ALBERT C RICHARDSON steps out of from a doorway. He jumps forward and grabs one, then the other of her wrists.)

BARBARA: Oh, let go of me! Let go of...
ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: No, you donít, my beauty! Captain Richardsonís got a way of dealing with stowaways.
BARBARA: I am not a stowaway and youíre hurting my hands!
ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: Just you keep still. Whereíve you been hiding since we set sail, eh?
BARBARA: I havenít been hiding! I have just come on board!
ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: Oh... (Laughs.) I suppose youíre some sort of a mermaid thatís lost at sea, eh?

(VICKI steps out of the ship and sees what is happening. She grabs a nearby cosh.)

ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: You swam out from Santa Maria now, just to give us poor lonely sailormen a little bit of feminine company, eh? (Laughs.)


(The DOCTOR is checking the console. IAN sits in the chair.)

DOCTOR: Well, everything appears to be in order, my boy, mm?
IAN: Oh, we havenít done very well so far, Doctor, have we? Letís face it. First of all, we land on top of a skyscraper...

(The DOCTOR laughs.)

IAN: Now we land on a crummy old ship. What we need is space.
DOCTOR: Mmm, indeed, indeed, well, weíre ready to move on. Now, would you, er, tell the ladies that I, er, want to get away, please.
IAN: Yes.
DOCTOR: Thank you.

(IAN gets up.)

IAN: Barbaraís got a case of ďcall of the seaĒ.
DOCTOR: Ah, Iím sorry about that.


(VICKI has managed to crawl onto the upper deck, above the struggling BARBARA and RICHARDSON.)

BARBARA: Youíre hurting my hand! Look, even if I told you the truth, you wouldnít believe me.
ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: I believe what I see. Now, come along! Youíre going before the Captain!

(VICKI reaches over and coshes RICHARDSON. He falls with a cry.)

BARBARA: Well done, thanks Vicki!
VICKI: Thatís all right, anytime!
BARBARA: Hey, thereís somebody coming! Hide!

(VICKI waits with the cosh. It is IAN who walks up to BARBARA.)


(VICKI reaches down and coshes him.)

VICKI: Got him! I got him!
VICKI: (Seeing who her victim is.) Oh!

(BARBARA struggles to hold IAN up as VICKI runs down from the upper deck.)

BARBARA: Vicki! Vicki, quickly!

(VICKI joins BARBARA as they try to hold up the near unconscious IAN.)

VICKI: Ah! Oh, Ian! Iím terribly sorry! Did I hurt you?
BARBARA: Oh, thatís a silly question!

(IAN almost falls to the floor.)

BARBARA: Oh! Come on, letís get him into the ship.
VICKI: Oh, Ian! I didnít mean it! Oh, Ian!

(They carry him away. RICHARDSON comes round. Holding his head, he staggers to his feet. He watches in amazement as the TARDIS dematerialises. He climbs the steps to the upper deck.)

ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: Captain Briggs! Captain! Captain Briggs!
CAPT. BENJAMIN BRIGGS: (Coming forward.) Yes Mr. Richardson?
ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: (Barely coherent.) Captain, there was a thing. ___ on the lower deck.
CAPT. BENJAMIN BRIGGS: What are you talking about?
ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: A stowaway sir. She got away from me.
CAPT. BENJAMIN BRIGGS: A stowaway, eh? A girl?

(BRIGGS walks past the shipís wheel and shouts down to the BOSUN who appears on the lower deck.)

CAPT. BENJAMIN BRIGGS: Rise all hands amidships, weíve a stowaway!
BOSUN: Aye aye sir!

(The BOSUN blows a whistle. BRIGGS walks back to RICHARDSON.)

CAPT. BENJAMIN BRIGGS: Howíd she get away?
ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: I got a hit over the head.
ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: No sir, it couldnít have been - because I was holding her arms. (Alarmed.) Do you think it was the...the white Barbary terror?
CAPT. BENJAMIN BRIGGS: Thatís ungodly superstition, Mr. Richardson!

(BRIGGS sees that the BOSUN is on the lower deck with the assembled crew.)

CAPT. BENJAMIN BRIGGS: Weíve more than one stowaway aboard Mr. Bosun.
BOSUN: Aye sir. The storm must have bought them out of their hiding place.
CAPT. BENJAMIN BRIGGS: Aye lad. I want Ďem found. Each watch can take a section of the ship and search it thoroughly.
ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: (Stepping down to the lower deck.) Iíll, er, Iíll take the forward hold sir, er, Mr. Bosun, take, er, Starkey and Willoughby, search the aft.
BOSUN: Starkey and Willoughby!

(The two sailors follow him as he steps up to the upper deck.)

CAPT. BENJAMIN BRIGGS: And Bosun? Iíll thank you not to disturb my wife and child.
BOSUN: Aye aye sir. (He turns to the other sailors on the lower deck.) The rest of you men search the hold. Keep your hands off the cargo.

(The sailors step away to do as instructed.)


SECOND DALEK: We shall soon be arriving. Order the search party to stand by.
THIRD DALEK: They are ready.

14: EXT. SEA

(The ship continues its journey.)


(An image of the ship appears in the middle of one of the spinning concentric patterns.)

FOURTH DALEK: Is that where the humans have landed?
SECOND DALEK: Yes. Join the search party and prepare to disembark. We are

(The image of the ship is replaced by electronic pulsating patterns. These disappear as the dematerialisation sound dies down and the concentric pattern stops spinning.)


(The search has ended and the sailors are nonplussed.)

BOSUN: Thereís nobody here, Willoughby.
WILLOUGHBY: Weíll try below.

(A look of horror appears on the BOSUNíS face.

BOSUN: The white terror! The white terror of Barbary!

(The BOSUN sinks to the ground in fear as a DALEK approaches him and WILLOUGHBY.)

DALEK: Where are the time travellers?
WILLOUGHBY: Run lads! ĎTis the white terror!

(WILLOUGHBY runs in fear and is joined by other sailors. They are in a similar panic as other DALEKS glide across the deck.)


(There are various cries of ďAbandon ship!Ē and ďRun for your lives!Ē as the sailors see more of the DALEKS. They run to the rail and start to jump in the water. There is a further cry of ďThe white terror - the white terror of Barbary.Ē A woman clutching a baby appears at the rail and she too jumps. WILLOUGHBY looks at the water in horror as RICHARDSON appears on deck and tries to restore order.)

ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: You fools! Get back to your posts!

(WILLOUGHBY turns but loses his balance and he too falls into the water. RICHARDSON runs round the deck and catches his first sight of a DALEK. He throws a cosh at it and falls back as the DALEK approaches.)

DALEK: Wait!
DALEK: Do not move! Answer my question!

(BRIGGS appears on deck and tries to calm RICHARDSON down.)

ALBERT C. RICHARDSON: Come on, sir, come on! Itís the Barbary terror! Come on! (He frees himself from BRIGGS and crosses himself.) Youíre not going to take my soul!

(He too jumps into the water. The CAPTAIN shouts after him, takes off his jacket and also jumps. Two DALEKS on the lower deck look up to the FIRST DALEK on the upper deck.)

FIRST DALEK: Is the earth time machine here?
FOURTH DALEK: It has not yet been discovered.
FIRST DALEK: Join in the search.
SECOND DALEK: You search up there.

(The DALEKS glide off as a CABIN STEWARD comes out of a cabin. He looks back in the cabin to where he has just laid the table for a meal - that will never be eaten. He walks out on to the deck and stops in horror at the sight of the FIRST DALEK on the upper deck.)

CABIN STEWARD: (In terror.), no!

(The CABIN STEWARD runs towards the deck rail.)

CABIN STEWARD: Please, no, please!

(He pulls himself up by the rigging, then jumps into the water.)

CABIN STEWARD: No, no, argh!

(One of the DALEKS follows but goes too far and it too falls overboard. Two DALEKS report...)

DALEKS: There is no one on the vessel.
FIRST DALEK: Come. We must continue our pursuit course.

(It glides away.)


(The ship continues its journey through a misty ocean.)


(The deck is totally abandoned. The log-board still shows the last message chalked onto it by RICHARDSON. All seems normal except for the total lack of people. The wheel housing shows the shipsí name - ďMARY CELESTEĒ.)


(BARBARA is dabbing the back of IANíS head.)

BARBARA: Is that better?
IAN: Oh! Thanks! Oh...

(He sits up.)

BARBARA: Well, you must admit it was funny.
IAN: Really? I havenít seen the joke yet, I must say.

(He stands up.)

IAN: One thing I did see by the way; the name of that ship we were on.
BARBARA: Was what that?
IAN: The ďMary CelesteĒ.
BARBARA: ďMary CelesteĒ?

(IAN nods to a guilty VICKI.)

IAN: Vicki? Any change, Doctor?
DOCTOR: I altered the curve we were travelling on. For one moment, I dared hoped weíd lost them. They must have detected the change and followed. Theyíre close on our track.
IAN: But surely weíve got our twelve-minute lead still?
DOCTOR: (Somberly.) Iím afraid not. Itís down to eight. It will be reduced even further after our next landing. We must face the facts; the Daleks are closing in on us.


(The TARDIS journeys through vortex. Closer behind is the DALEK time machine.)

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